Two Sides to the Nancy Salzman Prison Delay — to Care for Elderly Mother

Nancy Salzman

There are some who think the judge as too lenient.

In our post, Judge Garaufis Grants Nancy Salzman One Month Delay to Report to Prison – Now will Surrender Feb. 21, Unless Further Delay Is Granted, we reported that Nancy Salzman got a month delay to report to prison camp – an extension to February 21st.

Her reasons were (a) that COVID was rampant at the prison camp where she has been assigned to serve her 42-month sentence at camp – and (b) that she is needed to help care for her mother, Lorraine Loshin, who has recently suffered a severe physical decline (Loshin recently fell and sustained an orbit fracture). Loshin is scheduled to undergo a procedure on the sane day that Nancy was due to report to FPC Alderson.

When one or more of the bones around the eyeball break, it is called an orbit fracture. These fractures are often caused by a hard blow to the face.

Nancy’s attorney’s letter to the judge  states “Ms. Salzman’s 94 year old mother’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, and the prognosis is dire and unlikely to change….

“[S]he has recently become a resident of a New Jersey assisted living facility, which is chronically under-staffed due to the COVID surge, and other structural staffing obstacles. Her mother is supposed to be awakened once every several hours to
use the toilet, but on Tuesday of this week she got out of bed herself due to not being properly attended and fell forward on her face….

“[T]he fractured orbit she suffered… is causing substantial hindrance to the functioning of her sinuses and ability to breathe. An appointment at an off-site medical facility is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19…  for imaging and evaluation, and Ms. Salzman would very much like to attend. If she and her daughter leave for Alderson on January 18, no family member will be able to go with Nancy’s mother to the medical appointment, and Ms. Salzman does not trust staff at the facility, and knows the level of extreme distress her mother will experience if her daughter is not present to care for her, help her, and simply be present with her.”

Several readers found this statement concerning.  They think Nancy is using her mother as an excuse to stay out of prison – and that other family members might accompany her mother to the January 19th medical appointment.

Nancy’s sister, for example, Carole Kass, who lives close to her mother or Carole’s husband, Steve Kass, the CEO of Tofutti ice cream products, based in Cranford, NJ, where Lorraine lives, might be tapped for duty, as could any of Lorraine’s six grandchildren, NJ., two by Nancy and four by Carol.

The grandchildren are Jaclyn B. Kass, Melanie G. Kass, Elliot L. Kass, Marley D. Kass, Lauren Salzman, and Michelle Salzman-Myers. All of them are over age 40.

A few more facts:

Alderson Federal Prison Camp in Alderson, WV.
  • Alderman allows inmates to leave camp for funerals of immediate family members. It is unclear if they permit inmates to help the still living family members.
  • Nancy lost her nursing license by virtue of the fact that she pled guilty to a felony. a
  • Nancy has a YouTube impersonator — Amy Philips
  • Lorraine Loshin and her husband took a couple of NXIVM courses during the early days of NXIVM. Keith Raniere gave a talk with both of them present in the room, along with Edgar Boone’s parents.
  • Nancy’s father, Milton Loshin, passed away on August 15, 2021.


Amy Philips does a Nancy Salzman impersonation on YouTube.

Submitted to the court in connection with Nancy’s sentencing were letters from Milton and Lorraine asking for leniency for their daughter. Both were dated July 4, 2021. Milton died six weeks after the letter was dated.

Milton wrote, “My wife’s needs have increased due to increasing forgetfulness.”

Lauren Salzman with her green sash with stripes. She was only a stripe or two away from a purple sash when she was arrested.

Nancy’s daughter, Lauren Salzman, in her letter of support for her mom, wrote last year, “My grandma is in the midst of declining mental health. She has lit fires in her home several times. She has fallen and cut her head open twice. She requires round the clock care and can’t be left unsupervised. She now often forgets who we are and how we’re related to her.”

Here is Lorraine’s letter to the judge about her daughter.

