The DOS Women Stand Behind Dr. Danielle Roberts on Loss of Medical License

Dr. Danielle Roberts

When they’re with you, they are with you.

The seven other founding sisters of the Dossier Project – not to be confused with the eight founding sisters of DOS – are standing behind Dr. Danielle Roberts who had her hard-earned medical license revoked in September.

The first line masers and founding sisters of DOS with their master in the middle.

The remaining eight, which includes Dr. Roberts, say “DOS was a profound experience of trust, vulnerability, character-building, and personal transformation.”

They also state about their master, Keith Raniere, “We recognize that the allegations against the organization and its conceptual founder are very serious and deserving of a rigorous investigation. We support this and have dedicated ourselves to understanding the complexities and nuances of the situation. We do not condone any type of abuse, coercion, or emotional manipulation, and we most certainly denounce illicit activity. We also do not condone trial by media and character defamation without due process.”

Eight DOS women from the website
Dossier Women - Times Union.jpg
Five of the Dossier women speak out in front of the courthouse after the sentencing of Keith Alan Raniere. They are Nicki Clyne, Michele Hatchette, Linda Chung, Samantha LeBaron and Dr. Danielle Roberts.

Recenrly and in response to the revocation of Dr. Roberts’ license, the Dossier Project released this statement:

On September 30, the NYS Office of Professional Medical Conduct (OPMC) revoked Dr. Danielle Roberts’ medical license for a lifestyle choice that was completely separate from the practice of medicine. Dr. Roberts was a practicing physician for 10 years. She received a dual degree in Osteopathic Medicine and Clinical Nutrition, and went on to work as a medical director, hospitalist, and entrepreneur. Dr. Roberts has always been a proponent of therapies that maximize the body’s own ability to heal, in concert with modern medicine. She has never had any complaints or grievances from her patients; in fact, the opposite.

Nxivm Danielle Roberts 477x477
Dr. Danielle Roberts

In addition to being a successful and sought after doctor in her own right, Dr. Roberts is also a close personal friend of ours and a member of the Dossier Project. She was accused of practicing medicine negligently because she performed a brand, similar in procedure to a tattoo, on consenting adults within the context of her personal, private life. People who practice tattooing or branding are not required to have a medical license because it is not the practice of medicine. Dr. Roberts was also deemed negligent by the medical board for not reporting a flu virus that affected a number of people at a public event, which she attended as a participant and not in an official or medical capacity. The precedents set in her case should be a warning sign to all physicians who wish to make decisions in their personal lives without state interference, especially those who make choices that may appear outside the societal norm.

Vanguard Week Celebrants, where a number of people got an illness.

We, as members of the Dossier Project and as professional women, stand firmly against this gross overstep by the OPMC. We do not condone the policing of people’s personal and private lives by state agencies. We believe a professional should be accountable for her conduct while working in her chosen profession; we also support freedom of choice in one’s personal life. It should not be ignored that a media campaign around NXIVM and the highly prejudicial articles about the choice women made to get a brand factored highly in the OPMC’s decision to take Dr. Roberts’ license.

India Oxenberg, a former member of DOS, with Michele Hatchette and Danielle Roberts.

Hearsay and political pressure appear to rate higher than the facts and testimony raised by Dr. Roberts, expert and fact witnesses, and Dr. Roberts’ attorney. Despite extensive testimony from women who either received the brand or were about to receive the brand from Dr. Roberts, who said they were not her patients and never once considered Dr. Roberts to be acting as a physician, the panel of three judges chose to side with the one woman who launched the complaint and claimed the opposite. It is our belief that the board members succumbed to media and political pressure to choose the popular side of a salacious narrative over doing what is ethical and right within the purview of their authority.

We stand with Dr. Roberts and against the government overreach that seeks to take away our rights and the privileges of our accomplishments.


Dr. Roberts was an entrepreneur who, along with Keith Raniere, founded exo/eso, a combination of athletic endeavors and the tools of NXIVM.

