DOS Slave Michele Hatchette Defends Allison Mack Part 1 – Masters Told Slaves About Collateral, Chains and Brand in Advance

Allison Mack portrait
Allison Mack was a good master , her slave Michele Hatchette says
Supporters are trying to free Keith Raniere. To that end, Michele Hatchette has made several sworn statements. The following is Hatchette’s defense of DOS, Raniere, and her DOS master, Allison Mack.  Raniere is Hatchette’s grand master. Mack may not enjoy the support of many, but Hatchette believes she is tops. The now-incarcerated actress treated her well and delivered all she promised.

It did not go well for Mack. Currently, she resides at FCI Dublin as Federal Prisoner #90838-053. The Federal Bureau of Prisons will release her on December 15, 2023. That is one year and six months away. She will emerge with freedom just shy of her 41st birthday.
The Bureau of Prisons has set its TimeDate clock for June 27, 2121. On that auspicious date, they will unlock the gates in Tucson and set Grandmaster Raniere free. He will be 161.

Keith Raniere Prison USP Tucson Arizona

Hatchette and other supporters would prefer to see Raniere out sooner and on this side of a centenarian. The following is part of that effort.  In her statement, she refers to Nicole, a slave of Mack’s. Nicole testified, and the jury found her a victim of sex trafficking and forced labor.

Abe Lincoln: As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is not democracy.


Now I know a small percentage of readers will probably think that the idea of a lifelong vow of slavery, getting branded with a man’s initials on your groin, and having to give collateral might not be the right fit for their lifestyle, I accept that. I expect that. A few people might think that making a lifelong vow to be someone’s slave – and let them decide what is best for you for the rest of your life- while they hold damning material – might be a little excessive. Say, if you got married, you could get a divorce. Can you divorce a master?
But somewhere, somehow, the world’s smartest man thought this all out, so we do not have to. So just shut up and join and send your collateral. This will work.

Keith Raniere said of the brand- “If it were Abraham Lincoln’s or Bill Gates’ initials no one would care.”


And we are indeed fortunate to hear from someone who thinks it did work. I think it is fair to offer her perspective. This is part 1 and we will have part 2 as soon as you get your belly chain and set up an appointment to be branded by Dr. Roberts.
But all kidding aside, Michele Hatchette has a voice. She thought DOS was good. She did not find DOS deceptive. She claims she got full disclosure from Allison Mack.

I find DOS to be fundamentally and hopelessly flawed. Even if it is not deceptive, the idea is lunacy, in my opinion. But if there is full disclosure, then every slave to their own.

The brand was described as a symbol of the four elements. However, when turned 90 degrees counterclockwise – eureka –one could faintly discern those most excellent initials – the grandmaster’s — K.R.


But let us give her an audience and listen as she tries to explain the alternate view.


By Michele Hatchette

I experienced DOS as an organization for women who wanted to overcome their greatest fears to accomplish their goals. For me, it was a profound experience.

I believe my experiences in DOS with Allison Mack’s mentorship would have offered an essential perspective on the jury’s understanding of the group. My proximity and communication with Nicole throughout the nine months we were in DOS together made me aware of what Nicole experienced.

I witnessed how Nicole reacted and interacted with others in the group, which was different from her testimony.

The prosecutor asked Nicole that if she had known certain things before joining, would it have affected her decision to join DOS.

Nicole replied,

Yeah, I guess the first one would be that apparently I was giving up my free will and that I couldn’t make my own decisions. But that eventually, there would have to be more collateral added on, and that I would have no say in whether or not I gave it, like it would be demanded. I mean, there were so many things that were added on later, once you were, like, sealed into this situation.

Nicole’s testimony supports the government’s theory that DOS women gave up their free will.

I would have testified that my experience was that DOS allowed me to build the character and discipline I needed to achieve my goals.
Before DOS, I struggled to follow through on commitments both professionally and in personal relationships.

Nicole testified that submitting collateral was problematic. I would have testified that submitting collateral was not problematic.

Collateral was a way to demonstrate my commitment to the group’s confidentiality, while affirming my voluntary membership.

