Spanish Press: Saddest Birthday – Allison Mack Turns 40 in Prison; Amid Three-Year Sentence

Infobae is a news website created in 2002.  The organization has 450 staff journalists and over 1000 stringers. Their headquarters is in Buenos Aires. The company has news bureaus and local editions in New York City, Mexico City, Miami, Bogotá, São Paulo, and Madrid.

They were good enough to entertain readers with a birthday notice of Allison Mack. She turned 40 on July 29. The story is in Spanish: 

Allison Mack cumple 40 años en una celda: de estrella de TV con Smallville a condenada por liderar una secta

Here is an English translation. Mack turned 40 on July 29.

There are a few clarifications, which I will make in [brackets and bold.]

By Matías Bauso

July 29, 2022

Today, at the prison in the Californian city of Dublin, a few miles from San Francisco, one of the inmates may be allowed more visitors than usual. She wears the number 90838-053 – her ID number within the prison system – hanging on the left side of her orange prison jumpsuit.

It is a special date for her. It is her 40th birthday. It must be the saddest celebration of her life.

Allison Mack, the actress who for ten seasons played Chloe Sullivan, the best friend of young Clark Kent in the series Smallville, reached 40 while serving a three-year prison sentence she received in the middle of last year for being a member of the NXIVM sect led by Keith Raniere.

Allison Mack and Keith Raniere on the day they met in 2006.

The fall was abrupt. From TV star to inmate.

However, when she heard the sentence that sent her behind bars for three years and forced her to pay a $20,000 fine, she was relieved. The prosecution asked for 14 years.

[Actually, the sentencing guidelines were 14-17.5 years. The prosecution asked the judge to sentence her below the guidelines.]

Allison Mack was born in Germany in 1982. Her father, an opera singer, was performing in that country. Two years later, her parents moved to the United States. She performed from a very young age. She got her first role at age 7.
Allison Mack’s father, Jonathan Mack.

Then with ups and downs, she participated in many commercials, plays, series and movies. Her big break came in 2001 with her role as Chloe in Smallville, the series about Superman’s youth.

The character had a parallel miniseries on the web, Smallville: Chloe Chronicles. In 2008, she directed an episode.
A year after finishing the series about Superman, she appeared sporadically in the comedy Wilfred.

After setbacks and a stagnation in her career, she joined NXIVM, brought there by a fellow cast member.

[Mack joined NXIVM at the height of her career in 2006, when she was starring in Smallville.]

After taking initial self-improvement courses, her beauty and fame caught the attention of Keith Raniere, the organization’s leader.

At the end of one of the courses, someone approached her and invited her to meet Raniere. She was told she would be the special guest, and a private plane would be made available to her. The meeting between the leader and the actress took place a few hours later.

From that moment on, NXIVM became the center of Allison’s life. Her acting career was put on hold. She was in a relationship with actor Sam Witwer, but the engagement fell apart.

Raniere’s first name is Keith, but he preferred to be called Vanguard.

Spoiler: He is also in prison, but his sentence as the ultimate perpetrator, as an abuser, and for a charge of rape of a 15 year old girl was longer. He will not be released even if a miracle of longevity occurred. The judge sentenced him to 120 years in prison.
Keith Raniere kisses Allison Mack

Raniere was the founder and leader of NXIVM, a society that was simultaneously a company that provided self-improvement courses, a sect, a criminal group, and a vehicle for the abuse of women.

The courses and seminars were presented as ideal for the personal and professional development of its participants. Each of them cost thousands of dollars and were organized in a way that one was concatenated with another. Thus, the training of a student/client took a lot of time and money.

Raniere was convinced he was “the man with the highest IQ in the world.” He said so whenever he could (which cast doubt on the postulate). His power of conviction, with his serene and enveloping speech, caused his followers to multiply in a few years.
Raniere’s followers at Vanguard Week
The organization had several subgroups. One of them was composed only of women. It was an exclusive group, with restricted membership. Its members believed that membership was an enormous and exclusive privilege. Allison Mack led this select and secret subgroup. It was called DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium). It was presented as a place of female empowerment.
DOS First-Line Slaves with their master in the middle.

[Allison was one of eight founding sisters – a DOS leader. All the founding sisters of the sororium were obsequious to the Dominus, Raniere.]

That definition was nothing more than a euphemism.

The harangue with which young women were summoned was more or less always the same:

“We are women coming together and committing full time, one to another, to make ourselves more powerful, to push us to face our worst fears and expose our greatest vulnerabilities, to know that we stand side by side no matter what, and to keep our word in coping with pain,” Allison Mack would say with conviction.

Admission required several steps. The first was an oath of allegiance and submission. Then there were assurances [collateral] to be given.

The women were forced to reveal family secrets, many unspeakable, in front of a camera: their words were recorded. This emotional nudity was not enough. Allison Mack, the recruiter, demanded a second guarantee. The nudity had to be physical. The applicant had to send her unclothed photos, which were kept under threat of being made public in case of defection.