If you would like to help Dr. Roberts fight her license revocation please contact her:

Click to access 2021-09-30-Roberts-OPMC-Decision.pdf

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  • I guess its hard to understand why someone would want to be a slave to other people and the woman who did the branding how she would even deserve her medical license. Branding is a very significant thing to do to someone and all the infections that can be caused by it can be very serious.

    I dont know why you guys think this is some amazing thing unless you genuinely want to be someone elses property. Hopefully you guys can get professional help because this is truly concerning if people really think like this….

  • huntingpeople2
    November 14, 2021 at 8:34 pm

    I’m out

    This is too much of a hatefest

    Enjoy your pictures, Vultures

    This kinda place/platform (Regurgitated over and over again) is probably why some people choose to leave mainstream in the first place…

    We were just getting to know each other!

    You NIXVM cultists finally got the memo that “data” was a major tell, but you can’t stay away from “hate.”

    We’re looking forward to the photos.

    When you get your botox injections, do you prefer to listen to Reba Macintyre or Bonnie Raitt?


  • […] The Dossier Project women wrote, “Despite extensive testimony during Dr. Roberts’ license revocation hearing – from women who either received the brand or were about to receive the brand from Dr. Roberts, who said they were not her patients and never once considered Dr. Roberts to be acting as a physician, the panel of three judges chose to side with the one woman [Edmondson] who launched the complaint and claimed the opposite. It is our belief that the board members succumbed to media and political pressure to choose the popular side of a salacious narrative over doing what is ethical and right within the purview of their authority.” […]

    • That photo of Danielle at the top of the page is reeeeeally old.

      She doesn’t look anything like that any longer.

      Stop feeding her narcissistic illusions.

      • I agree with you! Frank used to post all sorts of candid, often very funny photographs.

        They were interesting. But now he lets all his cult buddies choose whatever curated headshot they want for the post.

        A lot of the charm and kinda loose gritty fun of the photos is kaput.

        It’s Sears studio portraits all the way.

          • I’m out

            This is too much of a hatefest

            Enjoy your pictures, Vultures

            This kinda place/platform (Regurgitated over and over again) is probably why some people choose
            to leave mainstream in the first place…

      • Not for nothing, the other photos are professional headshots. Nicki Slyme does the same thing. These women don’t do well unfiltered anymore.

  • You’ve know that you’ve long ago served your purpose and were tossed aside by Keith who was focused on several virgin successors. You helped facilitate him trafficking them from Mexico for his use.

    The pitiful whining of you over-the-hill crones talking about your “sorority” is pure denial.

    Look in the mirror. You see the lines growing in your face every day. All those creams, serums and surgeries can’t turn back the clock. Your carefully edited social media photos fool desperate men, but not the man you pine for, who has long since found you nothing more than a convenient 2nd, 3rd or 4th string fall-back when younger meat isn’t available.

    It is funny to read your posts here — they scream desperation.

    Instant karma has got you by your bushy vag hairs.

  • “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

    This quote by Margaret Mead was probably discretely played in the background during the “brainwashing” sessions that were NXIVM intensives because it was oft-quoted and said by those who became full-fledged NXIVM followers.

    This is the type of remaining dead-ender flock that currently supports NXIVM like Nicki and others. One whose vanity and narcissistic tendencies have been played upon to still “believe in themselves” as being that tiny group of citizens who will “change the world”.

    Newsflash: no you won’t.

    NXIVM was never about changing the world. It was about feeding the lusts and ego of one man (Raniere) and making the few others at the top of a pyramid scheme (Nancy) more wealthy by seesawing between feeding on the insecurities and inflating the “specialness” of those who were at the lower levels of the pyramid. All the positive buzzwords and everything else to keep the money flowing in with the constant barrage of classes and sashes was merely a means to these ends.

  • What a sham of a farce of a sham! IDK what you crazy, “badass” bitches are playing at but “Helter Skelter’s” been done and unless one of you sticks a fork in the belly of a beautiful, pregnant movie star you got nothing on the Manson girls. …Not that I’d put it past any of you.

  • “We, as members of the Dossier Project and as professional women…” ummm professional women? None of you have a job.

