Raniere Asks Court to Stop Restitution Payments to 21 Victims – Because of ‘Shocking FBI Tampering’

Stop the payments! 

Keith Raniere wants the US Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit to prevent the US Attorney’s office from paying $3.4 million to 21 of his victims. 

Raniere’s attorney, Joseph Tully, cited their Rule 33 Motion to the court as a reason to not pay them. 

The Rule 33 Motion, which was filed on May 3, alleges the FBI tampered with evidence in his case.

Tully wrote, “It would be highly improvident for the government to distribute any restitution funds before these issues are fully briefed and ruled on.” 

Joseph Tully wants an evidentiary hearing to present his “shocking” evidence of tampering.

Tully’s letter is in response to a June 17th filing by the government indicating that restitution payments totaling $3.4 million were on their way. 

in the government’s filing, AUSA Kevin Trowel informed the US Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit that “restitution payments have now been processed, and victims are expected to receive their payments in the coming weeks.” 

Regardless of the appellate court’s decision, none of the restitution payments will involve any of Raniere’s money.

The $3.4 million will come from the $6 million Clare Bronfman paid at the time of her plea deal in 2019. That payment was in lieu of the government going after other assets owned by Bronfman. 

For months, the government set aside that money for the government to keep as forfeiture funds.

Then, in December, the EDNY shifted posture and sought to free up Bronfman’s $6 million for victim restitution. The U.S. Attorney General approved the request earlier this year.

Raniere appealed the restitution order last year.

In his latest filing, Tully explains that paying the victims now might mean trying to get the money back later.

He said if Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion is successful, it “would affect the grant of any restitution payments.”

“Thus Mr. Raniere objects to any distributions at this time,” Tully said.

Raniere accused the FBI of tampering before Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis sentenced him. 

His supporter, Suneel Chakravorty, appeared on CBS News on September 29, 2020.

See video clip: https://frankreport.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/2020-09-29-CBS-Tampering.mp4 

Chakravorty, Eduardo Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, Michele Hatchette, Brian Elliot, Justin Elliot, and Linda Chung sent a letter to the judge two days before sentencing alleging FBI tampering. 

At Raniere’s sentencing hearing, Agnifilo admitted Raniere asked him to file a motion alleging tampering. 

“I’m still looking into it. I don’t know if it’s going to turn the corner and become something different than what it is,” Agnifilo said. “But I decided not to file the motion my client wanted me to file.” 

Though they do not involve any of his money, Keith Raniere wants victims to wait for their restitution payments.

Raniere claims Daniela and other victims played a role in the tampering with the FBI.  Daniela is set to receive a restitution of $249,200. 

A jury convicted Raniere of racketeering, among other charges. The Rule 33 Motion addresses three predicate acts.: two acts of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and one of Possession of Child Pornography.

The minor was Camila, Daniela’s sister. 

Camila is set to receive $507,000 if the approved payments go through as scheduled.

At trial, the government produced evidence that Raniere took naked photos of Camila at age 15. 

He then downloaded the photos to a computer and then a hard drive. The FBI seized a hard drive from a townhouse he used.  

This screen shot from a video made in 2012. The hard drive with the blue light was alleged to contain 22 naked photos of Camila when she was 15. It was seized from 8 Hale Drive where Keith Raniere maintained an office.

Raniere’s Rule 33 Motion includes reports from three forensics consultants. They allege the FBI tampered with the metadata and committed perjury. 

The motion names FBI agents Michael Lever, Christopher Mills, and Maegan Rees as likely perpetrators of the tampering. The motion also accuses FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Brian Booth of perjury.

Booth, Rees, and Mills testified at Raniere’s trial.

At his sentencing hearing, Raniere called several witnesses liars. He said, “Some of these people really are not factual, and, in some cases, I believe strongly, lying… they are lying for a reason… I do not feel remorse for the crimes I did not commit. I’m innocent of those crimes. And a lot of the things that are said are simply really not true.” 

In an earlier filing, AUSA Trowell scoffed at Raniere’s Rule 33.

 He said, “Raniere’s assertion of government ‘malfeasance’ is frivolous. 

