Is Swami ‘Victim,’ Daniel Glavin, a Coconspirator, Predator or Exaggerrating?

Is Daniel Glavin a true victim of the Swami, a perpetrator or neither?

Swami Chetanananda, AKA J. Michael Shoemaker, is the abbot of the Church of Divine Energy. He ran his church at the Movement Center in Portland from the 1990s to 2019.
The building is set back from the street in a quiet neighborhood.

Shoemaker moved his followers to Portland in the 1990s, after a period in Boston and before that in Bloomington.

He consolidated the centers that Swami Rudrananda founded.

Swami Rudranananda AKA Rudi, with Shoemaker and another lad.

After Rudi’s death, when his private plane crashed, Shoemaker became Rudi’s successor.

Shoemaker now lives in a mansion in a mountain, ocean setting in Gold Beach, Oregon.

His followers helped him move from the Movement Center in Portland in 2019, moving valuable art, ancient ritual objects, and priceless objects to Gold Beach.

His followers helped build a meditation room where he offers fire ceremonies.

They placed stone sculptures on the grounds and planted beds of blueberries and organic produce.

Shoemaker’s Church of Divine Energy seeks new young students to satisfy the labor needs of the church.

Many of Shoemaker’s followers are older and can’t perform the “seva” needed to keep up the Gold Beach hermitage.

Reportedly the church had to hire a gardener.

J. Michael Shoemaker AKA Swmi Chetanananda.

Among the services Shoemaker provides is creating and interpreting astrological charts of “loved ones,”

In some cases, he reportedly determined the stars revealed that if certain women had children, the babies would be born with disabling defects.

He also saw that the stars revealed that motherhood was not the destiny of some young women and marriage was inadvisable.

Long ago, Shoemaker revealed to his followers that he was an avatar of a Hindu Goddess. As a result, the followers believe Shoemaker has divine powers and offer him total loyalty and obedience.

His followers believe Shoemaker has the power to keep evil entities, such as demons and ghouls, who inhabit astral realms that intercut with the physical world, from attacking and harming them.

Some former Shoemaker’s ‘ashram’ residents told Frank Report he abused them.

Frank Report is investigating him.

Some former followers tell tales that seem horrifying. Others tell yarns that seem exaggerated and capricious. 

Take the case of Daniel Glavin. He told Frank Report that he was abused and lured into drugs in the ashram.

By his admission, however, Glavin was a drug dealer and addict. He hooked up ashram members with drugs and made connections with dealers for the ashram and himself.

Glavin traded his drug connections for opportunities in the ashram and, not unlike Allison Mack in NXIVM, gained “things of value” for opportunities to participate in sexual activities with women and possibly men.

Glavin has said a lot on the record. The more he admits, the more likely Glavin will be charged and seek immunity. 

There is evidence that he may be a coconspirator in sex trafficking, forced labor, and racketeering.

Should the authorities clamp down with widening nets, seeing where Dan and everyone falls will be interesting.

Glavin might also be a coconspirator in federal forced labor acts and face state charges for creating an unsafe work environment.

Glavin, high as a kite on drugs, operated and had others use heavy construction equipment, disregarding safety.

Glavin frequently got free drugs by selling drugs to others.

While Glavin benefited from his drug services and other functions, he may have forced others to work in dangerous conditions.

With RICO charges, the feds can go beyond the statute of limitations through connected predicate acts.

Glavin appears to have participated in predicate acts, one of which may have been removing asbestos illegally and gaining “something of value” from it.

Glavin may have covered up sexual abuse because he participated in it or received “something of value.”

Glavin tried to spin his role in bringing drugs by arguing he was weak-minded, and the Swami forced him to flood the ashram with narcotics.

Glavin met his girlfriend through the ashram, a woman who was strangely allowed to live for free and apparently.


 Dan Glavin and Jessica Stirton sought to gain from the environment at the ashram. Now they seek to gain from accusing others whose activities were similar to theirs.

Glavin promotes himself as a victim.

