Defense of Swami Chetanananda From a Mysterious Source

A defender of Swami Chetanananda says it was easy to escape - just walk out the door.

I received this email tonight. It is in defense of the Movemen Center, and for all I know, Chetanananda might have written this.

I have redacted the names of all but two persons from the email, because these two are out front and seeking a well-deserved stardom and worldwide fame, which they anticipate is ’round the corner.

As for the others, they deserve the protection of anonymity.

Here is the email:


I have been following your Chet series, and I have some information.  Here are some things to check out. 

Daniel Glavin

Danial Glavin is a conman.  They let him live at the Institute because he said he wanted to change.  He was a meth and cocaine user and dealer.

He tried for about a week or two to straighten up, then went right back to his ways.

He said he worked a lot for free.  He did some work, but more often disappeared for days off on binges.  The work he did was seva, as a way to give back for his otherwise free ride.

Was Jessica Stirton a victim of Shoemaker, who allegedly kissed her once, or Daniel Glavin, who allegedly beat her often?

Daniel’s girlfriend, Jess, had violent fights with him.  Residents had to walk him out of the building and protect her from him.  He brought strangers who were high on meth into the building, and the elderly residents had to call for help because they feared for their safety.

Residents had to rescue Daniel when he was out on the streets dealing and getting beat up.  Daniel is not a victim.  If his wife was a victim, she was Daniel’s victim.   

[Name redacted] was allowed to live there because her father [redacted].  He begged [redacted] to let her move in because he feared for her life and safety.  She was a cutter [redacted].

[Redacted] also lived for free and was asked to do some seva every day.  That rarely happened.  She couldn’t get out of bed many days and could manage to focus on work for very short periods of time.  She tried to join the army at the recruiting station in Portland but could not pass the mental health section of the interviews.  “If” she was encouraged to [redacted].  

[Redacted] was terrified of her mother.  She would not give her mother’s info as emergency contact.  She did NOT want her mother called.  She said her mother was bi-polar, over-controlling and her mother even had her arrested and put in jail in [redacted] for smoking pot.   

Half disclosures seem dishonest. 

I have been told that only two NDAs have been signed over the 50-year period.   

In my opinion, the Institute did not fail because it had too many rules.  It failed because there were virtually no rules.  People were supposed to be there because meditation was a priority.  It was true for about 80% of the people.  That  80% did their practice.  The others: not so much. 

 No one had authority to enforce any order or discipline, though some tried.  The Swami was gone 9-10 months of the year by 2009 and the Institute fell deeply in debt.  Anyone who says they were “made” to do anything is suspicious.  People did what they wanted.   Terms like “I got away” seem strange since everyone came and went as they pleased. 

 I have tried to leave comments on your blog.  But the responses of the haters make it clear that no opposing voice is welcome. 

Frank Report comment:

There is no hard evidence yet that the allegations in this email against Daniel Glavin are true.  But if ashram members had to escort him out to protect Jessica, some will remember, and tell me.

If Daniel Glavin put the elderly in fear with his reckless drug escapades, someone will speak out. They will tell Frank Report.

Be assured of that.

If people at the ashram rescued Daniel because of his illegal drug dealings and addictions, which led people tougher than  – perhaps those he tried to cheat – to beat him up.  Someone will tell us.

Frank Report is a magnet for sources.

In Dan’s case, it is important. He hopes to tell his story to a worldwide audience. He has hitched his wagon to the star that is Laura Hoeppner. He wants to achieve the stardom that comes from briefly appearing in a documentary.

If Hoeppner gets the funding, and if the film she makes is good enough to broadcast, the public has the right to know if everyone who appears in it is telling the truth.

Is Dan’s story truthful or a tissue of lies?

If Hoeppner makes a truthy but untruthful documentary, the public has the right to know. Be assured, we will aid the public.

Faux victims like Dan Glavin mock real victims. This is not about truthiness. Or making documentaries. Or being a fame hog. This is about finding the truth and, if allowed, help to seek justice.

As for the anonymous writer;s general defense of the ashram and how it was ran, I look forward to hearing from those who lived there.  One thing that seems true is that unlike other cults, no one seems to have had any trouble leaving when they liked.

Chet did not seem to hound those who left like Keith Raniere did.

