Alanzo Defends Dr. Danielle Roberts in Her Quest to Get Medical License Back

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield  has a lot to say on many topics. Here are some of his comments on Dr. Danielle Roberts’ right to fight to win back her medical license. These thoughts came from various comments he made with slight editing and arranging by topic.

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Mr. Allen Alanzo Stanfield

By Allen ‘Alanzo’ Stanfield

I applaud the Frank Report for giving Dr. Danielle Roberts a voice here. I support her in taking every avenue to rectify whatever injustice she can.  Members of minorities have rights against mainstream persecution, and it is in all of our interests to support those rights.

If we allow mainstream persecution to ruin the careers and livelihoods of innocent people, simply because they do something that is completely legal, but not mainstream, you could very well be next.

She’s defending herself, her rights, and her livelihood against an onslaught of mainstream conformity waged by tribal ninnies.

Dr. Danielle Roberts

We’re talking about a highly educated, highly disciplined, highly accomplished human being here. Most here on the Frank Report are dehumanizing her, and placing their reductive projections of what they think NXIVM is onto her.

She Wasn’t Branding as a Physician

Dr. Roberts wasn’t operating in a medical setting at all. No one, physician or non-physician, operates in a medical setting when they perform branding. No one came to her to be cured of anything or to treat an illness.

By contrast, I know of a surgeon in California who performed surgery in a hospital on a patient. The patient developed complications after the surgery, but the surgeon didn’t want to pay the hospital fees for follow up corrective surgery. So he performed surgery on her on his kitchen table.

His patient died of sepsis.

He was sued for malpractice and lost. He did not lose his license to perform surgery. In fact, the California state medical board hid his history of malpractice from the public.

Contrast this with what they did to Dr. Roberts, and you’ll see that the element of CULTS was the motivating factor in taking action against her.

It’s OK to Brand If It’s a Fraternity

Here’s an article in a fraternity magazine on how and why to conduct branding ceremonies in your local chapter.

Do some of their members act as “wing men”, helping their leaders, and each other, get laid? Do the pitchers of beer these wingmen earn in return constitute commercial sex trafficking?

Do any of these fraternity members have multiple sex partners?

Will the feds go after them with a RICO prosecution in a government show trial, complete with allowing evidence that has a broken chain of custody, articles in the New York Times, followed by multiple documentaries on Showtime and HBO?

Come on. People are being emotionally manipulated to engage in a moral panic, and the result is that they hand the government more power to violate all of our rights to live the lives we choose.

How many of those fraternity members are physicians, though? No one here seems to apply the medical board of the State of New York standards to them.

Why not?

Withheld Info About Brand

As reported here on the Frank Report, is this testimony in her hearings with the NYS medical board:

“Roberts knew the symbol included KAR to represent Keith Raniere’s initials as one of its meanings. Roberts said she did not disclose it to the women because she believed it wasn’t her role to do so, and believed they may have already been told by their DOS masters, as she was. She says she was not the lead in the organization and her role was branding technician in an initiation ceremony.

Edmondson Had a Legit Beef About Not Being Informed

The point about not being informed of the meaning of the brand [that it was Keith Raniere’s initials] is a valid point, which I acknowledged when I spoke about Sarah Edmonson’s wholly justified participation in SuperStar Neil’s BigPayDay® Lawsuit.

Super lawyer Neil Glazer does have a lawsuit or rather 81 lawsuits against some 11 NXIVM defendants.

Sarah Edmondson filed the original complaint against Dr. Danielle RobertsSarah Edmonson went to the New York Times and commercially published a book about this branding ceremony.

Taking a Differing View Is Not Abusing Anyone

She is not the only one who has a right to comment on it, especially since she herself made this branding ceremony very very public and has benefited commercially from doing so.

Those people who had careers and lives which were harmed by Sarah Edmonson’s commercial media blitz have a right to discuss it, too, from their side.

The characterization of the purpose of commenting on Sarah’s branding ceremony as solely existing to “discredit” Sarah Edmonson is false. Everyone has the right to discuss this, especially Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Any attempt to make any other opinion or experience other than Sarah Edmonson’s seem abusive, or even criminal, is illegitimate.

I see the fact that the brand was not disclosed to her as Raniere’s initials as the whole problem here, legally. And I commented on that, too.

Was that an attempt to discredit Sarah Edmonson?

Why or why not?

Did Edmondson Weep Throughout the Branding Ceremony?

According to the New York Times, Sarah Edmondson told them of her branding experience, “I wept the whole time. I disassociated out of my body.”

The New York Times reported that Edmonson told them that she ‘wept the whole time’ during her branding ceremony. The edited version I saw on Twitter showed no weeping.

So, if I saw a video – even an edited one –  that showed many minutes of Edmonson not weeping, I judge that to mean she didn’t weep the whole time.

Dr. Roberts is telling the truth: Edmonson did not ‘weep the whole time’, as she told the New York Times.

But Edmonson told me she was not told she would be branded with Raniere’s initials. She told me she would never have agreed to that. I believe her.

To me, this makes Edmondson’s participation in SuperStar Neil Glazer’s BigPayDay Lawsuit® fully valid.

That’s the full-on, nuanced, non tribal, messy truth.

And it ain’t for ninnies.

Brainwashing is very real and very dangerous as this image proves


The Dossier Project women wrote, “Despite extensive testimony during Dr. Roberts’ license revocation hearing – from women who either received the brand or were about to receive the brand from Dr. Roberts, who said they were not her patients and never once considered Dr. Roberts to be acting as a physician, the panel of three judges chose to side with the one woman [Edmondson] who launched the complaint and claimed the opposite. It is our belief that the board members succumbed to media and political pressure to choose the popular side of a salacious narrative over doing what is ethical and right within the purview of their authority.”

Is this evidence of yet another governing body that believes in “cult brainwashing”?

Let me guess, the one witness they sided with, Sarah Edmondson, had anticult deprogramming, and the multiple others hadn’t. Those others who gave factual testimony about their own experience were considered by the panel to be brainwashed sex slaves, only 3/5ths human.

I tell you, anticult deprogrammers should start their own cult.

They can sell their services to people who are about to engage in some kind of court case or judicial review:

“Deprogramming makes you more understandable to a jury and YOU WIN EVERY TIME!!!”

Keith Raniere is caught on camera brainwashing three of his followers’ brains.

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  • Alsnzo is probably disappointed that he missed the boat and never got the chance to join NXIVM. It really seems that he would have liked it.

