Michele Hatchette: Allison Mack Was Committed to Helping Her Slaves Achieve Goals

Allison Mack

This is part 2 of Michele Hatchette’s argument that DOS was good for her. And, by extension, good for others. I make no comment on the validity of her experience. She did not testify.

Part 1 DOS Slave Michele Hatchette Defends Allison Mack Part 1 – Masters Told Slaves About Collateral, Chains and Brand in Advance

Michele said if she testified, she would have countered Nicole and Sylvie’s testimony.  Sylvie was her coach in NXIVM. Nicole was a sister slave, with Michele having the same master, Allison Mack.
Michele extols Mack and thinks she did nothing but help her. Michele’s view is intriguing, even if you believe DOS was evil or stupid. Michele’s opinion is vital if you think it was the brainchild of a pervert.
We want to understand how Raniere succeeded and failed, for there are others like him lurking. She has her view of DOS.
For my part, DOS was Raniere’s idea of harming women. He planned to increase his opportunity to have access to women to enslave. Yet Michele has good intentions. She wanted and thinks she got help from Mack and Sylvie Lloyd. She had a warm sisterhood with Daniele Roberts, India Oxenberg, and Nicole.

She was happy with DOS. She may fail to recognize that others are unhappy. She may fail to realize that Raniere’s plan was mind-numbingly stupid. It could not work . Branding women, taking collateral, lifetime vows of obedience. Held by collateral.
Raniere designed it to fail.

Allison, Sylvie, and India left with a bitter taste of rancid Raniere. Danielle and Michele remain savoring his wonderfulness.

And Mack’s too. Yet Mack denounced the Vanguard. Whether she did that because she had to or did it because she wanted to spare herself years in prison is hard to say.

Michele and the others are trying to defend themselves and what happened. Their efforts are no doubt sincere but sometimes unfortunate.
As an example, they published this picture at the Dossier Project.

They note with the photo:
The beautiful and meaningful experiences we shared in DOS to fade into the background, especially when there is so much social and societal pressure to believe it was bad. Thankfully, we have an abundance of photos documenting our time together. A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is with bittersweet sadness that we share our fond memories with the world, so that the reality of our experiences won’t be overshadowed by a hateful and false narrative.

OK, I buy it to a degree. Some happy times. The argument that the good of DOS shows through “an abundance of photos.” Photos worth a 1000 words each is an unfortunate expression. It brings to mind “collateral.”  DOS had plenty of naked photos worth 2000 words each.
Many women still feel bad about their nude pictures being out there. They could be in anyone’s hands. Mack used to command women to pose nude. For Michele and Daniele, it seems not to matter. They were good with it. Others were not. We should respect too.

By Michele Hatchette

In DOS, I had the opportunity to build deep, meaningful friendships with other women, especially Nicole, India, and Danielle. We were mentored by Allison Mack. The four of us referred to ourselves as a “circle.” Within our circle, we formed a bond.

I considered these women my dear friends and sisters.

While Ms. Mack mentored us individually, the four of us built trust, which inspired us to mentor each other and initiate the development of practices unique to our circle. We were inspired by the process and training in DOS.

For example, a series of practices Nicole, India, and Ms. Mack created involved walking, meditation, and watching or reading something inspirational each day. After doing the practices for over a month, Nicole, India, and Ms. Mack shared their experience with Danielle and me.
Nicole expressed enthusiasm for the meaningful, beneficial practices.

At some point, Nicole, India, Danielle, and I, independent from Ms. Mack, decided to create a written commitment we called our “creed.”

India Oxenberg and Michele Hatchette have different views of Allison Mack.

While carefully crafting this document over weeks.  

Bizarre Nxivm: Black Woman Fights to Be Called Slave of White Man, Keith Raniere – Artvoice

Nicole sent an email to the group describing her thoughts, feelings, and ambitions. This email contradicts Nicole’s claim that she was motivated by fear of her collateral being released.

This was an unsolicited email where she expressed her thoughts about the benefit of the “readiness” practice and her choice to join DOS.

“I chose to take the vow as a way to overcome my fears and live the life I want to live. To live a full life. I chose to commit to the vow to understand and experience that freedom and joy come from the inside, from the internal and not from the external.”

This email was sent on January 3, 2017.

On January 4, 2017, Nicole, Danielle, and I received an email from India (forwarded from Sylvie) asking for help transcribing audios for Ms. Cafritz’s memorial.

Pamela Cafritz died November 7, 2016.Nicole spent about five hours transcribing these audios. The government used this to substantiate the Forced Labor charge against Mr. Raniere.

We Were Friends Too

India, Danielle, and I lived in the Albany area.  We spent time socially, grabbing a coffee, walking, attending events, etc. Nicole lived in Brooklyn. She would meet with Ms. Mack and us each week via video chat for our weekly check-in.

Nicole also visited Albany sometimes, and we would try to get together in person while she was in town.

Our weekly check-in was a time to share whatever was on our minds. We shared openly and vulnerably about anything and began to hold each other accountable to the standards each woman wanted for herself.

