Updated 13:08 | BREAKING – Allison Mack Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison – The Sentencing of Allison Mack, June 30, 2021

Allison Mack

Frank Report is covering the sentencing of Allison Mack. Keep checking this page for updates. The newest information will be posted at the top.

13:08 Allison Mack is now trending at #7 on Twitter. NXIVM is trending at #16.

13:01 – Jessica Joan, the victim who appeared in person today, reacts to the sentence

12:55 – For ten or twelve minutes, the Victim Impact Statements were read, filled with Allison Mack’s crimes, including phrases such as “She groomed me to become a sex slave for her beloved Keith Raniere”. And allegations that Mack “was always trying to probe into her psyche”. One victim spoke about being raped and being abused, and said that Mack and Raniere were the most evil monsters she ever met. Called her ‘a demon of a woman’, ‘a predator stalking her prey’, and ‘a monster cut from the same cloth as Raniere’. She also called Mack ‘an evil sociopath’, and asked the judge to give her a stiff prison sentence.

12:50 – One witness appeared in person, and that was Jessica Joan, who was known, during the trial, as Jaye. She was very strident, very angry and she said that Allison Mack was a monster. She said that Mack was a predator, an evil human being and a danger to society. She was horrified by Allison’s request for probation, so she came in person – she claimed to have spent the rest of her unemployment money – to get here in person and speak on behalf of herself and her fellow victims.

12:45 – Only two victims of Allison Mack chose to speak in the sentencing. One was in person, one by video. The first, appearing by video, was a woman who helped Mack with her website and subsequently joined NXIVM. She felt that NXIVM and Mack would help her with her life-long problem of loneliness. She described a love-hate relationship with Mack which included evidences of compassion and also of cruelty and sadism. The woman claimed (she did not identify herself) to have left NXIVM in 2014, prior to DOS’s beginning. She described Mack as being punishing and very controlling, but also very passionate.

12:37 – EDNY on Twiter:

12:33 BREAKING: Allison Mack is sentenced to 3 years in prison. Judge Garaufis made a considerable downward departure from the sentencing Guidelines and said that he recognized her efforts to rehabilitate.

12:30 – The judge, the probation department and the attorneys for the prosecution and the defense believe that the Sentencing Guidelines were accurately calculated at a level of 35, with would mean a sentencing range of 14 to 17,5 years. The Judge is not bound by those guidelines.

12:25 – Letters of support for Mack were reviewed, and there were also Victim Impact Statements, from – apparently – a total of 9 victims. Allison Mack wrote letters of apology to all 9 victims. They were unable to find one of the victims, so they delivered 8 of those.

12:21 –  The proceeding started at 11:22. In attendance Judge Garaufis, Tania Hajjar for the prosecution,  with special agents Michael Luthaker and Michael Lever for the FBI, and the defense with Allison Mack and her attorneys William F. McGovern and Sean S. Buckley. Curiously, for a time before the proceedings, the microphone was on, and I don’t think the lawyers knew it, so they engaged in a fairly lengthy conversation that was audible in the overflow room. They gossiped about some lawyers and prosecutors in their area.

The Judge began by explaining that Mack had entered a plea agreement with the government, which included her victimizing Jane Doe 5 and Jane Doe 8 – that is Nicole and Jessica Jones – both of whom testified in Raniere’s trial. This related to her racketeering charges, and her racketeering conspiracy charges, and related to forced labor, attempted sex trafficking and sex trafficking charges.

The Judge reviewed a variety of materials, the Pre-Sentencing Report, and the defense’s and prosecution’s memos in response to the PSR.

12:07 – The turnout for Allison Mack is surprisingly smaller than for Raniere. It may even be possible that there won’t even be an overflow room. But it’s a small turnout, there’s no doubt. I assumed it would be different. Allison Mack arrived, she was surrounded by a few reporters, and came through the front door like everyone else. She will be facing her future in a few minutes.

11:33 – Allison Mack arrives for sentencing. Photo by ANDREW KELLY, REUTERS

11:25 – NXIVM is also trending on Twitter.

11:23 WNYT NewsChannel 13 on Twitter:

11:13 Michelle Ross on Twitter:

11:03 Allison Mack arrives at the Courthouse, picture by AFP.

10:50 Three of the #NXIVM 5 enter federal courthouse for #AllisonMack sentencing today in Brooklyn.

