How Selfish Father Isolated Three Children Using CT Family Court

It is two years and one day since CT Family Court ordered M, M, and S to separate from their mother.
Their father, Chris Ambrose, was a Hollywood screenwriter. Then he got caught plagiarizing.
It caused him to come home to his wife and three adopted children in Connecticut and file for divorce. At first, he was riding high. The marital assets were reportedly around $2 million. He took the money from their joint accounts.
Then he won sole physical and legal custody of their three adopted children. It was simple in CT Family Court, where they follow the golden rule – whoever has the gold rules.
Then Frank Report had a chance to look at this injustice and report on it.
Wrested from happy homes, children were removed without notice. They went crying into the home of the more affluent parent, usually the father.  Affluent fathers prevailing against stay-at-home mothers.
Chris Ambrose was our poster dad, the man who played the game well. He was always a victim. So, he crafted his plan.
With all the money, he hired an attorney, who picked the guardian ad litem, who chose the custody evaluator. They conspired to declare that his wife alienated the children from their father.
Happy days! Chris Ambrose got the children and all the money, saving on child support and alimony. A perfect scheme until Frank Report took an interest in the matter.
Later we will show how he worked to make his children not wish to see him.
Being abusive, scaring them, this appeared to be his plan.
It was natural. They did not wish to see him. He set the stage for his fake narrative of parental alienation.
Bizarre, inhumane, and evil is the remedy. In CT Family Court, they took the children away from their mother and placed them with a father who abuses them.
The heartless savages in this affluent state do something else. They imposed a no-contact order on the mother and children.
Can you imagine the crime against children? Based on the lone opinion of one very dubious custody evaluator, generally paid by the father, CT Family Court orders the uprooting of children.
Dr. Jessica Biren-Caverly wrote a custody report just as the father wanted.
Suddenly, out of their homes they go. Dismay and misery. Denied contact with their primary attachment figure.
To assuage the trauma of victim Ambrose, the children had to suffer worse trauma.
They have not been with their mother in two years, yet they still cry out for her.
Lonely. Without the comfort of the person who loved them best in the world. Placed with a selfish man who impoverished their mother.
The scandal is he used CT Family Court to separate mother and child.
Oh, yes, he was smug until Frank Report began to write about him.
Now, once again, he is a victim. This time he is a victim of the Frank Report. But the father who stole the happiness of his children and wife of 17 years is reaping the harvest of his deeds.
He is not aware that this is his own doing. “For the sins they do by two and two, they must pay for one by one.”
“He that troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind: and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.”
“The race is run by one and one and never by two and two,” this is what the fool forgets.

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  • I’ve been following this story for almost a year now. Yes, even before Frank got hold of it. And it is one of the most deranged things I have ever heard. Not only has Ambrose stripped the children from Karen. He has cut her off from any source of money. Made sure no lawyers would help her. And hunted down a child when they ran away from him to find the their mother.

    Chris Ambrose is one incredibly sick narcissist S.O.B. And I can’t wait to see him fall.

  • This is the same exact playbook we see in family courts everywhere. Money drives the custody decision and the non-monied party is crushed into submission. She/he is deprived of everything – children, home, property. Follow the $$$$….

  • A wonderful person asked me yesterday if I read the Frank Report and the answer is YES, as much as possible.

  • Frank, this is your response to Ambrose’s FACTUAL cease and desist letter? Pathetic. Please print his letter so your readers can see how you have grossly misrepresented its contents.

    Are you afraid Riordan will file charges against you again?

    • Your facts are always wrong it seems. I plan to publish Ambrose’s nonsensical cease and desist letter. When I have time.

      I will need some time to do so since there are so many distortions and untruths in it, and I have an obligation to present the facts as well as his distortions.

      You say, “Are you afraid Riordan will file charges against you again?” And when, Sherizzy, was the last time you were arrested? Riordan never filed charges against me.

      But the use of the word “again” makes it sound like what I ask you, “When was the last time you got herpes?” And did you give it to your partner again?

      • I don’t even understand your crazy accusations. Herpes? Arrest? Why are you deflecting? Do you think I’m Ambrose? I’ve been commenting on your blog long before you even started this series. Do you think I started commenting on NXIVM 1 1/2 – 2 years ago because I was waiting for you to maybe write an article about Ambrose? That’s absurd.

        From all the evidence, it appears Riordan is lying. Ambrose cites to decisions and other sources in his letter. You have no evidence to support her allegations.

        I apologize for being snarky. I just can’t understand why you would support someone whose narrative is clearly false. I wondered if she was holding something over your head re: Florida. If not, and there is real evidence, please share it with us.

  • When is someone going to listen to the children? He’s kept them from their friends, family, and a mother who loves them for two years now all because he has money! Stolen money at that! Hang in there Mia, Matt, and Sawyer your mom will never stop fighting for you.

