NXIVM circulates letter supporting Raniere – copy available for those who want to sign!


Recently, Nancy Salzman and other NXIVM High Rank circulated a letter they hope students of NXIVM and followers of Keith Raniere will sign.

The letter is intended to be forwarded to law enforcement officials who now have Raniere in custody.

Below is a copy of the letter. If you wish to sign it, please print the letter and send it to NXIVM, 455 New Karner Road, Albany, NY 12205. Make sure you get it notarized.


NXIVM supporters – though dwindling – say Keith Raniere is not the man that the media and the Feds says he is.


Negative things have been said over the past few months about Keith Raniere. For anyone who knows him and his work, these allegations are absolutely antithetical to his philosophy and values.

Many of us have seen him work tirelessly to create an education and community that
fosters personal responsibility, compassion and humanitarian principles above all else.

Those of us who know him personally or have benefited from the programs and companies he has developed, have watched the media stories with disbelief. How is it possible that a man who has done so much good and improved the lives of so many be portrayed as a criminal before a proper legal trial?

We have kept silent, maintaining the belief that the legal system would follow a just process and examine the evidence thoroughly without drawing conclusions or indicting a person’s character.

Sadly, we have seen justice corrupted by prejudice, lies and hate.

The media has great power to create impressions about people. Even when these impressions are false or fabricated, they can still influence how someone is treated and tried in our legal system. It is difficult to comprehend why such dishonor and hate would be directed towards a peaceful man, but right now that is not our job. Our job is to set the record straight and see to it that justice is served, and honor and respect are restored in our justice system.

This is why today we have chosen to speak up and say:

I, _______________, have participated in programs and/or companies created by Keith Raniere and I have benefited tremendously from them. My experiences have been positive, and my life has been enriched as a result.

I, _______________, know Keith Raniere personally and I know him to be a good man, a man whose actions demonstrate a genuine care for people and their well-being. Anything contrary to that would go against everything he stands for.


_____________________ _________________________________ _____________
Name Address Date

Signature (to be signed in the presence of a notary public)


Reports from sources say that few have been willing to sign the above letter. Whether that is because the majority who have been asked to sign it do not wish to become involved or whether the reason is that they know it now to be a lie is not presently known.


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  • Oh my god that statement means nothing. What goes on behind doors is different.

    • I’m so sorry this is Trigger Material. I really appreciate that you pointed it out because from my perspective (and what drove me to post on it in the first place) this is a completely, unbelieveably laughable and unprofessional PR/legal spin.

      Personal affidavits that attest to a person’s character are of a limited helpful nature in run of the mill custody disputes maybe, but this is a totally shrill “critique” of the Fed’s normal documentation process that is accessible to the public when an arrest is made in a grand jury investigation, some call it Due Process, ranting on about the possible influence of the media on the fed’s behavior.

      The part that actually attests to Rainere’s character is at the very bottom consisting of a blank space to insert a name into one of two prewritten statements- OMG!!!!

      This whole thing would make just about any attorney pull their hair out in frustration- they don’t just have to work with a psychopath, but the drama of a hysterical cult tripping over their own feet to fall on their own swords.

      But back to it being Triggery- do you mean that you had to deal with documents that were written like this? As an outsider looking in, I can see when people are writing in a way to mock the torturous word salad of Vanturd, but are you telling me that this is the actual typed verbiage ya’ll had to contend with?

      And lastly, my ignorance to the Trigger factor- generously speaking that truth reinforces to those like myself who are on the outside looking in as an act of concern and to be supportive, to be gentle and careful when thinking about where and to whom to bucket blame on besides Rainere.

      To Love & Healing,


  • Yes, and if your asked to sign that document and you refuse to — that means you have not given total control to Keith. That’s what he wants. They will come down on your hard if you don’t give 100% to Keith or ask any questions about his behavior. Keith controls everyone in the group.