These check-ins built a foundation for the four of us to take the initiative in ways that had nothing to do with Ms. Mack or Mr. Raniere.

Nicole testified her relationship with India was used against her to make Allison “happy” for the “benefit” of Mr. Raniere.

L-r Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts – of DOS. Everyone of these ladies, except for Mack, continues to be happy about their experience with DOS.

It was not my experience that Ms. Mack “used” the women against each other.

I remember Ms. Mack sharing her excitement whenever someone achieved a goal. Ms. Mack was always contemplating how she could be of more support to us. Ms. Mack was committed to doing anything to help us achieve our goals.

I cannot recall a moment in the three years I was in DOS that Ms. Mack did anything to compromise the well-being of Nicole, Danielle, India, and myself. Not once did Nicole, Danielle, or India say they felt used against one of the others.

I only had experiences where we were in support and encouragement of each other. If India, Danielle, or Nicole had expressed they felt forced or coerced, I would have taken action immediately.


Michele dancing in front of MDC.

Had I not been threatened and intimidated by the prosecution, I would have explained to the jury why DOS members sometimes took on some discomfort, like a cold shower, when one of us would fail at a commitment we’d set for ourselves.

I could have referenced a WhatsApp conversation I had with India, which demonstrates my offering to take on a consequence for India if she thought it would help her move through a failure she was consistently struggling to overcome.

India and I created an action plan. Ms. Mack did not force this on us.

Michele Hatchette

Nicole’s testimony misrepresented DOS. I believe she was influenced by the government, which advanced a theory that the women Ms. Mack mentored were “sex slaves” for Mr. Raniere.

I would have been able to testify to the opposite of being sex trafficked. The women in my circle, including Nicole, were adults with our own financial resources who lived independently and had liberties and privileges that any educated woman from a supportive family would have.

Membership in DOS was voluntary, and any woman in the process of evaluating her decision to join was free to decline the invitation.
Ms. Mack never “commanded me to have sex with Mr. Raniere.

I never required any woman I mentored to have sex with Mr. Raniere or anyone else.

Mr. RaniereThe government took Nicole’s accounts as though that was the universal experience of DOS.

Her description of DOS could not be more opposite than mine. Nicole’s description of DOS could not be more opposite than other women in DOS who currently view their experiences as positive.


It was central to the government’s theory that collateral was an ever-present factor that forced women in DOS to do things they did not want to do.

For almost two years, I communicated with women in my circle. We failed several times at different practices. Our collateral was never released, threatened to be released, nor did anyone in our circle express fear of it being released, including Nicole.

My experience was that women in the circle created and agreed upon consequences that were not imposed by Ms. Mack or Mr. Raniere.

The only time I ever felt coerced or threatened in DOS was by the government when they tried to convince me to adopt their theories.

The release of collateral was never factored into our group activities or practices.

Nicole testified she was constantly afraid of her collateral being released. She stated, “[I]f we didn’t obey, then the first collateral would be released.”

On several occasions, Nicole “disobeyed” and opted out of activities or conversations, which did not result in releasing her collateral.

In connection with the Forced Labor charges, 18 U.S. Code § 1589 defines Forced Labor as

one who “knowingly provides or obtains the labor or services of a person (2) by means of any scheme, plan, or pattern intended to cause the person to believe that, if the person did not perform such labor or services, that person or another person would suffer serious harm or physical restraint”.

According to the government, forced labor was when Nicole read and reviewed a series of articles by Mr. Raniere. I also reviewed these articles and did not fear I would “suffer serious harm or physical restraint.”

Nicole said she enjoyed reading the articles and wanted to re-read some when she had more time.

This information, I believe, would have dismantled and rendered incredible Nicole’s claims, ultimately serving to undermine the government’s evidence of forced labor.

The government claimed Nicole was a victim of Forced Labor when she transcribed audios for Pamela Cafritz. I also transcribed audios for the service and attested that doing so was voluntary. It was driven by my desire to memorialize Ms. Cafritz.

I would have testified that a small group, including Sylvie and India, coordinated the memorial service. They contacted community members for help in the planning process. Nicole and I were asked by India to transcribe videos. It was not a directive from Mr. Raniere or Ms. Mack.

Contrary to the government’s claims, this effort was not part of DOS. If Nicole or I felt we did not have time to complete the transcriptions of the audios (provided by Sylvie), there were others in the community we could have reached out to as replacements for the task.

Sylvie Was My Coach

Sylvie Lloyd testified at the trial.

Additionally, I would have offered insight into Sylvie’s testimony. Sylvie was my coach in ESP for three years. As my coach, she and I checked in weekly on the progress of my goals. She reached out and checked in with me outside those standing meetings.

We became close friends. She supported me positively and helped me achieve things I wanted, most notably by helping me train for my third half marathon, where I broke my fastest time.

Much of Sylvie’s testimony focused on the alleged emotional damage she claims were caused by her time in Jness. My relationship with Sylvie would have been critical for the jury to learn that Sylvie was an enthusiastic leader in ESP and Jness. She helped many men and women, including myself.

