The Vow Season #2 Begins October 17; ‘Victim’ Nancy Salzman Finally Realizes Raniere Was Evil

The Vow, Season #2, will air for six episodes starting October 17 on HBO. New episodes will air on five subsequent Mondays.

There is a trailer on YouTube. 

HBO writes:

The story continues. Set against the backdrop of the federal trial of The United States against Keith Raniere, #TheVowHBO Part Two offers an exclusive view into Raniere’s innermost circle, including NXIVM co-founder Nancy Salzman. It follows the legal and emotional journeys of the group’s founders, supporters and defectors as new evidence and stunning revelations come to light, while federal prosecutors and defense attorneys battle with opposing views of justice in a case caught in the national spotlight.

Here is the transcript of the trailer. It gives a pretty good idea of what to expect.


SPEAKER: DOS is a monolithic and ruthless group masquerading as a group designed to liberate women.

Lauren Salman, Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman and Pamela Cafritz
Sarah Edmondson [with tears in her eyes]: I was just thinking, like, where are we? How did we get here?

Mark Vicente: So I heard Keith hasn’t been seen for weeks. I’m pretty sure he’s on the run.

Nancy Salzman: Imagine you spent 22 years trying to build something, but everybody thinks it’s the devil’s work.

Woman: That’s just next level.

Moira Penza: His intent was never about doing anything good for any woman.

Keith Raniere in his cell at MDC

The most noteworthy part of the trailer is that Nancy Salzman consented to appear in the Vow.
When HBO filmed her, she was waiting for sentencing and/or reporting to prison.She no doubt said Raniere was a villain and did not know or understand how evil he was until she heard the evidence.

It is unknown if the Vow uses her as an example of what Raniere said, “You know the best way to train a con artist? Let the games they play work.”

Salzman, 68, was successful for 20 years as the president of NXIVM. Many describe her as abusive and selfish. Others describe her as caring and a good teacher. Despite her denouncing Raniere before the judge, she did not escape prison.

Federal Prison Inmate Lookup lists the following:

Register Number: 25533-052
Age: 68
Race: White
Sex: Female
Release Date: 02/12/2025
Located At: FCI Hazelton
It was a serious miscalculation on Raniere’s part. He put everything in others’ names. He owned nothing. He seems to have thought that if the government came down on his activities, others might take the fall. 
It did not work out that way. He is the only one who got a lifetime sentence.  Everyone else will see freedom.
Kathy Russell and Lauren Salzman got probation.  Allison Mack got three years. Nancy got 42 months. Clare Bronfman got 81 months.
The latest anyone other than Raniere will see freedom is 2026.

Federal Lookup

Register Number: 91010-053
Age: 43
Race: White
Sex: Female
Release Date: 06/29/2026
Located At: FCI Danbury

According to HBO, the new season of The Vow is “set against the backdrop of the federal trial of The United States against Keith Raniere… It follows the legal and emotional journeys of the group’s founders, supporters and defectors as new evidence and stunning revelations come to light, while federal prosecutors and defense attorneys battle with opposing views of justice in a case caught in the national spotlight”.

How will Nancy Salzman justify two decades of being the leader of NXIVM? How will she express her view it was all Raniere’s fault.
Much of NXIVM was about shifting blame. While Raniere tried to shift away from himself, so did everyone else. They blamed it all on him.
It worked well for Lauren and Allison. Less well for Nancy.
Some got out of prosecution by shifting blame in time.
The Vow will also show supporters of Raniere, such as Clyne.
They got their consent to film.  How HBO portrays them in the series will be something to observe.

Evidently prosecutor Moira Kim Penza interviewed for Vow #2,. She interviewed after she left the DOJ and went into private practice, shortly after winning a conviction in the Raniere case.  Her view of Raniere is similar to most readers of the Frank Report.

Perhaps she will give viewers insight into what plea deal, if any, the Feds offered Raniere.