His wife also tells a tale of victimization based on a single kiss by the Swami.

Glavin complains he had to stand by flaccidly while the Swami kissed his girlfriend in front of him, while he did nothing. He does not say if he participated in polyamory in the ashram.

Is Jessica Stirton a victim or opportunity seeker?

His girlfriend, now wife, Jessica Stirton, got free room and board and seems to have only endured a single kiss in an environment known for libertine behavior.

To call herself a victim is more than bizarre. It is laughable.

Another alleged victim told Frank Report that she was a victim. Then she admitted she initiated BDSM sexual contact, and it was consensual.

Still, another woman claimed Shoemaker abused her sexually, but, despite this, she recruited women for the Swami.

People like Glavin may exaggerate their victimhood while they are predators.

It is time to interview the Swami and others connected to him to discern the real victims.

Who got into it with “eyes wide open” and got something of value in return is the subject of further inquiry.

 Swami Chetanananda, are you ready to be interviewed and tell you side of the story?  You can call me at 305-783-7083. 

You will get the professional courtesy of an off-the-record and confidential discussion of the ground rules of the interview.

Based on the curious lies and lies of omission of at least one husband and wife, a pall has been cast on claims of certain victims.

It is time to march forward with unhesitant truth.





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  • Frank, maybe in a future article you could explain what you mean by the consensual BDSM comment —– since I’m confused about whether you’re saying that an informant told you that Stirton was involved in that, or somebody else.

    Also, when you say that at least one informant told you that ‘she’ recruited women for the swami —– I’m confused about who you’re referring to as the recruiter. The informant? Or Stirton? Or somebody else? You were rather vague on that.

    Please elaborate on these details in a future article —- and let us know what your informants have told you about Glavin and Stirton.

    The truth is always fair game.

    BTW: I have nothing against her, other than I don’t think she’s a victim here and is probably milking this thing looking for fame or a payday —- just like her ape-like husband.

    Have a good day.

    • No.
      There was a young man named AJ. I am trying to find his last name if anyone can help. He came in under Jim Brisette’s supervision.
      He and Ayaz were often paired together by Brisette as a team to work on house projects. Jim thought they were a good pair; they would be a good influence on each other; they could learn from each other…yea: a drug dealer (AJ) and a recovering addict (Ayaz).

      Only Brisette, Ward, Shoemaker and the Bonner’s knew of Ayaz’s recovery program: that was kept secret from the community.

      And only Brisette, Ward and Shoemaker know who AJ is. Perhaps someone from the community can recall that kid’s last name? He was about the same age as Ayaz, young twenties with shoulder-length stringy blonde hair and missing a front tooth. Hard to forget but it seems most people have forgotten him. AJ was “caught” buying drugs from homeless people in Oregon Park….now I wonder how much of this story is true and consider if he was scoring drugs for Brisette and posse.

      The two young men, AJ and Ayaz lived there at the same time and for a short period of time (not even a year I would say). AJ left when Ayaz died. All I remember is him being devestated to lose his friend Ayaz and he declared he hated Oregon and left and we never saw him again. He sure could answer some important questions today though.

  • Frank, genuine question. Are you doing this to prove a point to Dan that a story’s perspective can be changed to any angle, casting blame anywhere? Or is this what happens to your sources when they cross you? Just so we know…

    • I like Dan. I am trying to present facts to the public.

      Dan should realize his story can take on many spins. I have seen this happen. He should stop playing the victim and recognize that he is vulnerable as a predator/victim.

      I wish him well, but his story falls apart under scrutiny.

  • Great article, Frank!

    I was getting bored for a while but this one was a grand slam. 🙂

    I’ve always believed that Dan was purposely downplaying his drug dealing, drug using, and possible sex history with members of the ashram.

    He admitted that he was dating/fucking Jen Wilhelm —- and she’s basically equivalent to a female version of Satan.

    Yet, Dan pretends that he was just a naive choir boy who didn’t know anything about a lot of stuff going on there.

