Dr. Roberts Life Ruined By Lack of Insight? – But Kevin Fights Back, Blames Edmondson

On July 7, 2017, Sarah Edmondson brought a complaint against Danielle Roberts to the New York State Office of Professional Medical Conduct [OPMC], alleging gross medical misconduct. Roberts had branded Edmondson, she said, under deceptive circumstances.

The OPMC initially reviewed the complaint and rejected it because it was outside Roberts’ work as a physician. 

In a letter, they stated:  

“[T]he issues you [Ms. Edmondson] describe did not occur within the doctor-patient relationship… The issues you describe are not medical conduct… and no further action will be taken.” 

They encouraged her to take the matter to law enforcement if she felt the act was criminal.  Roberts was never charged criminally.

Roberts maintains the New York Times article “Complaints About Branding Inside Secretive Group Are Under Review” prompted a change in direction of the OPMC, which led them to revoke her medical license in 2021.

One of the defenders of Dr. Roberts, Kevin, has criticism for what he anticipates will be HBO’s depiction of Roberts in Season #2 of the Vow.

He finds Edmondson’s attitude of forgiveness of Lauren Salzman, her DOS slave master, who led her into DOS with lies and deceit, incongruous with her lack of forgiveness for Roberts, who was a second line slave.

Edmondson told FR that the biggest difference is that Salzman, who was facing prison, said she renounced Raniere. Roberts, on the other hand, was not facing prison, but wanted to continue being a doctor while being a slave to the dangerous Raniere.

Edmondson said Roberts could be dangerous to people if Raniere ordered her to lie or harm. Her oath as a physician of ‘Do No Harm’ would be subordinate to her vow of obeying Raniere. If a conflict arose, she would follow Raniere.

Now a few words from Kevin:

By Kevin

The women are being exploited by HBO for HBO’s gain and for the gain of the series narrator, who controls the information that’s shared.

Don’t you think the network will edit the interviews and selectively control which information is shared and which stays hidden?

Will HBO highlight Danielle Robert’s spotless reputation as a doctor or how she volunteered her services to help those in need?

That she was never charged with any wrongdoing? That the medical board had an initial hearing and ruled in her favor?

Dr. Danielle Roberts branded Sarah Edmondson and about 15 other women.. She lost her medical license because of it.

Or do you think they’ll leave that out and show the brand for the 1,000th time? You know, the one the narrator consented to and thanked her “master” for, the same “master” for whom the narrator forgives, despite being accused of locking an woman in a room for almost two years because the girl found someone other than Keith Raniere attractive?

[In explaining a bit of his history, Kevin once said he watched the 1998 film American History X when he was a freshman in high school. A reader pointed out he must have been older. Kevin replies to this:}  

Good on you for pointing out my earlier mistake about when I first watched “American History X” in high school. I remember watching it and thought I was a freshman, but I might have been older. But I was definitely a minor, so if Mr. Neil Glazer follows this blog, I am damaged beyond repair and need compensation!

Why don’t you pay attention to detail the same way when it comes to people involved in this case who are lying and exaggerating?

[FR wrote in The Vow Season #2 Begins October 17; ‘Victim’ Nancy Salzman Finally Realizes Raniere Was Evil that “Much of NXIVM was about shifting blame.” Kevin commented to criticize Mark Vicente and Edmondson and defend Roberts:]

You don’t say! So, for example, how the owners, operators, managers, directors, recruiters and profiteers of the two most prominent centers in North America, who recruited more people into the organization than everyone on earth put together, have convinced the public and readers of this blog that they are heroes, whistleblowers, and victims?

While simultaneously convincing the public that a doctor who treated and cared for the sick and suffering, in some cases for no money, out of kindness and genuine compassion, is the villain of the story?

No thanks. I’ll pass on watching the Vow. Unbelievably cruel to the women who deserve kindness and understanding.

On a related unrelated note, I saw the trailer for the new live action Pinocchio yesterday. Is Sarah more like the Fox who tricks the children into going to Pleasure Island, or the coachman who outright sells them into slavery?

