Suneel: Debunking Glazer’s Claims of Tourette’s ‘Cure’ in Civil Lawsuit

Carysa Long had Tourette's. Then she ran into NXIVM and her tics were markedly reduced.
Suneel Chakravorty

By Suneel Chakravorty

In my opinion, I have debunked the nonsensical claim in the Glazer lawsuit about the ‘Human Fright Experiment’ and Jenn Kobelt’s claims.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Neil Glazer


Jenn Kobelt, a participant in the “Emotions Study.”

By the way, I have to admit that even I enjoyed calling it by Frank Parlato’s despicable propaganda label, ‘Human Fright Experiment.’

Frank Parlato, the propagandist.

But now, in conversation I can only bring myself to refer to it as the “Emotions Study,” which it accurately was. But if what I presented about the “Emotions Study” has even an iota of debatability, this next one really does not.

Next comes my debunking of Glazer’s claims about the Tourette’s Study as well as the use of the NXIVM “technology” in supposedly ameliorating symptoms of OCD.

Glazer mentions “Tourette’s” in his First Amended Complaint in many different points. Let’s look at the salient ones:

  • Defendants claim NXIVM “cured” Tourette’s
  • The Tourette’s Study was “unlawful”
  • The Tourette’s Study was “traumatizing”
  • Jane Doe 21 and 22 were “directed” and “told” to participate
  • Tourette’s was a Bronfman “Propaganda” film
  • Sara Bronfman had to do with The Ethical Science Foundation behind the Tourette’s Study
  • Jane Doe 20, NXIVM and “OCD”


Defendants claim NXIVM was a “cure”?

Glazer writes, “7. Defendants also claimed that NXIVM’s system or “tech” could cure medical conditions, including Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. None of this was true.”

One thing I agree with Glazer is when he says: “None of this is true.” Yes, none of what Glazer said about the Tourette’s Study is true.

Yes, there was a NXIVM study of Tourette’s Syndrome. You can watch the documentary film about it here on YouTube.

My Tourette’s Film, produced by Clare Bronfman

There were 11 participants in the study. Five of them are in the film. All of them experienced marked reductions in their symptoms of Tourette’s, some within a matter of hours.

But nowhere do Nancy Salzman, Keith Raniere or anyone else organizing the study call it a “cure.” Look at the movie and try to find even one instance.

Furthermore, Marc Elliot and Raniere discuss the apparent results of this study in the Keith Raniere Conversations Youtube Channel. Here is a clip:

Here’s an excerpt of Raniere talking to Marc Elliot and, of course, you can listen to the whole thing.

Keith Raniere and Marc Elliot discuss the results of the Tourette’s Study.

RANIERE: “It’s pretty clear that your Tourette’s is gone and sleep studies and things like that would indicate that, you know, how of course the question is, how much do we participate in that… because there’s a percentage of people I think you said it’s fifty percent is a round figure, that where the Tourette’s subsides and goes away and maybe it was your time and that was, and that’s a very real real possibility… You’ve brought it [the results] to scientists where they say your results are too good… I see our results as promising. I see that in the worst case we have an interesting way of selecting people who are going to within a very short time period overcome their Tourette’s, whether it’s from us or not.”

Nowhere does Raniere claim the “tech” is a cure. He doesn’t even assert that the techniques of NXIVM are necessarily the cause of the change.

Glazer is overstepping on a bridge too far and might even fall into sh-t creek sans paddle.


Tourette’s Study was “Unlawful”?

Glazer writes in his complaint that “Nancy Salzman, along with Raniere, also designed … unlawful (and severely traumatizing) medical experiments … including the “Tourette’s Study.”… all without voluntary informed consent or professional oversight.”

Nancy Salzman with Marc Elliot, the first student in ESP/NXIVM to overcome his Tourette’s, with Salzman’s help.

Really? Unlawful?

First off, it was a talk therapy study, not a medical experiment.

Let’s talk about “unlawful.” Glazer says it is unlawful. Who has decided that the Tourette’s study was unlawful? What adjudicating body? None whatsoever. He is making a conclusory allegation of law.

Everyone who participated in the study gave consent forms. The Ethical Science Foundation (ESF) was the one providing funding for the Tourette’s Study.

