MK10ART Tells Story of Pam Cafrtiz’s Grooming of 12-Year-Old Rhiannon for Raniere

MK10ART has a nice series of illustrations to help remind readers how Pamela Ann Cafritz did her best to ensure 12-year-old Rhiannon was available to be mentored by Keith Alan Raniere, then aged 30.  The series is entitled The Smartest Man in the World.

Rhiannon’s story first came to light in 2012 when after she told her story  to James Odato of the Albany Times Union, it was published in his seminal In Raniere’s Shadows.

In response, Raniere told his followers that Rhiannon and the other women who claimed the crime of statutory rape by Raniere were paid by the Times Union to make up the story

While we only have the word of Rhiannon that she was induced to have sex with Raniere some 60 times between the ages of 12 and 13, it is a fact that she told this to police in 1993, when she was 15, and some 18 years before the Times Union published their story and would have paid her to make it up.

Here is the police report Rhiannon signed. Note that she said she had “sexual intercourse with a man named Keith Raniere. This occurred when I was approximately 12-13 years old and occurred either at Keith’s townhouse at 3 Flintlock Lane, Clifton NY or his business located at Rome Plaza Clifton Park, NY”

Of course, she could be lying.

But, then again, some 29 years after it happened, Rhiannon volunteered to testify under oath in federal court in the trial of Keith Raniere in May 2019 that it did indeed happen.

Federal court is no place to lie, for perjury comes with stiff prison penalties.  She also did not have to volunteer. The judge ruled that she could not testify because Raniere was not charged by the feds with raping her.  But the fact was she was willing.

The curious point is that Keith probably could not have had sex with little Rhiannon if he had not had Pam’s help. For it was Pam that got Rhiannon out to the home where Keith could get her alone. She hired Rhiannon to walk her dog, Jack, according to Rhiannon.

If this is true, it was Pam who helped groom Rhiannon and prepare her for Raniere, the future Vanguard and ethicist of a community.

Let’s look at MK10ART’s lovely series. [See more art from MK10.



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  • I think this graphic telling was very well done. I hope more people see it. It demonstrates how grooming can happen and was especially sensitive to the child’s point of view. I have to say I kind of wish this type of subject matter didn’t exist, but maybe future chapters could include advice about who to talk to if you see something like this happening or what to do if something like this is happening to you?

    • She should send her first pair to her Vanguard. After all, he is the guy who allegedly told women—either directly or through his other enabling women—that if they left him or slept with another guy, it would literally kill him.

      • Nicki is mean spirited. Good on you for seeing through the fake smiles.

        When Nicki went on dateline NBC I have never seen an American (and international) audience have such a uniformly adverse reaction to a person.

        People who knew nothing about the Nxium story and weren’t particularly interested took the time to comment, “Blech. No’. On Nicki. Even the doctor who did the branding did not inspire that level of loathing.

        It made me wonder if how Nicki presents was a factor in not having her testify in Keith’s defense? So many people commented on the look in her eyes and her presumed mental state.

        I have no doubt she can be charming and kind to special people in her life or in order to get what she wants.

        But there is a very unpleasant, murky undertow that people detect. They do not even have to know any of the gory details and just instinctively reject her vibe. It’s sort of like how you can show that wedding picture of Allison to virtually anyone and with out the viewer knowing anything they are like, “what is wrong with this woman? Is this woman okay? Is she healthy now? Safe?”

        If Nicki wants to gain support and win hearts and minds it’s probably best to start by coming clean about her fraud marriage. It’s not the biggest credibility issue, but it is a start.

        • —It made me wonder if how Nicki presents was a factor in not having her testify in Keith’s defense? So many people commented on the look in her eyes and her presumed mental state.

          Someone mentioned on Twitter that if Nicki were to be put on the stand, Nicki’s lawyer said she would plead the fifth.

          Now, isn’t that something to tell all of those suck-ups to her on Twitter:

          • Very informative. Thank you. So different than every thing that the DOS 8 claim.

            How many times a day do you think Nicki Clyne wrestles with the fact that her Instagram post led to Keith’s arrest?