Finally, the concluding lines of the anonymous writer: “I have tried to leave comments on your blog. But the responses of the haters make it clear that no opposing voice is welcome.”

All are welcome to leave their responses. I will publish their comments. I will not allow haters to override the dissemination of information. And for those who have direct information to provide – my number is 305-783-7083 and my email is

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  • The only good news:

    The Swami and his cult are getting up there in age. I can’t wait until the Swami dies and his cult disappears. A bunch of hippies who never grew up. Kudos to them for being life long losers.

  • Glavin looks to be in 20s or early 30s.

    I have trouble believing a younger aged man would fear the elderly looking men and women of the Ashram.

    No man would fear these goofballs.

  • What Hypocrisy is this? You redact the name of two commentators who have freely named and defamed any number of people, protecting them from pushback on their stories. Yet, you name one of the victims (whose name I will not write because it further victimizes her). You published something from her Facebook page that had been deleted without her permission and you named her. What true victim’s advocate would ever do that? Is your story more important than that of the victims? You could have redacted her name, as you did with others. Are you the arbiter of who deserves protection? That’s messed up.

    • I’m not a victim’s advocate. I am writing about the goings-on of Swami Chetanananda.

      If you’re saying Natacha was angry or upset about republishing her previously published story, I would say you are misinformed and I can prove it.

      But it was published once, and it deserved to be published again to save others.

      I also republished Richard Read’s series. Because it seemed to have disappeared from the web.

      It deserved to be published where it could be found.

      • Frank, thank you for helping to get this story out. While it’s extremely difficult for the truest victims to come forward share their experiences, it’s important to keep chipping away and keeping the story alive. There is more to be uncovered, and many more stories that haven’t been shared. I’m hopeful that more will face their fears and bravely speak their truths.

  • […] The true story seems to be that Dan Glavin was the one dealing drugs of his own volition and using the Swami’s compound as a cheap way to live the drug-fueled and drug-dealing lifestyle, while sometimes acting like a violent thug (by scaring both Jessica and the elderly people in the ashram into fearing for their own safety; according to Frank’s source). […]

  • Can you say who tried to enforce order and discipline? It seems a great many lived in fear.

    Sharon Ward absolutely threatened people and enforced her power to protect shoemaker.

    And Swami was not in the ashram for 9-10 months out of the year? That’s not my recollection.

    You’re saying Chet spent 8-10 weeks in Portland from 2009 onward? Not by my calculations. Upon what do you base this conclusion?

  • How was it that they were in debt? How did they purchase the elite spread in Gold Beach with this apparent debt?

    Where is the debt documented?

  • Dan is NOT a victim. He’s a drug user and abuser. Period. Jen broke off with him because of his own conduct. Dan blames Shoemaker for him getting dumped. Then he blames Shoemaker for making a move on his next girlfriend. Meanwhile Dan is abusive to Jess. There’s no black and white here.

  • Hoping Dan is sober and no longer abusive. Swami is disgusting and promoted drugs coming into the ashram. Whether or not Dan participated in this endeavor (which he admittedly did) is besides the point. He sought sobriety in a place where one believed sobriety would be promoted. He was set up for failure at the ashram. Handing drugs to a drug addict is cruel and sadistic, which is why Swami needs to be taken down.

  • This is my response to the Anonymous commenter below, who’s clearly one of Dan’s supporters, who says:

    “Well, isn’t the story that the Swami was behind Dan’s relapse?”

    (My answer below)

    Dan’s story about ‘relapsing’ due to the Swami’s bad influence is NOT a truthful account.

    I’d say that Dan had an equally bad influence on the Swami —– and combining the 2 of them was like throwing gasoline on a burning fire (they were both animals).

    The true story seems to be that Dan Glavin was the one dealing drugs on his own volition and using the Swami’s compound as a cheap way to live the drug-fueled and drug-dealing lifestyle, while allegedly acting like a violent thug at times (by scaring both Jessica and the elderly people in the ashram into fearing for their own safety; according to Frank’s source).

    Even if Dan never physically beat Jessica Stirton —– IF he EVER had to be physically separated from Jessica for her own safety by other ashram members (as per Frank’s source), then he’s still a WOMAN-ABUSER.

