Nancy Salzman’s Letters of Support Released With Names of Supporters

Nancy Salzman heads to court for her sentencing.

As per the order of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, Nancy Salzman’s lawyers finally publicly filed Salzman’s entire sentencing memorandum – including her letters of support.

Initially, they filed the entire Sentencing Memorandum under seal. The judge nixed that. Then they tried to file the letters of support under seal, blaming the Frank Report.

Her lawyer, Robert A Soloway, argued that supporters were in danger of being outed by the Frank Report as the reason for requesting the letters remain under seal.

“As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists,’ Soloway wrote.

The judge did not buy it and citing First Amendment considerations and common law, ordered everything to be public except references to Salzman’s medical conditions.

See: Judge Orders Nancy Salzman’s Letters of Support Made Public

We will delve into the letters of significance in future posts. For now, we will name the writers and, when we know them, their relationship to Salzman.

Let me make it clear that the mere fact that someone writes a letter of support for Nancy Salzman does not make them evil. And that no one should draw some inference that every letter writer is under Salzman’s hypnotic and brainwashing sway.

Here is the list of supporters. It probably would not be even of importance had lawyer Soloway not tried his best to keep it from the public because, as he wrote, “the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists.’”

The letter writers are as follows:

Family Members

Lauren Salzman

Lauren Salzman, daughter and codefendant. Lauren got probation.

Michelle Salzman Myers

Michelle Salzman, daughter. Worked for NXIVM; not charged.

Renee Krul, Salzman’s first cousin.

Geddy Krul M.D., Renee’s husband.

Milton Loshin, Nancy’s late father. He wrote this shortly before he died. He was 93.

Lorriane Loshin, her mother.

Ben Myers, NXIVM member and son-in-law.

Sandy Padilla [married to Lauren and Michelle’s father]

NXIVM Students

David Ashen

Antonio Cervantes

India Oxenberg with her then-boyfriend Michel Chernitzky

Michel Chernitsky

Kim Constable, bodybuilder and vegan advocate

Kim Constable

Marc Elliot

Marc Elliot

Natalie Gavina

Steven G, Messing

Brandon Porter had his medical license revoked in New York for his role in NXIVM.

Brandon Porter

Enrique Martin-Moreno

Virginia McIntosh

Carolina Mora


Leah Motishaw

Leah Motishaw

Lucas Roberts

Lucas Roberts

Jacqueline Ronay

Jacqueline Ronay

Luis Sandoval

Sean Sweeney

Marian Velasquez

Matt Wakelin

Dolores Wilson

Robert Younis

Jorge Chayer

Veronica Collignon

Alayne Curtis is a Capitol region hairdresser who took NXIVM courses.

Alayne Curtis

Gabriel Delgado

Brett Diamond

Christopher Fulton

David Garza Perez

Wende Irick

Jack Levy Hasson

Elizabeth Leon Madrid



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  • Convicted criminal Lauren Salzman provides a character witness for her convicted criminal mother. One criminal vouches for another criminal. This is just what Lauren needed to do to demonstrate her hypocritical remorse.

  • It’s important to note that some of these people are no longer supporters of Nancy. They wrote their letters three years ago when she was going for her bail. Her lawyers use the letters here without asking the people.

  • As Nancy said to S Dones:
    Did any of the other women that Nancy expected/encouraged/demanded to have lesbian sex with write letters of support thanking her from freeing them of their shackles of heterosexuality?

  • I never would have seen this coming, the new wife writing a letter of support for Nancy.

    Sandy Padilla [married to Lauren and Michelle’s father]. Sandy is a saint! I mean it!

  • KRC,

    Your thoughts, please…

    Did the Nxium 5 write support letters, but Nancy’s lawyers chose not to submit them? Due to optics?

    And the vicious circle of Nancy claiming not to support Raniere, but then getting her support letters from the dead-enders (with whom Nancy isn’t supposed to be communicating) sending a mixed- message?

    Or did they NOT support Nancy thru letters because she spoke out against Raniere?

    FRANK? Do tell, please. YOU must know.

    Frank, you communicate with Nicki and Suneel. That is a post that I think many of your readers would welcome from Suneel (for once, in some cases). Or better yet, from Danielle. Or Michelle. Or any of them. Addressing the issue of their participation or lack thereof, in support letters for Nancy.

    A post from a dead-ender: Did you write Nancy Salzman a letter of support? Why? Why not? Would be excellent.