  • Alanzo finally earned a little bitty flirt from a Discarded DOS Doll!

    They are really scraping the bottom on the barrel in who they can find to white knight for their Cultie Crones Circle.

    Bet he’s still not getting any used panties in the mail.

    November 12, 2021 at 9:32 pm

    Your handsome Alonzo


    I want to save Nice Guy a little time by stating for the record to Nutjob that I am not Nice Guy.

    Unless I am Nice Guy trying to mess with Nutjob.

    • That is so awesome. As soon as I saw the post by hunting, I knew your panties would be ablaze. What again, is your interest in Frank Report?

      • As always, we are in your head, Nutjob.

        Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris. You and I will always have the Frank Report.

        Alanzo will never have any Discarded DOS Doll panties to sniff.


          • I’m here for the colorful cast of characters, like a seemingly hetero guy who fantasizes about working as a male gigolo–being paid by another man in Clearwater FL to receive fellatio.

            An oddly specific fantasy.

            Why are you on Frank Report?

            Still trying to work through the post-NXIVM trauma?

            Did Keith manipulate you into any homoerotic encounters, if only a circle jerk?

          • Anonymous 1:14pm,

            –A seemingly hetero guy who fantasizes about working as a male gigolo–being paid by another.

            Are you Scott Johnson, the same Scott Johnson who patronizes women of the night who possess Adam’s Apples? We miss you, Amway, and your radio show.

          • Nutjob, don’t let Allen get your goat. He’s got all the time in the world to constantly run back and forth playing both sides of the net.

            On this page alone he is: Not Nice At All, Not Even a Little; OSA Agent #666,;OSA Agent #667; FMN; Man_Gina; Who Is; huntingpeople2; Question for huntingpeople2; Alanzo’s Christmas stocking; (posting as Anonymous); Abelard; plus plain old Anonymous.

            Maybe, There’s A Better Way!? But that’s very different from his usual style.

            Basically, over half of the comments section of the Frank Report is Allen talking to himself. Considering how many times Frank turns Allen and his sock puppets into posts, this is basically Alanzo’s Blog Part 2.

          • The problem with your act is you lie. Let me rephrase – all you do is lie. Not sure if you get away with that in your other online stalking sites you frequent? Maybe spend a few months reading up on old FR articles and then your lying won’t be so blatant. Don’t shoot the messenger, Junior.

          • Yes, Nutjob, you figured out who I am.

            Just hanging out with with Toni Ortega and Mike Rindare.


          • NutJob-

            Rick and Ilsa will always have Paris.”
            Male ….Gigolo….fantasy…..

            I guess Bogart’s famous line,
            “Here’s mud in your eyes”, has a completely different connotation for you.

          • Geez Louise, it feels so awkward on the Frank Report at this moment. I feel like there’s so much friction and tension in the air. I’m a great relationship coach!
            Unrequited Love! ❤️

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          • It’s you speaking to NutJob. A female.

            Originally I thought you were Natashka, possibly Klaviger, The Shalom thing is a little off, I am guessing you are as they say in Yiddish shiksa. However, everyone knows after New York Florida is the next…
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            You are not Village Diane, she doesn’t have much in the way of a sense of humor so you’re definitely not her.

            I dated a Jewish girl on the Island. It’s kind of funny jewish women marry Jewish men and jewish men marry goy or Chinese women. Go figure. I know roughly 20 Yiddish words.

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          • —Jewish girls are usually smart, but too bossy for my taste most of the time.

            That’s a stereotype and oddly enough my exes fit the bill. I like bossy and smart. I need it. She’s Sicilian.

            —The advantage to being a lesbian is that when I’m your age I won’t need to get a Viagra script. My dildos are hard 24/7/365.

            Geez. Hadn’t thought of that angle. I thought standard dildos were passé with women, it’s all massagers. At least in my home it is. 😉 I guess you’re not NutJob’s ex.

            If you have an aunt Rose I’ll believe your Jewish.

            Otherwise, you can catch me drinking at Flan O’Brians.

      • His interest is to destroy the conversation on the Frank Report and blame it on me to try to get me banned. He’s been doing this for almost 10 years. I’ve spoken to three people who he has recruited on other such projects in the past who contacted me to apologize.

        He is a creep of the first order.


  • Hi Alanzo, thanks for sharing. A question. If Raniere deprogrammed someone from a cult, does that make him an anti-cultist?

    • You keep asking and he will never answer, because for him to be honest would mess up the pity party he is throwing for Keith and his culties.

  • FYI to everyone commenting – if you play nicely with Alanzo, his Scientologist stalkers don’t like it and they attack you. See below.
    Do what you want with this.

    BTW, to the FR editors, if the Scientologists attack us and it is printed – shouldn’t we get a little redaction leeway if we choose not to ignore them?

    • Yes, if you are attacked the redactions will not be applied when you defend — and as L. Ron Hubbard observed – “whenever you are attacked don’t spend much time defending yourself. Spend 75 percent of the time attacking the attacker and you’ll never lose.” Go ahead and attack.

    • Aaaaaw, Nutjob, did you get your feewings hurted and Frank wouldn’t post your witty comeback?

      Let me guess… did you question my penis size? Or imply that I’m a homo? Or that I’m a virgin. Something really creative like that? Dude, that makes me CRY! Don’t be so mean.

      Frank, don’t censor anything. If you’ll let the n-bomb get dropped on here with impunity, why censor anything?

      The crazy shit-show of the comments section is what makes this such a great website.

      Bring on Nutjob’s epics burns! He now thinks the only people irritated with the nonsense posted by him, Alanzo and other cult apologists are OSA. Please give his paranoia free rein.

      Hail, Xenu!

      BTW, the End Phenomenon of OTVIII is the realization that the reactive mind mocking up the world is itself a mock-up. That’s right, the big reveal is that the way you saw the world before you spent your millions to achieve OT VIII was right: i.e. the jokes on you!

      Sorry/not sorry if I’ve ruined the day for all their $scios on here and they are going to have to spend $$$$ getting sec checked for having read that.

        • These guys are fucking creeps, Nutjob.

          The guy that most of them work for is a creepy private investigator who plays both sides. I’m documenting his harassment of me to get his PI license pulled. I also hope to document his connection to the Church of Scientology and any criminal activity he’s engaged in to get him put away.

          I’m soon putting up a Patreon page to get donations to hire private investigators to accomplish this.