I joined DOS because I trusted Ms. Mack would do her best to guide and mentor me in achieving my goals for life.

L-r Nicki Clyne, Allison Mack, Michele Hatchette, Samantha LeBaron and Danielle Roberts – of DOS. Every one of these ladies, except for Mack, continues to be happy about their experience with DOS.

Ms. Mack followed through on her promise and commitment. I benefited greatly from her care and leadership during my time in DOS.

Before I joined, I can confidently say that Ms. Mack provided me with all the necessary information to make an informed choice and commitment. When Ms. Mack invited me to join DOS, she told me that, if I accepted her invitation, I would agree to have her as my master and me as her slave.

Ms. Mack said she would commit her life to help me achieve my goals, and someday I would mentor other women. I felt comfortable enough to move forward with all the information I was given.

At Mr. Raniere’s trial, the prosecutor asked Nicole to explain her understanding of DOS before joining.

She replied:

A woman’s mentorship where Allison would mentor me in life, and that would like push me into my fears.

She added:

So, then I was told that, like, the way the mentorship was communicated, it was a master-slave relationship.

Nicole testified she was told about the master/slave relationship only after joining DOS.

I believe that is false.

I enrolled in DOS before Nicole. Before I joined, Ms. Mack informed me that the relationship would have a “master/slave” dynamic. Ms. Mack explained this to Nicole and two other women she invited into DOS.

In several group conversations, we discussed the process of inviting other women into the group.

Ms. Mack said all women must be told they will enter a master/slave relationship.

There will be a brand, and they must wear some jewelry to symbolize their commitment to their growth. In addition, it would be a lifetime vow sealed with collateral.

My testimony about Ms. Mack’s leadership would have shown the likelihood that Ms. Mack did not withhold the master/slave dynamic from Nicole.

My testimony regarding the enrollment process would have stood in stark contrast to the government’s theory, supported by Nicole, that women were deceived into joining the group.  I was presented with all the necessary information to evaluate whether I wanted to join DOS.

I communicated these critical points to women I later invited into the group, so they too had this information. 

I desired to share this testimony because it would correct the inaccurate theory presented by the government that women were deceived and forced into joining DOS. My testimony regarding the enrollment process would have stood in stark contrast to the government’s theory, supported by Nicole, that women were deceived into joining the group.

India Oxenberg and Michele Hatchette were slaves of Allison Mack.

I was presented with all the necessary information to evaluate whether I wanted to join DOS.

I communicated these critical points to women I later invited into the group, so they too had this information. 

I wanted to share this testimony because it would correct the inaccurate theory presented by the government that women were deceived and forced into joining DOS.

Danielle Roberts joined the slave pod of Allison Mack.

Lauren Salzman’s testimony when she explained the enrollment protocol. 

Ms. Salzman testified

They were given basically the pitch, you know, come to learn about lifetime vow of obedience master/slave concepts, the collar and the brand. Then they agreed to join after learning those things and then they were fully collateralized. So they were not considered completely enrolled until they were fully collateralized. 

It is relevant that many women invited to DOS chose not to join. 

I would have testified that there were women who delined my invitation to learn about DOS because they did not want to provide collateral.

Not everyone I invited to learn about DOS wanted to because they didn’t want to provide collateral. That proves that they had the option and no one was coerced of deceived.

Stand by for Part #2

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  • Michelle, you didn’t even want India speaking about you. Where do you get off speaking for Allison? She pled guilty. Allison wrote apology letters. Why are you treating her like a baby who cannot speak for herself?

    Allison has spoken for herself. Thought your beloved perverted sex ring of slaves was supposed to be empowering?

    Why not let Allison speak on her own behalf. – as she has? That shows such a lack of respect for another woman. Let alone someone who is supposed to be your “sister”and friend. Dead-ender Keith whores really need to get your messaging straight you’re all over the place.

    When Alison and India reported Keith Raniere called you “n×gger” regularly, your response was a a whole recording on social media. Just fuming because they spoke ABOUT you.

    Now here you are running your mouth about Alison. And going against Alison’s own words and wishes.

