An invitation to commit computer trespass; gratefully declined

I received this email from someone calling him/herself Jack:

Hey Frank,

In light of the recent events in regards to NXVIUM [sic], I did some researching myself and came across the Society Of Protectors. On the website, I noticed you had to provide them with some sort of reference number and the name of the person who referred you in order to make an account.
I decided to put in random details, and just put anything into the reference number and name of the referrer part, and somehow it allowed me to make an account with what is obviously a cult. I’m not sure if their security is very poor, and they let anyone make an account if they put something in the number and referral section, or I miraculously guessed the details of an actual member, who knows!
I have no idea what any of the stuff on their website means, but there’s a video message from ‘the founder’ which I found quite disturbing and creepy, and was wondering if you would like me to pass on some screenshots or record the video, since you might be able to make more sense of the contents of the website than me! I could even give you the login details I made so you can have a look for yourself, assuming you haven’t already gained access to this website before.
I would be very interesting for someone more knowledgable [sic] to make more sense of what’s on this website, so please let me know if you’re interested!
Kind regards,
Here is my response to Jack’s kind offer to commit the felony crime of computer trespass:
Dear Jack;
You may very well be sincere, but I certainly cannot go on to a password protected website owned and operated by Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman’s NXIVM cult.
They have had four people indicted already for such deeds. If you are sincere, I would advise you NOT to enter the site again and do not share it with anyone.
On the other hand, as a journalist, I accept all leaked material that comes to me, without my solicitation. If it appears to be criminal in nature, I pass it on to an attorney who in turn passes it on to the FBI.
Had you sent me the SOP material without inviting me to encourage you to go back in the password protected website, and illegally enter, I would have accepted the material.
As it is, I will not ask you, and, for your own protection, I advise you not to, to enter the SOP website again.
Besides, it is completely unnecessary. A former student leaked the entire SOP course to me – [which he had paid for] including all of Keith Raniere’s teachings on sex, incest, pedophilia, polygamy, rape, and a host of other strange, sick, perverted and bizarre teachings.  Stay tuned and I will publish them all.
On the other hand, Jack, in case you are Clare Bronfman, or one of her minions, “nice try.”
In either event, thanks for the invite to commit a crime, but I regret I will have to [gratefully] decline.
By the way, Jack, the cult is spelled NXIVM not NXVIUM, in case you didn’t know.
Best wishes, and stay safe;
Frank Parlato
Feel free to contact me: 716-990-5740 or email
To readers: What do you think? Sincere or a trick of the cult?

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  • Can I please have some input? I want to know what happened to Keith Raniere very early in life to turn him into this monster. I know a lot of this is genetic (sociopathy). I know he comes from a broken family sporting an alcoholic mother. But someone is going to have to dig deep if there will ever be an informative, instructive book – like the authors did in “Raven” (about Jim Jones). We hear from people who knew KR from CBI days, but almost nothing earlier. As if he didn’t exist… There simply HAS to be someone, somewhere, who knew something from the 1960s, in Suffern, NY. I am not looking to excuse; only understand.

    • His mom was an alcoholic and a dancer. Abandonment could have existed if she were single dating men and drinking. A child dealing with a drunk is not easy. He said he hated it when she made him dance which would make me think she crossed the line with her emotions with him when dancing and drunk. So sexual abuse/incest.

    • He claimed he first had sex at 11 years old and implied it was with an older woman. He seemed to take pride in that, but it certainly sounds like abuse if it was true. I don’t count on anything he said as truth since so much of it turned out to be lies.

      • From the victim turned predator standpoint a sex abuse victim that has no guilt over the pleasure felt by the action of abuse is not going to have the same reaction as one that has negative feelings due to the pain or fear of the abuse. They would still seek to “take back their power” but instead of by overcoming the abuse with healing and no longer feeling afraid the one who did not see the abuse as negative then “takes back their power” by having that power over someone else.

  • There’s nothing to be afraid of, just use a website such as and sign in. Put the information here, and then we can all sign in.

  • For the less informed, that means Standard Operating Procedure.

    Seems like a wise course of action to say thanks, but no thanks.

    I still wonder which one of them amassed 50,000+ child porn materials to put on John Tighe’s computer.

    Never ever seen someone laden with child porn publicly confront an aggressive cult, and say, “Here I am, come get me.” People who actually engage in that sort of thing do not typically want to draw any attention to themselves.

  • Inspired by Laura finding Emiliano Salinas on the Rainbow Cultural Garden Miami instagram feed, from when he gave a presentation at the now shut-down daycare, I checked out his instagram.

