Conspiracy Nuts – Epstein Did the Only Decent Thing He Ever Did in His Life — He Offed Himself

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By Actaeon

This is in response to  Jeffrey Epstein Assassinated – Cover-Up Expected

For Chrissake… “Assassinated”?

For months, I have been hearing about how MCC, and at prisons in general, supervision is lax, prisoners are at daily risk of violent attack, contraband is commonplace and so is suicide.

Suicide is so common that evidently it’s a general practice to place every newly sentenced prisoner on suicide watch, as was done with Keith Raniere. Prisoners are so adept at killing themselves with ordinary items such as shoelaces, tee shirts, or even socks (!) that these items are confiscated.

Now I ask you, how hard is it for a prisoner, any prisoner, to get hold of a smuggled sock or tee shirt?

Keith Raniere got his hands on a cell phone. Drugs and shivs get into prison, yet it’s inconceivable that a billionaire prisoner could obtain a tee shirt to hang himself with? This unheard-of event, a prisoner killing himself, can only be explained by invoking a vast conspiracy involving the very highest of those in the corridors of power?

Yes, best-selling thrillers are fun and exciting to read. It’s easy to believe that those kind of fictional plots are real, it’s certainly more entertaining than the real world of understaffed prisons and lapses in oversight, our world where not everything gets done by the book, where a scared, despairing, and resourceful man kills himself rather than face a hellish future.

This whole Epstein thing has been a mass freak-out from the beginning.

It took on the dimensions of a moral panic from the very beginning, what with the pedophilia angle plus Epstein’s political connections. The latter made this into a political football, giving ammunition to both the Trump haters and the Clinton bashers, and we all know how they love to go for each other’s throats.

Even our linguistic cousins across the pond in the dreary, rainy land of Brexit got into the game, with the British gutter press implicating Randy Prince Andy in Epstein’s pedophilia. Pedophilia in this case meaning there’s a picture of him meeting a 17-year old young lady who was one of Epstein’s girls. Certain evidence, surely, that this member of the Royal Family engaged in sex orgies with children!

And that’s another aspect of this case that bugs me. Yes, Epstein’s behavior was gross and disgusting. He was a dirty old man, filthy rich and obsessed with women much too young for him, who took his obsession beyond ethical, societal, and even legal bounds with girls below the age of consent.

He paid them, corrupted them, trafficked them. The man was a pig and got away with it because he’s rich. Well, he got away with it for a while.

So… Epstein was a man in his 60s who liked young females. Teenagers and young women. Okay. But really, is that pedophilia, the physical desire for children? Is a 17-year-old, like the person Andrew was photographed with, a child? Is it really shocking that he was photographed with her?

Is it perverted for an older man to find a 17 year old female attractive? Isn’t it, in fact, perfectly natural? C’mon now, be honest.

When did we become a nation of pearl-clutching church ladies? When did we return to Puritanism?

Remember Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy magazine, who made millions and built his mansion and lived there with a bevy of young models half his age? Sure, he was the prototypical dirty old man and the perfect target for ministers to rail at from their pulpits, but didn’t we also kind of know he was on to something? Hef was at least honest. He had made a ton of money and finally could get what he wanted and what he wanted was to live in silk pajamas surrounded by beautiful women.

He knew perfectly well the only reason they were with him is because he paid them and he was okay with that. The man was honest.

He was also smart enough to make sure they were all at least 18 years of age. That’s where Epstein screwed up, and he ended up paying the price. He did what was possibly the only decent thing he did in his life, which was to off himself.

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  • None of us know the facts, including you, when it comes to Epstein. The word is that he and his cronies were involved in something much more sinister than some old men taking interest in well developed teenagers which is still despicable on its face. If he was involved in procuring pubescent girls and boys for sex with men and women or for Satanic rituals, experiments and God only knows what else, that is horrific. Over the past decades, children have gone missing never to be found. We learn recently that Hollywood celebrities and well known political figures have been exposed emailing and posting pedophile codes as if they were have normal social conversation. No! People are not overreacting. A country that doesn’t protect its children is lost and headed for destruction. This has got to stop. All involved with him needs swift justice.

  • . Trolls are in a shrinking cult of denial; and it’s sad to see how tightly they still cling to the fake world manufactured for them by the pervasive old guard. Will they question NOTHING?

  • Acteon,

    You refuse to engage and defend your argument with Shadowstate or myself.

    Shadowstate is a good rational logical debater provided the topic is not Allison Mack.

    My postulate is that your defense of
    old men and young girls does not hold up when the parallel old men and young boys is added to the other side of the equation. Your argument is rendered moot.

    My guess is that you, yourself, have certain proclivities that have now been exposed….

    And you are rightfully embarrassed.