10:46 Allison Mack is starting to trend on Twitter.

10:33 Another picture of the press swarming Mack entering the courthouse, by Jessica Marshall on Twitter.

10:12 Allison Mack swarmed by paparazzi as she arrived at the courthouse in Brooklyn.

10:08 Allison Mack enters the Federal Courthouse. Picture by Dan Levy on Twitter.

10:05 It’s a beautiful, sunny day in Brooklyn. (Picture by Frank Parlato)

10:00 Daily Mail (UK):

NXIVM victim India Oxenberg received a letter from Allison Mack days ago where she’d dropped the cult persona and denounced Keith Raniere – but believes she should be jailed today for being a ‘sex slave master’

“NXIVM victim India Oxenberg says she received a letter from Allison Mack just days ago where she dropped the cult persona, denounced leader Keith Raniere and admitted wrongdoing – but she believes the ‘slave master’ should still pay for what she did.”

“‘Her worst quality is that she dehumanized people, she was inhumane. That’s hard to come back from,’ Oxenberg said of Mack.”


People that are coming to see the Allison Mack sentencing are a motley crew of reporters and the public. Of course, there are the intrepid reporters who have been covering the trial from the start. There is also members of the public who have an interest, not unlike people who go out to see a public hanging. There is also legitimate public interest in knowing, and that’s why this sentencing is open to the public, because the public has the right to know what their government does.


The weather in Brooklyn is sunny and 86 degrees. Humidity: 66%. Wind: 8 mph. There are already reporters at the scene. 


For those who are curious about how this is all ending, some might want to see how it started:, Allison Mack meets Keith Raniere for the first time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EglBCmnkEPs

UPDATE: 9:00am – Reporter for NEWS10ABC, Giuliana Bruno is at the Brooklin Courthouse, right now, Tweeting her usual Sunrise Pictures. The Frank Report is also already there.


Everyone has a day of destiny and today is Allison Mack’s. She will be sentenced in Brooklyn for two felonies – racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. The hearing begins at 11 AM.

Here is the latest from the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of New York,


11:00 A.M.

USA V. RANIERE et al.  Criminal Cause for Sentencing.*  

Deft. – Allison Mack, first-line “master” of DOS, a secret organization led by Nxivm founder Keith Raniere, pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy.  United States District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, Jack B. Weinstein Ceremonial Courtroom;

Overflow courtrooms 2E North and 2F North.

* Note: In-person proceeding. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for entrance to the Ceremonial Courtroom.  Criminal Docket #: 18-cr-204.

ORDER: Defendant Allison Mack’s sentencing hearing will be held on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. in the Honorable Jack B. Weinstein Ceremonial Courtroom, 225 Cadman Plaza E.

The court expects limited seating to be available in the courtroom for members of the public.

Overflow seating with a livestream of the proceedings will be available.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will be required for entrance to the Ceremonial Courtroom where the participants will be live.

All attendees will be required to provide the court with their name and contact information for contact tracing purposes.

Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 6/23/2021.

Seating for the public and the media in the Ceremonial Courtroom is limited and will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

An EDNY ceremonial courtroom. Its large size better allows for social distancing.

Courtrooms 2E and 2F will serve as overflow courtrooms to watch the proceeding.

A temporary press room will be available for the media where they can bring their electronics.

Face masks and social distancing may be required in all three courtrooms.

Two rows in the middle section of the gallery of the Ceremonial Courtroom have been reserved for the press. An estimated 10 to 12 members of the media will be seated in those two rows on a first-come, first-serve basis.

My estimate is that there will be at least 30 members of the media present tomorrow which means most of them will be seated in the overflow courtrooms and possibly even the cafeteria, as they did during the Raniere sentencing.

Proof of vaccination for the Ceremonial Courtroom, and face masks must be worn in both the Ceremonial Courtroom and the overflow courtrooms (Courtroom 2E North and 2F North). Everyone in the overflow courtrooms must also socially distance.

Electronic equipment in the courtrooms is prohibited. The public is entirely dependent on the hand scribblings of reporters – a federal system that still maintains the policies of the 19th century. There is no reason for not allowing recordings in federal court.

Room 302  has been assigned as the media room and a court-issued media pass is needed in order for reporters to bring computers and cell phones to that room. Reporters cannot hear the proceeding in the media room, although that would be a fine way for the public to be informed.

