Three Children Threatened; Hollywood Screenwriter Uses Police to Attack Godmother

After Isolating Them Through CT Family Court

Chris Ambrose is a Hollywood screenwriter. At least he was once before he got caught plagiarizing. He appears to be becoming unhinged.

Chris Ambrose

First, it was a suicidal message to this writer. He blamed me for everything that happened to him. He speaks of rage and depression. He is undergoing treatment for depression.
He threatens me with arrest for writing about him.
He imagines he sees cars idling at the end of his driveway. And unknown people calling him from unknown numbers. His problems may be worsening,
One reader told me, “I saw this unstable man at a store inside the Trumbull Mall. He got kicked out for shouting and screaming at employees because he had to wait in line. He was abusing a teenage girl who might be his daughter. I felt concerned for the girl and reported the incident to mall security.”
Frank Report verified the incident.
Another reader told me he was kicked out of Guilford Planet Fitness. Why? Another source said he takes furtive pics of muscular, youthful men there.

Is Chris Ambrose becoming unglued?

Readers know Ambrose locked his wife, Karen Ambrose, out of their marital accounts. He snatched her inheritance. Then, he filed for divorce from Karen, a stay-at-home mother who cared for their children for 13 years.

In control of the money, Ambrose went to CT Family Court and purchased custody of the children.

The equation: Husband with money + CT Family Court = No Contact for mother with her children.

For two years, the mother has not seen her children. Yet, they continue to reach out in anguish. The children yearn to go home—home being with their mother.

The mother’s extended family and all the friends they grew up with are not permitted to see them. Isolating children from those they love is the paradigm of CT Family Court. But someone has to pay. In this case, his name is Christopher Ambrose. He is a former Hollywood writer who got caught plagiarizing and came home. He took the marital assets and filed for divorce. He took the children.

He paid for them. M and M are 15. S is 11

One of the family friends is Michelle Pawlina, the godmother of M. Having sympathy for these three children, she tried to see them. Here is her story.

Parlato: How long have you known the family?

Michelle: Karen and I have known each other for more than 35 years. I’ve known Chris for 25 years. I’ve been friends with him since they started dating. I was a member of their wedding party. I stayed in his apartment with Karen in Manhattan.

I visited them in California and stayed with them. I’ve known the children since they were brought to this country. [Two of the children were adopted from Guatemala].

Parlato: You’re M’s godmother?

Michelle: Correct. My son is 16, and M and M are 15. S is almost 12. We have spent a lot of time together since the kids were toddlers. Once the kids were in school, it was more complicated. We still saw each other on vacations, holidays, birthdays, and many other occasions throughout the year.

And when he was unemployed, Chris would hang around. He’s a great conversationalist. So, we always got along very well. I felt we had a good relationship.

M age 2, Diane, Michelle, Fernando age 3

M, M & Fernando, family friends

Parlato: When was the last time you saw Chris before today?

Michelle: The last time I saw him was in court. He ignored me.

The time before was when the kids were placed in my care. They had been evaluated at Connecticut Children’s Hospital concerning allegations of abuse by their father.

The Department of Children and Families intervened. They dropped the children off to me in the middle of the night. A person from DCF said they might be here for a while because there’s an investigation concerning allegations of the father abusing the children.

The next day Chris texted me and said, “I’m on my way to get the kids.” According to DCF, he’s not supposed to see the kids. So, I said to the kids, “Your dad’s on his way here. Do you want to go home with him?” They all said no. They were scared. They didn’t want to go back.

They had been told they could go back to the hospital. It was a safe place to return. So, I took them. Chris was livid. When he came to the hospital, he wanted me to leave before he came in. He did not want to see me.

When I testified, I said in court, “I’m here for the children. They’re my main concern. I’m concerned for their safety. I’m concerned for their health. I’m a nurse. So, I’m a mandated reporter. I have called DCF. But nothing’s being done.”


S tried to explain his feelings to the Children’s Hospital. The hospital had evaluated the children and recommended that all three children NOT return to Ambrose but remain with their mother. Judge Jane Grossman, aided by the guardian ad litem, Jocelyn Hurwitz, hopped into action. Judge Grossman rescinded the DCF’s 96-hour hold and ignored the hospital recommendations. Ambrose paid the bills.

Chris Ambrose is a high-risk abuser, but he had the money, so he got custody.

Parlato: What happened today?

Michelle: I had invited Chris and the children to my house for Easter. I haven’t seen the kids in a year and a half. I sent him a text. No response. I waited a couple of days. Then I sent another text.

I said, “you know I’m putting Easter baskets together for the kids. I have my son, and then my brother’s got a couple of kids coming. They’re all middle school, high school. I’m putting treat bags together, so could you please let me know whether or not you’re coming?”