          It’s entertaining seeing you and Frank go after these creeps, but believe me, it will only drive you crazy.


          • What’s creepy is you, Allen, carefully taking over the screen name of a long-time commenter who hadn’t secured it with a password.

          • I wondered how long it would be before Allen Stanfield put his hand out for donations.

            And now there’s a mysterious “PI” with no evidence provided.

            Don’t worry, Allen promises he’ll release the evidence… after his fund-raising target gets met.

            Who’s dumb enough to fall for that scam?

          • Hi Alonzo!

            When you’re seat sniffing on busses; do find yoga or wool pants produce a better aroma? Personally, I like denim, it has a good bouquet with hints of nutmeg, cappuccino, and blue cheese.

            Any tips on how to cleanse the pallet, sorta speak?

          • Alonzo-

            I’m a man and you’re a man. No one can truly hurt a man. They can kill me they can attack me, but they can never break my will or spirit.

            No one can ever truly harm a man unless they go after his family.

            Stop being so fearful and acting so childish. So what if they are harassing you online.

            “When you’re in a fight or a battle, never imagine what the other guys are going to do to you; you imagine what you’re going to do them.”
            …..And you’ll never no fear of other men again.

            “They can conquer who believe they can.”

  • Alamzo:

    I have been pondering the California doctor analogy.

    He acted negligently, hence the malpractice.

    Dr. Roberts acted (allegedly) intentionally, as part of a larger enterprise, hence the RICO.

    Negligent conduct vs. Intentional conduct.

    I agree 100% she is probably ( I don’t know her personally, and, thus, have no opinion) an amazing doctor and amazing person.

    If she had divested herself of her Vanguard on the record, disclosed the location of the collateral, etc, maybe she could have beaten this.

    But she didn’t do that. She stood defiantly.

    An amazing Dr with amazing defiance. One had to go. The Board couldn’t strip her of her defiance, so they stripped her of her license.

    The defiance is still there….?

    The question to ask moving forward, assuming she loses her appeal: Does she still have the energy, talent and brains to change lives?

    The answer to that is “Yes”!

    Dr. Phil stopped renewing his license in 2006 and came back bigger, faster, stronger.

    She can do the same.

    Lick your wounds, pick yourself up, and take on the world.

    But lose the tag NXIVM. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Great points, FMN.

      So refreshing to see unique and original points being made that don’t fit the inane anticult bullshet.

      It would be really great is if she didn’t have to hide her cultural affiliations to have a career in our supposed free society.


      • What needs to be acknowledged is that people make mistakes. We all do. And when we do, we tend to hang our heads in shame and feel the need to jump off bridges. This is akin to “slut shaming” and revenge porn. Evil ways to destroy women.

        Societal shaming is horrible.

        But for some reason, people like, well, politicians get shamed all the time, and just brush it off.

        She can do this, too. Reinvent herself.

        But in my humble, humble opinion, this WAS a cult, and no one can progress forward until that is acknowledged and dealt with.

        Until it’s dealt with, followers remain harem members of a defunct organization. And harem members are stuck in a downward trajectory until they figure it out for themselves. When the rest of the world sees a cult, and a small family of sex partners don’t, one of the two groups–the world, or the harem–needs to look in the mirror to see if perhaps their judgment is skewered.

        That process is awareness, healing, redemption, reinvention.

        She can do this.

        • Yeah, people make mistakes.

          Some people run up $55K in credit card debt, so they have to declare bankruptcy.

          Some people rape and murder scores of women.

          Some people brand multiple women with the initials of a psychopathic cult leader and facilitate the sexual abuse of minors.

          Some people drop a glass and break it.

          All pretty much the same in the overall scheme of things.

          Thanks for you wisdom, FMN.

          • Who is —

            Know why people run up $55000 in credit card debt?

            Because a lot of the credit industry is made up of predators. One company even gives out three cards at a time, knowing a default on one is a default on three, tripling their late fees.

            Car dealers?

            Don’t go there.

            Predatory lending in 2008?

            Know where they teach consumers this stuff?

            No where.

            Know who writes the business curriculum in schools?


            The system is stacked against the average Joe.

            Dr Roberts effed up, we get it. So did Cuomo, Trump, Biden, Spitzer, Kennedy — the biggest scuz of all.

            Yeah, she effed up. Pull a Cuomo, Spitzer, Biden and more and move on.

            But no reason to keep crapping all over her.

            Yup. Effed up. But I bet you have a skeleton in your closet, too.

          • FMN, you are, to use your words, crapping on people for crapping on people.

            Therein lies the narcissism of faux-tolerance that wants to cast all forms of discernment as illegitimate.

            The implication is that you and you alone are the arbiter of right and wrong. This is exactly what Keith thinks of himself.

            Are you a former or current NXIAN?

        • I’m going to challenge some of the assumptions in your comment, FMN.

          I hope you don’t mind.

          ” When the rest of the world sees a cult, and a small family of sex partners don’t, one of the two groups–the world, or the harem–needs to look in the mirror to see if perhaps their judgment is skewered.”

          “The rest of the world” is not actually the rest of the world. It’s a particular culture: US mainstream culture.

          For instance, the Hare Krishnas are straight-up Hindus, with 1.35 billion adherents, 4 times bigger than the population of the entire US. Hare Krishnas, or the Society for Krishna Consciousness, study and promote the Bhagavad Gita, one of the principle texts of Hinduism, and one of the most enlightened spiritual scriptures ever written.

          Have you read it?

          Here in the US, Hare Krishnas dress funny, eat funny, chant and behave in ways North American society deems a “cult”.

          So it isn’t “the rest of the world” who thinks Hare Krishnas are a cult. It’s North American society, which is dominated by Jews and Christians, mostly, who believe that there are, per their teachings, “false prophets” who lead you away from their Gods, such a Yahweh and Jesus. Because of this, they target Hare Krishnas as a “cult”.

          And so you use the term “harem” to describe Dr. Danielle Roberts, which is a term from from Islam from their practice of polygamy. Islam comprises 1.9 billion adherents, 6 times the population of the united states. But was Dr Roberts actually part of a harem, or has your culture only presented her that way?

          Your conclusion that Dr Roberts ‘needs to look into the mirror’ is based on assumptions that US society is somehow world society, and when a member of a minority subculture like NXIVM is faced with US mainstream persecution, as Dr Roberts has been, what you ask her to do is impossible.

