NXIVM: Raniere Podcasts Censored By SoundCloud; Frank Report Publishes All 10 Episodes!

SoundCloud, an online audio distribution platform based in Berlin, Germany, removed the Raniere Speaks podcast. The host account named “NXIVM” has also been removed.

SoundCloud responded to complaints from anti-free speech, self-appointed censors by removing all 10 episodes of the NXIVM-loyalist podcast Raniere Speaks and has removed the account that uploaded them (https://soundcloud.com/NXIVM).

Their (boilerplate) response is below:

SoundCloud Trust & Safety (SoundCloud)

Jan 10, 2022, 16:54 GMT+1

Hi there,

Thanks for taking the time to report this content to us. While we cannot pre-screen content, we can take action on content that breaches our Terms of Use or Community Guidelines when it is reported to us.

After reviewing this content, we have removed it on the grounds of violating our ToUs and Community Guidelines which state that you should not upload any content that is; abusive, libelous, defamatory, pornographic or obscene, that promotes or incites violence, terrorism, illegal acts, or hatred on the grounds of race, ethnicity, cultural identity, religious belief, disability, gender, identity or sexual orientation, or is otherwise objectionable in SoundCloud’s reasonable discretion;

Violating these terms is something we do not condone. We want SoundCloud to be a community where every user feels safe. So we expect that all of our users abide by our Terms and Guidelines.

We have also extended a warning to this individual about their behaviour.

We hope this helps. Please let us know if you need anything else. Thanks!

Best regards,

SoundCloud Trust & Safety Team

Screenshot from Raniere’s speaks showing the audios have been removed by SoundCloud.


Was the content “abusive, libelous, defamatory, pornographic or obscene, that promotes or incites violence, terrorism, illegal acts, or hatred on the grounds of race, ethnicity, cultural identity, religious belief, disability, gender, identity or sexual orientation”?


But it was “otherwise objectionable in SoundCloud’s reasonable discretion” which means the platform censors at will.

Raniere, as odious as he may be, has the right to protest his innocence and he can do so, in my opinion, until the end of time. I will fight for his right to speak and, just to prove it, since SoundCloud cannot censor me, I am publishing all 10 of his podcasts below.

I don’t agree with much of it. I do agree with some of it. But even if I disagreed with all of it, I will defend his right to say it.

Happily, Frank Report thought to capture the podcasts before they were censored and removed by the Berlin-based group.  They are 10 phone calls Raniere made from prison in Dec. 2019. I am including all the audios, just as they were published on SoundCloud, with the brief introductions provided by his supporters.

Episode 001: Introduction

December 11, 2019

Keith Raniere, founder of NXIVM, breaks his silence after his conviction. He maintains his innocence.

Episode 002: Why Didn’t I Speak Before?

December 15, 2019

Keith Raniere explains why he didn’t speak before, and aspects of how the case was conducted, from his perspective, including RICO.

Episode 003: Expanding on the Hitler Quote

December 15, 2019

Keith Raniere expands on the Hitler example he made in Episode 001: Introduction, clarifying the meaning of it and how it relates to prejudice in the justice system.


Episode 004: Prosecutors and Winning

December 15, 2019

December 15, 2019

Keith Raniere describes his impression of his prosecution and their conduct, and the culture of winning versus the culture of seeking truth.


Episode 005: On Prejudice

December 15, 2019

Keith Raniere describes his situation from the perspective of prejudice, and tackles how a white man of privilege could experience any prejudice at all.

Episode 006: The Forced Labor Charge

December 15, 2019

Keith Raniere addresses his forced labor charge.


Episode 007: Truth, Lies, and Exaggeration

December 17, 2019

Keith Raniere discusses how his case was one of exaggeration upon exaggeration, starting with the bail.

Episode 008: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

December 19, 2019

Keith Raniere addresses the notion that there was this dark aspect of him, lurking behind the scenes, that people did not know about.

Episode 009: More on the Bail

December 19, 2019

Keith Raniere delves deeper into the absurdity of the bails in his case versus the bail in the Weinstein case.

Episode 010: Tip of the Iceberg

December 19, 2019

Keith Raniere talks about how his case relates to some of the widespread issues in the criminal justice system.