  • Mothers Day is near. Make peace. Stop being an overbearing tyrant.

    Get a job. Your career was over when you plagiarized and stole intellectual properties.

    You haven’t looked for work since the fans – the public- demanded accountability.

    You lied to colleagues, bosses, and the fans that paid your salary.

    Is it any wonder you lie to and about your children and your wife?

  • When parents and kids were separated at the border, Americans were outraged, but in CT family court, this is done in exchange for money.

    Jessica Biren Caverly is a fraud. The cases pile up- her reports are used to traffic children – no contact with a healthy parent to deliver kids to the abuser.

    Ambrose case, Catherine Rookasin, Sandra MacVicar, Susan Skipp, Cobie Jane, Kelly Groghs, Marlena Harris, Paige Styvan, Joris Tiberi, Margaret Sullivan – the list goes in and on.

    Motherless Connecticut – (usually mothers but fathers can be cut off too).

    And CT has an “F” rating for shared parenting. The 50-50 state is not 50-50 on custody or marital assets.

  • Two years is such a LONG time, especially when Mom wants to be in children’s’ life so drastically. I pray everyday for Mia, Matt and Sawyer!

  • Chris Ambrose the truth shall set you free, just try it, it works every time.

    Be kind- you have the power to make your children happy let them see their mother.

    Make Peace with you past and present-
    This will help tremendously with suicidal ideation.

    You get more bees with honey- just try it your children may begin to try and forgive you. When you are too old to take care of yourself in just a few short years, your children may consider taking care of you instead of sending you to a convalescent home right away, providing you let them see the only one person they love most in the entire world Mommy!
    The hate you created in Mia, Mathew and Sawyers heart can only be healed by Mommy!
    It’s never too late to do the right thing.

  • When will Chris Ambrose begin wearing a bra for those huge man boobs? Easily a B cup, pushing a C. It’s unsightly and a huge turn off. It’s annoying for us Latino Boiz when we get our lettuce trimmed for those suckers to be resting on our heads – none of us signed up for his unharnessed moobs and we demand justice damnit ! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Good News!

    It looks like Musk’s bid for Twitter is a Done Deal!

    Will there be a song titled “Hooray for Silicon Valley”?

  • These kids need a normal life. Give them their mother, life, and freedom back.

    This father can make amends. He’s too busy “winning” than doing what’s best for his children.

    The birthmothers/birth family didn’t place their kids to be isolated and abused by this monster.

    Do what’s right. Don’t let another day go by.
    Be the hero your kids need you to be.

    Please end it and let these kids have their mother and world back.

        • I don’t think much of your hard ugly vengeance and your total lack of empathy for this situation.

          You must be used to ‘hate’ to have such a clear expectation of it on a website.

          I’ve been anon here since 2017 often disagreeing with the editorial line [Frank] and I’VE yet to encounter it – you sound spurned and bothered by something unrequited? I’ve seen that a few times lol, women falling head over heels for Frank then turning really rancid on him – when he doesn’t respond the way they expect him to – Mexican Lady?

          Also, what the fck is a ‘biased dead horse’, Mrs.S?

          • I would give you an honest reply, but the details would be extremely redacted. I too have been reading this blog for several years, and then I did my due diligence and found Frank’s hypocrisy runs deep. Nothing more than that.

            Misogynist much?

            Is that what happened with the Mexican lady? I had no idea, She loved Frank..sang his praises daily. Maybe she did her due diligence also? Things that make you go Hmmmmm….

  • Lawsuit! Massive tort! Class action for women who have been forced to use the court system without being told it’s incentivized by billions to take children away from mothers. Only abusers chose this route and normal people care about their children. These men do not. Anyway- yes- the more Connecticut takes children away from mothers, the bigger the re-up on the federal grants. Docs on hand

  • Yawn. Same story over and over. Your exposure isn’t reuniting Karen with her kids. It’s making matters worse.

  • Stay at home mothers are lazy. They don’t need to have the kids after they reach a certain age. Father should always get the kids.

    You can have more than one mother but you only have one father.

    The best thing that happens is take away the contact and make the lazy ass mothers go to work

  • Are you out if your mind Chris Ambrose? Still playing the victim?

    Academy Award for Best Liar goes to Christopher Ambrose… plagiarist and child abuser.

  • Only abusers could watch their own children in pain and suffering. He’s essentially fabricated the death of their mother? WTF and why isn’t he in jail for child abuse? 17 years and suddenly his wife is so evil she has to be eliminated?

    Where’s Attorney General Tong who puts families first??? A mother had no value Tong?

    • Attorney General TONG is a mere puppet, controlled by the same masters who allow judges to traffic children and abuse mothers. In Connecticut, no one can hear the children scream.

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