Gold Beach Unhappy About Loathsome Predator Swami Chet

Warning. Anna Mercury has little respect for victims and thinks it’s counterproductive to think of yourself as one. She believes in being more than a survivor, which is also weak. She believes in getting even. Anna takes a flippant view of other people’s victimization. Frank Report allows her commentary because regrets, feelings of inadequacy, terror, or seeking sympathy as a victim arguably weaken a person. We require her to post a warning for those who disagree.
If you venture beyond the warning sign and get triggered, it’s on you.

She has no sympathy for you.

Anna B. Mercury

I will share a message Frank Report received from someone from Gold Beach, where the world’s most phony Swami lives. We have got a lot of messages and phone calls from Gold Beach residents based on the stories we wrote.

Everyone who calls or writes is either alarmed or angry about him being there with his kooky followers.

Gold Beach is a city in and the county seat of Curry County, Oregon, United States, on the Oregon Coast. The population was 2,241 at the 2020 census.

The population includes J. Michael Shoemaker, who poses as the “Swami Chetanananda.” It also includes many of his followers.

His act comes with the orange robes of the ancient Swami order, which will fool the gullible every time.  The ancient Swami order, a loosely organized group, is supposed to require two things from their members: celibacy and poverty – two vows the initiated make.

Shoemaker bought a mansion overlooking the Pacific in Gold Beach.

Shoemaker posing on the nearby Rogue River. No, the river was not named after him, as far as we know.

According to reports of ex-followers:

Shoemaker is into BDSM. And what better way to get your fill than by pretending to be an all-wise swami, who can see the future and shortcut disciples’ bad karma by obedience to his all-high will?

He speaks for God and acts for him too.

He also sneaks up on and suddenly strangles his female disciples for his BDSM pleasure [and to help them eliminate their bad karma, if not their life altogether, while he can get three-quarters erect]; orders his women to have sex with toothless, bath-less homeless men to provide them with karmic delight, and fodder for the swami to get half-erect; takes copious amounts of meth and orders his non-drug using women to become drug addicts with him, which was what made him flaccid and toothless himself in the first place; sticks oversized dildos up the asses of his women while at the same time no dildo ever made on earth or in all the 14 lokas would be too big to fit up this guy’s arse, him being the biggest asshole the universe has ever known.

So here is the promised message from a reader:

I live in Gold Beach, OR. It kills me that the beautiful home built for a family is now being used to house a cult. Do not for a minute think the community is ignorant of its existence. Jen Wilhelm and Aidan/Seraphim are running a business in the middle of town! Chiropractor/acupuncture.
I have a business in town and would love to post a “No Cults” sign in my window! Townspeople would love them run out of the county.
My hope is they will get complacent and screw up enough to need to leave. We have no love of Swami Chet.

Jen Wilhelm is said to be one of Shoemaker Swami’s favorite sex slaves. She runs a chiropractic center.

Ruth Graham lived in the Shoemaker Swami’s ashram, but saw through his bullshit. She visited Gold Beach.

When Ruth Graham and Jessica Becker – two former followers of the Swami – visited Gold Beach, they made it a point to tell people about the existence of a cult in their midst and its dangerous aspects.

They pointed out stories in the Frank Report.

Over time, many townspeople learned of the horrors of the Swami.

Not to be flippant, but if you are going to get an adjustment, and Jen Wilhelm invites you to see a certain magical being who can heal your every ailment – who just happens to live in Gold Beach – especially if you are an attractive female – should you decide to go, wear metal armor around your neck to help prevent strangulation, don’t eat the food, don’t be alone with him, and wear a front and back chastity belt.

If you don’t have a normal chastity belt, wear it backwards. You will be safer.

If you follow these simple precautions, plus know that everything he says is bullshit, you should be safe. Not that he can heal you of anything or help you in any way.

And bring your bullshit meter. You’ll be amazed at how high it registers whenever he speaks.

Swami speaks to adoring followers.



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    • Hi Aiden. Actually, consent is the issue. Power differential. Coercive control. Maybe you should ask yourself why your spiritual practice has made you too stupid to understand basic human principles of respect and compassion. Choking on his cock is not going to bring you enlightenment, ahole.

    • The most clever move of predatory men of the 21st century was to convince people if it gets your cock hard there’s nothing immoral to it what so ever!

      What a genius loophole!

      So, with the caveat that a light spanking and/or some dungeon role-play can indeed be fully consensual (we all know it can be) I’m reposting a comment here from an anonymous woman so people can understand the context this has, in larger patterns of abuse cycles, particularly those tied to histories of brutality, epigenic memories of genocide, abduction, fascism, trafficking, war, and all forms of generationally passed down trauma, addiction and domestic violence.