Mack’s sentencing is in-person – there is no remote access.

Allison Mack will be there. Her attorneys will be there. It is not known if any of the purported victims will be there in person.

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  • Wow, that was unexpected. Whatever Mack paid her lawyers was worth every cent. This is also why you follow your lawyer’s instructions. She did all the “show proof of rehabilitation and remorse” that I bet her lawyers advised her to do and that multiple-year effort proved fruitful. A few years of small effort resulted in a dozen or so years shaved off a potential sentence.

    I definitely read that wrong. I really thought she was looking at around 13 years. The judge’s previous sentences in regards to this case, his clear dislike of the whole DOS/slave abuses, and his previous focus on victim statements made it seem likely. Instead, he focused on those areas we assume judges ignore but clearly, he didn’t – her statements of support, her efforts to show contrition, her distancing from anyone NXIVM related & condemnation of Keith along with her also being a victim while doing the victimizing.

    Mack is 38 now, will be around 42 when released. She is now an infamous ex-actor, still charming and beautiful, and from an upper-middle-class family. When she gets out, assuming she doesn’t repeat the mistakes of cult/hero-worship, she is still set up to have a good life. Might even be able to return to acting and the convention circuit for extra money.

    I am sure India, Joan and a few others are pissed, but if you think about it, this will help with their various campaigns of righteous indignation and help fuel their post-NXIVM attempts to use their stories to gain wealth and attention. After all, talking about injustice gets more attention than talking about justice. And somewhere Clyne is screaming in rage at the unfairness of it for her Vanguard.

    • I totally agree. She can easily go back to acting and have a nice and lucrative career.

      In fact, I’m sure Disney, NBC, ABC and the Hallmark channel will be itching to hire a convicted sex slaver who not only branded other women like cattle, but who also worshipped & loved a cult leader who’s now a convicted pedophile.

      Yeah, that sounds totally realistic. 🙂

      Duh. Grow a brain.

      Firstly, she’s no A-list actress. Not even a B-list actress. She’s not worth going out on a limb over.

      With so many thousands of young actresses and wanna-be actresses in Hollywood, WHY would any studio risk tarnishing their reputation by hiring a convicted sex slaver and sexual pervert like Allison Mack?

      Even if she’s truly sorry and gets therapy, it wouldn’t change the negative press for any studios.

      Why not just hire Bill Cosby too? Maybe Harvey Weinstein deserves a 2nd chance too?

      If they are truly sorry then, as per your theory, they can go back to Hollywood too. LOL.

      Won’t happen, bud.

      If she tries to profit by selling her story then I don’t think that’s allowed for convicted felons. Nor do I think any studios would wanna be known for giving her a big payday for her crimes against women.

      Plus, she’s being sued and will likely have to forfeit any future money made to her victims in the civil cases.

      Plus… Allison’s got an ugly body with fat legs and cankles (no, that’s not normal). She can never wear shorts, a short skirt or a bathing suit on TV. Very limiting.

      Thus, why would any studio wanna hire a 42 year old with cankles and a rap sheet ——- when they can hire a gazillion better looking actresses, with better legs, who can actually wear a skirt if necessary, and who don’t have a felony conviction for branding women like cattle?

      Have a good day. 🙂

      • If they think they can make money from the infamy, they will. Her name does have branding value, like it or not Hollywood is only about the $$$. They pretend to care about the social shit because their employees demand it.

        I suspect Mack will try to use the education she has been working on in some form or fashion and attempt to give up on acting but “felon” on your record, in our society, closes about 99% of the doors out there. I think she could get acting work if she tried. Not in theatrically released movies but some direct to streaming stuff, some bit part in TV shows, stuff that pays the bills but not much else. Cosby could too if he wanted to work again. There is a whole world out there that doesn’t know or doesn’t care about their arrest records but will watch stuff they are in because of past successes. Cancel culture isn’t as universal as people want it to be.

      • OTOH, everyone loves a redemption story. Almost as much as they love a victimhood story.

        After all, it appears Judge Garaufis bought her Victimhood tale. Hook, line, and sinker.

        After she’s out in 2 1/2 years she can “write” a book. Go on the talk show circuit. Rebrand herself in the Me Too pattern. With luck she can come out the hero in all this.

