Opposing View on Suneel and Eduardo’s Attack on Prosecutors on Sex Trafficking Crime

By Emma F. Stanton

This is in response to Suneel Chakravorty and Eduardo Asunsolo’s article Three-Fer — No Harm, No Foul, No Sex Trafficking.

DOS slaves, like Nicole, had financial, pornographic, highly damaging to their careers, and devastatingly damaging to their families, catastrophic and life ruining collateral that would be released if they did not obey their masters’ orders.

It changed everything.

Nicole got on a bus, train or in a car and came to Albany at the orders of her master, with the threat of collateral being released hanging over her head every day, every hour, and every minute on each decision she made.

It was always more of a decision than a choice, because it wasn’t really a choice once they were blackmailed.

DOS slaves’ choices became limited and weighed against other horrible possible outcomes.

As for the element of commercial sex, Allison asked for money, and Keith replied she would be paid when India was delivered to him naked, through his orders.

Michele Hatchette with Nicole, face obscured. Michele was happy to do a seduction assignment with Keith. For Nicole, it was sex trafficking.

There’s plenty to uphold the sex trafficking charge.

What wouldn’t you do to protect your own family?

Nicole talks about her family; how everything would be nightmarish for them if she tried to get out of the slave ring and her collateral was released.

This colored all her forced actions to comply, up to a point.

Obviously, most people wouldn’t ever provide information that would be so detrimental to their family. But that’s a mistake Nicole made, trusting Allison and trusting the other people in this cult.

It was a not fully informed choice, because she was told no man was involved whatsoever.

At the point she initially opted in, she believed them when they said it was a women-only organization.

If she had been told from the start, “look you’re not really taking orders from Allison, you’re taking orders from Keith and he’s getting off on all your naked photos,” Nicole would have chosen differently.

Nicole was deceived by someone she trusted the most.

It’s not really for Suneel and Eduardo, two dudes, to declare that no harm came from the sex trafficking of Nicole.

It Was Rape

Nicole did not consent to Camilla performing a sex act on her, because Nicole never knew who was in the room.

It would be terrifying to be tied to a table and not know how many people are in the room and what they might do to your naked, bound and vulnerable body.

This was not done for Nicole’s pleasure, it was done for Keith’s enjoyment.

Nicole talked about being relieved when she realized it was a woman. Between her naked and bound legs.

Nicole thought it was less likely she would be raped through intercourse if the person sexually assaulting her was a female.

That shows you how little information Nicole had about what was being done to her.

Make no mistake, Nicole was raped.

It also let you know what Nicole’s “State of Mind” was during the sexual assault. She was not laying there thinking, “Oh this is amazing.”

She was thinking, “holy shit. Who’s in this room. When and how are they going to rape me?”

She was terrified.

If a dude was tied down, then another dude performed oral sex on him against their knowledge or without their fully informed consent and expressed will in that moment, would it be any different?

Didn’t Keith also record the assault?

This was likely to be a humiliating and degrading experience to use as further blackmail. Not a gratifying and enjoyable sexual experience for either Camilla or Nicole.

The two women did not seek each other out. They did not set up a consensual sexual encounter. Both were blackmailed and ordered into a planned and premeditated sex act Keith orchestrated.

Preplanned By Keith

Keith had every intention of trafficking Nicole to Albany for this forced sexual assault.

This was not a spontaneous occurrence.

Keith needed to make sure Camilla was there. He needed to make sure Nicole was there. He had to set everything up, so the assault played out how Keith wanted.

Not Good or Loyal Friends

Camila’s former friends knew her family. Some of them knew Camila since she was a child. They should realize that their fellow community member was sexually exploited and groomed from age 13, then sexually abused and posed in explicit pornography as a minor by a much older man with a history of preying on underage girls.

And Suneel and Eduardo make their response in the article.

Who would ever have wanted to be part of this community? How they treat their own is stomach turning.

Camila Was Maltreated

Camilla was isolated from her family, ordered to find fuck toys, slaves and a virgin successor. She was mentally, emotionally and physically abused as an undocumented child and young vulnerable woman.

Camilla tried to kill herself.


Keith destroyed every part of her life. Her health. Her opportunity to get an education. Having a normal childhood. Any version of normalcy and consistent upbringing would have been better than what happened to Camilla in Albany.

Keith imploded her family.

Camilla was forced to abort his child, then watch her sister have his baby.

Keith gave Camilla HPV and damaged her possibilities for successful fertility in the future.

Camilla still struggles with an eating disorder and all the health related problems that brings because she was groomed and mentally tormented about her weight from her earliest adolescence.

There’s no defending Keith unless you are a heartless sociopathic cult follower.

It’s not an isolated act.

Other Crimes

There was the attempted sex trafficking of Jessica.

There were multiple women who were given the seduction assignment and brought to Albany to have a coerced and blackmailed sexual encounter completely instigated and designed by Keith.

A man whom the women had never been fully informed was even involved in the alleged women-only group.

There are multiple elements proven in court that show a pattern and bolster up the sex trafficking charge.

Dead-Ender Tactics

It is a common Dead-Ender tactic to take something out of context and try to reframe it.