          Remember, our culture is supposed to be a free society. That moral value CAN be assigned to our culture. That is a yardstick or a standard, that can be used to criticize the actions of people and institutions in our culture when they fall short of it.

          And in this case, what was done to Dr Danielle Roberts, because we pretend to espouse freedom in our culture, was completely condemnable.

          And because you believe that “the world” is only mainstream US culture, you are missing this incredibly vital point if we wish to uphold freedom in our society, as so many of us pretend we do.


    • Anonymous, nope, not a NXIAN.

      Also not an arbiter of right or wrong. I agree with the jury verdict, and I agree with the Board decision.

      But I don’t think its right to constantly ridicule and shame.

      • FMN, you can’t keep a consistent thought in your head for even five seconds.

        First you write that you are “not an arbiter of right or wrong” and two sentence later “I don’t think its right to constantly ridicule and shame.”

        Re-read what you wrote repeatedly until you grasp the contradiction.

        My problem is with your fuzzy-headed pop psychology fake compassion.

        Judgement is a part of life. Period. You judge. I judge. Everyone judges. Someone of admit it. Others, like you like to pretend you don’t while judging other people.

        • Wrong anonymous. An arbiter of right and wrong is an ethics board or court proceeding. Not me.

          But when someone ends up in either one of those, their lives are destroyed. And we cast so much shame, it becomes impossible to recover.

          A company won’t even hire someone with a bad credit report!

          Abused women are thrown into jail to have their kids raised on the street.

          People make mistakes. We, as a society, kick them when they’re down.

          Our system is punitive, and the punishment lasts far longer than the sentence.

          Germany doesn’t do this, neither do many countries.

          They rehabilitate. We stone.

  • Are you trying hormone replacement therapy?

    At first I though you were an Alanzo sock puppet, but now it is clear you are going through menopause and really pissed off that you just don’t turn men’s heads like you did decades ago.

    The divergence in sexual market value between men and women as they age is a bitch, isn’t it?

    The more attractive a woman in her youth, the harder the blow of menopause.

    Such is life. Poo-tee-weet.

    • To answer your question, that’s a negative. However, it’s very thoughtful of you to spend your valuable time trying to decipher my gender.

      I’m sorry you feel that way. I think each segment of life has merit to it, regardless of age or gender.

      I’m not sure why you feel that way – is it because I said: “many people live to their 90s and if they pursue health and take care of themselves,” they need not feel decrepit and sick?

      Maybe, if you get some sleep (2:45 am), you’ll feel better in the mornings.

      Blessings on your day…

      • Past that point, eh?

        You NXIVM narcissists are hilarious. You assume everyone is the world lives in your time zone.

        You should get out more. Are you afraid of being recognized and having everyone whispering about the old woman with the crotch brand?

        • I’m glad I was able to provide your cynical nature some humor.

          Your assumption of a NX connection is humorous to me, as well.

          I don’t even have a tattoo but that’s my preference, maybe one day I’ll choose to get one.

          Meantime think I’ll listen to Reba Macintyre’s “Let’s give them something to talk about”

          Gotta go…Carpe Diem and all that…

          • I think you’ve got your red-haired female singers mixed up. That song was written by Canadian singer-songwriter Shirley Eikhard and recorded by Bonnie Raitt sometime around 1991 or so (I saw her in concert when she debuted that song).

          • Reba and Bonnie are easily confused. Oddly enough, the real reason I went to the Bonnie Raitt concert is because I wanted to see her opening act, J.J. Cale.

  • This post proves that Alanzo can actually do something other than smear young victims of cult sexual abuse.


  • Part of the issue with her case is HER. She doesn’t see it as a cult, She didn’t answer questions straightforward, and she stupidly branded women with a man’s initials for life without disclosing that fact.

    One DOESN’T do that. When an ethics board asks you a question, you ANSWER it.

    Her view of her situation seems to be a distorted view not of a doctor who took the hippocratic Oath, but that of a cult harem member.

    Are her comments to the board that of an independent physician grounded in reason?

    Or are they that of a defiant cult member?

    • — She stupidly branded women with a man’s initials for life without disclosing that fact.

      Excellent point! This fact alone is why no one should believe a word Danielle Roberts says.

      Danielle Roberts lied to people, she claimed were her best friends, “like family”.
      If this is the way she treats “family” no wonder none of her real family has defended her.

      Danielle why hasn’t anyone from your family publicly defended you?

  • 1. Why do you spell your name in different ways? Alanzo, Allenzo, Alzo. Just pick one dude.

    2. Anti-cultism. Tribalism. Deprogramming. Are you getting paid by the word for those?

    3. Nothing says credibility like a swastika on your book shelf.

    4. Plato and Socrates, you are so smart! But where’s Torquemada?

    5. “ Any attempt to make any other opinion or experience other than Sarah Edmonson’s seem abusive, or even criminal, is illegitimate.” – dude you are a horrible writer. Wtf does that even mean?

    • When I can’t remember how to spell it, I think about how Karen pronounces it.
      You’re welcome

    • — Why do you spell your name in different ways? Alanzo, Allenzo, Alzo. Just pick one dude.

      What’d ya mean why? He’s an azzole.

      —Anti-cultism. Tribalism. Deprogramming. Are you getting paid by the word for those?

      No! Alonzo cuts and pastes everything. However, he does get paid to stock the shelves at 7-Eleven.

      —Nothing says credibility like a swastika on your book shelf.

      FYI: The Nazi’s swastika is actually a *Hindu spiritual symbol, meaning good luck. Not too lucky for Anne Frank…..
      “One dead kid…And you cult haters, hate Nazis.” -Alanzo

      —Plato and Socrates, you are so smart! But where’s Torquemada?

      Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! Alaznzo has moved on from Torquemada to
      Jim Jones. Gotta love death-cults!

      —“Any attempt to make any other opinion or experience other than Sarah Edmonson’s seem abusive, or even criminal, is illegitimate.” –
      you are a horrible writer. Wtf does that even mean?

      Just like the homeless guy, at the 86th Street, Subway Station, in Brooklyn; Alanzo doesn’t know WTF Alanzo is talking about either.

      * Swastika explanation:


    • — Why do you spell your name in different ways? Alanzo, Allenzo, Alzo. Just pick one dude.

      What’d ya mean why? He’s an azzole.

      —Anti-cultism. Tribalism. Deprogramming. Are you getting paid by the word for those?

