Jessica Joan’s Complete Statement at Allison Mack’s Sentencing — Including the 10 Names She Called Her Former ‘Grand Master’

Jessica Joan AKA Jaye

At the sentencing hearing of Allison Mack on June 30, 2021, two victims spoke. The first was by video. Her name was Tabitha Chapman.

While no complete transcript of what she said is available to us, the second victim, Jessica Joan spoke in person and her statement was transcribed by the stenographer for the court.

Jessica Joan was known during the trial of Keith Alan Raniere as Jaye – or alternately as Jane Doe 8. After the trial Joan came out and revealed herself via a podcast called the Untouchable Jessica Joan.

She has also written a book, with the same title.

She was the victim of an attempted sex trafficking charge, after Allison Mack assigned her to “seduce” Keith Raniere, an assignment which required her to get Raniere to take a nude picture of her.

Joan declined to do the assignment and instead left DOS, with apparent impunity, took some of the collateral of other women, turned that over to Mark Vicente, who shared it with me in order to give it to law enforcement which I did.

Here is what Joan said at the sentencing hearing of Mack.

Allison Mack outside the courthouse on the day of her sentencing

She spoke from the podium, and appeared to be reading and who spoke often with an impassioned voice which at times rose to a timbre of anger and actually quite loud at times as she described Mack alternately as

  1. a monster
  2. a predator
  3. an evil human being
  4. a danger to society with no care, remorse or empathy for her victims
  5. an evil monster
  6. a demon of a woman
  7. an evil sociopath
  8. a menace to society
  9. a danger to innocent beings
  10. the Ghislaine Maxwell to Keith’s Jeffrey Epstein,
Jessica Joan speaks to reporters after the sentencing of Allison Mack.


By Jessica Joan 

Thank you, Your Honor.

Your Honor, I’ve traveled across the country and spent the last of my Unemployment just to be here to make sure my voice was present, heard and accounted for, not just for me but for all my sisters who are unable to be here today, for all of Allison’s victims who do not have a voice, to not only warn you and the rest of the world but to also shine light on the truth of who Allison Mack truly is.

Allison Mack is a predator and an evil human being, a danger to society with no care, remorse or empathy for her victims.

When I woke up one morning to an article about her asking for no jail time because she turned her life around I was horrified. I wanted to scream to the top of my lungs. I was triggered back into a memory of a real life nightmare she had already put me through.

Your Honor, my name is Jessica Joan. Through this case you’ve known me as Witness Jay. You heard my story and all the horrors I’ve had to endure growing up, from being raped, molested, to being abandoned by my mother as a small child, and with all of that combined,

Jessica Joan outside the courthouse

Allison Mack and Keith Raniere are the most evil monsters I’ve ever met.

I met Allison on my first trip to Albany. She was a proctor leading my group during the ESP intensive. From the moment I met her she made me feel like she was a kind, loving and deeply empathetic person. The way she would look into my eyes would make me feel sane, like she really cared.

She felt like the big sister I wish I had. Even at the very beginning of joining the vow she would tell me how she’d always be there to look after and protect me. Allison knew all the right things to say in order to lure me in.

Once I joined the Vow and learned that she was my grand master, she admitted that she was intentionally leading my group in order to find out who I was. So, from the very beginning she was probing into my psyche learning what made me tick, what drove me and also my deepest vulnerabilities.

Allison is very clear and calculated in the moves she makes, just like when she would randomly ask me how I felt about Keith, what did I think about him, or when she told me that seduction and sexual power isn’t bad if it is used for good. The whole time she had been playing me and, worst of all, grooming me into becoming a sex slave for her beloved Keith Raniere.

Allison maliciously gave me, a survivor of rape and sexual assault, a special assignment, an honor and privilege to seduce Keith and have him take a naked picture of me to prove I did it. And when I pushed back confused, I asked if Keith knew about the Vow. She blatantly lied and said that doing this assignment would get rid of all my issues around being sexually abused.

This demon of a woman literally tried to use my pain, suffering and traumas against me to be abused by another monster. She intended and tried to hurt the little girl inside of me yet again, the little girl that she watched cry her eyes out night after night reliving these traumas.

