Judge Castorina Encouraged Fake Facebook; But Swamp Beckoned Alliance With DA; Possible Perjury

This is the next in a series about New York State Supreme Court Justice Ronald Castorina, Jr.

On August 1, 2018, Judge Castorina gave testimony before a grand jury in Staten Island, New York. The target was Richard Luthmann, a writer for this website.

The alleged crime – the creation of fake Facebook and other social media accounts to lampoon or, as the prosecution said, illegally impersonate political figures.

Key to the prosecution was Castorina.

At the time, Castorina was a New York State Assemblyman in a heavily Republican district.

Castorina’s 2018 testimony was mainly about his 2016 election and the use of a fake Facebook page targeting his opponent.

In the summer of 2016, Castorina had it made in his bid for Assembly. He faced no Democratic opponent.

Then one day, he got bad news. Attorney Janine Materna, a long-time Democrat, switched parties, became a Republican, started a committee, and chose to run against Castorina in a Republican primary.

Castorina went to his friend, attorney Richard Luthmann, and told him the news in a private message on Facebook,

“Janine Materna filed a committee,” Castorina wrote.

Luthmann replied, “Time for a fake Janine Materna site.”

Instead of being aghast or telling him to stop, when Luthman wrote, “Is there a picture of her with Hillary?”, Castorina wrote, “I’m looking for one.”

The plan was obvious. Show voters the truth by fooling them.

Show them the truth that Materna was a Democrat who switched parties because a Democrat can’t win in the district.

If Materna could fool voters by switching parties, Castorina and Luthmann could fool them right back by pretending to be her and showing she was a Democrat in spirit.

A photo of Clinton supposedly standing with Materna appeared on the Facebook page with the statement. “On September 13” — the date of the GOP primary — “we will make HERstory.”

If voters were fooled that the postings were coming from Materna, Luthmann and Castorina felt they were telling a higher political truth.

She was a Democrat, trying to fool voters by pretending to adopt Republican ideals.

Castorina said it best to Luthmann, “she is a vicious animal.”

Let us be clear, for when you read Castorina’s testimony, you might think when Castorina was asked by Luthmann if there was a photo of his opponent with Hillary, one of the least liked creatures in all Staten Island, said something like, “Fie on you Richard Luthmann. I won’t participate in this knavish charade, this venal deception.”

No Castorina did not say that. Instead, he wrote back. “I’m looking for one.”

Castorina won the primary. But not before the two opponents, one with Luthmann’s help, turned vicious.

If Castorina and Luthmann published fake photos and fooled voters into believing what they believed was a valid account of Materna being a Democrat in Republican clothing, Materna, in turn, published false things about Castorina.

She alleged he had been arrested – when it was only a speeding ticket – years before.

She claimed he did not live in the district when the falsehood was derived from Castorina’s purchase of his parent’s home outside the district. He occasionally used it as a second home, but had his home in the district, something she undoubtedly knew.

When that lie was outed, Materna called him a tax cheat because, when he took over his father’s house, Castorina took the $300 STAR exemption his father had, which remained on the tax bill.

Castorina was not entitled to the small deduction because it was not his primary residence. But Materna attributed the most egregious motives to it.

At one point, a Materna campaign worker was arrested for sending messages seemingly threatening Castorina.

It was an ugly campaign.

Similar to many in New York City and its swampy environs, and probably better belonging in the now-closed Staten Island Dump.

After she lost, Materna blamed it on the Facebook page that mimicked her.

Though the fake Facebook page clearly stated it was not an official campaign site for Materna and linked to her real Facebook, she called it foul play.

Luthmann was indicted and served time in prison.

We are investigating whether Judge Castorina committed perjury in the grand jury that indicted Luthmann.

We began our coverage with: Did NYS Supreme Court Justice Ronald Castorina Commit Perjury in Phony Facebook Case?

FR followed up with: More Evidence of Judge Castorina’s Potential Perjury In Fake Facebook Case.

