Come Clean on John Tighe and Free Your Vanguard

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A commenter made a comment on one our posts with this title “Come Clean & Free Your Vanguard.”

It is an important comment because it offers us a chance to pursue justice.

Here is the comment:

Reader’s Comment

By a Thoughtful Reader

It is worth noting that all of the Nxivm ‘criminal justice reform advocates’ NEVER acknowledge any such acts of mercy bestowed by the justice system upon convicted criminals such as Prefect Nancy Salzman.

Did self-appointed prison warden Keith Raniere consider letting young Daniella out of her bedroom for mental health care when she so desperately needed it?

No, Keith did not.

Shunning Daniella for not wanting Keith’s flaccid penis was more important than her severe psychological crisis. Which was brought on (of course) by Keith isolating Daniella.

When Nicki Clyne takes up John Tighe’s case and fights for John’s justice just as hard as Nicki does for Keith Raniere’s – then she could be taken seriously.

Nicki Clyne, from an appearance on CTM.

Nicki scours the world for additional proof to fit her narrative about criminal case injustice. Tighe’s prosecution is an obvious fit. Nicki has access to the key players. Why not take John’s conviction on?

Do the Nxians have what it takes to admit they participated in framing a man – if the confession could help free Keith?

By proving how Nxivm acted in a corrupt conspiracy with law enforcement and the legal system to get John convicted – the Nxians could shine a light on how such things actually happen. But first they must be brutally honest.

Can they? For Keith?

John Tighe, photo taken from prison.

What about Keith Raniere?

Would Keith Raniere admit to orchestrating a conspiracy setting up John Tighe for child porn charges – if it would help Keith’s own claims of being a victim of similar corruption?

I’m gonna guess… No.


Frank Parlato Comment

Frank Parlato

Great points above.

Raniere claims he was framed on child porn possession. He claims the FBI planted evidence on a hard drive – photos of Camila when she was allegedly 15 years old – that was seized from his executive library (The photos in question were not “discovered” until several months after the FBI had the hard drive in its possession).

Maybe Raniere’s claim is true. Maybe not.

But what if law enforcement – if they are prone to planting evidence – did something similar to Tighe? What if Raniere actively assisted in this planting of evidence to take down a man that he considered to be a major enemy?

Nxivm Keith Raniere Holding Hands with Unknown Person
Keith Raniere had many goals and ambitions. Was one of them framing John Tighe?

Raniere obviously knew in advance of Tighe being charged with possession of child pornography. Otherwise, how could he have sent Mark Vicente with a camera crew to be there?

Who would have provided that information, in advance, to Raniere?

I doubt Vicente was part of this scheme. I am confident he was told Tighe was a real perv – and Vicente, loyal at the time to Vanguard, felt he was doing justice in exposing Tighe. This, in turn, would help prove that the critics of Raniere were foul creatures indeed.

At this point in time, however, Vicente likely knows better. (There are those who think that Vicente is also foul because he was one of the whistleblowers who helped take down the Vanguard).

What I hope is that Suneel Chakravorty, Eduardo Asunsolo, Nicki Clyne, Marc Elliot – and others who are investigating the possible planting of evidence by the FBI against Raniere – would consider investigating whether New York State Police and/or the FBI, with the aid of NXIVM associates, planted child porn on a computer which was later alleged to belong to Tighe.

Tighe says he was asked to sign for computers he did not own. He says law enforcement coerced him into taking a deal under the threat of charging his wife.

The child porn was never shared. It was merely on a computer. Accessed only once.  The computer was later destroyed. We do not even know which computer it was allegedly on.

How could Raniere advocates help? I do not believe for one second that Suneel, Eduardo, Nicki, or Marc would ever participate in planting evidence. But there is a chance that people they know might know something about it.

Raniere might know. Clare Bronfman might know. Sara Bronfman might know.

Ben Myers, the husband of Michelle Salzman

Ben Myers might know. His wife, Michelle Salzman, might know.

