Exclusive Footage of Raniere Supporters ‘Storming’ Penza’s Office

In a previous post, I learned something new. A guest commenter wrote, “The watching world should have realized how potentially dangerous and destructive these fanatics were when they stormed Moira Penza’s office. Requiring armed guards to exercise a “show of force” outside the courtroom at one point.”

Using the word “stormed” Penza’s office, I thought Keith Raniere and his supporters did this to Penza:

Did supporters of Raniere actually storm Penza’s office?

Did Raniere supporters try to breach her office?

It turns out that they did. Well, almost.

On September 25, 2020, Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clyne, Eduardo Asunsolo, Marc Elliot, Michele Hatchette and a camera crew consisting of a camera man, a sound man, and a producer for a docuseries, showed up outside the building where Penza has her law offices – at 130 W 42nd Street. Penza is perched nicely on the 24th floor.

The office building in midtown Manhattan where Moira Penza’s office is located.

The purpose of their uninvited arrival was, according to Eduardo Asunsolo, to serve a copy of Make Justice Blind’s affidavit alleging prosecutorial misconduct in the case of USA v. Raniere, a case where Penza served as lead prosecutor.

Eduardo Asunsolo, moments after he became a US citizen, January 20, 2020.

Asunsolo says, “It was daring indeed, but not by our presence, but by the questions that were asked in our affidavit. For the first time ever, we asked the prosecutors to swear under oath that they told the truth.”

Marc Elliot and Suneel Chakravorty outside of Moira Penza’s office building, with a camera crew.

Make Justice Blind’s Affidavit

We the People

Police the Police, Prosecute the Prosecutors, Judge the Judges,

and Investigate the Investigators.

A justice system is a system of people – justice comes from the quality of their conduct. No number of rules, structures, organizations, or laws will change that. The quickest method of justice reform is through exposure and public accountability. Through a partnership between the media and We The People, and with a set of well-delineated tools, we can bring about major reform in months, not years or decades.

Within this partnership, the first tool we will launch is an affidavit process that holds prosecutors accountable through media exposure and public pressure. The first case to which this will be applied is not without controversy, but it has one of the biggest spotlights and incontrovertible evidence of prosecutorial misconduct and corruption. It is The United States vs. Raniere et al., which took place in May and June of last year.

Mr. Raniere’s prosecutors will be served the enclosed affidavit, which contains nine simple statements of basic ethical conduct that every prosecutor should be able to affirm easily and automatically. Additionally, there are three statements of conduct specific to this case that the prosecutors, if they acted acted within the confines of the law, should be able to affirm. This affidavit is necessary and exists because we have evidence proving they will not be able to honestly affirm even a single statement.

In addition to this affidavit, there will be a $35,000 innocence challenge, a podcast and other provocative public actions that bring hidden transgressions to light and send a message to judges, prosecutors and federal agents that they answer to us, We the People.

Please support prosecutorial accountability by signing the petition below, which will accompany the affidavit, and by keeping the pressure on the prosecutors until their transgressions are addressed.

By signing the petition, you affirm your belief in public accountability and that the prosecution, in being accountable to the public, should affirm (or deny) the points laid out in the affidavit.

Suneel, Nicki, Marc, Michele and Eduardo (not pictured) outside of the US Attorney’s office, where Eduardo delivered the affidavit to the clerk.

The Affidavit

We the Prosecutors of the United States vs. Raniere et al, specifically Richard Donoghue, Mark Lesko, Tanya Hajjar, Moira Kim Penza, and Seth DuCharme, in upholding our vow of office, and sacred duty to the people of the United States, do hereby affirm and personally initial all that are true with respect to this case (if any of these are denied, please initial, write “denied” next to your initials and, optionally, attach an explanation):

1. We the Prosecutors did not knowingly make any false or misleading statements to the public or media. RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

2. We the Prosecutors did not knowingly make, or allow any federal agents to make, any false statements to the court.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

3. We the Prosecutors handled all potential witnesses properly. No witness was in any way intentionally challenged to augment or change his or her opinions or beliefs by us.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

4. We the Prosecutors never threatened any potential witness with indictment in an attempt to dissuade him or her from participating in, or supporting, the defense.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

