Raniere’s Victims to Be Paid $3.4 Million in ‘Coming Weeks’ Starting With $507,000 for Camila

A letter from the AUSA Kevin Trowel offers glad tidings for the 21 restitution victims of Keith Alan Raniere.

They will get their piece of the pie — a slice of the $6 million from Clare Bronfman’s fine in the “coming weeks.”

Trowel wrote, “The government has been advised by the Clerk’s Office for the Eastern District of New York that all restitution payments have now been processed, and victims are expected to receive their payments in the coming weeks.”

It was almost a year ago – July 2021 at a restitution hearing. Judge Nicholas Garaufis awarded $3.4 million to 21 victims of the notorious Keith Raniere.
Camila: $507,997.45
Nicole: $412,779.18
India Oxenberg: $298,476.65
Amanda: $257,617.51
Daniela: $249,200
Sutton Family: $250,000
Souki: $244,680.03
Valerie: $241,247.50
Pam A.:  $172,354.18
Audrey: $142,017.96
Jane Doe 35: $127,504.98
Jessica Joan: $116,568
Kristin T. $94,215
Paloma: $71,320.45
Erika $59,720.25
Add’l Jane Doe 14: $53,286.69
Rachel: $49,748.10
Allison W. $44,215.20.
Sarah Edmondson: $27,408.35
Sylvie: $25,809.78
James Loperfido: $5,625
When the good judge awarded the money, there was only one problem. A tiny, little problem. The world’s smartest rascal said he had not a dime. FR obtained his financial affidavit to confirm it — yes, the poor man claimed nothing. No income, no savings.

He had half interest in a house at 3 Flintlock Lane.

3 Flintlock Lane

But that was it – about $60,000 in equity. How would he pay the $3.4 million?


FR wrote in July in Details; Breakdown of Restitution of 21 Victims of Raniere — but Will They Ever Get Paid? “There is, however, $6 million that Clare Bronfman put up in lieu of forfeiting any of her other assets – and that money may be available for restitution. We will follow this matter more fully to see if anyone gets paid and, if they do, how soon that occurs.”

So, it would be expected for Clare Bronfman to pay Raniere’s legal obligations. She had been doing that for years, which is one reason why she currently sits in prison.

The US DOJ for the ED NY negotiated a plea deal with Bronfman. She agreed to pay $6 million as a fine instead of forfeiting other assets. At the time, some thought the $6 million would go to victims’ restitution. The DOJ had other plans.

FR suggested the $6 million the DOJ got from Clare Bronfman. Why not use it for victims?


Lover Boy Raniere with Pamela Cafritz.

What about the estate of Pam Cafritz?, we asked. She died in November 2016, leaving $8 million to Raniere. More than five years later, Cafritz’s estate has not been settled. According to sources familiar with the status, the money may not be available for years to come.

Cafritz did not keep accurate records of the source of her money. Raniere may have secreted some money from Mexico into her bank. If the government can show Cafritz’s money was part of the NXIVM racketeering enterprise, they may seize it.

Raniere Makes Payments

Meanwhile, as FR exclusively reported:

Raniere in a noble gesture started to pay his victims. Though involuntarily.  Frank Report learned the Bureau of Prisons was taking money from his commissary account and wages he earns at his prison job at USP Tucson.

Raniere receives $320 per month from friends and earns about $15 per month for wages. Federal inmates earn from 12 cents to 40 cents per hour for jobs in the prison. Raniere, who according to Damon Brink, used to make $100,000 per hour to coach the world’s elite business people, was reportedly working in the prison kitchen for 20 cents an hour.

MK10ART: The inestimable Keith Alan Raniere residing in the place he is likely to spend the rest of his beautiful life.

The BOP started making Raniere pay $260 per month to 19 of his victims – or $13.68 each per month to each one. He was in for 99 more years. It would take 1089 years for all the restitution to be paid.
On December 15, 2021, AUSA Trowel made an even more noble gesture. He submitted a request for “remission or restoration to MLARS” to see if the DOJ could use the Bronfman $6 million for restitution. The decision was up to the Department of Justice’s Money Laundering and Asset Recovery Section [MLARS].
Clare Bronfman led to slaughter by Mark Geragos

She made a plea deal, which provided she paid a $6 million fine and pleaded guilty to felonies with sentencing guidelines of 21-27 months. [The judge gave her 81 months.)