Trowel wrote, “The crux of Raniere’s argument appears to be that the Federal Bureau of Investigation manipulated ‘computer images and photographs’ of Raniere’s victim Camila ‘to make it appear that these photographs were taken in 2005’: i.e. when Camila was a minor… 

“But… Camila appeared at Raniere’s sentencing and… confirmed that ‘in September 2005, ‘when she was still fifteen, [Raniere] took naked pictures of [her].'” 

At that sentencing, Raniere’s attorney argued for a 20-year sentence for his client.

Marc Agnifilo

Marc Agnifilo spoke about the photos at Raniere’s sentencing.

He said, “if your Honor remembers my trial defense, I didn’t really dispute the photographs all that much. The way I disputed them is they were never shown to anybody and the jury shouldn’t consider them as either child pornography or as a racketeering predicate because they were photographs that were taken and then for the rest of time they just stayed on a device. They never got sent anywhere, never got shown anywhere.

“So that’s how I dealt with the photographs at the trial. I didn’t say anything one way or another about them. I didn’t say at the trial anything one way or another about Camila at 15 years old.”

Judge Garaufis sentenced Raniere to 120 years in prison.

It was almost a year ago when Judge Garaufis ruled on all the requests for restitution. In a memorandum, he determined who was a victim and how much the government would pay each of them. 

For months, it was a judgment without assets to back it up. Raniere claimed to have almost zero assets. 

Frank Report wrote a year ago in Details; Breakdown of Restitution of 21 Victims of Raniere — but Will They Ever Get Paid? 

In that article, FR recommended using Bronfman’s $6 million.

Raniere’s trial ended in 2019. He was sentenced in 2020. Restitution was ordered in 2021. It is now 2022, and the victims are still waiting for restitution.

Many of them are incurring expenses for therapy. The restitution was meant in part to compensate them for past and future expenses and damages.

Here are the breakdowns of restitution for each victim. 

Camila: $507,997.45

Nicole: $412,779.18
India Oxenberg: $298,476.65
Amanda: $257,617.51
Daniela: $249,200
Sutton Family: $250,000
Souki: $244,680.03
Valerie: $241,247.50
Pam A.:  $172,354.18
Audrey: $142,017.96
Jane Doe 35: $127,504.98
Jessica Joan: $116,568
Kristin T. $94,215
Paloma: $71,320.45
Erika $59,720.25
Add’l Jane Doe 14: $53,286.69
Rachel: $49,748.10
Allison W. $44,215.20.
Sarah Edmondson: $27,408.35
Sylvie: $25,809.78
James Loperfido: $5,625


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  • Keith is a baby.

    He should have taken the plea deal and he could have said the government stacked fake evidence against him anyway.

    He’d be in a better place overall and be looking at getting out in 10-12 more years with time served waiting for his deal

    Instead, he thought he could sway the jury by not taking the stand or putting on a defense.

    He’s a total loner. Always has been, always will be.

    The people winning in the entire thing

    His lawyers
    Those making money off the books, podcasts, and movie deals
    Those who will get a nice settlement for lawsuits and the DOJ

    Keith loves these kinds of games.

    From inside a prison, maybe not as much fun as outside. He still gets to play them.

    When people stop writing about him, forget who he is, he will go mad inside prison.

    He needs the consent attention.

  • His money is not being used to pay them. When did he start caring about other people’s money? Oh wait, he is targeting the victims. Again. Classy.

    • Not true. Like Keith’s clothes, his money just magically appears and he does not know where it comes from. He is putting this stop payment request out there for the spirits so it does not happen.

  • Video from Britain’s Sun newspaper.

    Crackhead Hunter Biden gets 75,000 thousand dollars from Joe Biden to smoke crack while floating in a sensory deprivation tank!
    Hunter Biden filmed himself smoking ‘drugs’ during detox after dad gave him $75k

  • — Raniere claims Daniela and other victims played a role in the tampering with the FBI.

    Just more proof that Raniere is an unabashed liar, has no conscience whatsoever, and deserves to have his cell locked forever and the key thrown away.

  • Anyone who appeals should not lie once in all their motions and filings and get caught. A single lie affects the whole process, even though Tully and Raniere won’t understand.