In 2015, Sylvie invited me to join a social media/marketing company, and our first client was Jness. Working together on a Jness marketing campaign, Sylvie’s leadership inspired me. She had an ability to communicate the humanitarian values and goals of Jness.

Sylvie’s enthusiasm about Jness is further evidenced by an email Sylvie sent on September 8, 2015, where she expressed excitement about a proposal for a social media campaign.

A year later, on September 20, 2016, Sylvie wrote a description of her skills and why they demonstrated that she was an excellent fit to lead social media and marketing initiatives for Jness.

As the project manager and leader of the re-branding strategy for Jness, Sylvie demonstrated she had a deep understanding of the concepts taught in Jness and was entrusted to convey the company’s values through their online presence.

Sylvie embodied the great aspects of Jness. My experience of Sylvie’s enthusiasm for Jness and being a leader in the social media company that helped celebrate women would have been significant.

It would contrast Sylvie’s description of Jness as the reason she began to feel negative about herself and other women.
When the prosecution asked Sylvie how the Jness curriculum impacted the way she made decisions, Sylvie replied, “I just felt like I couldn’t trust myself in what I thought was going on and what was right and wrong.” (Tr. 307-308)

Had I not been intimidated and threatened by the prosecution, I would have offered testimony that I believed Sylvie was a strong coach.

I trusted Sylvie’s ability to guide me in making decisions, because I’d witnessed her grow and become more confident in herself in the three years she coached me. She was compassionate, consistent, and confident in coaching me.

My trial testimony would have undermined Nicole’s testimony and was inconsistent with the government’s theory of Forced Labor and Sex Trafficking.

Nicole and I

I was identically situated to Nicole within DOS.

I could have provided the jury with information about events and experiences that Nicole and Sylvie testified about.

I could have provided information about the genuine nature and goals of DOS, from my perspective and experience.

Mr. Raniere and the jury were denied this through the government’s actions, which demonstrated they were not open to my account of what happened.

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  • “Nicole and I were asked by India to transcribe videos. It was not a directive from Mr. Raniere or Ms. Mack.”

    Oh yeah, it was all Sylvie’s idea. She just thought: “Wouldn’t it be fabulous for Nicole and Michele to transcribe a few videos? Much better that breaking rocks in the desert.” Certainly outlandish to assume that Sylvie would not have received any instructions from those above her.

    “Sylvie demonstrated she had a deep understanding of the concepts taught in Jness…Sylvie replied, “I just felt like I couldn’t trust myself in what I thought was going on and what was right and wrong”

    She was either in the same brainwashed state as the rest of you, or going along with it because she felt she had no choice. I’m thinking the latter is more probable.

  • I wish that not a single person who has commented on this blog ever have a family member or close friend go to prison or be subjected to the kind of ridicule that any of those involved in this case, or their family and friends, have experienced.

    To not have the smallest amount of compassion or empathy for these women, whether they defected from the group or are still a part of it, is just so heartless. What do you gain from making fun of them? How does it make your lives better?

  • These testimonials are typical dead Ender bait and switch. The cult dead-enders will make disingenuous statements about Keith’s character not withstanding it is only about Justice even for the most hated or unlikable man.

    But then at the same time they will spout all this k8nd of nonsense about how having a slave ring was really a great, empowering thing and Keith was this wonderful leader. It’s absolute, utter b*******.

    It’s not enough for the cult dead-enders to spread false rumors about alleged FBI tampering and try to get Keith a new trial.

    It’s also very important to the dead-enders to try and convince people that Keith was a good man and their cult organization was amazing and positive.

    It’s a tall order. The dead-enders would be better off just focusing on ONE of these PR campaigns. The mixed messaging makes both campaigns seem like b*******. Or or rather like even worse b*******!

  • I never thought brain washing was a thing till I saw these people. If you were not afraid of collateral, why were you afraid of the government and prosecution? What exactly did they threaten? Is this just guilt because you didn’t take a risk in the trail? Also doing hand stands outside a prison is mega cringe. You are basically destroying any chance you have with future employers. Also, according to Nxivm there are no victims, so you did it to yourself.

  • Can someone please ship Nicki Clyne’s ugly ass back to Canada? She is here illegally and I would much rather remove her and allow a Ukrainian refugee in her place.

    • FYI: Send Her Back!

      Nicki’s [redacted] is 10 times better looking than Suneel……

      ……But she is only 1/2 as pretty as Frank’s [redacted] after Frank gets [redacted] of course.

      • Hey Frank- how’s your [redacted]? I bet you’re still taking it in the [redacted] with a big smile on your face.

        You hire nutjob as an assistant moderator?

  • Michelle’s website is hilarious!!

    “I’m a naturally private person, yet in recent years, my private life became public in ways I did not authorize. My likeness, story and being have been used to further destructive narratives in the global media, resulting in the wrongful incarceration of innocent friends and the destruction of a peaceful, international community.