End of Kevin’s comments

FR commentary begins:

Sarah Edmondson revealed to FR and later the New York Times the existence of DOS. FR’s stories caused members to leave, ending the viability of NXIVM as an organization. The Times story prompted a criminal investigation, putting its two founders in prison.
One’s view of Edmondson may be colored by your view of whether the end of NXIVM was good or not.
Edmondson was the heart of NXIVM recruitment for years and had the most viable center.  It was her living and by all accounts a profitable living.
Kevin has a view of Edmondson and Roberts, which is counter to the views of most people. If Raniere had prevailed, Roberts would still be branding women under deceptive circumstances. Lauren Salzman would still be lying about Raniere and the meaning of the brand. Edmondson would have been arrested for Raniere-fueled charges.
Many more would become slaves of Raniere – the ultimate master and leader of DOS.
DOS was a women’s sorority meant to empower women secretly led by a man, who deceived all but his closest followers.  Edmondson was responsible for letting the world know Raniere’s secret.
Perhaps Danielle was overly punished for her role. She is also a victim, one can argue.
Roberts still sees nothing wrong in the deceptions DOS leaders perpetrated. She sees nothing wrong with taking collateral under false pretenses.  She believes the good of DOS outweighed the deception.
That once the women committed to being lifelong slaves, they were not entitled to know about Raniere’s role is her belief. 
She does not see the irony of DOS asking a woman who seeks training to keep her word, keeping a lifetime vow, right at the onset.
Lifetime vows are hard to keep, even by those fully informed and trained for years.  Lifetime vows are few in this world. But they exist.
The monk undergoes a novice term for years before making a lifetime commitment. Or consider marriage. Few commit to another they do not know well. And divorce is common.  Monks who break their vows are common.
In DOS, the world’s smartest man thought women who need help should make a lifetime vow to be slaves. Without knowing that a man with a checkered reputation was the leader.
And how did he expect women to keep their lifetime vow? Through the fear of DOS releasing their collateral.
In almost every circumstance where someone makes a lifetime vow they do it out of love and passion. A test is made first over time. The facts are revealed. And if love was predominant, and will power, one makes the vow.
In DOS, the reverse was true. DOS masters allocated no time for seasoned understanding. They hid facts. And fear, not love, was what they expected to hold immature women to their vow.
Raniere’s plan was stupid and reckless. It was bound to fail and destroy everyone involved.  I am surprised Danielle Roberts cannot see that flaw.  This is why her life has been in shambles. Because she does not see it.
The reason Edmondson’s life is successful is that she saw it and did something about it.



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  • Kevin agrees with the dead Enders straight down the line. But he thinks he threw a curveball by conceding Keith was a pedophile in the 1980s. When he raped a 12-year-old child repeatedly.

    That’s because the statute of limitations is up. What Kevin doesn’t realize is once a pedophile always a pedophile. And it makes no sense that he believes Keith molested and raped children in the 1980s but in spite of the overwhelming evidence supporting that he also raped Camilla at 15 and sexually exploited her in pornography Kevin claims that evidence was planted for magically in some way tampered with by the FBI. No Kevin. Keith was a pedophile and remains a pedophile.

    Keith will die a pedophile. No matter how much treatment most pedophiles get they never stop being a pedophile. No one had to frame Keith. He did it all. He has a trail of victims that he sexually exploited and harmed when they were children. And you and Danielle and the rest of the Dead Enders support a habitual child sexual predator. I bet your parents are very proud of you. How does it feel to look in the mirror and say that human being looking back at me supports a child molester and pornographer? Maybe you just avoid mirrors. The soulless often do

  • My biggest problem with Sarah E is how she went after Danielle to ruin her life. And was so forgiving to Lauren, who lied and coerced Sarah into getting the brand in the first place. Danielle wasn’t the person manipulating the women into getting the brand. She just did the branding. Lauren was much more dangerous in my opinion. Apparently as best friends, Lauren lied, coerced and manipulated Sarah into DOS and the brand. I can’t believe Sarah went so easy on her. But had such vitriol towards Danielle. Frank, do you agree?

    • Sarah’s litmus test seems to be “disowning” Raniere.

      Lauren did 10 times worse than Danielle. Sarah advocated hard for her forgiveness. I never believed Lauren was reformed. But shifted to save herself.

      Lauren lied and lied to Sarah to get her into DOS. She probably lied about disowning Raniere for the reasons she stated.

      Roberts’ role was secondary. Yet Sarah wanted her medical license revoked. It was Sarah alone among those branded who testified against Roberts.

      Should she have forgiven Roberts? Roberts would not denounce Raniere, and Sarah feels she might be dangerous.

      I think if Roberts denounced Raniere, Sarah would have not pressed forward with the revocation of the license.

      I cannot say if Sarah had vitriol towards lesser offender Roberts. Maybe she held her to a higher standard because she was a physician. Or maybe it was a case of bias – of that funny aspect of human sympathy that makes us love some and dislike others for no discernible reason.

      • Frank I think you’re also leaving out a potentially vital piece of some of the interpersonal puzzles. Apologies go a long way. A sincere non-excuse making apology has stopped many a lawsuit.

