Guest View: Are Dead-Enders Dangerous or Merely Crazy?

Keith Raniere supporters claimed prior to his sentencing that they believed that the Camila photos were tampered with by the FBI.

The following is a guest view by an anonymous commenter.

By Emma or ‘They’ve Internalized Keith’s Evil Ways’

The fabricated and forced narrative of the dead-end cult of Keith Raniere’s remaining followers being made up of essentially good-hearted people, with noble principles at their core, has been blown completely apart by their latest antics.

These cult diehards are just very deluded, arrogant, woefully indoctrinated, and very mean-spirited assholes.

The public, media, and courts of the United States (and Mexico) have been FAR too generous to grandmaster Keith Raniere’s remaining slaves.

Keith Alan Raniere was apprehended in Mexico, outside the jurisdiction of the EDNY.
He was placed in a car and escorted personally to the USA.


Keith Raniere chose to go to Mexico while the FBI were investigating him. He was arrested in Mexico and very speedily deported to the USA. While the photo above is not Raniere, it is true that at some point he was transferred from Mexican to US custody, not unlike what is depicted in this photograph.

The watching world should have realized how potentially dangerous and destructive these fanatics were when they stormed Moira Penza’s office. Requiring armed guards to exercise a “show of force” outside the courtroom at one point.

And people who harass a victim of child sexual exploitation simply because they CAN are just loathsome.

Nicki could have just filed this request in the first place. And dealt with a legal issue – legally. Not on social media.

Nicki doesn’t have to operate like a truly evil attention-whore who likes to inflict maximum psychological terror and damage.

It is now my belief that Nicki Clyne became addicted to the power she wielded over other women through sexually explicit and other damaging blackmail that she held (and still possesses and holds) over their heads.

It’s so blatantly obvious that Nicki Clyne, Michelle Bari Hatchette and the other DOSsier project degenerates truly believe that they are ENTITLED to dictate how any and all other women live their lives.

These branded slaves to a convicted convict think that they “know better” than ALL other women.

And Keith’s remaining slaves believe they alone can save the world. STILL. And save it from what?! These cult women are so married to this idea of themselves as saviors for all of mankind. It’s psycho.

Don’t really care even a little bit anymore if they actually “believe” that they are “helping” other women (I don’t believe it BTW). That’s unimportant. All fanatics are true-believers. Doesn’t make them right. Or a good force in the world.

These DOSsier/Raniere loyalists are no different than any other destructive extremist group forcing their ideology on the rest of a population.

Eight DOS women from the website

And it appears they truly revel in the sadism of hurting other women. And having complete control over every aspect of their lives. Again, it seems they became so used to living as “master/slaves,” they cannot function in a world of other women exercising their own free will.

They really believe that they are the answer to a question no one asked. And they are so convinced of their own superiority. So egotistical. They took ESP classes, y’all. They KNOW IT ALL. They got that magic sperm shot. Wait. So did a lot of the victims… Why are the dumb-dumb DOSsier project’s remaining slaves so superior to all other women on Earth, again?

Marie White’s grotesque painting of Keith Raniere emitting the magic sperm as he photographs a child of 15.

Just remember these that these fanatical slaves to grandmaster Raniere at one time thought it was a really good idea to lock a woman naked in a cage kept in a basement of a townhome in Albany until they broke her will.

Scary. Disturbing. And true.

DOS leader Dani Padilla canceled the order for the cage when Frank Report came out with its Branded Slaves and Master Raniere series.

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1 year ago

Anyone with questions on how this story plays out should review the case histories of Lynette Fromme and Sandra Good.

1 year ago

Great guest commentary!

I strongly agree with the statement that this group seems to think they know better than everyone else. That their version of the truth is absolute.

Haven’t been commenting here much lately but will continue to read all developments and comment periodically because I believe in the freedom and liberties of all people.

I take no offense to these women wanting to share a sex partner or receiving a brand of his initials. That’s their prerogative. But I can in no way support or turn a blind eye to the use of blackmail, coercion and lies such as they affected in their secret society.

I personally find their master/slave roleplay to be the exact opposite of empowering and while many others may agree, this is still just an opinion. What remains a fact is that blackmail, coercion, lies and trafficking were involved and these things are plainly against the law. Good laws. Laws that protect against the exploitation of people.

I’ve said it before that these acts are in direct opposition to the international charter of human rights and decry all those who support such crimes. These women ought to be ashamed of their foolishness and yet they are not ashamed. They persevere in trying to convince everyone to see things their way.

Believe me, ladies, we see you. And though I can speak only for myself, I do not agree with your twisted game. It is never okay to coerce, blackmail and lie to others.

1 year ago

Yeah Crazy like a fox

1 year ago

I think it is a simple matter that they firmly believe the plaintiffs are lying and they are not going to make it easy for them to get away with lying.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world who aren’t so sure that the plaintiffs are lying see this threat to “out them” as cruel.