    History, its said, is always written by the victors. Well, good thing I’m in the business of winning. So welcome in. Feel free to take off your shoes, stay awhile and join me for some real talk”

    Hahahahah….Innocent Friends? Peaceful community? Lol

    Hahahaha….In the business of winning? Lol ya lost bitch…you all lost. 120 years of losing to be exact.

    Kick rocks loser!

  • It is worthwhile to go back and read through old articles to gain insight into how Jness, etc. has evolved and how the players have positioned themselves in this whole. By the way, a certain Scott Johnson is co-author of this article. Definitely a different Scott Johnson than the one we know and appreciate.

    The Hollywood Reporter

    Her Darkest Role: Actress Allison Mack’s Descent From ‘Smallville’ to Sex Cult
    Like many in Hollywood, Mack sought spiritual guidance outside the mainstream. But 12 years after checking out a women’s empowerment seminar, she stands accused of recruiting “slaves” and branding women with a hot cauterizing pen. Through interviews with close friends and ex-members of the Nxivm cult, THR reveals how a charismatic fan favorite allegedly morphed into the leader’s No. 2 and explores the persistent allure and pernicious effect of cults on entertainment.


    MAY 16, 2018

    One Saturday morning in late 2006, several dozen people filed into an unremarkable hotel conference room in Vancouver, British Columbia, for a two-day introduction to Jness. The program was billed as a “women’s movement” within Nxivm (pronounced NEX-ee-um), an umbrella organization offering a host of personal growth courses attended by thousands of people around the world. Chairs were arranged classroom-style in the room, coffee and tea on offer in the back. Nxivm’s president, Nancy Salzman, a bespectacled brunette with a bob and acute, sharply drawn eyebrows, rose to speak. Salzman, a nurse who co-founded Nxivm in 1998 with its leader, Keith Raniere, began with a brief history of gender relations. “She talked about how women have been raised to be monogamous and how men’s general nature is to be more polygamous, to spread their seed,” recalls Susan Dones, a Nxivm member at the time. “I found it really archaic.”
    Dones wasn’t some recent Nxivm initiate. She was a “field trainer” with her own Nxivm center in Washington state, where she still lives, and had taught courses in Ireland and Mexico. She embraced the teachings of Raniere, who had adopted the title “Vanguard” from a favorite arcade game he’d played as a kid, in which the destruction of one’s enemies increased one’s own power. As Dones listened to Salzman that morning, she deduced that “they were introducing the idea of polygamy, but with a soft sell, laying the groundwork.” Dones, who would leave Nxivm in 2009, knew from personal experience that Raniere maintained a harem of more than a dozen women. In private conversations, Salzman had repeatedly told Dones, a lesbian, that “the world wasn’t ready” for Raniere’s radical ideas about polygamy, incest, sociopathy and power.

    For this particular Jness weekend, Raniere had dispatched key members of his senior team. [ … ]


    • At the Jness meeting where Lauren and the Bronfman’s first nabbed Mack:
      “The reason for the charm offensive: They knew that Allison Mack, then 23 and an actress on The CW’s Smallville, would be in the audience, brought by co-star Kristin Kreuk, who had recently joined the group. This wasn’t the first time Nxivm had rolled out the red carpet (Dones calls it “love-bombing”) for VIPs. Mack wasn’t the first Hollywood catch, but she was a big one — a fan favorite.”

      Was Kreuk loved-bombed earlier? She was at least as big a Hollywood catch, and surely a more cum-worthy catch for Vanguard’s sex fantasy.

  • ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Michele Hatchette wasn’t paying attention.
    Allison Mack and Keith Raniere have been convicted for their actions. Unfortunately, there were no other charges and Mack got off with far too lenient a sentence because she cut a deal. There is nothing further to discuss about how well Allison and Keith meant it all. It doesn’t matter how Michele Hatchette feels about Allison Mack or Keith Raniere. Allison Mack and Keith Raniere were convicted for their crimes and not because Michele Hatchette had a bad experience with DOS or Allison and Keith from her personal perspective.


    Allison Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy

    Keith Raniere found guilty at jury trial of all charges including:

    Count 1: Racketeering Conspiracy

    Count 2: Racketeering for the predicate racketeering acts (all marked by jury foreperson as “Proven”)

    Act 1: Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft, Conspiracy to Unlawfully Possess an Identification Document

    Act 2, 3: Sexual Exploitation of a Child (separate acts against the same victim)

    Act 4: Possession of Child Pornography

    Act 5: Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft; Identity Theft (two separate victims)

    Act 6: Conspiracy to Alter Records for Use in an Official Proceeding

    Act 7: Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft

    Act 8: Trafficking for Labor and Services; Document Servitude

    Act 9: Extortion

    Act 10: Sex Trafficking; Forced Labor

    Act 11: Conspiracy to Commit Identity Theft

    Count 3: Forced Labor Conspiracy

    Count 4: Wire Fraud Conspiracy

    Count 5: Sex Trafficking Conspiracy

    Count 6: Sex Trafficking

    Count 7: Attempted Sex Trafficking

  • Rosa Laura Junco a first-line master in DOS and direct slave to cult leader Keith Alan Raniere wrote a letter to him promising vanguard her teenage daughter.

