Raniere Making Payments on $3.4M Restitution at $260 Per Month!

MK10ART's painting of Keith Alan Raniere where he presently resides.

Frank Report has learned that Keith Raniere is making monthly payments to his victims – albeit not voluntary payments. The U.S. Bureau of Prisons (BOP)is taking the money from his commissary account and the wages he earns at his prison job at USP Tucson.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Arizona Interior

USP Tucson

Last July, US District Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis awarded restitution in the sum of $3.46 million to twenty-one victims and ordered Raniere to make immediate payment.

MK 10’s portrait of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Raniere did not make any payment.

The U. S. Attorney’s Office’s Financial Litigation Unit (FLU) is charged with enforcing orders of restitution. The FLU could not identify any assets other than Raniere’s Trust Fund Limited Inmate Computer System (TRULINCS), an electronic fund management system that allows inmates to hold funds to purchase commissary items, use the phone, email and, when required, pay restitution.

It is believed that Raniere was receiving $320 per month from friends and that he was earning about $15 per month for wages. Federal inmates earn from 12 cents to 40 cents per hour for jobs in the prison. Raniere was reportedly working in the kitchen for a time.

Because he owed restitution, FLU placed Raniere into the Financial Responsibility Program (FRP), where prison staff monitor his income and make recommendations for restitution payments.

According to our calculations, 79 percent of Raniere’s commissary money is going to victims, leaving him with $75 per month for commissary.  Raniere is paying $260 per month to 19 victims – or $13.68 each per month to each victim.

It would take 1089 years for all the restitution Raniere owes to be paid at this rate. The problem is compounded by the fact that restitution is unenforceable after 20 years. Raniere might wind up paying only a tiny fraction of restitution unless other sources of funds become available.

As for the pain Raniere must endure by the diminution of his commissary, it remains unclear. For the normal prisoner, it might be quite punishing to have only $75 for commissary. But a resourceful person, say one of the top three problem solvers in the US prison systems, with friends on the outside willing to financially help him, can quickly obviate the problem.

They can put money into other prisoners’ commissary with an agreement to share it with Raniere.

On top of that, it is well known that Corrections Officers [AKA guards] provide many items and services to prisoners and a person with money can often buy items, including contraband directly from COs – which is a nice service the BOP offers prisoners.


Dreams of Fast Cash for Restitution Evaporated

MK10ART Allison Mack and victim Jessica Joan

There was considerable joy last July when Judge Garaufis awarded restitution as follows:

  1. Nicole: $412,779.18
  2. Jessica Joan: $116,568
  3. Audrey: $142,017.96
  4. Sylvie: $25,809.78
  5. India Oxenberg: $298,476.65
  6. Sarah Edmondson: $27,408.35
  7. Amanda: $257,617.51
  8. Souki: $244,680.03
  9. Valerie: $241,247.50
  10. Pam A.:  $172,354.18
  11. Additional Jane Doe 14: $53,286.69
  12. Erika $59,720.25
  13. Allison W. $44,215.20.
  14. Paloma: $71,320.45
  15. Jane Doe 35: $127,504.98
  16. Kristin T. $94,215
  17. Rachel: $49,748.10
  18. Camila: $507,997.45
  19. Daniela: $249,200
  20. James Loperfido: $5,625
  21. Sutton Family: $250,000
Keith Raniere with Pamela Cafritz.

Many believed that money would be readily available from the estate of Pam Cafritz, who died in November 2016, leaving $8 million to Raniere.

More than five years later, Cafritz’s estate has apparently still not been probated – and, according to sources familiar with the status of the estate, the money will not be available for years to come, if ever.

According to sources, Cafritz did not keep accurate records of the source of her money – and did not file tax returns. Some of the money is suspected to have been secreted by Raniere from Mexico. If the government can show Cafritz’s money was part of the NXIVM racketeering enterprise, they may move to seize it.  The real battle for the $8 million may be between the IRS and the US Attorney over how much each department gets.

If anything is left, it would then go to restitution victims. If there is anything left after that, it would go to Raniere.


Bronfman Money Not Going to Victims of Raniere

What about the Bronfman money?

Clare Bronfman is not legally responsible for paying for Raniere’s victims.

When the US Dept. of Justice for the Eastern District of NY negotiated a plea deal with Bronfman, it was agreed she would pay $6 million as a fine in lieu of forfeiting other assets. At the time, some thought the $6 million would be used for restitution victims.

Each of the 94 US Attorneys’ offices compete to see which office can get the most forfeiture money. It is competitive and impacts the budget and prestige of individual offices. It appears the EDNY prosecutors, when they structured the $6 million fine, knew the money would go to the forfeiture pot and not the restitution pot.

Clare Bronfman leaves court with attorney Mark Geragos. She made a plea deal which provided that she pay a $6 million fine and plead guilty to felonies with a sentencing guidelines of 21-27 months.


Restitution Takes Back Seat to Feds

“The Justice for All Act of 2004,” which provides that “crime victims are entitled to full and timely restitution,” is largely a sham.

In most cases – and the Raniere case appears to be no exception – there is no money for restitution.