In an upcoming post, I will attempt to look at the actual transcripts and see what is so damnably objectionable about what Raniere has to say. Or whether this is censoring the man and not his ideas.

You can read the transcripts currently on RaniereSpeaks.

Is a word one should approach quite cautiously and perhaps not celebrate even when your enemy is silenced.

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Frank Parlato


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  • A group of 270 scientists, doctors, health care workers and professors have signed an open letter slamming Joe Rogan for amplifying misleading claims about the coronavirus pandemic on his wildly popular “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Spotify.

    The group, in the letter released this week, called on Spotify to establish a misinformation policy to moderate the kind of damaging commentary that is sometimes peddled by Rogan and his guests on its platform. Rogan has a “concerning history of broadcasting misinformation, particularly regarding the COVID-19 pandemic,” they wrote.

    Rogan last year admitted he was a “fucking moron” and “not a respected source of information.”


    • Rogan Next-

      I have been a fan of the Joe Rogan show for 8 years. I enjoy it when he has “legitimate” scientists like Neil De Grasse Tyson, MMA fighters, and comedians.

      Rogan, like so many other media personalities, plays the “don’t listen to me I’m a schmuck, all the while taking a stand on something.

      He routinely says, “I’m just a comedian what do I know.” So Joe ain’t so innocent.

      The doctors or anyone else in the UNITED STATES can write an open letter, issue a petition, or start a boycott. Rogan, if he wants, can do similar things.

      Rogan is free to speak publicly, Spotify is a private entity.

      I enjoy the Joe Rogan show and will still listen even though I do not agree with him.

      The First Amendment gives you the right to speak your mind. It does not give you the right to force the media to give you a mouthpiece.

      Nowhere in the First Amendment does it give you the right to demand/force the media or social networks to publish your speech.

  • I love the interruption of the prison bot that reminds you that you’re on the phone with an inmate.

    It ‘squashes’ the tiny ‘vibe’ he still thinks he’s bringing.

    Your WHOLE dynamic is broken, KR.

    Eventually, some roommate will cut your throat for your word salad diet.

    That guy…is…ultimately a victim.

  • Nicki Clyne
    Frank Parlato, who is no friend of Keith’s, but is a staunch free speech advocate, has published the audios on his website:

    · 12. Jan. 2022·Twitter Web App


    Nicki Clyne
    caved to a bunch of Redditors who rallied to get Keith Raniere’s audios removed from the platform. The recordings contained nothing hateful or harmful, but if you are hated enough, it is all too easy to be silenced.
    · 12. Jan. 2022·Twitter Web App


    • SoundCloud “caved” to thei own guidelines.

      They didn’t let cult dead enders get a pass.

    • Frank Parlato is a “staunch free speech advocate”?! ROFLMFAO!!!!!!! 😆😅😂🤣😭

      That’s the best comedy I’ve heard in a long time! This dumb bitch thinks Keith Raniere is the “most ethical man in the world” and now she thinks Frank Parlato is a “staunch free speech advocate”?!

      What next?! Is Ted Bundy going to be the “most merciful man in the world” in her eyes and Jeffrey Dahmer the “most pro-life and ‘staunch’ vegan advocate in the world” too?! She obviously doesn’t around much or she’s fucking mentally retarded! The only thing Frank is a fucking “staunch advocate” about in regards to “free speech”, is being the stingiest piece of shit about it known God and only pretends to give a shit about it when it gets him attention! Frank is a typical A-class RINO!

      Good God! This girl is soooooo FUCKING DUUUUMMMMBBBBBB!!!!!!!!! IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!! 🤢🤮😵

  • I am in favour of free speech. I don’t agree with lots of what KR says but support the publication of what he says and that of anyone else. I think he did vast numbers of things which were wrong as many cults do many of which are hard to pin down and he was probably only prosecuted for about 1% of his wrongs. Even just the serial litigation against his so called enemies/ex girl friends is very very wrong.

  • I didn’t realize SoundCloud was a government entity, Frank. C’mon, you know better than that. They are doing exactly what you do when you pick and choose what comments you want on your blog.