Below is the consent form for ESF that Carysa Long, one of the participants in the study who was featured in the film by name, signed:

Carysa Long, seemingly without tics, or with markedly reduced tics, is suing for psychological damage.

Note that Glazer writes that Jane Doe 21, one of the Tourette’s study participants, “was instructed to participate in a sleep study at a local hospital in Buffalo, conducted under the Defendants’ direction.”

Instructed? They were offered the opportunity to be in the study and the sleep study was something they agreed to in their consent form.


Tourette’s Study was “Traumatizing”?

Glazer writes that the Tourette’s study was “severely traumatizing.”

If Jane Doe 21 and Jane Doe 22, who appear on screen as Isabella Constantino and Carysa Long in the film, believe their claims of trauma and abuse, it is sad that they are ungrateful.

Isabella Constantino is one of the protagonists of the documentary film, My Tourette’s

Before the carping critics descend on me for mentioning the women’s names, remember that they were in a film and signed release forms where they consented to the use of their name in the film in perpetuity. They were not forced or coerced. They did not adopt Jane Doe status in the film. They wanted to lose their tics and overcome their Tourette’s and that’s why they did it. And guess what? It worked. The participants experienced a dramatic reduction in their tics.

By the way, they did not pay a dime for this service. It was free.

This film was presented at film festivals around the world, and anyone who saw it or cares to learn, knows who they are. I’m not going to do kindergarten stuff with you people. Their names are known and public. They starred in a movie that showed they lost their Tourette’s.


We’re not trying to meet Jane Doe.

Here are excerpts of Isabella and Carysa, before and after the NXIVM talk therapy, from the documentary:


If we look at the stories of Isabella and Carysa, they bear a characteristic resemblance to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Carysa After Tourette’s (AT) (left) and Carysa After Glazer (AG) (right)

In the film My Tourette’s, we see them losing their Tourette’s and being grateful for it, whether it was NXIVM’s therapy or not that caused the change.

Then these two women meet the mercenary-minded prince of exaggeration Neil Glazer and are told that all they have to do is change their story from “I was helped by NXIVM” to “I was abused, hurt, manipulated, directed, put a ball-and-chain around my brain and made to do all kinds of unseemly things” and they’ll get money. All they have to do is say, “Bronfman$ made me do it.”

If I had Tourette’s and I got rid of it, I’d be like Marc Elliot and thank those who helped me, and certainly not try to sue them for money.

When Isabella left the talk therapy, this odious, horrible, repulsive, repugnant, manipulative, terrible experience, she no longer felt comfortable saying she had Tourette’s. She wasn’t ticking much at all anymore. For years, Isabella suffered from ticking. She couldn’t be in normal company. Her parents must have been deeply aggrieved by this. Her friends were cognizant of the fact that she ticked all the time. She had involuntary movements. Her words came out awkward and distorted. Then she ran into NXIVM and she had a dramatic decrease in her tics and OCD. It could have been a coincidence, or maybe, just maybe, like the other eleven, the therapy helped.

Sure, it’s possible that NXIVM had some uncanny ability to pick people who were severely affected by Tourette’s who were about to lose it anyway, but I would put money on the fact that this therapy helped, and it should not be lost to the world because of greedy attorneys.

Not only did Isabella feel she benefited at the time, she also publicly promoted the study and the film on Facebook. Here are some of her posts.

Here is one of them from October 7, 2017:

ISABELLA: “To all my friends and those of you out there reading this post – As many of you know, over the past couple of years I have been involved with a medical study that has helped me overcome my Tourette syndrome which I had struggled with for about 14 years. I have also been off meds for two years after taking meds every day for 10 years. This has been incredibly life changing for both myself and my family…”

How does Glazer think he can overcome this statement in front of a jury? It is nonsensical. You can’t rewrite history. This woman was relieved of Tourette’s. You can’t rewrite history just because NXIVM has been made into the bogey man.

Here are some others that you can read for yourself:


The Medical Board Ruling Against Porter

Glazer includes the NYS Department of Health ruling against Brandon Porter. He writes that “On April 24, 2018, the State of New York Department of Health, State Board for Professional Medical Conduct filed a Statement of Charges against Porter and subsequently conducted a yearlong investigation of Porter’s work at NXIVM. The Board issued its findings in an opinion issued on August 16, 2019…. Porter performed human subject research on ten subjects diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome. Once again, he used EEG, GSR and a video recorder, this time to measure tic responses before and after EM sessions with Nancy Salzman. The claimed purpose of this exercise was to look for improvement after the EM session.”