    So these DOS idiots are at it again. Was this “statement” supposed to convince me of something? Because I haven’t read anything this stupid since keith wrote about that vampire that got buyer’s remorse from purchasing a toaster.

    • Ahhh yes. That vampire should have bought a juicer!

      Eduardo A. Calls himself an “investigative journalist” now.

      I guess anyone can claim to be anything in their cult. Vanguard. Prefect. Scarecrow. Wizard. Master. Tiny Octopus. Slave. Dr. Scary movie research scientist experimenter. Sexual healer. Prison reform dirty dancer.

      If you say it, make a website or tweet it – you have achieved it.

      • Yup, so much ‘Click your heels, Dorothy’ career development in cults, it’s a wonder they don’t actually end up changing the world! — I just decided I can play the cello like YO YO MA. I don’t know why no one will believe me. I’ma sue you all for slander. That’ll learn ya. Trying to make out I’m not a world-class cellist, expecting me to go to work IN THERE? — I’m expected on stage in Vienna in a few hours, where’s my hot towel and champagne? Don’t you little fools understand anything?

        • But I understand it. There are many who claim to be experts. That will probably be true if I assume that many of them attended Keith Raniere University and earned their highest degrees there.

  • Holy Mackerel! I’m so shocked by this display of unity in the defense of the noble and batshit crazy Danielle Roberts.

    Attention: Message to Roberts’ Groupies.

    Have any of you morons noticed that Danielle Roberts’ mother has never publicly defended her daughter?

    This fact alone speaks volumes!

  • The dead-enders stand behind one of their own, the branding doc.

    Of course, they do.

    Arguing with these people is like debating flat-earthers. They’ve got this idea fixed in their head that their cult isn’t a cult and no amount of evidence will ever shake their faith in it.

    All the Nxians and Dossers with any sense at all have long abandoned the cause. However gullible they may have been (and they had to be mighty gullible to fall for this obvious scam and pay for the bullshit courses), when the truth got out about the branding and the sex slavery, the suckers wised up and abandoned ship. They were stupid, but they weren’t THAT stupid.

    For a hilarious explanation for how this works in cults, see Bill Maher’s clip The Great Disappointment

    People who join cults are a special breed of stupid. I know that’s not a popular viewpoint in this era of It’s Not Your Fault. But it’s true.

    Look at (ex-) Doc Roberts. An osteopath, for chrissake. Osteopathy has its origins in Revival tent laying on of hands faith healing. It’s based on superstitious quackery. Next door to “healing crystals” and “aromatherapy”. Of course, she ended up in a cult.

    And look at Ex-Doc Robert’s nemesis, Sarah Edmondson. At the end of her book, she reveals that she has now become a follower of the Eckart Tolle movement. Apparently, she thinks that’s a better cult. Moth, meet flame.

    This sad cycle is seen again and again in the members and ex-members of Nxivm. Pathetic people in search of their true guru. Some man who will tell them what to believe, what to think, and how they ought to live their lives. It’s no coincidence that the cult thrived in LA and Vancouver, among the bubble-headed minor actresses and wannabe filmmakers, heads in the clouds and ambitious as hell, foolish and ruthless, gullible and amoral.

    Most of them fled Nxivm following the great disappointment when the truth about Raniere came out. Many of those will just join another cult. A few will remain loyal to their imploded cause. Just like Squeaky Fromme did.

    • Aristotle’s Sausage wrote:

      “Arguing with these people is like debating flat-earthers. They’ve got this idea fixed in their head that their cult isn’t a cult and no amount of evidence will ever shake their faith in it.”

      Here’s a glaring example of how Aristotle’s Sausage is totally unlike Aristotle:

      Define CULT.

      You can’t.

      It’s a construct in your own mind which you use to view the world, but which does not apply to anything real outside of your mind.

      You have no experience or knowledge of anything you call a cult, nor do you know anything about what is considered a ‘cult’ in another mainstream society, such as Egypt for example. Even though Christians pre-existed Muslims in Egypt by 650 years, mainstream present day Muslims consider Christians a cult as a way of explaining why they don’t believe as they do – complete with delusional superstitions of hypnosis and witchcraft and everything else.