    Also, Nicki tried to bypass the rules using various methods I am not tech-savvy enough to understand – it is explained on theNXIVMcase subreddit. This means she knew that Raniere’s ramblings were against their policy and still tried to do an end-run around these policies. In other words, she deserved to have that material taken down and she knows it.

    What you’re missing Frank is that every time this convicted sex trafficker/child pornographer POS spouts his defamatory lies (also against SoundCloud policy), he is re-victimizing his victims. Nicki is constantly re-victimizing all those who already suffered enough at Raniere’s hands. I can’t wait for the day Twitter kicks her ass off its platform, which is fully within their right to do. Hopefully, this subreddit will deal with that next.

    • Sherizzy wrote:

      “Nicki is constantly re-victimizing all those who already suffered enough at Raniere’s hands. I can’t wait for the day Twitter kicks her ass off its platform, which is fully within their right to do. Hopefully, this subreddit will deal with that next.”

      Another anticult ninnie implementing thought control and information control on people who disagree with the anti-rights agenda of anticultism.

      These people are not good for a free society.


    • You are correct, Sherizzy. Frank has censored my comments, repeatedly.

      And that is his right. It is also SoundCloud’s right.

      This hyperbole furthers the misinformation about what “free speech” actually means.

      • Frank claims to be the free-speech magnate for truth in journalism, and yet he edits tons of comments here. By editing, I mean removing or refusing to post if it does not fit his narrative.

        • Amen! Spoken like a true Patriot!

          This is what happens when we let guidos run websites on American soil! Their inferior genetics can’t handle it!

          Join the fight against Franklin Stalin until he quits his bullshit!

  • Robert Durst, New York real estate scion and suspected spree killer, dies of Covid 19.

    Robert Alan Durst (April 12, 1943 – January 10, 2022) was an American convicted murderer, suspected serial killer, and real-estate heir.[2] He was the son of New York City real-estate magnate Seymour Durst and the elder brother of Douglas Durst, head of the Durst Organization. Robert Durst gained notoriety after the unsolved 1982 disappearance of his wife, Kathleen McCormack; the 2000 murder of his long-time friend Susan Berman, for which he was convicted in September 2021; and the 2001 killing of his neighbor Morris Black, in Galveston, Texas, for which he was acquitted in 2003, although he was convicted of tampering with evidence for dismembering Black and dumping his body parts in Galveston Bay. Durst died on January 10, 2022, at the age of 78.[1]

    At the time of his death, Durst was awaiting trial on a fresh charge, for the murder of his wife Kathie McCormack Durst, 39 years after her disappearance.[3]

    Durst contracted COVID-19 in 2021, which exacerbated other medical conditions. He died of cardiac arrest at the San Joaquin General Hospital in Stockton, California on January 10, 2022, at age 78. He had been undergoing testing at the time.[4] At the time of his death, Durst still remained in the custody of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.[191][192]


    • Hey Frank,

      You want to give a reason why he’s allowed to post “random” and “off-topic” comments like this, meanwhile you refuse to post Patriot God’s and the Colonel’s posts because you accuse them of the same thing or are just going to hide like a pussy by either not responding or just keep yapping about “meds” and projecting onto us of being “black women”?!

      You’re a fucking hypocrite, Frank! And here’s the evidence!

  • Milliseconds I spent upset that Raniere’s recordings were posted: 0

    Milliseconds I spent upset that Soundcloud removed the recordings: 0

    Milliseconds I spent celebrating that Frank has published them: 0

    Milliseconds I spent pissed off that Frank has published them: 0

    Raniere’s constitutional rights that were violated by Soundcloud: 0

    Bowls of popcorn I’ve eaten reading people getting exercised by this: 1

    Minutes I’ve spent pondering why the Discarded DOS Dolls or Keith’s Butt Boys are incapable of publishing their Vanguard’s recordings on their own platform: 1


  • “Anyway, SoundCloud’s not even an American company. It’s a German-based company, and that is why they forbid extremist material.”

    And of course the Germans would never, ever censor extremist material.
    Would they?

    How about three German cops beating up on an elderly woman for walking her dog outdoors sans mask?

    An elderly German woman walking her dog is stopped and questioned by police per COVID regulations. The woman challenges the ethics of these measures, calling them crazy, until officers gang up and arrest her. Is our “safety” worth the collapse of a free and just society?