In my opinion, the OPMC is a highly biased group that were likely told the desired conclusion and then to justify it. But that is just my opinion. All I know is that people had Tourette’s and then people lost their Tourette’s and instead of Porter being named as a man who helped these people overcome the symptoms of a painful syndrome, he was vilified, chastised, and stripped of his medical license.

But didn’t they lock Galileo up because he dared to say the world was round?

It seems savages will always be savages, and Glazers will always be mercenaries and they’ll say anything and harm anyone for money.

Galileo Galilei was persecuted for beliefs that later became accepted as scientific fact.



Brandon Porter, in part, had his medical license revoked because of the Tourette’s Study, which shows people with Tourette’s being helped, not harmed, by talk therapy.


“My Tourette’s”, a Propaganda Film, really?

Glazer includes a whole section entitled, “Clare Bronfman’s NXIVM Propaganda Film – “My Tourette’s.”

He writes, “Although the film was intended as pro-NXIVM propaganda, it was also utilized to advance Defendants’ interests in developing bogus cures for medical ailments.”

It is audacious, brazen, bizarre and, to quote one of the defendants in the lawsuit, “Glazer-esque” to call this a propaganda film. It extols a new paradigm: the possibility that people could lose their tics through a non-invasive method.

If that is propaganda, let us have more of this kind of propaganda. To call it Clare Bronfman’s propaganda is, to quote that same defendant, a clear “greed-grab for Bronfman money.”

Clare didn’t call it “Clare Bronfman’s My Tourette’s.” She is only mentioned in film credits as a producer. She produced the film, after all.

Clare Bronfman funded and produced the Tourette’s Study and the film.

Was this film NXIVM propaganda? What’s the difference between propaganda and the promotion of something good? The difference is that it’s propaganda if you’re promoting something bad. It’s marketing if you’re promoting something good. This is not propaganda, because it is good and it is obvious that it’s good.

Why don’t you watch the film with an open mind?

You know what I think will happen at trial? They’re going to have Carysa and Isabella testify that they were manipulated. Then, they’re going to show this film.

Even Glazer, as audacious as he is, will not likely encourage them to fake having tics to their pre-study level, and the jury will see the way they were before in the film and the way they are on the witness stand and say, “These were helped, not hurt, by NXIVM.”

I do not believe they will withstand cross-examination, no matter how hard Glazer prompts them to rewrite the narrative.

I’ve talked with people with who knew all of the participants and here’s a quote from one of them: “They got a life, a home, a family back. Tears of joy were raining down their faces. People witnessed it in this community.”


Keith Raniere helped, not hurt, by allowing Nancy Salzman to use his techniques to help Isabella and Carysa.

These people asked for bread and Keith Raniere gave them, in a sense, the bread of life. He helped them out of the mercy in his heart, and the genius of his brain.

Now, I believe that Glazer, in his opportunistic greed, has persuaded these two women – and again I tell you to look at the difference in their before and after videos have – that they should repay Raniere in stones.


And Now, For Some Glazer “Word Salad”

I’m going to introduce you to perhaps the most obtuse, insane, contradictory, self-defeating, whatever the legal equivalent term is for word salad.

Here is: “But for their reliance on Defendants’ intentionally false misrepresentations that the “tech” was based in sound science, empirically proved, Plaintiffs would not have agreed to increasingly immerse themselves in Defendants’ system. But for Defendants’ elaborate ruse by which they convinced students that they suffered from non- existent maladies and disorders caused by psychic “disintegrations,” which students were told also were root causes of, exacerbating or impeding the healing of ailments students did recognize (including Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and even cancer), and that Defendants’ Rational Inquiry “tech” was the only way to wholeness and wellness.”

I defy you and go back and re-read that paragraph. If you can make heads or tails or a sense of it, I will proclaim you as one of the top three bullshit detectors in the world, with a bullshit detection rarity of 1 in 425 million or thereabouts.