Let me be very clear, she ended the phone call with a sinister: “And I give you permission to enjoy it.”

So, when she was on house arrest hanging with her family, taking Berkeley Women’s Studies courses online and enjoying the Orange County sunshine and sipping lattes and putting on lip gloss with her friends, her victims were left hiding in the dark corners of their homes reliving the fear, silence and horror that Allison put us through.

She worked her way into my heart. She made me to believe that she would do anything for me but the truth is she sought me out like a
predator stalking their prey, another little lamb for her to slaughter.

She saw the little Jess inside of me and exploited her. She stabbed her and watched her bleed out.

I could blame myself for falling for it but the truth is I was so desperately needing to feel loved, I felt so alone, everyone in my life had left me in the dust and I just wanted to feel like I mattered, that someone cared about me.

Allison will never know and feel the ramifications of her actions. She’s grown up in a pretty and privileged life, always protected, never knowing the consequences of her actions. She plays the victim so well. She can blame Keith all she wants but she is a monster cut from the same cloth.

The fact of the matter is she gained much pleasure out of other people’s pain, myself included. I saw the evil glimmer in her eyes and the sick sadistic smile on her face whenever she would punish us. She took great pride and joy knowing she had total control, having blackmail to make us do whatever she wanted. She used fear to intimidate and coerce her supposed sisters to do things against our will.

I truly believe there aren’t enough years in the rest of her lifetime to even begin to undo the harm, pain and suffering she has caused myself and the rest of her victims.

If I would have gone through with her attempt to sex traffic me, I know I wouldn’t be able to stand here in front of you today. And to think I’m one of the lucky ones, I don’t have to walk around with a permanent brand on my pelvic region, none of the beautiful symbols representing the elements that she claimed but of her and Keith’s initials; woman mutilated and branded like cattle for her to forever have power and dominion over them with that symbol burned onto their bodies.


Jessica Joan, as some others do, thinks that the brand stands for both Keith Raniere and Allison Mack’s initials.

Again, I stand here not only for myself but for all the other countless victims unable to be present today and the friends, families and loved ones forever affected by Allison’s actions. Her poison does not only affect the victims and loved ones but it also bleeds into future generations.

I repeat this from the depths of my heart, Allison Mack is an evil sociopath, a menace to society and a danger to innocent beings. She may put on a good show but don’t let her fool you. I know exactly who she is, she’s the Ghislaine Maxwell to Keith’s Jeffrey Epstein, and I just pray that she gets what she deserves.

Allison, I thought I was going to be angry standing here looking you face-to-face and I’m just sad, I’m sad because you had everything and it wasn’t enough. I had nothing and you tried to break me and you tried to dim my light. You imprisoned us but by the grace of God we are free and now it’s your turn to be imprisoned and feel as alone and broken as we once did. Only then can you begin to reflect on
your actions and darkness and hopes that one day you see the light, then maybe, just maybe you can be free too.

Your Honor, I have complete trust and faith in your empathy, discernment and understanding. I believe you will bring justice to myself and all of the other victims of Allison Mack. Thank you for your time.




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  • Allison Mack is the one victim of Keith Raniere I feel no sympathy for. She is separated from the other brainwashed women in DOS because she knew why it was created- solely for Keith’s sexual pleasure. She admitted many times that she did not like other women. She was extremely insecure and jealous of other females. She truly enjoyed the lie and deception of it.
    She enjoyed controlling other women. She enjoyed punishing her slaves. Her intent was malicious. That is why her and Keith are cut from the same cloth. She should have gotten more then 3 years.

  • Ugh! Poor woman! The fact that they were using her past abuse that way is deplorable. Good for her that she knew when to get the hell out.

      • Couldn’t they have walked away? Is it worse to have your collateral released, or be branded and have sex with someone you find disgusting? Bear in mind, I find Raniere a horrible person, he obviously sought out victims and looked for weak minded people.

        I just don’t think very much of the “victims” either.