    The world deserves to know if he’s an animal.

    MY OPINION: I’m guessing that even if he never physically beat Jessica, it sounds to me like he probably MENACED her (and wound up scaring her enough to seek out other ashram members to physically restrain him away from her).

    She’s his wife now and I don’t anticipate that she’ll be truthful in responding to these allegations — so I’ll give ZERO WEIGHT to any denials she makes at FrankReport.

    I’d like to see Jessica take a polygraph test for Laura and Myles, to prove that Dan never did anything close to what’s being alleged by Frank’s source.

    I don’t anticipate she’d agree to that. lol. Neither will Dan.

    But the truth is still coming out here.

    Let’s talk about the people saying that Dan came to the compound for sobriety but simply relapsed due to the Swami’s bad influence. LOL.

    MY OPINION: If you’re only sober for a few weeks/months out of YEARS spent at the compound, then you were never there to TRULY rehabilitate yourself. In reality, you were basically a violent druggie the whole time and you were only there to freeload and use/deal drugs.

    That’s not a legit ‘relapse’ IMO. In reality, that’s just a druggie who ‘feigned’ that he wanted to rehabilitate himself but made no serious effort —- in order to gain a cheap place to live for years.

    There’s a word for that: CONMAN.

    I have a question for Dan.

    How much money did Dan make dealing drugs over the years, which he never reported to the IRS on his tax returns, nor pay taxes on?

    I have another question for Dan.

    Are there ANY years where Dan didn’t file any tax returns at all?

    If so, the CIVIL statute of limitations never expires for those years (it only expires 3 years after you officially FILE your tax return, but it never expires for returns that were never filed)

    I’m talking about civil judgements, tax penalties, and being sued by the IRS for back taxes.

    If he’s gonna be admitting to dealing drugs on video, and IF there were years that he never filed any tax returns, then he’s pretty much admitting to failure to file/pay taxes —- for which the CIVIL statute of limitations never expires.

    I have another question for Dan.

    If Dan did file tax returns EVERY year —— did he include EVERY dollar from drug deals as part of his gross income? It’s required, even for drug dealers. If not, he’ll be admitting to failure to pay taxes by hiding illegal drug proceeds from the IRS.

    By the way, exchanging drugs for favors from the Swami (like cheap rent, meals, or other benefits) is also considered TAXABLE income by the IRS (known as ‘bartering income’). He does not need to exchange dollars to be a drug-dealer. The fair market value of all benefits/favors received over the years (in exchange for the drugs) is taxable.

    Let’s talk about the people saying that Dan was acting on behalf of the Swami in those drug deals —- and was never a real drug dealer himself. LOL.

    If Dan made the drug deals in person, himself, then it’s legally his money and his taxable proceeds —- regardless of who gave him the cash for the deal and regardless of who he gave the drugs to afterward.

    Even if you wanna believe that Dan was making every drug deal at the behest of the Swami (which I don’t believe for a second) —– he’d still be an equal co-conspirator in recurring drug dealing over a long period. He wouldn’t be a victim.

    Will Dan Glavin agree to be polygraphed by Laura and Myles to confirm that he never made a single penny dealing METH and COKE that wasn’t reported on every year’s tax return?

    He’s not a victim.

    If Dan and Jessica are gonna present themselves to the world as a loving and kind-hearted couple who were taken advantage of by the evil Swami (while trying to downplay Dan’s massive drug-using & drug-dealing lifestyle), then these facts have a right to come out.

    If you wanna stand by Dan Glavin and include him in your little group of victims, then you’re only hurting your own credibility — since it means you’re NOT open to telling the WHOLE truth.

    You must be open to telling the WHOLE truth. Hiding the facts which don’t fit your narrative (just to protect your friend Dan) makes you just as deceitful as you claim the Swami is.

    The truth about Jessica will also be coming out soon, since according to one of Frank’s sources, she wasn’t exactly Snow White or Mother Teresa. Let’s see where the facts lead.

    Have a good day.

  • Can concur the anonymous letter. All those coming forward treated the ashram like their halfway house, which it is not. Can confirm the Dan binges & disappearances. When Dan was emotionally available, he was charming and worked hard. Yes, Jessica seemed protection from him more than once. He did/does love her, but still had his demons and vices. These observations does not dismiss Chet’s behavior or stated drug use/abuse with them. It also doesn’t condone Chet’s sexual appetite or how he abused his position in pursuing what he wanted.