  • I’m baffled by this Nancy Salzman person. She has wasted her life on this monster and this sickening garbage, and given her daughters over to him as well, who in turn have wasted their lives. Now she too will succumb to treatable cancer like the others, while her daughters stand by and do nothing? And she releases futile ridiculous form letters to people to use to vouch for this monster, in the face of federal charges of international human trafficking, sex trafficking, labor abuse/enslavement, blackmail, fraud, tax fraud, and who knows what other financial malfeasance has been committed over the course of the last two decades that has yet to be indicted and revealed. The delusion is beyond my understanding. For some fat slob, some degenerate lazy incoherent piece of shit pedophile cretin. Her daughters might have a chance at a few years of normalcy, if they run for their lives starting TODAY. What a tremendous waste–of ‘human potential.’ It is a cult, and she was an architect of it. But others walked away, no matter how painful and how much abuse she was instrumental in inflicting upon them. Her culpability is at least as much as his. Will she be called to account for what she has done, a human wrecking ball, destroying everything in her sight, including her own children? What makes a person so venal and deranged?

    • I remember when I was there at a 5 day; Nancy said they she was uncomfortable going out to public places if no one else from the cult was with her. What does that tell you?

    • She has done so many illegal things, she must do anything to defend him. If he goes down, she goes down.

    • Spot on about Nurse Nancy. One might make the case that the tools of NLP, etc were used against her and in the beginning she was a victim also. However, she has had numerous opportunities to come clean. In her case it comes down to greed. Living off the Bronfman sister’s mammary glands gave her a lifestyle she grew accustomed too. Once Clare took over as Operatons Director of NXIVM, Nancy became a ceremonial figurehead. It is rumoured and has been reported here on Frank Report, that she lives on an allowance and has to ask for her bills to be paid. As for the cancer, it is now believed she never had it at all. She made it up, so she could claim “the tech” cured her.

      I think many of us who have followed the story for a long time hope Lauren does jail time. She may be beyond rehabilitation. Michelle on the other hand does warrant a smidgeon of sympathy. Now, it is time for the courts to decide.

      Although the criminal complaint on Keith mentions CCI and CC2, let us not forget that it was Lauren Salzman who also had her own slave pod that Sarah Edmondson found herself part of. Lauren will surely face charges also on human trafficking and forced labor unless she is turned and agrees to testify.

  • I have attended one 5 day intensive.

    The material to me appeared to be at times incoherent and a mish mash of ideas taken from other alleged self-help programs and religions.

    Ironically, I found the majority of NXIVM coaches to be completely unethical by the normal definition.

    I found the NXIVM definition of ethical to be doing what one is told without questioning anyone in NXIVM.

    Thankfully, I turned down that invitation to J’ness.

    My last experience with NXIVM was Keith Raniere skulking around the perimeter at an event, and people prodding me to go talk to him.

    I believe Keith Raniere thinks his “intense stare” is sexy, whereas I found it to be more of a leer and entirely repulsive.

    My leaving the event protected me from having any direct one-on-one contact with Keith Raniere, and I am grateful for it.

    I am still praying for all the Rainbow Cultural Gardens to get shut down to protect the children.

    Solemnly affirmed,

    (P.S. All those affidavits still aren’t going to become evidence just because they are notarised, and it just makes you look even more like a cult. Scientology gets a lot more people to sign them, though.)

    • Ha! sounds like that dirtbag was totally out of your league! well done for being impervious to his skanky charms!

      The Rainbow Cultural Garden in London is under the local authority spotlight as we speak. the Councillor for the ward in which it is placed is in possession of all the facts. She is, according to last week’s email, “horrified”. Sadly the national regulatory body for education in the UK – OFSTED, has no jurisdiction, because RCG is not registered, but a few of us are poring over their registration criteria in the staffroom, to see if we can’t reverse that.

  • Do you think they will present letters from those of us who have suffered from this cult in a negative manner and won’t lie to save his butt?

  • I am surprised to read a sentence that is actually true. -Sadly, we have seen justice corrupted by prejudice, lies and hate.-

  • If it’s dated April 1 !!

    If you are charged with running a sex cult, no judge or jury is going to be swayed by letters you ordered your cult followers to get notarized.

  • The knowledge that the Raniere/Bronfman crime syndicate will never ever be able to use the legal system again as a weapon to harass intimidate and bully people, brings joy to my heart. The dim witted despot and his army of malevolent flying monkeys have been dethroned.

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