        As for money, she’s free to do whatever she wants after her period of incarceration is up. If she puts the income in a trust or incorporates, it will be shielded from lawsuits— it’s not “her” money.

        • A comeback story only works for people who don’t do things viewed as evil by the #MeToo movement —— such as branding women, collecting blackmail material and then ordering women to have sex with a pervert against their free will.

          Sorry, it won’t happen.

          You’re also wrong about her future income.

          Opening a corporation would not shield her future money from lawsuit judgements. Nor will funneling money into a trust.

          If her money is in a corporation, her ownership share of that company’s earnings/assets is called STOCK —— which is just like owning any other piece of property.

          …and yes, her stock shares are no different than any other assets which can be confiscated to satisfy a court judgement. If you own stock shares of IBM, those too can be taken to satisfy a court judgement.

          Also, her corporate ‘salary’ (if she pays herself one) is subject to the same garnishment rules as any other employee of a corporation. She’ll be allowed to keep minimal living expenses and that’s it, the rest will be garnished.

          Any attempts to ‘hire’ family members (as bogus employees) to withdraw salaries intended for yourself is also illegal, and possibly tax fraud. The same is true for giving ‘stock’ to family members so they can give you money for living expenses. That’s highly illegal and also runs afoul of IRS rules.

          As for ‘trusts’… It’s ILLEGAL to funnel your money into a ‘trust’ to avoid a lawsuit judgment. It’s called “fraudulent conveyance”. Look it up.

          In fact, it’s illegal to put your money into a trust if you even SUSPECT that a lawsuit might happen in the near future. Again, it’s called a fraudulent conveyance.

          To avoid this law, you must transfer your money at least 18 months BEFORE there’s even a threat of a possible lawsuit.

          It’s too late for that now —- because Allison’s already aware that there’s a lawsuit related to her NXIVM crimes. She’s also aware that other possible lawsuits could be filed by other NXIVM victims, since she’s a convicted felon and has admitted to wronging her victims.

          If you funnel money into an irrevocable trust AFTER you’ve been alerted that somebody may sue you (even if they haven’t sued you yet) then the money is a fraudulent transfer —– and it can easily be “clawed back” by the courts. This isn’t the 1970s anymore. The laws have changed.

          Plus, she’ll be on “supervised release” for 3 years after prison —- and she’ll need the permission of her probation/parole officer to do anything money-related or job-related.

          If she attempts to deceive her probation officer by fraudulently transferring money to ‘stiff’ her victims in a lawsuit, she’ll be violating her conditions of “supervised release” and might be subject to criminal penalties and prison.

          She’s not free to do whatever she wants until she completes 3 years of supervised release.

          And even then, she won’t likely be a hero of anything.

  • FRANK!!!!

    Please check Shadowstate’s IP address and find-out if he traveled to New York City!

    I know you won’t post anything, but I figured for your own curiosity you’ll check!

  • My prediction
    After the Bronfmans buy a few Hunter Biden paintings at 500,000 each Claire Bronfman will get a full and complete pardon.
    Hunter Biden art sales slammed by Obama-era ethics chief’

    • As usual your lack of morals is showing. Focused on a stupid painting while proof continues to come out that Trump, his family and more made BILLIONS while in office. Yet you care about 500k. I am surprised you didn’t mention nepotism for Hunter. After all the entire Trump family working in the White House wasn’t nepotism, right?

      You really need to stop letting Hunter Biden live in your head like this. Most people cannot even pick him out if he was the only one standing in a lineup yet you just can’t stop worrying about everything he does or has done. You should get out and get some fresh air.

      As for the topic at hand, it’s pretty clear a key part of getting a reduced sentence from this judge is the willingness to denounce Keith Raneiere and show contrition for acts done on his behalf. Has Clare done this?

  • Question: If Allison Mack was Black and not a starlet, would she have received the same sentence?

    • IDK Michelle Hatchette, why do you ask? Are you upset that Allison got a light sentence for turning on keith? I thought you’d at least be happy that you are leading DOS now. Isn’t that rewarding enough for you?

    • Answer: NO.

      But wealth is more of a factor here.

      5 million to stay out of prison. Home again before doing her time etc.

      • LOL good reply.

        Having read WHY Cosby got released, I reluctantly have to agree the court made the right call. Immunity agreements are a key part of getting shit done in the justice system and reneging on them at will is not a road anyone in the justice system (except prosecutor’s only interested in a win) want to travel on.