The dynamic of the relationship was one of submission. The novice had to submit to Raniere, Allison or whoever they wanted. Masters and slaves. Until she managed to climb a step in the organization chart, and have her own slaves.
DOS organizational chart

The initiation rite was atrocious. Three or four women in a room. [Sometimes more.] Their mistress blindfolds them and orders them undressed. They obey without hesitation. Their will is bent. As they take off their clothes, although they see nothing, they know that others are doing the same. Then they are pushed into a van.

They travel naked, with only the blindfold over their eyes. They drive a few kilometers. They know not where they’re going.

[I understand some women were blindfolded and driven somewhere, but they disrobed after they arrived.]

At the destination, someone helps them get out. They enter a house. Perhaps, one of the women peeks under the cloth and sees it is a luxurious dwelling.

[I believe some women were branded at Mack’s rented townhouse at 127 Grenadier.]
127 Grenadier
They lay the first one down on a stretcher. Suddenly, the rest hear piercing screams and the smell of burning flesh. As if they were cattle, they are branded. In the groin.
Marie White’s ‘The Branding of a Slave.’

The screams and tears do not stop the operation. The one who stoically endures the torture is congratulated and made an example of. In the air lingers the sickly-sweet stench of charred skin.

On her groin remains, marked with fire, a strange symbol.
Once the moment is over, at home, with the help of a mirror, the victims can decipher it.
There are those who believe the brand contains the initials of both Keith Raniere and Allison Mack.

If viewed vertically, the hieroglyphic becomes an A and an M, the initials of Allison Mack.

From the side, with a landscape view, what emerges does not cause, at this point, any surprise.

In that brand carved with hot iron (or with an electric scalpel), cauterized on the skin, appear a K and an R, the initials of the first and last names of the leader, Keith Raniere, who will later have sexual access to the initiated women marked with his initials.

Being a member of DOS meant becoming a slave.

One became part of a pyramid structure in which the women who occupied the higher positions were the mistresses of those lower in the hierarchy. The slaves had to be available 24 hours a day in case they were called by Allison Mack or Raniere. They were obliged to be on a permanent diet and had to submit to the sexual initiatives of the leaders.

Whoever violated confidentiality committed what Mack or Raniere considered a breach. Whoever did not obey blindly risked that the photos and confessions given at the beginning, the sensitive and intimate material, would be disseminated. A clearly extortive procedure.

A cult with sex slaves, brainwashing, and even branding as if they were cattle.

Allison convinced her slaves that having sex with Raniere had “healing” powers. He liked very skinny women, so they were subjected to diets of less than 800 calories a day.

The other major obligation the slaves had was to recruit other women. If they did not, Mack would exert unbearable pressure on them, always threatening the photos, films, and sensitive data he hoarded on each of them.

The incentive was access to the leader, the doors Mack could open (increasingly closed since his involvement in the cult), and they could have their own slaves.
Keith Raniere

Allison Mack, a magnet. The applicants were young, skinny and beautiful. They all seemed to follow the same physical pattern, Raniere’s taste. Many testimonies agree Mack was the main recruiter and head of DOS.

One of her most notorious recruitment attempts came via Twitter in February 2016.
Emma Watson was invited into DOS, but declined the generous offer.

She ripped into Emma Watson in a tweet inviting her to the group.

Mack Tweeted, “I’m involved in a unique humanitarian movement for women’s development. I would love to tell you about it. As a colleague of yours, I know we share a view of the world. I think we could work together. Let me know if you are willing to talk.”

Mack received no response from the Harry Potter actress.

Allison Mack was the boss (mistress) of a small army of nearly 20 women at her and Raniere’s beck and call, who could not engage in romantic or sexual relations with other partners.

Nor could they demand to see Vanguard more frequently. They were only available (and extremely thin) for individual or group sex sessions.

The daily dynamics of the slaves required them to ask their mistress for permission to eat (in the trial, one of the victims narrated how she blamed herself for Raniere’s erection problems for weeks because she was two pounds heavier than permitted) and even to sleep, to report their movements and every food they ingested.

Even if there was no planned activity, they had to make themselves available to their mistress and Vanguard. Every now and then, all of them, mistresses and slaves, took a “Family Photo”. Naked, hugging, and with broad smiles, they would send a picture to Raniere.

Allison Mack would send a message to one of her slaves at any time of day. The text was only a question mark. The reply was to come in less than a minute. “Here I am. Ready, Mistress.”

Whoever was late would suffer physical punishment. Beatings with leather whips, icy showers or some other martyrdom.

The court sentence was delayed because of the pandemic. In the meantime, the actress had to serve house arrest (at her parents’ house, without access to cell phones or internet connection) and bail of 5 million dollars.