One source close to Raniere said the feds offered him life in a low-security prison. There he would be safe and comfortable, compared to max security. This required him to plead guilty to the main charges and accept responsibility.

Raniere refused, according to the source.

He got life – actually 120 years — and in a max security prison. Yet he has hopes. His appeal is pending. He has his tampering motion. The odds are against him, but he is trying to shift the blame to the FBI. And win a new trial or outright release.

This is the hope that keeps him going and keeps his followers hopeful.

HBO’s The Vow does not delve into these matters. They more or less draw a curtain on the Vanguard of NXIVM with his sentencing and incarceration. And offer less than a glimmer – at most a quixotic hope – illustrated with a dash of dancing outside his prison – by his moonstruck followers.

They are certain to be unhappy with the production and The Vow’s portrayal of Raniere and themselves.



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  • Will enjoy seeing what Frank Parlato has to say in this documentary.
    Frank is a unicorn. He truly encourages others to come out and speak their truth.
    What an incredible inspiration he is in a lost democracy.

  • What most people fail to see is that Smallville was really about mind control. Are we really so naive to believe it was just a coincidence that the lead, Alison Mack, was picked randomly?
    I’m very excited to see the second part of the Vow, but I believe there are many more sequels than we can possibly imagine. Just the tip of the iceberg.

  • At least The Vow doesn’t have teenage PAs looking at strangers dick pics on set. Kevin worked on Smallville and has a photographic dick pic memory. Warner Brothers needs to do an investigation on that production. This would be a good story for Variety. Or another entertainment site.

  • Nancy may have a hard time pulling off that she didn’t know Keith was evil. Because in her court filings Nancy goes into great detail as does Lauren, about Keith’s mistreatment of Nancy.

    So obviously Nancy knew the guy was a total dick. For many years. And abusive. And controlling. And a pervert. Nancy enabled Keith by facilitating the lie that he was celibate and a renunciate. Keeping his secrets about ongoing sexual relationships with multiple women.

    Allowing a young child to be isolated from her family and kept alone in a dwelling for the purpose of Keith to sexually exploit her. Nancy knew about all the starvation and women developing eating disorders. Nancy knew about Camilla’s attempted suicide. Nancy knew plenty for many years. That isn’t just an opinion it is documented and backed up by Nancy’s own accounting in her sentencing memorandums and other legal documents.

    Nancy daily was conducting weigh-ins on Ivy. Lauren wrote Keith overworked and was highly critical and controlling of her mother. They knew. Be honest. At least try. This is exactly why some people from the high control group seem more easily forgiven, and we accepted into law-abiding society. When you hide boxes of undeclared cash in your house and enjoy the spoils of not paying taxes, you cannot turn around and act like you had no idea what was going on. Nobody’s going to buy that s*** Nancy!

  • Disappointing.
    Season two continues the DOS story, leaving an examination of SOP, GBD, Jness, OneAsian, Necker Island, and all the stuff that makes NXIVM interesting or scandalous before DOS.

    • The HBO show won’t talk about those things because the narrator doesn’t want the public to know about them. Because it would expose the narrator’s role as a leader in the organization, and not as a victim.

      • The narrator LOL. Guess starting your job at Warner Brothers at 5 years old didn’t teach you that producers shape the narrative on a documentary. Now go get us coffee!

        • My guess is that times have changed since Kevin was a 5 year old working at Warner Brothers. Today you have to be LGBT+ transgender or diverse or something like that to still get a job at a production company. But I don’t know if they hire 5-year-olds anymore.

          • Haha. Well according to Kevin Warner Bros hired teenagers and then made them look at strangers’ dick pics.

            This definitely needs to be reported to the unions and people from the Smallville production team need to be questioned about such a criminal and disgusting practice.

            What an unprofessional and disturbing set that must have been to work on. Unless you really like looking at dick pics at your job

            How many other PA’s were made to view graphic genital photos at work?