  • As you referred to Ulster, you may enjoy Frank Parlato’s brilliantly written and researched piece, published on June 21, about a similar group in Ireland which also operates in Ulster; see

    About 6 weeks ago, I was approached by a follower of this group on Instagram who has appeared on Lynette Fay’s show on BBC Radio Ulster as a “Love Coach”. God help us!

  • Jessica was crucial to the DOS/Nxivm takedown. She got the screenshots of the collateral. Actual physical evidence that corroborated the verbal testimony.

    India explained it better. But everyone who escaped and spoke up all played a vital role. Some stayed in longer (like India) and that allowed them access to different and more up-to-date Intel. Some left sooner and paved the way for others to follow. Others like Jessica shared the screenshots with authorities.

    Nxivm/DOS was purposely so fragmented and information controlled. Like a terrorist cell. Or many other criminal organizations.

    One really needed multiple parties to tell more of the big picture. Most of the cult members did not even know what their closest “friends” in the “community” were really doing. All the defectors were necessary to bring darkness to light.

    Don’t forget the DOS defectors like Sarah and others who were threatened both legally and criminally. It’s scary to get a letter from a Bronfman lawyer. Even if you don’t speak Spanish and it’s not written in English. Ha ha

    Keith terrorized past defectors for sport. Yes. That is true. But also to show future defectors what would happen to them. Dragged to court, falsely. Forced to spend money to defend themselves. Excommunicated. Humiliated. All the malicious litigation, blackmail and other torments of previous cult defectors for years also served as a warning. This will happen to you too, if you leave.

  • This victim impact statement reminds me of so much I’ve seen inside and outside of Scientology, too.

    Jessica Joan said no. She was in a vertical power structure, ordered to do something by her senior, and no matter the threat to her personally in her present life, she refused. Then she left with the evidence and turned it over to others so the whole thing could be brought down. This takes weapons-grade integrity and extreme social courage.

    As so often happens in both cults and corporations, Jessica Joan was presented with a test of character.

    And she passed.


    • Alanzo,
      I saw your glowing blog post responding to the Dossier Project not answering your questions about consent. It seems you once again have accepted their version of events without fact checking it. Namely the idea that a master knew your goals and was uniquely positioned to help you achieve those. As Allison Mack told the feds, Keith was giving some of the commands, not the masters. He was demanding photos, seduction assignments, etc. I fail to see how those serve anyone but Keith. As to Sahajo’s point about not knowing what the experience will be like and likening it to selecting a book by the cover, that is a terrible analogy. It would be more like someone replacing the cover with a completely different book so you had no idea what you were buying, These women were actively lying to potential recruits which is very different from not being able to predict what is going to happen based on true information. I would also direct you to Lauren’s testimony about the DOS book. See if you think any of that was in the best interest of the slave. Lastly I am not sure if you are aware that the yoga community has had multiple sex abuse scandals both in the U.S, and abroad, so I don’t think likening this arrangement to that of a guru makes the point you want to make.
      One question I would like to ask: Do you think that when Nicki Clyne was given a moral test she passed? According to Lauren’s testimony she gave seduction assignment to her slaves, she helped cover up Raniere’s involvement in DOS, and she left some electronics and collateral in Mexico out of reach of the authorities. What does that say about her moral character?

      • Well said, no name.

        In addition most of the frontline slave masters told horrible lies about their own families. And asked their slaves to do the same. Made up accusations of molestation. Incest. Criminal activity.

        For blackmail. To control the women.

        Why did the slaves need to send naked, graphic photos constantly? Ones that Keith preferred?

        It’s such a pathetic clean up attempt. None of it was honorable. Or healthy.

        The kind of long term starvation that people like Allison and India suffered is detrimental to a women’s health. Your eye sight suffers, hair falls out, it can cause permanent fertility issues and a long term health crisis.

        Don’t be a sucker, Alanzo. Or a pawn.

      • “No Name”

        I answered you under the blog post you are referring to, so your self-righteous ethnocentric moral crusading can be given its proper context.


      • I’m glad to see Alanzo support JJ. To No Name’s point, however, I find it tedious to watch him continue to support other members of DOS who are documented bullshit peddlers.