In fact, I sincerely believe that if anybody could make sense of it, if they didn’t have Tourette’s, they would get Tourette’s by the time they figured out what he was talking about it. It is nonsense.

On behalf of Glazer, I am submitting his paragraph to the Bulwer Lyton Contest and I’m confident I’ll win.

Pictured is Sir Edward Bulwer Lyton, after whom the irreverent contest is named.


A Dash of Bronfmani$ation™

No Glazer donut is complete without some Bronfmani$ation™.

Glazer writes, “Raniere assumed a duty of care to Jane Doe 20, Jane Doe 21 and Jane Doe 22 when he directed Porter and Nancy Salzman to use ESP curriculum and EMs to treat Jane Doe 20, 21 and 22’s OCD and Tourette’s Syndrome, and directed Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman to fund ESF and finance the treatment.”

Here are the facts:

  • In 2007, as a result of civil litigation, Sara and Clare Bronfman took control of a charitable entity called The Ethical Foundation (TEF).
  • Shortly thereafter, Clare took control of TEF and renamed it The Ethical Science Foundation.
  • At the same time, Sara created her own foundation called The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation.
  • Thereafter, Sara Bronfman had no knowledge or involvement with The Ethical Science Foundation, nor did she provide funding, a fact that Neil Glazer almost certainly knows and is definitely known by some of the plaintiffs in this case.
Bad news for Glazer: Sara Bronfman was not involved in the Ethical Science Foundation which backed the Tourette’s project.

All one needs to do is look at the freely available public 990 form tax statements from The Ethical Science Foundation and The Ethical Humanitarian Foundation.

These show Sara’s complete lack of involvement and funding of ESF.


Debunking the OCD Claim

Glazer writes, “Defendant Nancy Salzman was aware that Jane Doe 20 suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (“OCD”) and told her that Defendants’ system could cure her OCD, and that if Raniere approved, she would be eligible for this treatment, administered by Nancy Salzman and Porter. Raniere subsequently approved this treatment… As a result of Defendants’ scheme, criminal acts, and misrepresentations and omissions, Jane Doe 20 was emotionally and financially harmed.”

There is one woman whose public endorsement of the NXIVM tools rebuts Jane Doe 20’s claims, and that is Margot Levitan.

Margot Levitan, after her NXIVM OCD therapy.

Let’s see what Margot, someone who was in the same study as Jane Doe 20, said about her experience with ESP/NXIVM.

On September 13, 2016, Margot announces to Facebook: “Hi all in fb land. I’ve had a few people message me asking if I’m ok after choosing to stay in Albs & not return to Van in the meantime. I’m currently working on my OCD/anxiety & growing up a bit. I will be posting a video soon :). Thanks for the love :). [kissing emoji]”

ESP coach Margot Levitan’s post to Facebook on September 13, 2016 indicated that she was going to be working on her OCD in Albany.

Then on October 20, 2016, about a month later, Margot writes, “This picture encapsulates how I am feeling. Whether in Albs or North Vancouver I am different. I feel so calm & able to see how some of the previous patterns I had are gone. Coming back to find my room cluttered & chaotic & remembering how I was before I left Vancouver. So scattered, so anxious, so unsure & my surroundings are an example of this. It feels so good to not feel overwhelmed or like I need to jump from thing to thing. I can organize my life now & focus on what I want.”

Another FB post from Levitan.

It sounds to me like her work in Albany with NXIVM helped her with some of her OCD patterns.

Then on November 23, 2016, this former sufferer of OCD writes in support of ESP/NXIVM: “My favourite part of ESP! When my fears fall away & I don’t know how they left. See ya later:  dogs, peanuts, packing, getting lost, being physically close to men, Mexican food, asking directly for things, being with people &  not talking :)”

Levitan praises ESP.

I don’t know what Jane Doe 20’s experience was like, but if it was anything like that of Margot’s, Glazer will have a tough time convincing the jury that a woman helped is a woman hurt.



So, as you can see, the claims about Tourette’s or that NXIVM was said to have “cured” Tourette’s by attorney exaggerator extraordinaire Neil Glazer are utterly, completely, thoroughly, and most sincerely, the donut hole and not the donut at all.

We all know what the Glazer donut is: too large a hole and not enough dough to go around.