5. We the Prosecutors either had no reason to suspect collusion or hidden financial motives amongst our witnesses, or we made sure our suspicions were properly investigated. We did not object to any evidence, including cross- examination, that might realistically show collusion amongst our witnesses.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

6. We the Prosecutors have stated in open court we have victims who feared for their lives. We made sure that these representations were properly investigated and, in each case, we discovered that there were legitimate threats to the life of the witness.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

7. We the Prosecutors did not allow any of our witnesses to commit perjury about events and/or evidence known to, or possessed, by us.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____

8. We the Prosecutors have never tampered with evidence. All evidence presented had a well-documented chain of custody, with no gaps. All evidence was secure and there were no unrecorded accesses. No evidence presented was modified before or during forensic analysis.

RD: ____ ML: ____ TH: ____ MKP: ____ SD: ____


MK10art portrait of Raniere behind bars.

At the time, Raniere was safely caged in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NY, located 10 miles away.

Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, NY.

As the video below shows, the supporters of Raniere attempted to deliver “The Affidavit.”

Security at Penza’s building would not permit them to pass the lobby or be put on the approved list of visitors.

The video shows they made no attempt to ‘storm’ past security. In fact, as far as stormers go, they were easily de-stormed.

Here are pictures of people storming into a place where security doesn’t want them to be.

January 6, 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol


Storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021

The video below shows that when the Raniere supporters were told that they could not enter, they did not try to enter.

In the video, Marc Elliot is heard saying: “ At 130 on 42nd… Yeah we’re just downstairs and we wanted to deliver a document to the firm. Can you put our names on the list just so we can come deliver it ?.. [inaudible] It’s a document for the firm… gotcha yeah it’s a document specifically for Moira Kim Penza. We’re just trying to make sure that you get the document. What’s the best way to make sure you got it? Yeah.. we’re serving it… “

They were told the best way to deliver it was to email the document. Below is a video of Suneel typing and emailing the document.

Here are those emails:

Suneel Chakravorty forgot to include Penza on the email thread, and added her after the fact.

If only the people who stormed the Capitol had simply sent an email, it would have saved a lot of trouble for a lot of them on January 6th.

The next question is: Was the reason for security on October 27, 2020, for Raniere’s sentencing, when Camila made her appearance, because of the Raniere supporters that stormed Moira Penza’s office?

MK10ART’s painting of Camila

We don’t know. But if they came to Moira Penza’s office and were turned back by a mere request by a security guard, was there really a true need for extra security at the courthouse on October 27, 2020?

I doubt that they would have tried to rescue Raniere or intimidate Camila.

Suneel Chakravorty

According to Suneel, “There didn’t seem to be much extra security except for armed US Marshalls escorting 30-year-old Camila into the courtroom for her victim impact statement and out directly after. The casual onlooker might have assumed that she was the one being forced into saying whatever she had to say and subject to arrest if she didn’t say it, and the guards were there to intimidate her. I could be wrong, of course.”

Yes, Suneel, I think you are wrong. Just as it is true that there was no need for extra security because of you and your colleagues, I do not think they needed security to get Camila to tell her shocking story about being sexually abused at the age of 15 by Keith Raniere.

I, for one, am glad she told it.

I know Suneel and the others are promising a Rule 33 Motion to establish that the photos of Camila used in court were not gotten lawfully, and that’s a whole ‘nother story. The fact is that Camila came to speak her story and I and others believe her.

But for my part, I know that the Raniere supporters had no intent to do violence to Penza or Camila or anyone else.

Howl if you like, but that’s my position. I believe Camila – and I do not believe the Raniere supporters are dumb enough to try to wreak havoc on federal court or an ex-federal prosecutor. Nor do I think they have the inclination.

They may believe – wrongly I think – that Raniere was railroaded – but I think they want to pursue justice in a legal way and I personally will not abide nonsensical attacks on them suggesting they are literally physically dangerous. They are not.

Their ideas may be hare-brained but they are not violent; nor will they break the law and risk winding up next to Raniere.

So…Viva Executive Success !!