            Maybe some of this insanity on her part is guilt driven. Wait. I mean yes, she is guilty of much but also guilt ridden by causing Keith’s Mexico location to be brought to law enforcement’s. Attention. Maybe?

    • Not much of a market for big girl panties when you were a master commanding your slaves to adhere to starvation diets, Nicki.

      • “No market…For panties…Slaves to adhere to starvation diets.

        Actually, a low-calorie diet, produces an underwear, with a good bouquet, rich,
        full-body taste, and just-a-hint of nutmeg. It’s a great pairing with lamb or pork.

      • Seems like this big girl panties thing has got a few knickers in a twist. Whaddya say, Earth Angels? Calling all, starting with my dearest guardians, Deb Richards and Dylan’s Godmother, Val.

    • Nicki needs income. Currently, on Twitter, she is “grooming” a bunch of men, to become future customers. I do not judge her. It’s all perfectly legal and does not hurt anyone. Plus it’s easy money.
      Good 4 Nicki!


      I’ll be giving Frank a ‘stockings’ stuffer this Christmas; it’ll be even more pungent than — Gwyneth Paltrow‘s candle!

      Nothing fishy going on!

  • I drive over the speed limit. 1.5x, 2x the speed limit. I’m an excellent driver and I’ve never been in an accident. I don’t think there should be speed limits. I should be free to break whatever laws I like, ‘cuz I’m special.

    Yeah that’s how dumb this type of argument is.

    We live in a society. There are rules. They aren’t made for you personally. Responsible people follow collective rules out of consideration for other people.

    An adult man screwing a schoolgirl is icky. It’s disgusting and exploitative and it’s also highly illegal. Only a real asshole would do it. Raniere’s an asshole. A stupid, immoral, perverted jerk. So carried away with his own self-importance that he ended up serving life in prison.

    The world’s smartest man? Top problem solver? Guru of ethics? What a fuckin’ joke.

    • Also, that chin up pic of Trump (where he has his tongue firmly pressed against the roof of his mouth and possibly clear tape heaving up the jowls) is much better than that pelican chin look he was sporting in those survey pics a few months ago on here.

      Don’t you agree, Aristotle? Btw, speaking of sausage, I detest sausage on pizza but when you and your son are being starved out of house and home even pork on the Sabbath works -so long as it’s covered in sodium bicarbonate for leftovers in the fridge next day.

      Thank you, Daddy Apple, for delivering us (D’Amores) from “Jeff Nelson.” Have the caregivers who witnessed and/or participated in the gas lighting “siege” of Dylan’s property been deported yet?

    • Addendum: There is a reason why it’s icky for an adult man to have sex with a schoolgirl. It’s not just some arbitrary taboo specific to our culture.

      There is a large power imbalance between a school kid and an adult man. I don’t need to go into details here to prove the point, the fact is obvious. Exploiting that power difference is… exploitation. The strong exploiting the weak goes against the fundamental principles of society. All societies, as far as I know. Ancient Rome, the tyrannical Middle Ages, authoritarian dictatorships. We are not lions in the jungle after all, we are civilized people.

      Even Nxivm and its fucked-up ethics supposedly upheld the standard of not exploiting the weak (see their “Society of Protectors”). Therefore Raniere proved himself a hypocrite and a liar.

      How anyone could still defend Raniere or insist that we should “keep an open mind” about his character or guilt and innocence, is beyond me. The facts about his actions, deeds that continued regularly for years and with multiple victims (yes, victims) have been established beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law and so judged by an independent jury. These are no longer allegations or accusations. They are facts. The presumption of innocence when the Jury foreman declares, “we find the defendant guilty, your honor”.

      Raniere sexually exploited a minor. He blackmailed and branded women with his initials. He led a criminal conspiracy to assist him in these crimes. Crimes that included forced labor (a nice legal term for slavery).

      Cult loyalists would like to ignore all these facts. They’d like to switch the narrative to some imaginary media conspiracy. To decry “hate” and thus pretend to take the moral high ground.

      Y’know what? I don’t hate Raniere, not in the least. I don’t take personally anything he did. Doesn’t affect me. I think he’s a stupid asshole, a real jerk who did some really cruel things. I don’t hate him for it. In fact, I get a big belly laugh from the whole sordid tale. The fool ended up with a 120-year prison sentence — a perfect ending!