  • So with this logic, a sex worker couldn’t be raped because they are a sex worker. Is that the basic line of reasoning at work here?

  • “A good defense, is a strong offense.” Get the victims on the defensive and people’s attention will be turned away from our crimes and bad behavior. If everything that was said about Dan, in this article, were true; it wouldn’t change the horror of what Shoemaker was doing there. Both things can be true. Reality is more nuanced than black and white.

  • The long term damage done by Shoemaker and his cult

    If you live in Portland you may have driven by the Movement Center without paying any attention to the site. The building is placed back from the street in a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by spreading lawns and a high wall. Shoemaker moved his cult here in the 1990’s after a period of closing and consolidating centers that Swami Rudi, Albert Rudolf, had founded. According to information provided by commentators on the Frank Report, Shoemaker could not share the spotlight with any other teachers and had fall out after fall out with his “loved ones”. Scott Hanley, Steve Ott, Marc Gafni, and Dr. Alexis Sanderson are four of the luminaries that Shoemaker has chased away from his tightly held core of wealth producing, free labor devotees.

    Shoemaker has a new compound in Gold Beach. It too is tucked away from the prying eyes of non-believers. He has used the labor of his “loved ones” to move him and all his precious art and ritual objects from Portland to Gold Beach. His “loved ones” have built for him a new meditation room where he can burn up things. The “loved ones” have placed a couple of huge stone sculptures on the grounds and worked their fingers to the bone to start beds of blueberries and other organic produce. But how will Shoemaker keep this all going? Will the Church of Divine Energy bring in enough money and talent to satisfy this unsatisfiable narcissist?

    Shoemaker has not even been able to keep his “born in loved ones” around him, they have left. Shoemaker seemed to have practiced some sort of reproductive coercion. Shoemaker used his “supernatural powers” to read the astrological charts of his “loved ones” of reproductive age and “saw in the stars” that they would have defective children or that they were not destined to be mothers. Seems like that approach is leaving Shoemaker without a corps of new, robust “loved ones” to work for him and provide him with sex! Poor guy. How have Shoemaker and his flying monkeys managed to chase away the children of the cult? What will he do now? Even his closest “loved ones” are getting old and they can’t perform all the “seva” he needs done at his new mansion in Gold Beach. I have heard that he hired a gardener!
    For five decades Shoemaker has conned his “loved ones” in to believing that he is an avatar for a Hindu Goddess. The “loved ones” believe Shoemaker has divine powers and that they must show unwavering loyalty and obedience. He has indoctrinated and gaslighted his “loved ones” and they are convinced that only Shoemaker has the power to keep the evil demons and ghosts that inhabit the toxic outside world from attacking and harming them. It seems that Shoemaker’s “loved ones” live in a state of constant fear and dread. What does it take to break free from such a system of abuse? Shoemaker uses this fear to control his “loved ones” even after they leave him.

    This was summed up for me by a former member who cannot come forward with her story of abuse, “how can I allow myself to be dragged through the legal system. What good will come of that. How can I expose myself to the power and anger of the Swami. How can I tell my story of abuse in an open court room? Perhaps I could share with others who have been through this, but I don’t know if that would help anyone but me. I have spoken to others and none of them are willing to talk to law enforcement, or even to others, yet. This unwillingness is because everyone who has been harmed by this man was trapped in a trauma bond with him and they have yet to be released. The fear of his powers is so great it is overwhelming. That is how he continues to control us, through fear.” This survivor knows that Shoemaker continues to abuse young women and she feels that her silence makes her a complicit bystander. I believe she is right.