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  • Is it a coincidence that your buddy Roger Stone was deeply involved in the January 6th storming of the capital, and that he also used to work for NXIVM?

    Does Roger just naturally gravitate towards scams and criminal activity, just like a rat always sniffs out a garbage can?

  • Why isn’t Make Justice Blind storming the offices of the AUSAs responsible for convicting R Kelly asking similar hard questions? R Kelly was also convicted by EDNY on RICO charges, was held at MDC, had anonymous witnesses, and many other similarities. Where is the advocacy?

    • Exactly. If everyone is supposed to be equal under the law, why does their guy get a film crew and personally signed affidavit from a prosecutor? Is every single defendant in every single federal case now going to get a group of friends or family with film equipment to get a personal affidavit signed by their prosecutor in their case? What about at the state level? Who is going to provide all these people with the resources to get to the prosecutor with a film crew? What if the person doesn’t have any friends or family outside? Who is going to get an affidavit signed on their behalf then? This is not the dead-enders moving towards everyone being treated equally under the law and Criminal Justice Reform, this is, once again, about wanting their cult leader to get extra special attention on his case.

  • It’s pretty hilarious that they got all dressed up, hired a film crew, and were all jacked up to go there, only to arrive and find out that Moira isn’t even in town. Nice job idiots. Maybe, I don’t know, dial ahead?

    And I’m sure that William Barr got your email and started working on it right away. How did it go when they didn’t get back to you by 5:00 pm ET Wednesday? Including those several media outlets that demanded a reply by 5:00 Wednesday, they demanded it, damn it!

    To MakeJusticeBlind:

    I, Ice-nine, demand that you send Frank Report the links to these media outlets that must have written about this impossible miscarriage of justice that occurred when a Federal Prosecutor and the Attorney General to the United States did not get back to you. I demand that you comply with this by 5:00 ET Wednesday February 09, 2022. Several media outlets demand it too, like a super lot of them. If you don’t comply, you are gonna be in big trouble, mister!

    • What is even funnier, is they dress alike
      What is up with that
      Nice Cult outfits, masks and all
      Do they call each other first
      I’m wearing my blue and white check shirt, no I’m wearing my plain blue shirt, close enough
      the girls, all in black,
      it brings out our DOS figures

  • How can you say they did not storm poor Ms. Zoe Zia’s office? If I had those guys scaling the walls like the feature picture shows, I’d be freaked too.

    Did they climb all the way up to the 24th floor? Scary.

  • Lunacy abounds; there is no need to invite it in – even if it comes knocking at your door. If someone came to me and demanded I sign an affidavit that everything I have posted here about my experiences with Raniere was truth, I’d tell them to piss off. Doesn’t change my truth – just means I choose not to interact with lunacy. Except when I occasionally get some amusement out of it.

  • Frank,

    If DOS was this amazing women’s sorority, then why wasn’t Mariana, the mother of Keith’s child and Keith’s live-in-lover, a part of it?

    Can you ask one of your DOSsier friends? Was Mariana already naturally bad-ass?

    Or was Marianna not bad-ass enough?

    And follow up question: Because Marianna was not involved in DOS, does that mean it was kept secret from her? As per the DOS rules?

    My guess is that it was because Marianna’s sister was in DOS. And having both sisters present for the group blow jobs and recommitment ceremonies and such would be potentially awkward and distasteful to one or two other DOS slaves.


    Thank you!

    • Divide and conquer. Best way to keep secrets is to insure none of the affected parties speak to each other. Too much communication – too much truth comes out.

      • Yes, L!

        The best way to keep secrets is elucidated in the Raniere patent titled “Methods for resolving an issue and blindly resolving an issue”.

      • That makes sense. Thank you. And that’s probably why Keith isolated Daniela the third sister from that same family.

  • Dirty prosecution no doubt. They got away with murder in this case. As a lawyer, I’ve never seen justice and laws mangled and constitutional rights disregarded quite like they were in this case. Bravo to these citizens for not standing for that blatant abuse of our legal system. It’s a shame too because I believe Raniere is guilty but if prosecutors tampered with evidence, they muddied the waters so badly that the case could get overturned.