Then I thought, “these poor kids deserve to have a little something.” So, I put the bags together. I didn’t know if they were on vacation, but I thought I’d at least drop off the bags.

Parlato: You drove to drop the Easter baskets off.

Michelle: Yeah. I work in a school. I’m a school nurse. I also work in the psych field in the hospital. I pick up shifts in two different hospitals, psych, adolescent, and adult, so I’m very familiar with abnormal behavior. I came home. I got my dog and took her for a quick walk. Put her in the car, put the Easter bags in the car, and drove down.

It’s about a 45-minute drive. So, I drove up the driveway. And there’s a fence that runs along the front yard and the driveway. When I got to the end of the fence, I honked my horn because, you know, I’m not going to barge in. Just honked the horn-like, “Hey, I’m here.”

I stepped out of the car and walked around the other side of the car, and took the Easter bags out. Chris runs down the steps into the front yard and yells, “Get off my property, Michelle!”

I was shocked. I’m like, No, hello? No, how are you? Just, “Get off my property!” I was like, what?

And he said, “Get off my property, Michelle.”

I said, “I’m just delivering Easter bags, Chris.”

He said, “I’m calling the police.”

Karen hosted Easter 2018, an Italian tradition, and Michelle Pawlina’s family joined in (only half the gathering). Ambrose’s plagiarized episode of INSTINCT “Secrets and Lies” would air that evening, and Bones‘ fans soon outed his illegal acts. Unfortunately, it ended his Hollywood career.


So, I was standing there, and M came out of the garage. I hugged her because I hadn’t seen her for so long, telling her I loved her, and out he came again. Chris came over and stood next to us and told me, “You need to leave.”

I told Chris, “I invited you to Easter, and you never responded.”

He told me, “I don’t have to respond to you.”

I was like, okay. So, I said, “Well, I put these Easter bags together, and I thought I’d bring them down.”

He replied, “You’re going against the court order.”

I said, “There’s no court order against me. There’s nothing against me that says I can’t talk to the kids. I’m M’s godmother. I’d like to see my godson.”

He said, “You need to leave.”

Then my dog, Casey, barked.


“Oh, M, do you want to see my baby, Casey?” I said.

She looked at Chris. Like, afraid, fearful. She looked at Chris like, “Is it okay?”

Chris was standing there with his arms folded with his feet apart, like “I’m gonna fight you.” And he said, “You’re pushing it, Michelle. You’re really pushing it.”

Then M offered to bring the bags inside to the boys because S and M didn’t come out.

I said to M, “Well, this one’s for M, the blue one’s for S. Thank you so much for bringing them in.”

And they turned around and went back. Chris would not let M get too far away from him. Like physically. Like a bully, he forced her into the house. So, they walked into the garage.

The Easter bags Michelle prepared for the children.

Parlato: How did Ambrose look when you saw him?

Michelle: He was very, very angry. His arms were crossed. He was very pale. He looked as if he was disturbed, irate over nothing. I literally dropped off Easter bags.

And he’s standing there with arms crossed, ready for a fight. His eyes were blazing. That’s the only way I could describe it. His eyes were piercing and blazing. He was just furious. Absolutely furious.

I drove home. I went and took my dog for a walk. I got back, and heated my dinner. And my doorbell rang, and I was like, “Who the heck is this?”

It was the Glastonbury Police Department. That’s where I live.

Lauren Caruso was the officer. And she’s like, “Can I talk to you?”

I invited her in. I saw her turn on the recording. And she said, “I’m here because the Madison police called to report an incident in Madison.”

I started laughing. “I brought Easter bags down to Chris and the kids.”

“Were you asked to leave the property?”

I said, “Yeah, he came out of his house and yelled at me to leave. So, I invited him to Easter. I could show you the invite. It’s on my phone. He didn’t come and didn’t respond, so I thought I’d bring the Easter bags. That’s all”.

The policewoman said, “I’m really sorry to bring bad news but he reported an incident to the police. He does not want you. You are not to trespass on his property anymore. If you do, you could be arrested.”

I still had my scrubs on. I said, “I’m a nurse. I’m really concerned about the health and safety of these children. Is this something you can report?”

She said, “I can’t because it’s out of my jurisdiction. But you could talk to Madison police.”

In the end, she said, “The resident of the property wanted you to be told in person. They didn’t want to just call you.”

Parlato: He does not want them to be in touch with anybody on the mother’s side of the family?

Michelle: No. No.

Parlato: Did you get a chance to observe M?