      This is a tale of triumph, not tragedy. The justice system works. He’s in a concrete cube for the rest of his life. He really is the celibate renunciate he feigned being when he was the Guru of Knox Woods!

      It’s like a goddam morality play. It’s a big happy ending. Hate Raniere? He’s the centerpiece of a real-life tale of folly and clumsy criminality getting what it deserves.

  • I am a male. I had sex with my next-door neighbor from ages 15 to 17. Maybe 100 times.

    She was in her 30s, blonde, short, slender, beautiful, soft and her husband was away a lot.

    She was lonely and I did not feel I was a victim. I thought I was super lucky. It wasn’t just sex. She taught me a lot.

    That was 10 years ago. I wonder if I was a victim. Because now I only like older women. They fulfill something that women my age don’t.

    Had I not had sex with a woman twice my age as my first relation, maybe I would be happy with girls my age.

    She did not seduce me. I went for it. As a male, I had more control over the situation than a woman.

    Women can’t be blamed. I do not think statutory rape should ever apply to a woman unless the boy is prepubescent.

    As for girls, the age of consent should be 18 or 19. Maybe older. Women aren’t really able to consent until they are 25. Their brains aren’t fully developed until 25 or 26. That’s why I like older women.

    Btw, when I say boys’ age of consent should be puberty, I mean only with a woman. For sex with gay men, the age of consent for males should be 18.

    For lesbians, the age of consent for a woman should be 25. Because women can’t consent to be lesbian until their brains are fully developed.

    • “Reggie,” hmm, and sweet “Lucy Brown” – sounds like a couple of “darkies” promoting pedos (possibly for pesos).

      What whitey would ever even THINK in such a disgustingly perverse way?

      I know, let’s take a SURVEY and find out how well this subliminal racism thing is going over to get Trump elected in 2024 – quick before Biden pardons Raniere and all manner of hell lets loose again.

    • It is kinda weird that commentators supporting pedophilia have suddenly emerged. I did not see that with the threesome and cuckold lifestyle that Keith promoted. You would have expected people to be commenting away in support for that type of sexual deviance. It was probably more likely to emerge in the threesome and cuckold fantasies as there were adults in nxivm practicing it

      I think these commentators are planted more to pollute Frank Report and have the authorities take down the site.

      These arguments in support of pedophilia are not even well-articulated. Why the difference in age of consent according to gender and the type of relationship they have (homosexual vs heterosexual, etc.)?

      I think someone who really wanted to push for acceptance of pedophilia would provide more scientific knowledge to back their claims.

      I don’t buy that these are real commentators.

    • –Women’s brains aren’t fully developed until 25 or 26–

      Kreuk brought Mack into the sex cult when both were about 23 with underdeveloped brains. That’s why they were such easy pieces for Keith’s developed brain.

      • Who said Keith has a developed brain? It’s still stuck in male post-pubescent emotional immaturity, which is the second gear of fantasy sexuality.

    • “Women aren’t really able to consent until they are 25. Their brains aren’t fully developed until 25 or 26. That’s why I like older women.”

      It’s not just women, “Reggie”. The human brain isn’t fully developed until 25. For men AND women.

  • Even though some girls like Lucy Brown or Cami or even Rhiannon might mature earlier, there has to be a strict age of consent because who gets to decide whether a girl is ready?

    I think the age of consent should be either 16 or 15 for girls and 14 or 15 for boys.

    But whatever the age is, it is the law and should be followed.

    • Soukie, there you are! I was looking for that 3rd tricodyte reference someone spoke of. Are we to take this Mack the Knife revival as a threat that “Mackie’s Back?”

      Bring it, bitches. Lot more entertaining without having to worry about my son or any other helpless, disabled kids being put in the crossfire or emotionally or otherwise harmed. Few notes:

      I want my towels, swimsuits and tennis shoes back, along with my phone and car keys. Make them magically appear. The racy suit you left is too tight on top, btw. And, psst, it’s not an exact match with the one your actress had on. Solid vs. see-through back. Front might work for a deep fake, though, another 5 pounds down. And please, she’s cute but I’d prefer a slightly more flattering face with better cheekbone structure. And the skin tone, that’s gonna be a tough match. It’s genetic not sprayed on so better recast a real blue-eyed Italian. (Just a trace of Sicilian, though.)