      You have no idea what you are talking about, and you have no idea that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      You are the very opposite of a careful thinker like Aristotle. I seriously doubt that you have ever read one word of Aristotle, because if you had, you would not have written this arrogant and ignorant comment.

      Your use of Aristotle’s name on your account is like a vanity license plate for you.

      So, to recap: You are delusional on the subject of “cults”. It’s a construct in your head. It does not exist in reality outside of your head.

      Prove me wrong, “Aristotle’s Sausage”.

      Define CULT.


      • I think Aristotle’s analysis is razor-sharp. Alanzo’s rebuttal is lame and has no substance. He thinks cults don’t exist. If that is true, then why is this word in every dictionary and are books written about this phenomenon?

        No, cults do exist and NXIVM is one of them.

        For the DOS ladies, it’s less painful to stay in the bubble than to look reality in the face. The unimaginable shame that they wasted years of their life on a fraud, a charlatan, and a pedophile who enjoyed nothing more than to hurt people: it’s impossible for them to come to terms with that.

        • “Alanzo’s rebuttal is lame and has no substance. He thinks cults don’t exist. If that is true, then why is this word in every dictionary and are books written about this phenomenon?

          This is a typically dumb anticult response to this simple challenge to Aristotle’s ‘Sausage’.

          “Cults” are cultural phenomena.

          Cults exist in every mainstream culture. They are a mainstream culture’s minorities.

          They are dissidents who refuse to comply with their mainstream’s customs, their language, their sex, and their morals. Their dissidence is rarely illegal – it’s just considered by the mainstream to be ‘wrong’.

          Too many people on the Frank Report are viscerally antagonistic to other people who don’t believe or behave as the mainstream – even though none of their behavior or lifestyles are illegal.

          You fuckers need to chill out.


          • Cults aren’t illegal in the US, Alanzo. Plenty of them exist in the US. Even many non-religious people call religions cults. And many leaders of religious organizations have caused harm to people of their denominations: e.g., sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. Yes, the term is typically a pejorative, but it’s not necessarily rebuking or caustic. That’s why people can say, “Oh, it’s just a harmless cult”. NXIVM wasn’t a “harmless” cult. In fact, NXIVM was the superficial organization that did a bad job of hiding one that broke several laws and harmed a number of people. And that is why it was dissolved and its leader will sit in prison for the rest of his life. It’s ironic that you blame others for black and white thinking but can’t see past your own. Your “anti-cultism” shtick is getting old.

      • >> …mainstream present day Muslims consider Christians a cult as a way of explaining why they don’t believe as they do…

        Not to my knowledge from what I learned in high school. I believe they call Christians “People of the Book”. They use the same terminology to refer to the Jews as well.

      • Alanzo, you haven’t gotten laid in over a decade.

        Even toothless meth whores refuse your cash.

        Prove me wrong, “Alanzo.”

          • Frank, I answered.

            Tell me the last time you got laid and THEN I’ll tell you about the time before that.

            Fair is fair.

            But the original question was for Allen… so, dude what’s the answer? Or have you sworn off women because you’re convinced the only ones interested in you are on the OSA payroll?

            Hail Xenu!

          • Hey guys how about you all stop with all of this “who can get laid” nigger talk!

            Seriously, you all sound like a bunch of street niggers! 🤨

          • Since you are still a virgin, I know it sounds painful. Perhaps if you lost some weight. Remember, you should be proud of your ancestry, and not think that sex is evil or inherently bad.

          • Frank-

            Thank you for standing in lockstep with us cult-Groupies against the cult haters and OSA!

            I had a big scare this morning. I thought one of my RingDings fell in the toilet — luckily it was just a hockey puck-shaped turd, from the night before.

            Hi OSA! Frank has joined the fight!

          • “Since you are still a virgin,”

            I’m not a virgin, but now you’re really sounding like a nigger!

            “I know it sounds painful. Perhaps if you lost some weight.”

