Critic of Bouchey: Asks 10 probing questions

[Editor’s note: In the interest of allowing full exchange of ideas or ‘data,’ I am posting the following. It probably requires a rebuttal.  It seems that part of the problem with NXIVM was that ideas were not allowed to be debated. It was Keith’s way or no way. I can’t say I agree with the comments below, and it seems an unnecessary attack on a good person. It may have been written by Keith as a distraction. But it is better not to suppress but instead fully air, vet and rebut. As Barbara Bouchey proclaimed: She went into the arena. The arena is not for the faint of heart. This should be considered as part of the battle in the arena to bring out the truth about Keith Raniere. This intra-fighting of Expians may be necessary as part of the process. Since I allow criticism of myself to be published here {I find it amusing and I learn from it}, I think it is fair that a great anti-NXIVM warrior, such as Barbara Bouchey, withstand the crucible and presumably emerge victorious.]


Barbara Bouchey

Was There When She Was

Nothing in Angela Ucci’s “coming out” post changes my opinion one bit about Barbara Bouchey. Once again, I suggest that if anyone wants to really understand Barbara, all they have to do is read through her self-important, breath-taking life story at

Seriously, who writes that kind of stuff about themselves? And who creates a special website where people can go to read about how wonderful you are. (It’s kind of like starting your own fan club and hoping some fans will join)

And here’s a question for Christine Marie: Are you being paid – or have you ever been paid – to serve as a Media Coach by Barbara? A simple “Yes” or “No” will suffice – and rest assured, your answered will be fact-checked.

And lastly, here are some questions for Barbara herself (Maybe Christine can get answers for us since Saint Barbara doesn’t read trash like the Frank Report):

(1) – How much did you earn in total throughout the time that you “managed” the Bronfmans’ funds?

(2) – How many other NXIVM members did you have as clients during the time you were involved with the cult and how much did you earn in total for managing their money?

(3) – How much did you get paid from NXIVM throughout the time that you worked for them and did you declare all that money as income on your tax returns?

(4) – How many new members did you recruit for NXIVM and how much do you estimate they paid in fees for NXIVM classes? Have you done anything to repay any of those funds to those people?

(5) – Did you encourage or require your staff to attend NXIVM courses? Did you ever fire, demote, or fail to promote anyone for not doing so?

(6) – Did you have NXIVM make presentations to your non-NXIVM clients at your firm’s holiday parties?

(7) – Did you, in fact, max out all your credit cards just days/hours before you filed for bankruptcy?

(8) – What have you personally done to get anyone out of NXIVM since you left?

(9) – Did you ever state that you wanted to use Keith’s “tech” to start your own executive training program?

(10) – Are you still trying to negotiate a book deal to tell your story to the world?


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  • who ever this author is should come out and take credit for their work. Otherwise, it has been said, “liar liar pants on fire” I am also tired of this stupid shit. Focus on what’s important ! Does the money people made while working for Nxivm really make a difference ?? I would assume Sarah Edmonson and Mark Vicente enrolled many people and made plenty. They did run their own centers and were there for 10 or 12 years,yes? Why do you care ?? Or are you on the V team? Distracting people and causing in-fighting so that you can weaken the camp that wants to take him down??? hmmmm

    • I agree. This is chicken shit posting. ..put your name out there.This blog was started to take Raniere down, not to bully ex-members.

  • Barbara should start a new Nxim and teach the powerful tools she learned without the deceit. And no collateral.

  • I’d suggest to everyone that we remember there’s a psychopath named Keith Raniere on the loose giving women herpes and branding them, probably committing pedophelia and possibly planning some giant event that hurts a lot of people. Whether you like Barbara, Susan or Santa Claus is irrelevant to this fact. Focus on the task at hand. Taking down this evil little man. Band together for a greater good. Just like the royalty did in Game of Thrones against the White Walkers. Epic show. Or like Harry and Lloyd did in Dumb and Dumber (the first one not the second which was shit).

    Then focus on how many people each of you brought into the course and getting their money back. If you recruited people, I think you have an obligation (yes I used that word) to try to get their money back along with your own. I’m working on that myself with people I brought in.

    Much better shit to do than bicker about people who are on the same side. By the way, I hear you get 100 points if you hit Keith with a car in Mexico if you are playing real life Grand Theft Auto but I can’t confirm this.

  • I am sure I will get blamed for posting this as I am getting blamed for everything that appears on the blog that is negative towards Barbara Bouchey right now. I know some will not believe me, I had nothing to do with this post .

    It appears that the blog as made a turn towards Barbara Bouchey and some things are being said that do not shine a positive light on her. I am not responsible for those post or the re-posting of those posts as some write or will have you believe.

    I did say that I believed Barbara had a hand in posting about the letter regarding the resignation letter that Angela came forward and said she did. I am sorry I was wrong about who the poster was. I am not sorry that I was thinking of those that might of gotten in trouble for the post.

    There is a split fence with posts regarding Barbara and there are those who have negative feelings towards her. When they post, others feel a need not only to defend her but to blame others for the posts (I’ve been the hit man for those posts of late). I will stand in the face of you BLAME, I will take it just like I took the inner circles BLAME when it wasn’t necessary, needed or right.

    I will take your BLAME when it’s not mine, but belongs to others because you have a need to be mad at someone. I do it because I’m strong enough to shoulder it and I believe in FREEDOM OF PRESS.

    Call me out, call me what you need to, call me what makes you feel better even if it’s unfounded and I’m not guilty. I stood in front of a Judge with over 200 counts from NXIVM of I’m not guilty with 7 high paid lawyers and a Judge who looked at me like I was the scum of the earth. I can take your BLAME, I will stand solid in it, I know who I am, I know what I post and I’m not ashamed.

  • Can we get back to the issues of NXIVM please?
    How about we take all the Barbara Bouchey Crap off the Frank Report.
    Every last post about her and her stupid website.
    I live in California and just went through weeks of dealing with fires and now I have to deal with the “Poor Bourchey Show” all over again.
    I had to put up with her tantrums in ESP way too long.
    It’s bad enough she moved to my State, now she haunts me on the Frank report nightly

    • You should take your own advise and stop talking about her then. But only after you get your own pot shots in eh.good job

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