      No! Alonzo cuts and pastes everything. However, he does get paid to stock the shelves at 7-Eleven.

      —Nothing says credibility like a swastika on your book shelf.

      FYI: The Nazi’s swastika is actually a *Hindu spiritual symbol, meaning good luck. Not too lucky for Anne Frank…..
      “One dead kid…And you cult haters, hate Nazis.” -Alanzo

      —Plato and Socrates, you are so smart! But where’s Torquemada?

      Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! Alaznzo has moved on from Torquemada to
      Jim Jones. Gotta love death-cults!

      —“Any attempt to make any other opinion or experience other than Sarah Edmonson’s seem abusive, or even criminal, is illegitimate.” –
      you are a horrible writer. Wtf does that even mean?

      Just like the homeless guy, at the 86th Street, Subway Station, in Brooklyn; Alanzo doesn’t know WTF Alanzo is talking about either.

      * Swastika explanation:


    • 1. No.

      2. Yes. The billionaires Clare and Dave pay me extra for those. But the term I really bring home the bacon on is “tribal ninnie”. It’s a great day whenever I manage to work that one in.

      3. Here’s the book with the swastika on it. It’s really good. It’s called The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer.

      If you hurry, you can get through it this weekend.

      4. Up yer butt. Can’t you feel his hand making your gums flap?

      5. Yes. That’s a horrible sentence. I suffer from a lot of those. But at least you suffer too.

      • —Can’t you feel his hand making your gums flap?

        Can you feel your gums flap when you fart?

        …….Cuz your head so far up your ass.

  • No matter how you slice it, it is still bologna. She abused other human beings. Should she get another chance? Absolutely, but only after genuine repentance. That is obviously not now, as her defense is that the board has no jurisdiction for some reason. That is avoidance.

    • Wow that was pretty blatant for a documentary. Guess I wont be putting much credence into Starz ,Lions Gate going foward.

      • OH MY!

        I have just learned that documentaries involve editing and present a particular point of view!

        They aren’t unbiased!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The scales have fallen from my eyes!

        Oh, thank you Marc for revealing this! And greatest thanks of all go to the Smartest Man in the World™, Vanguard, Keith Raniere for teaching us women how to empower ourselves through Jness!

        I can’t wait to introduce my 13 year old daughter to the badass women of DOS!

        I hope she will be worth of Vanguard’s brand!!!!!!

      • Micael Moore and Qanon make that “blatant” twisting of truth seem like artistic license. It’s small potatoey!

    • —You are being emotionally manipulated about cults.

      Hey, f*ck Nut,

      Women were coerced into having sex with Raniere via blackmail.

      What exactly is it you don’t understand?
      You think all of those women are lying?

      Dani faced being dropped off in the middle of nowhere, with nothing, no money, and no passport, not even food or water. She never caved.

      You hate women you stubby shithead because you can’t get laid.
      Pure and simple! That’s why you have no sympathy for any of these women.

  • There is nothing suspicious or inappropriate about what happened here. But the article does bring up a valid point about inconsistent discipline, which in fairness should be acknowledged.

    Doctors, lawyers, and other professionals have codes of ethics. They apply all the time, both on and off the job. When you have the lives of others in your hands, you are required to demonstrate good judgment; in fact, you are held to a higher standard because your judgment could get someone killed or jailed. If you show bad judgment or violate ethics, you are showing that you aren’t fit to be licensed. We don’t allow people who have bad judgment and ethics to occupy jobs that require the opposite.

    Dr. Roberts flagrantly violated medical ethics, which are based on the Hippocratic Oath of “First, do no harm” and also based on consent. Did she harm these people? Without question. Did she have their consent? No. Maybe, arguably, they gave their consent to someone else, but that is not the standard. You know how, when you go to the doctor, they have you sign something called “Consent to Treatment”? If someone were brought into a medical office, blindfolded and surrounded by other people who hold the person down and assure the doctor that the patient consents, go ahead . . . obviously, obviously, it would be unethical, and maybe criminal, to proceed.

    The counterargument here seems to be that this isn’t a “medical” procedure. This is a pretty dumb argument. Almost everything you can do to change the human body requires a license. In this respect, branding is somewhat akin to tattooing, although much worse. Guess what? You need a license to give tattoos, and I’ll bet tattoos require signed consent. I seriously doubt that anyone, other than a licensed plastic surgeon, could legally brand anyone. So, assuming this process was legal at all, it could only be performed by a doctor. Whether idiot frat guys do it is irrelevant. Idiot frat guys break all kinds of laws. That doesn’t mean that the laws cannot be enforced, particularly against people who are supposed to know the laws . . . such as doctors and lawyers.

    It is true that professional discipline is enforced very erratically, and there are many doctors who do worse things and escape with much less punishment. In every state, there are shockingly few people who police professional ethics. It’s like speeding. Cops only catch 5% of the guilty. It sucks for the 5%. It doesn’t mean that the cops are targeting cult members for speeding tickets. Because of the publicity, Dr. Roberts moved to the front of the list for prosecution. She was branding in a big shiny red Corvette, to keep with the speeding analogy. Drive a flashy car, attract police. That’s common sense.

    • Another thoughtful post, Abelard.

      Two points:

      1. It is my understanding that branding doesn’t require a license in New York, let alone a medical license. If that is a true fact, then that fact should inform the rest of your argument.

      Is that a true fact?

      2. Doesn’t your red sportscar analogy support my point that the prosecution was motivated by her being in a group that has been labeled as a CULT? You call it “high profile” and justify the selective and overreaching prosecution by it’s notoriety. But CULT is the big red sportscar here, isn’t it?


  • “Do some of their members act as “wing men”, helping their leaders, and each other, get laid? Do the pitchers of beer these wingmen earn in return constitute commercial sex trafficking?

    Do any of these fraternity members have multiple sex partners?”

    You’re describing the culture of every wiccan church I’ve ever visited, and a good number of other occult schools as well.

  • Alanzo, you seem to be missing a very large point. Medical doctors are and should be held to a higher standard of conduct. They take an oath that says “First, do no harm”. Whether she was acting as a physician or not, she was most definitely harming those women. I’ve read many comments that branding is a normal thing that is done every day by people. Have you ever seen a person branded? The smell of burning flesh is not a pleasant one and can be traumatic in and of itself. When legally done, they make sure it is done in a reasonably sterile way. It is very easy for a brand to get infected. It seems that the good Dr. Roberts had no concern with the environment in which this was taking place. She was doing it like it was a production line. Doesn’t sound very sterile to me. For that reason alone she lost her license. That and the fact that through her writings, she has shown no remorse and taken no responsibility for the harm she caused.