    Here is a shot list of “loved ones” who have left Shoemaker gleaned mostly from the Richard Read’s articles and what has been posted by others, I am sure that Frank Report Readers can add to this list:
    Dan Eyink
    Dana Swift
    Gunner Anderson
    Joan Ames
    Diane Asay (RIP)
    Karen and Kristin Kreiger
    Norman Bodek
    Kerry Ernest Smith
    Melinda Mandell
    Debi Moore
    Jim Hassan
    Aurelia Navarro
    Pat Tarzian
    Carolyn Morgan
    Leiko Coyle
    Lillana Lopez
    Jon Shankar
    Jana Peterson
    Michael Bazzani
    Vanessa Bazzani
    Pia Bazzani
    Liz Bazzani (RIP)
    Andrew Bonner
    Rebecca Reese
    I hope they all are having wonderful lives. I hope Shoemaker reads this list. He can gaslight himself about why these “loved ones” have left him, but we know the truth. They left because J. Michael Shoemaker is a traumatizing narcissist, a harmful, evil and wicked man.

    • All of these people need to unite and come forward together. Instead of splitting and back stabbing one and other. This is what Swami counts on– it’s so hard to face the trauma and report on it. It’s triggering for certain, but if this list of people contacted Frank and agreed to move forward with whatever they know– Swami would be DONE. FOR GOOD. And so would Sharon Ward.

  • [Redacted] was terrified of her mother. She would not give her mother’s info as emergency contact. She did NOT want her mother called. She said her mother was bi-polar, over-controlling and her mother even had her arrested and put in jail in [redacted] for smoking pot.

    Good lord! What a lot of lies and gaslighting! I have no idea whose mother is being bashed here, but, I spent most of my professional life in Latin America and Africa working on public health programs. The last thing I would ever do is call the police in any county where I lived and worked to have my daughter arrested for pot use! You know what the police are like in those countries?

    (Remember cult tactic 101, isolate and separate cult members from their families)

    Fly away monkey.

  • This email that Frank is reporting on is nothing but pure gaslighting. Some flying monkey is spinning the story to paint victims in the worst light possible. Richard Read did three years of investigation reporting on Shoemaker, including financial information. Take a look at the photos that Frank has published of Shoemaker’s new home in Gold Beach. How many acres did he purchase? He bought new toys like a little tractor, green houses and plenty of fencing for his new “organic farm”. Shoemaker is paying fishing guides to take him on expensive trips to catch and release fish. (,, check out the photos on Instagram of Jim and Shoemaker having the times of their lives with fish on a hook!)

    This is not the life of a poor man with no resources. Why did Sharon and Gretchen create a new “church”? Most likely as a new place to stash more tax-free cash and to be able to get to it quickly if they have to flee. Shoemaker’s most loyal have also purchased homes in Gold Beach. Theresa, Salman, Patty, Tom, Karen, Jerry, Sharon M., Claudia, etc. Shoemaker could always tap them to give him more money.

    Dan, Jess, Ayza, Natacha, Jessica, Liz are not the villains here. They were fraudulently recruited, groomed, exploited, and harmed by J. Michael Shoemaker. This is what cults do. Who suffered most? Who suffered least? What matters is that 100s suffered, some for decades others for a few months, but suffer they did and Shoemaker made sure of that.

    Call Wollstein, White, Ward and tell them what you know, what you saw, what you heard, what was done to you.
    Don’t worry about telling the media, tell law enforcement.
    Detective Nathan Wollstein, 503-545-3482
    Chief Jordan White, 541-247-6671, ext. 112
    John Ward, Sheriff,541-247-3242

    Shoemaker is a cruel, evil man and his cult in Gold Beach will be wearing out their welcome soon enough.

  • This photo of the members of the Movement Center just makes me want to weep. There are faces of people who lied to me about what had been done to my beautiful daughter. There are faces there of people who harmed Natacha. There are faces there of people who saw the humiliation, emotional harm, gaslighting of others and did nothing to stop it.
    In one row of people in the photo, three are now dead. There is Liz Bazzani whose body was found in a river. She was a decades-long supporter of J. Michael Shoemaker. She gave him everything and when she died, her car was not running. Why didn’t she have money to fix it? Next to her is J. Michael Shoemaker’s mother, also dead and next to her is Dr. John Bonner, who also died at the Center under the direction of Shoemaker.