    Leave it to the Germans to shit all over freedom.

  • What is right for a German based company is different than an American based company.
    Company’s like Facebook and Twitter because they are platforms have very different standards than the Frank Report for posting comments.
    Sound Cloud has a right to allow what content it wants or doesn’t want to post.
    It didn’t want to post what Keith Rainier had to say.
    Frank is OK with posting it, so what is the problem. Frank will make the money off posting it, as he should.
    Maybe he is posting it for free, be the ads for clicks will bring him some cash.
    His gain, Sound Cloud loss.

  • Reddit User “CattBut” is knocking it out of the park in an almost never tolerated debate against the “Incorruptible_BK”, the tribal ninnie who organized her Information Control brigade against the free exchange of ideas.

    So far, all she has left is to call free speech advocates “Boomers”.

    This is anticultism, y’all.



    • Very surprised to read you think something is an example of this thing you call “anti-cultism.”

      Super-duper mega maximally surprised.

      Did I mention that I’m surprised?

      Normally you have a more nuanced analysis.


    • Hi Alonzo!

      CattBut is you, Alonzo, fighting with the tribal ninnies. You’re just calling attention to yourself. You do love attention and complementing your aliases. 😉

      Is CattBut what you call your caboose?

      I bet you a box of RingDings you’re CattBut.

        • If Alanzo would merely behave himself, I wouldn’t need to ridicule and denigrate him.

          Someone did let me know he didn’t receive a promotion. I’m kind of surprised he never put two and two together. No one outside of Scientology could have known. Took you long enough Ex(Alanzo).

          Maybe that’s why you didn’t get the promotion……. 🙂

          • “If Alanzo would merely behave himself, I wouldn’t need to ridicule and denigrate him.”

            Just want to highlight this statement that Chris O’Brien of Arlington, MA has now used to justify spamming the Frank Report with abusive & insane off-topic comments that distract from a discussion of the posts that appear here.

            And the Frank Report moderator still has no problem with it.



          • Hi Everyone!

            I just wanna HIGHLIGHT Alanzo’s whacky hypocrisy:

            —Abusive & insane comments

            Look who is talking. The man who coined the phrase “blind-r****d”

            —Justify spamming

            Says the guy with more sock puppet accounts than there are Muppets™️.
            Alonzo spams more than anyone via his sock puppets.

            —Distract from a discussion

            What discussion? There is no discussion with Alonzo. Alonzo is a broken record. If you don’t agree with Alonzo; he’ll call you either a tribal-ninny, asshole, poopy face,
            anti-cultist, blind-ret**d.

            Rumor has it Alonzo’s sock puppets speak to him…….
            Yep, he’s that crazy. 😉

          • Nice Guy – have you ever considered that if you and Alonzo met you’d probably be friends?

          • “Nice Guy – have you ever considered that if you and Alonzo met, you’d probably be friends?”


          • Nice Guy wrote:

            “Someone did let me know he didn’t receive a promotion.

            Who told you this, Chris?

            I’ve told you that this isn’t true in my case, and it’s not how things work in Scientology. I was public the last 7 years I was in scn, not on staff at all.

            The story you keep telling about me is so bizzare anyone who knows anything about scn can see it’s not true. And anyone who knows me knows it’s not true.

            But you also believe that I use sock puppets. I don’t. Frank has told you this is not the case.

            Have you considered the possibility that what you are saying about me might not be true? If what you are saying about me is not true, and you’ve been saying these things for months now, despite both me and Frank telling you it’s not true, how would you handle that?

            Would you be able to man up and correct yourself, or would that be too much for your ego, having made a fool out of yourself for so long now?

            I’ve never encountered anyone like you online before. Someone is making a fool out of you, and you have no idea it is happening.


          • More Drama with Alanzo & NiceGuy!

            Alonzo says:
            “I’ve never encountered anyone like you online before….”

            I say to Alonzo: Alonzo you have been kicked off more websites than you have fingers and toes.
            Nobody likes you except Nutjob.

            I’ve read comments about you on other websites…. They mirror the comments here, even down to your alleged use of sock puppets.
            Regarding your lack of promotion in Scientology, you already admitted it, on the Frank Report……Now I have to find it? Whatever, dude.