Nancy Salzman might know. Others also might know.

How would they gain?

If it is true that child porn was planted on a computer that law enforcement claims belonged to Tighe – and the advocates for Raniere prove it – that evidence will strongly support their claim that law enforcement is capable of planting evidence and may have done so in the Raniere case as well.

What is good for the goose is good for the Vanguard.

It is clear Raniere targeted Tighe and used Bronfman money to retain Albany lawyers who had previously worked for Albany County District Attorney P. David Soares.

The lawyers – who were paid hundreds of thousands – clearly coopted New York State Trooped Rodger Kirsopp – who started out investigating NXIVM and then switched to investigation NXIVM enemies.

They coopted him or blackmailed him or both – and Kirsopp, with NXIVM lawyers who used to work in the DA’s office under Soares, took the computer trespassing case out of Saratoga County where it lawfully should have been prosecuted, but where the DA there refused, and got it transferred to Albany County, where Soares was ready to help.

Soares arranged to have Holly Trexler appointed as a Special District Attorney to prosecute the case. At the time, Trexler was an attorney in private practice [now a judge] who used to work for Soares and who also worked under NXIVM’s lawyer Michael McDermott, when all three were at the DA’s office.

The seizure of computers at Tighe’s house (along with computers belonging to Joe O’Hara and Toni Natalie at their respective residences) was the outcrop of the computer trespass case, where jurisdiction was likely falsified, with Raniere and Bronfman’s aid.

Months after seizing the computers of Tighe and, according to Tighe, having him sign for computers he did not possess, the New York State Police found porn on one of these computers. Tighe did not have the money to fight the case. The FBI threatened to charge his wife and he took a plea deal.

And this is justice?

Michele Hatchette, Marc Elliot, Eduardo Asunsolo, and Suneel Chakravorty speak to the press about FBI evidence tampering.

I think the move for Raniere and supporters is to call for an investigation into Tighe’s prosecution. That would make headlines. And draw attention to Raniere’s evidence tampering case.

Tighe, who is recently out of prison, might be exonerated with their help.

If it is shown that evidence was planted on Tighe, it will be a lot easier road for supporters of Raniere to be taken seriously – as pursuers of justice.

Then we can find greater reason to believe them when they offer us evidence of planting or tampering in Raniere’s case.

MK10ART’s painting of Suneel Chakravorty

Wouldn’t it be ironic if Raniere arranged to plant child porn evidence in Tighe’s case – with or without law enforcement’s active participation – and then law enforcement planted child porn in his own case?

No, not ironic. It is karma – the nature of action – that each action moves inexorably to the next guided by a certain, inescapable momentum taking each to their destiny.  The right action – the karma for Raniere and his supporters is to set the wheels of justice in motion, which is – justice that is – the nature of karma itself.

Viva Executive Success!











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  • Frank,
    Get over the “plant” of evidence – that is an accusation that I am sure the judge and others would like to see. A plant? NOT – !!!!

    Why are you still trying to peruse the “oh feel Sorry for Keith crap? He is in prison because of what he did – Moron – !!!!!!!!

    Keith is freaking guilty – move on-!!!!!!!

  • I’m curious if John’s best ally in bringing down these corrupt mother fuckers might just be keith himself. Perhaps keith can admit to what he did to frame John, in exchange for a lower sentence or some other terms, and in turn get law enforcement indicted (keith loves to hurt as many people as he can, he’d probably also enjoy it).

    I don’t know how all that works but Claviger probably does.

  • The people whining about the fate of Raniere and harem are not interested in justice. They are do not even care about the harm they caused, or that they got caught. They are simply demanding that they be allowed to do as they please. Those that fled were bright enough to know that no sensible person would submit to such a ridiculous demand.

    As for Raniere, his goal was simple. Expand his harem, have sex with the women even if he had to blackmail them, and fleece as much money from fools as he could.