In February, AUSAs Kevin Trowel aand Tanya Hajjar went to MLARS, who asked for a stay in Raniere appeal to overturn the restitution.  On March 8, MLARS approved handing some Bronfman cash to some 21 victims.

The victims, as Trowel says, should get their money in the coming weeks.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazerr’s prophecy appears true.  He wrote me in 2017, “If I can destroy this guy, take his world down, I will gladly do it. If I can redistribute the Bronfman sisters’ fortunes to the victims, I will do that as well.”

With a little help from his friends – and this website – Raniere has been taken down a notch, and now the victims will taste some Bronfman cash.

Of all the victims, Camila got the largest award. And rightfully so.

Nxivm Camila
Mk10ART’s sketch of Camila.

Camila: $507,997.45

Camila was a victim of Raniere’s racketeering and racketeering conspiracy offenses, because she is the victim of the predicate racketeering acts relating to child pornography.

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis wrote, “Camila’s sworn affidavit describes how, when she was an underage girl, the Defendant induced her to submit to pornographic photography sessions by initiating and maintaining an extended sexual relationship with her.

“Her account corroborates evidence that was presented at trial, which made clear that Mr. Raniere’s commission of child pornography offenses occurred in the context of a sexual relationship that began when Camila was 15 years old. Her affidavit describes the physical pain, and subsequent bleeding, that she experienced during one of their initial sexual encounters. In light of the fact that she was a minor, the court finds that her experience of physical pain occasioned by unlawful sexual intercourse constitutes a ‘bodily injury’ within the meaning of the MVRA [Mandatory Victim Restitution Act]. Accordingly, Camila is statutorily entitled to recover the cost of past and future mental health care proximately caused by the Defendant’s conduct.

“Camila’s sworn affidavit powerfully describes how Mr. Raniere’s sexual exploitation of her, from the time she was 15 years old, made her completely dependent on him, submissive to his whims and directions, and unable to form the independent judgment necessary to take ownership over her choices and time. The court therefore finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the offense of conviction was a proximate cause of Camila’s performance of unpaid work as a young adult in a continuing relationship with the predator who had abused her since her childhood.”

Nicole: $412,779.18

Nicole was a victim of a sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy in connection with her membership in DOS.


Jessica Joan AKA Jay

Jessica Joan AKA Jay: $116,568

Jay was a victim of a sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy.


Audrey: $142,017.96

Jane Doe 6 was a victim of forced labor conspiracy in connection with her membership in DOS.


Sylvie: $25,809.78

MK10ART painting of Sylvie.

Sylvie was a victim of covered sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy offenses in connection with her membership in DOS.


India Oxenberg: $298,476.65

India was a victim of sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy and entitled to


Sarah Edmondson

Sarah Edmondson: $27,408.35

Sarah was a victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Amanda: $257,617.51

Amanda, [who is an attorney] was a victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Souki: $244,680.03

Souki was a victim of forced labor conspiracy and sex trafficking conspiracy.


Valerie: $241,247.50

Valerie was a victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Pam A.: $172,354.18

Pam was a victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Jane Doe 14: $53,286.69

Jane Doe 14 [a well-known Mexican actress] was a victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Erika $59,720.25

Aa victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Allison W. [Not Allison Mack]: $44,215.20.

Victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Paloma: $71,320.45

Forced labor conspiracy.


Jane Doe 35: $127,504.98

Forced labor conspiracy.


Kristin T.  $94,215

[Not Kristin Keeffe or Kristin Kreuk] a victim of forced labor conspiracy.


Rachel: $49,748.10

Rachel was a victim of forced labor conspiracy.



Artist’s sketch of Daniela, who testified under her first name only.

Daniela: $249,200

Daniela is a victim of Raniere’s racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, because she is the victim of the predicate racketeering act relating to document servitude and trafficking for labor and services.

Sutton Family: $250,000

The Sutton Family, are victims of Raniere’s racketeering and racketeering conspiracy offenses, because they are victims of the predicate racketeering act relating to a conspiracy to alter records for use in an official proceeding.


James Loperfido: $5,625

James Loperfido is a victim of Raniere’s racketeering and racketeering conspiracy offenses, because he is the victim of a predicate racketeering act relating to identity theft.