    It is the totality of this depraved, criminal organization DOS that makes it so despicable.

    It’s not “bad ass” for a mother to “pimp” her young daughter to her pedophile lover.

    It’s fucking disgusting. And demented. And it’s definetly not mentioned on the JNESS promotional material. And I doubt it was put forth while recruiting “sisters”for “the vow”.

    Keith also tried to forcibly engage sisters Marianna and Daniela in an incestuous threesome making them cry in traumatized horror.

    Merry Christmas, bad ass women! Please participate in me fucking your sister! And promise me your teenage daughter.


    • This was as I recall the night Daniela came back illegally into the USA – Dec. 24, 2004. Happy Xmas.

  • Michele you are fortunate. NXIVM is defunct and is no longer holding you captive. You are holding yourself captive, and I hope you realize that you can free yourself anytime you wish.

  • The US must deport Nicki back to Canada where she can marry Kristin Kreuk.

  • Jness had 1,000 hours of curriculum. What a waste of time. Why not 100,000 hours? The curriculum should never end like all courses at Nxivm. An endless loop with no end in sight. Never finished because it was designed that way and you had to pay for more and more courses or do free work.

    • Anonymous @ 1:35 pm

      That’s is really funny and crazy!

      1000 hours for females to “learn” how to be female. That’s longer than some police academy trainings.

      But in the case of the JNESS curriculum it was like spending 1000 hours teaching a penguin how to be a penguin. And making the penguin pay a shark for the training.

      And if a person is okay saying “JNESS” with a straight face that is a whole other issue

      • The trouble with penguins is you cant trust them. Also they cry a lot when they need their bags carried. Also most are too fat and need to lose pounds. They act princess-y.

  • Jness

    Our Jness is our highly personal version of being a woman; it is an affirmation of our independent life-journey with its lessons, tragedies, and magnificence. No two women are the same. Each of us has a unique, powerful, secret-self, formed from our experiences in life. No one set of words can quite quantify us, and no collection of rules can categorize us. Jness in general, is the personal work of empowered women in this world.

    Organized Jness is the journey to find more depth and meaning in our lives connecting us with our personal wisdom through bonded groups of friends, inspired by essential questions, and the sharing of many. Through the workings of Jness we find more of ourselves and reunite with parts lost to fear or social ignorance.

    Have you ever been with a closest friend, or friends, and desired to create something meaningful? Maybe even something bigger than just a simple project, or some self-serving goal? Possibly a group effort addressing a personal concern about the world where you see meaningful work needs to be done.

    Take a minute to think about some of the most meaningful needs of society from your perspective: Is one of these needs world hunger? Or possibly more pressing is the issue of abuse of power in government? Or maybe even more important is a war in a foreign country? Or you might focus upon difficulties closer to home, such as the lack of community in your community, or possibly some type of social prejudice? Or for some, just the simple lack of caring amongst friends and neighbors, is most disturbing. There are many, many other equally important challenges in the world but what is of primary concern is which issues are most important to you directly, personally.

    On a spring day in 2006, in a car, driving down the highway, this was the topic of discussion amongst 3 dearest friends; Pam, Marianna, and Keith.

    Keith offered an expertise in educational methodology along with a body of knowledge relating to the human dynamic. The most essential thing for both Pam and Marianna was their struggles as women in a world where woman’s values are distorted. Over the next few days, the initial codification for a new method of gender transformation, Jness, was born, from the loving intent of 3 people, who desired to create something meaningful together, to make the world a better place.

    Today, just 10 years later, Jness has spread to over 17 locations and has touched women (and men) from all walks of life. With over 1000 hours of ever expanding curriculum and methods of gender empowerment, Jness is one of the most advanced and detailed paths of gender discovery in the world. It is, more importantly, a home community for many, many, compassionate, humanity-minded women of this era.


    • That’s some Grade-A, triple distilled, extra virgin bullshit right there.

      Could it be any more vague?

      “Yes”, any reasonable person would ask, “but what IS it, this JNESS thing?”

      Any reasonable person. But the kind of idiots who join cults, they hear that sales pitch and ask “Where do I sign up?!”

      And that’s exactly what Raniere and Mack and Pam and Mariana and the other co-conspirators were aiming for.

      • Jness was not for newcomers, but it was for long-time hand-picked female NXIVM members to be prepared for DOS. Jness was intended to lay the groundwork for the introduction of women into DOS.

  • Does that mean Michele had the goal of forced sexual contact with Keith Raniere?

    If so…then Allison definitely helped Michele meet that goal.

    Michelle told the FBI and prosecutors that she only had completed the “seduction assignment” with Keith due to being Michele blackmailed

  • On June 21, China Mobile, a major communications giant, released the “China Mobile 6G Network Architecture Technology White Paper.”

  • I hope that Allison Mack is doing a lot of thinking and working to reform herself. She is LUCKY to have an opportunity to do that. Sometimes prison is an a chance to make progress.