      Hope pale face didn’t get too badly burned the other day. Tsk, tsk.

      Question: Did you use an actress for the grey-haired lady stalking me back in 2018 from The Mission Bell into the Mall or was that the actual woman Bob Crockett had the Judge interrogate in court during the precision development trial in 2011? Glad she’s still alive and well if it’s her. Name should be in the transcripts, Frank. If memory serves, she was sworn in on the record.

      Crooked Crockett must be in on it. Still tryin’ to collect from the Plyam’s, or have we moved on to a Q Anon NXIVM/Russian connection through Yuri & Natasha? Or, egads, you’re not after Frank for that 11M you never collected?

      Btw, Barbara Bouchey told me the reason she chose Yuri as Keith’s broker was bc she wanted to move to LA and start a Hollywood NX chapter – something I was once invited to do here – whatever anyone’s trying to make of the Plyam’s role then or now.

      Course, I never know when a NXIAN is lying or just honestly batshit out of their mind, myself.

  • I’m not a troll I’m a real loving woman and it’s misogynist to call a real woman a troll.

  • This stupid cartoon makes my point. The girl is 12, too young. But change to 15 and it’s super hot. A 30-year-old smart, sexy man cares about her. Two female friends help teach her. Introduce her into adult world. Take the age up by three years. Or even two. Safe, good.

    If she has questions, or is too shy to ask the man, the females can explain.

    I was 14 when I had sex. And it was soooo good because the dude was a real man. If it had been my age, it would be me doing the statutory rape thing. No 14-year-old boy is mature as a girl at 14.

    I don’t know about this Rhiannon thing. If it is even true. Cartoons don’t make it true. Cami lucked out because Keith was super experienced. That is why she was into sex in her 20s. Read her texts.

    I don’t want to hear I’m a slut becuz I like sex. Bullshit on all you horndog hypocritical males and prude old ladies. I’m for women’s lib and girls are women too.

    • Lucy Brown, you are fantasizing about pedophilia and promoting pedophilia.

      Frank Report: where d you draw the line about what comments to accept to your site? That comment is saying it is “super hot to have sex with 15 year old girls”.

      It is promoting pedophilia. Do we really need to show this person that pedophilia is wrong? I could see how Frank Report could suddenly attract Pedos by being accepting of those comments and allowing for pedophiles to feel safe and comfortable on your site. Do you really want that?

      Could this be a trap of Keiith to get Frank Report banned? Law enforcement would ban sites that were promoting pedophilia. Why are these individuals who are promoting pedophilia suddenly appearing on the site?

      • You might have a good point here. Someone might be behind this. Even if legit, Lucy seems to be crossing the line. She made her point. Let it stand as-is, but Lucy need not repeat it.

        To that point, I am reminded of a story attributed to Samuel Johnson. He was at a party when a woman apparently loudly flatulated. Embarrassed she started rubbing her shoe on the floor to try to make it appear the shoe had made the sound.

        Johnson turned to her and said, “Madam, we all heard you the first time. You need not repeat yourself.”

        Lucy, we got your point. Thanks and good luck.

      • Take out the papers and the trash
        Or you don’t get no spending cash
        If you don’t scrub that kitchen floor
        You ain’t gonna rock and roll no more
        Yakety yak (don’t talk back)

        Just finish cleanin’ up your room
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        Get all that garbage out of sight
        Or you don’t go out Friday night
        Yakety yak (Don’t talk back)

        You just put on your coat and hat
        And walk yourself to the laundromat
        And when you finish doing that
        Bring in the dog and put out the cat
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        Don’t you give me no dirty looks
        Your father’s hip, he knows what cooks
        Just tell your hoodlum friend outside
        You ain’t got time to take a ride
        Yakkety yak (Don’t talk back)


        Performed by the Coasters, release date 1958
        Songwriters: Jerry Lieber/ Mike Stoller

        Heh heh, Licey Brown. Just another parasitic life form, huh.
        Anyhow, I cannot resist rolling out the oldies.
        And if you want to see a prudish old lady
        Prepare yourself to implode with sheer, unutterable jealousy. Mmmmm hmmmmm
        Even my cut-off fingernail remnants are too too hot 4 u to handle.