    So weak. Hypocritical. And not empowering

  • If Michele Hatchette believes Allison Mack, then she should know that it was Allison Mack who told the FBI that Raniere called her by a racial slur. Mack, and not India Oxenberg.

  • None of these dead-ender branded slaves are under oath.

    If Cami must be cross examined (in the dead-enders much voiced opinion) in order to be believed

    Then so must these DOS retards.

  • Like Danielle Roberts: Could have, would have, said if I testified. But you didn’t. Your choice. Hindsight is 20-20. How’s all that working out for you now? (oopsie….)

  • If you read carefully what Michelle says, she’s quite evasive in the answers she gives with respect to what Nicole testified to under the threat of perjury unlike her.

    For example, in the first paragraph Nicole states that she wasn’t under the impression that she would give up her ability to make decisions, nor that there would be more and more collateral required of her. In other words, she implies that the whole truth (like what is required by witnesses under oath) wasn’t told to her, i.e., just like it was never told to those who were recruited to join DOS that it was headed by the pervert at the top and he had access to all of the images.

    Michelle obviously avoids these two points in her “response” and gives useless platitudes about what DOS was supposed to do for her and others.

    Typical unethical cult response to avoid the points raised.

  • “I would have testified that my experience was that DOS allowed me to build the character and discipline I needed to achieve my goals.”

    Where have we heard that line before? – Nicki Clyne ad infinitum. Self-discipline should come from within. You have to be a truly weak person if you need to have others develop it for you; the kind of person who is more likely to join a cult, and even more likely to defend it later on.

    “My testimony about Ms. Mack’s leadership would have shown the likelihood that Ms. Mack did not withhold the master/slave dynamic from Nicole”

    ‘Likelihood’ does not equate to certainty, so the statement is speculative; Nicole had the guts to testify under oath. This is something Michele has never had to do.

    “Not everyone I invited to learn about DOS wanted to because they didn’t want to provide collateral. That proves that they had the option and no one was coerced of deceived.”

    It was a numbers game, Michele, and you knew it: for every 10 or so vulnerable women who refused to join, there was always going to be the odd one who signed up. Sounds like you’re afraid Alli’s going to give you a sound paddling when she gets out, or maybe you enjoyed that part too?

    • “Self-discipline should come from within. ”

      Tell that to every elite athlete whose coach drives them like a drill sergeant.

      • True! And not for nothing why did they need such extreme discipline in the first place?

        They were teaching expensive self-help classes in Albany. They were not competing in the Olympics. Most of them didn’t even have jobs. Or children. They weren’t serving in the military. Why did they need this kind of austerity and self-punishment?

        • Truth
          June 28, 2022 at 10:43 am

          Why did they need this kind of austerity and self-punishment?

          They are Masochists. ShadowState1958

    • Go to comment. Addressing the first sentence none of them seem to have achieved any goals.

      Unless the slaves all had the same goal of sharing one old man they called Vanguard getting his initials branded by their vagina growing out their pubic hair starving themselves being blackmailed into having sex with people they didn’t want to being estranged from their families forced to take up close pornographic pictures on demand participate in threesomes with old ladies Etc then they did achieve their goals I suppose

  • Frank, What do you think of Allison Mack? Do you think she will be for or against KR once she gets released from prison? Could you see her similar to Lauren, saying the right things but not really sorry for what she did. Was her mother involved with NXIM too? And were her parents involved at all in the takedown of KR? Did they have to sell their house to try and keep Allison out of prison?

    • What do you think of Allison Mack?
      Well intended – victim – took things way too far.

      Do you think she will be for or against KR once she gets released from prison?

      Probably against. Probation will keep her apart for five years after her release in Dec 2023

      Could you see her similar to Lauren, saying the right things but not really sorry for what she did.

      Yes. She did that. I think she believes she had good intentions in DOS. She took the plea because she did not want to wind up with life in prison.

      Was her mother involved with NXIM too?


      And were her parents involved at all in the takedown of KR?

      Did they have to sell their house to try and keep Allison out of prison?

      NO. They put the house up as security for Allison’ $5 million bail. They got that released since Allison went to prison.