In this installment, FR releases more exclusively-obtained evidence that shows Castorina, despite saying he didn’t, knew about Luthmann’s fake social media activities.

He knew about them during his 2016 campaign, and also a year earlier in 2015, when, ironically, the District Attorney who sought to prosecute Luthmann was the target.

Castorina’s Background

Castorina grew up in Brooklyn and went to St. Francis College in Brooklyn, then SUNY at Buffalo School of Law. His first job was as a law clerk for a judge in Staten Island. Then clerked for a judge in Brooklyn, and again for another judge in Supreme Court, Kings County. Then he opened a law practice in Brooklyn, in Bensonhurst, then on Staten Island, in the Sunnyside area.

His practice was predominantly wills, trusts, and estates; matrimonial/divorce; family law; some personal injury; and the general practice of law.

In time, he became a Commissioner of the New York City Board of Elections for Richmond County, and when an opening in the New York State Assembly came, he ran in April 2016 in a special election unopposed.

But there was a primary in September. Materna popped in, and then a general election in November, where he was again unopposed.

At the time of his grand jury testimony, Castorina served in the Assembly for two years and kept his private law practice going.

After the grand jury testimony, Castorina was chosen to run for judge and was elected to the New York Supreme Court 13th Judicial District. He assumed office on January 1, 2022. His term ends on December 31, 2035.

Castorina’s Grand Jury Testimony: “I told him to stop.”

The key to Castorina’s testimony in the grand jury convened to indict Luthmann was that he was a species apart.

Suppose an Assemblyman condoned or defended Luthmann for having a First Amendment right to lampoon on social media to fight his [not Luthmann’s] opponent. In that case, the grand jury might be swayed not to indict.

What do they know about First Amendment? Castorina was their Assemblyman.

It was crucial that Castorina tell the grand jury this did not have his seal of approval – even though he was the beneficiary of the fake Facebook page targeting Materna.

His testimony was critical.

The challenge for the prosecution was that Castorina had many Facebook Messenger exchanges with Luthmann.

Castorina told the grand jury these communications were unwanted.

“I told him to stop,” Judge Castorina testified.

Q. And other times, in terms of the private messenger — and I’ll show you some documents in a few moments — but did it also indicate “Richard” on top? If you recall.

A. I — I know that it had his name on it, I mean, because I knew that it was a communication coming from somebody purportedly as Richard Luthmann. I assumed it was him. I believe it was him.

Q. Assemblyman, did you have any back communications with him regarding some of the messages that you’ve described for the grand jurors here today?

A. I told him — I told him to stop. I told him not to communicate this type of stuff to me. That’s for sure.

Really? Castorina told Luthmann to stop?

Was that before or after Luthmann asked, “Is there a picture of her with Hillary?” and Castorina wrote, “I’m looking for one.”?

Luthmann “Never Indicated” He Would Make a Fake Materna Facebook Page

Castorina testified Luthmann “never indicated he was going to make a page or that nobody asked him to do anything like that.”

Q. No, but from your own recollection at the time of the events, Assemblyman, from your recollection in terms of what was going on politically or — or in public at the time and in private based upon those messages, was there some discussion about a fear of — of yourself or your campaign coming across as bullying and that could have a negative impact?
A. Not my campaign, but I can tell you what the — I think there was kind of this notion and belief that Luthmann had created a fake Facebook page and that he was using that to attack Miss Materna.
Now, he never indicated that he was going to create a page or that nobody asked him to do anything like that, because he was also doing this kind of stuff on his — on his public page, but I believe that I had a discussion with Joe about how it might be Luthmann who’s doing this, I hope he stops because I don’t want people to think that I’m supportive of or that I’m behind this type of behavior, which I couldn’t prove.
He never admitted to me at the time. He admitted later on that it was him, but I believed that, if anybody, it was probably him.

The Facebook Messenger messages between Castorina and Luthmann were introduced before the grand jury.  These messages raise doubts about the veracity of Castorina’s testimony and doubts about the competency or bias of the special prosecutor.

