Judge Garaufis Grants Nancy Salzman One Month Delay to Report to Prison – Now will Surrender Feb. 21, Unless Further Delay Is Granted

Nancy Salzman had a brilliant 20 year run -- then she had a little fall....

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis has granted Nancy Salzman a one month delay for surrendering to prison. It was at Salzman’s request.  He had previously granted her request that she be allowed to leave her home one day early so she could drive to Federal Prison Camp Alderson by day and report the following day bright and early on January 19th.

Reports of COVID infestation at the prison camp prompted Salzman, known to her followers as Prefect, to seek the delay.

She will now report on February 21.

Here is her attorney’s letter to the judge, dated today and granted by the judge.

Dear Judge Garaufis, 

Together with David Stern, I represent Nancy Salzman in the above-captioned matter. I write to request a postponement of Ms. Salzman’s surrender date for one month because:

(i) due to a COVID-19 outbreak at Alderson FPC -~ the facility to which our client is scheduled to surrender on January 19 — the prison is not currently safe; and,

(ii) Ms. Salzman’s 94 year old mother’s condition is rapidly deteriorating, and the prognosis is dire and unlikely to change.

After communication with the government, by AUSA Tanya Hajjar, the government takes no position with respect to this application.

To be clear, until late into this week, Ms. Salzman had no intention of seeking a delay in surrender. She has put her affairs in order, made travel plans to drive to West Virginia with her daughter, applied for and been granted a bail modification to permit her to leave a day before her surrender so as to arrive early in the day rather than after a 10-11 hour drive, and placed her ailing elderly mother in an assisted living facility. Mostly, at this point, she simply wants to begin her incarceration to start counting the days off until it concludes.

MK10ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman. She simply wants to start her incarceration and get it over.

Now, however, she is very fearful of surrendering into a facility that is in the throes of a failed response to a COVID surge and is reportedly unsafe.

News reports, and other reliable information coming to her counsels the instant request to seek postponement. That information includes counsel ( including first person reports from inmates inside Alderson) received from Jennifer
Myers, founder of LA Myers Consulting, a female-focused “prison consulting business [which] supports people affected by the criminal justice system, and their families.”

(See, https://www.whitecollaradvice.com/jennifermyers-female-prison-consultant/).

Jen Myers wants to help women who have been convicted in the federal criminal justice system. She advises Nancy Salzman to delay reporting to prison if she can – to avoid the harsh conditions imposed by COVID.

Ms. Myers, who maintains personal contact with her clients inside Alderson, strongly urges Ms. Salzman to seek delay in surrender for her personal safety until the surge at Alderson abates, even if her desire is to “get it [her sentence] begun to move toward its completion.”

MK10 Art’s lovely painting of the two leaders, Raniere and Salzman. Had Salzman not known this estimable character she might be able to spend the last few days with her mother

Local and national news reports corroborate her fears.

On January 5, 2022, one local news outlet reported as follows:

“Velma Bowers, a friend of some of the inmates and former inmate herself says through the limited contact the inmates are able to have with the outside, they report nearly 165 cases of COVID and conditions that are only getting worse.
‘They’re not following CDC guidelines there, the staff is not wearing masks. The inmates have to buy their own meds, and at one point, they have to cut commissary down to $25, which is not a lot to buy personal items plus your own

(See, https://woay.com/loved-ones-protest-against-poor-inmate-treatment-at-a-local-prison-aftercovid-19-outbreak/).

Forbes Magazine reported on December 24, 2021:

In FPC Alderson, an all women’s minimum security prison camp in West Virginia, COVID cases are spiking. Of the 665 female inmates at the institution, 108 have active COVID cases (December 23, 2022) and 43 have recently recovered … over 20% are currently or recently infected. Paul Petrozzi, an attorney who represents women at the facility told me, ‘The conditions there are just abhorrent. Women are sick, there is no hot water in the quarantine unit and staff is short. I’ve
contacted the mayor (of Alderson, WV), the Bureau of Prisons and anyone who will look into this crisis.’

(See, https://www.forbes.com/sites/walterpavlo/2021/l2/24/the-womens-federalprison-camp-at-alderson-in-middle-of-covid-19-outbreak/)

MK!0Art’s sketch of Nancy Salzman. Is it necessary to put her in a dangerous environment at the peak of Omicron.