In those days, she tried to take courses at the University of Berkeley, but was repudiated by other students. She also divorced Nicki Clyne, a Canadian actress from the Battlestar Galactica series, who was a member of the cult and forced to marry her so that Clyne could obtain U.S. citizenship.

It was not until the investigations into NXIVM’s crimes came to light that the marriage became public knowledge.
Allison Mack just days before she reported to prison.

Raniere was first sentenced to 120 years. The prosecutor asked for 14 years for Mack. But her sentence was reduced because she decided to cooperate with the investigation.

She told the prosecutors how the organization was organized, the modus operandi of the subjugations, and fingered Raniere and others responsible for NXIVM.

In this way, she managed to get the initial charges of sex trafficking, abuse, and organizing slave labor dropped, and was only charged with racketeering, something similar to being part of an illicit association, being part of a criminal organization, and extortion. Her admission of guilt was reduced to those two crimes.

Before the judge and before some of her victims, Allison Mack apologized.

Her statement was detailed and seemed sincere. She said what she did was because of “a misguided inclination to Raniere’s teachings.”

That at the time she joined the organization, she was emotionally unstable, trying to find a direction for her artistic career, and this vulnerability allowed her to act in this way. She maintained she was only looking for Raniere to turn her back into a great actress.

She ended by saying, “I apologize to those I brought to NXIVM. I ask them to forgive me for exposing them to that nefarious and emotionally abusive scheme run by that twisted man. I ask your forgiveness for pushing you to put your money and your body into something so horrendous.”

“I feel the weight of enormous guilt for having violated your trust, for having taken a horrible path. I apologize to all those I spoke badly to and those I hurt. I believed I was helping at the time. I believed in love and empowerment. I was confused. I never wanted to be an evil person, but I was. Raniere and the organization were the worst mistakes of my life. And my biggest regret.”

The judge in communicating her sentence told her that forgiveness was not enough: “You, young lady, did enormous damage. I believe in your remorse, I believe you are a different person now, but it is only fair that you spend time in prison paying for your serious crimes”.
Allison Mack autographed photo

Today Allison Mack is far from red carpets, magazine covers, movie sets, and Hollywood luxury. She’s still in California, relatively close to the movie Mecca, but she’s locked up in a cell. Maybe someone will bring her a cake this afternoon to blow out the candles for her 40th birthday.

If she continues with her good behavior, Allison Mack will be eligible for release from Dublin Federal Prison on December 15, 2023.

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  • People whom have traffic violations and or Duis pay more and serve more time to the community. She has ruined many lives and was a supposedly role model . Unreal how unfair this is to abused woman and children.

  • Frank-

    The Frank Report is like an extricable black hole. Its grasp on Scott, Aloonzo, Bangkok, and myself is unworldly.

    We always end up back here. We can’t escape! No matter how hard we try. It’s the Goddamn Twilight Zone!
    Everyone shitting on Heidi brought me right back. Perhaps it was all a ruse — who am I kidding — I’m a middle-aged crank and I love shitting on a-holes.

  • Hopefully she will learn from her actions, and learn gratitude. She could have been incarcerated for decades.

  • Youtube
    The Unbearable Lightness of Allison Mack’s Sentence Ft. Stanley Zareff
    Premiere on 06.07.2021

    A commentary on this from:

    Janet McMorrow
    India Oxenberg is the one that turned over the tape of Raniere telling Allison how to do the branding. Why is Allison getting credit for that? So frustrating to see her get such a light sentence.

  • Youtube
    The Unbearable Lightness of Allison Mack’s Sentence Ft. Stanley Zareff
    Roberta Glass True Crime Report

    Allison Mack went into the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse Wednesday facing a possible 40 year prison sentence and walked out with a three year sentence.
    Stanley Zareff has been in the courtroom from the beginning of the NXIVM story. Zareff joins Roberta to discuss the most shocking moments of the hearing, Allison Mack’s irreverent behavior in court and why he thinks the punishment doesn’t fit the crime in this case.

    • You get your news from a VIDEO GAME website……You dumb f*ck! Go bury your head in Shadows [redacted] hole.

  • Pumphrey Law Firm

    Pumphrey Law Blog Allison Mack’s Lenient Sentence for Her Role in Nxivm Cult – How Coercion is an Important Factor to Be Considered When Punishing “Bottoms” of Trafficking Rings

    Allison Mack’s Lenient Sentence for Her Role in Nxivm Cult – How Coercion is an Important Factor to Be Considered When Punishing “Bottoms” of Trafficking Rings