Michelle: Yeah, she’s not the girl. She’s my M, but she’s… (Michelle starts to cry) I’m sorry. You can tell M’s depressed, you know? I work with kids. I work with adolescents. I work with little kids at my school. I work with adolescents at the hospital. This girl is not happy. She’s flat. Her affect was flat. The clothes she was wearing were three sizes too big. It just broke my heart. It absolutely broke my heart.

Michelle and M in 2018.

Parlato: She was sad?

Michelle: Oh my god. Yeah.

Parlato: The whole impetus of Chris Ambrose and his paid GAL and custody evaluator is to claim she is unstable and unfit.

Michelle: Karen is one of the most amazing people. Smart, funny. She’d do anything for you. She’s a great mom. She gave up her career, which she was excellent at, to raise her kids. Chris wanted her to be a stay-at-home mom. So that was the deal they made. She would be home with the kids.

Parlato: Chris told me she never worked after they married, so why should she get any of the marital assets. But isn’t taking care of children work?

Michelle: It’s the most challenging job you’ll ever do. Chris wanted to pursue his writing career. He was never home. He was in LA. When he was writing in New York, he’d leave early in the morning to get into Manhattan and wouldn’t get home until after the kids were in bed.

She had great neighbors who would help her. Her dad would come over and help. She had the support and love of the people around her. She created that. They say it takes a village. She made the village for these kids. He was not around.

Parlato: Now, he’s always around. No one else is around the children.

Michelle: Chris lives five minutes from Hammonasset. Last year, I texted Chris, my mom, my son, and I were going to Hammonasett. I invited him to meet us and have a picnic.

He said, “I’m busy with the trial.”

I said, “OK, but the kids aren’t busy with the trial. Let me pick up the kids. You don’t have to be bothered. I’ll bring them to the beach. I’ll bring them back.”

He was like, “You don’t understand the pressure I’m under.”

I’m like, “Great, so then I will take the kids off your hands and take them to the beach.” I don’t know what he thinks I’m going to do with them. He claims parental alienation. He poisoned the kids against him.

From what I saw of M today, I understand why he’s hiding them. Because anybody who knows them, who’s known them for years, would know they’ve been brutalized, absolutely brutalized.

I was with Karen the day the court ordered the kids to Chris. And they weren’t even allowed to call her or say goodbye. And I was like, what?

What is happening? Like it just didn’t even seem legal to me. And she’s never been able to speak in court. So, I don’t even know how that’s legal.

Karen never got to speak or put on her case, but her children were placed on a “temporary no-contact order” by Judge Jane Grossman that has been going on for two years.

Parlato: It’s shocking.

Michelle: He’s now threatening me. Like, what have I done? I delivered Easter bags. I don’t get his venom. He’s a sick man. He’s not behaving logically. I know he’s got a terrible temper. Today, when he came out furious, screaming for no reason, I knew he was over the edge.

Chris Ambrose

Parlato: How did he wind up with sole physical and legal custody, and Karen can’t see them?

Michelle: It was a flip. Initially, Karen had custody. I’ve been through this with her from when she told me she wanted to divorce. She came to me in the summer of 2018.

She said, “Michelle, it’s gotten terrible. I need to get a divorce.”

I had been through a divorce when my son was two. I said, “You need to get your ducks in a row. Don’t tell Chris yet. Figure out where you’re going to live. You got three kids. Figure out how you’re going to do this.”

Unfortunately, and she’ll tell you herself, Karen told him. He turned around and filed against her. Chris had no intention of divorcing her until he found she wanted to leave him. Then he was in the driver’s seat.

He comes up with his parental alienation BS. Karen found a note on his desk regarding parental alienation. They were still living together. So, he planned this whole thing. He’s a smart guy. And he’s a lawyer. He researched all the players, including Jocelyn Hurwitz, for guardian ad litem.

Chris’s note identifies concerns about the implications of his multiple, multi-year affairs that would impact custody and child support payments. His legal remedy: “PARENTAL ALIENATION.”

Parlato: The first judge granted her primary custody?

Michelle: Initially, she had custody. I remember she was trying to find a place for them to live. Chris tried to rent the house from under her. She finally found a place to live with her three children and two dogs. She’s like, “I just wanted to find a place where they would have a happy summer.” It was down by the beach. They were supposed to see Chris. I forgot what the visitation schedule was. None of the kids wanted to see him. None of them wanted to go. No matter what she did, none of the kids wanted to go.

Parlato: She wasn’t alienating?

Michelle: No. And Chris became more and more controlling. He was getting more irrational. M, for instance, was a fantastic gymnast. He was supposed to take her. He wasn’t taking her. M had guitar lessons. I don’t think he was doing that. Like he was not fulfilling his end of the bargain. The kids were giving Karen a hard time because they did not want to visit him. She was standing on her head to try to get them to go. They did go begrudgingly.