My name is Lorraine Loshin. I am Nancy Salzman’s mother. I am 92 years old. I would like to share some things about my daughter that I hope you will consider in your evaluation of her. From the time Nancy was a little girl she was a caring person who always wanted to help those around her. She started caring for me when she was 6 years old and I was bedridden for 3 weeks. She got up each morning and emptied my bedpan and brought me food. It was no surprise that she chose to go to nursing school.

In the last 3 years, as we began to age and things started to slip around the house, Nancy noticed and stepped in. She began shopping with me and cooking for us, taking both of us to our doctor’s appointments helping with medical decisions and doing our book keeping.

As my husband’s health began to fail, Nancy spent more and more time with us, taking him to his doctor’s appointments and administering his medications. In June of 2020 when my husband had pneumonia, Nancy was here in those critical moments and she called an ambulance. He was having a heart attack in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. This decision actually saved his life. They admitted him to the cardiac lab and performed a procedure where they inserted 2 stents.

Nancy has been with us almost continuously for the last 18 months. 

When my husband feels anxious he calls for her, she has a calming effect on him. She takes care of all of our needs, shopping, cooking, giving my husband nursing care and she provides all the information that we wouldn’t know how to do. She solves all of our problems. We wouldn’t have been about to stay in our home of 70 years if not for Nancy and all she has done. This was our wish, to stay in our own home and not go to a facility.

I love my daughter very much and would ask for you to give her any consideration you can so that she can stay with us and continue to provide a loving environment. I do not believe we can survive without her help at this juncture of our lives.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I believe my Nancy is one in a million.

Lorraine Loshin


In Nancy’s sentencing memorandum:,  her attorney writes, “Now Nancy cares for her mother, whose mental health has failed precipitously recently (her letter was written in late 2020 when she was still able to comprehend and to express herself in a way that would not be possible today). Nancy’s mother is alone. She is frail and confused and looks to Nancy for her every need. Ms. Loshin is extremely anxious when she does not see her daughter and would be gravely impacted by her incarceration.

A conflict about dates about the letter from Lorraine occurred in the sentencing memorandum.

As mentioned above, Lorraine’s letter is dated July 4, 2021, but her attorney told the judge Lorraine wrote it in late 2020 when she could still comprehend and write or speak intelligibly.

Regardless of inconsistencies, it seems clear that Lorraine Loshin is in distress, perhaps she does not even recognize Nancy as her daughter anymore. Yet, it is fair to say that even the extremely elderly may receive comfort from those who love them.

In my opinion, little harm is done by granting an extension, not so much for Nancy but for that it might bring some comfort to a woman nearing the end of her sojourn, who won’t have many more trips to the hospital, or days with her daughter. This might be the last time Nancy might do a service to her mother.

I also understand the opposite position, articulated well by Susan Dones, who spoke as a victim of Nancy at her sentencing, travelling all the way from Washington State to do so.

NXIVM group photo
Group Photo, with Nancy Salzman in center in dark outfit with Susan Dones in blue shirt, standing above Karen Unterreiner. I recognize Sarah Edmondson second from left in the first row and I believe that may be Barbara Bouchey 4th from left in first row

Dones said, “At some point, the judge needs to allow all of us to have our justice. He can’t keep putting this off. I believe Nancy planned this all along.”

Perhaps she did. Judge Garaufis also gave her the opportunity at her sentencing to ask for time extensions. He said she was to report to prison on January 18 but added that should she need more time to transition from being the caretaker for her mother that she was free to request more time.

She has, and he has granted it.

I understand the need for those who were victimized to see her begin to serve her sentence. I understand Nancy is not likely to escape her sentence and will begin serving it sometime in the near future. I can even understand she might just as well start serving it sooner rather than later to get it over with.

On the other hand, if things are as bad at FPC Alderson as Nancy’s attorneys say they are, based on media reports, I can well understand not wanting to rush in only to be placed on lockdown because of COVID.