      Now also add that this person saying we’re prudes is possibly a cult member.

      Here we go:

      “I was really into being the subject of that violent stuff at the lowest moments of my life (I was a teenager). I had literally no self respect and felt lower than dirt, I only felt value from doing things for others. It was somehow a turn on to have a sex act reflect how I felt about myself and to degrade myself in a way I thought I deserved. Trauma & abuse really screws with your head I know on some level I am just projecting- there are stable women who like this stuff- but anytime I’ve seen this type of act in porn I see my younger self in a lot of those young women. I still remember the feeling of seeing it on a porn website and being transported back to images when I had that same look in my eyes. Weirdly enough, despite being sort of hypersexual in my youth, I realized I was asexual in my older twenties, which I am almost grateful for because I am so tired of the trauma that comes with sex”

      I repeat

      “tired of the trauma that comes with sex”

      I want you to burn that into your brain, who ever you are. This is an experience of sex I would say a disgustingly large number of women face and some men too (mostly gay I would say, but I digress).

      So many people (not just women, but I would say predominately women) are normalized to abuse, pain and degradation in sex, because it’s modeled to us, and it’s part of our cycle of trauma. To say consenting to it removes the problems is disrespectful to the millions (or even billions) who faced this type of abuse daily or grew up with it so they internalize it (self hate), like the woman above.

      It’s actually the opposite of prude (prude = traditional), so to call us prudes is in fact projection. Your love for violence in sex or sex in violence…..This is an old, old, old pattern that’s imho only being accelerated by hyper consumerism and extreme social media/porn addiction and and its neither humane nor progressive.

      We only live in a kinder world with kinder sex despite (like really, despite) all this rampant abuse that is justified as what a man deserves to do to someone as long as he can obtain consent for it from some poor self-hating soul.

      Making sex violent and violence sexy is in fact, the boring, conservative, shitty rape culture that is currently plaguing our entire world. Pure evil. It is the driver of all our brutalization, dehumanization and disassociation. It’s what we find in the most fascist of societies.

      Once again, abusers sure did a fancy trick saying it’s not abusive as long as someone’s cock get’s hard.

      So you’re going to tell me it’s all P R O G R E S S I V E now? Male sexual violence? Sexual violence in general? I dare you.

      And now its all being peddled it to tweens and teenagers as the new best thing, when it isn’t and it never should have been. So teenage girls are getting anal fissures because anal is now “a given.” College girls now expect to be choked by the average hook up, because it’s become ubiquitous in porn. Hair pulling in sex during doggy style is snapping the vertebrae of some 20 year olds, giving them paralysis. More and more men are using the argument in courts that the violence that they subjected their women too was “consensual violence.” Men are getting off from murder with this defense.

      Porn that the average boy is exposed to by 7 year old is getting increasingly violent.

      This is good? Really? REALLY?

      I can even talk at length about how tying violence to sex leads to more polarized gender roles and more abuse towards LGBT and anyone gender non-conforming. It gives people more complexes and makes the expected communication between genders more and more extreme. And it also leads to people replaying these more violent roles outside of the bedroom – in the government for example – through strongmen politicians who repeat the master-slave relationship….that has been fetishized into the brains of the populace and therefore is expected of our leaders, subconsciously.

      Do what you want in your own bedroom, but don’t you dare argue that it’s by default alright as long as you can claim consent happened, I return you to the above anonymous comment. And don’t you dare say someone not into dangerous ASPHYXIATION is a prude just because you like to call it some kind of kink/fetish and think that’s some loophole or sex positivity thing. I reserve my right to kink shame all fucking day, especially anyone who is aroused by violence, pain and restricting peoples airways. And you’re allowed to keep doing it ofc, under the premise that you are doing it the safest possible way (innocent until proven guilty etc etc), but don’t pretend it’s new and progressive and glowing and pure. It makes me think about someone claiming it’s wrong to be shamed for eating feces because it’s their fetish.

      • Exactly. Predators identify women who have been abused because they know their ability to understand what they are “consenting” to is distorted. This isn’t consent, it’s manipulation of vulnerable broken people and setting up a trauma bond to control them.

  • “him being the biggest asshole the universe has ever known.”
    a big claim on this forum. but this guy is a real contender.
    the dead-enders are all in the grip of the most powerful force in the universe: confirmation bias.
    there must be panic at the top
    run, hide, lie
    they know
    they know we know they know
    karma has no deadline

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