      • R. Kelly directly raped women. Underage women….

        Can you say your liberal jargon and lexicon…… Moral Equivalency! 😂


    • If Bill Cosby were white would he have received the same sentence as the white Jew Harvey Weinstein?

      Take your white-privilege and anti-Semitic BS and go party with Ilhan Omar and Hamas.

      It’s the Frank Report not CNN!

    • If she has no assets, she doesn’t pay. Ditto for the $20,000 fine Judge Garaufis assigned.

      I’m sure her lawyers have been busy ensuring nothing is in her name.

      Raniere never paid his court-ordered fine from Consumer Buyline days.

      • Keith Raniere – or more likely one or both of the Bronfman brats – actually did pay the court-ordered fine from his Consumer Buyline Days. It was a prerequisite that he do so before Doug Rutnik would do any work for him – and the check was, in fact, delivered to the Office of the New York State Attorney General sometime in late 2003 or early 2004 (Eliot Spitzer was the AG at the time). The issue came up when we did a background background check on Keith.

    • She’ll probably go a cushy low level federal
      Prison. Think: Orange is the New Black.

      It will be like DOS but no Keith and a bit more diversity.

  • A huge miscarriage of justice. Three years and a nominal fine. A slap on the wrist. A huge insult to her many victims.

    All her contrition looks highly coached and performative to me. She resisted cooperation with the prosecution for a *full year* after Raniere’s arrest. She is guilty of absolutely egregious, hideous crimes. Copping a deal and flipping should not just completely exempt a convicted felon from any serious punishment.

    How could she have received *less* time than Bronfman? Those weren’t Clare’s initials interlaced with Keith’s in those brands.

    To all those sticking up for Allison and celebrating a merciful sentence, I say “Ask her victims how they feel about this”. How arrogant and tone-deaf to tell victims they should forgive. I hope that neither you nor any of your loved ones are ever in a position to have your mercy tested.

      • Not really. Clare never exhibited remorse, nor did she denounce Raniere and exhibit the intent and actions to change. In fact, she still supports him. Also, Clare was the financial fountainhead for litigation as a malicious weapon against Raniere’s enemies.

    • Shadow, please don’t spew this garbage. It is undercutting your comments on this case, that for the most part are quite factual and insightful.

  • The judge was privy to a lot more information than any of us. I do not believe that his verdict was swayed by sentiment. I accept it as fair.

  • Another observation is that Allison Mack approached the court as best as she could, by offering proof that she has taken many “rehabilitative steps” to rectify her behavior, unlike anything seen out of Clare Bronfman. Bronfman merely managed to get her GED while under house arrest.

    Additionally, Allison Mack’s family have stood by her stalwartly, like a chorus of frogs right from the Mack pond, Los Alamitos ponderosa, all so valiantly. Kudos.

    My colorful, noisy hacienda is full of lotsa boys again, for some have needed a hiatus from what they call their sewer rat big sister. Paradise stretches out and luxuriates, seeing how marvelous innocence really is. Sewer rat big sisters! One hears that she is terribly muscular, too.

    Allison and her Mummy in matching yellow, flowery masks were ideally cast, ladies and gentlemen. Allison looked weakly, faint and dreadfully humbled just like that horrible, saintly Olivia de Havilland mess from Gone With the Wind. Vanquished, and so not a true Scarlett. Tsk tsk. Mmmmm hmmmmm

    • Boo hoo. India was almost last DOS member standing. She only avoided charges herself because of her mom. She keeps trying to re-write her history as not being responsible for anything but she had all the options available to her and she kept choosing wrong.

  • Shadowstate shall not be satisfied with only three years…

    Also, the cowardly Kristin Kreuk feels absolutely nothing… No guilt, shame or remorse… Me, me, meeeee….

  • I now see it if you got money or fame you can do anything you want. I wonder if the guard doing her strip search will comment on how beautiful her Cunt is ? Fucking animal should die inside.

  • Y’all here commenting as if you where in that courtroom, as if you’ve heard everyone and seen all the evidence. Judge Garaufis determined the sentence based on everything he knows and has been presented not just because.