        It’s unbelievable how many people are unaware of that dynamic. We are aware of some members of this cult who did reach out to people they had wronged and the people were very responsive and forgiving.

        Now some people were maybe initially not as forgiving but perhaps it was the start to forgiveness. There is some weird cultural thing where people just refuse to apologize for things and it leads to bigger and bigger problems.

        There is no shame in telling a person that you are sorry and that you acknowledge your actions have negatively impacted them or even truly hurt them and you are aware of your responsibility. People think those kind of apologies are just for show and sometimes they are and people sense that and it doesn’t go well then.

        But in other cases when it is real and it is a human being approaching another human being Heart to Heart it can make all the difference in the world. So many times people say I just wanted an apology. And they are being truthful. But also the ill will can drag on unresolved for too long and the ship for forgiveness has sailed for the time being and a civil suit is going forward Etc. Haha. Best advice to people having having witnessed what I have in the legal Arena as well as other areas is that if you are given the opportunity then apologize. And if you are on the other side and given the opportunity try to forgive.

        Some things cannot be atoned for in such a way. That is understood. And in some cases people apologize and the one they have wronged does forgive them but they or the court system still wants the perpetrator to do some time. But an apology goes a long way in Striking a balance between Justice and forgiveness. Again for those people way in the back if you have the opportunity apologize.

        If you are on the receiving end and have the opportunity forgive. There can still be legal and civil repercussions but they can be balanced a little bit with Mercy. So compensation and other kinds of amends and making one whole are totally not incompatible.

        With forgiveness Parents who love their children very much often take them to court and press charges but still forgive them too. And we really don’t know who has reached out to whom and how profusely and truthfully and amazingly they may have offered an apology. And if it was accepted. That could make a big difference.

        • It could have made the difference in Danielle’s case but I think Danielle was looking for Sarah to apologize.

          • That’s exactly the point, Frank.

            If Danielle knew Sarah was upset (how could she not? The world heard Sarah’s story) why not apologize first? Just for Danielle’s own part?

            Then maybe Sarah would respond, “Okay. I see now that you were deceived too about the brand. I’m also sorry”.

            Why would Sarah apologize.first at that point? Danielle wasn’t upset. Danielle wasn’t anything but happy with DOS and her own brand then. And now.

            Sarah was really crushed about being lied to and being decietfully branded with Keith’s initials.

            In what world would that lead to Sarah calling Danielle to apologize? That makes little sense.

            If I knew that I did something that caused another human being so much grief, I’d pick up the phone. Or a pen. And let them know my intent wasn’t to cause them pain. I’d say, “I love you my friend. Let’s fix this between us”

            It may have made ALL the difference

          • While most praised Sarah for what she did to end DOS, Danielle blames her and expected an apology.

          • If Danielle Roberts believes that Sarah E should apologize to her or that she has a right to have Sarah E apologize to her, then Danielle Roberts is subject to another fallacy. That’s what happens when you have a misconception of reality and any kind of moral behavior and thought pattern is lost on you. In Danielle Roberts, one can clearly see the presence of amonie. This comes when one no longer recognizes or wants to recognize the moral concepts and social principles that exist in society and follows the teachings of NXIVM/DOS and Keith Raniere.

            [anomie: a state of no moral or social principles in a person or in society.]

      • Frank wrote:

        “Sarah’s litmus test seems to be “disowning” Raniere.

        Yep. It’s a matter of tribal loyalty, that is all.

        Plain ole two-poled, black and white, “us vs them”.

        She’ll probably grow out of her tribal ninnie-ism some day, but only after she has no podcast listeners to recruit, and of course, her lawsuit has been settled.

        Where there’s money to be made, who cares about the truth?


        • —Yep. It’s a matter of tribal loyalty, that is all.

          Everyone belongs to a group!

          What do you think sports teams are all about? Even in the most ridiculous level we’re all tribalistic.

          You think you’re above it all?

          Stop sucking on your hog, take your head out from between your legs; look around at the all the people in the world including and your place in the mix.

          Do you really believe that you’re so nonconformist and not tribalistic?

        • Alonzo says:

          Tribal, tribal, tribal…..

          ….Blah, blah, blah.

          You’re all anti-cultist…..

          ….Blah, blah, blah.

          It’s a construct!

          ….Blah, blah, blah.

          Hot poker!

          ….Blah, blah, blah

          I say to Alonzo:

          Nobody gives a shit what you’ve got to say.