The feds often seize assets for forfeiture before a defendant is convicted. Whatever money is left is often exhausted by lawyers by the time a defendant goes to trial. Most defendant by the time they are convicted are broke and in prison, where they won’t be making much money.

The dirty little secret is that in most cases, victim restitution is for show, not for substance.

According to the DOJ, “Under federal law, it is mandatory for a defendant to pay restitution when there is a loss to the victim. Unfortunately, as a practical matter, a defendant who has no money or potential to make money in the future, may be unlikely to ever make meaningful restitution to the victims of a crime.”

So, it goes.

Bronfman’s $6 million was absorbed by the government.

Cafritz’s $8 million will be absorbed by the government.

Raniere will make payments of $260 per month.

Meantime, the government prosecutors, with righteous indignation, proclaim they did it all for the abused women and other victims and, in the end, they brought justice for all.

Meantime the victims get $13.68 per month.

Viva Prosecutorial Success!!



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  • […] This is good news, for when there is a will, there is a way. With the civil suit on shaky grounds – should the judge find that the Bronfman sisters cannot be held to pay for DOS victims – and since no other defendant has any money – this might be spell doom for the lawsuit– but the saving grace for victims of Raniere could wind up with something more than Raniere’s current $260 per month restitution payment. […]

  • Boooring. Come on, Frank, time to step up your game. Where do you live? Are you married? Children? Any of them part of NXIVM? You were part of NXIVM at one point, weren’t you? Share with us a little more about you.

  • I worked in criminal justice, and this is a common situation, and for far less amounts. A perpetrator that will never be able to pay fines or restitution. So they take what they can.

  • Frank,
    On the podcast with Mike, you mentioned KR may have been sexually abused by his mother. Is there any more info on this? I never read or heard that before. I know he’d said he had to take care of her when she was terminal but that’s about it. Thanks

    • I have heard this and speculated about it as well. From Raniere himself, I heard: he first had sex when he was 11 or 12 years old; it was with an older woman; and his attitude was kind of cocky and proud of that. His mother had died before I met him. There was something about his godmother as well. He implied that his mother had seemed to develop some distrust of his godmother but had not acted on that. So, when his mother died, his godmother became the trustee of what money was left to Raniere. Raniere and his godmother had a very close relationship when I knew her – I suspect that they were involved while I was his girlfriend.

      So, that’s all I know based on the word of Raniere, a habitual liar, and my own observations at the time. Frankly, I don’t think we’ll ever know for certain unless Raniere himself chooses to tell. And then again, that habitual liar part kinda gets in the way of any definitive conclusion on it.

    • You are a goddam traitor to the United States. You like dictatorships? I hope your fat ass dies of ball cancer.

      You love Russia you fat [redacted] then move there.

  • How did your psych and anger management evaluations go, Frank?

    How long before you finally cut a deal with the federal government for your crimes?

    It is going to be fun to watch you spend time in federal prison and end up the same way you railroaded Vanguard.

    • I love cowards who taunt anonymously. If you want to ask questions, have the courage to ask in your own name. Otherwise I mark you as a coward.

      It will be fun to watch you squirm rather than reveal who are you…. As for seeing me in prison — don’t count on it.

      • You are SO tough, Frank. SOOOOOOOO TOOOOOOOUGH!


        It will be fun to watch you squirm in your federal prison bunk.

          • Oh, I see. So, the government offers a “deal.” They do that first hoping they do not have to work. Make them prove it.

          • Frank,

            Now that you are friends with Nicki and the Raniere loyalists – why don’t you write a piece about their take on what the most ethical man in the world directed the Bronfman sisters to do to you legally?

            You let them post all kinds of Nxivm propaganda on your blog. Why not challenge their mistaken beliefs about the integrity of Clare and Keith – by posting a real conversation with them about your Nxivm experience and the continued cost of it on your life all these years later?

            It’s nice that you’ve all made up and work together now, but it’s all very fake if your “friends” aren’t acknowledging what you claim happened.

            On one of their visits to see you in Florida, why not ask them to really take a look at what you say was done to you by the Bronfmans at Keith’s direction?

            Especially given Nicki’s recently posted belief that so called frivolous lawsuits and false legal filings are contemptible actions, it seems very hypocritical of her to go hard on Edmondson and Vicente and not even acknowledge the long history of Nxivm’s vexatious litigation targeting their “enemies” such as yourself.

            That’s something you should really dig into. Otherwise, it all seems much less than truthful or investigative on any of your parts.


    • ==…end up the same way you railroaded Vanguard.

      HAHAHAHA @ “railroaded” Vanguard.

      Some people truly are victims in trusting and being deceived by others, but not VanHypocrite who said for years there are no ultimate victims while victimizing others. His hypocrisy in abuse of ethics knew no bounds and the hypocrites sit at the lowest. His was an “ethical breach” against the very principle of ethics itself. Now VanPrisonForLife can’t see how many of his actual and/or perceived themselves to be victims of him are smirking at the irony from the comfort of their homes.