    Also, I want to add this tweet from Giuliana Bruno with a statement from Toni Natalie, Keith Raniere’s ex-girlfriend that reads:

    “From what I understand she has received a lot of family support. With that in mind, the court must feel she can be rehabilitated, which is always the goal”


    • Don’t you mean, “Y’all here a-commenting as if you were’n that thar courtroom, as if’n y’all a-heard all them a-speakin’ and seen all that thar evidence, I reckon.” I mean, you’re going to use “y’all” — the English 2nd person plural pronoun is “you”, which requires two fewer characters — you should really mean it.

      • I didn’t even noticed my use of “y’all” until now, it slipped out of me but you’re right, I didn’t commit to it. Great use of a reply, though.

  • The whole proceeding took one hour?? Not two days as had been planned for???

    Three years is ridiculously low. Completely inconsistent with Garaufis’ sentencing of Bronfman. And Raniere.

    Does this mean Lauren Salzman will get just probation?

    • Although Allison’s sentence doe not guaranty that Lauren will just get probation, I think it certainly sets a ceiling on her prison sentence and the prison sentence of Nancy Salzman. It’s hard to imagine that either of them will get more than two years.

  • Orange is the New Mack

    Those butch prison lesbians lining up for a taste of Allison Snack

    On a serious note…Did anyone cop a $40 autograph on her way in or out of the court?

    Wonder when she’ll start her 3-year sentence in the Phantom Zone

  • 3 years in prison is a good sentence. The judge did not bury Allison but yet he didn’t let her skate away without prison.

    For a woman with such narcissistic tendencies — who’s had her career permanently ruined and has spent 3 years living like a teenager who was grounded — a 3 year prison sentence (on top of everything else) is enough to satisfy ‘justice’.

    The judge was fair for both sides.

    Allison will now have to bend over and submit to the indignity of anal cavity searches by prison guards when entering prison and at periodic intervals throughout her incarceration.

    She’ll also be eating shitty prison food every day.

    She’ll be living like a rat for 3 years ——- shitting her ‘daily load’ from the seats of filthy toilets and having rats and cockroaches to deal with, just like Ghislaine.

    She got her just desserts.

    However… I do feel sorry for her useful idiots — people like Frank and Heidi Hutchinson — who were secretly praying for ‘probation’ only (even though they’ll never admit it, trust me, that’s what they were praying for today).

    Now, both Frank and Heidi are likely somber —— over their beloved Allison having to go to the slammer for 3 years.

    Boo hoo. Boo hoo.

    I wonder if Frank or Heidi will actually visit their beloved Allison in prison and bring her fresh-baked cookies?

    I wonder if Frank will follow up on Allison’s sham marriage statements? I doubt it. Cuz it’ll only make Frank look foolish for ‘vouching’ for that marriage for so many months.

    Frank was so ‘sure’ that it was a real loving marriage, lol, when in reality Frank got played for a fool. 🙂

    I’m thinking that Frank may be trying to recruit Allison into helping him win his future lawsuits. Allison might have some great testimony for Frank’s lawsuits against NXIVM personnel — so I’m guessing that he really wants to keep her as a friend for that reason.

    Frank never does anything without knowing what’s in it for him.

    I wonder if Frank will ever address Heidi’s comments from last May, when she questioned what Frank’s relationship to KK (Kristin Keeffe) was? I didn’t see him respond, so I’m guessing that she hit a nerve with Frank.

    Frank was allegedly housing KK in his own homes —- so I too am curious if, at any time in the past, his relationship with KK was anything more than platonic? It’s a fair question.

    I just find it hard to believe that Frank housed KK out of the goodness of his heart, as he is always angling.

    Getting back to Allison…

    Overall, justice is now served.

    Let Allison live like a prison rat for a while ——- with anal cavity searches, horrible food and shitty living conditions for the next 3 years.

    May the rats and cockroaches be plentiful. She earned that. She must now reap what she sowed.

    Lauren will now get even less time than Allison. That will enrage Frank and Heidi —– cuz they hate Lauren but love Allison. Ha ha ha. 🙂

    Have a great day. 🙂

    • “so I too am curious if, at any time in the past, his relationship with KK was anything more than platonic? It’s a fair question.”

      O please….Seriously?!?!

  • Did Nicki even show up to support Allison? On Dateline NBC, Nicki raved about Allison being a wonderful person.

    Surely, Nicki – who believes they are all innocent – would have staged a protest and given interviews on her ex-wife’s behalf.