  • As someone who has worked in wrongful conviction advocacy for more than a decade, I think this affidavit is actually quite brilliant. All prosecutors by law are sworn to the standards listed here. These are bare minimum, basic requirements. Should have been very easy for them or any prosecutor to sign it and would have made a very strong point if they had. Very telling that they refused to and are trying to paint the people who so far have shown to have incredibly strong evidence of their misconduct as crazy.

    • But as you pointed out they ALREADY are sworn to it.

      So, no. They don’t have to play cult members’ games.

      It actually could look bad TO sign it. Because then someone else can step forward and say, “but the prosecution didn’t sign a special affidavit in MY case”. Then where do the special affidavits for defendants end?

      Everyone is supposed to be treated equally under the law. This isn’t equal – unless every defendant gets a special affidavit their friends get signed.

      And… They ALREADY swore an oath.

      So, it’s silly. And insulting. And redundant and asking for special treatment.

    • Bad apples – I strongly disagree. As you said, prosecutors are already held to a higher standard of ethics than any other attorneys.

      I think the point was who the hell are these people to ask us to sign an affidavit to rules I am bound to by law, especially when these cult crazies are doing this as a publicity stunt to try to embarrass the government and Penza at her private law firm, have the audacity to enter private offices without being invited, and will twist and manipulate whatever answers are given to suit their agenda. If I were them, I would have personally kicked their crazy asses out the door myself!

  • Frank Parlato
    February 8, 2022 at 12:43 pm
    I do not think the present batch of Raniere supporters are in any way dangerous as far as violence is concerned.

    They are mainly dangerous to themselves.
    Shadow State

      • Hey, Frank, you’re a bitch for how many people you censor and hiding like a pussy when confronted about it!

        How’s your small dick hanging, ya fuck?!

        • “Hanging”?!

          Even that’s being too merciful for him! Frank doesn’t even have a dick or balls! He isn’t even a man or human, for that matter!

          He’s a cowardly worthless piece of shit! I’ll bet $10,000 he won’t even give a logical answer to your post because that’s how big of bitch he is! He’s so scared of you, he’s just going to shiver and quiver behind his computer and not say a word! Just like a good little scared bitch does!

          Who’s a good little bitch, Frank?! YOU ARE! Yes you are! You’re a good little scared bitch! 😃

          Now go run and hide in cowardly silence, Frank like a good little scared bitch!

          [Narrator]: after several weeks later of silence Patriot God Fan says,

          Good little bitch! 😉

          You’re such a good little bitch to Orwellianism! Aren’t ya, Frank?! 👏🏻 Good bitch! 😆

          • Yeah, I guess he is a good little bitch, ain’t he?! He just keeps hiding as usual! He’s so pathetic!


    • Shadow-

      Cultists showing up at a former prosecutor’s workplace unannounced is unhinged.

      The US mafia and other organized crime groups don’t pull that crap — not even the whacked Aryan brotherhood. It’s nuts!

      She’s a small skinny woman…

  • Trying to force people to sign their “affidavit” just helps prove how deluded and full of their own sense of importance and righteousness they are. So no, people don’t have to sign it. They are not “the people” any more than the rest of us are and they don’t tell us or the prosecutors what to do – they have no moral high ground in their appalling cult.

    • You just saw the video – and there was no “forcing” whatsoever. You need to upgrade your lies when you see actual footage of the truth.

  • The Lost Women NXIVM.

    Keith wasn’t in Alaska. Keith wasn’t with Gina when it happened.

    Do we think Keith would want anything bad to happen to Cami or Penza?

    Do we think Ed Kinun was a danger? Of course not.. Yet, the “kayak” still happened.

    These dead-enders are not dangerous. Keith is dangerous.

    Extra security was smart. Probably not needed, but better safe than sorry when it comes to dealing with a felon who brags about having people murdered.

    • Of course, Gina and Kristin were different victims of Keith, but my point is for both. Keith wasn’t with either when they passed/disappeared. We still seek answers. Just because 120 was dropped, doesn’t necessarily mean all danger is gone. The danger is hopefully gone, but intimidation tactics and threats still come from the Raniere camp.

  • Frank.

    You thought they were sketchy as hell too. Back in the “let the judge know he’s being watched days”. Which is when this happened.