            Stop calling people names, and I’ll stop calling you names. In other words, act like an adult. Be mature. Please!

          • Chris O’Brien wrote:

            Alonzo you have been kicked off more websites than you have fingers and toes. Nobody likes you except Nutjob.

            I respect Nutjob. As a fellow Ex, I have a feeling for what he’s been through and the kinds of things he’s had to face in life. I’m familiar with those things. I respect how he has responded to them.

            I never see you commenting on NXIVM. Were you ever even involved in NXIVM? WTF are you actually doing here?

            I’ve read comments about you on other websites…. They mirror the comments here, even down to your alleged use of sock puppets.

            Accusations are cheap. Scientologists, and those Scientologists who pose as anti-Scientologists, make dozens of accusations constantly. The fact is that I have never used a sock or anonymous account here. That is a fact that Frank has verified. It is the truth. And yet you ignore it and continually accuse me of it while admitting that you use socks constantly here.

            This is crazy behavior. Why are you doing it?

            Regarding your lack of promotion in Scientology, you already admitted it, on the Frank Report……Now I have to find it? Whatever, dude.

            I never admitted anything like that. You either aren’t understanding what you are being told, or what you are reading, or whoever told you this was lying to get you on this crazy fucking crusade of yours.

            Scientologists use people. It’s their specialty. You are being used.

            I have friends who are watching what’s happening here on the Frank Report. They’re other experienced Exes and critics like me who have seen the same crazy accusations and tactics being used on other forums having to do with Scientology. This is the first time they’ve ever seen it done on a forum not related to Scientology. They’re amazed that you are allowing yourself to be used like this without regard to the truth at all. They think you’re crazy, and that’s why you can be used by these people so easily.

            Who told you that I was “passed over for a promotion” and that’s why I “left Scientology”? What is their name, or screen name? What did they say exactly?

            Stop calling people names, and I’ll stop calling you names. In other words, act like an adult. Be mature. Please!

            Yes it is true I call people names. Almost everyone here calls people names. You just don’t see it when others call people names because they are calling NXIVM loyalists names – your ‘enemy’.

            You are blind to that. You only see it when I do it. You only “ridicule and denigrate” me for name-calling – never them. If you have such a problem with name-calling why don’t you run your crazy self-righteous crusade against them too?

            I’m asking you to reflect here, Chris. I know you have it in you because as a songwriter, if you’re any good, you have have to use reflective introspection. But the Chris O’Brien that is “Nice Guy” is not really the best of yourself any more, is it?

            Anyway. Great talk, man. I know you won’t answer any of my questions because your ego would never allow yourself to tell the truth here in public. That’s how they stick you – they get you to do shit that’s so humiliating that, once you realize it, you will never admit to it.


          • To Everyone & Alonzo 11:45

            If you happen to read the following in its entirety, you’re crazier than Alanzo or myself. Seriously. 😉

            Thus the “Alonzo Versus Nice Guy a Modern Love Story” continues…

            We’ve arrived at the Crescendo in our wonderful drama. This is the second Act! It’s here that the antagonist (Alonzo) attempts to vanquish the protagonist (me), by using his evil guile. Tally ho!


            —Would you be able to man up and correct yourself.

            Are you a man? LMAO! You attack women, lesbians, and rape victims. you coward! Not only that, you tremble at the mention of Scientology’s OSA. You’re such a poltroon, 🍒Cherry Boy 🍒.


            —I respect Nutjob.

            I don’t give a rat’s ass, whom you respect. Why bring NutJob into this?


            —I never see you commenting on NXIVM

            Total falsehood. BTW- I haven’t seen you write anything other then, “rape victims and women who were molested by Kieth are any-cultists.” So STFU up YOU RAPE apologist!!!! You sicken me.


            —Accusations are cheap.

            So aren’t your lies.


            —I haven’t used Sock puppets, Frank has verified it. Nana booboo!

            Frank can’t tell if you go to a coffee house or shopping mall. Try again, dummy. Any moron can tell your sock puppets a mile away. How? Cuz no one else would have agreed with you.
            So, nana booboo back to you!


            —This is crazy behavior. Why are you doing it?