    Just in the spirit of “Make Justice Blind”. Prison reform. “Judging the judge” etc.

    • An actor is found guilty today for sex crimes, while another actor’s guilt is overturned. Happens within minutes of each other. Jennifer Bonjean intertwined with both cases. I’m sure it sent Nicki and the Nitwits into an absolute frenzy. It’s all very surreal and an opportunity for a skilled storyteller to write a timeline type piece I’m sure (Frank – give it a go).

    • Cosby can disappear back into Shelburne Falls and Massachusetts will get stuck sighing with resignation again, if the old Bill bull can ever get out of Pennsylavania, Philadelphia and can afford enough seeing-eye dogs and bodyguards.
      And to remember that we adventurous kids used to go go over to Shelburne Falls to swim in the summertime where the water was so big.

    • Ice-Nine-

      Cosby should never been prosecuted he had a prior deal with the previous prosecutor. It’s an actual legal technicality.

      The real test is if Bonjean can get Raniere- off. (Pardon the pun)

      • Yes, but that’s the whole point, she found a technicality and won. And I agree with the Court, it makes sense and his confessions should not have been allowed. But appeals are basically all just technicalities, aren’t they? I’m sure Nicki is through the roof with optimism right now.

  • All those comments that asked for 17 years for Allison swallowed his words. Hatred and resentment are bad advisers.

    • We’re not swallowing our words, we’re just understandably outraged at an obscene miscarriage of justice. I hope that you personally never have your capacity to forgive tested in the way Mack’s victims have. Allison was the eager deputy of a profoundly evil man and your celebration of her is delusional and arrogant.

  • Allison wasted a decade of her life in NXIVM. Yet her sentence was not as harsh as Clare’s. The good news for Allison is she can move beyond this after prison, and can continue her studies.
    Now that she’s admitted her marriage was a sham to keep Nicki Clyne in the country, is deportation the next step? Funny but she did not attend today’s hearing.

  • All I have to say is, thank you Frank for the coverage, not only for the work you did today but for everything you’ve done all these years. But, most of all, for showing compassion for the victims (including Allison).

  • Thanks to God and Judge Garaufis for giving this wonderful person a second chance!

    Allison Mack deserved this. I’m crying of happiness. Today justice has been done.


  • This is shocking. Allison had the money to be on home confinement, where she could engage in her mock-rehabilitative stage production. A defendant who awaited sentencing behind bars would get no such benefit. It essentially says that people who can afford it get better treatment by the court…like that’s a surprise.

    I can understand sentencing below the guideline, but 1/4 to 1/5 of the guideline isn’t warranted.

    Still, 3 years is better than nothing.

    • John 1 EXACTLY.

      Allison also had a family who could put up 5 MILLION in bail.

      And pay for her home confinement and rehabilitation. Drive her everywhere etc.

      This is privilege. This is inequity.

      Where are the fake justice reform warriors like Nicki? Oh that’s right. They only care about rich old white male cult leader pedophiles.

    • Unfortunately, you are right that those with cash can meet bail and set up a rehabilitative process they can demonstrate to the court.

      I have no problem with Alison or anyone using their time productively and honestly seeking help. I know. I needed help with my addictions, had the time and funds to get into a rehab program, stuck with it and benefited from it. I was highly motivated to change and it was a good thing. And, I’m thankful the court and probation assisted me.

      The issue is everyone ideally deserves the same chance, the chance to change their lives. I’m not sure how we go about making that happen so that “the system” operates fairly for everyone? Jail can be very depressing but the amazing thing is if one is open and motivated one can find opportunities anywhere. AA and NA exist in jail. Some enlightened prisoners help others just because they don’t want to see you make the same mistakes they’ve made. I’m thankful people like that exist. I hope to be one of them someday.

      • Congratulations, on your recovery Non-anonymous. I agree with and support everything you wrote.

        Just pointing out the inequities.

  • 3 years is fair. IMO Mack has taken accountability, aided the prosecution and apologized. 3 years is still a lot of time in prison especially for someone who is not familiar with prison life.

    Too bad Clare Bronfman did not come to her senses!

  • She has been under house arrest for 3 years by now. Is that taken into account already? How much will that reduce the sentencing?

    • It does not reduce the sentence however I’m sure the judge took her home confinement into consideration before he gave her sentence.

