Clarification: Why Fiji for Raniere? Justice sold cheaper than America

A reader pointed out that my last post, Republic of Fiji, Raniere, Bronfman and extradition, might need clarification as to why Fiji might be an inviting locale for Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman to nestle in one day soon.

I wrote that Raniere and Bronfman may be forging ties to Fiji, that remote islands nation in the Pacific, in preparation for what might be the collapse of their American enterprises following an impending prosecution on an array of alleged crimes.

I pointed out that in such a country as Fiji, it might be a delightful haven for select members of the Raniere cult, since, as the Heritage Foundation notes, political interference has risen and judicial corruption has become a major challenge to Fiji’s governance structure.

I wrote, “one can imagine that someone with a lot of cash and lawyers could arrange for extradition from Fiji to be a very, very, very slow process.”
But clarification is needed, sometimes even to make the obvious patently obvious.


To be more explicit: it would be rather easy for Raniere to have someone point out to the judge deciding the extradition case that the judge’s future could be far more comfortable if Raniere and Clare stayed in Fiji than if they were extradited.


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