            I have always admitted I’m a middle-aged crank. 😉 You, on the other hand, are totally delusional. Sadly, you are unaware how detached from reality you are. On other web forums, you’ve been caught using sock puppets….And everyone, everywhere thinks you’re deranged.


            —This crazy fucking crusade of yours.

            Crusade? That’s quite the joke come from the “crusading cultists’ cultist”. You fight the *sic anticultist and tribalistic ninnies, don’t you remember?


            —Scientologists use people. It’s their specialty.

            All cults do…….Shocking revelation. Wake up from your RingDing®️ stupor.


            —NXIVM loyalists names – your ‘enemy’.

            Congratulations! You’ve got one thing right. I unequivocally hate rapists and pedophile “apologists”, who attack the victims of sex offenders. Wow, I must be a bad guy. Whatever, Miss CattBut.


            —I have friends

            I’ll believe in Flat Earth and unicorns, before I believe that is true…… 😉


            —They think you’re crazy.

            Your multiple personalities think I’m crazy……..

            Is there no end to your loony-ness?

            WTF drugs are you on cuz your doctor needs to increase them.


            Questions for Alanzo:
            Why were you kicked off of all the anti-Scientology web forums?

            What happened to the alleged Scientology, OSA members attacking you, they’ve seemed to all have evaporated at once? Very suspicious.

            The Frank Report took down a cult, why are you so shocked that the vast majority of us are anti-cultist?

            Why do you repeat the “you’re an *sic anticultist and tribal ninny,” schtick all the time? Please share a new perspective. You sound like Amway Johnson with his MLM ridiculousness.

            Why won’t you admit you have a RingDing®️ addiction?

            Why do the DOSsier Project members want nothing to do with you anymore? Boohoo! 😂

            True or false, your superiors at Scientology labeled you as defensive, difficult to work with, argumentative and abrasive? Tell the truth. 😉

            The End

            Reminder, readers, the third and final Act will be coming. It’ll be to die for and it will put to bed Alonzo, the RingDing®️ King!

          • Reminder, readers, the third and final Act will be coming. It’ll be to die for and it will put to bed Alonzo, the RingDing®️ King!

            OK. So it’s pretty clear now that you are almost illiterate, somewhat vicious, and an alcoholic.

            You have no trouble lying about people to attack them personally online – any lie will do for you.

            You also have the support of KR Claviger, the “moderator” here at the Frank Report, in your deranged crusades.

            You should consider, but probably never will, that if you aren’t “Cattbut” or “Ex”, then you are being fooled into thinking I am those accounts.

            It’s amazing that Frank and KR Claviger allow this, even push it. But they sure do, don’t they?


          • What are your moderating rules on your website, Alanzo? Oh…that’s right, except for yourself, you don’t have any commenters.

          • True or false, your superiors at Scientology labeled you as defensive, difficult to work with, argumentative and abrasive? Tell the truth.

            So now it’s changed from “you were passed over for a promotion, that’s why you left” to “you were difficult to work with”.

            And you still won’t say who told you this. You are protecting someone who is manipulating you.

            What’s hilarious is this last lie about me actually describes every Scientology staff member on the planet! LMFAO.

            You are being played, dumbass.

            And this morning you have a raging hangover, you’re still illiterate, you still don’t know what you’re talking about, and your music career is still a failure.

            Dude. Make an appointment with someone. I hear Karen de la Carriere has some Scientology auditing slots open.


          • To Everyone & Alanzo,

            This is not Act III of the Alonzo & Nice Guy Love Story”. It’s simply a small diversion. 😉

            Alonzo 1/18, 8:40am,

            Alonzo, I don’t have time to address everything in your last two comments. It’s coming…. You can bank on it.

            I will address one:

            Who are my sources?
            What does it matter? Clearly, I’ve struck a nerve…. Therefore, by standard deduction, there is an element of fact/truth in my words. If I said you were purple, you would’ve chuckled and said that is ridiculous. I guess you’re purple. 🍆

            “It’s all so elementary my dear”, Alonzo.


      • Nice Guy represents all of us quiet readers (infrequent comment types) who can’t stand seeing the words Tribal Ninnies Anti cultists etc etc etc bla bla bla…..those words are as revolting to read over and over again, as Scott Johnson’s incessant LOLs of yore. If Alanzo could possibly find it in his heart ❣to share his thoughts but use different words….it would be greatly appreciated.