  • “Those Who Can Make You Believe Absurdities Can Make You Commit Atrocities” Voltaire

    Live Free or Die a Slave!

  • Take an ordinary person.
    Remove all reason, good judgment and accountability and you have Allison Mack.

  • Sylvie had the courage to go on the stand for hours – under oath. She had the courage to speak what she believed happened. She was able to withstand the scrutiny of lawyers asking personal questions designed to discredit her.

    She withstood humiliation of epic proportions – strangers were looking at intimate photos of her. SHE decided to do this and was ruled by what she believed was right. What the Dossers are doing is no comparison, they are nothing social media keyboard warriors and we all know how much courage that takes. They had Reniere tell them not to testify in his defense.

    They have Reniere tell them to produce these worthless statements. They can only blame themselves for not thinking for themselves.

    I celebrate the force that is a strong woman called Sylvie!

  • Second verse same as the first
    Frank, let’s hope that there isn’t a third

    This is all hearsay and would not hold up in a court of law

    If any of the deadheads wanted to testify for Raniere, they would have been working with Raniere’s lawyer Marc Agnifilo.

    Agnifilo would have made sure they would have been protected from harassment by the prosecution.

    Saying three years later they were all scared by the prosecution is a campaign story in an attempt to tarnish the public image of the prosecution.

    Most likely cooked up by Raniere or one of his higher ups, his law firms or a PR firm.

    It has no grounds in reality but it sounds good.

    He sends out his flying monkeys who have already been stocking, harassing, and using treating type behavior with the program team.

    Showing up to their offices twice now asking them to sign documents that they themselves did not do their jobs the way Raniere was found guilty for running his business.

    Spending years on social media companions trying to convince the public that the FBI planted child porn and tampered with photos.

    We already know some of the Keith Rainier Suneel Chakravorty story from the 272-page document from the BOP Tucson document.

    Threats of releasing names of the Does in the civil lawsuit, posting pictures, emails and names of members when they were on DOS on social media not allowing them to move on with their lives.

    In a cycle of abuse, Raniere flying monkeys revictimized the victims while pretending Raniere is the victim.

    In his true Narcissist pattern, it is what a cult leader does best and what his most faithful will do for him.

    This pattern will not end until Raniere has exhausted is last resort of reducing his sentencing and or his faithful wake up

    They can only see they are doing their God’s work.

    If Michelle Hackett doesn’t see anything wrong with her collateral, why not let you post it all, Feank?

    Why not let you post all the Dossier collateral (of course blurring out what would be X-rated parts)

    Why not their letter, their brands

    I throw down the challenge

    Show it all, DOS women!

    • Agreed. Total cowards and hypocrites, not only to society but to themselves. It takes weak or vulnerable people to get seduced by the cult in the first place. To stay with it long after it’s gone takes a special kind of gutlessness – not to have even the faintest moral fortitude to admit you were wrong and accept the harm you did to others. Truly pathetic.

  • “I had blackmail material on A and B, but A would have followed my orders in the absence of blackmail. Therefore, I couldn’t have blackmailed B.”

    Very logical; putting that triple major to good use there.

  • “Commited to helping her SLAVES achieve goals”

    Why they gotta be slaves tho?

    What happened to just humans helping each other? As non fucking slaves?

  • Dear Michelle…you are dense as fuck! Keith isn’t getting out of prison. Your perception of other peoples experiences means nothing. Maybe you are too ugly for Keith? Don’t know but he obviously didn’t put you in the same situations as others. Is this really too much for you to comprehend?

  • “Michele has good intentions”

    So what? What difference does it make if she or Mack had good intentions? Or Raniere for that matter.

    They say they had good intentions all three of them. For all I or anyone else knows, they did have good intentions.

    So what?

    They’re judged on what they did, not on their opinions of what they were doing.

    Plenty of slave owners probably had good intentions. Plenty of Nazis probably thought National Socialism was a bang-up idea and a solution to all that was wrong with the world. Lots probably thought they were fighting on the side of justice. So what?

    People get sincerely behind all sorts of terrible ideas. You don’t think the people who burned witches thought they were evil badasses, do you?

    Seeks to me that Raniere and Mack and Hatchette are all essentially the same. They believe(d) in Nxivm. They believe(d) in DOS. Who cares? What difference does it make? So what if they were sincere?

    I say it’s ridiculous to condemn Raniere while making excuses for the women who supported, enabled, and instituted his criminal schemes. They’re all birds of a feather and rotten to the core.

    • 100% A.S.

      That’s what the road to hell is paved with “good intentions”

      Good is subjective.

      The terrorists on 911 believed they were doing good.

  • If any these dolts – including KAR – had an ounce of intelligence, they’d cease using the term “collateral” – which has a long and storied history in U.S. business case law – in their post-conviction rants and substitute some other quasi-innocuous term such as “artifact,” “pledge” or “tribute.” Every time “collateral” is used, it conveniently corresponds to certain sections of the Uniform Commercial Code, and hence, backs up the charges made under RICO statutes.