            I know you really don’t know what I look like but you need to stop projecting! Speak for yourself, Ginzo! Put down the pasta and cannolis, you fat guido! Regardless of my weight, even if I was overweight, I would never pander to some shallow cunt who didn’t love me for who I was and her only attraction to me was based upon what I look like! You want to attack me and call me “insane” because I call out the *CHARACTER* of the minorities, but now you show your own prejudice by fat shaming!

            So judging the color of the skin is bad (which is not what I do) but judging the volume of it is ok! Got it! Way to be a hypocrite, Ginzo! Did you know that the truth about overweight people is that their bodies are broken and that’s why they have that problem?! It is a metabolic disorder! All these idiots who make it about a “character defect” when the truth is most people don’t give a shit about dieting and exercise anyways!

            There are many people who have six packs who have never gone to the gym in their life and sit on their ass eating whatever they want as much as they want! Why don’t you look at all the food eating competitors on YouTube and see how they are dedicated to eating ginormous amounts of food in the shortest amount of time, and guess what?! The vast majority of them are skinny and don’t work out!

            Wow! And you want to call me “insane” for talking about the immoral group think of minorities! You really do have some mental disorder with projection as one of its most conspicuous features, don’t you?!

            “Remember, you should be proud of your ancestry, and not think that sex is evil or inherently bad.”

            I am proud of my white southern slave owning ancestry! We conquered and owned one of the worst subspecies on this planet as our dogs! I don’t think sex “is evil or inherently bad”! I think an uppity ass fucking nigger shouldn’t be fucking white women and shouldn’t be mocking other people’s sex life! And I’m against having mixed race children! It’s immoral!

            Only a dumb nigger like yourself would take what I’m saying out of context and say something like that! How about you learn to read! It’s not about sex in of itself! It’s about using sex to hurt others just like you were doing! Of course a nigger wouldn’t understand that! Just look at prisons FILLED with sexually abusive niggers and still counting! Wouldn’t be surprised to see you in a jumpsuit for it eventually!

          • The only reason I spoke of your weight is not to body shame you but for your own health. You are morbidly obese and that’s not healthy.

      • —It’s your own mind which you use to view the world, but which does not apply to anything real outside of your mind.

        Odd, because everything you believe is a construct too.

        • Allen is cute when he tries to get philosophical, isn’t he Dante?

          Selective subjectivists step in their own shit when they stand up from the toilet.

      • Cult, noun. See, Scientology

        I never joined a cult because I know what they are. You joined one of the most infamous cults in existence.

        So who knows more about cults?

          • You’ve never actually been a successful marketing consultant, have you?

            Frank will post your blathering to boost the controversy on his website, hence page views, but how much do you get paid? You are free labor — a slave to your ego.

            Have any FR readers reached out to hire you for anything other than harassing young victims of cult sexual abuse?

          • Alanzo, Frank “would” hire you, but he doesn’t.

            In capitalism, money talks, hot air walks.

            Are you turning commie on us, Frank?

            Your buddy Roger Stone would not approve of that.

            Can you convince him the correct the “Adwords” typo on his company website? Or is that just a front since the state of Illinois dissolved his LLC?

          • Frank Parlato wrote:

            “I would hire Alanzo. He is competent and intelligent. We have spoken on several occasions.

            I appreciate this, Frank.

            But I’m presently working through a billion-year contact with Clare and Dave.

            When that is up, let’s talk.


      • Alanzo wrote:

        “Prove me wrong! Define CULT.”

        My opinion:

        Alanzo is the epitome of hubris.

        You, Alonzo, are the paragon of a pseudo-intellectual, a fool, who believes he’s a laureate.

        Here is your definition of cult, my worldly philosopher:

        You’re such a pretentious baboon.


  • Marginalia reveals psychopathy IMO — no self-awareness at all concerning the effects of her actions on others. Perhaps she passed that other ex-doctor’s little test. Sat thru a snuff movie and thought: “Shall I have kale or cabbage with my zero-cal noodles tonight?”

  • Guess it’s sweet of them to show support but falls under BFD as it accomplishes nothing to help her get it back. Not sure what is involved. She could get the Queen of England to write a letter of support, it wouldn’t matter.

