Guest View: Challenge Suneel on Value of Tourette’s ‘Study’

Carysa Long, seemingly without tics, is suing for psychological damage.

By Bartholomew

This is In response to the article, Suneel: Debunking Glazer’s Claims of Tourette’s ‘Cure’ in Civil Lawsuit.

Suneel’s problem is that the people of this study seem to have had ‘pressure’ put on them to resist the urge to tic in order to help skew the study towards a predetermined (successful) outcome — which isn’t shown when the cameras were rolling.

Neil Glazer’s clients will probably have plenty to say about the ‘pressure’ they faced to make the study turn out a certain way, and were probably pressured or advised to make positive social media posts.

But even if they don’t, there’s one such person who’s already went on the record on this topic (their testimony is shown below, taken from the government’s sentencing memorandum).

This person indicates that they were constantly reminded of the ‘expensive’ cost of the intensives which were being funded by Clare Bronfman (they were made to feel as though they were mentally indebted to Bronfman and NXIVM, which is not how real scientists behave during a study). This would have made them feel mentally or morally obligated to make positive social media post, in my opinion.

Suneel Chakravorty

Plus, they claim to have had ‘pressure’ put on them not to waste this generous funding for the intensives, making them feel as though they were mentally indebted to NXIVM for this gift.

They also felt pressure to resist the urge to tic when the cameras were rolling, for fear of messing up the study and being kicked out.

They even felt at risk of being kicked out of the study if they weren’t showing positive results.

That’s not how a scientific study is performed. Real scientists don’t put pressure on participants to nudge the study towards a predetermined outcome, just to promote a film. LOL.

Why won’t Frank ask Suneel to comment on this? This person did NOT have their Tourettes cured or improved in any major way..

In the government’s sentencing memorandum for Clare Bronfman it refers to a victim’s participation in ‘the space of Tourette’s Syndrome,’ … but ignores that the participants in this “study” have expressed significant distress at their involvement. In a victim impact statement, one participant in the study stated:

According to a description of the film: “Five young Americans with severe Tourette’s Syndrome take part in an experimental case study that transforms their lives and raises questions about our perception of the neurological disorder.”

“When I was told that I was a candidate for participation in NXIVM’s Tourette’s study I believed that it was a legitimate medical study and I was hopeful that this study would help with my Tourette’s. In fact, there was no medical screening in advance of participation, and I was given no information about the study or its risks. . . . No one informed me that the study in fact required me to take ESP intensives. I had no clue that I was going to be required to take expensive intensives that went from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, or that as a result I would be obligated to Clare Bronfman.

“I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders because I needed to overcome my Tourette’s in order to prove that this treatment worked. I had to resist the urge to tic at all costs because I was so afraid to tic and mess up the study, which they told me would also mess up a cure for Tourette’s and potentially other medical conditions that NXIVM wanted to cure . . . On two occasions while I was in Albany, Nancy [Salzman] and Marc [Elliot] threatened to send me home. They each mentioned that if I don’t start acting better and trying harder, I will have wasted thousands of dollars of Clare’s money that she had spent on me and their ‘medical experiment.’

“It was scary—but I couldn’t show that because showing fear means something is wrong and I need to be fixed. The ‘study’ these people did, did nothing for me except ruin my self-esteem, ruin my mental health, and made me hate myself. It did not cure my Tourette’s in any way.”

Parlato Comments:

I have asked Suneel to comment and his first comment was “this claim should be investigated but I believe all the participants signed the same agreement that Carysa Long signed which clearly stated that the study included up to four educational intensives.”

For my own part, I wonder about the narrative of being scared out of tics. That could be good or that could be bad. I look forward to hearing more from Suneel.

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1 year ago

Wow, I wondered about the whole Tourette’s claim as if it can be willed away! These people are huge victims and it’s disgraceful being they were led to believe it was legitimate. I hope the 2nd part of the documentary will cover this as I had great doubt those people were cured.

1 year ago

Thanks for pointing this out.

I’d think we’d all know by now that it’s possible to produce a small scale study showing pretty much whatever those conducting it theorize, expect, or believe – or even just something randomly wrong. That might or might not involve some obvious or more subtle version of what is commonly referred to as cherry-picking.

Also, as I’ve pointed out before regarding Tourette’s, it turns that a bit of fact checking reveals that in one of those points that is typically not as well known as it should be, counter-intuitive or at least counter to stereotypes, the syndrome not infrequently improves as young people get older, and in many cases is amenable to fairly simple treatments. So any properly done study would have to be very rigorous and careful to ensure that it produced valid, relevant results, and properly correlated cause and effect.