    • There is no sentence reduction for her home confinement, as Mack gave a guilty plea rather than go to trial. She can get out in about two and a half years, as it stands now, by acting circumspectly while in prison, like Martha Stewart did by befriending her fellow inmates and crafting caftans while awaiting her freedom.

      Respect to Judge Garaufis of the Eastern District of NY for how he decided this sentencing would go. More info will come soon, the hows and the wheres for Mack’s present and future.

      There are civil case(s) too, coming around the corner, alongside 3 more sentencings for two Salzmans and one frazzled ballerina/accountant.

      What a ball all of this has been, on our patio with honey in the Cuban café latté and fingernails just painted a royal purple 🍇 shade, the orange cats contented as we watch out for condo ruins down in Surfside, Fl, so please rest in peace. Also now there’s a brewing but probably an anticlimactic hurricane for us to watch.

      Mack is small stuff really, but her sweat, most likely, feels sticky and all too real today.

  • Wow, 3 years for Allison Mack — I hope Frank alerts the police in Chicago to perform a wellness check on our dear
    63-year-old friend.

    • He’s been pretty quiet. I expected a torrent of post about this. Or Hunter Biden’s laptop. Something, anyway!

  • ..escorted by her mother and sister into the courthouse while swarmed by the press. This is just such a sad sad story…….

  • Despite the sentencing guidelines of 14 to 17 years, I believe she will get less time time than Clare Bronfman. She has cooperated, she’s apologized, she’s attempting to be accountable. That counts for something.

    It’s impossible to say what the judge will do because no one expected him to triple Bronfman’s recommendation. I think between 2 and 7 years is a reasonable guess.

  • It’s is sad….
    Seeing Allison Mack walking into the courthouse with her head down and the press hounding Allison, does make me feel very bad for her. I do feel sympathy.

  • Are you ready for some prison?
    The last of June party?
    We got slaves and brands and Mack.
    We’re gonna get it kicked started.
    The judge is seated, the wardens psyched,
    One more nexian behind bars tonight.

  • Another internet discussion group had this to say about today’s events:

    “This recap can only, at best, keep readers appraised of the known issues and some of the known-unknowns. As the former Secretary of Defense once put it, there are also the unknown unknowns –things we are completely ignorant of.”

    Oh so very true.

    • “There are things known and things unknown and in between there are the doors.” – Jim Morrison

      Alonzo is it, POSSIBLE, for you to be any-less melodramatic?

      • You nailed it Alanzo is addicted to the drama. That’s why he is drawn to this and can’t let Scientology go.

      • You just don’t understand the emptiness in the core of nothing. Real emptiness can only be understood by not understanding it. Or something like that.

        • Paul, your words speak to me like no words have ever spoken to me before!!!

          I will call you Zaxxon(80s video game). You will teach me the truth of real emptiness within me — as you make me a cuckold and bang my wife……

          How much longer until all those morons from NXIVM join another cult? 😉

  • So Allison Mack wants to go into catering.

    I remember after Raniere was arrested but Mack was still on the loose.

    NXIVM and Mack’s acting school were still recruiting by showing the video of her and Raniere.

    And the attendees were treated with raw carrots and celery sticks! Yum! Yum!


    Self-tapes are so awkward! Bloopers are vulnerable! #alisonmack #keithraniereconvicted #nxivm #thevow #selftape #pleadeal

    • Shadowstate1958-

      You have waited for this day for years and written, countless, articles regarding
      Pimp Mack.

      Can you please share with us what you’re feeling at this very moment?

      I believe many longtime readers would like to know whats going on in your head.

      Please share some of your thoughts!

  • Frank: thank you for this. you are amazing. I love the reporting and the very interesting angle you guys are giving this coverage and innovative citizen journalism and investigate reporting. well done!

  • Re Allison Mack Sentencing:

    Personally, I believe Allison Mack deserves 2 years — my guess is he will sentence her to 4 to 5 years.

  • The phrase “first-line master” makes me wonder whether all those dire warnings about MLM schemes are really true LOL

    • Hi Emma,

      Any questions you have regarding MLMs can be answered by our resident MLM expert, Mr. Scott Johnson. Scott worked for Amway for of number of years. He left when he realized Amway was hurting the little people. Scott is an amazing man and is always glad to help. 🙂

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