  • We will see where the loyalty of the die-hards lie then, won’t we? The absolute pursuit of justice, wherever the sword may fall, or a Raniere-led campaign to free him? Hopefully, from now on, anytime Nicki Clyne or any of the others talk publicly about the need to ‘fight for justice’, someone in the audience will call out John Tighe’s name.

  • On Vicente’s website there is a questionnaire for anyone who would like to discuss their run-in with narcissistic people, presumably to find subjects for his new production. Perhaps John Tighe could fill one out, see if Mark would be interested in a face-to-face with a target of his early collusion. It would make good footage and allow for some truth on the issue.

    What would Vicente do if John Tighe were to apply? hmmm.

    ‘Mark’s since developed a keen interest in exposing the coercive and duplicitous environments of high-control groups. His memoir: ‘QUEST’ or ‘How the BLEEP did that happen?!’ will be released shortly. It chronicles the many untold stories of what occurred in NXIVM, as well as he and his wife Bonnie’s harrowing campaign to escape and expose the organization. He’s also in production on ‘NARCS: Invisible Epidemic’, a documentary about Malignant Narcissism which exposes abusive strategies. He’s still looking for real life stories for his film, anyone who would like to share their story can reach out to him at his official website.”

    • NFW-

      Thank you for sharing this! It reminds me of the story about Mark Vincente’s unparalleled hypocrisy.


      The curious case of Mark Vicente and India Oxenberg:

      I wonder if the ‘wonderful’ Mark Vincente apologized to – or even spoken to – India Oxenberg since the sentencing of Keith Raniere?

      Mark PROFITED from India Oxenberg’s participation in NXIVM. He even went so far as to talk India out of leaving NXIVM.

      I’d love to hear Mark’s side of the story. He does deserve the benefit of the doubt.


      India Oxenberg PUBLICLY APOLOGIZED to the people she recruited.

      Mark Vincente and Sarah Edmondson have never apologized publicly to the people they recruited. BUT they both play the self-serving hero card.

      I must agree with Nicki Clyne: Mark and Sarah are scumbags.

      • Yes, Nice Guy, I am interested to see how rigorous Vicente’s quest for truth actually is. Can he deal with the hurtful and damaging results of his own collusion before he became a whistle-blower? John Tighe, at least, deserves a full apology.

        I can’t help but think that Vicente must be prepared for the possibility of John coming forward, as he has made an open request for information. It might have been a better thing for Vicente to have contacted John privately. Maybe he has?

        • NFW
          “Maybe he has?”
          That’s a very interesting question/thought.

          Personally, the main reason, I believe Tighe’s story is because he had only one download batch of images on his computer.

          What I’ve have gleaned, from all the news articles on child pornography is that pedophiles, usually, have a prodigious amount of child porn on their hard drives.

          John doesn’t have any of the other typical pedophile modus operandi, such as being a grade school teacher, child sports coach or the biggie, Boy Scout leader. In other words an occupation that allows him access to children.

          All of which, I’m sure you already know.

          • There’s one problem: Tighe wasn’t just charged with one download batch. There were 400 files on his system. The small batch that were named were files that had been circulating for decades and the victims identified.

      • There is usually one way of dealing with a narc: give them enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. Unfortunately, they can wreck havoc in the meantime, and the people they ensnared will have a hardtime recovering from the emotionl/financial abuse. That’s why cults generally attract reasonably high-IQ but emotionally needy people: once they are snared, even if they get a glimpse that all may not be all sunshine and kittens, they will use their intellect to tie themselves in knots: it’s too painful to admit to yourself you’ve been played, so they’ll double down and defend their abuser. The lawyer (Mottishaw?) is a case in point.

      • Nice Guy, I think you are drunk again.

        Sarah’s public apology:

        “To all of the people who believed me and trusted me, both “going in” and “going out.” To the people who haven’t woken up yet who will read this one day – I hope we will be friends again. To all the people who felt I cut you out or in any way was not compassionate, please forgive me. I am so deeply sorry. I have always had good intentions and I hope you will know my true heart.”
        ⁃ from Scarred by Sarah Edmondson.