    • Alanzo-

      Your comment, thus far, is the truest most accurate comment regarding Jessica Jones.

      Jessica deserves a lot more credit than she has received!

      • Thanks, Nice Guy. I have a lot of personal experience being placed in positions like Jessica Joan was, and I know a lot of people who were placed in similar situations, too. I know my own decision-making, my successes and failures, and I’ve watched others succeed and fail, too.

        I know what it takes to do what Jessica Joan did.

        It is uncommon behavior among humans.


    • Didn’t she steal other’s collateral from Allison’s computer in case she needed it to blackmail her or DOS later? And then she emailed this highly sensitive and very private material to her boyfriend, correct? She was also the only one who testified as Jane Doe and then suddenly “came out” just in time to launch her book and podcast.

      • Yep. She’s a street smart survivor. Not one of Keith’s heiress ding dong flunkies. She beat the “smartest man in the world” at his own slimy scheme. It was clever. She’s got a strong sense of self-preservation. She’s brave. And she also wasn’t gonna get anywhere near Keith’s flaccid penis. No way. No how. And ya gotta respect that. What wouldn’t you do to keep from being raped by Raniere? They are all just lucky no one got violent with them. A woman. Just totally freaked out. Or a relative. Really. You’ve got a bunch of starving, sleep deprived and blackmailed slaves. Someone could have really made a violent, bad decision. So… Taking the collateral – pretty measured response to this abusive situation. And to serve a very good purpose.

  • Judge Garaufis is pretty bold about Mack’s sentence. Too bold, in my opinion. If you’re overconfident or willing to take risks, to go out on a limb without all the safeguards, you can fall deep. It always depends on the height of the fall, and the judge is at a pretty high altitude. And he disregards and disavows the victims to an incredible degree. Hopefully it will not be repeated in the remaining sentences.

  • lovejessjoan [Instagram]
    Life Update: Feeling deep gratitude, Having lots of wholesome fun, Selfie Game improving, Surviving NYC Summer heatwave 🥵, Surrounded by SoulFam, Sake @accidentalbarnyc and Lobster Nachos, lots of 🦞 nachos…

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  • lovejessjoan [Instagram]
    There are no words for the gratitude I feel for the outpouring of love and support. I knew I needed to share my story. I knew it would be challenging in so many ways from my own internal strength and self acceptance to knowing that this subject can be taboo and a tough pill to swallow. The fact of the matter is there is so much evil in the world that gets overlooked and we as a society and humanity cannot heal and cultivate a better future until we address all the wounds and ugly truths of our world as a whole. We are all connected and the more we are able to face the harsh reality and come up with solutions – the closer and faster we will get to a collective joy and peace. Love is my religion and I this is why I put myself and my story out there. Because we all matter, especially those with no voices that are experiencing abuse, pain and suffering at the hands of sick and disconnected beings.

    I wanted to say a special thank you to all of the media and press who have shown me and this story so much, compassion, care and kindness. These are the stories that are important and that make us look at ourselves as a whole. Were not well until were all well. ✨

    As this chapter of my life closes, I am wildly excited to use my art to promote stories that need to be told. We are in a creative renaissance and I’m so honored and grateful to be apart of it.

    Stay tuned 👁

    A special thank you to Cynthia @variety for this well cared for piece. 🙏🏽

    My team, I wouldn’t be here without you. Love you from the bottom of my heart❤️
    @embraceyourcape @hgprinc @totallykimleigh @dontcallhercoco @nikidecnyc @janelljones @bjthedreamer

    #beuntouchable #theuntouchablejessicajoan #variety #newchapter #lovejessjoan #jessicajoan #nxivm #justice #teamwork #disruptthedemand #freedom #humanrights #wereallone #selfhelp #healing #nyc #allisonmack #takedownbadguys

    • Thank you for sharing this video. Everyone should educate themselves on the true nature of human trafficking. Strangely, the only reason I know about the illegalities is because here in the UK all bank employees must undergo compliance training every 6 months that has a large amount of testing on the signs of Human Trafficking. It’s synergy with these cults/groups is tightly connected, as Steven Hassan regularly comments. This video is very informative; thank you. I know in the group I have been trying to raise awareness about there have been multiple rapes of recruited women and all but one have been afraid to come forward. I highly recommend this video

      • The UK deserves a lot of credit for ending slavery in the empire in 1835 by Act of Parliament.