  • Sensual Alanzo loves eating pussy……

    …..It’s a miracle, there’s a pussycat left in his neighborhood.

  • On their mother’s side of the Bronfman sisters’ family, their relatives were pubkeepers.
    Now that industry is facing extinction because of the Environmentalists’ hatred of oil and natural gas.
    The end of the pub.

    • I hope she details the behind-the-scenes story of why she abruptly resigned from the US Attorney’s office. And why the DOJ did not mention her when they were awarding awards to the other members of her “team”.

      Moira and her “team” set precedents with RICO that will allow the DOJ to use those statutes on all citizens, even you, without a prior criminal record.

      Do you think they just used Moira like a crusty athletic sock, and threw her to the side?

      I do.

      I hope her speech is made available for the public.

      I’ll make another transcript of it.


      PS: I apologize. I should show more respect.

      But I don’t have any.

      • “PS: I apologize. I should have more self-respect. But I don’t have any.”

        No shit you don’t have any
        self respect. You collect disability checks. Yah tool!

      • Only a simp for DOS like Alanzo thinks it’s a demotion to go from Assistant US Attorney to full partner at a nationally-respected law firm that is representing Altria, Pfizer and the NFL on major litigation

        • Very true Anon. And the skeezy one pretends like there’s some mysterious conspiracy story as opposed to just a normal professional who’s moving up in life in a very public and transparent way. There’s no secret backstory fool.but maybe if someone is completely unfamiliar with something like a career trajectory it would be baffling to them

      • Fabulous Alonzo found a
        mannequin at the dump…….

        …….Alonzo finally has a ‘boyfriend’ to hump. Mmmh!

        • Where were you the night the mannequin was taken? Home, you say. If that’s your story, it’s all right with me. Now, you run along to your love dolls.

      • Alonzo’s favorite part, about stealing his mom’s welfare checks, is dressing up as the “cunt”, when he goes to the bank to cash them.

        • Start now. Go out the back entrance. There’s usually a cab parked by the alleyway. Be sure you’re not followed. You better change cabs a few times to be safe.

          • Frank I’m having a tough time finding the cabbie.
            Are you working the backdoor? I’m trying to find the rear backside of your building. It’s so dark and such a tight squeeze getting into the alley. Maybe you should turn the lights on.
            I need to see “what I’m doing.”
            Please do it now.

  • It took 22 years for Nancy Salzman to figure out that NXIVM was a scam and Raniere was a con artist.
    Why did she realize that so quickly?

    • Danielle has told her story, part of it at least, on her blog and in a series of videos. I encourage you to check it out, there’s a lot of information, a different perspective, and a clear impression that this is a nice person who has been disproportionately punished, more due to her associations than for what she did.

      There’s no impression whatsoever that she was, or is, a threat to any patient, and seems to genuinely care about why people get sick, and what can be done to get them healthy, instead of just giving them a pill or an injection.

      And if someone wants to make a counterpoint that she had been mentored by Raniere in creating her medical company, and that somehow makes her dangerous, what a can of worms that opens up. Which is actually her main point, that we’ve now set a precedent where a professional can lose a license to work based on an association with a person or group, and not based on a crime committed or professional violation.

      The thing I’m rooting for the most, after Allison recovering and finding health, happiness and peace, is for Danielle to also find those things, to get her license back, and to live a fulfilling life.

      • You seem to have forgot the time where 200+ people were sick at Vweek and Drs. Porter and Roberts did not do their medical duty and report this to the CDC in order to protect the reputation of keith and NXIVM.

      • What If Daniel is leading a fulfilling life? You seem to be saying she isn’t. Who are you to judge Danielle’s life as fulfilling or not?

        Maybe she would get her license back and do exactly what she’s doing now because that’s what she wants to do. Have you ever thought about minding your own business?

        If I were Danielle I would be totally freaked out by you. You claim you don’t know Danielle yet they’re acting as some kind of weird personal representative for her, it’s so disturbing. Danielle believes strongly that women do not need anyone to speak for them or stand up on their behalf particularly not men.