  • Interesting read. But Michele cannot see inside Nicole’s or Sylvie’s head. She doesn’t know their most private thoughts or feelings, even if on the outside they appear to be fine and happy. So, Michele’s story is what it is: her perspective. Nothing more, nothing less. Wouldn’t have made much difference had she been telling her story during the trial.

    “To help them reach their goals”. All this talking about helping people reach their goal is tiresome. Spoileralert: not one of these ladies reached any “goal” whatsoever. They got nowhere with their humanitarian ethical nonsensical rambling. It’s hollow talk.

    So they started a communication company and their first job was developing a pr-strategy for Jness? What a joke. These are workprograms to keep the girls busy, funded by Clare. It has nothing to do with real work in the real world.

    Saved the best for the end:
    “As the project manager and leader of the re-branding strategy for Jness, Sylvie demonstrated….”. Re-branding. Excellent choice of words here Michele….

  • There is no way the government could have prevented Michele from being called by the defense to testify.

    Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. No. None. Nein. Nope. Never one scenario in which Michelle Hatchette could or would ever have been kept from taking the stand. Never.

    Learn basic rights. Court procedure.

    This is a lie.

    People cannot be thus stupid and uneducated.

    The defense has the right to call any and all witnesses.

    Absolute garbage excuse.

    Keith Raniere CHOSE to offer no defense.

    No one kept Keith from calling Michelle.

  • So many photos documenting happy times as slaves. And so little photos ever posted of the fraudulent marriage of Nicki Clyne and Allison so that Nicki could illegally stay in the country.

    This is exactly why there is no question that their marriage was completely phony.

    Documenting everything was a rigidly enforced way of life in Nxium. They photographed their food. They took up close photos of their vaginas. Making sure to show their faces. They took group naked slave photos.

    They had their phones with them constantly so they could do their Readiness drills.

    There is no chance on this Earth that they would not have taken thousands of wedding photos of Allison and Nicki plus all of the guests (if they had actually invited guests) and their families and posted them everywhere.

    But they didn’t because the wedding was fake. The marriage was a sham. And they kept it secret. Because their families and close friends outside of the cult would have had a lot of questions.

  • A whole bunch of “could have’s”.

    Her testimony would have competed with Nicole’s and Sylvie’s NOT: “ dismantled and rendered incredible ”

    And then there is that small sex thing,,,, Who did Michelle do, who did Michelle, who participated if a group activity, and who watched ???

    Guess it’s better to leave it as a “could have” testified. Else we might find a flaw with the testimony and supporting picture evidence.

    Delusional KAR/DOS rainbow witness.

  • “Michele Hatchette: Allison Mack Was Committed”

    I would modify this quote slightly.

    “Allison Mack Should Be Committed.” Shadow State1958

    Allison Mack has a long history of mental health problems.
    Her friends, who should know her best, give her the nickname “Ally Wack”.

    The sad truth is that America’s prisons are packed with felons who are dangerous to themselves and others.
    Roughly half of America’s inmates have bee diagnosed with mental health issues.

    Rumors About Allison Mack Include Nervous Breakdown

    Convicted racketeer and former actress Allison Mack has had a nervous breakdown, a Nxivm source told Frank Report.
    “She had a meltdown,” the source said. “She was babbling and incoherent and needed psychiatric treatment.”

    “Her episode was so severe, and her lack of cognition of her surroundings caused alarm for family and friends and necessitated medical attention,” the source said.”

    “Mack was not called as a witness to testify against Keith Alan Raniere.
    Mack was described as controlling, sadistic and extremely salacious.”

    There are only two treatments available for sadistic felons like Allison Mack.
    Either mental institutions or prisons or both.
    Allison Mack deserved both.
    Allison Mack is so lost to reality that the prosecution chose not to use her testimony and relied on her partner in crime Lauren Salzman.
    Mack’s only value for the prosecution was that her residence in Brooklyn brought the case into the jurisdiction of the Eastern District of New York.

    At sentencing the prosecution noted that the guidelines called for a prison term of ten years or more.

    The Judge sentenced her to a measly three years.

    Let’s read what the Judge’s sentencing memorandum says about Allison Mack’s raging mental illness.

    ”The defendant shall undergo a mental health evaluation, and if deemed necessary, participate in an outpatient mental health treatment program as approved by the Probation Department. The defendant shall contribute to the cost of such services rendered and/or any psychotropic medications prescribed to the degree she is reasonably able, and shall cooperate in securing any applicable third party payment. The defendant shall disclose all financial information and documents to the Probation Department to assess her ability to pay.”

    Unfortunately contemporary America has deteriorated into a condition where every truth has to be filtered by wokeness and political correctness.
    I recently heard on a college campus a student yelling at a public speaker, “You are beginning to annoy me. You must be removed from campus.”
    So much for free speech and academic freedom in Joe Biden’s America.

    Fortunately I am not reticent in speaking harsh truths no matter how much they offend anyone, including Ms. Mack, her friends her family or the Judge.

    Allison Mack is insane, controlling, manipulative and sadistic.
    Those are long term traits that will not disappear with the consumption of psychotropic medicines.