From what I’ve seen, it’s actually pretty typical for groups like NXIVM to try to produce hasty, biased studies or research trying to support their theories, beliefs and practices. For example, Transcendental Meditation set up their own Maharishi University and has put out or sponsored papers trying to show that their meditation reduces crime, proving the value of supposed yogic flying (in case you need ask, see brief video that follows), etc.

1 year ago

Lions Gate filed a SLAPP motion to strike against Marc Elliott’s case against Starz’ Seduced.

If successful, Elliot’s case is going to end up costing him $50,000-$75,000 for the defendants’ legal fees – which will be in addition to whatever his lawyer Tully charges (who is also Raniere’s attorney’s)

Instead of hauling in 6 million dollars minus his attorney’s cut, Marc Elliott can be looking at being in debt over 100,000 dollars if Lion Gates is successful in their motion.

Knowing Raniere’s track record in these kind of legal cases, Elliott should be looking at getting a second job.

Another successful tip from Raniere’s how to deal with the legal system and get ahead in the world.

When will these loyalists wake up?

1 year ago
Reply to  FayRay

It’s been 3 years – the loyalists aren’t waking up. They’re in Vanguard Coma.

Clifton Parker
Clifton Parker
1 year ago

Facts don’t matter to Suneel. He will maintain his (KAR’s) narrative no matter what. 99 people could stand in front of him and say one thing, and one Raniere-cultee will stand and say the opposite. And yet Suneel will always stand by his Raniere. Honestly, Suneel needs some therapy….

No real research went into Marc Elliott project
No real research went into Marc Elliott project
1 year ago

NXIVM research projects was based on one Mad Scientist practicing bad research.

No one involved held any standards of research that are considered valid.

Based upon investigation Porter behavior was illegal by state medical boards.

Brandon Porter lost his job and medical license over the conditions of the research guidelines.

Nancy Salzman was not qualified to as a psychologist to conduct this research project. Raniere had no qualifications at all.

There was no proper paperwork filed with any state or federal agencies regarding this project.

It was done Raniere style with Raniere standards. This means half ass with no measurements.

When Marc Elliott took his Dog and Pony show movie on tour, he failed to tell anyone who sponsored it or watched it that the project was a joke.

Elliott failed to inform people the research was invalid. He still continues to inform people to this fact. He is no better than Raniere is is falsely marketing his film and product.

Why is that Marc Elliott? Why not be honest about the research? Why not tell people it is only Keith Rainier standards of a good research project and no formal research was ever completed?

In the end, it just more Raniere, NXIVM Bullshit.

Now Elliott want to sue for 6 million dollars because he is embarrassed by a slightly slicing in Sueduced.

Elliott should end his lawsuit before he gets really embarrassed about the fact that his movie is based on a pack of NXIVM lies about a fake set up of research by his Master & Chief.

1 year ago

Why would you use a picture of someone while they are ticing??? everyone has their bad picture…but this is just cruel….

1 year ago

Yeah, I agree, Frank. I also thought about the possibility that scaring or pressuring them might be part of the procedure of curing them.

But based on what that person described, it seems like the pressure was borne out of desperation due to lack of progress, rather than being part of the treatment.

IMO, it wouldn’t seem to be a ‘permanent’ cure if they stopped ticking only when using all of their mental energy (to resist the urge to tic) due to high pressure situations.

That would seem like a temporary way to skew the study results without permanently curing/improving anything.

At any rate, the person in question did say that they weren’t cured (and were harmed mentally).

What they described doesn’t sound like a well thought out scientific study.

It sounded like a study with staff members who were highly biased, who had an emotional investment in claiming that it was successful.

But we’ll see what Suneel says. Maybe I’m wrong.

1 year ago

You really should switch out the featured picture on this post, Frank.

Pretty fucking cruel.


1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

Well Alanzo-

I believe Frank is highlighting the fact that your NXIVM heroes did not help this woman.

I promise you, Alanzo, that Glazer will show the jury far worse, actual video of her ‘tics’.

When the jury goes home, they will do their own additional online research, like all modern juries do; despite the fact that it will be against the Judge’s orders….

Thus, the Frank Report publishing this woman’s ‘tic’ photo will serve to help her case. The jury will see her suffering.

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