.As for the condition of Ms. Salzman’s mother, she has recently become a resident of a New Jersey assisted living facility, which is chronically under-staffed due to the COVID surge, and other structural staffing obstacles. Her mother is supposed to be awakened once every several hours to use the toilet, but on Tuesday of this week she got out of bed herself due to not being properly attended and fell forward on her face. A photograph is filed under seal as Exhibit A evidencing the effect of the fractured orbit she suffered, which injury is causing substantial hindrance to the functioning of her sinuses and ability to breathe.

An appointment at an off-site medical facility is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19 ( our client’s surrender date) for imaging and evaluation, and Ms. Salzman would very much like to attend. If she and her daughter leave for Alderson on January 18, no family member will be able to go with Nancy’s mother to the medical appointment, and Ms.

Today the BOP website reports 27 inmate positives at Alderson, but prisoners claim these figures are dramatically under-reported.
MK10ART: Nancy was planning to travel to West Virginia to surrender next week. Then she got word of the COVID conditions.
MK10ART’s painting of  Nancy Salzman with her daughter Lauren Salzman.
MK10ART:  Nancy and Laruen were the first to get on the plea deal bus.

Ms. Salzman does not trust staff at the facility, and knows the level of extreme distress her mother will experience if her daughter is not present to care for her, help her, and simply be present with her. For all of these substantial reasons, Nancy Salzman respectfully prays of this Honorable  Court for a one month postponement of the date of her surrender to federal custody, extending such date to and including Monday February 21, 2022. Thank you very much for your attention and should the Court have further questions about any of the issues raised in this letter, it is respectfully requested the parties be contacted.

Robert A. Soloway.

MK10 ART’s painting of Nancy Salzman.
MK10ART’s marvelous artwork. Nancy is the last of NXIVM defendants who will report to prison. .


Judge Garaufis granted the order. What need is there to subject Nancy to a close quarters prison camp at the height of Omicron?

So, she is spared a month and perhaps she will make a further request a month from now. What is the rush? Nancy has about 35 months to serve [with good behavior.].

There may be no rush to enforce the pound of flesh she must pay by being in a prison camp.

Indeed, once Omicron subsides, and the prisoners are free to mingle, I would not be surprised if Nancy becomes the Prefect for a whole new breed of needy devotees whose lips are parched and ready to imbibe from her fount of wisdom.

Viva Executive Success!!

An all-American, midwestern farm girl, Jennifer Myers had worked hard toward a successful career as a dancer in Chicago. But just as her star was rising, she fell for the kingpin of a drug trafficking operation. Drawn to his life of excitement, she soon acquiesced to driving marijuana across the country, making easy money she stacked in shoeboxes and spent like an heiress. Steeped inside moral ambiguity, she sought to cleanse her soul with the guidance of spiritual gurus and New Age prophets to no avail.

Only time in a federal prison made her face up to and understand her choices. It was there, at rock bottom, that she discovered that her real prison was the one she had unwittingly made inside herself and where she could start rebuilding a life of purpose and ethical pursuit.

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  • Re “There may be no rush to enforce the pound of flesh she must pay by being in a prison camp.”

    There is no hurry when through new technology there will be a completely different way and perhaps cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to produce meat in the future. Nancy is just waiting and her family and Judge Nicholas Garaufis are helping her stay out of jail as long as possible. Maybe until the novel production of meat reaches the buyers of meat who have not yet become vegetarians in the stores. May take more than 20 years, but Nancy is willing to wait for it, just as long as the BOP. When it does, Nancy will deliver her pound of flesh, not before.

    My recommendation on future meat production:

    Investment information for the new generation

    CULT Food Science (CULT.C) Goes Public: A Cult Worth Joining?
    Kieran Robertson
    January 17, 2022


  • Frank
    Why aren’t you answering any questions on this blog for me and why aren’t you answering emails?
    Nancy had a hand in killing my sister, Kris and you haven’t said a word. What’s up with this blog ?
    Kris’ life does matter – but it hasn’t mattered here- too bad- maybe it will after some arrests are made and things heat up again

  • How can we get Patriot God back on here?