It took years to accomplish, but Raniere is in prison. He filed a pro se motion – at the desperate last moment. I got the pleasure of being part of it, wherein I could write– I believe Raniere raped Camila. Now she and the others will get some recompense.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • Why didn’t Barbara Bouchey apply for restitution? He spent over a $1 million of her money pretending to know the stock market, they tortured her for years with lawsuits, bankrupted her, had a plot to take her and the other ladies down in Mexico… She has so many legitimate reasons to be compensated…..

    • As I understand, Barb did apply for restitution but did not qualify. The crimes Raniere committed against her were not part of the charges at trial.

  • I don’t see a problem using Claire’s forfeited money to pay restitution to these victims. If it weren’t to the unlimited access to the Bronfman millions, NXIVM wouldn’t have evolved to what it became. Imagine going to court for one of their first lawsuits — they would have had $0 to defend themselves, and the rest would be history. Without the Bronfman money, Joe O’Hara and John Tighe would not have spent time in prison (because NXIVM wouldn’t have been able to pay off DA Soares or [dirty] trooper Kirsopp) and Kristen Keefe would not be running and hiding to protect herself and her child (no money to hired those fake PIs), and the list goes on and on.

    Without the Bronfman money, so many people would not have been hurt.

  • If Jessica was India’s slave, why is India getting a payout almost three times as large as Jessica?

    Or am I not allowed to ask that question, since India is a GOOD GUY in the story, and therefore exempt from any criticism or scrutiny?

    She should forfeit every penny she’s made, and will continue to make from this, to human trafficking organizations and to her victims.

    • India and her mom do pay for counseling and Aid women leaving high control situations and other tragic circumstances. A simple Google search would let you know about their organization. If you want to know a breakdown of the damages awarded contact the justice department.

      But it wasn’t just calculated in the manner that you believe many people had forced labor and are being compensated for that. India was pimped out to Keith in the seduction assignment and Jessica left before they could make her f*** Keith through blackmail. while I don’t agree with every aspect of the case I also know that I don’t know every detail of the case. You should probably calm down. You seem to be really unnecessarily fired up about this and taking it way too personally

      • A friend is in prison and I’m not allowed to take any of it personally? But people who remain anonymous and have no connection to these people are welcome to say anything they want?

        India and her mom have a charitable organization? Ok. What does that have to do with anything I asked about? So what? Allison visited sick kids in the hospital for 10 years, that didn’t count in her favor, so why does India’s charity count in hers? Why and how does her charity excuse her attempt to sex traffic Jessica Joan, per the Government’s indictment of India as Co-conspirator #2?

        Co-conspirator #2 received almost three times as much as the woman she attempted to traffic. Period. No amount of word salad can fix this up and make it look nice.

    • Kevin, if you’re not a dead-ender, why do you sound exactly like one?

      At least you guys finally figured out never to use the word “data.”

      Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

      • How am I a “dead-ender” for asking why a perpetrator and co-conspirator was compensated almost three times as much as the woman she attempted to sex traffic?

        Wouldn’t that make me the opposite?

        Or are you unable to look past the simplistic “good guys vs bad guys” narrative that drives most of your opinions?

    • You seem confused. Did Nikki ask for restitution? Did Nicki claim to have suffered? Did Nikki participate as a witness in the trial? Or was Nikki a plaintiff in either the criminal or civil case? Nikki got off very easily especially after committing immigration fraud. Nikki has repeatedly sworn she was no victim and did not suffer why would she get restitution then?

    • Yes, a romantic partner of Raniere for ten years (her words). No amount of money can compensate for that….

  • Love it how money just magically appeared for Keith to pay restitution. Now they won’t take it out of his commissary.

  • “ Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis wrote, “Camila’s sworn affidavit describes how, when she was an underage girl, the Defendant induced her to submit to pornographic photography sessions by initiating and maintaining an extended sexual relationship with her.

    “Her account corroborates evidence that was presented at trial, which made clear that Mr. Raniere’s commission of child pornography offenses occurred in the context of a sexual relationship that began when Camila was 15 years old.”

    And that’s why the “FBI tampering” fantasy is so ridiculous.

    • Keith knew if he did NOT take those pictures when she was 15, so by NOT protesting during the trial means he knew they were legit.