  • Alanzo–

    Did she file an appeal – or request a review?

    The decision is dated back in December, and I think it mentioned a 14-day timeframe.

  • Got a much better head shot!

    And look at the well-curated bookshelf behind him!

    Such an intellectual, that Allen is.

    Not seeing any titles related to financial planning, but he has to take his life-improvement process one step at a time.

    Hopefully he’s set up reminders to pay his taxes.

    • Ahhhh. And right on cue, here comes Alanzo’s Scientologist stalkers. These dorks alone, will run this thread to over 200 comments.

      I’ll help them out and do some piling on: Alanzo has nasty hemorroids that stalk him and refuse to leave his bottom. Alanzo is the George Brett of FR. Even when Alanzo goes a week without bathing, his hemorroids still latch on like the disgusting ass-eaters they are.

  • ‘Behold the anticultist mindset.’

    Behold the crypto-marxist mindset.

    ‘The person who wrote this comment embodies all the ideals of late stage anticultism.’

    Ah! So you’re Alanzo! It’s your leg that is constantly humped by some of the idiots on here! I’ve heard about you! But now I see that you being the one who wrote this imbecilic comment, are the one who embodies all the ideals of the beginning stage of marxism!

    ‘When you start out in anticultism, you think you are fighting to free the minds of deluded cult members. You start targeting anyone who doesn’t think, or believe, or look, like you as belonging to a “cult”.’

    When you start out in marxism, you think you’re fighting to free the ‘poor minorities’ over the original design of a country! You start targeting everybody who holds true patriotic nationalism as a ‘racist’, a ‘nazi’, ‘intolerant’, and ‘full of fear’!

    ‘Then your self-righteous spleen starts running you, you get a rush believing you belong to something larger than yourself, and by humiliating, discrediting and destroying the lives of “cult members” you are saving the world from evil.’

    Hey you spelled out what the Marxists like you do, point blank! I know that you’re trying to project it into me like a true marxist does, but I’m already aware of your tactics!

    ‘Pretty soon that process ends you up like this guy.’

    Yeah pretty soon the marxist process ends you up like this overrated, pseudo-intellectual joke!

    ‘In a free society, intolerance must not be tolerated. It’s a paradox outlined by the mathematician and philosopher of science Karl Popper.’

    Oh! Karl Popper! The anti-nationalist piece of fucking shit! Of course somebody like you would quote him! Wow! You use Wikipedia as one of your sources?! You must not have really good sources do you?! You know what’s cute?! All the idiots who spew this garbage like you are never ‘tolerate’ of our views! Isn’t that the ultimate irony in your discussion on ‘tolerance’?! Who are you going quote next?! How about Karl Marx?! You can use his Wikipedia page too! 😉

    Yeah sure, why don’t we ‘tolerate’ murders, rapists, thieves, and all sorts of degenerates?! Oh wait! We already do! And F.B.I. statistics say the vast majority of them ARE THE MINORITIES! Should we ‘tolerate’ Rosa Parks and many of the civil rights activists being marxists who encouraged blacks to ‘kill all white people’?! Should we ‘tolerate’ BLM, Antifa, and all the other radical domestic terrorist groups that have been allowed to form by idiots like you?! We’ve been forced to do your bullshit for decades and look at the hellhole our country has become! Look at how we’ve lost our jobs, income, and benefits because of all of this! Look the crime rate and degeneracy of our society now! I know you don’t know shit about history, but if you study history, you will find that any tyrant who wanted to weaken a country to invade it, would use multi-culturalism and use idiots like you to do their bidding to convince the public into it with the exact same type of recycled platitude garbage that you spew! You’ve given right into what the Deep State wants and you are a hatchet man for the New World Order!

    ‘So anticultists – get out now while you can.

    Anybody who listens to this idiot and reads his bullshit website, get out while you still can! Start practicing ‘tolerance’ of Nationalism and putting the success of your country and its rightful race first!

    ‘Start practicing tolerance of those who believe and appear different than you do. Allow people to live the lives they choose, and defend their right to do so.’

    Oh yeah sure, the typical what they ‘look like’ platitude argument! What about they themselves promoting an evil group think amongst their own race and bullying and shunning those of their race who don’t truly ‘represent’ them?!

    For example, if another black doesn’t agree with the ghetto survival of the fittest mentality and that ‘pussy’, ‘money’, ‘street smarts’ and ‘dope’ is all that matters no matter who you step on, steal from, or even kill to achieve it and that morals don’t matter! And if any black disagrees and dares attack that evil ideology, then they ‘aren’t black enough’ and are acting like a ‘white boy’! They’re shunned as ‘uncle toms’ and ‘coons’!

    What about the Aztecs and them holding festivals of child sacrifice?! Maybe we should’ve been more ‘tolerant’ of them and let them ‘live the lives they choose’ also! We were just being so ‘hateful’ to stop them! Should we also be more ‘tolerant’ of the conquistadors and their way of live when they thought that what the Aztecs were doing was evil and wiped them out or should we be more ‘tolerant’ to the ones killing the infants and eating their hearts in front of other children and their community while they all ‘celebrated’ their festival?! Gee wiz! Decisions, decisions! 🤔

    Should we ‘tolerate’ the fact that if we followed what the founding fathers wanted for this country and took a stand against multi-cultural issues to begin with, that all the evil that NXIVM did would’ve never existed?! And we wouldn’t even be discussing the shit Danielle Roberts did under the influence of kikes! Without the Jews, Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman and the Bronfmans to back them up, all the pain, hurt, and devastation that they caused would’ve never happened! Also Keith wouldn’t have raped Camilla and she would’ve been in her own country without having to have gone through any of the hell that she went through and in Mexico ‘living her own live the way that she chooses’! Should we ‘tolerate’ the fact that anti multi-culturalism protects not only the race of the nation, but also protects minorities from abuse by other minorities?! No of course not! That’s ‘hateful’ to even propose that! It certainly isn’t irresponsible and evil to ‘tolerate’ something like that!

    We should in fact be more ‘tolerate’ about all of that! We should also be more ‘tolerant’ of every kind of political system, ideology, religion and way of life! how about nihilism and cannibalism?! We certainly should not have any kind of objective morality as a standard to distinguish right from wrong, right?! No we shouldn’t ‘tolerant’ that! Much like you can’t even ‘tolerate’ a joke I made, despite the fact that it wasn’t even as big of a bad joke as you are!