Heart of the Matter – Luthmann’s 2015 Political Attack on DA McMahon:

Castorina was aware Luthmann was behind attacks in 2015 against Richmond County Democratic District Attorney Candidate Michael E. McMahon and Richmond County Democrat Party Chairman John Gulino.

Luthmann sent Castorina a link to a post on his Facebook page where Luthmann accused Gulino (who he dubbed Skeletor) of running a political candidate in violation of the law.

Castorina did not write “stop.”

He wrote, “good for u.”

Castorina: Skeletor lmfao
Luthmann: Fuck him
McMahon’s people must be going crazy by now.
Castorina: Totally nuts – good for u

Luthmann Makes Fake Twitter Account @RealJohnGulino:

Luthmann made a troll Twitter account to lampoon Democratic Chairman Gulino. Again Castorina did not say stop.

He was amused.

Luthmann: Gulino isn’t happy
Shared Link: https://twitter.com/realjohngulino
Senaste tweets fran Real John Gulino (@realjohngulino). I am the Exalted Leader from New Dorp, Staten Island, New York. Talk to me about hair care products and gels, creams and devices that stimulate. Staten Island, NY
Castorina: The funniest post is about “waiting for my new device.” Lmfao fucked up and wrong on so many ways lol
Luthmann: Fuck him
Let him sue me…I will subpoena his medical records and prove it to be true.
dingle dick Gulino

When it came time to harpoon the Democratic DA candidate, whom Castorina had every reason to oppose, since he was a Republican election commissioner whose legal work was dependent on patronage and friendly-elected Republican, Castorina did not tell Luthmann to stop.

Luthmann made a picture of DA Candidate McMahon alongside the Grinch. Castorina wrote it was “hysterical” and “spot on.”

The image appeared on a fake Mike McMahon Facebook Page.

Castorina: Lmfao- fucking hysterical ha ha ha. Your the best rich. I just got home and saw this and cracked up. It’s spot on. Lol

In 2015, which was a year before the Castorina-Materna assembly race, Luthmann created a fake Facebook page for Democratic District Attorney Candidate McMahon.

Luthmann referred to McMahon as “Smiling Jack,” and McMahon’s advisor, former Judge Carmen Cognetta, as “Girl Get On Your Back.”

The latter reference was to sexual harassment allegations that forced Cognetta to resign from the Family Court bench in 1993.

Castorina, in turn, referred to “TEAM MCMAHON” as “the Irish mafia.”

Castorina: Wow- lmfao girl get on your back— holy shit – I’m fucking pissing my pants lmfao- wow ha ha ha
Luthmann: 😃
Fuck him.
Smiling Jack ain’t too happy with me.
Castorina: what happened
Luthmann: I am responsible for all his problems apparently.
Castorina: i love the smiling jack reference
and “girl get on your back” fuckin amazing
you were very demure in your comments last night
Luthmann: All of the POLITICAL HACKS that he surrounds himself with are not the problem.
Castorina: the irish mafia lol

Castorina Knew About “Irish Mafia” Chart

This Irish mafia reference inspired Luthmann to create an image called the “McMahon Organizational Chart” and posted it to the fake Mike McMahon Facebook page.

The document represents “TEAM MCMAHON” (or, as Castorina referred to them, the “Irish Mafia”) like a crime family organizational chart produced by law enforcement.

It was identified as political satire with a disclaimer that read, “MATERIAL PROTECTED UNDER U.S. CONST. AMENDMENT I.”

Castorina approved. He did not say stop even then.

Luthmann: You like the Org chart?
Castorina: Ur missing gulino on the chart-as well as gigante…Love the Carmen stuff lol
Luthmann: We’ll leave them out for now…
Castorina: Love it lmfao
the sword! Ha ha ha
quite the swordsman

Castorina Dishonest About Luthmann in Grand Jury?

Anyone who reads Castorina’s entire Facebook Messenger messages with Luthmann knows the two had a friendly relationship. Castorina knew what Luthmann was doing in 2015 against Gulino and McMahon. He knew what Luthmann was doing in his own race against Materna in 2016.