        And the law was for many years before 1835 that slavery was illegal in Britain itself.

        • ‘to Mr Wilberforce and a speedy repeal of the infamous traffic in the flesh and bone of man’. Sliante!!!

          We’ve a tradition of tart jam in our house dating back to an ancestors refusal to use sugar ‘tainted with the blood of African slaves’. I’m guessing the strong feelings of solidarity came with not being that long ‘freed’ out of the plantation of Ulster themselves.

  • “[Mack] plays the victim so well. She can blame Keith all she wants but she is a monster cut from the same cloth.”

    This. This cuts to the heart of the matter. Mack and Raniere are cut from the same cloth. Both are master manipulators (Tabby Chapman said as much as well) and now Mack has manipulated the judge and at least some of public opinion into seeing her as the victim.

    Jessica Joan gets it. She knows Mack. Mack is playing the victim. She’s playing the victim so well she got a dozen years knocked of her prison sentence. The judge felt so sorry for her he gave her a three month summer vacation before she has to show up to serve time.

    Gee, I hope Allison’s pillow is soft enough in the prison camp dormitory.

    She’s headed for Club Fed. In sunny California, convenient to family and friends.

    This is a person guilty of racketeering and conspiracy. Extortion and forced labor (slavery) Raniere’s essential enabler. His willing and proactive accomplice (in Judge Garaufis’ own words.)

    Someone who forced women to take nude photos and hand them over as blackmail. Who told Tabby Chapman that women can enjoy being raped. Who told her victims that DOS was a women’s only sorority and lied point-blank about Raniere’s involvement.

    Now she cries that she was “misled”. Bullshit, she was aware of what was going on. She was Raniere’s willing and knowing apprentice. Her own initials are branded on the DOS victims’ genital areas entwined with Raniere’s. The branding was done in her living room.

    Mack and Raniere are partners in crime.

    She fled to Mexico with him. For a full year after her arrest she denied she had done anything wrong (this according to her own mother!) Finally, just a few weeks before trial, she took her lawyers’ advice and began reluctantly cooperating with law enforcement, in fits and starts (according to the Federal prosecutors).

    Did she have a sincere change of heart? Who knows. Seems to me she may well have finally realized (been persuaded by her experienced legal team) that she was never going to beat the rap. The evidence was overwhelming. She was in deep shit and about to be convicted of sex trafficking along with her friend and mentor, lover and guru, Keith.

    So she did a 180. Did all the things her legal team told her to do, said the right things, even (finally, years after the implosion of Nxivm/DOS) renounced Raniere and his teachings.

    Maybe it was sincere. Maybe. And maybe there really are leprechauns and a pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

    Raniere got 120 years. His partner in crime Mack got 3. Seems a little disproportionate to me. Just a smidgeon. Just a wee tad.

    Mack reportedly left the courtroom smiling and laughing. I wonder why…

    • Dude, how many things can you get wrong all at once? Lauren said under oath that she designed the brand, and it does NOT contain Allison’s initials.

      You choose to completely ignore that Allison was a victim of Keith. The judge said numerous times that he understands that Allison felt “captive” to Keith, just like all the other women did. You ignore that Keith held collateral over her, just like the rest of DOS. And that is completely aside from her apology. People have been saying for years that Keith had her under his thumb.

      You heard she left court smiling and laughing? I heard she kidnaps children along with Hillary Clinton. Put yourself in the head of a person who walked into court not knowing if she would breathe free air again before she turns 79. I’m sure she felt relieved, but you can’t seriously think she’s happy about being sent to federal prison for 3 years. Come on.