      • Somewhere I read from Danielle Roberts, mutatis mutandis, that it was not her job to tell the slaves before the branding session that they were being lied to by their masters. They were, after all, slaves and had taken a vow to do what their masters asked of them. It is up to the masters to decide what to tell their slaves or not to tell them [or whether to lie to them]. The slaves were obliged to follow the orders of their masters and therefore they had no right to know the truth.

    • “Danielle wasn’t the person manipulating the women into getting the brand. She just did the branding.”

      I’m not the one who ordered the hit, Judge, I just pulled the trigger.

    • Anonymous 8:43

      Frank makes an excellent point.

      Danielle lied about the brand and who was leading DOS.
      Danielle isn’t the least bit sorry.

  • Alanzo also tweets to Nicki Clyne.

    Alanzo should read more carefully the comments on the Frank Report. There he could have read that former prosecutors are generally excluded from awards. This has nothing to do with Moira Penza personally. This is a general approach.

    reply to
    was such a successful prosecutor, why did she resign?

    And why did the DOJ award accolades to everyone else on the team but her?

    I have a feeling we don’t know the whole story of what was happening behind the scenes of this vile abuse of power and #RICO laws.
    Aug 30, 2022-Twitter Web App


  • Nicki Clyne
    Looks like Binghampton is offering a crash course in how to fabricate crimes, generate hate in the media to subvert due process, and win AG awards while you’re at it! Sounds fun!

    “Taking down NXIVM: Moira Penza ’05 to give this year’s Bonzani Law Lecture”
    Taking down NXIVM: Moira Penza ’05 to give this year’s Bonzani Law Lecture – Binghamton News
    In this year’s Bonzani Law Lecture, former federal prosecutor Moira Penza ’05 will give attendees a behind-the-scenes look at the NXIVM sex cult case.
    ·30 Aug. 2022·Twitter Web App


    • People who tweet are the worst. It’s actually a very small minority and it’s always the people that you do not want to hear from. The people who think their opinions are the most important and insightful but never actually are valuable. If someone cast a wonderful Magic spell and everyone who tweets a lot suddenly went on an opinion pushing hiatus all of humanity would be better off for it. It’s sort of like the leadership Paradox the exact people who have something worthwhile to say are not the people tweeting about it all the time. And the leaders who most deserve a leadership position are usually not the people who want that kind of power and control.

  • “One’s view of Edmondson may be colored by your view of whether the end of NXIVM was good or not.“

    Good one Frank. Great observation. Kevin has dropped a lot of evidence that he’s a Nxivm hack.

    • Not even close Aristotle. I wish Allison, Danielle, and many of the women involved had never met KR and had never been involved in any of this.

      I just don’t think they should be punished, humiliated and scapegoated for things that many others had a hand in, including the people pointing fingers.

      My position is equally unpopular with NXIVM supporters and detractors.

      If you were a fan of the show, and one of the people who sent letters two decades ago, you do realize that Allison and Kristin are real people, and not the characters they play?

  • Great commentary by Frank.

    “I am surprised Danielle Roberts cannot see that flaw.” – I think we’re all surprised she can’t see that Keith is a conman. Maybe she wasn’t around him enough on a day-to-day basis to have enough firsthand experiences?

    In a way, Kristin Keeffe was lucky she got to regularly witness Keith’s mind at work. I can cut Danielle a break for pretty much everything she’s been through. I can’t cut her a break for refusing to take her blinders off and look at the entire picture of poor glorious victim Vanguard.

    While open-mouthed observing the deadenders refusal to use their eyes and see the entire picture of Keith, many words come to my mind:
    Conned. Stubborn. Myopic. Dumb. Sad. Bizarre. Crazy. Infatuated. Self-sabotaging.

    I don’t get it. Here’s my best guess – The deadenders are trying to fill up their needs for significance. We know Nicki has a big need for being seen and being in the spotlight. ESP/NXIVM pitched prospective students on “The Mission” and on “saving the world”. This pitch resonated with people who wanted more significance in their life. Now, dancing, being on FR, having people (like me) click their tongues at them, being on HBO – fills up this same need.

    • If Nicki is looking for public appearances and public recognition, why didn’t she stay an actress? As an actress, she would have had a much better chance than she ever had in NXIVM, where she actually disappeared into obscurity for the public.

    • Nutjob wrote:

      “In a way, Kristin Keeffe was lucky she got to regularly witness Keith’s mind at work. I can cut Danielle a break for pretty much everything she’s been through. I can’t cut her a break for refusing to take her blinders off and look at the entire picture of poor glorious victim Vanguard.”

      So it is a question of loyalty for you?

      She’s loyal to the wrong people?