    • How do you know this? Which family? She’s estranged from most and they have disavowed her. The court letters say her dad passed away and her mom is in a nursing home. So where do you imagine this could possibly be stashed ? Maybe she had already used it all up

  • Money won’t fix their divided family. But hopefully, Dani and Cami can get some peace and move on in life.

  • For the loyalists of Raniere

    You are three years too late

    Another sad Raniere loving 3years later if I only had the _____

    It’s like the Wizard of Oz, the dark side
    Where Nicki Clyne and the rest of the loyalists follow the NXIVM brick road to the court house signing,

    Vanguard is innocent and if we only
    Had a brain
    Had a heart
    Had the courage
    Had the wisdom
    Had the blah, blah, blah

    Our leaders would be free today

    What a bunch of horse manure, after the fact and story tell by each of Raniere’s main followers as a last ditch effort to sway the public to “just under him”.

    Judge Garaufis has rejected the late night drop off of the motion at the courthouse.

    Judge Garaufis said all motions have to be filed electronically.

    Raniere’s pro se attempt isn’t showing on the courts docket.

    One has to assume since Eduardo Asúnsolo proudly posted and pointed people to the undocument document on Twitter, he was the drop-off person.
    He does love in Brooklyn & logistically it would make since.

    If one was truly not afraid on their participation of the NXIVM and knew you didn’t commit crimes why be afraid of the DOJ at the time of Raniere’s trial?

    Each person had lawyer to talk with Clare Bronfman made sure of that.

    How convenient of a story to come back now and say the devil of the prosecution made me not testified.

    Really, what a bunch of f—king babies.

    No one wants to go to court and testified. People do it every day to uphold a purpose that is important to them.

    Why not stand on your principles three-year ago and testified before Raniere went to prison?

    Why the story telling now? Was the story not the same 3 years ago?

  • I see names I haven’t seen on the FR before, and I’m curious about their experiences. Judging from the amount of restitution they got,( Amanda, Souki, Valerie; over 250K) it must have been a pretty bad experience. Sylvie gets only 25K yet she was definitely a victim of forced sex with Keith.

      • And $96K plus $25K is about $121K, less than half of the $300K India is getting, which doesn’t count India’s tv money.

        Michelle H is right on the money. If these were black women, or men of any race, nothing close to these settlements would happen. This is a conversation that needs to happen, no matter where anyone stands on NXIVM.

        • A lot doesnt happen for ‘black’ people that ought to, and you Kevin along with your friend Michele H. are part of the overwhelming problem in the States that makes this ugly situation continue.

          The circumstances Michele H finds her life in doesn’t matter in anywhere near the same way, as those losing theirs because the police like to shoot innocent people of colour.

          Is nothing sacred in the quest to free your hideous, very culturally and actually white pedo clown of a leader?

          You would even seek to sneak the old f*cker into a righteous claim about racist injustice in the American Legal system?

          Clutching at straws.. What did you or Michele H. ever do for a single moment that furthered the legitimate claim for justice in the face of gross inequality for people of color?

          And how, in your wildest dreams is Keith Raniere to be considered a victim of historical racist injustice?

          How long before keith puts on his old frock and demands to be housed in the womens prison?

          You can have that idea for free. Clare can pay for the hormones.

        • Kevin, are you and Michelle planning on dancing for your Vantard in Tuscon?

          Or is it too hot there this time of year?

          Viva Executive Success®!!!!!

          • Kevin and Michelle H. would dance in Northern Finland in mid November wearing thermal gloves only, if asked.

        • Find a comprable case for some old lady cult leader who had a bunch of young men branded deceitfully with her initials on their scrotum. Find a case where men were blackmailed into sexually servicing that same old woman.

          Please find a comparable case where the genders are reversed and let’s have the discussion about compensation.

          Michelle is a black woman. Branded by her pussy with her white male slave master’s intials. Many of Keith’s victims were Mexican.

          Cami the victim of child rape and kiddie porn is Mexican. Do you not consider her a person of color? What about her Mexican sister Daniela? Or any of the the other non white victims?

      • Glad to hear that. But I still think there’s a discrepancy between the restitutions, especially regarding Sylvie.

  • Karma is a beautiful thing. No motion or hearing or claim of false “discrimination” by KR can take that away.

    Nothing can ever really undo what was done but after all of that, these victims deserve to worry even less about the rest of life’s issues and to be able to grow beyond their traumas and be more the people they are and not what someone else was forcing them to be.

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