    ‘Distinguish between what is illegal and what is only immoral to you. Help prosecute specific criminals for their specific crimes, but distinguish between those criminals and others who are innocent.’

    So who gets to ‘distinguish’ that?! Is there any kind of objective standard to achieve it?! Should we ‘tolerate’ the government making oranges illegal if they chose and therefore ‘distinguish’ those who would dare drink a glass of orange juice with their waffles at breakfast as a ‘criminal’?! You may laugh at that, but the government has banned many plants before, so why not?! What if they ban ‘meat’ (vegans don’t even start your shit with me)?! Should we ‘distinguish‘ those as ‘criminals’ who cookout a steak on their grill and their family members and children with them as ‘accomplices’?! Should we ‘help prosecute’ those ‘specific criminals for their specific crimes’?!

    Who gets to decide who’s ‘innocent’?! Is it political parties with an agenda who want to let loose and bunch minorities who raped and killed people point blank and now want them out and if you don’t agree, then you’re ‘racist’?!

    If you haven’t noticed the whole point of the criminal law to begin with, WAS to hold ‘immoral’ people accountable! The law is supposed to be based upon an objective standard or morality and to criminalize what is immoral to stop degeneracy in society! I get so tired of these idiots like you who do this ‘criminal vs subjective morals’ argument! You obviously are pitifully historically illiterate! Otherwise morality is subjective and whoever has the most money to legalize and/or criminalize whatever they want as long as they have the money, resources, power, and influence to do it! You can make anything illegal and slap somebody with the label ‘criminal’ that you want and likewise you can legalize anything you want and call anybody ‘innocent’ that you want, with that mentality! You sound fucking ignorant, just stop talking, you dumbass!

    ‘Defend the rights of minorities, and do not engage in the intolerance of anticultism.’

    And what ‘rights’ are those, you little marxist piece of fucking shit?! The ‘right’ to take our jobs, steal our tax dollars so they can sit on their ass while they collect welfare and promote thug behavior amongst our youth and murder against other minorities and to ‘kill all white people’ through our music, movies, and pop culture and if you don’t shut up about it, then you’re not being ‘tolerant’?! What ‘rights’ did our founding fathers, who CLEARLY wanted this country to be a white nationalist republic, think they had?! What ‘rights’ do I have to go to China or any other country and demand citizenship and control over their politics (and rightfully so)?!

    Hey here’s a question for you! Why are you so focused on the bullshit marxist political philosophy to ‘defend the rights of minorities’ instead of fighting to ‘defend the rights’ of the descendants of the founding fathers who established this country?! What about their ‘rights’?! I really think you’re not white or you are a traitor! Hey what about the law stating that people like you are to be arrested, given a fair trial, and once lawfully convicted, executed! Where’s your ‘tolerance’ on that?! Oh wait! That’s right! You don’t have any while you sit here and hypocritically yap about ‘tolerance’!

    The truth is what you really want people to ‘tolerate’, whether you acknowledge it or not, is a philo-semitic marxist, pro multi-culturalism, zionist zog being used by the Deep State, and every other tyrant throughout history, as weapon to weaken and overthrow this country! A weapon they they have boastfully admitted countless times in their books and interviews while laughing at idiots like you who bought it and nobody cares to see the truth even though the very people who established it and pedaled it have already boldly and shamelessly publicly admitted their evil intentions! And if we don’t go along with it, then we are all ‘intolerant’ much like you are ‘intolerant’ to what the principles established this country and that’s why you want to help overthrow it right along with our constitution instead of ‘defend the rights’ of its existence! But we just need to ‘tolerate’ it all and be good little ‘white-knight angels’ like you standing up for the unconstitutional ‘rights’ of paper-‘Americans’ rather than ACTUAL Americans by their blood and birth right! What a perfect little inspirational angel you are! 😇👼😇

    The paradigm of ‘Pro-cultism vs anti-cultism’ is a false dichotomy who enslaved idiots like you and your listeners who fail to see the Hegelian dialectic that it is! Once again, who defines what is and isn’t a ‘cult’?! On what basis do they judge that?! The true answer is this: the pro-cultists want have their lives dictated by an objectively evil systematic authority, while the anti-cultists want to be their own narcissistic god and make their own choices for themselves without any authority outside of themselves, which is impossible, seeing the fact that every single person on this planet is both consciously and unconsciously motivated and influenced by external forces! The latter being far worse than it’s conspicuous former because it’s of its subliminal permeating infections while under the guise of ‘true freedom’! Unless you have an objective standard of morality, then it will be society, culture, and emotions that dictate the spectrum of each, then their ultimate supreme authority: the God-vernment will enforce it and if you don’t obey it’s systemic whims, then you’re a ‘criminal’ which is the true and whole paradigm and spectrum of a cult!

    An outcome of which you help propagate under the guise of a falsely balanced mindset of the kind of thinking that you hypocritically claim to be against! The overthrow of this country and our rights will be because of idiots like you and your ‘tolerance’ of it! But thankfully, they will not succeed and we will take this country back and put to death all people like you and silence all of your thought crimes against our country and have what our founding fathers wanted ONLY for the whites of this country, ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’! If the minorities want that, then they can have it in their own countries that they will be deported back to!


    ✊🏻IF WE BELIEVE!✊🏻


    • Alanzo, the comment is from a patient of mine. She is a Black Jewish woman who writes these diatribes. I am working with her mother who is Jewish and her father who is Black to get her back on the meds I prescribed. She has an acute epileptoid manifestation with indications of melancholiac panphobia. She cannot be cured but may be able to avoid returning to the Bedlam Home for the Criminally Insane with proper medications. Please help by humoring her.

      • Of course Ginzo had to stick his big guido nose into this! And now I’m Jewish too, huh?!

        Alanzo, allow me to you introduce to you to Ginzo, the mentally retarded clown with Asperger’s syndrome and Alzheimer’s! He can’t really debate with logic, so he resorts to ad hominems through his autistic grandiose fantasies of pretending to be a ‘psychiatrist’ who ‘talks to my mother’, deliberately mislabels my gender and race, and pretends to prescribe me ‘meds’ like a little girl pretending to have a tea party!