    He’s been gone from Frank Report for so long and I’m sad and depressed every single day I don’t get to hear from him on here and I don’t know where else to find him! 🥺😢😭😔

      • Dude,

        That’s not Patriot God! That’s the Colonel! They’re two different people! Most of the time, the Colonel speaks for Patriot God especially when he’s being censored or being trolled by assholes like you and doesn’t want to waste his time with it!

        Why are you such an immature dick to Patriot God, the Colonel, and the rest of the patriots?! Why can’t you just acknowledge these are really good people trying to save this country! Why do you, Frank, Alanzo, and everybody else on here want to censor them and abuse them so much?!

        What crime have they committed?!……. Trying to save our country and loving America?! Is that their crime?! What is wrong with all you people! Why can’t you all stop censoring them and stop abusing them?!

        If you all don’t like something they have to say, why don’t you seriously debate it instead of acting like autistic children playing “doctor” and accusing them of things everybody knows isn’t really true and then keeping their retorts to you all from being posted?! This is extremely cowardly and immature behavior! You all need to grow up and learn from these people! At least they’re actually trying to save this country instead of having their fingers shoved up their asses shitting on patriotic men like you all do!

        You all seriously need to grow up and stop being pussies! Seriously! And I don’t need all your immature replies that you always do because you can’t really talk like an adult! Just be mature and have a logical conversation to me or leave me alone!

  • Frank
    Nancy did NOT let my sister, Kris, live – so why should the judge lengthen her time out of prison? She is a liar, a manipulator, and a killer – why more time?
    Kris was killed because Nancy and Keith wanted her mouth closed and they wanted her silenced – someone in jail needs to make Nancy pay too.
    Nancy is a killer – good luck Witch 🧙‍♀️!


    • Typical anti-cult tribal hatred. Don’t you have better things to do in your life than revel in the misfortune of others?

      • Ex(Alaoonzo)

        Do your HOMEWORK!

        Kim is not tribal!

        Her sister was driven to suicide by Nancy and crew.

        You have no idea what you are talking about.

        Go eat a box of RingDings and mull(munch) it over. 😉

        Keep abusing people and I’ll keep sticking it to you Alonzo with a hot poker.

      • If only the cult murderers had chosen not to revel in the misfortune of this women’s sister— and left her alone— to live.

        Watch your karma Ex, trotting about on that old high-horse, tsk, tsk!

  • Salzman mother couldn’t even recognize her family in the letter to the court at Salzman sentencing and now she in assisted living. That doesn’t add up

    How is that?

    The Judge didn’t notice that.

    She should be in full time care facility

    The family is lying

    • FYI. Assisted living is a residential full time care facility. Many people have private aides too in addition.

  • The Judge has grown into an idiot on this case.
    He was a two shot wonder
    He got it right with Raniere and Bronfman
    After that he lost it
    It went on too long with delays of COVID
    He didn’t give Allison Mack nor Nancy Salzman enough time.
    Now he is letting Salzman drag him around his chamber by the nose ring
    Motions filed under seal he does nothing about until the press questions him
    Salzman doesn’t follows his order
    She requested an extension, granted
    Pretending she is going to prison and less than a week before going, COVID is an issue
    Not one of the many family members can take her mother to an appointment they show no proof her mother has.

    REALLY.. The Judge gives her another MONTH OFF

    We want our JUSTICE JUDGE

  • Maybe Clare, Allison and Keith should ask to be let out of prison until COVID is over or because of their medical situation.

    How can the Judge refuse? He seems to let Nancy off for a snotty nose any time she wants.

    Maybe she has some information on the Judge he doesn’t want out. She’s good at getting that kind of stuff, you know.

    He treats her like no other defendants when it comes to favors.

    Come on Judge, why be soft on Nancy Salzman

    Nancy Salzman didn’t even show any proof of her mother appointment. Just some pictures. We don’t even know if there really was an appointment.

    The Judge just bought the lawyer saying there was an appointment. Nancy is probably laughing in her living room will be enjoying a lunch in NJ next Wednesday with her mom.

    • Have the reporters follow them. And you can spend productive time ’til then figuring out where they are and which doctor it is. Call her relatives while you’re at it. Find out what they’re busy doing rather than helping the mother and grandmother.

  • Nancy lost her nursing license and if her mom is in a nursing home, what more can Nancy do for her? Is Nancy going to NLP or EM her??

  • This isn’t a good time to go to prison, the lawyer says.