These are not pleasant days for the Prefect, the woman who once lived the high life of a high priestess of the Raniere cult. She now is a subject of the government, disgraced and suffering physically herself and facing more than three years in custody.

Gone are the days when she rose to applaud her Vanguard.

The glamor is off the life of Nancy Salzman – and it is altogether possible it will not return.

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  • Frank
    Too bad you haven’t moderated my last comment – found more evidence that Catherine was the one that took Keith down- she was the 1st to call the FBI – watched her movie this pm –

    I am proud of those that have told the WHOLE TRUTH – NOT lies -!!!!!!!!

    Has given me closure and peace of mind that Catherine and India are fighting for us.

  • Amazing to see that the judge is finally showing some compassion and wisdom. Not amazing to see how much hate he’s receiving on the website for the predictable biased commenters. That’s just biased business as usual.

    • So it’s “amazing” when the judge makes a legal decision tempered with emotion (like “compassion”) that benefits vanguard or the criminal cult cabal?

      But the judge should always be void of all emotion in legal decisions that DO NOT favor the criminal nxians?

      Because there have been endless previous complaints that a judge should always be emotionless in ALL legal decisions?

      You say “finally” the judge shows “wisdom and compassion” but Keith’s victims have always praised the judge for showing those 2 qualities.

      Seems like it only matters to you – if those same qualities work solely in the favor of the people that you care about?

      Maybe he was always a good judge after all, but you are on the side of the law breakers and you are biased?

  • It’s worth noting that all of the Nxivm “criminal justice reform advocates” NEVER acknowledge any such acts of mercy bestowed by the justice system upon convicted criminals such as Prefect Nancy Salzman

    Did self-appointed prison warden Keith Raniere consider letting young Daniella out of her bedroom for mental health care when she so desperately needed it?

    No, Keith did not. Shunning Daniella for not wanting Keith’s flaccid penis was more important than her severe psychological crisis. Which was brought on (of course) by Keith isolating Daniella.

    When Nicki takes up John Tighe’s case and fights for John’s justice just as hard as Nicki does for Keith Raniere’s – then she could be taken seriously.

    Nicki scours the world for additional proof to fit her narrative about criminal case injustice. Tighe’s prosecution is an obvious fit. Nicki has access to the key players. Why not take John’s conviction on?

    Do the Nxians have what it takes to admit they participated in framing a man – if the confession could help free Keith?

    By proving how Nxivm acted in a corrupt conspiracy with law enforcement and the legal system to get John convicted – the Nxians could shine a light on how such things actually happen. But first they must be brutally honest.

    Can they? For Keith?

    What about Keith Raniere?

    Would Keith Raniere admit to orchestrating a conspiracy setting up John Tighe for child porn charges – if it would help Keith’s own claims of being a victim of such similar corruption?

    I’m gonna guess… No.

  • Nicki Clyne
    14. Jan.
    They are already forcing infection in prisons, so, yes?
    Brandon Porter, MD, PhD
    If the government can force people to take a vaccine to try to create herd immunity, can they force infection in order to create herd immunity? If not, what is the difference?
    · 14. Jan. 2022·Twitter for Android


    NXIVM president gets start of prison sentence delayed
    by: Sara Rizzo

    Posted: Jan 17, 2022 / 09:47 AM EST / Updated: Jan 17, 2022 / 09:49 AM EST

    BROOKLYN, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Nancy Salzman, president and co-founder of the Capital Region-based sex cult NXIVM, has had the start of her prison sentence delayed by one month. Salzman was sentenced to 3 and a half years in prison in September 2021 for her role in the organization.

    [ … ]

  • Nancy is the best qualified of the Salzman kids to take care of their bed-ridden mother. Nan’s had nursing training and lots of relavant experience — treating Kristin Kook whose body was so ravished and so often by her Vanguard that Kook developed bed sores.

