Higher Blood Sugar Is a Leading Cause of Complications for COVID-19, so Go Low-Carb!

By Bangkok

Here’s another two articles that talk about high blood sugar being a HUGE complicating factor for COVID — using layman’s terms.



The first article talks about NON-diabetics being susceptible to having TEMPORARY hyperglycemia when they become infected with COVID (it’s called temporary diabetes).

‘TEMPORARY’ high blood sugar can happen with ANY virus, not just COVID-19.

This happens because when the virus infects the body, the pancreas gets ‘impaired’ and can no longer produce the same amount of insulin (while the infection is happening).

Therefore, less insulin means higher blood sugar (temporary diabetes) even for non-diabetics.

The 2nd article talks about blood sugar being a factor in the seriousness of COVID-19.

Just to be clear, every health organization acknowledges that high blood sugar (diabetes mellitus) is the 2nd leading cause of COVID death-related complications.

Look it up on Google.

Type 2 diabetes - Genetics Home Reference - NIH

After heart disease, hyperglycemia (diabetes) is the next leading cause of COVID deaths.

This is not a controversial fact. It’s not an opinion. Diabetes is a major complicating factor for COVID.

*However, these articles explain that even non-diabetics can get TEMPORARY hyperglycemia when infected by a virus (temporary diabetes).

…and people CAN control their blood sugar (to a great degree) by changing their diet.

As for the ‘low carb’ diet suggestion that I made —– that’s just another way (besides medication) to CONTROL hyperglycemia.

You can control blood sugar through diet or medication.

If you don’t consume more than 20-50 grams of carbs (carbohydrates) per day — then your body’s blood sugar level will never spike to dangerous levels.

*While it’s true that your body can also convert ‘protein’ to blood sugar (via a process called ‘gluconeogenesis’) —— the amount of protein that gets converted to blood sugar is VERY SMALL when compared to carbs.

Eating too much protein will not cause ‘diabetes’ —– even though it may kick you out of ‘ketosis’ if you’re following the keto diet (a totally different topic, lol)

22 Low-Carb Snack Ideas | No carb diets, Keto meal plan, Healthy ...

Thus, eating fewer carbs can only have positive benefits. It’s not a cure-all for anything, of course. It won’t guarantee anything related to this virus. But it’s a very meaningful step that people can take.

Higher blood sugar is a leading cause of complications for COVID-19.

Thus, you’re being stupid by not controlling your blood sugar better.

If an older dude like Shadowstate doesn’t control his blood sugar better, he’ll probably be fucken TOAST when he gets infected. 🙂

Have a nice day. 🙂

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  • Why was the last part of this story changed? It used to say this:


    I implore everybody over age 55 to switch to a low carb diet before they get COVID symptoms.

    Especially old fucks like Scooter Johnson, who pretends to be gone but is really here in drag. He’s toast if he gets COVID unless he starts going low carb asap. 🙂

    Have a nice day. 🙂

    Also, a comment from the ghost of Scott (aka, anyone who uses “Anonymous” or other anonymous identifier, which is pretty much all of the commenters) was taken down, telling Bangkok that she’s a pu$$y for DEMANDING Scott answer 11 questions, and then added more questions, but is too chicken to ask the questions on Scott’s podcast. LOL

    • Bangkok- Why you believe Scott wants u to call his show? Dude likes young men in unwholesome ways. Dude is like salivating about ur fine young azz like a blackman salivating about a chicken leg. He finds young male booty finger-licking-good.

      • The show isn’t pubic, it’s public. I’ll tell you why Scott wants Bangkok to call his show, so that Scott can make Bangkok look like the fool that he is when Bangkok asks his 11 questions, plus some additional ones, that are posted on this site, and Bangkok DEMANDED that Scott answer. LOL

        However, Bangkok probably has a high-pitched whiny voice, just like NiceGuy666 does, so he won’t show up. LOL

    • Scott aka. Amway Whacko,

      It’s incredible creepy how infatuated and obsessed you are with Bangkok.

      Why do you want a young man to call you by telephone? Won’t a simple email or post suffice?

      How hard up are you for friendship and companionship?

      Or are you interested in a little something more?

      • Niceguy aka. NiceGuy666 (mark of the devil) Whacko,

        It’s incredible creepy how infatuated and obsessed you are with Scott.

        Why do you want to keep asking stupid questions? Won’t a simple question or two suffice?

        How hard up are you for logic and a working brain cell?

        Or are you interested in a little something more stupid to say?
        Mmh? LOL

        • Re Amway & Scott Loser Johnson:

          Scott is such a loser he can’t even use his own name anymore because Amway shut him down!!!!

          LOL! Scott! LOL!

          You are a bigger tool than that sledgehammer you keep in your garage.

          Why doe you have that sledgehammer again?

          What’s it like liven in a trailer in Plano Texas? Or did you keep the house you inherited from your parents?

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