    For lawyers, they can go to another state and get licensed again. Not easily, but can be done if considered “rehabilitated”. Is she able to do the same thing?

    • I think she would have to show some contrition for her actions. Thus far, she has exhibited none. So good luck with the rehabilitation.

  • She makes her age look pretty damn good, but at the end of the day, any woman who would seriously consider, let alone actually do, Raniere is automatically untouchable in my opinion.

    • Doc Roberts bares the mark of Raniere — HPV!

      All women who have spread their legs for Vanguard have the human papillomavirus (HPV). In addition, the women’s cuckold men have it.

      HPV can lead to heart disease: “People Infected with high-risk” strains of HPV were 22% more likely to develop heart disease or have a stroke.” Jim Del Negro?

      Some strains of HPV are so dangerous the medical establishment had developed a vaccine for men back in 2009.

      This is no joke!

      HPV causes cancer. Many female harem members of Vanguard developed cancer.

  • Who cares what these women support. What influence do they have in the world?

    They support a criminal who got 120 year sentence and a woman who lost her medical license for following and bidding for a Cult Leader.

    When her license hang in the balance she still refused to denounce Raniere and believes she did nothing wrong.

    Roberts made her own vaccine card, lying to get into the theater for her 40th birthday. So proud of herself she puts her falsified documents on Twitter for everyone to see.

    This is someone who wants to be a doctor again. A person who falsified medical records and bragged about it.

    Sounds likes something Robert’s might of learned from NXIVM’S Legal University..

    If she was willing to fake her own records what other records would she fake being a medical doctor for others?

  • In my opinion, it’s as simple as this: Physicians, ideally, should demonstrate sound judgment. Supporting starvation diets, sleep deprivation, the decision to not report an outbreak of a flu-type virus, and branding folks does tend to make one think the doctor’s judgment is lacking. Severely. Does this all mean she doesn’t know medicine? Maybe, maybe not, but it probably means, in good conscience, she shouldn’t practice it on others.

    • However, there were never complaints against her from her real patients, only from a supposed “friend” who consented as an adult that she was, but had no qualms about negatively affecting her in something in which she had the positive recognition of her patients and colleagues. It sounds like Sara E. did it for revenge; she knew her acting career was ruined and she wanted the same for D. Roberts

      • That makes no sense @ 12:44pm.. The DOS dead-enders said Sarah had an audition that day.

        It was a MUCH bigger risk to Sarah’s acting career to come out as a branded cult member career-wise.

        And to give up Sarah’s substantial income from Nxivm and her Nxivm center. You know? All that money Edmondson gets criticized for making off ESP? This just doesn’t add up as plausible.

        And “revenge” against who? For what?!

          • It’s part of an acting career at that level. Sarah still books jobs now. Don’t be jelly

        • She had her money made and with the addition of a second child, she was no longer interested in putting in the required time to run her center, perhaps?

          I understand that completely but as a participant and friend, there was no need to pull others down to this extent.

          Perhaps a suggested 6-month suspension or mediation between the two would more than sufficed., if Bronfman money wasn’t a carrot hanging in the background.

          • Yah. Gotta watch out for those background carrots.

            I’m open to your opinion.

            Just seems like a reaaaal risky, long-shot.

            To leave a very successful guaranteed cash flow with all the hardest work done (basically getting commissions on all you’ve enrolled and the whole down line)

            On the very, very, slim chance that Keith will eventually be arrested ( pretty.much no one thought that’ would happen)

            Then Keith will lose at trial. Big time. Also not even slightly a sure bet.

            Now you are banking on later there will be a civil suit. And you maybe might get some sweet, sweet Bronfman money. If you win. And even then…probably won’t get paid. For years. If at all.

            Oh, yeah. And now everyone will know your a cult-y dumbass with a branded pussy.

            Like, everyone will know. Your mom. Your former babysitter. Everyone.