    • Nancy Salzman may have left her job as a nurse 40 years ago. She lacks both professional experience, nor does she have the required additional qualifications or continuing education in the profession. In New York State, Nancy Salzman is listed as an unregistered nurse. Her qualifications as a nurse are no longer recognized.

  • I am confused by the optics of this situation. I feel terrible for Lorraine Loshin and everything that has happened to her aged mind and body. I also feel for the victims that are waiting for justice. But here is my question….Why are the rest of L.L.’s family seemingly okay appearing as unable to afford or care for their mother/grandmother? What are they doing to help this old woman? Pretend Nancy is already in prison. Pretend that COVID isn’t an issue and that there are plenty of CNAs ready to be employed in her home/care facility.
    There are seemingly plenty of relatives for Lorraine. What are they doing to help her – or don’t they care? It appears they do not.

    • Has it occurred to anyone that things don’t seem to add up because the family keeps certain personal matters confidential as they should be? That’s what’s blurring the optics. They probably don’t give a darn what conclusions and confusion this causes the peanut gallery to have.

    • The truth is that Lorraine Loshin’s family is – and has been – taking care of her and her husband for decades.

      The lie is that Nancy Salzman and her daughters have been the absent family, too busy following their Master Raniere for decades.

      Nancy is just play-acting or trying to make up for decades of lost time with her parents out of guilt.

      Ask anyone in NXIVM and they will tell you that Nancy and her daughters didn’t visit the Loshins very often.

      It was Salzman’s sister who looked after her mother and father. She’s still doing it today – and will continue to do it when Salzman goes to prison.

      Salzman sister isn’t going to come out and expose Nancy’s lie to the public. It only makes their family bait for the press and the Frank Report.

      With COVID being what it is, the person who has medical power of attorney for Mrs. Loshin is the one who will be allowed into her appointment with her. That will not be Salzman. If she shows, she will be asked to wait in the car.

      Judge Garaufis and the DOJ are too busy with other cases to think this through – which is why they bought into Salzman’s sad story about her mom.

      COVID is no different when Judge Garaufis sent Raniere, Bronfman and Mack to prison, yet he is giving Salzman a break. Why is that? Is it really going to be different in 30 days?

      How many more times will Judge Garaufis allow Salzman to postpone serving her sentence?

      Allow her victims to move on with their lives instead of dragging this on. Isn’t it time to show Salzman’s victims some mercy, Judge Garaufis? Her prison sentence is all we get from her. She didn’t even apologize to any of us.

      We deserve that from you.

      Enough is Enough!

      • She did in S 2 of The Vow admitted that NXIVM kept her away from her parents and she was using the time to reconnect and care for them before she looses all her time with them. I know S 2 was released after her sentencing and after she entered prison, so it could have been added in post … just a note to say it was quickly mentioned in the vow

    • We will believe she will be going to jail the day her ass checks in to the Gary Bar Hotel.

      Until then, she will continue to con Judge Garaufis about the many reasons why she should NOT have to go.

      Judge Garaufis has a soft spot for her. Why we don’t know. Maybe she reminds him of an old girlfriend.

      • Or like Jeffrey Epstein, she’s protected by the collateral she has on politicians, law enforcement, and prosecutors…. and the money the Bronfmans donated to these people on her behalf.

    • Yup people are way too in love with a dead matter. Stupid already now they must know the whole family? What for! Get over it already.

  • Frank,

    YOU haven’t answered any of my comments to these stories – why should Nancy stay out of jail?

    YOU were the one who told us this crime would be solved and now this. Geez-

    Nancy is running amuck and there is 0 done about it – guess we need to do some calls and check around- no one else cares enough about Kris-

    I am interested as to why YOU blocked us – even though YOU were going to solve this case – 19 years later –

    We will solve it –


  • When a parent is as old as Salzman’s mother and their mental health is failing, they usually sign a medical power of attorney to a family member.