    And there WAS “A show of force” employed at court. It was widely reported.

    It’s fine that you’ve made an alliance or friendship of sorts with the dead-enders now. But don’t pretend that you did not report on the recorded prison calls and dancing and delivery of affidavits, etc. Much differently in tone back then – before Raniere was incarcerated.

    Plenty of “Nxivm enemies” were concerned about where/how far Keith’s followers would go.

    The cult has been somewhat defanged for now, with Clare and Keith locked up. If they all got out tomorrow, you know they’d come for you. Legally. Or in other ways.

    • They might come after me. But I do not think the present batch of Raniere supporters are in any way dangerous as far as violence is concerned.

  • Moira Penza herself spoke about The Storming of The Office of Moira Penza by these “unstable” and “frightening” individuals on her “A Little Bit Culty” veneration podcast.

    Here’s how she described it:

    Anthony Ames 45:16:
    Okay, here’s one and it doesn’t chap my ass because it’s not offensive. It’s funny. The day or the week of Keith’s sentencing. I guess the group is https://MakeJusticeBlind.com, or whatever it is. They give an affidavit to the judge to sign right before their sentencing. Keith Raniere under the assumption that justice isn’t blind, it just seems to me like ‘Way to insult the people who are about to decide your fate!”.In a lot of ways. I wonder what that’s like for you and then they go to your office?’

    Moira Penza 45:49:
    “They did go to my office. And that was frightening.

    Anthony Ames 45:52:
    “It is a little bit frightening because you’re dealing with people that are unstable. I totally agree. Sorry,

    Moira Penza 45:58:
    “I wasn’t actually at my office that day. My law firm has a DC office in New York office. And so I actually wasn’t at the New York office that day, but it was frightening that they would come to my work. And you know, these are people who I did believe were in touch with Keith Raniere, who I did believe were acting at his behest, and who I believe, you know, I have no idea why they were there.

    “And so that was startling and I immediately did contact Keith Raniere’s lawyer and made clear that if anything like that were to happen again that I would take additional steps to protect myself. But you know, thankfully, there’s been nothing since then. But you know, the whole thing was just total nonsense.’

    “I mean, my integrity has been on the line since day one, right? I’m an officer of the court. Everything I do is with the knowledge that I am there as a representative of the government. You know, my entire mission, the whole reason I’m doing that job is to seek justice. And so you know, really it’s just so pathetic to think that you know, you’re going to come in and try and impugn my integrity when you’re standing up for this person who has literally committed these heinous crimes. Who has lied over and over and over again, and, you know, in demonstrable ways, you know, it just really isn’t worth a lot of energy.”

    After viewing the video of The Storming Of The Office of Moira Penza, it appears that Moira is a bit of a drama llama.

    Who knew?


        • I think that it would be more like if the dead-ender Heaven’s Gate members (they are still out there!) showed up at your home or job with a video crew. They were more of a philosophical movement than the Manson Family. I don’t care who you are, if someone shows up at your house with a video CREW, I say shut it down however you need to. What kind of people just show up at people’s houses unannounced, much less with a video crew? My kids aren’t even allowed to just stop by. Not all things need to be captured. The NXIVM Crazies have complained about how the media is dangerous and was weaponized against them and now they are using the media to attack the despoiled abused. I know how much they hate the word victim, so instead of identifying them by their suffering, I will simply identify the horrific actions that were inflicted upon them. Keith abused the despoiled and they are complicit.

          • Re: OH MY MY- Totally off topic but I actually met the Heavens Gate folks a few days before they “ascended.” I was working at a movie theatre in San Diego and they all came in to see a movie. Fact- each person ordered a small popcorn and small Coke. I can’t remember what movie they watched though.

        • You either know nothing about Charles Manson & the Manson Family or you equate every group that gets labeled a “cult” with every other group that is labeled a “cult”. It’s very common, but it’s incredibly stupid.

          It’s like using the “n-word”. Same core stupidity – can’t distinguish between individual differences.


          • Alonzo,
            Take a break from the computer. Do something. Anything.
            Go check your mailbox. You must have a pile of pre-denied credit card mail.

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