    Nxivm is a company created by Keith Raniere that offered self-improvement workshops that promised “a path to happiness [by] seducing wealthy people who felt they lacked a higher purpose in life.”[1] Raniere was hailed as “an elusive, god-like savant within the company” who could cure anxieties and conditions.[2] In reality, this self-help program was a fraud scheme and sex cult centered around abusing his “subjects” mentally and physically, ultimately breaking them down psychologically and forcing many women into sex slavery.[3] The cult practices even included branding some women with his initials in a secret ceremony. In 2019, Raniere was convicted by a federal jury of racketeering, racketeering conspiracy, sex trafficking, attempted sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy, forced labor conspiracy and wire fraud conspiracy.[4] He was sentenced to 120 years in prison and fined $1,750,000.[5] However, Raniere didn’t work alone, as women who followed him would help recruit and groom other women for him to sexually abuse. Allison Mack, a Hollywood actress, was one of these women. Last month she was sentenced to 36 months for racketeering and 36 months for racketeering conspiracy, which will be served concurrently and then followed with 3 years of probation.[6] The Court also imposed a fine of $20,000.[7] Under advisory sentencing guidelines, “Mack would have faced between 14 and 17 ½ years behind bars, [however], her defense team argued that probation or a sentence [of] home confinement [was] more appropriate, and prosecutors agreed that any prison term should be below the guidelines range because of her cooperation” with authorities.[8] By providing information and recordings to prosecutors, Mack was given a lenient sentence that reflected that she was also a victim who was coerced and abused by Raniere. However, this leniency under the law is very rarely seen when victims aid their perpetrator in the victimization of others.

    The Role of “Bottoms” & the “Victim-Perpetrator” Dilemma
    Human sex trafficking is an organized business that has a hierarchy system similar to that of other criminal organizations.[9] Trafficking operations with many victims often have a “bottom,” defined as a girl who was trafficked and victimized herself and has been with the trafficker so long that trust has been built between them. The role of a bottom can include “collect[ing] the money from the other girls, discipline[ing], seduc[ing] unwitting youths into trafficking, and handl[ing] the day-to-day business for the trafficker.”[10] As a result, “a troubling dichotomy between the roles of victim and perpetrator plague victims of human trafficking” who “engage in criminal conduct during the course of their trafficking that in some ways relates to their own victimization but also violates state or federal law.”[11] As a result of this “victim-perpetrator” dilemma, “distinguishing between varying degrees of coercion and the trafficker’s role in the criminal conduct of his victims presents of the most challenging problems for law enforcement to address”.[12]

    The Role of Coercion
    Elements of human trafficking include an act, a means, and an intended purpose. The most imperative element is “means,” because it has to do with consent, and most often includes threat, use of force, coercion, deceit, and abuse of power. It may be difficult to fully grasp the power that coercion plays in turning a victim into someone who aids the perpetrator, leaving the general public reluctant to show bottoms any mercy when it comes to sentencing. However, the role that power coercion and psychological manipulation play is significant. Traffickers often recruit runaways or girls looking to get away from abusive situations and offer them what appears to be a safe haven. Some traffickers “prefer to pursue what they call “throw-aways” because, unlike runaways, no one is looking for them.”[13] These girls, who are on average 12 years old, are first groomed to trust their trafficker by being provided food, shelter, and affection before the process of exploitation begins. Once trust is established, the trafficker will threaten the victim or her family in congruence with physical abuse or forced behavior to “tear down the victim’s self-worth and leave her dependent and fearful of her trafficker.”[14] As time progresses, victims begin to think they are criminals themselves and are taught to distrust law enforcement officers and are “persistently reminded of the lie that they are just as culpable as their trafficker.”[15] With elaborate rings that involve numerous victims, a hierarchy is naturally established as victims “learn to compete with one another to gain the trafficker’s approval, to demonstrate their loyalty, or to escape punishment,” a system highly beneficial to the trafficker because it “prevents dissension among the sexually exploited.”[16] The practice of stripping girls of their identity and individuality is often done by renaming them, preventing them from contacting their family, and branding them.[17] These are all mechanisms used to distort their reality and make the women feel like they belong in the life of abuse and manipulation they have grown accustomed to.[18] Sadly, drugs and alcohol are also used as incentives, as traffickers will get their victims addicted to intoxicants as a means of coercion.

    Safe Harbor Laws
    Safe harbor laws are state-specific laws that have been enacted to help shield trafficking victims from criminal prosecution for their prostitution-related offenses.[19] The two main goals of safe harbor laws include: “(1) to provide legal protection to those forced, compelled, or induced to commit a crime, and (2) to provide ready access to necessary services such as psychological and medical treatment, housing, and rehabilitation services.”[20] However, many of these laws fall short in truly protecting the victim because they limit the scope of protection to children who have been victims of sexual exploitation. In addition, the law is either difficult to assert, contains stringent eligibility requirements, or is merely reactionary­–meaning that the remedy is only offered after the victim exists in the criminal justice system as a criminal.”[21] Furthermore, many safe harbor laws only cover prostitution related offenses, but fail to recognize that coercion also plays a role in other crimes that victims may commit. Unfortunately, a trafficker’s coercion is “not limited to prostitution; it is equally strong regardless if the victim is forced to perform sexual acts or whether she is forced to steal from a customer to meet her trafficker’s daily quota, commit tax evasion, or violate immigration law.”[22] By allowing survivors to be prosecuted for offenses that make it impossible for them to get a job, a loan, public housing, or an education, they will never win the battle against the trauma that transcends into their life as a survivor.