And then it all got flipped. I took Karen to court. Chris somehow got the judge switched, and suddenly, Chris has full custody. She can’t see the kids at all.

Judge Jane Grossman ordered the children out of their mother’s house and had no contact with their mother, who had raised them since they were infants.

Parlato: In Family Court, the mother and children were not heard. Only the man with the money.

Michelle: Karen had evidence. I was with Karen’s original lawyer, Rick Callahan, when Karen said, “I think you should use this evidence.” The lawyer said, “No, no, no, we’re not going to do that. We’re not planning to use that.”

It’s like, why? Like, Chris is doing some underhanded things.

Parlato: Like what?

Michelle: Like pornography. I believe he is making money illegally. And the lawyer didn’t want to touch it. Karen had discs from computers as evidence, and the lawyer, Callahan, said, “No, we’re not going to talk about that.” 

Attorney Callahan and GAL Hurwitz refused to allow evidence that might question Ambrose’s competence.

Parlato: Perhaps Karen’s and Chris’ lawyers, Nancy Aldrich and Callahan, already decided that Chris would get custody. He had the money. Maybe Karen’s lawyer made a collusive agreement with Chris’ lawyer.

Michelle: Either Karen’s lawyer was a bumbling idiot, or he colluded.

On that horrible day when the kids were ordered out of their home, to go live with their father without saying goodbye to their mother, I had to drive Karen over to her attorney to turn over her phone and her computer so she could in no way contact the kids. At that point, I told Karen that we needed to switch lawyers.

So, we drive over to attorney Edward Nusbaum’s office. He had been recommended by somebody in Westport. And we go over there and, boy, have I heard stories about that guy. He would call me all the time. He wanted to know how much their house was worth. I said, “Excuse me? I don’t know, maybe a million?” He wanted to know how much Karen could pay him. It was all about the money.

Parlato: Is Karen crazy? That’s what they’re trying to make her out to be to justify this theft of the children’s happiness.

Michelle: Not at all. I think most people would have crumbled under this woman’s pressure. I don’t know how she’s still holding it together. To not be able to talk to your kids for two years and not see them, not talk to them.

Parlato: She was the stay-at-home mother. She was all-in-all for her kids. The primary attachment figure. And one day, Chris bought the children. Meantime, Chris is not working–

Michelle: Because he got caught plagiarizing. He hid it from her for a long time. And then it came out. He asked her not to say anything. So, she didn’t. She stood by this guy for years.

Parlato: She wasn’t alienating the kids? She wasn’t trying to turn the kids against him?

Michelle: I’ve been on vacation with them. There was never anything derogatory said about Chris.

Parlato: Do you know who Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly is? She’s the custody evaluator that decided that Karen was alienating the children. Therefore, they took the kids away from Karen on the strength of this woman’s bought-and-paid opinion.

Michelle: I was asked to write a collateral letter on behalf of the children because I’ve been with this whole thing since the beginning. I wrote a letter about Karen’s character and spent a long time on it. It was sent in. Dr. Caverly never called me. Never called any of the people who knew the kids well.

Parlato: She called all of Chris’s contacts; people who barely knew the kids.

Michelle: Chris is paying the bills.

Parlato: Is it your understanding that Chris confiscated the marital assets?

Michelle: That’s the other sick thing. She wanted to divorce him. He finds out she’s going to do that. He served her papers the day before. He had already moved the money into his name. Karen had money. Her mom died before they got married. She inherited money. And Chris took it.

Parlato: And he won’t return it?

Michelle: She hasn’t received a penny from him. I don’t know how she’s surviving. Chris and his team were praying that she would just crumble.

Ambrose controls the marital assets. Memo: “Bring account [the only account Karen can access] to zero balance” for his wife of 18 years.

Parlato: That’s the way they play the game in Connecticut Family Court. The golden rule: He who has the gold, even if he stole it, rules.











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  • Did Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly ever follow up on that case to make sure her assessments were accurate?

    Does the Connecticut family court system provide oversight for family court evaluators? Which office monitors the work of evaluators handling child custody cases involving disclosures of sexual abuse?

    As soon as possible, someone with a conscience needs to tell Dr. Biren-Caverly to read the motions and “case flow requests” Mr. Ambrose wrote recently. The state publishes those documents on the state court website. Ambrose studied law. He was a professional writer. His filings should look like proper legal filings.

    Anyone in or outside of the Connecticut family court system reading Mr. Ambrose’s recent motions and “case flow requests” should notice his lack of moral agency. Dr. Biren-Caverly should notice more than that.

    What a horrible, shameful case. Like so many cases before it, the harm done points to a complicit family court system.