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  • Suneel’s problem is that the people of this study seem to have had ‘pressure’ put on them to resist the urge to tic in order to help skew the study towards a predetermined (successful) outcome — which isn’t shown when the cameras were rolling.

    Neil’s clients will probably have plenty to say about the ‘pressure’ they faced to make the study turn out a certain way, and were probably pressured or advised to make positive social media posts.

    But even if they don’t, there’s one such person who’s already went on the record on this topic (their testimony is shown below, taken from the government’s sentencing memorandum).

    This person indicates that they were constantly reminded of the ‘expensive’ cost of the intensives which were being funded by Bronfman (they were made to feel as though they were mentally indebted to Bronfman and NXIVM, which is not how real scientists behave during a study). This would have made them feel mentally or morally obligated to make positive social media post, in my opinion.

    Plus, they claim to have had ‘pressure’ put on them not to waste this generous funding for the intensives, making them feel as though they were mentally indebted to NXIVM for this gift.

    They also felt pressure to resist the urge to tic when the cameras were rolling, for fear of messing up the study and being kicked out.

    They even felt at risk of being kicked out of the study if they weren’t showing positive results.

    That’s not how a scientific study is performed. Real scientists don’t put pressure on participants to nudge the study towards a predetermined outcome, just to promote a film. LOL.

    Why won’t Frank ask Suneel to comment on this? This person did NOT have their Tourettes cured or improved in any major way..

    Bronfman’s sentencing memorandum also refers to her participation in “the
    space of Tourette’s Syndrome,” Def. Mem. at 20, but ignores that the participants in this
    “study” have expressed significant distress at their involvement. In a victim impact
    statement, one participant in the study stated:

    When I was told that I was a candidate for participation in NXIVM’s
    Tourette’s study I believed that it was a legitimate medical study and I
    was hopeful that this study would help with my Tourette’s. In fact,
    there was no medical screening in advance of participation, and I was
    given no information about the study or its risks. . . . No one informed
    me that the study in fact required me to take ESP intensives. I had no
    clue that I was going to be required to take expensive intensives that
    went from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm-9:00 pm, or that as a result I would be
    obligated to Clare Bronfman.

    I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders because I
    needed to overcome my Tourette’s in order to prove that this treatment
    worked. I had to resist the urge to tic at all costs because I was so afraid
    to tic and mess up the study, which they told me would also mess up a
    cure for Tourette’s and potentially other medical conditions that
    NXIVM wanted to cure . . . On two occasions while I was in Albany,
    Nancy and Marc threatened to send me home. They each mentioned
    that if I don’t start acting better and trying harder, I will have wasted
    thousands of dollars of Clare’s money that she had spent on me and
    their “medical experiment.” It was scary—but I couldn’t show that
    because showing fear means something is wrong and I need to be fixed.
    The “study” these people did, did nothing for me except ruin my self-
    esteem, ruin my mental health, and made me hate myself. It did not
    cure my Tourette’s in any way.

    • — Have had ‘pressure’ put on them to resist the urge to tic in order to help skew the study towards a predetermined (successful) outcome.

      The participants may have been fully medicated and paid by the Bronfmans, which isn’t much of a stretch because Clare and Sarah did anything Keith told them to do.

  • Suneel “debunked” nothing.

    HOW damaging the Fright Experiment was to the test subjects is a separate issue.

    Minimizing the impact to the plaintiffs may feel good to Suneel, but it accomplishes nothing

    The only factual matter of relevance is whether or not Brandon Porter improperly held and conducted this experimental medical research.

    And that is not really up for much debate. Because there are clearly laid out requirements for such medical research.

    And the evidence shows Brandon Porter did NOT follow those guidelines.

    Defenders of Brandon Porter CAN feel however they want about the degree of harm caused, but it does not change the reality that Brandon Porter violated the medical standards.

    For that, Brandon Porter will continue to be held accountable on this matter.

  • Suneel, I really don’t understand why you are so willfully blind?

    Firstly, what you’re describing as an “emotions study” is clearly detailed in raniere’s FAILED patent application titled “Determination of whether a Luciferian can be rehabilitated”.