    Florida’s Safe Harbor Act & How it Drastically Falls Short
    Florida’s Safe Harbor Act of 2012 requires that prostituted minors be “removed from delinquency or criminal court proceedings and diverted instead to social services, such as psychological counseling or long-term housing.”[23] This Act does not decriminalize prostitution for minors or make any substantive changes to its implemented prostitution statutes, but serves as a “legislative compromise [that gives] law enforcement the discretion of either arresting and detaining the prostituted minor or delivering him or her directly to a safe house.”[24] Therefore, although the Act hints that minor victims of sex trafficking should be looked at as dependents in need of social services rather than delinquents who should be adjudicated, law enforcement is not mandated to give them this leniency under the law. House Bill 545, passed in 2016, provided some protections against the shortcomings of Florida’s Safe Harbor Act, as it stated that minors cannot be charged with specified prostitution offenses. Despite this additional protection, Florida’s Safe Harbor Act must still be drastically altered to understand the coercion and complexities and underlie the experience of both minor and adult sex trafficking victims. Florida’s Safe Harbor Act must explicitly provide legal protection to all sex trafficking victims that are forced to commit any crime, not just prostitution-related offenses, as “limiting safe harbor protection to only [those] offenses adversely impacts the recovery of victims and severely discredits our understanding of the depth of a traffickers coercion.”[25]

    Society’s Reaction to Mack’s Sentencing Speaks Volumes
    Although Mack was a victim in Raniere’s elaborate scheme, it is apparent that she aided in the victimization of others which is undoubtedly morally reprehensible. Upon her sentencing, social media platforms erupted in disgust and indignation that she was given such a moderate sentence. Today, society tends to recognize sex trafficking for the problem it is, however, the lack of empathy towards Mack brings forth a detrimental issue that is mirrored in Florida’s Safe Harbor Act and other state laws alike ­– there is a dangerous lack of understanding and empathy when it comes to grasping the role coercion plays in the experience of adult sex trafficking victims. Until we extend grace to such victims who broke the law in order to survive their abuse, the laws that are explicitly meant to protect them will continue to fall short.

    This article was written by Sarah Kamide

    • “…she was also a victim who was coerced and abused by Raniere. However, this leniency under the law is very rarely seen when victims aid their perpetrator in the victimization of others.”

      Well now isn’t that interesting. Mack not only victimized other women, she did it with a good deal of enthusiasm and inventiveness. And yet she received leniency that is evidently quite rare in such cases.

      How much of a “victim” was she, really?

      “It may be difficult to fully grasp the power that coercion plays in turning a victim into someone who aids the perpetrator, leaving the general public reluctant to show bottoms any mercy when it comes to sentencing. However, the role that power coercion and psychological manipulation play is significant. Traffickers often recruit runaways or girls looking to get away from abusive situations and offer them what appears to be a safe haven… These girls, who are on average 12 years old”

      I note well that none of these mitigating factors apply to Mack. She was not 12 years old. Did she need a “safe haven” from her successful acting career? Her luxurious home? Was her BMW unsatisfactory?

      She was Raniere’s trusted lieutenant, her enthusiastic partner in crime. She recruited sex slaves for him, she blackmailed them for him, and she was in charge of branding them with his and her initials. She did this willingly and with full knowledge of what she was doing.

      She wasn’t a “bottom” in this criminal conspiracy, she was a top lieutenant. She wasn’t 12 years old or impoverished or a non- English speaker or powerless. She was a millionaire with a great career and boundless prospects. She had grown up a privileged kid in a wealthy California suburb, in a highly educated artistically talented family. She wasn’t some lost little girl from a Guatemala slum.

      Mack got an exceptional break when the DOJ dropped the sex trafficking charge and let her plead guilty to the lesser crimes of racketeering and conspiracy. Then another break when the prosecution asked for a below guidelines sentence. Combined, that was more than generous.

      Knocking off say 20% of the guidelines sentence would’ve left around 12 years to serve in prison. That would’ve been justice. A light but still reasonable sentence for the two very serious felonies of racketeering and conspiracy that she admitted to.

      The judge reduced that to a mere 3 years. A slap on the wrist.

      And according to this law firm, this kind of leniency is very rarely seen.

      So why was it shown in her case? Because she’s rich? White? Pretty? Because she cried? Because she played Chloe on Smallville? What is the objective legal reasoning behind the exceptional leniency in this case?

      • Re “What is the objective legal reasoning behind the exceptional leniency in this case?”