  • Didn’t bother to read this post. Why? Because it doesn’t matter.

    The time for sworn statements on this and that passed years ago when Keith was building his defense for his trial. None of this is relevant to an appeal. It’s really not relevant even to a trial unless the trial strategy lends itself to it. It rarely does. There is a reason Depp didn’t just march ex-girlfriend after ex-girlfriend to the witness stand to say he never abused them.

    One, can’t control what cross-examination might reveal and two, their experience is not informative to Amber’s experience (no trying to start a Depp v Heard argument, just a current events example). That would be the case here. Hatchett’s experience as a slave doesn’t inform on everyone else’s experience as a slave.

    The NXIVM diehards really need to go dance for, seduce or whatever some lawyer and get free advice on how appeals work and what their part is in it because clearly they do not understand.

    • What Erasend said ☝🏼. Also I might add that intention with different women may also have been at play and also grooming/manipulation techniques personalised. Keith will have chosen who he fancied to have sex with and who will have needed a different approach.

      Some may have jumped at the chance, others may have needed more coaxing, love bombing, the long game. Others he just wasn’t interested in sleeping with. Point is no experience will have been identical. Glad you have no regrets Michelle, glad you weren’t harmed, glad you are happy, good for you. Maybe he just wasn’t that into you!

  • Dear Michelle, with all due respect, I think you’re missing an important point regarding consent.

    First of all, an agreement that to join DOS, one must receive a brand and produce a naked picture? Probably not criminal. But? When the pictures are taken as collateral against one’s word, as in: if you do not perform these actions, your collateral will be released? Well, this is just blackmail.

    It’s not legal to coerce anybody to act in any way (even if supposedly in their interest) under the threat of damaging that person. This is blackmail and it’s against the law.

    So, while you may consider that you were fully informed about the nature of DOS, it appears you were not also informed that this behavior is against the law.

    Let me ask you this … had you been aware of the illegality of these practices and that it was going to land your friends in jail and stripped of their licenses, etc. would you still have joined DOS? If yes, I suppose it’s understandable. People join criminal gangs every single day and for various reasons. They gain protection, a sense of community and maybe enjoy some financial success. But certainly, gang recruits would be pretty aware of the fact that they are participating in a criminal racket and have decided to join the group anyway.

    Unfortunately, your dear leader appears not to have done his homework on this and the results of that negligence and poor leadership are pretty clear. It seems like nobody realized this is what could happen!

    If you had an great experience playing a “collateralized slave”, I think you’re lucky and I’m happy for you. It’s kinda like the drug dealer who retires with a bunch of money and the cops never find out. But in the case of DOS it also doesn’t mean that the idea wasn’t horribly flawed and completely wrong.

    Accountability groups exist everywhere. I think weight watchers is one, AA for sure is one. There’s nothing terrible about belonging to an accountability group. But what made DOS different was the collateralization. Even if a consenting person thinks they want the same, shared, desired outcome, it is still illegal to coerce them to do it under threat of blackmail!

    Honestly, I worry for you women. Are the Mexicans gonna come and chop your heads off if you don’t tow the line or something??!!

  • Maybe the US Supreme Court will hear Kieth’s case and again decide that women’s don’t really own their bodies so they have no legal standing and no crime was committed.

      • Why is that “too bad that’s not what the Supreme Court decided at all” dude?

        Do you want the Supreme Court to rule that women don’t really own their bodies?

        Or are you just horribly inarticulate?

  • Anyone can say anything they want about what they would of testified to three years ago.

    The problem is, they didn’t

    Coming back now, trying to change the past is, well stupid

    Michele Hatchette or anyone’s of Raniere’s loyalists hearsay of what Allison Mack told Nicole or any member of DOS means nothing in the world of legal field.