        Meow. Just give it up.

  • I wish I could say as much with words as MK4ART says with art.

    Here is a quote for MK4ART:

    “The artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind; and anything less is a dithering while Rome burns. Because of the artists, who are self-selected, for being able to journey into the Other, if the artists cannot find the way, then the way cannot be found.”

    – Terence McKenna

  • The US Army and Joe Biden intend to defeat Russia and China by making them laugh themselves to death!

  • Every time I see that “speaking in complete sentences” brag, I remember that “No” is a complete sentence.

    • There was Art Spiegelbaum’s Maus, (pub.1980) a survivor’s tale, using a similar illustrative format to portray both inner and outer cataclysm, via comic strip blocks. I find it very potent and jarring, intensely personalized as a viewing experience, by blending settings of innocence and downright horror together.

      If Charlie Brown killed himself in the comic strip, or Lucy van Pelt ditched her five-cent psychiatry booth, got a gun and shot up a Walmart, we might get more rattled than usual.

      Mr. Spiegelbaum told the story of learning from his father what it was like for him, as a Polish kid who was born a Jew and who somehow lived through the German genocide…with no one left to help him, as everyone and everything that he knew had disappeared.

      Maus used cats as Nazis, pigs as Poles and mice as the Jewish chattel. It is haunting, hits a unique chord inside of the reader. It really resonates and leaves a strong effect.

      That work was and still is a treasure to me, and is unforgettable, vivid, a different way to see and to understand. MK10ART has mined the same veins, with innocence and heartbreak combined. The reach is so strong through this graphic work, and it could evolve into a whole book.

      This packs a punch. It is scary and heartbreaking. For anyone who has ever been that little girl or boy, this rings so awfully, terribly true. To be a child trapped on your own with these kinds of people pulling their shit to disrupt your little body, mind, heart and spirit changes a young life forever.

      Suneel Chakravorty. Pay attention.

      For the love and for the protection of the innocent, for our children, for all of us.

      Take it into yourself, if you are capable.

  • I have a niece who recently turned twelve earlier this year. Of course, it goes without saying to every moral person because it is so obvious, but she is nowhere near emotionally, mentally or physically ready for any kind of sexual relationship with anyone, let alone a 32 year old “man” (I use this term very loosely, thus the quotes). Thinking about how this “man” plotted to steal the innocence away from this girl using the trust of her mother and her in him and what he did to her absolutely disgusts me. This “man’s” actions were despicable and inexcusable on every level at the time, and my understanding is he has engaged in various evil actions of the same egregiousness throughout the course of his life, which makes him a despicable person. So, even if the terms of his first conviction seem superficially excessive, it appears “Karma” eventually got it right and worked its bitch (him) into a life situation and a sentencing where he is getting the just desserts for all the manipulative acts he has committed over the years.

    • “I have a niece who recently turned twelve earlier this year”


      “Of course, it goes without saying to every moral person because it is so obvious, but she is nowhere near emotionally, mentally or physically ready for any kind of sexual relationship with anyone, let alone a 32-year-old “man”.

      Correct… and little Aisha was just NINE YEARS YOUNG when FIFTY-FOUR-YEAR-OLD fake “prophet” Muhammad violated her Southern border like what Mexicans are doing to Texas.

      • What the?! I don’t know why I was quoted in this response, nor what it is supposed to mean.

        • You said you are against a 32 year old male violating a 12 year old girl.

          Muslims worship an evil pedophile called muhammad who raped a little girl child named Aisha when she was 9 and he was 54.

          If you are against pedophilia, which you should be, you have to be against islam and the satanic cult leader fake “prophet” muhammad.

          • I am against such behavior, otherwise, I wouldn’t have written the comment that I did. I don’t know who those people are, and I don’t know why they were brought up due to what I related about my niece. That man sounds disgusting.

  • This is a very hard comment to read. But great to understand the context. It’s great art because it really does get to you. Mk10art is a fantastic artist

  • There is something very, very moving about this story as a graphic novel layout.