        • Shadow, remember when you made up that story about Allison’s BMW being bought by Clare, if you remember that the same person who told the story about how Allison bought the same car as Lauren denied you

          • Claire leased BMWs for Allison and Lauren.
            Once Claire was pit on ice and the money spigot was turned off the cars were eventually taken back.
            Now Allison has to sell crappy autographed photos at 75 dollars a pop.
            Will you put your autographed photo of Allison Mack next to your autographed photo of Lizzie Borden?

        • Lizzie Borden
          From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

          For other uses, see Lizzie Borden (disambiguation).

          Lizzie Andrew Borden (July 19, 1860 – June 1, 1927) was an American woman tried and acquitted of the August 4, 1892, axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts.[1]

          No one else was charged in the murders, and despite ostracism from other residents, Borden spent the remainder of her life in Fall River. She died of pneumonia at age 66, just days before the death of her sister, Emma.

          The murders and trial received widespread publicity throughout the United States and, along with Borden herself, they remain a topic in American popular culture to the present day. They have been depicted in numerous films, theatrical productions, literary works, and folk rhymes, and are still very well-known in the Fall River area.

    • She *is* a victim, despite your vehemence to the contrary. I do wonder what it is about Ms. Mack that draws out the venom – I don’t recall it happening when Lauren is mentioned.

      But on topic, Alison was forced into anorexia, financially and emotionally abused, sexually exploited to group sex many, many times, and controlled so strongly by Raniere that she did eventually pick up the mantle and work with him as a manipulator and abuser herself.

      That does not discount what she went through. She lost everything and she was on YouTube with raniere looking like a total space cadet, the proverbial ditzy blonde, nodding snd crying and oh so wowed by his genius. He had a hold on her, and that counts for something. Evidently, 12 years or so. Good for her, she is not likely to reoffend.


    “Thanks to the brave testimony by #TabithaChapman (aka Tabby Chapman) The lies + hypocrisy of #kristinkreuk #kendravoth + AllisonMack have been exposed. Voth ostensibly lied to Frank Parlato that her +Kreuk’s group, targeting teen girls, #girlsbydesign had nothing to do with Nxivm. Tabitha, who was hired to work on the Girls By Design website stated in court that she was forced to take Nxivm classes and was abused by Mack. It appears that the girl group that Voth + Kreuk ran was a way to lure Girls into Nxivm”.

  • Allison Mack was defended by her mother and brother.

    Why didn’t her father defend her with a letter?

    “Yes, your Honor, Allison falsely accused me of molesting children,
    a crime which could have landed me in prison.
    But I forgive her!” Allison’s father.

    Why wasn’t that letter written?

    • Good point, Shadow. Interesting to analyze what letters are missing.

      Also interesting that no former tv stars wrote to support Allison. They could have written how they saw Keith’s power over her etc. I would have even expected a letter from Mark Vicente defending Allison and contextualizing the judge about what Keith did.

      Everybody only cares about themselves…

      • Thank you, Mexican Lady.
        Another person who did not write a letter for Allison Mack was her sister who is a Licensed Massage Therapist.
        Massage Parlors have a certain reputation for “spicy activity”.
        A reputation that would reflect badly on Allison Mack.

  • Allison was shitty to Jess, and god-awful to Nicole. Aside from India, those are the two mentioned in her PSR. I think Allison really did make an outrageously misguided attempt to help heal Jess’s sexual trauma, rather than intend to re-traumatize her as Jess suggested. But it doesn’t matter, because Jess was hurt by it, and the judge recognized that Allison had inflicted pain on her. That’s why he gave her 3 years. I seriously doubt Tabitha complaining about being told to lose weight was a factor. And I seriously doubt Jess hurling every insult she could think of was a factor either.

    • Allison Mack’s advice to Jessica Joan to cure her trauma over childhood sexual abuse by sleeping with Raniere is Pimping and the Unauthorized Practice of Psychiatry.

      Allison’s asinine advice exposes Mack as a retarded lunatic.

      Stop being a useful idiot for Allison Mack.

    • A lot of misdirected anger. From what I gather, she was lied to and perhaps verbally abused, not near the level of victimization as others like Cami. Wish her the best but hope she doesn’t hang her hat on what boils down to a bizarre and uncomfortable life experience

    • No. Allison was using her pain to manipulate her again and force her to be trafficked. It is justified to feel angry. Someone you trusted betrayed you and aimed to use you for their own power dynamic.