    JULY 5, 2022 @ 10:36 PM

    July 5, 2022

    Brandon B. Porter
    PO BOX 1102 ‘
    500 W. Hickman RD
    Waukee, lA 50263

    Hon. Eric R. Komltee
    United States District Judge
    Eastern District of New York
    225 Cadman Plaza East
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    Courtroom: 6G North

    Re: Edmondson, et al. v. Raniere, et al., l:20-CV-00485-EK-CLP

    Hon. Eric R. Komitte and All Parties:

    There were typographical errors in my REPLY in Support of my Motion to Dismiss, Dot. 176.
    am writing to correct the errors.

    In Dot.176, page 8 of 11 (PageID#1807), internal page 5,1 referenced pages of Exhibit
    three separate times. The PACER created page numbers at the top of the pages of Dct. 176
    Exhibit C are illegible; therefore, I will reference the page numbers at the bottom right-hand
    corners of the pages of Exhibit C.
    First reference to Exhibit C (paragraph 1): change page 22 to page 21
    Second reference to Exhibit C (paragraph 1): change pages 20-22 to pages 19-21
    Third reference to Exhibit C (paragraph 2): change page 22 to page 21.
    Of note. Exhibit C is a printout of a public blog post that references documents from expert
    computer scientists. These experts concluded that the “evidence” used to convict Keith Raniere
    of creating and possessing child pornography was fabricated while in FBI custody. Since
    entering my motion to dismiss, defendant Keith Raniere entered two Rule 33 motions in the
    criminal case against him, US vs Raniere, 1:18-cr-00204: Dct 1176 and Dct. 1178. These
    motions reveal indisputable proof for criminal tampering of evidence while in FBI custody and
    evidence for perjury by FBI analysts, respectively. These documents reliably demonstrate that
    the government’s criminal case against Raniere and co-defendants was poisoned with
    malfeasance by government representatives, making both the content and results of the trial


    /s/ Brandon B Porter

    Brandon B. Porter
    Cc: All Counsel by EOF

    • Porter is so stupid. Raniere’s allegations mean nothing to the court. They haven’t been proven in a court of law so they carry no weight in the civil matter.

      It is sooo culty that they are all making this same frivolous claim.

      And so interesting that they cannot see that Raniere is their pied piper and they are the rats, under his spell, willingly allowing him to lead them over the cliff while he remains standing.

  • Frank, or Claviger,

    What legal claim or interest does Keith Raniere actually have on Clare Bronfman’s fine?

    This seems baseless.

    How is it even Keith’s business if/when/where/how/why another inmate’s money (that the court now has jurisdiction over) is used?

    In what legal world does this court ordered monetary transaction really have anything to do with Keith Raniere’s little hissy fit filing? When it’s not even Keith’s money?



    This is your guy.
    Taking this petty action to further hurt your two baby sisters.

    Keith still hopes to damage your family further, Marianna.
    Your precious sisters.

    Your son’s aunties.

    Your a mama now, Marianna.
    Cami and Dani are your mama’s babies.
    This is your family! They are hurting.
    Wake up. Marianna.

    Keith. Is. Such. A. Pissant. Little. Dickwad.

  • I love that Raniere wants to stop payment and it’s not even his money that’s being paid to the victims!

  • Agnifilo clearly knew the tampering allegation was poppycock and it would be pointless to even bring it up.

    It’s so ridiculous it’s embarrassing.

    And damaging to Raniere’s case. Agnifilo knew the last thing the defense needed was drawing attention to the (indisputably genuine) kiddie porn that Raniere possessed:

    “So that’s how I dealt with the photographs at the trial. I didn’t say anything one way or another about them. I didn’t say at the trial anything one way or another about Camila at 15 years old.”

    By bringing the photographs to the judges attention in this Rule 33 motion Raniere has sunk any chance he might have had for an appeal. He had a tiny shot with Judge Garaufis’s halting of Salzman’s cross examination. That’s gone now.

    Once again, the world’s smartest man has proven how abysmally stupid he is.

    • He could have settled for one nice slim girl… he already had millions even without Clare… and he’d be living in paradise now… but no! Demonstrate how much of a dick you can be… show your talent at it… 🙄


      • “He could have settled for one nice slim girl”

        Yes, he should have settled down with the eternally youthful-looking Kristin Kook. He would be having a nice life now, enjoying Kook’s face and Clare’s millions.

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