    J. Michael Shoemaker is standing in the middle of the group. He is surrounded by those who believe he has supernatural powers. These people are both victims and perpetrators. I was told that Liliana and Jen were sexual partners of Shoemaker. I was told they helped recruit and groom other potential partners for Shoemaker. Are they victims? Or are they perpetrators? Or, are they both, because that is what cultic abuse does to the rank and file. There is Andrew Bonner and Rebeca Reese. I was told that they provided medical attention to J. Michael Shoemaker’s followers/victims. Andrew Bonner’s name is on the police report of the death of his nephew that is recorded as death associated with drugs.
    In the happy crowd are the faces of those members who have helped make Shoemaker rich by providing him with free labor. Cooking, cleaning, building, performing administrative work, working in the extensive grounds of the Movement Center. Are they victims, yes. There are around 25 people in this photo, each one could have parents, siblings, cousins on the outside who love them and miss them. Shoemaker has harmed all of us.

    • And I see Cheryl Berling, far left, curly white hair, partially in the photo. Good lord, what year was this? I cant believe she still has anything to do with that POS.

    • Please stop trying to link the mysterious and untimely death of Liz with others who died of old age and illness. It just makes you appear uninformed and hurts real families. This has been pointed out to you many times already. The story here doesn’t need dramatizing. It’s bad enough as it is.

      • @ Anonymous
        December 18, 2022 at 3:29 pm
        Please stop trying to link the mysterious and untimely death of Liz with others who died of old age and illness. It just makes you appear uninformed and hurts real families. This has been pointed out to you many times already. The story here doesn’t need dramatizing. It’s bad enough as it is.

        Oh my gosh, you are right, how could I be so insensitive! It just so happens that in this photo, the three dead members are sitting together in the same row. There is Liz Bazzani on the left, whose death has been questioned in the Frank Report:,,

        Dead Liz is sitting next to J. Michael Shoemaker’s mother, Louise (Pat) Shoemaker, 89, of Carolina Beach, NC, wife of the late Joseph M. Shoemaker, died Sunday, January 4, 2015. Pat is sitting in front of her son, J. Michael Shoemaker, aka Swami Chetanananda. How sweet! Next to Pat Shoemaker is Dr. John Bonner, I will get back to him, and next to Dr. John Bonner is Pat’s ex-daughter-in-law, Sharon Ward. Yes, yes gentle commentator, here is a lovely family unit. Pat, the mother, J. Michael the son and dear ex-daughter in law, Sharon Ward, the cadaver dog handler, and “fixer” for her son. So touching, so exquisite. Did Pat know she was in a photo with other sexual partners of her son? There is Moni O’Neal behind Pat and to the left, then there is Liliana to her right, close to her son and next to Liliana is Jen. How do we draw that family circle, polyamorous, or polygamy or just plain creepy to have Mom there with all those sexual partners of her son?

        Now, back to Dr. John Bonner and his loving family. Dr. John Bonner is sitting next to Pat Shoemaker. In the first row, in front of Pat Shoemaker is Dr. Rebecca Resse, the personal physician of Pat’s son, J Michael. We were told in the Frank Report that Dr. Reese provided care and tranquilizers to J. Michael when his “loved one” Leiko left him. On the right of Dr. Reese is her husband, Dr. Andrew Bonner, the son of Dr. John Bonner. We have been told that Dr. Andrew Bonner provided care and patch up services to J. Michael’s BDSM victims, like Moni and Jen. Does that somehow make a family circle? Trauma bonded family members? Did Dr. John know his son was aware of abuse and did nothing? Dr. John Bonner was the grandfather, Dr. Andrew Bonner and Dr. Rebecca Resse were the uncle and aunt to Ayaz. Ayaz is the young man who died surrounded by drugs (according to the police report) in a Movement Center bedroom. J. Michael Shoemaker is in this photo, but he was nowhere to be seen in the police report of Ayaz, even though on LinkedIn Shoemaker claims he is the CEO of the Movement Center. Dr. Andrew Bonner’s name is on the police report as the “reporting person”, but not as the uncle of Ayaz. Weren’t they family then too? So, yes dear commentator, another beautiful family circle, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle of Ayaz and, oh yes, don’t forget Ruth is also a member of this kind and loving family. These are the “real families” in this photo, thank you for pointing this out to the readers.

        • Yes Jayne, unlike you, we all know who they are. You should be careful, you’re sounding more and more like the people you are railing against. I stand by my comment. Enough with the dramatization of people who died of old age and illness. It makes you sound unhinged.