But Castorina told the grand jury under penalty of perjury, “I told him — I told him to stop. I told him not to communicate this type of stuff to me. That’s for sure.”

But where did he do that? All the Messenger messages say the opposite: Don’t stop. This is hilarious.

In a future post, FR will publish more Facebook Messenger messages, where Castorina not only did not tell Luthmann to stop, but also requests Luthmann’s “expertise” in his race with Materna.

So how did this become criminal?

In 2018, attorney Eric Nelson was the second Special District Attorney in Luthmann’s fake Facebook case.

District Attorney Michael E. McMahon handpicked him.

Yes, the same candidate Luthmann called Smiling Jack, and Castorina said he was the leader of the Irish mafia. He was selecting special prosecutors to get Luthmann.

MacMahon’s first Special Prosecutor, Attorney Thomas Tormey, reviewed Luthmann’s case and handed it back. It was not prosecutable – at least outside the swamp – because of the First Amendment.

The second Special District Attorney, Eric Nelson, had the same concerns, but he knew that to please McMahon, he had to indict Luthmann.

We will show in a future post that Nelson wrote to a disbarred attorney about how to avoid mentioning the First Amendment in front of a grand jury.

To overcome the First Amendment, Castorina was critical.

The question is not so much whether Castorina lied to the grand jury, but did Special District Attorney Nelson encourage Castorina to testify in a certain way before the grand jury to ensure a lie or lies by omission?

Was there a sweetheart deal offered to Castorina to throw the man he called his “true friend” under the bus?

To tie it together, we must include the role of McMahon.

Perhaps only denizens of the swamp or biologists who study the swamp (or here, the Staten Island dump) will understand it.

The rest of the populace does not believe in the swamp and presumes it is bright clean water; only what they see on the surface is true.

An ethical DA, who himself was a victim, hands the case to a ethical special prosecutor, who indicts a criminal so justice is served. They are helped by an ethical assemblyman who tried to stop the criminal from doing his crimes.

But motive rules the deeds of swamp creatures, as it rules the deeds of men.

Only the deeds in the swamp are less transparent, for the water is murky, and morals are stagnant.

District Attorney Michael E. McMahon – who sought not one but two special prosecutors to indict Luthmann -was a direct target of Luthnmann’s fake Facebook pages.

In 2015, MacMahon ran and won in a tough-fought contest.

He knew Luthmann was behind the targeted attacks – calling him Smiling Jack and implying he had a swamp-like Irish Mafia to do his legal and political bidding.

So, after his election, McMahon got a chance to get even.

Of course, he could not prosecute directly – since he was a ‘victim” of Luthmann.

So he got a special prosecutor to get Luthmann. When the first one, Tormey, returned and said there was no crime because of the First Amendment, McMahon went to a more pliant attorney as special prosecutor.

Enter Castorina, a Republican.

Castorina understood the swamp. He had not just dipped in once or twice, but swum there for years. Castorina knew McMahon wanted Luthmann badly.

He could either protect his friend and get in the way, or step aside and cooperate.

A Democrat, McMahon could turn on Castorina. He could make a case that Castorina was a co-conspirator. After all, if we examine motives, who gained the most from the fake Facebook page?


What did Luthmann get?

Castorina did not need McMahon investigating him. Neither did he need the DA as his enemy in the swamp.

Luthmann was disposable.

True, Castorina was elected with Luthmann’s help. But as an incumbent, Castorina did not need help with reelection in a heavily Republican district.

He could be an assemblyman for life – unless, of course, he was indicted.

But if he decided to distance himself from Luthmann, to say he barely knew him, knew nothing about the Facebook pages, and when he did suspect, he asked him to stop, tried to avoid him, etc., etc., he could gain favor from swampers that counted.

We are not here to judge whether a DA should get special prosecutors to chase enemies and put them in prison.

We are not here to judge whether the First Amendment protected Luthmann’s activities.