    If you watch any of the documentary on NXIVM you will hear women saying I was told

    It was a tattoo, not a brand but not until after I had handed over collateral

    I wasn’t told it was Raniere’s initials before being branded and I had already turned over collateral. In some cases, turned over collateral several times

    I wasn’t told Raniere was a part of DOS, until I handed over collateral

    I wasn’t told I’d have to keep turning over more and more collateral

    I wasn’t told I have to do seduction exercises are have sex with Renee until I was fully collateralized

    I’d had spent months or years under the influence of NXIVM coercive control and trusted the Master who brought me into DOS to take care of me.
    It wasn’t like a right off the street first program that was being offered by an umbrella group by NXIVM
    Women were hand picked by the top line Masters under Raniere

    Raniere was looking for new Fuck Toys, he said that in text message

    Raniere was looking for a new(s) virgin(s)

    Raniere wanted more and more pictures
    Weekly from his top line Masters and demanded more and more from their slaves

    Allison wised up with the help of her lawyer, her family and therapy

    She doesn’t need Michele Hatchette to defend her or stand up for her.

    Allison has moved on with her life.

    She has denounce Keith Rainier, NXIVM and his leftovers

    Allison hasn’t taken the blame train. She is one of the responsible one in the bunch. She is rebuilding her life without Keith Rainier and his loyalists.

    Before entering prison there was information she had a new man friend in her life.

    If this is true, lets wish them well in their further together. Once her divorce from Nicki Clyne is final, Allison is totally free to move on with no ties left to anything NXIVM.

    • Too be fair, Allison is locked up with no direct or indirect access to social media. Who knows what she has decided or believes. She may have been sincere in her apology, but her plea was to avoid a potentially long sentence. Her apology may have been the same. So she could be sorry, or sorry she got caught, and her emancipation from NXVIM, no matter how fortunate, was forced.

      Allison is no longer of any use to KR or the NXVIM remnant, so it is doubtful they care what happens to her.

  • Judge: Court is now in session for the retrial of Keith Raniere
    Prosecutor: I call FBI agent Smith
    Prosecutor: Did you plant these photos on the defendant’s computer?
    Agent Smith: No
    Prosecutor: Thank You. I now call Camila
    Prosecutor: Are these photos of you?
    Camila: yes
    Prosecutor: How old were you at the time they were taken?
    Camila: 15
    Prosecutor: Did you have sex with the defendant when you were between 15 and 18 years old?
    Camila: yes
    Prosecutor: How many times?
    Camila: Approximately 12
    Prosecutor: The people request a recess to file additional charges of statutory rape
    Judge: The court is now in recess.

  • Were they told that the expectation of “collateral” would be ongoing? Thereby making it ever harder to leave.

  • Hatchette calls Mack “Ms. Mack”. What a joke.

    I’ll bet nobody’s calling her “Ms.Mack” inside FCI Dublin. More like “Hey Mack”. As in “Hey Mack, get your ass over here!” Or “Hey Mack. Gimme your sandwich!”

    Then there’s the somewhat less formal “Hey, bitch!” As in “Hey bitch, what’re you lookin’ at!”

    Yes I doubt she’s getting much respect at all there in prison. Just like her friend, mentor, and partner in crime Raniere, Mack has seen better days.

  • Michele, how do you feel about the fact that, although you kept to your vows (good on you), your collateral and photos likely were accessed by more than your ‘master’? Were any of the slaves told in advance that people like Suneel would somehow be given access? You may be OK with it, but can you understand that other women might have a different experience?

  • Telling you that you are going to be tortured and exploited makes such crimes no less crimes. Allison got of easy, and hopefully will learn from her experience. You should do the same, and walk away from this collapsing cult.

  • So I fail to see the conflicting and impeaching evidence that Nichol’s testimony is untruthful.

    Could not the word “Slave” have very different meaning to a rich pretty white girl and a female person of color. And this presumes Allison did tell her, because she may have told others, and talked about telling Nichole, but forgot or obtained agreement before getting to that part of the sales pitch. If one is not there, how does one know?

    Word salad and weak testimonial.

    Michele just needs to find a new man who is not in jail for life. And she can get his name tattoo’ed on her butt.

    • “Could not the word “Slave” have very different meaning to a rich pretty white girl and a female person of color”

      The following quotation is taken from the documentary series ‘Enslaved’ by Samuel L Jackson, recounting the experience of African slaves in the 18th and 19th centuries:

      “First you get taken from Africa all the way over the Atlantic to the sugar cane islands in the Caribbean, then you get branded, then you are forced to work until you die. If you make a mistake, you are whipped.”