    An element of that is probably that it IS a child’s story and this style really evokes childhood.

    MK10ART you are an art genius.

    • Actually, I think papadum properly prepared can be nourishing and much more than just a snack.

      I take hulled split black gram and mix it with freshly cracked black pepper, salt, a little pure vegetable oil, preferably peanut, cumin, and asafetida.

      I add pure spring water and knead the dough by hand then punch it down and knead again. Then when the dough is ready, I flatten it into thin round flatbreads.

      Next, to get the perfect level of fermentation, I dry it in the sun, carefully turning each piece over after one cycle of sun and moon.

      After it is properly dried, I start a small open fire using wood [never charcoal]. Volumes could be written about what kind of wood to use for the best flame for papadum. My personal preference is fallen branches of satinwood but for a different and zesty taste, I enjoy using dead bamboo still in the ground, pulled out, and broken into pieces.

      After starting the fire with two fire starting stones, I then bring the flame to blue then above the crest by about eight inches. I roast the flatbread moving it circularly over the open flame, flipping the bread to get both sides evenly heated until they are crunchy without letting the flame touch the bread.

      Then, while still warm, it goes exceedingly well with these raw vegetables: onions, chilies, garlic, and tomato, with fresh lime juice, plain yogurt made from raw milk, and coriander leaves.

      Try that and you’ll grow to love papadum.

      • That is a lot of work to make [redacted] crackers. You can just buy them in the store. Just make sure they are not satanic halal.

      • Frank, it’s thrilling that you don’t use charcoal. That stuff can be ingested to clear out food poisoning, (and used as eyeliner) but smelling it burn is awful and just gets me headachy, even from a distance.

        This grainy sounds as if it’d be yummy. Food is so fascinating, really. There’s nothing like a food statement, as many women know, all of the way to the very essence of the matter. Moo moo! Ya know? Moo moo moo? Mumu. Mamas. Yada yada.

        • Charcoal is horrid for cooking.

          The issue with papadum is that when it is commercially made, it is junk food, but if you consider the original purpose of the preparation and how it was made and prepared with natural ingredients – the right wood, the right temperature of the fire, pure water, hulled cracked gram, herbs, etc. everything made all by hand, one can see that the true character of the food has been lost.

          Papadum went from being an essential live food to a salty snack.

          An example in the west is how cake went from a superb method of eating grains, butter, and fruits and vegetables baked within it, while preserving and homogenizing nutrients baked within, to a tooth-rotting, white flour, overly sweet, diabetes-inducing, fattening, non-nutritious junk.

          The junk food papadum is no more like the real papadum than the true cakes of the past are the same as modern-day cakes – though they have the same name. [In my opinion, the whole secret to baking a nutritious, health-giving cake is not the temperature but that the heat must surround all the sides, top and bottom of the cake perfectly and evenly, and then let the heat bake in slowly to the center. When the center is precisely the same temp as the exterior, then you have cake. A good, properly made cake without any alcohol to preserve it, is better after two weeks than on the day it is made, provided it is stored properly [dark] and you have strong teeth and love to masticate your food thoroughly. IN my opinion, the ingredients you are planning to consume dictates the way the cake is prepared and how it is heated to make the taste perfect. This has been forgotten and modern cakes are all about taste [sugary].

          • Just as sushi was originally made as a food which travels well and was sent beautifully packed, along the samurais who had no time to cook, the papadum is, today, a kind of misinterpretation of what it once was.

            Everything hinges upon what you put into it, the who, how, where, what and whys of making food and beverages. I just love it so! Feeding people is so dreamy if you love doing it totally. (My dad baked bread every week and grew almost everything offered at our dining table!) Heaven. What heaven.

          • Man after my own heart re: cake! My fave is seed cake for easter for which I make my own butter, pack with caraway seeds and leave for at least two weeks before eating..plum cake too—needs a good long rest. This reminds me of my current favourite diversion from endless marking—reactistan. I love Mustafa! I hope you might enjoy this:

            [I don’t know how to make youtube clips appear as just the link, the full page thing is too much, could you edit that for me? thanks,]

            Also, I didn’t know about charcoal being so bad to cook with, I thought there was good charcoal and bad depending on what material was being charred.