      VanCorrupt sent himself to prison for his despicable acts. VanFraud is right where he’s supposed to be for the sum accumulation of VanDouche’s life, only some of which were exposed (there’s probably even more) and reflected what a d-bag he really is. VanIdiot truly is the dumbest “smartest and most ethical” man in the world. VanSexAddict had a bunch of gullible nincompoop rich followers catering to his every need and whim based on lies and he wound up in prison because he just had to brand some “love is pain” cowshyte on women like cattle. VanWhatGoesAroundComesAround drove his own van into the bottom of a lake.

      • Always enjoyed ‘VanDouche’ best of all his nicknames, so apt given his fatal obsession with vagina’s.

        For Achilles, it was the heel, for VanDouche the vagina. Same dreary outcome.

  • Say friends on the outside were to increase their payments to KR’s prison account. Could the monthly restitution be increased or is this set at $260? How likely is it these friends will discontinue adding funds if they are not going to their Vanguard?

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    A musical interlude.

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    “If you believe you’ve lived your life the right way, then you do not have nothing to fear.”
    — John Wayne Gacy

  • When did you think the US government would ever look after your interests?

    You have to defend yourself by thinking independently and avoiding dangers on your own.

    The government does not give a rat’s ass about you.

    The Gods help those who help themselves.

    Stop being cult followers of the corrupt government!

    • Shadow:

      One quick question: Was the government corrupt when Trump was President – or did it just become corrupt since Biden took office one year ago?

        • Nice try…but you didn’t answer the first part of the question I asked: Was the government corrupt when Trump was President?

          (I’ve already guessed what your answer will be but maybe you’ll surprise me)

    • Do you think this is a recent thing within the government?

      It’s been going on for a long time. Long before Biden or Trump took office.

      Clare Bronfman paid a fine and paid restitution to 1, maybe 2, victims?

      Nancy Salzman didn’t pay any damages to any victims, did she?

      How about Allison Mack?

      Raniere, who says he has no money, but can afford lawyers all the time, pays out of his candyman fund.

  • Vanguard might have a prison buddy from his MDC days. None other than his con artist friend James Williams who ripped off the NXIVM Five for 500 K but that’s OK

    After the fraudster was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison for lying to the probation officer, he has requested to serve his time in the same Arizona facility where Keith Raniere is currently serving his sentence.

    Who would ask to serve their time with a guy you just ripped off 500k for a movie you were supposed to make about him?

    Doesn’t that smell kind of like someone whose been in the SHU for 100 days?

    What can these two con men be planning?

    Williams wasn’t sent to prison for ripping the NXIVM Five off for 500k. No charges were pressed by them. Say What!!!

    It was for lying to his probation officer about the 500K and he falsified documents about a job he didn’t have.

    Is this weird? Not if you have been around the criminal organization of NXIVM of any amount of time.

    It’s just another day in the neighborhood of Raniere and his puppets

    • I’ve speculated that that entire ridiculous episode was planned by vanguard. He loves to watch people suffer. I think he plotted to have the nxivm fools team up with that Williams guy, he had them waste their money on a fool’s errand, and then watch the guy end up in jail for it anyway. All in a days work for the world’s most ethical man.

      It makes sense to me that it was planned by keith because there is no reason that Eduardo would ever agree to work with Williams, or even know who the hell he was for that matter, unless keith wanted it to happen. An example of a pure sociopath at his best.

      But to your point, I’m sure it’s just like old times again!

      • Agree that Keith set up his dead-ender “friends” to lose the 500K. Remember Keith’s poor college roommate “friend” who lent keith the 50K?

        I’m not giving up hope that these dead-enders won’t eventually yawn and wake up.

        To quote Ice-nine: “Everything that keith does is to torment, humiliate, and destroy. Everything. That lesson should be clear by now and I don’t know why people keep falling for it and can’t recognize it. vanguard just can’t help himself. It’s the frog and the scorpion with him.”

    • Most movies that attract investors never end up in theaters. It is a very difficult industry. Most investors lose out. That’s just the way it goes. But to anti-cultists a big, elaborate conspiracy is the only explanation allowed.

  • “They can put money into other prisoners’ commissary with an agreement to share it with Raniere.” Or, large and intimidating inmates can “ask” shrimplike four-eyes Raniere to have his rich friends on the outside put money in their accounts and then not give him anything. Don’t have to be one of the world’s great thinkers to figure that out.

    “Meantime, the government prosecutors, with righteous indignation, proclaim they did it all for the abused women and other victims “

    Ah yes, the evil federal government. Without which Raniere, Nxivm and DOS would still be flourishing.

    Me, I’m happy that Raniere has had his commissary funds garnished. No more Lil’ Debbie donuts for him.

  • “ Viva Prosecutorial Success!!”
    But it is a succes: after all, he’s in jail.

    As for the restitution: perhaps the government must devise new laws to make sure the victims do get paid in accordance with the sentence. Not your thing, I know.

    I presume Garaufis awarded restitutions in accordance what he thought Rainiere was able to pay. It’s odd that this doesn’t seem to work out so far. But it may, eventually. Patience perhaps?

  • So no one is “laughing all the way to the bank” after being victimized by vanguard the squat and smelly as some misinformed cult die-hard posted earlier today.

    Thank you for clearing that up, Frank.

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