    I found this posting of a bunch of very manyly men, the kind who protect society:

    He wrote, google translated, “Last night’s session of the Society of Protectors CDMX. Building Character

  • Magic Jack. Maybe it’s the same Jack that’s in the beanstalk story.

  • When looking at the LOG ON page for SOP, you will find one needs to enter an email address and then a password (just like any other website LOG ON), so I’m not sure what this “Jack” is referring to when he mentions reference numbers and name of referring party.

    Maybe he he referring to the link for new members, which, when I tried to click on it, did not work.

    Maybe Jack will post a public comment here and clarify what LOG ON he was talking about.

    How about it, Jack?

  • Dear Mr. Parlato,

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    I saw your contact information in e-commerce Journal while I was searching for a reliable individual in your country to partner with me in a profiting project:- (Three Million Six Hundred Thousand Dollars) $3,600,000.00

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    Barr. Stephen

    • Van Douche,
      Except that email wasn’t a random scammer, hitting up random people hoping to find one stupid enough to send them cash.

      Obviously this scammer specifically targeted Frank, and they are obviously a person paying close attention to the details of this story.

      So what is their scam? I have to think they have some nefarious purpose for sending Frank that email. The wording “Jack” used sounds similar to some of the emails I’ve received (as a victim of a online group harassment campaign ) and so I doubt Jack is a random helpful individual.

      BTW- these harassers love the “if I make a spelling error it makes me sound legit” tactic. They also love to pretend that they are ESL, and that this poor use of English makes them sound authentic.

      Nope, you assholes always manage to just sound fake.

      • Yeah, I know. It was an attempt at humor.

        One should always be wary of these type of things on the Internet. It is known that Clare Bronman put a key logger on her father’s computer, and it’s very possible that NXIVM cohorts planted child porn on John Tighe’s computer to get him thrown into jail, so I wouldn’t be surprised if what they sent is some sort of malicious software.

        • Possibly.. though I assume they have had ample opportunity to try that before – if spyware is their objective.

          From experience, I can tell you that when you have spyware on your email, you will notice, as the key stroke’s slow down…like really, really slow.

          Whatever it is they they hoped Frank would be dumb enough to fall for, lol, it can’t be good.

        • I believe John Tighe was framed, based on N’s other computer shenanigans. He was too busy being a reporter to be jerking off all day to porn. Just my opinion, which is worth pretty much nothing.

          • I’ve always suspected the same. I’m really hoping all this will cause a complete shakedown and exposure of all NXIVM’s criminal behavior – perhaps John will be exonerated in the end.

  • You could simply publish the account information here and everyone of us could or could not visit the site using the TOR browser. This way they will not be able to gain any useful IP adresses after all.

    On top of that there is no connection to you anymore as literally every visitor to your blog could have been the bad guy – I guess you are not tracking IPs after all. And even if you do, I am in France now ( France is not a five eyes country if you are worried about political involvement/protection in the US.

  • Sounds like a ‘419’ : “Dear medem, due to the sorrow passing of my late father I have several millions… please arrive me your bank details….” Definitely made the right call.

  • 😂😂 #nomorevanguard we need more #orangejumpsuits 🧡CB 🧡SB 🧡 NS 🧡 KU 🧡 DR 🧡 BP 🧡 ES 🧡 AB and 26 other NXIVM’s

  • Haha
    That Jack is quite the character…ever so helpful, but unfortunately such a poor speller.
    I’m sure he has nothing to do with Clare and NXIVUM (or whatever it’s called) at all.

    • Frank,I had sent you a comment on your open accusations against my daughter.I had sent my email address and am still waiting of your reply.
      I don’t wish to discuss, what I know, in the open, to not harm my daughter more as already is done with exposing her on ugly photos with, to my knowledge, wrong informations and verbal slander.
      I am in daily contact with her and can’t see, that she is involved in the way, you claim…
      It seems the way of your reports is coloured from personal, negative experiences in and with several people of the group.
      You are very negative on some, from whom I definately know, they are innocent and others, which are certainly involved, thanks to their greed and power hunger. There are even some high in the tope of the pyramids, which you don’t mention.Maybe they are too protected by money and their lawyers? Also there is a lot of fear and suppression involved by people, which had some knowledge and saw, what happened to those, speaking up, like me!
      I only can trust you are a real reporter and we both have the interest that the truth of this cult is exposed and people are freed from the manipulation,brainwashings and hypnosis of Keith and friends.
      I will be overjoyed if my daughter’s eyes open to the reality and she finally can go on with a free life.
      Ma Satprem Haertel

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