    That would not be Salzman since she was a cult member and is going to prison. Nor would they have risked Raniere getting his paws on their estate while Salzman was deep into the cult.

    That medical power of attorney was most likely always in Nancy Salzman’s sister’s name.

    When helping Lorraine move into assisted living and setting her up there, Salzman didn’t help. Salzman was getting her own medical care as per her request for an extension from reporting to prison from September 2021.

    We know other family members help Salzman mother. We are not stupid, Nancy.

    Judge Garaufis doesn’t seem to want to put these facts together for whatever reason. He signs whatever her attorneys ask for without question. Makes one wonder if he is starting to suffer from his own memory issues.

    If Nancy was so worried, why didn’t she request to move to NJ on a short-term basis before going to prison? Why didn’t she go to help her mother transition from her home to assisted living? No request was ever made to Judge Garaufis for those things.

    Instead, Salzman did what she always does. She stayed in Albany with her daughters, her grandbaby, her new boyfriend, and her friends.

    Why does she need an entire month for a one-day appointment?

    Should all criminals be given an extension now to report to prison due to COVID? Is this what Judges Garaufis is saying?

    Salzman should be fully vaccinated as required to appear in Judge Garaufis court room.

    She had plenty of time to get boosted which according to the CDC make her safe from getting deathly ill from COVID.

    Raniere, Bronfman, and Mack all have to deal with COVID. So, why should Salzman be any different?

    • Amazing what assumptions people make when they fantasize what they think is happening. No one has any clue. But the court system actually does. What a waste of energy

  • It is about time that soon there will be another judge than Judge Garaufis who will make the decisions regarding Salzman et al.

      • “Snorlax-

        LMFAO!!!! You’re back to form.

        Chris O’Brien’s New Album Drops Today! “The Gush of the Obsequious Sycophants”.

        Self-published as an mp3, this honking, screeching laudit will have you tearing your ears off your face while giving you a scorching case of diabetes.

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        Ask him how his studies at Harvard are going – he’ll slobber all over you for it!


        • Dearest & sweetest Alonzo,

          You’ve doxed me! Yes everybody, Alonzo and I are gay band mates. 👥 We are the “Wham” of the 21st Century!

          Alonzo plays my ‘Rusty Trombone’ and I play his backside bongo drums. No one plays a rusty trombone better than Alonzo. Alonzo hits a soprano when I beat his bongos extra hard. Mmmmh, Alonzo.

          Nice Guy O’Brian

          Here is Alonzo and I:

          Xoxo 💋 Alonzo

          • Frank 1:12pm

            I’m going/playing along with Alonzo. He apparently believes my name is Chris O’Brian, and I’ve released a new album.

            Alonzo has accused me in the past of being Chris O’Brian. Now, I am obliging him.

            Frank, haven’t you seen Alonzo’s accusations regarding my true identity?

            I’m surprised you missed them. 😉

            Don’t worry I’m not turning into our dear friend Patriot God.

            I am genuinely concerned for Patriot God. Seriously.

  • How can Nancy be scared to go into a prison camp where there is COVID, but not scared to go into an overcrowded assisted living facility? Is Nancy scared of COVID or not? And Nancy said she didn’t trust prison guards. Wait a minute…..she doesn’t think prison is nice???? Nancy…you hurt and abused people and admitted you did and were sentenced and convicted. What did you think prison was? You should have thought of this 20 years ago when you created and orchestrated a criminal sex cult.

    • Rich, That’s a lot of assumption on your part . If you knew anything about senior care, you would know that assisted-livings are suffering big time and are anything but overcrowded these days. Some of them are so empty they had to go out of business or reinvent themselves with other services. All due to Covid. Many People made other choices once Covid came rather than to send an aging family member into a facility.

      The health care staffing crisis is all over the news- just read about it. You can’t get aides at home very much and they can’t get them in the facilities to be adequately staffed either. When it comes to home care, there has to be a designated and accessible and consistent family caregiver available to qualify for home care in case the workers can’t show up or leave.