        • Thank you for this civil request.

          We will put your request in the Suggestion Box which is dredged clean every year for our Annual Review held at the prestigious headquarters of The Alanzo Institute.

          Set atop a high mountain ridge overlooking a vast cornfield below, the Alanzo Institute serves many people from all walks of life.

          We realize that you have a choice in who to read for your criticism of AntiCults, and we sure do appreciate your business.


    • Hi Miss CattBut,
      Cattbut is a splendid name, indeed.
      I ❤️ pussy……cats. Meow, meow. 😻 I want to pet your pussy….cat. Grrrr!
      I don’t know about, “knocking it out of the park,” but we can go to home base. Mmh?!?!?

    • Thank you for standing up for objective truth in the face of such tribal hatred, Alanzo. You are one of the few reasons I still read this website.

    • @Alanzo, Yes. Cattbut made great arguments. You’d be better-off learning from him. He didn’t resort to name calling or anything of the sort or get upset, as you tend to.

  • Oh wow! You’ll call people from sound cloud who remove a pathologically lying and degenerate narcissistic Jew and guido half-breed who abused HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS people, Keith Raniere who has no legitimate rights in this country, “anti-free speech, self-appointed censors”!

    Meanwhile, you ban Patriot God and his crew who are all white anglo-saxons who all have every single right of free speech in this country and ban him for the truth about what our founding fathers wanted and discussing the consequences for it, like the hypocritical fraud that you are!

    You’ll fight for the imaginary “rights” of a psychotic malignant narcissist foreigner paper-falsely-so-called “American” who is POINT BLANK GUILTY OF HIS CRIMES as a priority, before you will even begin to fight for the genuine rights of a white anglo-saxons whose ancestors built this country and have EVERY SINGLE RIGHT AND PRIORITY TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION BEFORE ANY OTHER RACE! This really says a lot about your character, Frank!

    Thanks for sharing!

    This is what’s happening in our country ladies and gentlemen! This is what happens when you let a mentally arrested, mentally incompetent, gorilla-faced, fat-fuck, guido-nigger run websites in our country! HYPOCRITICAL INJUSTICE!!!!!

    WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!

    • Are you arguing for or against free speech? I understand you believe that only “all white” people should have free speech, and not “gorilla-faced, fat-fuck, guido-niggers” like myself, but as you know, Patriot, you were born a Black female and while you are free to transgender to male, as I understand from your unhappy parents that you are doing, I do not think you can transrace into being White – although I am open to transracialism on the same grounds as transsexualism.

      Are you now claiming to be White?

      • Oh my God, Frank!

        Can you actually give a straight response to somebody when they’re confronting you instead of this immature cowardly shit!

        Nobody thinks you’re funny!

        You just sound like a repetitive dumbass!

        Grow up, Frank!

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            This latest iteration of yourself…is not lucid, communicative, or remotely sane.

            Whatever happened to the guy, who could push the buttons of grown adults, and make them explode in fits of rage……🧐

            You’ve fallen off your perch and lost your game, my poor chap. 🦜

            Listen to Dr. Parlato and take your pills. 💊

      • Considering the possibility that “Patriot God Fan” is yet another sockpuppet of Chris O’Brien’s.

        No. Chris is not smart enough to be Patriot God Fan.

        Never mind….


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          Tread lightly, you stupid donkey!


        • I’m really concerned how much Frank pretends to care about free speech so much for attention but on his own website he’s more of fucking tyrant than all other social media outlets!

          He constantly controls and monitors free speech on here and will even refuse to post other people’s comments if he doesn’t like them! This guys is an abomination to free speech! If you really don’t like what somebody has to say, the best way is to expose it out in the open and let it be conquered over a battle of intelligence not hide it like a scared little pussy!

          I really think he needs to be exposed for the two-faced fraud that he is! This is pure point blank pathological lying right here! Here’s even more of a conspicuous fraud than Keith Raniere is!

          Now that Keith The con artist has been dealt with now we have another con artist to deal with….. The fucking guy who helped put him into prison and sued the living shit out of! Now we need to get this asshole to join him in prison and all of his bombardment of lawsuits!