      • She’s loyal to the wrong PERSON. A person who has no loyalty and deserves no loyalty. A person who has statutorily raped numerous girls and has taught that this is acceptable. A person who came up with the DOS idea and ended up in prison for it.

        A person who tricked Danielle into losing her profession. I could go on and on, but nobody cares. EVERYONE (including me and including you) have made up their minds about Raniere. Sorry, but this dude’s history is well documented.

        If you hitch your wagon to a horse with no legs, IT’S OKAY TO UNHITCH. I only can forgive stupid for so long. At some point, own your own decisions.

        • Nutjob wrote:

          “If you hitch your wagon to a horse with no legs, IT’S OKAY TO UNHITCH. I only can forgive stupid for so long. At some point, own your own decisions.


          So when do you embrace tolerance for those who will never believe as you do?

          Like the US Indian Wars. Those native mfers are simply not tame-able. My god, we tried everything. But they just won’t accept mainstream society as their personal savior.

          What do you do, then?

          When do you live and let live?


          • I don’t know. Let’s use a favorite from Vanguard, and you tell me the answer. How do we treat people who still love Hitler? I’d guess live and let live? Should we sit quietly as we’re told by them of Hitler’s greatness and how he was misunderstood?

            Should Catherine have intervened with India or let her live in prison?

            Should someone have told Danielle the branding wasn’t the best idea? I bet Danielle wishes someone poked their head into her business as she was live & let living down that road she chose . BTW she’s still on that road. I agree that it’s her life to live. I also think she can eventually open her eyes.

  • I agree with you, Frank. Sarah was happily running her center in Vancouver thinking she was helping people find happiness. When she realized the whole thing was bad news, she ran like Forest Gump. She was determined to get people out and subsequently helped folks figure out their exit.

    Danielle has stood behind a convicted pedophile and sex trafficker, despite the overwhelming evidence against him. She supports evil and is getting blowback from that directly.

  • I’ve read the articles and comments on this site for years, but never felt motivated to post a comment. Until now. Your response to Kevin was perfect. If someone cannot see the logic and truth in your explanation, that person is lost. So sad.

  • Kevin-

    All documentaries are narratives.

    The only truth are the simple facts such as the date of a events.

    The perspective and narration of the narrative is designed to entertain.

    It’s nothing new. Ever since
    Michael Moore’s “Roger and Me” the BS documentaries have existed.

    Haven’t you noticed all the documentaries ShadowState enjoys are delusional fascist propaganda.

    • Propaganda is made for those who cannot recognize propaganda. For those who lack the real background and information to form their own realistic picture of the events and then form a reasonable judgment. By the way, we live in the age of the greatest propaganda in the West that has ever existed.

  • Friend: You know the man we all
    believe is an ethical genius?

    Daniellie: You mean Vanguard?

    Friend: Yes. Keith. He started to.
    sexually assault me at 15.
    years old. He starved me.
    Isolated me from my
    Family. Got me pregnant
    While also having sex with
    My 2 older sisters. I had an.
    abortion. Got HPV. Was
    Told to find Keith fuck toy
    Slaves and a virgin.

    Pulls out a mountain of evidence

    Friend: Here are texts. Emails.
    Medical records. Sexually
    Explicit photos Keith took
    of me at 15 years old. I.
    tried to kill myself.

    Sister: it’s all true. I testified.
    In court under oath.
    And corroborate
    everything my sister
    Has said as true.

    Pulls out a mountain of evidence

    Sister: Here is more proof of my
    sister’s abuse. Here are my
    Journals from when I was.
    kept isolated in a room for
    almost two years. I wanted.
    to kill myself. Then I was.
    dumped at the border with
    no legal papers or money.

    Danielle: Keith is so dreamy. I’ve.
    kissed Keith but am
    open to much more if
    Keith will have me (sigh)
    I know we said we were a
    sorority to empower.
    women but you two can
    Fuck off.

    Danielle brushes away evidence

    Danielle: You’re lying. You are both
    Lying. Sarah’s lying.
    India’s lying. Susan . .
    Dones Is lying. Kristin.
    Keefe is lying. All
    women are lying about.
    Keith. Siince the 1980’s.
    All the under age girls too
    Gina is lying. Rhiannon is
    lying. Gina H. Is lying.
    The FBI is lying. Only
    Keith has told the truth.

  • Who cares? Roberts could’ve exhibited remorse for her actions and she would likely have her license enabling her to legally practice medicine today.

    Instead she thinks her ridiculous and useless vow to a conman holds more value than the life and career she built before she ever came into contact with him.

    There is a word for people like her: idiot.

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