        I have followed the entire case and the related reporting and I am completely convinced that there are no objective legal arguments at all here for this exceptionally lenient punishment. There really are no good arguments for a lenient sentence, but there are many good arguments in my opinion that argued and still argue for a harsh sentence. The whole thing is completely incomprehensible and inexplicable to me as to how this verdict was reached and how one can justify this decision.

  • Sing along now…
    “And I turned twenty one in prison, doing life without parole, no one could steer me right, but mama tried, mama tried…”

  • RE Goddess Allison and the two stalkers Shadow and Kevin:

    I wonder why :
    Shadow or Kevin did not publicly announce Alison’s Birthday.

    I wonder if:
    Either man, to mark the special occasion, lit the sacred candles in front of their shrines and took his ceremonial bath before performing ritualistic salami slapping.

    I wonder what:
    Each man’s offering was to Goddess Mack. Perhaps Shadow taxidermy a female neighbor and draped a blond wig over her head. The rather ‘pedestrian’ Kevin most likely mailed bodily fluids to Dublin Correctional, AZ.

    I wonder how:
    Both these loons became so enamored and with Allison Mack of all people.


  • Frank Report

    Jessica Joan’s Complete Statement at Allison Mack’s Sentencing — Including the 10 Names She Called Her Former ‘Grand Master’
    July 9, 2021

    At the sentencing hearing of Allison Mack on June 30, 2021, two victims spoke. The first was by video. Her name was Tabitha Chapman.

    While no complete transcript of what she said is available to us, the second victim, Jessica Joan spoke in person and her statement was transcribed by the stenographer for the court.

    [ … ]

  • Frank Report

    The Prosecution’s Full Speech Requesting Leniency for Allison Mack
    July 11, 2021

    On June 30, 2021, Allison Mack had her sentencing hearing. Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis was presiding.

    Assistant US Attorney Tanya Hajjar was there for the prosecution. Along with her, seated at the prosecution’s table were FBI Special Agents Michael Weniger and Michael Lever and Jennifer Fisher of the United States Probation Department.

    At the defense table were Mack’s attorneys, Sean Buckley, William McGovern and Matthew Menchel and Mack, who pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy in April 2019.

    [ … ]

  • Our judicial system is purely punitive. The judge said she believed Mack was remorseful and sincere. Clearly Mack was a victim of Raniere as well- and targeted by Raniere and Bronfman’s.

    She has no history of abuse or harm to others. She cooperated and was repentant.

    As it is she lost her career and her reputation destroyed.

    Yet the judge slams her with three years of prison? To what end?

    • Because… It’s punitive.

      Prison isnt only: come get your GED, play volleyball and get counseling.

      That would be more like junior college

      Prison is punishment and a deterrent.

      You don’t get to commit crimes and hurt people badly and then just appear contrite and appologize.

      There are consequences.

      And you are kept away from hurting more people in the like a grown up time out.

      MS. Mack’s sentence is quite lenient. That reflects her cooperation. And status as also victimized by Keith and the criminal operation.

      It doesn’t absolve her of all responsibility.

      • Scott Amway,

        “That’s because YOU are the slug.”

        No shit! You dumb fuck!

        Thx for explaining!

        I was making a joke out of the joke.
        Hence, “I’m sucking – slug sucking!”

        It’s like with Amway – everyone understands it – but for some asinine reason you think ur the only one. You’re “special.”

        You must be surrounded by a bunch of retards — cuz you believe ur enlightened. LOL

          • I may or may not. It remains to be seen. What is certain is that you made a personal contribution of money and time with Amway. You are bitter and obsessed because you failed. I understand.

            Yet some think Amway helped you – even if you could not meaningfully help those you were with. That may well be beyond you.

            Yet Amway kept you engaged and spending time that you might otherwise have misused in what might be described as harmless errata. There are those who say you were happier when you were with Amway, and if Amway would have you back, you should return.

            I take no position on this. But this is what many intelligent people have remarked to me – watching your unhappiness and lonely desperation play out here.

          • What is certain is you barely know me and don’t have a clue what motivates me. You don’t understand jack. I could make the same “bitter and obsessed” claim about you and NXIVM. Is it true? Do the “many and intelligent” unnamed people include the anonymous Shadow and NiceGuy666, who also don’t know me and also don’t have a clue how Amway works? You just took a position, read your stupid comment again, FELON.

          • I know you are a man who loves to denigrate others. That means you have a small brain and smaller heart. From that, I can deduce many other things about you. Envy rules your spirit. Inferiority is the thing you feel you possess, but seek to mask by putting down others.

            But it always works in reverse. People see right through you.

            You are like a bird who loves to crap little droppings on others. Why don’t you try another approach? If you want to do some good in the world, why not try patience and kindness. Try not to put people down for a month – and instead encourage them and see if it makes you happier or more successful.

            So I will end by encouraging you — try kindness. Try diplomacy. All diplomacy really is is the agreement to suspend hate for a moment and consider people can be peaceful. Good luck to you — from The FELON Frank.