      It’s not as simple as people may think. Family members with full-time jobs and young children or other family commitments are often just not appropriate to be reliable to be there on that scale. And facilities are not allowing inside visitation yet due to Covid in accordance with state laws and CDC and if an exception is made it would only be for one consistent person and they would not let that person come and go for fear of bringing Covid back in.

      That person would need to be tested on a regular basis just like the staff is in these places I’m assuming you’re a young person and/or have parents who still haven’t reached that stage yet because you seem out of touch with this. Hopefully you and your parents stay healthy and independent. Good luck

      • Nancy’s sister, Carole Kass, is RETIRED. And Lauren Salzman grooms dogs…. I’m sure the dogs won’t mind if she takes a day off to drive Lorraine to a doctor…. or she calls an UBER or medical transportation company to do the same thing. Michelle Myers Salzman still does life coaching…. she’s self-employed. Steve Kass works in the same town that Lorraine lives in. The family is so filthy rich…they all can afford to pay for private help 10 times more than the normal American family. Guess they are cheap and don’t care about Lorraine? Nancy probably gave most of the nxivm money to Lorraine and the rest of the family. Use that if you don’t want to use your own rich wealthy stash of personal money…. And…shortages? Nursing homes empty? That means that there should be more one-to-one care then for Lorraine if there aren’t other residents….

        • Rich-obviously an alias . It’s obvious you have history with this family. You have an irrational reaction to them and their lives. Who cares that much? Doubtful you’re a DOS victim. Get a life

  • There is enough family nearby to care for L. Loshin, including retired Nancy’s sister Carole Kass, and adult grandchildren. Get a qualified 24-hr home attendant.
    JUSTICE must prevail. NANCY was involved with crimes knowing her mother was aging. Why should the victims suffer injustice? And the jail seems like a posh retreat.

    • Victim, did you contact them to find out why they aren’t the caregivers? Inquiring minds want to know

    • The retreat part, I can understand. But the one month? Sorry, not like she got gifted a patdon. The blood will still flow in February

  • Glad to see you took down the mistaken identity photo of the brother in law which was actually a pic of a well known radio Host by the same name.

  • The radio DJ from Rhode Island may not like you posting his incorrectly identified photo here as the brother in law. Amateur

  • Nancy’s mother didn’t commit any crimes and doesn’t deserve to be punished for them when it can be effortlessly avoided. A little deferred justice does not mean justice will not occur.

    At 94 and experiencing a significant break? Anyone in elderly care can tell you that stuff like that can kill them and quickly. To say she is likely in more rapid decline due to the break is not an exaggeration. For someone of her age, this is an intense hit to an immune system that is already under siege. Combine that with COVID as a ongoing persistent risk… well a month might be just enough time to decide this decisively one way or the other.

    The mother deserves to spend what time she has with her family. Her entire family.

    • How many criminals are behind bars? Do we give them privileges because a family member is sick? Why is Nancy privileged? Should we let every criminal out then because we feel bad for their family too???

    • Do mothers of rapists get to see their convicted children? Do mothers of terrorists get to see their convicted children? This means ANY criminal can use the sick mom excuse not to go to prison. If you let Nancy do it, you have to let ALL do this.

      • Exaggerate the nature of Nancy’s crimes much? Comparing her to terrorists and rapists. Dramatic much?

        The answer is yes, when it’s a conviction for a non-violent crime and where showing up to jail is a thing that is scheduled, this is pretty normal if family circumstances are significant enough.

        This is also a situation where the judge can allow a little humanity in while still getting justice, no reason not to do both. A conclusion the judge reached and clearly you are unable too.

          • uh oh. Must not allow compassion or real world common sense to be tolerated when the self-righteous demons get their hot pokers out.

            Otherwise, we’ll turn them on YOU, Erasend!


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