Russell – $25,000 bail – Lauren $5 million bail–

Lauren Salzman

Kathy Russell – who has been identified as the former [not current] bookkeeper – was the first to appear in U.S. District Court today in Albany, NY. It was initially unclear if she would be able to provide the $25,000 to secure her release (Russell was uncertain if she could get the $2,500 necessary to post bail – another elegant proof of the value of Executive Success Programs). She is also apparently going to be outfitted with an electronic ankle monitor if she does, in fact, make bail (She was still in custody as of 5:00 PM)

According to the Albany Times Union, “Lauren Salzman will be released after her grandparents — traveling from New Jersey on Tuesday — pay $50,000 cash against a $5 million bond.”  Presumably, she will also have to be outfitted with an ankle monitor.

Also according to the Albany Times Union, Nancy Salzman was going to be released on a $5 million surety bond that is to be signed by her parents and David Messing, a friend who lives in the Albany area. Thereafter, she will have ten days to provide authorities on eight properties she owns that a combined estimated value of $1 million.

The rumor – and I emphasize that at this point it’s just a rumor – is that Clare Bronfman’s bail was going to be set at $100 million. According to that same source, she is also going to be subject to house arrest pending trial.

Late word is that Nancy and Lauren will also be appearing tomorrow afternoon at the previously scheduled Status Conference in the case that now has six defendants facing multiple charges that could result in sentences ranging from 15 years to life imprisonment. Presumably, Clare will be there as well.


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  • Any commentary from India, Nicki or any of the other defiant DOS? The bullet about whatw happenedh to Daniela in the press release was a relief to see. I hope she is doing ok and is getting some relief in today’s Justice. However I bet it’s a mixed bag of emotions because she isn’t really a “Jane Doe”.

    • It is completely against NXIVM policy to comment on anything. If you acknowledge something, you are giving it credence, so you are supposed to ignore it / act like it isn’t happening.

      It is entirely the same thing with Sylvie Lloyd tweeting away as Sara Bronfman.

    • I’m sure we could all chip in a few bucks to arrange for a horse drawn chariot for Frank. I don’t see any of this gaining the kind of momentum it has without Frank’s work.

  • Nancy Salzman now claims she has a life-threatening medical condition.

    Break out the oxygen tanks, just like the old school NYC Mafia dons…

    • Her condition is called lack of humility. I don’t think anyone’s ever lost their life because of it, but it is ugly and painful.

        • No tourettes but I bet she has been saying GDMF a lot the past few months.

          Couldn’t of happened to a nicer woman

  • If the Salzmans don’t post bail today, they will be held by the US Marshals Service and brought back to court tomorrow in full shackles and jumpsuits.

    It’s very lonely when you are in the holding cages, shackled, then brought out like an animal to face the judge.

    I didn’t enjoy it, and I was just representing clients! Very dehumanizing, very humiliating.

    I really expect someone to flip after they get a taste of the Federal system.

    • Shouldn’t they have to prove the funds to post bail came from some legitimate source ?

      Like a line of credit or a mortgage on the grandparents’ house…

  • Lauren should not be getting out.

    Convenient she and / or her mother left enough cash with her grandparents for them to come get her out.

  • Not to disparage someone’s grandparents, but I wonder where the $50,000 they are posting came from. Surely, Nancy had more than one stash of cash, and the homes of relatives might be good places for rainy day funds.

  • You think that they would have made blind trust provisions for bail? Then again the court could have anticipated this development. I know nothing about Kathy Russell, but in criminal organizations bookkeepers (less socialized by the culture around them) are more likely to flip.

      • Kathy can probably get a plea deal and serve less time, especially since she hasn’t worked there for a few years.

        She ought to be able to give them enough info for a whole additional round of indictments.

        She made the 50K “no repay loan” (payment) to the girl who covered up the suicide (murder?) in Alaska, right?

        That should be worth some time off her sentence.

  • With the added indictments to Allison Mack her bail should either be increased to 10 million dollars or be revoked altogether.

    This round of indictments should lay to rest the notion that Mack is “the girl next door” who was lured into corruption by the mesmerizing Keith Raniere.
    Allison Mack is easily Keith Raniere’s willing and evil partner.

    • Dude you are obsessed with the women. Grow to fuck up and go buy a blow up doll. Your fantasy girl from 2001 to 2011 is done and your fucking hand has to be raw from those 10 years. Other bitches are getting the spotlight today and until 6 months ago you never heard of them. If it wasn’t for your fantasy girl you would not be here.

    • Four more people arrested, and still you focus on Allison…it says a lot more about you than it does about her.

      • Read today’s superseding indictment.
        Allison Mack is a gangster who extorts money and property out of people.

        The defendant AILISON MACK, together with others, did knowingly and intentionally steal
        property by extortion, in that MACK and others obtained property, to wit: credit card
        authorizations, jewelry and sexually explicit photographs and videos, by compelling and
        inducing Jane Doe 5 to deliver such property by instilling in her a fear

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