          • We should focus on Liz’s death. It remains an unsettling mystery. And credit to Jayne for she took the time to procure the police report.

          • Boy, you’ve outdone yourself on this one. Even including sarcasm! That is impressive I am very proud of you 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💯🎉

  • NDA’s are a problem. If two are known about, there are likely others.
    Does the writer know who the NDA’s are with and why an NDA was required? For what ‘charges’ were the NDA’s needed?

    • NDAs won’t stop a criminal investigation or a civil subpoena. Much of the time, NDAs aren’t worth the paper they are written on, particularly if the subject of the agreement is illegality.

      • The people affected first have to know this, which is not the case in most cases. As a rule, they are successfully intimidated by such non-disclosure agreements. This is all the more true if they cannot afford legal counsel financially because they cannot estimate what it might cost them because they have never had any experience with the legal system.

    • J. Michael Shoemaker was sued by Melinda Mandell for misrepresentation, Intentional infliction of emotional distress, breach of contract and Racketeering. This case # 970604804 in the Oregon Judicial System ( was settled out of court and sealed, the monetary award is rumored to be over $3 million. Gordon Carey represented Melinda Mandell and his is an active attorney in Portland who can be contacted to provide additional information regarding the case.

  • Awesome story, Frank.

    I tend to believe this person’s story, every word of it.

    I believe it because of the extreme details provided —- along with this person’s calm demeanor when reciting things (and the fact that they’re not nasty or hateful).

    The truth is the truth, regardless of who’s telling it.

    I realize that you’ll need to get other people to corroborate these things, before you can feel certain that they’re facts. But I feel certain you’ll get that corroboration.

    Keep up the good work. We’re starting to see another side.

    Oh, just for giggles… Maybe ask Laura or Myles if they’re willing to polygraph their star witness about these allegations —- before using an alleged woman-beater and drug-rage bully in their little documentary. LOL.

    I think the next few weeks will see a lot more truth coming out.

    My popcorn is already out.

    PS — To the person who wrote that email… Thank you for telling us the truth about Dan. Please keep in contact with Frank and send him whatever details you feel are pertinent.

  • So disappointing to hear about Dan but if he was using drugs as he has self-reported, his addiction could contribute to abuse of Jessica and irrational conduct.

    I’m not excusing his behavior, merely hoping his conduct changed when he found sobriety.

  • Can the informant comment on Natasha? Was he/she there when Natasha jumped or when her family tried to get her away from the ashram?

    Natasha’s family was not permitted to come and go and neither were other families who feared for their daughter or son’s well being.

    • This is worthy of the most serious inquiry. I have a source that has the most significant information on Natacha. It is of tremendous significance.

      • And we are waiting for that story, Frank. Are you able to share what your source has shared? Natasha’s story is extremely significant and is the reason so many people including myself finally cut ties for good after reading her posts. It validated the suspicions I’d had about Swami for many years. And it was disgusting to see so many come to his defense. People are living in total denial. There was a crazy code of silence around his bad behavior and no one shared their direct experiences, so many didn’t really know how bad it truly was and how much he mistreated young women.

        Frank, we need you to continue to dig. Why such a long wait since the last report about Ruth, whom we are all tired of reading about? Natasha is the only women to come out with her story in a public forum, on Facebook, despite her deleting it after several posts were made. Her story coming out is what ultimately led to Swami’s decision to sell the Portland property and retire in Gold Beach with only his closest loyal devotees. Many of his students cut ties with him after this, and decided to stay in Portland rather than follow him again. After her story came out, the yoga program was dead and they were losing students and loosing money. It was a significant event, as it signaled the beginning of the end of movement center. It was inevitable that things would fall apart, and lives would be damaged.

      • She couldn’t have. Her mother was his lover for many years, despite staying married to Leiko’s dad. And Leiko was groomed at a very young age by Swami, like Natasha, she became his personal assistant and his favorite sex toy, as she was exposed to all of Swami’s deviant behavior, the sex parties and drugs, and the demons.. She was his favorite and he was destroyed when she escaped undercover with the help of Liz. As it’s been alleged, Swami was an emotional mess after she left and needed lots of time to hide out and recover. Thank god she got out when she did. She was the last in her family to get out. Her parents had already moved away by the time she planned her escape.

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