      Sounds a lot like DOS really.

  • Questions for Michele:

    Were the women, beforehand, also informed that in DOS there might be an assignment to have sex with Keith?

    What is your position on that Michele? Do you think Sylvie, India and Nicole knew about that before they said yes to DOS? Do you think what Allison and Keith did to these woman is ok?

    For once, give us your opinion about this, instead of defending DOS like you have been doing these past years. Your one-way narrative lacks credibility because you fail to address the elephant in the room.

  • Reasonable doubt is the foundation for acquittal of criminal charges. One way that Raniere’s legal team could have attempted to establish reasonable doubt about DOS would have been to put some of Keith’s loyalists on the stand to testify that they were fully informed, and they fully consented to everything in DOS including being branded. If every witness who testified to lack of consent were countered with two witnesses who testified that they knew exactly what was going to happen, that might create some doubt about the consent issue.

    However, Raniere did not put on a defense of any kind. He may have been advised by his attorneys that they didn’t think it was necessary, but in the end, that’s ultimately his decision. And the world’s smartest man may have been playing 5-dimensional chess with the jury by remaining silent, but it didn’t work out the way he hoped… He was convicted after a few short hours of deliberation, which sounds like the jury had no doubt at all, reasonable or otherwise.

    I read Frank Report’s coverage of the trial but haven’t read any transcripts, so I don’t know whether the government introduced tangible evidence like texts or other records about people’s objections to the branding that were written at the same time the branding happened that would substantiate the witness testimony. If that’s the case, statements from someone like Michelle Hatchette without corroborating evidence, even if sworn super-sincerely, won’t help Keith in his quest for a new trial.

    Michelle, you’re way too late with way too little to affect the verdict, even if a Rule 33 motion is granted — I would bet that your generous offer to testify wouldn’t be used in a new trial. If what you say had been all that valuable either to Keith’s attorneys or to his own brilliant legal strategy, it would have been used before. Now, it’s just so many sour grapes.

    • Nicki Clyne is on the record as saying categorically that none of them had been told the brand was Raniere’s initials or where it was going to be placed. Also they were not told about the brand until AFTER they had submitted their first collateral, so It would be very difficult to claim they had consent.

  • Love these dead enders and their opinions…keep ‘em coming crazies we all get a kick out of them. Sincerely everyone

  • “Nicki Clyne
    I’m just getting over COVID and seem to have lost my taste for coffee and Twitter hot takes. Can’t decide if I should see a doctor or celebrate.”

    Hey, Nicki:
    Were you vaxxed and boosted?

    • Yes, saw that one too. Anti-vax hypocrites like Clyne and Rogan often get their shots covertly. No mention of her position on Roe either. So much for standing up for her “principles” (lol)

  • Michelle makes me want to barf…hopefully she finds another cult to be apart of because she obviously enjoyed this one. Hope her ancestors are proud of her choice to become a slave to some white dude. Utterly pathetic haha

  • Too late and a little thin, Ms. Hatchette – and somewhat damning of you all – such faint um, praise?

    If Alison had made any impact on you at all, you would have considered following her example.

    Grow up and stop imagining you address fools.

  • Please tell us Michelle what kind of scam is Allison Mack trying to pull here!


    Do not bother to apply to any properties with the contact number 5 1 0 – 3 5 9 – 5 3 0 1 emailing under the name ALLISON MACK. The properties do not exist, and they will run you in an endless circle of paying for application fees

    She looks like a grifter to me.

  • “Full disclosure”? So Allison defied her master and told Michele Hattchette that Keith Raniere created and ran DOS? A “women only” organization? And Keith was in charge? And it was Keith’s intials?

    Then Michele is waaay worse than previously known

    And Michele fucked Keith because she was blackmailed. She told the government.

    How’s that HPV Michele? Get those frequent pap smears girl. It can cause cervical cancer. Good luck. Stay healthy.

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