    • Dear anyone providing oversight for Dr. Biren-Caverly in the Ambrose case,

      Ambrose admits to writing: “unnecessary and inflammatory commentary … unnecessary, repetitious, scandalous, impertinent, immaterial or otherwise improper …” statements to the court.

      He writes: his “scandalous or maybe immaterial … argumentative and improper” complaints have “run afoul” of standard court procedures.

      Reframing his malicious defamation as “failing to use plain and concise language”, he believes his statements are “inflammatory, argumentative… not productive”.

      He tells the court that he “continues to take jabs at” the mother of the children.

      When a writer writes “… continues to take jabs at …” that phrase serves a specific purpose.

      He wrote:
      1. his comments are “self-serving to essentially paint him in a good light”
      2. his comments do “nothing more than stoke the fires of animosity between the parties”

      His document addressed to the court drips with malicious defamation against the mother of his children and the godmother.

      As long as no one provides oversight and accountability for those dangerous cases, news outlets such as The Frank Report can provide the transparency, but the people of Connecticut still need oversight and accountability for the family court system there.

      Currently, there’s none.

  • If nothing else, Robert Horowitz is clearly incompetent. But of course, it is more than that. He is either on the take or intimidated

    • Robert Horowitz isn’t incompetent or intimidated. Find a record of all of his cases. He and his associates passed cases to and from each other for billable hours for decades. Horowitz pretends to be harmless. That’s how he ruined so many lives. Ted Bundy seemed harmless, too.

  • It must have something to do with Linda Smith being the president and Judge Gerald Adelman and Robert Horwitz (good friends) being on the board of the rackateering business they they started in CT. There is plenty of evidence to expose Robert Horwitz and the other players of CT family court.

    Children are the best judges of character and sense these evil-doers long before a parent sees what’s coming. The world’s jaws would drop if they saw and heard the corruption of these sadistic characters that influence judges, police, and dcf.

    Notice–the psychologists and therapists involved work only in private practice so the corrupt GALs can cover their asses for them, while they all make money and abuse children.

    This is EXACTLY what happened to Jennifer Dulos. Jennifer Dulos’s evaluation was a fraud just like Biren-Caverly is a fraud. Jennifer was a wonderful mother–only family court said otherwise based on one evaluation that remains sealed to protect the fraud — and the criminal that wrote it.

    Humphreys evaluation of Photis Dulos said he was a great dad! These are the vulturous criminals of family court.

  • I can understand why someone may think if a parent really wants to see their children, they’ll engage with the supervised visitation. Unfortunately there is cognitive dissonance because it’s very difficult to believe that lawyers along with a handful of psychologists/therapists could be so corrupt.

    Supervised visitation contracts which are guided by the GAL are similar to what terrorists do to people in the public square; that is, before they slice your head off in front of everybody, they force you to admit to crimes and alienation that you never committed. So any contract that begins with that premise, is an indicator that it is set forth to destroy you.

    There was no need for a well educated special education teacher with accolades to have to undergo supervised visitation when the reunification Dr. Robert Horwitz stated himself– reunification therapy isn’t necessary much less supervised visitation because the children want to be with their mother– so there is nothing to supervise or reunify.

    It’s my understanding there are many videos of professionals committing abuse in real time, with their money making schemes.

    • You lost me at “Supervised visitation contracts…are similar to what terrorists do to people in the public square; that is, before they slice your head off in front of everybody, they force you to admit to crimes and alienation that you never committed.”

    • And…”So any contract that begins with that premise, is an indicator that it is set forth to destroy you.”

      I think refusing to take the legal steps offered to see the kids/regain some custody is what destroyed Karen’s case here. How has refusing supervised visitation worked out for her? It’s been a disaster!

      Education, accolades, and credentials from 20+ years ago (or yesterday) mean zip when it comes to mental/emotional stability. In the present day, TODAY, Karen has not demonstrated that she has good judgement or that the best interests of the children are guiding her behavior. I think she needs a lot of psych help to come back down to earth and needs to get away from people who are enabling these self-destructive delusions.

    • “ So any contract that begins with that premise, is an indicator that it is set forth to destroy you” this is completely insane. I think Karen’s family needs to stage an intervention if she ever wants custody. Get her away from her enablers!!!!

  • Ambrose’s negativity, even in the most positive of situations (gift baskets for kids), shows an instability way beyond the allegations he is attempting to bring against the childrens’ mother. He has now, publicly, reached the point where his documented anger and hostility is escalating beyond his control.

    At some point, he may even begin lashing out at the lawyers and court system, possibly even refusing to pay…as his mental control deteriorates. The state and players need to shut this guy down and institute proper justice for the mother and children. Soon!