    When is it ever a good time to go to prison?

  • Where is Nancy getting all this money for attorneys? I thought she filed something in civil court stating that she had no money? Guess her sister is finding money under the mattress, huh? Or the brother-in-law is getting it back from all the places he travels to.

    • Frank
      We are angry and appalled by this new news to our family- especially since she didn’t grant Kris extra time in life. Why should she be granted extra time? This is disgusting. Why should she be given extra time?
      We are very upset by it –

  • This is Nancy’s second delay already. She was sentenced in September and had asked for more time then. She’s going to postpone for the next ten years. Also, this prison resort allows campers to leave camp for funerals. And Nancy does have family who live near Lorraine who could take care of Lorraine.

  • COVID will never go away. Nancy Salzman should be vaccinated and have a booster shot. Probably almost all prisons are completely infested and most of the inmates will have already gone through infection with COVID if they have not been vaccinated. You can’t suspend all prison sentences forever just because COVID is widespread. At some point, the prison system has to be functional again. And it is time for that to begin. Nancy Salzman’s age or her decision to be vaccinated or not should no longer matter. Nancy Salzman and her accomplices have been treated with forbearance long enough. This must finally end.

  • Is Nancy’s sister, Carole Kass, a deadbeat????? Carole lives 25 minutes away from their mom. And Steve Kass, husband of Carole, is the CEO of Tofutti, which is based in Cranford, and works in the same town where Nancy’s mom lives, in Cranford, NJ. And then Carole has 4 adult children all over the age of 40. And where is Michelle Myers Salzman? All these people gave up on Nancy’s mom Lorraine???? It’s a scam. Nancy just didn’t want to go in. She’s a liar and manipulator just like the rest of the people I mentioned here.

    • Nancy’s mom, Lorraine, has 6 grandchildren over 40 years old. Jaclyn B. Kass, Melanie G. Kass, Elliot L. Kass, Marley D. Kass, Lauren Salzman, and Michelle Myers-Salzman. Let’s not forget Nancy’s sister, Carole Kass, and Carole’s husband, Steve Kass, of Tofutti. Are these 8 people incapable of helping? Are they incompetent people? Only Nancy, the convicted criminal, can take care of her mom? Can’t the nursing home and 911 help if the Kass and Salzman family are deadbeats? These rich people can’t afford an Uber or medical transportation company for Lorraine Loshin? It’s called Nancy lied to the judge.

      • Maury schmorry. You are clueless. Shut up already with your stupid assumptions and mis-info and multiple monikers . Do you think the judge is that dumb that he didn’t investigate the factors? Geez

        • Mis info? Nancy claimed only she can take care of her mom. Her other family doesn’t help? Her other family doesnt care about Nancy’s mom? Where are they? what can nancy do that the nursing home can’t? Nancy’s argument is that nancy is the only relative that can drive her to an appointment?

        • “Do you think ………………………………………………………………… the factors?” Yes!

        • The order approving Salzman one month extension was issued within hours. There was no time to do an investigation into “could another family member besides a Salzman” take her mom to the appointment.

          There was no proof offered – nor asked for – by Judge Garaufis in Salzman’s request for a one-month extension either. Only pictures of injuries to her mother’s face.

          These pictures could have been taken after any fall. Falls had been mentioned before in letters to the Court at Salzman’s sentencing.

          Did Judge Garaufis do an investigation? No, his law clerk called him about the request, and stamped his name to it and dated it.

          End of story

          • Yeah if I fractured the same orbit bone on the same side of my face more than once, I’d play the lottery immediately. Even once it’s pretty hard to do. It makes your face all kinds of colors and swelling in just same bullseye area around an eye. So ridiculous. The most creatively paranoid comments ever here.

          • Shaming people for forming any of their own conclusions based on the information available while simultaneously claiming to have additional “facts” but not disclosing them seems like self-righteous, culty, arrogant behavior.

            “I have information that would free Keith Raniere and change the DOS narrative but was too chicken shit to testify and still won’t produce that alleged evidence even now”

            That kind of logic and behavior.

  • Just postponing the inevitable.

    The longer she waits, the older she gets, the harder her sentence will be.

    There will be another COVID19 variant that will sweep through that facility when she eventually serves her sentence. It is a crap shoot whether she will survive that.

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