        And definitely not men that they do not know at all. Are you aware what Danielle was doing when she was in Nexium? Are you aware if she was actually practicing medicine regularly? At the time Danielle thought it was fulfilling to be a slave in Albany. So maybe you don’t know Danielle as well as you think that you do from stalking her.

        Big surprise.

        Maybe the thing Danielle is rooting for the most after pornographer of children Keith getting out of prison is that you would stop speaking on her behalf and let her be the independent, non pampered and protected by men stand on her own two feet woman that she is so strongly believes in

  • Frank
    2 questions.
    1. Do you appear in this season?
    2. Does anyone who appears on the documentary get paid? And do you know how much?

    • I believe I appear in the Vow 2. I did not get paid for appearing in it. I do not know if anyone got paid for appearing in it.

  • If you dance on a public street you have no expectation of privacy. The very reason the dead-enders thenselves stated for dancing “eroticly” in front of the Detention Center was to bring attention. It would be difficult for the dead-enders to complain about being recorded or filmed now. They posted themselves gyrating all over their bogus social justice media accounts

    Kevin will now have to say all of the same nasty things about his dear Danielle and Squeaky Clyne and the rest of the Manson girls. Because now they are willingly appearing in HBO’s The Vow. So let’s hear it Kevin (who started working at Warner Brothers when he was 14 or 16 or even younger and still in High School) Let’s hear all the terrible things about how despicable all of the dead-Enders are for appearing in the documentary series.

    And how IS Kay Rose? Any word on if “Make Justice Blind” is still diligently following her on her journey in the legal system?

    Ha ha ha. Dance puppets! Dance!

    • The women are being exploited by HBO for HBO’s gain, and for the gain of the series narrator who controls the information that’s shared.

      You don’t think the network is going to selectively edit the interviews and selectively control which information is shared and which stays hidden?

      Will HBO highlight Danielle’s spotless reputation as a Doctor, or how she volunteered her services to help those in need? That she was never charged with any wrongdoing? That the medical board had an initial hearing and ruled in her favor?

      Or do you think they’ll leave that out and show the brand for the 1,000th time? You know, the one the narrator consented to and thanked her “master” for, the same “master” who the narrator has forgiven, despite being accused of locking an underage girl in a room for two years b/c the girl found someone other than KR attractive?

      Good on you for pointing out my earlier mistake in when I first watched “American History X” in high school. I remember watching it and thought I was a freshman, but I might have been older. But I was definitely a minor, so if Mr. Glazer follows this blog, I am damaged beyond repair and need compensation!

      Why don’t you pay attention to detail the same way when it comes to people involved in this case who are lying and exaggerating?

      • Kevin,

        I didn’t catch your “mistake” I caught your lie.

        One you’ve stated repeatedly.

        And that’s not the only lie. Just don’t care enough to point them all out. Once you proved yourself a liar, just pretty much dismissed you.

        Only skimmed your (always) too lengthy comment.

        Dance, Nickii, dance! Prance Suneel, prance! Wave that glow stick, Eduardo! Pop that coochie Danielle!

        Got to go! Starting Middle school today. And a new job on an oil rig!

        We will be watching the unreleased new Star Wars movie in class later.

        And the not yet made next installment of the Disney Pirates franchise. So I’m pretty excited!

          • Then you guessed wrong. Interesting that you care more about who repeated what then the fact that Kevin is a liar. But again you’re wrong regardless.

  • “Much of NXIVM was about shifting blame…”

    You don’t say! So, for example, how the owners, operators, managers, directors, recruiters and profiteers of the two most prominent centers in North America, who recruited more people into the organization than everyone on earth put together, have convinced the public and readers of this blog that they are heroes, whistleblowers, and victims?

    While at the same time convincing the public that a Doctor who treated and cared for the sick and suffering, in some cases for no money, out of kindness and a sense of genuine compassion, is the villain of the story?