This is the room, and this is the table, where Nicole was tied down, blindfolded, and where Camila performed oral sex on her. Note the camera in the room. Keith Raniere, who was present, may have filmed the incident.

The evidence shows they were running a sexual slavery operation.

The Dead-Enders continue to attempt to take one element, such as the branding, and reframe it as consensual sorority team building instead of what it was: putting a man’s initials on their friend’s vagina and lying about it being a symbol of the four elements.

Or in Suneel and Eduardo’s disgusting essay, deceitfully presenting Camila and Niciole as consenting women having a sexy time together. As opposed to the truth: both women blackmailed into doing what a creepy guy who ran a sexual slave ring ordered.


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1 year ago

Well I’ll just say that, supposedly, the whole being “tied up blindfolded and a woman going down on her” was a known fantasy of Nicole’s that Keith was attempting to make reality. That’s just what I’ve heard, I can’t remember the source.

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The Dead -Enders have definitely pushed that supposed “fantasy” narrative before.

A fantasy is a fantasy. Reality is different. People fantasize on all kinds of scenarios but don’t act on them all.

And was it Cami’s “fantasy” to participate? What a coincidence!

It should always be their own personal choice to act on. And blackmailed slaves aren’t exercising freedom.

Once a person is blackmailed it is a very different situation.

And the copious blackmail was only one element of coercive control exercised. A criminal element.

Just Sayin'
Just Sayin'
1 year ago

Excellent article!

Give up your daughters
Give up your daughters
1 year ago

Great points that are spot on Emma
Question Frank,
Was Eduardo’s wife in DOS
He should proudly admit she was if DOS was such a good thing.
Eduardo should also be offering his daughter up to Raniere one of his virgins regardless if Raniere ever gets out of prison. If nothing is wrong with sex with a teenager, Eduardo should be programming his daughter now, that having sex with his Master is for her highest good.
Same thing goes for Brandon Porter.
Make a public statement that you plan to do this with your own flesh daughters and maybe will start to believe you really support this bullshit.
Michele Hatchette & Nicki Clyne & the rest of the women of Raniere land release your collateral if nothing was wrong with.
Is it really harmless.
Lets hear from all the loyalists families how they feel about you standing by Raniere side.
You can write into Frank and not post your name. Frank can do a loyalists family write up.
Odds are most family a sad, heartbroken and want you out of this mess.

1 year ago

Excellent post! KAR was a psychopathic sadistic control freak with grandiose notions of his own abilities. He needs to stay where he is.

1 year ago

Excellent article, Emma.

1 year ago

The objective baseline reality of almost all “cult” involvement is:

– A person joined because they got something out of it

– They stayed because they were getting something out of it.

– They left because they were no longer getting anything out of it.

This is the simple objective truth of almost all cult involvement. It’s the simple objective truth of most marriages as well. Of most jobs, of most hobbies such as golf, and even of most home and automobile ownership.

But there are delusional variations on this objective baseline of cult involvement which range from the delusionally positive to the delusionally negative.

This article is an example of the delusionally negative. Every single interpretation of an objective event, such as “Camilla went down on Nicole while Keith watched” has an over-the-top nightmare interpretation which includes slavery, rape, and threats of mass murder.

I speak from first-hand experience here: You don’t want to live inside the mind of a wigged-out anticultist.


Get an education Al
Get an education Al
1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

This comment show Al knows nothing about how Cults works to manipulate people
He is an armchair want to be so called know nothing
Sure he has a right to his opinion but reader be careful he is unread, unaware & uneducated in the field of high demand groups or narcissist relationships
Pick up a couple of books by some experts in the field Al if your going to comment about a group like NXIVM
Keith Raniere is well known by leaders in the industry as one of the most dangerous Cult Leaders of our times.
Behind prison bars is where he belongs.
Everyone needs to ask themselves what Al continues to get by not looking at the facts of this situation
Maybe because it shines a light too close to home

1 year ago

I’ve read all the books. I’ve personally spoken to many of the anticult ideological “thought-leaders”, and even received “counseling”.

After leaving my “cult” after 16 years, I was an anticultist for almost ten years.

There is no armchair underneath me in this area.

I graduated from Scientology. But I escaped anti-Scientology and Anti-Cultism with my life and my sanity.

I’ve written about the damage that following anticult “experts in the field” did to me and my friends after Scientology. I’ve witnessed the same damage that anticult ideology has done to other Exes who have left other minority religions which have been labeled as “cults”.

You can read about it here:

How The Anti-Cult Movement Ideology Harms Ex Members of “Cults”


Go there. You’ll see there is a lot more where that came from.


1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Like, Alonzo. Truth.

Simple Jack
Simple Jack
1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Alanzo this might be your dumbest comment yet lol…keep ‘em coming pal.

L is for loser
L is for loser
1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Oh Allen…what a pathetically sad echo chamber you live in. You don’t know what you believe haha. Maybe you should join another cult?

1 year ago

This is an exceptional good analyses an description of the facts.
Chills down my spine when I read this.
Clyne, Asunduolo, Suneel, the deadenders. Shame on them.

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