  • Re: “Conspiracy Nuts – Epstein Did the Only Decent Thing He Ever Did in His Life — He Offed Himsef”

    This time…

    …I actually read Mr. Acteon’s article the title caught my eye.

    I agree with the title, however, until a formal investigation is done and all the facts of the apparent suicide made public…

    I believe it’s too early to call it just a “suicide”.

    My problem with this article is exactly the same as Shadowstate1958’s issue. At the bottom of this comment is the link to Shadowstate’s well written eloquent admonishment.

    I am actually kind of surprised Acteon made such a statement…..

    ……Then again Acteon borrows his Alias from mythologies first “peeping Tom.

    My dear Acteon, social norms constantly change. Modern society has declared that old men and young girls do not mix.

    Socrates, had he lived, now would have gone to prison for pedophilia.

    Your arguments defending old men having sex with young girls are as mute as defending a modern-day Socrates type pedophile.

    Because Epstein’s actions involved a heterosexual type union is that why you think it’s okay that Epstein raped those girls?

    We put priests in prison…

    And Epstein should go to prison.

  • “Is it perverted for an older man to find a 17 year old female attractive? Isn’t it, in fact, perfectly natural? C’mon now, be honest.”

    Just because a man might find a teenage girl to be attractive does not mean the man can’t control his impulses.
    Teenage girls might know enough about sex to get into trouble but not stay out of trouble.
    The same holds true for teenage boys.
    That’s why the law tries to protect teenagers of both genders from predatory adults.

    That’s not Puritanism.
    That’s Common Sense.

  • More news reports today suggesting that what actually happened may be more banal:

    AG William Barr: Serious Irregularities At Facility Where Jeffrey Epstein Was Held

    “A union representative for workers at the Metropolitan Correctional Center tells CBS News Epstein’s death is not a surprise.

    She said staffing is “completely inadequate” with workers putting in more than 60 hours a week, leaving them overwhelmed and not alert.”

  • Is it perverted for an older man to find a 17 year old female attractive? Isn’t it, in fact, perfectly natural? C’mon now, be honest.

    I’ll be honest, clearly the issue is not Epstein’s preferences; the issue is the absolute moral corruption, grooming minors for sexual exploitation and extortion of individuals in the highest positions of power. So if you consider the rape of 14 year old CHILDREN Puritanism, well, your moral compass is as fucked up as Epstein’s and his powerful accomplices are.

  • “Is it perverted for an older man to find a 17 year old female attractive? Isn’t it, in fact, perfectly natural? C’mon now, be honest.”

    Finding a 17 yo girl attractive and having sex multiple times a day with young teens often age 15 and below (17 was “getting too old” for Epstein) is worlds apart. And comparing Epstein to Hefner, who surrounded himself with a harem of mostly 20-somethings, is ridiculous. There’s a massive difference between a 14yo and a 24yo. Just think of yourself and your life at 14 vs at 24, or even 20.

  • It wasn’t only the British tabloids who made a big deal about f*cking the underage girl (which started when she was younger than 17), he has his arm around her waist and she accused Andy of f*cking her, after being trained by Epstein. This is much sicker than you indicate.

    As I commented before and it wasn’t published, I’m glad Epstein offed himself, it will save taxpayers a lot of money and it will also prevent the government from going after Epstein’s money and it will therefore be available to those who will sue his estate civilly. I think that is VERY good news.

  • Bolstering the premise, there’s this:

    Epstein’s Death Has a Simpler Explanation

    “On social media yesterday, many people speculated, without evidence, about who besides Epstein might be responsible for his death. Tellingly, many criminal-justice experts pointed instead to a broader issue: Suicide has been a lingering problem in detention facilities, and systemic factors—such as inattention, understaffing, or inadequate training—generally offer a simpler explanation for a prisoner’s death than nefarious intent.”

    On an earlier topic I posted articles about cuts to Bureau of Prisons budgets and staff, which had drawn bipartisan concern, and predictions that problems and dangers would ensue.

  • I’m torn between knowing that he will never draw another breath and consume someone else’s valuable o2, and hating knowing that he will never have to endure years in lockup. I only hope he suffered.

  • Personally I don’t give a damn about Jeffrey Epstein.
    He was evil and despicable.

    But Epstein worked for others.
    Epstein enjoyed years of protection from his higher ups.
    Epstein was taking pictures of rich, powerful men engaged in sex acts with girls.

    That stinks of blackmail and espionage.

    I want to know who Epstein was working for and who he was blackmailing.

    • “I want to know who Epstein was working for and who he was black?”

      You didn’t know? Epstein worked for Allison Mack!

      • “You didn’t know? Epstein worked for Allison Mack!”

        So is Allison Mack part of the Israeli Mossad?
        You know some people have tried to tie the Bronfman family to the Mossad.

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