          • I was about to say, “Frank you ignorant slut,” but in your case “Frank you ignorant FELON” is more appropriate.

            With the exception of a single guest on my podcast who I already knew would be combative and make a fool out of herself, and she succeeded brilliantly, every single one of my numerous guests got along very well with me.

            Come on my podcast again and I will explain my approach in detail and you are welcome to discuss/argue/debate to your heart’s content.

            I know far too many cowards, scam artists, FELONS, and crooks who are “nice” and I don’t want to be confused with them or allow them any dignity. But it better be soon or you may not be available for a few years. LOL

          • Scott, you were courteous when I appeared on your show. I would be happy to appear on your show again.

            BTW, I was not convicted of stealing or tax evasion. My offense was not filing an IRS 8300 form in 2010. I paid the tax on the income I received.

            So the word crook does not apply, though felon does apply. They are not synonymous.

          • Frank, you haven’t confirmed for this Saturday or a future Saturday. If someone else accepts first, you will have to be scheduled for a future week.

          • I imagine there is strong interest in your show, and I will try to get a spot on it. I will say this you did do a lively and interesting show when I appeared on it.

          • Frank, we hang up immediately after the show, I’ve never done the podcast outside, much less in the rain. This entire site should be questioned for accuracy.

          • Second Post:

            To Frank and Scott,

            One last joke before I hit the road:

            One day, best friends,
            Scott and Alonzo were hanging out drinking beers and sharing laughs. Scott, ever the feisty one, asked Alonzo “how would you like to do some sexual roleplaying and fuck?” Alonzo gleefully answered, “yes!”
            Scott suggested they fuck –pretending to be a man and his bitch. Scott offered to Alonzo, “you can choose to be the man or you can be the bitch.” Alonzo blurted out “I wanna be the man!” Better to do the fucking, than getting fucked, thought Alonzo…
            Scott with a wry grin, dropped his pants and bent over, spreading his fat butt cheeks, and revealing a crusty, hairy asshole. Then Scott, uttered out, “now eat my pussy.”

        • Frank-

          I thought you had met the “giant of man 6’5 or 6’6 Scott Johnson.”

          Are you and Johnson having an actual tiff? LOL cuz I think it’s some strange act.

          • No tiff. I like Scott. He’s a Texan. They do things differently. But I think we should get the bestiality thing said about Scott out of the way right now. It wasn’t a goat. It was a sheep.

          • Nice Guy, I want to apologize for accusing Scott of bestiality. We have no evidence whatsoever of it. It was wrong of me to take a cheap shot like at his otherwise unblemished character.

            The only thing I know about Scott and animals is one I heard from Doug Devos.

            One day Scott’s wife was walking out of the Texas State Fair carrying a pig under her arm. On the way out, she ran into Amway CEO Steve Van Andel, who was coming in. Mrs. Johnson knew Steve when Scott was one of their company’s top downline purchasers of the tool kits.

            Van Andel said, “Hello Mrs. Johnson, what’s with the pig?”

            Mrs. Johnson answered, “I got it for Scott.”

            Van Andel, always the pragmatist, and unlike Scott, always ready to offer an encouraging word, said to Mrs. Johnson, “You made a good swap.”

          • Frank, the second paragraph makes no sense, “…one time his [sic] Doug Devos [sic].” Then you switched the discussion to Van Andel. Neither one of them would be caught dead walking amongst the plebes in Michigan, much less Texas. Also there is no such thing as a tool kit which, if it did exist, would be sold by the upline, not Amway. Neither Van Andel or Devos [sic] are pragmatic, they are both scam artists. Is NiceGuy666 writing your Because that comment was full of stupidity.

          • Nice Guy does not write my comments, but he did tell me this story.

            Scott and Mrs. Johnson started to have sex in a dark forest. After about 15 minutes, Scott got up and said, “Damn, I wish I had a flashlight!”

            Mrs. Johnson agreed; “Me too, you’ve been eating grass for the past ten minutes!”

            Scott thinks Nice Guy is not a fan. But Nice Guy told me he thought Scott was brilliant.

            I said, “Scott?”

            Nice Guy told me about Scott’s responses to his IQ questions. Here is one example.

            Nice Guy asked, “What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer?”

            Scott answered, “The taste.”

            Nice Guy told me the nurse at the sperm bank asked Scott if he’d like to masturbate in the cup.

            Scott said, “Well, I’m pretty good, but I don’t think I’m ready to compete just yet.”

          • What’s the difference between Frank and a real journalist? Facts. His forest story is as plausible as his earlier Amway story, as grass isn’t generally present in a forest. What actually happened is Frank was having sex with NiceGuy666’s wife in a forest while NiceGuy666 watched, as this is the only way the Misses gets any satisfaction. Frank needed a flashlight because he had been licking a slug, which provided Mrs. NiceGuy666 the same level of pleasure her husband does.