We are here to glimpse the swamp and ask if we are ready to accept that assemblymen-cum-judges are part of the swamp, and lying comes as easy to a judge as an assemblyman?

Castorina knew Luthmann well. He enjoyed their relationship, but when the DA went head hunting, Castorina knew he had to preserve his ass.

That required him to throw Luthmann under the bus.

He was rewarded.

When it came time for Castorina to rise above mere Assemblyman and for Democrats to pay him for his good offices, they let him run for judge against weak Democratic opponents with no resources behind them.

After all, with the killing of his friendship with Luthmann, as a favor for DA McMahon, Castorina became a made man.

Luthmann was evicted from the swamp, where he caused too much turbulence, and was sent to prison.

Castorina had risen above party politics, and like McMahon, he became a keeper of the swamp. They now rule the Staten Island dump together.



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  • Dr. Henry P. Gross
    January 6, 2023 at 8:47 am
    But motive rules the deeds of swamp creatures, as it rules the deeds of men.
    Only the deeds in the swamp are less transparent, for the water is murky, and morals are stagnant.
    Well said.

    Dr. Gross
    Joe Biden’s America is now officially a lunatic asylum run by the inmates.
    Lunatic Eats Man’s Face Down to Skull During Fight In Hellhole Portland

  • After reading all the articles and Text Messages about the Castorina/Luthmann Affair, I have a few questions.

    1) How did Special Prosecutor Nelson miss all of Castorina’s Texts and IM’s that showed he was in on the whole shabang from the get go?

    2) Did Special Prosecutor Nelson withhold those Texts and IM’s to get this indictment or out of sheer incompetence?
    2a) If he did it just to get the indictment, wouldn’t that be called withholding “Exculpatory Evidence”?

    3) If Special Prosecutor Nelson did withhold these Text’s and IM’s on [purpose wouldn’t that be called “Subornation of Perjury”? Which is a Felony in NY State in and of itself.

    4) If Special Prosecutor Nelson failed to show these Text’s and IM’s to the Grand Jury out of sheer incompetence, wouldn’t that constitute Prosecutorial Misconduct, at the very least?

    This whole thing smells very fishy to me. Something tells me that the Frank Report has only exposed the tip of the iceberg on this one. I have to believe that misconduct is going to be exposed by more people in power on this case. Either Nelson is a complete legal dimwit, or he was following orders. If he was following orders, he better flip real fast. or he’s going to get his ticket pulled, and maybe even given Luthmann’s old cell

  • Mr. Parlato, do you like ham and biscuits? All, all of the above named characters are criminals. Not one is different from the other? They all committed crimes, so is it now time to cast more shadows on criminals by a criminal like Luthman? Okay, so 1st amendment punishment is obviously wrong, but these earlier articles don’t talk about that. If true, Luthman took great efforts to scam people. A well thought out plan, so he thought. So, who is Luthman scamming now, or are those days over?

    • Peaches, Even if Luthmann was scamming, these Texts and IM’s clearly show he was not the only one thinking out and instituting this plan. Should we just turn a blind eye to the others involved?

      Additionally, If Special Prosecutor Nelson was following orders given to him to “Get Luthmann”, and gave Castorina a pass for his dishonest testimony, that dear is called “Conspiracy to commit Fraud in an Official Proceeding” and may even qualify for Prosecution under the RICO Statute.

      For anyone who has ever spent a day in Law School or watched an episode of “Law & Order”, this whole thing has all the earmarks of a Prosecutorial “Hit Job”.

      • No, it’s all wrong of course. But when you’re doing criminal acts with other criminals what the he’ll do you expect? Luthman made a few bad choices and got caught. Why all the theatrics now? Why not move on? What is the end game?

        • The end game is prosecuting all of the criminals. Castorina for committing perjury, Nelson for Subornation of Perjury, Failure to present Truthful Facts to the Grand Jury, and other Misconduct, and anyone who may have been giving Nelson his Marching Orders.