            Plus, You (Sarah) will also rack up your own insane legal bills and lose most of your friends

            We can agree to disagree. But as we say in the old timey joke biz., ” that’s a long way to go for a turkey sandwich”

            And finally… If your scenario is to believed –

            Then Sarah Edmondson is a super villain extraordinaire legend level expert on the longest con I’ve ever heard of…

            And ya kinda gotta give it to her then.

            Just kidding on that last part. But seriously, the plot you lay out is decades long in the making and full of muddy potholes and probable dark alleys.

  • “Despite extensive testimony from women who either received the brand or were about to receive the brand from Dr. Roberts, who said they were not her patients and never once considered Dr. Roberts to be acting as a physician, the panel of three judges chose to side with the one woman who launched the complaint and claimed the opposite. It is our belief that the board members succumbed to media and political pressure to choose the popular side of a salacious narrative over doing what is ethical and right within the purview of their authority.”

    Is this evidence of yet another governing body that believes in “cult brainwashing”?

    Let me guess, the one witness they sided with had anticult deprogramming, and the multiple others hadn’t. Those others who gave factual testimony about their own experience were considered by the panel to be brainwashed sex slaves, only 3/5ths human.

    I tell you, anticult deprogrammers should start their own cult.

    They can sell their services to people who are about to engage in some kind of court case or judicial review:

    “Deprogramming makes you more understandable to a jury and YOU WIN EVERY TIME!!!”


    • but they get what they deserve.

      No matter how much you white knight these harpies, max out your credit cards to fund their legal battles or like/repost them on social media, they won’t find you the slightest bit attractive.

      They might flirt a bit for the fun of it, but they are all discarded alpha widows who pine for their man in jail. The world is filled with used up hags like this.

      Nothing a beta boy wants more than the sloppy seconds an alpha already pumped and dumped. Branded meat is the most enticing.

      You dream of starting your own cult brand, but you don’t have the charisma or brains to pull it off. Instead, you pull your pork.

      • BetaBoy-

        Widowed hags and harpies…Sounds like you have firsthand experience with this kinda-stuff. Any suggestions you can share on how we might score one or more of these vivacious trollops would be greatly appreciated.


  • I like pretty, toned, white girls who also happen to be doctors as much as/or maybe even more than the next guy, BUT C’Mon!?

    Sarah drank the Kool-Aid and evolved…The former Doc Roberts and NC (+The Dossier Project) need to eat some crow already.

    You bet on the wrong horse. Let it go, Elsa.

    Drop the glazed-over eyes look and realize that you eff’d up.

    You’ll still be enlightened…Maybe even more-so. Post KAR.

    …Never too late to WAKE UP!

  • At what point do some readers laugh and stop reading? For me it was early, when I read this:

    “She performed a brand, similar in procedure to a tattoo,”

    Actually, branding is more similar to being slashed with a knife.

    • Exactly! Or this one: “The panel of three judges chose to side with the one woman who launched the complaint and claimed the opposite”. The Dossier women spin the story as if only Sarah was not happy and the other 100+ women were happy with DOS. I think the 8 Dossier project women are the only ones that claim they had a positive experience from DOS. Which shows their lack of common sense. They are also contradicting themselves. They say “We are against any sort of abuse, coercion, emotional manipulation ….and illicit behavior” but at the same time, they support Raniere (a “genius” according to Roberts) and don’t address his obvious nefarious behavior.

      Stupid women they are…. Not all of them are branded by the way! Haertel is not branded and at least one more isn’t either. They said so in one of their videos. To them, I would suggest a visit to a branding “artist” and get the highly sought-after KR brand. In this way, they can feel truly united with their DOS-sisters. But they won’t. I wonder why…….

      • Ha! Haertel is so not hot she didn’t even make the ‘brandable’ cut and, yet, she’s still a contender? What’s the new prize now since KAR’s affections are off-limits for the next century or so?

        • Their position as contenders will evaporate over time as Ms. Haertel ages like the others. Considering the known predilections of this certain Keith Raniere, I don’t understand why they don’t realize that they are only considered objects and not persons by Raniere. He loves only himself and his egomania.