          • Scott-

            Regarding your comment:
            Scott Johnson August 12 10:38

            Fucking brilliant comeback – I’m sucking slug sucking! LOL

            Awesome takedown!!!!!!

            Too bad it was a cut & paste! Dumb ass!

            Still it wAs fuNny! You get an A- for effort. Now go feed your wife her oats and clean out her pen.

          • After I went on Scott’s podcast and we went off the air, I realized the connection was still live.

            I don’t think Scott knew the audio was still on. Neither did I at first until I heard a woman yelling, “Give it to me, Scott! Give it to me! I’m so wet, give it to me now!”

            Then I heard Scott say. “You can scream all you want, but I’m keeping the umbrella.”

        • “Mrs. Johnson, you made a good swap.”


          I’m using that joke – with a slight rewrite!

          Comedy Gold!!!!

          • Scott- you love using “[sic]” cuz it makes you feel like a smarty.

            It’s why use it now. LOL

          • Anon, try writing a complete sentence next time. And proofread it before posting or you’ll make the same mistake Frank makes on a regular basis. LOL

          • No one has a command of grammar, syntax, and vocabulary like Scott Johnson. He is also clever as a whip.

            I remember when he was still friendly with me, when he wrote to me during the holidays, “I hope you have a meretricious and happy new year, just like I do every year.”

          • —Nice humble-brag, Frank. I’m still friendly with you, by the way.

            I believe you Scott. Like I said some idiot granted me privileges the other day and I got to see behind the curtains.

            FU NutJob!

    • Allison is probably pretty nice in person and I hope life turns out better for her as she moves on from this sad, sordid tale. And though I don’t really care much, I think your comment is just stupid enough that I decided to respond. So,

      “To what end?” – Well let’s just call you “Kevin” for now.

      So Kevin, it is to deter others and for retribution and punishment, mainly. The other reasons for prison are to protect the public and to reform, which apply here but to a lesser degree most likely.

      Why would retribution and punishment be necessary? Victim Impact Statements for the Judge likely have something to do with it, so let’s review!…

      12:55 – For ten or twelve minutes, the Victim Impact Statements were read, filled with Allison Mack’s crimes, including phrases such as “She groomed me to become a sex slave for her beloved Keith Raniere”. And allegations that Mack “was always trying to probe into her psyche”. One victim spoke about being raped and being abused, and said that Mack and Raniere were the most evil monsters she ever met. Called her ‘a demon of a woman’, ‘a predator stalking her prey’, and ‘a monster cut from the same cloth as Raniere’. She also called Mack ‘an evil sociopath’, and asked the judge to give her a stiff prison sentence.

      12:50 – One witness appeared in person, and that was Jessica Joan, who was known, during the trial, as Jaye. She was very strident, very angry and she said that Allison Mack was a monster. She said that Mack was a predator, an evil human being and a danger to society….

      Let’s just look at a few of your other comments, Kev:

      “She has no history of abuse or harm to others.” – Is that a serious comment? That’s what you say for something like punching somebody in the face one day when you lose your temper. The history of abuse is that lasted for like two years. No harm to others? There were over 100 women in DOS lol. So yeah, she’s got plenty of history of it and harmed plenty of others, just not plenty of history getting caught at it.

      “As it is she lost her career…” – She gave up acting because she liked fucking keith raniere. That one is on her.

      “…and her reputation destroyed.” – Yep. That’s what happens when you run a sex slave ring that commits blackmail and rape. I would imagine most folks’ reputation would not survive that too well either.

      “Yet the judge slams her with three years of prison?…” Well the sentencing guidelines were for 14-17.5 years, so she’s probably content with the three years.

  • So crazy Nicki Clyne is in the U.S. because of a hoax of a marriage?

    Isn’t it time she be deported? Why are we rewarding her with citizenship when she feigned a marriage?

  • Has there been any confirmation by anyone in nxivm that the branding was intended to be Allison Mack’s initials?

    It seems that would make her far more sinister.

  • I had no idea Raniere targeted Mack. Bronfman money no doubt paid for the private plane.

    Their money was used to legitimize Raniere’s success and made his “con” more effective.

  • Imagine wasting over a decade of your time and the youthful prime years of your life for a grifting conman twenty years your senior that you’re already more successful than.

      • LOL. There was nothing normal about this fucking clown. Everything was screaming grifting cult leader from articles in the media to the way he behaved. He played off of people’s vanity and their desire to be special (“normal” is boring), all of it just an obvious con to get women into his immature, multi-partner, sex-obsessed lifestyle that he was obviously having while living with three women. You had to have blinders on to believe that this guy was a celibate monk.

        This is seen time and time again by cult leaders throughout history especially recently. But nowadays there should be no excuse for it. Women seem to be more gullible and sometimes just outright dumb in falling for these hucksters. That’s why there’s almost a 3-to-2 ratio of women followers to men in these lame cults and their bumbling New Age “spirituality” bogus leaders.

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