          Boy oh boy! Do we live in a fucking twilight zone today or what?!……. You can’t even write a better fucking movie script than this bullshit right here!!!!!

  • I don’t agree with online censorship and I commend Frank for making these (wacky, stupid, laughable) Raniere recordings.

    I also want to point out that these recordings did violate SoundCloud’s terms of service. Specifically, content that:

    “promotes… illegal acts, or hatred on the grounds of race…”

    Raniere is openly racist in his loony rant, claiming he was targeted because he’s a white man. Seems he’s channeling the Aryan Brotherhood now that he’s in prison. Also, since he’s defending his criminal behavior, he’s basically promoting illegal acts.

    Raniere’s whiny rambling audio recording is a kind of childish Mein Kampf. Not really all that surprising it got censored.

    Again, I dislike corporate censorship. I think SoundCloud’s terms of service are overly broad and restrictive. But that’s a separate issue.

  • I read that happened. Seems the NXIVM Reddit group semi-organized to do it. Doubt Soundcloud actually reviewed the recordings since random babblings of a dumbass don’t actually violate their TOS but a lot of this stuff is automated so if enough keywords at enough volume in a sufficient amount of time are received, it would likely be automatically removed. Clyne should have got an email about it and might be able to contest it.

    Babblings or not, they are not inciting violence, not encouraging committing crimes, harming others or children. Like him or not, Raniere has a right to speak his thoughts. Just like I have the right to not bother listening to the recordings. So good job Frank for posting these. Guess useful for posterity or something. Cult researchers and future documentarians will likely find it useful to have them available.

    • Erasend wrote:

      “Babblings or not, they are not inciting violence, not encouraging committing crimes, harming others or children. Like him or not, Raniere has a right to speak his thoughts. Just like I have the right to not bother listening to the recordings. So good job Frank for posting these. “

      I agree completely.

      One of the reasons I am so critical of anticultists these days – after being one for over a decade – is that this kind of anti-freedom, anti rights behavior that these Reddit anticultists engaged in is NOT uncommon.

      This is the behavior of cults like Scientology. It is the reason I left Scientology to expose their abuse and criminality 22 years ago.

      The next step for these reddit anticult ninnies will be to try to ‘fair game’ Frank.

      Just watch. Seen it and lived it for the last 8 years, ever since I began exposing this behavior in ‘antiscientology’.

      AntiCults become an extreme mirror-image of Cults.

      The antidote to both is a recognition and enforcement of civil rights.


      • It’s not anyone’s, “right” to dictate how a private business runs.

        That’s infringing on their rights, actually.

        • It is some people’s right if they represent State and/or law institutions. We’re not in the savanna here, “Anonymous”!

          Your compass has broken down and you stumbled outside some animal reserve!

          It’s best for you to do a U-turn and reenter that perimeter. You’ll avoid a lot of disappointment!

        • This isn’t about SoundCloud. For the 4rth time, a private business has every right to run its business they it sees fit. The issue was never about SoundCloud.

          The issue is about the anti-rights behavior of anticultists. In this case, the anti-rights anticultists in the TheNXIVMCase subreddit.

          Is that clear to you now?

          Or do I need to explain it a 5th time?


  • I agree with Sound Cloud.

    No way I’d listen to Raniere’s BS.

    He has nothing to say that is worth listening to.

    Full of hot air and justifies his behavior with “It wasn’t me, I’m just misunderstood and poor me” BS.

    I’d rather pour gas on myself and light a match than give Raniere a second of my time.

    Go Sound Cloud!

  • Frank, you are doing God’s work!!

    Is there any way you can provide us with a link to download the podcast, please?

  • Free speech has nothing to do with private companies, or even individuals, addressing speech – it refers to government policing of language. Anyway, SoundCloud’s not even an American company. It’s a German-based company, and that is why they forbid extremist material.

    • But you’re talking about the First Amendment rather than the more general societal concept of free speech. SoundCloud didn’t violate KR’s First Amendment rights by removing his recordings, but I do think removing them was antithetical to the concept of free speech, under which the best way to deal with his objectionable ideas is to have them out in the open, where they can be mocked as deserved.

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