  • Ah the so-called “Doctor” Danielle Roberts! The friend of the annoying, obnoxious, ugly, nerdy, wannabe fashion icon, and uppity little cult propagating house nigger Michelle Hatchette! Fighting to do what she her sub-species was always destined to do by God!

    See! All these idiots get so upset about the hallowed and sacred Confederate flag for nothing! Michelle Hatchette and her cronies are the reason that flag will always fly high!

    Frank, the reason I fly my confederate flag is simple…………… I just fly it TOOOOO SAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY:


    (Patriots Chanting)




    ✊🏻IF WE BELIEVE!✊🏻

    Remember, Frank! Multiple whip lashes to their backs each day drives all the uppity nigger’s egos away! 😉

      • No, I was just talking about all niggers in general! Unlike you, I don’t discriminate one nigger from another! 😉

        Seriously, Frank and you claim to be for “equality”?! You need to work on your discrimination issues and hypocrisy! Tsk…Tsk! 🤨

        • Well at least your good enough to lump me as one so I’m proud. Now please, young lady, take your medicine. It is vital.

          • Well of course somebody somebody with a nigger brain would say something like that!

            And remember what I said, since you never posted up my comments that I told you about, I’ve vowed to never take your imaginary meds! You broke your deal so I was left with no choice but to sell them all to a nigger in a cooperative sting operation with the F.B.I. and the F.B.I. was so kind to let me keep all the money since the meds were non-existent!

            That money will now be put to good use instead of him just skipping his baby momma’s child support to buy booze, drugs and funding gangs! It’s called sitting in my bank account and growing!

            ✊🏻THERE’S A BETTER WAY!✊🏻

          • I understand you think your real father did that to you. But he did not. He supported you and tried his best. Being a Black man married to a Jewish woman in the 1970s was no fun. There were a lot of racist assholes then.

          • Frank, I’m in the process of transitioning from natural-born Karen to… you guessed it.. Uppity N*gg*r.

            I just know I was born in the wrong body. I’m living for the day the taunts of “OK Karen” will be replaced by a series of super cool matching hand gestures and sonorous declarations of brotherhood.

            I just hope people will be kind enough to recognize me as the Tupac Shakur I know I really am.

            I will sue Def Jam, for starters. My mix-tape sounds nothing like Doris Day. And I’m not ‘On crack’.

      • If I may draw a comparison for once and refer to the construct of social gender, which need not be identical to biological gender, then the construct could be asserted or demanded in terms of ethnicity. According to this, a white person with pure European ancestry could consider himself a black person if he wanted to choose that as his self-chosen ethnic identity. This would then be freedom of choice not only about one’s gender, but also freedom of choice about one’s self-determined ethnicity or race.

        • Anonymous, 1:31pm-

          N****r please!” -Chris Rock

          YOU are a prime example of what happens when arcane, esoteric, psychobabble, and, Camus theory escape the Ivory Tower, and infect the world. Currently, the United States is headed towards an Orwellian or Kafkaesque purgatory.

          Liberals and conservatives alike are now anti-science. Thanks to you, schmucks, sex no longer exists, and the FBI is responsible for Bernie Sanders losing.

          Go read some advocacy journalism,…pseudo-intellectual.
          Blah, blah, blah!

      • This young lady is upset because the meds I prescribed for her made her anxious and depressed about her race and religion,

        • I’m not depressed about my race or religion! I’m proud to be a part of the most superior race in history!

          You’re the one that is so depressed about being a fat transsexual guido that you have to pretend to be a doctor prescribing meds because that’s how pathetic you are!

          Don’t worry! Once we execute you for treason, you’ll finally be put out of your misery and worthless existence!

          ✊🏻IF WE BELIEVE✊🏻

          ✊🏻THERE’S A BETTER WAY!✊🏻

      • Mick, this women is actually has a Jewish mother and a Black father. She stopped taking her meds about three weeks ago,

        • Frank-

          I know who this whacky woman is. She is the illegitimate daughter of a basketball player and a Jewish motel clerk. It’s kinda funny the whacky woman looks
          Kobe Bryant.

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