          Considering the 1st Amendment argument, there is a real possibility that Luthmann never even committed a crime, That matter is already on appeal before the Appellate Division and should be getting heard in the near future.

          It seems that the real crime here may have been what happened at the Grand Jury and the following Cover-Up.

        • Because Castorina conduct and key evidence was conveniently buried which screams of misconduct. We have a criminal as a sitting judge.

          Failure to expose the truth condones criminality.

          If the philosophy is – well they got away with it- let’s just move on, then there is little hope of change.

    • Peaches, your spiteful need to re-punish a man (who has ALREADY served his time in prison and REPAID his debt to society) doesn’t bode well for your soul.

      We already know that Luthmann went to prison for various things.

      He’s already served his time honorably and has repaid his debt to society.

      The link that you posted (showing his crimes) doesn’t really establish anything that we already didn’t know, other than your own need to virtue-signal.

      You and Aristotle’s Sausage (aka Aristotle’s Turd) are simply too ideologically extreme to behave like normal human beings in this case.

      Both of you believe that you’re better than Luthmann and others.

      But you’re really not.

      The fact that Luthmann was previously convicted of various crimes (where his veracity may have been at issue) doesn’t change the facts IN THESE PARTICULAR ALLEGATIONS about the judge.

      Kindly stop trying to derail the discussion away from the truth.

      The difference between Luthmann and Judge Castorina is that Castorina hasn’t YET faced justice, which is why it’s important to expose that clown.

      Once Castorina finally faces justice and/or repays his debt to society (by at least stepping down from his position as a judge) —- then it’ll finally be time to let him live in peace too.

      But that time hasn’t come yet. Capiche?

      Have a pleasant day. 🙂 🙂

      • I’m not being spiteful or virtue signaling Bangkok, but if you feel like my little comments are derailing from the truth, (insert apology)
        “The difference between Luthmann and Judge Castorina is that Castorina hasn’t YET faced justice, which is why it’s important to expose that clown.” Bangkok
        What justice? Bangkok if you and I go into cahoots to commit crimes and you get caught because your shoes untied please remember you don’t know me and I made you do it.

  • But motive rules the deeds of swamp creatures, as it rules the deeds of men.

    Only the deeds in the swamp are less transparent, for the water is murky, and morals are stagnant.
    Well said.

  • “Tormey, returned and said there was no crime because of the First Amendment, McMahon went to a more pliant attorney as special prosecutor.”

    Is there any process in place to prevent this prosecutor shopping? Clearly the prosecutor who took the case did not push anything with the Grand Jury testimony. He allowed Castorina to lie, and omit information. Where was the prosecutors due diligence? Oh, forgot, he’s a hired gun for McMahon.

    It’s all about using people for one’s benefit, and disposing of them when no longer beneficial. No loyalty.

  • Castorina is fine until he’s opposed. Then he resorts to trickery and deception. Pathetic.

    • This statement above is what I’m talking about. You just compared two dishonest men. Educated men at that. One is more honest? Did you tally up their lies and Luthman had the least?

      • Peaches, honey baby, if we tallied up lies, prosecutors would be getting the death penalty.

        Look at my case.

        Narrative 1 – Luthmann is a mob lawyer. That got laughed out of court because all I’ve ever been connected to was a fork

        Narrative 2 – Luthmann is a fraudster. That argument is predicated on two things. Fake Facebook (First Amendment protected high school lampooning) and the word of two former clients, one a five time felon and pedophile who owed me $500,000 and another a spineless rat who jumped at the Government’s chance to skate on jail time, knowing none of us did anything legally wrong.

        Narrative 3 – Luthmann is crazy. But now that the claims are based on facts independent of my credibility, the “Luthmann is crazy” card can’t be used.

        They are back to trying to play the “Luthmann is a Fraudster” card. But I’m some bum sitting on a beach in Florida. Who cares about me?

        I think FR readers want to see stories about real fraudsters who swindle the public trust. This series has Judge Ron Castorina, Special Prosecutor Eric Nelson, and Mike and Judy McMahon – swamp creatures from the Staten Island dump.