    He pretends that he was just a lowly ‘gofer’ or ‘errand boy’ for the Swami, not a drug dealer.

    Yeah fucking right. I’m not buying that shit.

    I have no doubt that Dan actively let the Swami know about his drug connections, in an effort to curry favor with the Swami and enhance his status at the ashram.

    I have no doubt that he was looking to be the Swami’s able lieutenant.

    The emails between the Swami and Dan — like the asbestos email — demonstrate just how much the Swami TRUSTED Dan (which only comes when you’re REALLY CLOSE with somebody).

    Thus, I have no doubt that Dan was much closer to the Swami than he admits.

    I also question why Dan says that Shoemaker kissed his girlfriend (now wife) in front of him, yet he did NOTHING but sit there and be quiet.

    What kind of a MAN does nothing when somebody forces his mouth onto his future wife?

    Not sure it really happened like that.

    He now appears to be smitten with Laura’s documentary credentials —- and he seems to be orchestrating an anti-Parlato campaign to turn ex-members of the ashram against Frank.

    He seems to be under Laura’s ‘spell’ and he’s trying to make himself a leader —- probably hoping that he’ll get some fame.

    Frank was the person who spent HOURS interviewing Dan and his wife.

    And how did they repay him? By betraying him and calling Frank a selfish man.

    Frank was the person who originally gave Dan and his wife the chance to be heard —– so I think it says a lot about Dan’s character, or lack of character, when he recently called Frank selfish.

    I’d love to read more about Laura’s attempts to manipulate people behind the scenes.

    Keep exposing Laura, Frank.

    Keep exposing the games being played behind the scenes by Laura and Judas (Dan).

    It’s definitely entertaining to read. 🙂

    Have a good day. 🙂

  • Dan has now admitted to being a drug dealer– and for people he claims are extremely abusive.
    Dan has now admitted to work while high. While these are confessions of sorts of a recovering drug addict, Sharon Ward will make mince meat out of you.

    Dan is honest but not wise to the ways of the world.

  • As in every case, there are true victims and then those on the periphery who want to make their role more significant– or minimize what role they may have played in contributing or turning a blind eye to the abuse.

    The nxivm case is a perfect example of how abusers were flipped to victims in the public eye, and some true victims were not presented as such. Nancy Salzman just “starred” in season 2 of the vow and got the lightest sentence– she was with Raniere the entire time and pure evil, yet she gets compassion and minimal sentencing. And presented as a victim in the media. And Nicki Cline is completely innocent though she was protecting Raniere right along with Alison Mack.

    Dan’s too talkative– he’s going to dig his own grave no matter how well intended. This is why it’s so tough to nail people like Swami Chet.

  • This is why you need to be really careful with what you share and say to anyone during an interview. I sat in an interview with someone I trusted and was totally composed. A questioned was posed which instantly brought me to tears, losing my composure. Afterwards, they told me- “Sorry, I needed to ask that to get the emotion I needed.”

    I was shocked by this. I was naive to how the media works. They can create anything they want, and manipulate anything they want. It might get good ratings, but it’s not authentic.

    I’d be very careful– see how Dan’s behavior can be presented and questioned. And that’s exactly what Swami Chet will do. And he likely has more intel on Dan and Jess.

    Now lawsuits can be filed against Dan for reckless endangerment- and by his own admission!
    Operating heavy machinery while high on drugs… how is Chet to blame for that conduct?

    And Chet kissed his girlfriend right in front of him and they didn’t leave immediately? Didn’t see something incredibly frightening and willful about that conduct?

    And he was Wilhelm’s boyfriend? And he didn’t know of the abuse to Jen? Or was he excluded from the inner circle of drugs and sex?

    These “victims” my well be victims, but blabbering about will undermine all credibility. I’m not saying Dan is not a credible person, just, as I was– very naive about how the media works.

    Be careful Dan —

    • Chetanananda may have collateral on Dan. He is in a potentially precarious position. He may get it from both ends.

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