      I think I had forgotten how evil Nxivm was. I am glad they are down

    • I feel like, if Allison was an ugly-fat-chick — you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass whatsoever.

  • All of those who have posted in defense of mercy and a light sentence (or even parole) for Allision, including Frank, need to answer Jessica Joan’s statement for us.

    I read the judge’s sentencing statement for Mack. After his scathing statements for Raniere and Bronfman, the one for Mack was startlingly sentimental and arbitrary. One wonders if Jessica feels a mere three years is enough for the “he Ghislaine Maxwell to Keith’s Jeffrey Epstein”.

  • I knew Joans was attractive but didn’t realize had such amazing body too. No wonder Keith put his top recruiter on her. To think, he still insisted on the stupid weight contro/loss regiment. He had good taste in woman but bad taste in the “ideal” body shape. Yet more evidence of his lack of genius.

    • The weight issue was just to gain control over women. To some, he asked them to gain weight. He is a psychopath who wants control so he goes after people’s insecurities and controls them that way. Ge didn’t care actually about how much they weighed. It was more control.

    • your main recruiter? Don’t you know that Lauren and Rosa Laura surpassed Allison in the number of “recruits”

    • He wanted his victims to resemble prepubescent children. Hence the weightloss orders. He is a pedophile.

  • Jessica Joan should be lauded for her courage in taking the collateral that triggered the FBI investigation and the tak
    down of Nxivm.Frank she gave you and Vicente the evidence to catapult this case! The judge went too light on Allison Mack.

    I hope he isn’t fooled by Lauren’s false tears. Lauren has been a monster since day one. I personally felt the pain caused by ESP and their pack of witches led by the queen witch Nancy and her Princess daughter Lauren! They are two mercenary money hungry bitches.

    If they had not been caught, it would still be business as usual abusing victims! They are sorry because they were caught!

  • To Heidi and other defenders of Allison Pimp Mack:

    Unlike you folks, this woman, Jessica Joan, actually knows Allison Mack.
    What do you say to Jessica Joan’s characterization of Allison Mack?

    Jessica Joan described Mack alternately as:
    – a monster
    – a predator
    – an evil human being
    – a danger to society with no care, remorse or empathy for her victims
    – an evil monster
    – a demon of a woman
    – an evil sociopath
    – a menace to society
    – a danger to innocent beings
    – the Ghislaine Maxwell to Keith’s Jeffrey Epstein,

    Are you proud of defending a monster like Allison Mack?

    Jessica Joan is an empowered woman.

    Allison Mack is a Gangster.

  • As a victim of childhood abuse who has done the work, I stand by Jessica Joan. I think she is remarkable and strong. What she did was heroic and she did something many others did not because of her strength of character. I know only too well how these recruiters will draw out details of our abuse to use against us; on May 4 another recruiter here in the UK, who denied knowing about a cult they are known to have been a member of for decades, did the very same to me. Jessica is someone I have the utmost respect for and she is an example of strength and authenticity. She clearly makes her empathy an important part of her nature and thank god she has done this.

    • I am not sure of her empathy, I certainly speak from anger and indignation and there is nothing to blame her for that, but empathy is something that helps us connect with other people and I do not remember that she has helped other women to go out, it does not seem either pay interest in the fact that they were all victims of a cult and its leader, Jessica only focuses on Allison when talking about her experience therefore she only thinks about her own pain, she does not even take into account the testimony of Lauren who admitted to having designed the brand under Keith’s guidance and said it did NOT include Allison’s initials

      • “she does not even take into account the testimony of Lauren who admitted to having designed the brand under Keith’s guidance and said it did NOT include Allison’s initials”

        HUH? WTF does that have to do with anything here? You think JJ gives a shit about that? Where do you useful idiots come up with these diversions?

      • It might not be obvious to others but speaking out in public and taking collateral to give to someone else is done for the sake of others and not oneself. It’s subtle and nuanced and I don’t expect everyone to see that.

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