  • Christopher, you have turned into your father. You act and look just like him.

    As you were never permitted to leave your house, now you do the same to your children.

    For God’s sake, stop.

  • These children should be returned to their mother where they wish and desire to be. Christopher is a monster and clearly mentally unstable. The children’s safety is at risk and their mental health is fragile. This will affect them for the rest of their lives. Anyone who condones his erratic and unstable behavior is just as insane as this whole situation. Let’s get these children home with their mother where they belong!

        • She made herself homeless by choosing not to get housing and not to get a job. Anyone who is flat broke can get into public housing. Isn’t she from a relatively rural/suburban area of Connecticut? I’m willing to bet there is not a waiting list to get into public housing there.

          If I found myself completely penniless (which it seems she is not as she has 300,000 at her disposal reportedly) I would at least have the sense to reach out for help from local welfare agencies while I worked to get back on my feet. It would hurt my pride, but I would do it so that I had a stable roof over my head and rooms where my kids could stay while I sorted things out. How could Chris give the kids to her when she claims she doesn’t even have a bed for them to sleep in??? Something is not adding up here.

        • She isnt homeless – according to the document you shared she lives in Glastonbury. It so confusing how you take sides. So if Karen suddenly got sole custody and the kids couldn’t see Chris would you be fighting for Chirs then?

  • What an emasculated weenie. Probably has the police on speed dial. Do they tuck you in at night, Chris? They must be sick of him

  • This piece is amazing, Frank. I mean, wow….You really outdid yourself. It makes my head spin. Why can’t Ambrose do the right thing? Keep up the great work.

  • *clap* *clap* Frank- can you ask Karen for the memorandum of decision in her divorce and post it here? TYVM.

      • I don’t have access to the Court file. I presumed Karen sent you and that dangerous creep over at the circus blog copies. My thoughts are she was awarded $$$$ in alimony and property settlement but that would discredit her self-portrayal as the penniless and homeless victim. (Since you seem to think anyone who disagrees with you is Chris- for the record- I’m not Chris. He’s probably as much of an asshole as Karen is batshit crazy.)

          • It’s a lame joke along the lines of “This is going on your permanent record, Young Lady” you would relate to if you attended elementary school in the 60s. Doesn’t your blog’s host provide you with IP addresses for postings? Anyway, I’m curious what Judge Adelman wrote in his memorandum of decision for this cesspool/nightmare of a contested divorce case but I’ll probably need to wait for the inevitable appeal process to play out..

        • You seem to know a great deal, so please help –

          Can you explain what marital money she has in her possession? Can you explain how Ambrose was able to conceal and liquidate all marital assets without her consent? And can you explain where her inheritance of over $150,000 is?

          Can you show where the monthly payments ordered by the court are? We’re they provided and if so, where are they?

          Ambrose has paid nothing since sept 2021. If you can show where the court ordered monies were delivered and answer my questions, that would be super helpful.

          Thank you.

          • Riordan allegedly had $200,000 from the sale of the house plus $100,000 she liquidated from a retirement account. She can’t provide any evidence of this 150,000 inheritance and in fact she (on the record) changed the amount from $29,000 to $150,000 from one court date to the next and reportedly she’s provided no evidence to support her claims.

          • Everything you said was said before by Chris Ambrose. Assuming that any of it is true – which I doubt – how doe that justify Ambrose keeping all the marital assets – which was well over a million?

          • Frank wrote: “Everything you said was said before by Chris Ambrose. Assuming that any of it is true – which I doubt – how doe that justify Ambrose keeping all the marital assets – which was well over a million?”

            I read the info I shared in the documents provided at that other “Blog That Shall Apparently Not Be Named” It’s in the dissolution judgement, which references Karen’s own words, not Chris’s. There is also more info there about what’s happened to the marital assets.

        • Anonymous 7:14

          Know anything about the alleged N.A.M.B.L.A membership/affiliation of a certain male divorcé in residing Connecticut?

          I bet someone is very afraid now.

  • Listen to the children!!! This child reports to the hospital that he’s suicidal and returning to the father will make it worse!

    But hospitals hands are tied because judge jane grossman and GAL Jocelyn Hurwitz intercede!

    Child abuse/trafficking by Ambrose’s paid hires.

  • The court finds him a HIGH RISK abuser. This is based on input from the father himself. But judge grossman ignored the recommendations of hospital and dcf and forced these kids back with the father immediately.

    This is corruption. Same players: Jessica Biren caverly, custody evaluator and judge jane grossman. Jocelyn Hurwitz and Janis Laliberte are GALs known to traffic children.