        I have no idea about Mark.

        And scum bags? Not at all. The people I’m most critical of are those that let the whistleblowers toil along without lifting a finger to help and hid in anonymity. So, for Mark, Sarah, India, and the others that are able to now capitalize on the risks they took by going public, I say they deserve every accolade and dollar they can now get.

        All that being said, I agree with those that think there’s still work to be done for John Tighe. If Mark knows something, it’s time to come clean.

      • Ultimate hypocrites and opportunistic scum: Vicente Edmonson and Nippy. There is no way they were in the dark until the day of Edmonson’s branding. They were in it for the money. No better than Raniere.
        They, along with the green sashes of Mexico, should be in Tucson with Raniere.

  • People with strong narcissistic tendencies and other dark personality traits tend to blame others for their own bad behavior. If they are cheating, then they will accuse you of cheating. Besides projecting their undesirable character traits to others, they will attribute the good characteristics of others to themselves. Execute an evil plan to frame a man with CSAM- cry foul play that you have been framed when you are in fact caught with, and the owner of, such material. There are no coincidences here.

  • Another stellar episode of “A Little Bit Culty” this time with Mark Vicente. (I know it’s in the comments on another article already but Alanzo is a fucking douchebag, so I’ll comment on my own).

    What stood out to me is Mark’s candor about it all, and his owning up to it. His ‘just-fuck-it-all’ attitude now I hope keeps him out of cults forever (stop joining cults, wtf!). The hosts ask questions taken from listeners, which pretty much match what I would have asked, so that made it interesting for me. I thought it was a great interview and very entertaining. Hoping he comes back again and if he does, I hope they dive into some specific anecdotes about keith we have not heard before (well also about the others too).

    Stop joining cults, dude!

    • Ice-Nine, Thanks for the update. I listened immediately. I’m excited to hear these three speak now.
      I lived the opportunity to work with some of my ‘heroes’ and I can relate to the ‘spell’ Vicente was under.
      He drank a mess of Kool-Aid, but he woke up.
      I believe him and he has reacted and redacted as an honest human.
      Good guy IMHO

  • Thoughtful Reader has a great point. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the Nxivm loyalists to take up John Tighe’s cause though.

    The Nxians are plainly not serious about the “fighting injustice” malarkey. So pointing out the irony of this situation isn’t the “gotcha” that some may think it is.

    I can think of half a dozen excuses they’d come up with for not championing John Tighe’s cause. Beginning of course with denying any involvement whatsoever with his arrest and conviction.

    It’s what they do. Deny, deny, deny. Obfuscate, change the subject.

    They’ll never admit anything. Raniere certainly hasn’t.

  • Good try, Frank

    One, the NXIVM Five are in this only for Raniere and have never done any investigations into any of Raniere’s wrongdoings as they have promised to do.

    Two, John’s so-called computers were destroyed after he took a plea deal, not wiped clean.

    Three, the computers that bad cop Rodger replaced as John’s computers, hard telling if they came from NXIVM or were old computers from a child porn case Roger had been on in the past.

    Four, no one in NXIVM is going to talk. There is no reason to talk now. No deal to be made to sing like a bird. No one wants to clear their karma. If they did, they would talk about what happened to Kristen in Alaska.

    What the NXIVM Five Divas and Raniere are doing is pure projection. Raniere is blaming the FBI for what he has had done so many times: planted shit on others’ computers.

    No FBI agent planted anything on Raniere’s hard drive. We all know that. It’s just another wet dream of Raniere’s to think otherwise.

    This Rule 33 BS is never going to happen. No lawyer for Raniere is going to file it. Tully has been with Raniere long enough now, he would have, if he were going to.

    None of his past lawyers have taken a bite of the crazy Rule 33 apple either. It was a waste of Suneel’s money.

    • Five: maybe NXIVM didn’t know about the child porn on “John’s” computer. They may have just paid a lot of money to Soares/Kirsopp/lawyers with the instruction to stop Tighe.

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