            More food/cooking tips please!

          • Thanks NFW, here are a few of my cooking practices:

            In my opinion, pre-bought charcoal is good for alleviating indigestion, but not cooking.

            The key to starting a fire is not to use matches or fire starter but a spark [from stones or sticks rubbed together – it’s easy to learn] and not use paper or any manmade product as kindling.

            I like to manage fires between yellow and orange flames depending on what I’m cooking and will achieve a blue flame for brief periods for finishing touches of certain meats to make it perfectly tender and well done such as meat high on the hog. Do this only for a few seconds.

            You mentioned cakes; I will mention pies.

            Pies should NOT be a low nutrition, high calorie, sugary desert. A pie is, of course, a meal.

            I consider the crust [or “coffin”] like the oven or frying pan – the pie is what cooks inside the crust. Therefore, the thickness of the bottom and side crust is of importance, and whether there is an upper crust.

            The upper crust regulates rising heat. The crust on the bottom regulates entry of heat.

            I recently made Key lime pies with egg whites for an upper crust and wheat flour [with butter and water] for the lower and side crust. The purpose of a lemon or lime pie is to get the perfect sour taste.

            A properly made Key lime pie will make your whole face pucker and combined with the contrasting sweetness of properly cooked eggs, wheat, butter, milk, honey and pungent cinnamon, and saltiness from sea salt will result in the best digestion of these staples imaginable.

            Contrast this with the sickly-sweet lemon meringue or Key lime pies people eat today that make them fat, diabetic and nauseated.

            Volumes could be written on how to prepare, combine, and heat various meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, herbs etc. as pies.

            I normally use hot ashes, or hot stones for heat. I will use a stone or brick oven but can cook a pie with fire under the open sky, since my pies cook from inside the coffin. I never use aluminum foil or a crust protector.

            The rising of heat within the coffin [crust] is the art of the pie. I do not let flames touch the crust.

            The advantage of an oven, even one made in the outdoors with stones, is the cool-down period where the pie rests in gradually lowering heat, but I can compensate with the coffin or crust in open-air pie cooking and cooling. [The cooling is of utmost importance and I sometimes keep pies for days for cooling and fermenting.]

            I never taste any food before I serve it, let alone a pie, for that ruins the art. I cook by smell, sound and sight. I save the taste for when I declare the food ready. This sharpens the instincts which makes the chef intuitive and increases the joy of the consumers of the pie which has been cooked and cooled with the elements, of water, air, fire, earth, and the mind.

          • Frank, I’m printing this out to properly learn and digest. Thank you, it’s the most interesting cooking advice I’ve ever received. I make cornish pasties with beef skirt, potatoes, turnips and onion, small salt and white pepper, (the pastry is indeed a coffin in this instance or more of a body bag) very frequently these days because we are all on our bikes visiting places that no longer offer fast food thanks to the restrictions—this is one good thing about the lockdown. I doubt we will ever go back to eating over-priced trash, so pies are an obvious solution. Do you have a permanent outside oven? I doubt my neighbours would cope with that given the fuss every time someone fires up a brief bbq.

            A dear friend, a Jamaican lady, once lit a fire in the depths of a Bavarian forest using stones—turning a group of defensive, unfriendly Germans into a very enthusiastic fan club—within minutes.

            I’m still learning.

          • To me, the best way for beef/root paste coffin [pastry] cooking is to combine the right roots with the right part of the cow. Don’t ruin beef with butter – including the paste. I use lard or beef tallow for the paste. Lard, especially if you like the innumerable health benefits, is superb. But I like tallow for beef-root combinations.

            If I am slicing from the diaphragm of the cow I prefer onion, potato and turnips, like you do. If I cut from the rump, I like onions, potato and rutabaga. The difference is distinct. Of course the way the animal is slain and butchered is of extreme importance, as is whether it is a bull, an ox, or a cow. That’s another story.

            For coffin cooked root/beef meals, I will once in a while use mountain thyme and basil, but usually just pepper and a little salt. The secret of the coffin is to make it just large and thick enough to allow steam inside to permeate the dark roots and the corpse into each other so the corpse tastes like roots and roots taste of the corpse.