    In The Worst Interest of the Child: Traffickibg Children Through Family Court.

    The court isn’t making life better fir this clown. Just using him for all his money. He made a deal with the devil.

    • Ding Ding Ding. Well said. This is part of the reason why I keep thinking Chris may wake up and give the kids back.

      • He could paint himself the hero- the court says no contact, but I’d never do that to the three of you.

        However he’s fine it for two years now.
        One sick pup.

        • Two years, yes. But Frank has disclosed that he has 50+ articles to write about all the crooks involved in this case. Unless Chris fixes this, it’s only the beginning. Before the NY Times does pick up the story, doing the right thing, now, might be a good idea.

  • that only Chris Ambrose and his attorney were the ONLY voices to be heard in court prior to the temporary orders; that is the summation of how the no contact order fraud was perpetrated. It screams that the judge was entirely biased from the start and would be enough to unravel any and every Court order since.

    • Her legal custody of the three children she raised was taken by judge Jane grossman in response to an unvetted affidavit by Chris Ambrose.


    • But it’s Connecticut Family court where no laws apply.

      No financial affidavit by this guy and wife locked out of marital home and funds since entering family court. That’s the corruption. All that’s happened since are distractions.

  • Prediction!

    Elon Musk will move Twitter’s Headquarters to Texas, probably near Austin.
    Texas Governor Greg Abbott has invited Musk to move Twitter to Texas.

    Greg Abbott

    Governor candidate, TX
    . Bring Twitter to Texas to join Tesla, SpaceX & the Boring company.
    3:46 PM · Apr 25, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

  • Sorry, but this woman was harassing Chris. Anyone with two brain cells would interpret no response to invites as a wish to not attend or be involved with the sender of the texts. That is underscored by her acknowledgement that he ignored her when she saw him at the court. She could have mailed the Easter bags instead of driving 45 minutes and trespassing on his property. She was clearly trying to instigate something on behalf of her buddy, Karen.

    • You don’t think it’s strange that someone would react so vehemently to dropping off Easter baskets for three children she’s loved since birth?

      Where is the concern for access to these children?

      Why calls to the police? And an in person visit from Glastonbury police because Ambrose wanted the message delivered in person? A phone call wouldn’t suffice?

      How connected is this guy who runs the Madison police? They’re on speed dial.

      • I find it strange that she expected any other reaction than what she got. Driving onto his property and honking her horn on Easter, when the guy has been getting threats on his life from the family circus blog? And this woman knew that, in fact, she ran to that blog and told her anti-Semite, racist buddy there her story right away.

        Plus, it’s not like she lived 5 minutes away. She had to drive 45 minutes, both ways, to drop off a little chocolate. Ever heard of mail? She clearly did it to harass Chris and gain the approval of her best friend Karen and is just playing “poor little innocent me”. I’m not buying it, and I daresay nobody else is either.

        • I drove for four hours to spend easter Sunday with my eldest and her God children? Are you fecking joking? In your world easter eggs and shit aren’t a thing for children? What hard cold joyless world are you living in?

          Also, imo, you sound bitter and stupid, which makes you something of an exception here. [x-nx?]

          Your assumption of plurality is a symptom of Grandiosity – nice try- but pretty pointless here on the Frank – where we say what we like and nobody knows your name. Except for Alonzo, the court doxxer.

          • Im assuming you were invited to that Easter gathering? And your own child was there? Big difference. You are welcome to say whatever you want to say on this blog as far as I’m concerned. And I should be welcome to say what I want to say even if you don’t agree with it. Bless.

          • If any godchild of mine were in anything like this situation, I would be outside wherever they were being held as often as I possibly could. I would not let up until their pain and misery were over. I know it would lift their spirits to understand they were not forgotten, at the very least.

            I don’t see how anyone could walk away and behave with anything approaching indifference when faced with cruelty to children. For me, personally, the law, if it sanctioned such a thing, would be the last thing on my mind. The welfare of the children is all that matters.

          • “ If any godchild of mine were in anything like this situation, I would be outside wherever they were being held as often as I possibly could”

            And I am willing to bet that if the court ordered no contact for 90 days with your own children but did allow you to have supervised visitation immediately after you would be there on day 91 to see those kids. Karen never bothered. She chose to waste time sueing the governor of Connecticut instead. She needs to get her head on straight.

          • If this had happened to my children, I’d be in the same situation as Karen Riordan. Obviously.
            Same legal constraints — and I would be out of my mind with worry and fear. Still rational though.

            She has done well to bring this evil situation to light. I hope I would have half of her tenacity and strength. Her children will always know how hard she is fighting for them.