    Heaven help anyone who falls into Allison Mack’s clutches in the future.

    Let us examine the Judge’s own record on the bench.

    In 2018 Judge Nicholas Garaufis chose to interfere with President Donald Trump’s efforts to control the dangerous, deadly tsunami of illegal aliens invading America.

    Unrestrained Judgment
    A federal judge gets creative in applying the law to President Trump’s DACA order

    In a decision last week, Brooklyn District Court Judge Nicholas Garaufis, a moderately conservative Democrat turned social-justice warrior, enjoined the Trump administration from phasing out President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

    Judge Garaufis’s opinion, and his related decision in November denying the government’s motion to dismiss the case, represent a classic of Alice-in-Wonderland progressive jurisprudence: 103 pages evading, denying, or explaining away the almost self-evident proposition that a policy instituted by presidential fiat, without either legislation or formal administrative rulemaking, can be rescinded in the same fashion.


    Now that President Joe Biden has flung open America’s borders to illegal aliens over 53 of such people died last week near San Antonio in a closed, sweltering tractor trailer truck near San Antonio.

    I hope that the Judge is proud of the death and mayhem that he and his ilk have brought to America.

    Even Mexican Americans cry out at the cruelty visited upon Hispanics from the Open Border policy pushed by Joe Biden and Judge Nicholas Garaufis.

    I hope the Judge enjoys the pension he has “earned” by his service.

  • Funny how Michele criticizes Nicole but seems to have a softer attitude towards Sylvie, even though both testified at trial. Does Michele not think Sylvie is a liar? Can she not criticize someone higher than her in the sash system or something?

  • Allison Mack wanted to help her slaves achieve their goals. That’s what you are saying. I say she wanted to disenfranchise, humiliate and torture her slaves for sadistic sexual reasons and and to engage in sex trafficking. Because that’s what came out of that assistance. And nothing else. It’s the result that matters, not what you say.

    [Unfortunately, Allison Mack was not charged with sex trafficking in the Northern District of New York. She would have been convicted.]

  • “Michele Hatchette: Allison Mack Was Committed”

    I would modify this quote slightly:

    “Allison Mack should be Committed.” Shadow State 1958

    I have not been reticent in expressing my views of Ms. Mack and her “talents.”
    Ms. Mack was nicknamed “Ally Wack” by her own friends, the people who knew her best.

    The Judge’s sentencing memorandum reads:

    “”The defendant (Allison Mack) shall undergo a mental health evaluation, and if deemed necessary, participate in an outpatient mental health treatment program as approved by the Probation Department. The defendant shall contribute to the cost of such services rendered and/or any psychotropic medications prescribed to the degree she is reasonably able, and shall cooperate in securing any applicable third party payment. The defendant shall disclose all financial information and documents to the Probation Department to assess her ability to pay.”

    I really do not care if the truth offends Ms. Mack or her friends and family.
    American society has now reached the point where any truth that triggers people is regarded as an aggression no matter how correct that truth is.
    I recently heard on a campus a college student proclaim to a public speaker, “You are beginning to annoy me. You must leave this campus.”
    So that is the state of free speech and academic freedom in today’s Liberal America.
    If Americans allow bullies and charlatans to stifle free speech they will lose that free speech.
    Such is the state of America in this Independence Day weekend.

    Prisons are full of insane people.
    What would you call the person who recently murdered a New York City mother who was gunned down while walking her six month old baby on Manhattan’s East Side?
    And there are only two fit places for such insane people.
    Either prisons of insane asylums or both.
    If the Judge is offended by these sad truths, tough luck.
    Allison Mack is a dangerous person to herself and others.
    This same Judge deliberately interfered with President Trump’s attempts to halt dangerous illegal immigration into America.

    Unrestrained Judgment
    A federal judge gets creative in applying the law to President Trump’s DACA order.”

    “Judge Garaufis’s opinion, and his related decision in November denying the government’s motion to dismiss the case, represent a classic of Alice-in-Wonderland progressive jurisprudence: 103 pages evading, denying, or explaining away the almost self-evident proposition that a policy instituted by presidential fiat, without either legislation or formal administrative rulemaking, can be rescinded in the same fashion. ”

    Institutionalized: Mental Health Behind Bars

  • Nicki Clyne
    reply to

    G. Maxwell: 20 years for pimping out minors to elites over a span of several years

    R. Kelly: 30 years for having sex with minors, enslaving and abusing them

    K. Raniere: 120 years for arranging a girl-on-girl cunnilingus session for a 29-year-old actress

    Justice has been served

    3:41 am. · 30. June 2022·Twitter Web App

    • I don’t like to say this, but I think a 120 year sentence is excessive. A 30 year sentence would also have done the job of a life imprisonment, given Rainiere’s age.

      Nicki forgets to mention the other crimes he is convicted of.

      • Nicki has not forgotten that. She simply lies by concealing important information. That’s the way it is and no other way. Nicki is a liar, abbreviates facts and makes publicity for Raniere. Just the old rubbish.

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