    Furthermore, Glazer is VERY correct that diagnosing NXIVM participants as having “psychic disintegrations” and then offering them a treatment for it is completely unethical. In the world of psychology, this is known as “dual or multiple relationships” and is prohibited.

    NXIVM, and in particular DOS, was built entirely on unethical violation of boundaries.

  • Here is what really happened with the NXIVM studies that Suneel Chakravorty isn’t telling everyone

    Suneel is attempting to re-write history after the facts were determined by the State of NY in an investigation into the practices of Brandon Porter that got him fired from his job at the hospital he was working at and later the removal of his medical license. Brandon Porter is no longer about to work as a medical doctor or a researcher anywhere in the United States due to breaking the law the way he did with Keith Raniere and NXIVM.

    Suneel is blowing smoke in an attempt to cloud the issues with each of the three research projects NXIVM and Porter did. Why? Mostly to keep those still loyal to NXIVM involved. Why? Because none will do real research outside of what is posted or what Frank will post for them.

    If they are wiling to read one article that will give them some other data points, that they were taught in their first 16 days, here you go.
    If not, remain sheep.

    What studies did NXIVM conduct? NXIVM conducted three studies: one on obsessive-compulsive disorder; another on Tourette’s Syndrome; and finally, the Fright Study.

    What is the law on human subject research that applies to NXIVM’s research? The Public Health Law of New York State law has a section that defines what the state considers to be regulated research and how human subjects are to be treated.

    What part of the Public Health Law did NXIVM break? “Protection of Human Subjects” puts several requirements on human subject research, including the participation of at least five persons in a (HRRC), an entity that is more or less a specialized equivalent to the more commonly broadly used Institutional Review Board (IRB). None of the studies were reviewed by any human research review committee.

    Does it matter what kind of video people in the Fright Study were shown? No. The study was illegal from the start. It would be illegal if Porter showed Disney movies, too.

    Was there valid science done in either of the NXIVM experiments? No. The Department of Health found inconsistencies with accepted norms of scientific research. These included:
    – Subjects were not put into random, anonymized trials; their identifying information was exposed leaving open questions of bias.
    – Data from multiple recording devices was left unsecured. Nor were the results even analyzed by Porter.
    – Per New York State, the three research studies were “without results or benefits to science, medicine or humankind.”

    What did Brandon Porter do when confronted? In 2017, the Chief of Hospital Medicine for St. Peter’s Hospital (Brandon Porter’s institution) asked him about his participation. Porter admitted it. St. Peter’s Hospital Network gave Porter a month before asking him to resign – which is what he did.

    What did Brandon Porter do when confronted? In 2017, the Chief of Hospital Medicine for St. Peter’s Hospital (Brandon Porter’s institution) asked him about his participation. Porter admitted it. St. Peter’s Hospital Network gave Porter a month before asking him to resign –which is what he did.

    What about the “consent form” Suneel Chakravorty shared? Without a Human Research Review Committee, this form is just window dressing. It also deviates from this template the State endorses. And in the end, it is moot because state law holds that… Consent Template Revised with HIPAA_August 2020_revised.docx

    No such voluntary informed consent shall include any language through which the human subject waives, or appears to waive, any of his legal rights, including any release of any individual, institution or agency, or any agents thereof, from liability for negligence.”

    Why does Chakravorty need to relitigate this? NXIVM’s current legal strategy appears to involve splitting the civil case against them. At present, the lawsuit is against NXIVM as a collective racketeering enterprise, but Clare Bronfman (and other defendants’) district interest clearly lies in severing her own civil case from Keith Raniere’s and others. And Chakravorty is good at nothing if not for doing shit-work for Bronfman.

    What is the evidence both Raniere and Clare Bronfman knew about the illegal studies? Keith Raniere took direct responsibility for the Tourette’s Study, flogging it in an attempt to get bailed out after his arrest. Clare Bronfman also took direct responsibility for her own participation in promoting the bogus claims of the Tourette’s study through her credit for My Tourette’s
    Clare Bronfman and Sara Bronfman’s foundation is explicitly linked to the purchase of equipment used for the studies.