            As a Godmother without the same legal restraints, I would do as I said, unless and until something was filed against me, at which point another Godparent would take over and so on…so that my children would know that not for a minute, had I, or anyone else of their loving family, forgotten them.

          • If only the full story could be told now. It will be told. But more importantly these children’s voices should be heard by someone outside the father’s control.

          • @FrankReader: “ She has done well to bring this evil situation to light. I hope I would have half of her tenacity and strength. Her children will always know how hard she is fighting for them.”

            Oh, she is in fight mode alright and is totally punching in the wrong direction. She needs to look in the mirror and stop with the paranoid delusions of conspiracy against her. She is only a victim of her own counter-productive behaviors AND the people who are enabling her delusions.

          • Frank Reader wrote, “If this had happened to my children…I would be out of my mind with worry and fear. Still rational though.”

            Unfortunately, very often when people are out of their mind with worry and fear, they do not think and behave rationally even though they fully believe that they are being rational at the time. When the dust settles, they usually look back and see how out of character and out of control they were acting. That is why it is usually advised that you do not make any life-altering decisions immediately after a loss or a major life change like a divorce.

            I personally believe that Karen was out of her mind with worry and fear, and she reached out to the wrong people… Sharks who prey on parents under duress… Like Jill Soderman Jones and the Family Court Circus guy. They have their own agendas, money, vengeance, etc. that have nothing to do with the well-being of Karen or her children.

            I personally see her as a victim not of the family court but of the sharks like PB and JJS who try to present themselves as helpers. They are not. There seems to be a cottage industry of people with no conscience who just live to make money and/or go on a power trip acting as saviors to extremely vulnerable and frightened parents, when really they will just lead these parents to never getting any custody. They do more harm than good.

            I am not posting this to defend Chris and I’m not posting this because I’m against Karen. I would like her to get at least 50-50 custody and I can see from a mile away, she is going about it all wrong. I am concerned Karen has been misled by people who pretend to have her back, but they don’t have expertise and they don’t give a shit about what’s truly in the best interest of the kids or Karen.

            Waging a smear campaign online is not going to help Karen. All she has to do is cooperate with the legal system. It is very simple.

            Have you ever heard of Occam‘s razor? Usually, it’s the simplest explanation that is the right one: i.e., there is no vast conspiracy to traffic children by the state of Connecticut. Perhaps the state took it too far by ordering 90 days of no contact. But the fact of the matter is that’s what they did. And then they allowed supervised visitation after.

            Whether they were right or wrong, just do the damned supervised visitation that is the step back to custody. Show up and demonstrate that they are idiots who were wrong that you were trying to alienate the kids etc. Why is that so hard to do? I don’t understand it at all. What is Karen afraid will happen if she goes to supervised visitation???

          • Frank Reader wrote: “TL;DR, no time, got kids to take care of,”

            Thanks for letting me know. I was up all night hitting refresh again and again, leaving my children unwashed and surviving on animal crackers, waiting and waiting for your reply. Mercifully, I can get back to my life now, thanks to your conscientious update.

    • Screaming and threatening their godmother in front of them is abusive to children. Yelling to get off his property as if she’s a criminal?

      He’s a screenwriter and an actor. This is so sad for these children.

      What is he so afraid of? That the children will speak the truth to those they love and trust?

  • Does anybody know why Chris wants the kids so badly? I don’t get it. Especially, when he could end this entire fiasco so easily. Why go through all of this for custody of three children he doesn’t even like?

  • And Michelle wonders why Chris didn’t want her “Easter baskets”? These details sure change THAT story. I don’t trust her as far as one could throw her. Does she think she’s actually helping?

    The truth is in the middle.

  • “To not be able to talk to your kids for two years and not see them, not talk to them.”

    But you left out the part that she is able to see the kids. She just chooses not to.

      • Ha! That’s quite the analogy. If she truly loved her children, she would take ANY opportunity to see them. Any mentally stable individual would jump at the chance to see their children in a situation like this. Key word- “mentally stable”

          • ‘Every day. More for entertainment than news and facts.’

            Thats some hardcore inhumanity. Given the situation that’s *entertaining* you.

          • “‘Every day. More for entertainment than news and facts.’

            Thats some hardcore inhumanity. Given the situation that’s *entertaining* you.”

            Karen is the one who turned her divorce into the Jerry Springer show by splashing the most ridiculous salacious allegations against her ex (plus photos of her kids and their medical records) all over the internet for anyone to see. Just like there is a lot of real human suffering on the Jerry Springer show, most people don’t watch it with empathy and sorrow for the participants. They watch it for cheap entertainment, most of the time believing that the participants are just lying for attention, anyway. STOP MAKING YOUR KIDS INVOLUNTARY GUESTS ON THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW KAREN!

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