        If you ask him to just logically point out why I’m wrong and what are these ‘criminal’ activities that I’ve been convicted of for being ‘criminally insane’ as well as to post up his credentials and my paperwork, all he does is repeat himself like a broken record saying all the same shit he just did with a few extra words because he’s too big of an idiot to logically debate!

        Just ignore him! He’s like an idiot child who’s too stupid to even be allowed to speak! I thought he was done being an obnoxious mentally retarded asshole, but apparently I was wrong! He has no real intelligent thoughts in all of this, all he can do is play ‘doctor’ like a child! Just let him be with his toys and plastic stethoscope and hopefully he’ll leave us alone to have a real adult discussion! We may have tuck him into bed early if he doesn’t let the adults be!

        • Alanzo, if you could take over this poor pitiable patient, I would be grateful. Nice Guy is qualified to handle her. And I never thought I would say it but so is Scott Johnson.

          • Why does she end all of her sentences with an exclamation point? Makes her look fucking stupid. It’s unreadable. Trump is the same way. I guess it’s a racist loser thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      • Yo Frank,

        Are you just gonna keep saying the same shit bro? It’s like every time this dude comes on here he gives smart insights and the only comeback you have is call to him crazy and say he’s a female black mental patient that’s Jewish and insecure who escaped out of your mental hospital.

        You sound like a real pussy-ass bitch bro for real.

        It would be interesting to see him and Alanzo debate this out but Frank you really gotta sit this shit out man! You sound immature and stupid for real! Jesus Christ!

        Alanzo you guys should debate over this. To be honest though, this guy is relentless and Frank won’t just say something smart or shut up. It’s very boring. I wanna see you interact with him and have a smart off. This dude who says “if we believe” a lot does have some interesting points. I don’t necessarily like his delivery but his concepts are seem to make sense. He does seem historically accurate. I really want to see this shit hammered out with somebody who can actually keep up with him. What do you think Alanzo? You up for the job?

        P.S. Frank don’t respond to him or Alanzo about this or if they debate. Just shut up and let the people with brains fight this out! Seriously bro you’re just annoying!

        • He’s only going to stop if he’s killed! Somebody needs to beat the guido out of him and hang him!


      • Interesting diagnosis, Dr.

        Your approach to therapy is cutting edge.

        In addition to the late stage anticultism I’m seeing here, there’s also an indication of multiple broken keyboard syndrome, resulting in a higher than average monthly computer keyboard bill. Based on my observation, this mental patient goes through at least one computer keyboard per week.

        Those are crisis levels.

    • BetterWay Patriots-

      I took the time to parse thru your insanity. The following is a sublime observation you made:

      “The paradigm of ‘Pro-cultism vs anti-cultism’ is a false dichotomy who enslaved idiots like you and your listeners who fail to see the Hegelian dialectic that it is!”
      -BetterWay Patriot

      Outstanding! Your usage of Hegelian dialect is spot on, meaning you have knowledge. Are you familiar with Kant? He’s the father of German Philosophy. 😉

      When I was young, I read a boatload of philosophy. I’ll save you some time — it’s a ‘colossal’ waste of time. Read only a handful of classics, the rest is superfluous and spurious.

      Most philosophy amounts to mental masturbation. Seriously.

      It’s good to see you back, you little dipshit!

      I bid you good day! 🙂

      • Fuck you, you little piece of shit! I’m guessing you’re some kind of nigger! Of course you don’t like philosophy! You’re too busy being a punk in the streets to care about morals! Why don’t you come run your mouth to my face and see what happens to you, dipshit! I’ll kill you! I’m changing your name to Mr. Douche Bag now! You’re not a “nice guy”, you’re always acting like a nigger to everybody and somebody ought to belt you in the mouth for it! I hope you run into some real patriots that will lynch you like the nigger that your soul is! You better hope that you never meet me in person because I’ll beat the fucking shit out you! Just keep hiding behind your little computer like the little pussy ass punk that you are and shut the fuck up before I dox your ass and you wish that you were never born, fuck you! 🖕🏻

        • Bitcha-way

          I love the middle finger you posted……


          Cuz, if we ever met up, I’d beat ur ass, break ur middle finger, and then make you ATM yourself with said finger.

          I might even make you tongue punch your 56-year-old, Honduran, housemaid’s ass. I’d bet you’d like that – not so much on
          Taco Tuesday. I hear tell jalapeño’s twice as hot on the way out.

          • Dude, I bet you’re a little punk-ass 16 year old! Shut the fuck up! I carry and I’ll shoot you! And shows how dumb that you are thinking that I’d have some 57 year old Honduran housemaid! You must be insane to think that I’d trust a Honduran with my house like that! Hondurans are even bigger pieces of shit than you are!

            You don’t know what I carry, punk! You met up with me and your nigger-loving ass is going in a coffin! You don’t scare me for me! I’ll show you what I’m made of you little pussy punk-ass bitch!

            I’ll give you both of of my unbroken middle fingers both today to your face and to your corpse when I blow your brains out!

            Fuck you! 🖕🏻🖕🏻

            🖕🏻IF WE BELIEVE🖕🏻

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His work has been cited in hundreds of news outlets, like The New York Times, The Daily Mail, VICE News, CBS News, Fox News, New York Post, New York Daily News, Oxygen, Rolling Stone, People Magazine, The Sun, The Times of London, CBS Inside Edition, among many others in all five continents.

His work to expose and take down NXIVM is featured in books like “Captive” by Catherine Oxenberg, “Scarred” by Sarah Edmonson, “The Program” by Toni Natalie, and “NXIVM. La Secta Que Sedujo al Poder en México” by Juan Alberto Vasquez.

Parlato has been prominently featured on HBO’s docuseries “The Vow” and was the lead investigator and coordinating producer for Investigation Discovery’s “The Lost Women of NXIVM.” He also appeared in "Branded and Brainwashed: Inside NXIVM, and was credited in the Starz docuseries "Seduced" for saving 'slave' women from being branded and escaping the sex-slave cult known as DOS.

Additionally, Parlato’s coverage of the group OneTaste, starting in 2018, helped spark an FBI investigation, which led to indictments of two of its leaders in 2023.

Parlato appeared on the Nancy Grace Show, Beyond the Headlines with Gretchen Carlson, Dr. Oz, American Greed, Dateline NBC, and NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, where Parlato conducted the first-ever interview with Keith Raniere after his arrest. This was ironic, as many credit Parlato as one of the primary architects of his arrest and the cratering of the cult he founded.

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