    How long was is the evidence trail for NXIVM’s illegal experiments? Possibly for over a decade. The experiments definitively ended in 2017 with Porter’s resignation from St. Peter’s. They were likely contemplated as early as 2007, when Keith Raniere first filed a patent application, “Determination of whether a Luciferin can be rehabilitated.” The patent depicts a device and process that is nearly identical to witnesses’ description of the Fright Study –and incidentally, this patent contains three mentions of showing a subject a “torture movie.” That the patent pre-dates the experiment should only further cast doubt as to the motives for the experiment.

  • There is a way lawyers have to write in legal proceedings.

    “But for their reliance on Defendants’ intentionally false misrepresentations that the “tech” was based in sound science, empirically proved, Plaintiffs would not have agreed to increasingly immerse themselves in Defendants’ system. But for Defendants’ elaborate ruse by which they convinced students that they suffered from non- existent maladies and disorders caused by psychic “disintegrations,” which students were told also were root causes of, exacerbating or impeding the healing of ailments students did recognize (including Tourette’s Syndrome, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and even cancer), and that Defendants’ Rational Inquiry “tech” was the only way to wholeness and wellness.”

    I don’t find the above difficult. It just means the defendants were subject to intentionally false representations. Had they not been subject to those they would not have taken part etc., etc.

    I know nothing about these particular cases but a lot of nxivm seems to involve telling people they have all kinds of things wrong with them and have loads of faults that need to be sorted out and of course the one person who can solve it is KR. In fact, many of them did not have any problems at all that needed sorting out and the sorting out just seems to be KR convincing women they should accept sexism from men and that women are lesser than men, etc., etc.

  • I see a little silhoutte-o of a man
    Scaramouche! Scaramouche!
    Can you do the Fandango
    Thunderbolt and lightning
    very very frightning be!

    • Galileo-

      Absolutely, unequivocally, excellent quote!

      Galileo, you dropped both balls down on Suneel’s head…. And you didn’t need the leaning tower of Pisa.


  • And yet, once again, this Little Weasel released the names (or connected the dots) of three more Jane Does. I hope the law catches up with you, you Little Weasel.

  • —In my opinion, I have debunked the nonsensical claim of the ‘Human Fright.’

    Suneel seems to believe , “In my opinion.” has Scientific validity. LMAO!

    Are you feeling lonely?

  • Remember when Suneel wrote a whole post lying about an FBI agent? It was really catty, juvenile, petty lies.

    Lies Suneel spread all.over social media.

    And then Suneel was refuted. It was proven that Suneel lied.

    But Suneel refused to correct the post

    That is the poor ethical character of Suneel. a proven liar. According to Suneel’s own posts, his fellow loyalist, Brandon Porter, asked Suneel not to disclose the name of a civil suit plaintiff.

    But Suneel DID anyway.

    Suneel lied to Brandon Porter.

    Or Suneel posted the plaintiff’s name without Brandon’s consent and against his wishes (how very DOS of Suneel) even though Brandon Porter explicitly asked Suneel NOT to do no such thing with the materials Brandon Porter provided Suneel.

    Brandon Porter has an upcoming court case. Would a good friend or even a good person do that to a defendant with litigation pending?


    Another possibility is that Suneel posted the information with the full knowledge and consent of civil defendant Brandon Porter.

    Which would be very problematic for Brandon Porter.

    And it would mean that Suneel is lying to the readers of Frank Report.

    That’s the most likely scenario, imho.

    Either way, Suneel lied to somebody.

    Suneel is a liar who cannot be trusted.

  • Suneel, seriously, dude. You gave good arguments. You debunked the emotions study – not that it wasn’t shitty but fair is fair. They volunteered.

    And you debunked this Tourette’s. Nobody said it was a cure. It worked though. So, what kind of ingrate are these women who sue?

  • This NXIVM crap is over. Done. Stick a fork in ‘er. Why is this little creepy guy still holding on for dear life?

    Also, if there is medical promise there, I’m sure a proper study will be funded by someone who has more of an interest in having it appear in a properly peer reviewed medical journal than a film festival.

  • So where is the science that Tourette’s was cured by NXIVM?

    I don’t see any real scientific evidence, just a bunch of people saying it was.

    This is not real proof. Brandon Porter, Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere were not qualified to do such research.

    A project like this was never properly executed to prove anything other than some people saying their Tourette’s got better by going through some NXIVM courses.