            I think there is a magic in using three roots to the corpse. The ratio of corpse to root is also important. I personally like 25 percent corpse. [I know most people like more corpse.] I do NOT peal potatoes but usually skin onions. I prefer yellow onions with rump. White with skirt. Do not care much for shallots.

            The paste is thick, layered, larded or tallowed to be moist to be malleable. Store in cool, total darkness, and it becomes even better when cool. Never refrigerate.

            Speaking of beef-root paste coffins with more beef – I like beef trotters with unskinned garlic in even ratio and I like beef tongue with carrot at 60 percent corpse.

            Beef has to be consumed carefully and properly to get the benefits from it in my opinion otherwise it is poison and hampers digestion and lingers in the lower intestines defying gravity. This is why the roots are necessary, nutritious and strengthening and I rather think that people misunderstand the ratio of corpse to roots thinking more corpse is needed to gain maximum strength and endurance.

            I personally prefer to eat paste-coffin cooked roots and beef at night, outside, under darkness, of moonlight or starlight by a fire. Inside with candlelight is also good. But eating under electric lights seems for me to lose all the magic of the merging of beef and roots, which is after all what all digestion is – the merging of various foods with oneself.

          • This deep cooking knowledge side of you is an unexpected delight. Thank you, Frank, I just wish there were whole chapters to read through. I sometimes dream of childhood broths—a staple of my early life in Africa, observing pretty closely, your meat/root ratios.

          • Thanks NFW– Brops/broths are, in my opinion, the best way to digest the skeleton, though I like scorching bones in dazzling white-hot fire for crunching with meat of fresh kill.

            Pure water, red fire and earth [the kettle] and bones make the brop. Every big game kill should have brop and plenty of small game too. Digestion is key. Brop increases digestion immensely. I tend to think it is because it is hard to digest that which you waste and since bones are totally digestible it is improper to waste them.

            I could write a volume on consuming bones and organ meats and how to prepare the intestines. Hooves, ears, hide. Nothing wasted. Eaten or worn. That’s the ideal.

            It improves taste buds too.

            Speaking of taste buds, once in the Ocala forest along the Saint John’s I bagged a vulture. I could almost taste the thrill of distinguishing the difference between carrion and live kill when I was eating the legs. How much better carrion is than live kill for those who can digest it – like my prey – with its delicious combination of assorted flies, blow flies and carrion flies, larvae, eggs, pupae, maggots, beetles, ants, the spectrum of bacteria, fungi, molds and yeast, and the breaking down of enzymes and desiccation all combining for that exquisite culinary taste – and smell to a buzzard.

            Aged alligator meat – rotting in the sun – it could be timed to the day. When it was fresh, they did not come. But when the putrid odors wafted it was like for us the scent of fresh cooked chicken soup calling the vultures to dinner. My prey was a turkey vulture. The legs were moist from my dull red and cherry fire, kindled and maintained by soft pine, needles and branches; the juices dripping from the neatly cooked and digestible meat, grown on carrion.

            As I ate it, I appreciated also the live kill for the bird; the shock of hormones rushing through the caught creature tenderizing for a tasty treat for the bird. But it can’t compare with aged carrion for a vulture and for us, aged beef. What we eat with aged beef to balance the intestines then is obviously of the greatest importance.

          • Vulture, Frank?
            The presence of pine needles in the cooking process gave me some comfort but I’d have had to smoke that leg over terebinth and even then…I don’t know— I’ll be thinking about it for a long time — it’s one hell of an image.
            I’ll take beef aged through to biltong though—that, water, oily flatbread, fresh goat’s cheese and an apple—sounds like my lunch! Cheers, Frank. (It’d be a great book, and all the Paleos and organic hipsters would love it—feels zeitgeist-y)

  • This illustration series is so very heartbreaking and chilling. It should haunt every leftover. If not, they truly are soulless shells. Powerful work, well done!

  • The cartoons in order remind me how lurid Rhiannon’s story is. Rhiannon, if you are reading this…you have many supporters and I hope that you have let this demon truly leave your soul. What a truly evil, twisted bastard.
    Love from South Carolina

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