        What is my end game? It’s Jeffersonian. I joined the National Writers Union.


        I am a journalist now. The framers believed that the republic would die without a strong fourth estate. I want to work with FR to tell the stories of the swamp that other outlets are not talented enough or are unwilling to tell. Plain and simple plan for a guy who now has a very plain and simple life.

        • Honey baby? Honestly, congrats on you wanting to expose the swamp. Too bad you didn’t have this zest when you were a little boy. I guess you’re all grown up now and ready to fight with all the other Grey balls. Hopefully you win your fight and get a piece of steak at the end of your fork.

  • Castorina is suggesting names for Luthmann to include “Castorina: Ur missing gulino on the chart-as well as gigante…Love the Carmen stuff lol”
    but doesn’t get held accountable??

    And the Irish mafia? A judge having a laugh over this?

  • Facebook removes anything about vaccines being negative within seconds of posting. They take it down under “misinformation to the public”.

    If it is indeed a crime committed by Luthmann, then Facebook supported crimes on its website and should be held accountable as well.

  • Prosecutor shopping?
    Sounds very familiar.

    Frank, when are you going to write about your own case? It’s this case on steroids a thousand times over.
    The public needs to know what really happened. I don’t think your story will come out in the plea deal.

  • I don’t understand how Luthmann or Castorina’s conduct was criminal. Sleazy, and underhanded, but if the facebook page included a disclaimer that indicated it was not truly Maderna’s website, how can that me criminal? It’s deceit and trickery, so the public could be angry, but how can a disclaimer free someone in most cases, and then criminalize the same conduct for Luthmann as a violation of the first amendment?

    Is there any other cases in existence that sets precedence for this type of first amendment violation? It seems our constitutional rights are being shredded.

    Castorina should be exposed for the lying sack of shit that he is– and has violated the rules of professional conduct many, many times– how can he remain in his position?

    • Obviously some people are smarter than Luthman and all other crybaby loosers who lose at their own game. Sorry Frank but theirs a hair in my biscuit. No offense Mr Luthman, I’m sure you’re a nice man, when it suites you. Do you still wear cute little bow ties?

      • Apparently, you don’t get the pinot of these articles about the Luthmann/Castoria Affair.

        This isn’t about what Luthman did or did not do regarding the fake FaceBook Pages. These articles are about exposing Perjury in an Official Proceeding by a former NYS Assemblyman, and current NYS Supreme Court Judge, and the clear Prosecutorial Misconduct committed by Nelson, and probably others, which more likely will constitute Criminal Conduct on their behalf.

        As I pointed out in an earlier reply, Anyone who spent a day in Law School, or ever watched an episode of Law & Order Clearly sees that this has all the ear marks of a Prosecutorial/Political “Hit Job.”

  • Attorney Janine Materna got completely screwed by these manipulative people. This goes beyond ugly politics. Castorina needs to step down as judge. McMahon isn’t much better. There’s something very wrong with out system when DA’s can personally target people.

    It happens all the time. That’s exactly how Frank Parlato got indicted 11 years ago. Total revenge play by the Bronfman’s, but the DA couldn’t let it go because they are never wrong. It’s a fucking joke.

  • Castorina should have to serve the same jail time that Luthmann served!

    This is total bullshit– I’m contacting Materna. Castorina clearly perjured himself to save his own ass.
    He robbed her of the election and then lied about it to protect and promote his interests. He’s a savage.

  • Castorina is a lying piece of shit! He’s as sleazy as the come– His conduct to get elected is unethical and underhanded. His lying (even if by omission) to the Grand Jury should cost him his seat on the bench.

    The people of New York deserve better!

    • I’m starting to think the readers of Frank Report deserve better. Especially the creator of this brilliant Menagerie.

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His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” In addition, he was credited in the Starz docuseries 'Seduced' for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

Parlato is a consulting producer and appears in TNT's The Heiress and the Sex Cult, which premieres on May 22, 2022.

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