I don’t know if the Nxivm loyalists didn’t realize how bad this will make them look or if at this point, they just don’t care since they have already been represented so badly in the media.

I am one of those who thought that the remaining Nxivm loyalists are principled and good people, but those qualities may have been used as a tool of manipulation by Raniere. And it has occurred to me that suicide bombers are also highly principled people.

I still don’t think they are bad intentioned, and I don’t think they believe they are outing true victims of sex trafficking…but I also believe they are not seeing the forest for the trees with this move to name names.

1 year ago
Reply to  BonnieJean

Thanks, BonnieJean. You just exactly stated my thoughts on this.

1 year ago

Some people believe that you’re a fool if you acknowledge the genuine sincerity of your enemy.

They believe that you’re an idiot to think that your enemy actually experienced what they say they experienced, and that your enemy is not lying to try to “win”. These crabby misanthropes say you’re naïve to allow for this possibility, and maybe even brainwashed if you entertain it.

These carping mockers represent another type of delusional fool. They’re the fool who is overly cynical, who believes nothing but the over-the-top worst alien nightmare scenario they can imagine about their enemy.

You see this a lot in people who persecute “cults” and “cult members”. It’s another kind of naivety – an hysterical delusion of nightmares and its assignment of evil. To the inexperienced, this pessimistic foolishness appears “worldly”, as if this type of fool ‘knows humanity’ because they’ve “seen it all”.


If you have real world experience inside a “cult”, you know way more than this type of cynical fool does. If you haven’t swallowed their misanthropic hysteria and internalized it yourself, you can see that other people often have different viewpoints and experiences than you do. An experienced realist can see that people who risk everything to tell the truth of their experience most often do so because they have the common, everyday human need to make the truth known.

The demonization and dehumanization of The Other is a stupid and childish way to live your life.

Stop it.


1 year ago
Reply to  Alanzo

—They believe that you’re an idiot

Yes, I believe you are an idiot, but I don’t believe you’re a dummy. Because a dummy is smarter than an idiot.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
1 year ago

“ All fanatics are true-believers. ”


I too care not one whit whether or not these people are “sincere”. What’s important is that they’re wrong. They couldn’t be more wrong. From their ethics to their antics, they’re reprehensible. As with all cults, their view of reality is warped.

It may be argued that the Nxians deserve a fair hearing. Not silenced. Well, they’ve had their say, ad nauseum. They’ve had their chance to practice their Raniere style rhetoric, their misdirection and sleight of hand. Their unfounded allegations and conspiracy theories. It’s at odds with reality and absurd, and it’s not getting better with repetition.

They’re defending a convicted sex trafficker and racketeer, a thoroughly despicable man who claimed he was a philosopher-genius and ethicist and who was in fact clearly and obviously motivated by his basest instincts, an unspeakably cruel and vindictive slouch in quest of pussy and lots of it. They’re defending a fraudulent personal growth scam that was, in fact, a criminal enterprise and if they didn’t know that, which I suspect many of them did, then they’re as stupid as a slug.

I have a certain degree of sympathy for the stupid – after all, one can’t help being stupid. But I have no patience for the vicious. For fraudsters, hucksters, and smart-ass liars. Anyone involved in Nxivm in any position of authority whatsoever is, in my humble opinion, a snake. And that includes people like Vicente, Oxenberg, Edmondson, Mack, and Kreuk. Their apologies are belated and self-serving. Several of them are still profiting from their years of work alongside Raniere and the rest, I suspect, would if they could.

1 year ago

RE: NXIANs deserving a fair hearing. In discourse where opinions differ, often one side moves towards agreement or both sides conclude that they must respectfully agree to disagree. For me, I believe the remaining NXIAN crew have had a fair hearing but are unable to reach respectful disagreement. There is an enormous difference between being silenced versus people having listened and formed a differing opinion.

If this were genuine shouting into the wind of social oppression – against racism, against classism, against injustice and inhumanity in our criminal justice system – I’d be inclined to continue listening. This is all an attempt to insulate one very selfish and controlling man from the consequences of his own actions – veiled over with a thin shroud of social justice. To me, it looks like a group of spoiled children who will continue to tantrum until they get their own way. And Raniere is the most spoiled and “special” child of all. I no longer wish discourse with spoiled children in adult bodies throwing tantrums.

1 year ago

A S – “I have a certain degree of sympathy for the stupid.”

They could try care in the community but there’s only so much we can do for the terminally insane.


[…] In a previous post, I learned something new. A guest commenter wrote, “The watching world should have realized how potentially dangerous and destructive these fanatics were when they stormed Moira Penza’s office. Requiring armed guards to exercise a “show of force” outside the courtroom at one point.” […]

Steven Watson
Steven Watson
1 year ago

The NXIVM dead-enders and their hangers-on are both dangerous and mentally ill.

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