    No thanks. I’ll pass. Unbelievably cruel to the women who are deserving of kindness and understanding.

    On a related unrelated note, I saw the trailer for the new live action Pinocchio yesterday. Is Sarah more like the Fox who tricks the children into going to pleasure island, or the coachman who outright sells them into slavery?

    • Remember when you said that Sarah’s children should be worried about while in her care?

      Frank has at least twice now said that he knows Sarah and that she puts her children before anything and everything else and is a wonderful mother.

      What kind of person says such an egregious statement about a human being that they’ve never met?

      What kind of person doesn’t care about the very young children involved and and makes up lies about a total stranger? Stating them as if they are absolute fact and based on any kind of empirical knowledge of the situation. Why even mention Sarah’s children?

      Squeaky Clyne and the rest of the Nxivm Manson girls are media savvy. The dead Enders help press conferences and got themselves on the news squeaky was on Dateline NBC.

      Squeaky Clyne was in the entertainment business. If they agreed to be interviewed they are not victims they are willing participants.

      Kevin is such a hypocrite for attacking others who appeared in season 1 of The Vow andvtelling lies about them profiting directly through their appearances.

      But now Kevin’s supporting and defending the Dead-Enders for appearing in the same series the second season.

      Kevin what makes you feel so qualified to defend them? If you don’t know them and you’re not in communication with them how do you know so intimately that they regret or feel misrepresented by their participation? It’s creepy how closely you identify and speculate on their internal worlds

      The most common grievance the Dead-Enders have come on Frank report to air and also have put out in tweets and YouTube is that no one wants to hear their side of the story and they can’t get people interested in talking to them about their experiences.

      Maybe the DOS Dead-Enders welcome the chance to be included and ran towards the cameras and eagerly were interviewed.

      You don’t know. Or do you?

      Either way the DOS loyalists gave their consent. You do hear that word right? Consent. CONSENT. Consent.

      Another one of the biggest talismans of a Dead Ender. CONSENT.

      Kevin, you’ve also posted about how the women who were branded were adults and they gave their consent.

      These women who are Dead-Enders also are adults and also gave their consent either implicitly to the producrers or by behaving the way they did IN PUBLIC. Or both. Likely, both.

      So it’s a two-way street. If you want everyone to view all of the adult women who were slaves as consenting adults… Then the Dead- Ender slavewomen are also consenting adults.

      And they don’t need Kevincoming to their rescue.

      Kevin you really are quite hypocritical.

    • Id say both , she did both, if you analyze her recruiting, she’s the fox however if you analyze the destruction of careers and reputation, she’s the coachman!

  • Nancy and her family are experts at redirection. They shift blame onto others and wont take responsibility for their own actions. Classic.

    Just admit you were a bad person Nancy and don’t blame and play victim to Keith. You hid all your illegally made money. You’re a manipulator. NLP’ing the world are you?

    • “Khem Veasna, the founder of the League for Democracy Party, claims a ‘black hole’ has formed in his spine which is sending him messages about an impending flood that will destroy everything apart from his farmland in Siem Reap.”

      The best prophets always wear Adidas.

  • Don’t forget Michelle Myers Salzman. She got away with no charges. She’s the genius of all of them!!! And she still does nxivm activities with Kim Constable!!! Genius!

  • All Nancy cares about is the money she hid with her brother in law and the fact she can’t be a cult leader anymore. She’s still the same narcissistic money hungry manipulator. She only feels bad to get out of trouble. It’s not sincere. She’s a monster. She’s protecting herself for when she gets out and has civil cases to worry about. And someone should class action her. Lawsuits waiting to be filed!!!

  • Sleazeman is as much a “victim” as the player who says, “But baby, she just tripped and her vagina slipped onto my dick.”

    • Anonymous-

      LMFAO! Crass!

      Never heard that one before.

      You must be:

      Ice Nine
      Joe O’Hara

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