    Big deal, that isn’t enough to make claims to say that NXIVM is a cure for Tourette’s.

    If you tried to get this approved through any mainstream institutions, they’d asked for the proper research.

    Good try, dead heads.

  • Suneel, how did these women got cured of Tourette’s? Is this real? If it is, shouldn’t this be brought out more?

    • It’s not a secret. Google NLP, hypnosis, and Tourette’s. It’s no big deal and is out there. Just like helping people that stutter, NLP and hypnosis should be used to treat Tourette’s. Just because most people don’t know about this treatment, doesn’t mean it’s not real. However, it does allow someone like keith to try taking responsibility for “curing” people by using a tool that is readily available to the world. Hell, Suneel is still being tricked into thinking his glorious Vanguard possesses a miracle cure.

  • Suneel, you need to just rip the bandaid off and confess your love for Keith. I think you will feel better if you just get out to the world your true feelings for your Vanguard. Stop being jealous of Nicki and Michele and the other twats and just say it. Get Roberts to brand you with even larger initials across your chest and go stand outside his prison window and tell him you love him. Then you will finally achieve success!

  • Frank, why do you keep posting these excruciatingly long, redundant articles by this dingleberry? Is it because all his sites are ghost towns? I really think he puts his dick skin into these articles because it’s the only place they stand a chance to be read.

  • When you call human beings, ” mongrels” it is a form of racism. It refers to being a “mixed breed”. As opposed to a “pure breed.” It’s derogatory. Extremely.

    And it also means that you assign a caste system with people of one specific bloodline being superior. That you believe anyone without this pure “breeding” is a derivative inferior to the “master”race.

    That’s some old school “master race” kinda eugenics thinking

    I am more convinced than ever that you were an online student at Harvard.

    So Suneel is a liar. Who believes in a “pure” master race. And a truly unreadable writer.

    Oh. And. Suneel is not funny at all. You shouldn’t even try with the humour, dude. The misogynistic digs at someone who was sexually exploited as a child are the opposite of funny. But this time sucked too.

    Stick with the coding.

  • Maybe he’s named ‘Neil Glazer’ because your eyes glaze over whenever he’s in the room.

    Accusations are cheap, and Philly Neal’s BigPayDay® lawsuit is full of accusations.

    As reported, plaintiffs are leaving his lawsuit in droves, as he probably expected once the lights started to shine on it. He just wanted big numbers early so he could get some big media propaganda going ahead of time, hoping all this could be decided in the media before a jury had to decide.

    Suneel is doing a great job presenting facts that would never have been allowed to be seen if Philly Neal was in control of the media surrounding his case, standing there on the court steps, glazing over everyone’s faces.


    • @Suneel regarding “I defy you and go back and re-read that paragraph. If you can make heads or tails or a sense of it, I will proclaim you as one of the top three bullshit detectors in the world, with a bullshit detection rarity of 1 in 425 million or thereabouts.”

      That paragraph actually makes sense to me. It’s not written in the clearest way, so while I can understand why you might be finding it difficult to understand it, but the paragraph does make perfect sense. I would though have preferred better writing. A novel containing paragraphs like these would not make a best seller.

      That aside, what I quoted about your own thoughts, doesn’t make sense. Why would you rate my bill shit detection as 1 in 425 million, when I am not detecting bullshit in the paragraph, and am indeed finding it lucid?

      Anyway, I recommend not posting an article when you are as triggered as you seem to have been when you posted this. You are capable of better.

    • AloNzo says:
      “Neal’s big PayDay®.”

      I say:
      Apparently, Alonzo sees Neal’s PayDay®️
      as a replacement for RingDings®️

      This is a pic of Neal’s candy bar: PayDay

      Neal’s Payday®️ is 5 1/2’’ long, but a healthy RingDing has a 3’’ diameter. It’s the eternal battle of girth vs length.

      I guess AloNzo prefers length…..

    • “Suneel is doing a great job presenting facts.”

      Maybe, if Alanzo keeps kissing Suneel’s ass, Suneel will buy Alanzo a bus ticket to New York City! Then they can hangout like BFFs. That’d be so cool!

  • Suneel. You didn’t take brevity classes did you? And, you’re going to drag yourself into the civil lawsuit. Who is going to fund your attorneys?

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