    KRC, when were the support letters actually written? Some seem a bit old?

    Thank you both so much! Keep up the excellent work & fighting the good fight!

  • I don’t get why these letters of support are of any importance in the sentencing procedure. So the criminal’s cousin thinks the convicted is a heluva person? So what?

    Sentencing, like the trial itself, should be based strictly on fact. We don’t put the accused’s friends and relatives on the jury, nor the victim’s. For good reason.

    I don’t know whether judges attach any importance to these letters. They shouldn’t.

    • Judges consider the entire picture of a person’s behavior patterns and character including outside of the context and circumstances of the charges at hand. i.e. Were they problematic similarly prior to the circumstances of the case? Judges look at that with regard to rehab potential

    • It is kind of ironic that the Suneels of the world complain that the trial was too “emotion based”. The support letters are almost entirely driven by mundane personal anecdote and… Emotion.

  • That Brandon Porter wrote the judge — that he thought his words to this judge would be helpful — tells you how distorted his self-image is. As if that was a good idea. I’m sure Garufis’s jaw dropped. He’s like, “The Fright Study doctor? Oh gee, well, if HE vouches for Nancy, that’s all I need to hear to let her off with probation.”

    Why would Nancy accept his help with this?

  • Gabriel Delgardo is missing in the list of letters of support:

    August 14th, 2021

    The Honorable Judge Nicholas Garaufis Federal District Court Judge
    Brooklyn, New York
    Re: Nancy Salzman Federal Sentencing Dear Judge Garaufis,
    My name is Gabriel Delgado and I am from Guatemala, a small country in Central America. I am a businessman and entrepreneur, father of 4 wonderful children whom I love very dearly, and someone who has worked hard for the improvement of my country and region. I’ve always wanted to achieve my full potential as a person and have been attracted to different courses and theories around human potential.

    In 2009, a person very dear to me, whose intelligence and honorability I respect very much, advised me that there was a course that was quite transformational and that I should look into it. After thinking it through I thought it was worth the investment, which was not insignificant at the time.

    A few months later I enrolled in what became the first of many courses in what was known as ESP. I briefly met Nancy Salzman at that event and was left with a positive impression of her, and her funny, joyful, and caring manner of relating with those of us taking her courses. Over time, as I got to share more time with Nancy, we became friends and she was always open and eager to help me with issues that came up in my life. She was someone who supported me through very difficult times without asking for anything in return.

    I disagreed structurally with the business model and other ideas that were part of the program, both as the sceptic that I am and as an entrepreneur by training. I brought these up in conversations with Nancy and others at the organization, sometimes uncomfortably to those involved, and yet I continued to participate in courses and the program both because I made friends there and because I continued to see a positive impact in my life.

    I never lived in Albany, so I wasn’t privy to much of the going on’s of the community or what happened that turned into this very unfortunate event. However, Nancy, even from afar, continued to be interested and concerned about my and my family’s wellbeing. In the 8 years I knew her before the vents around which this case are wrapped, I have found her to be caring and emphatic beyond most of the people I know. She would help people even at the expense of her rest and recovery, she was always warm and caring, not only to me and my family, but I could observe to others.
    In the 53 years I have lived, I have found people to be consistent in their character throughout their lives. Nancy, in all the time I have known her, was always this joyful, engaged, caring, empathetic person. I do not hesitate to write this character reference letter.


    Gabriel Delgardo

  • August I 6’h, 202 I

    Honorable judge Garaufis,

    I met Nancy Salzman in 2013, after I took one of her seminars.

    Since the moment I met her she opened the doors of her house and family to me, she would cook for us and host us and, no matter what was going on in her life, she was always cheerful and upliking

    She never complains, always sees the good side of people and bright side of things. Whenever I would complain about someone in my life she would ask me to put myself in their shoes and see things their way, so It would come easier to forgive them, she is extremely compassionate and empathetic.

    Every time I trusted her with my issues she would find a way to help me make them feel less
    painful and she would give me advice in a caring, loving way.

    She has done nothing but help me become more joyful and improving my relationship with myself and others.

    I am forever grateful and I wish someday I’ll be as caring, loving and empathetic as she is.

    I hope that by reading these lines you have a sense of Nancy’s big heart and eagerness to help people

    Thank you so much for your time.


    Mariana Collignon

  • Nancy’s own sister, Carole Kass, didn’t write a letter? That says a lot…

    Also, Nancy lied…..there are other caretakers living in NJ that help with Nancy’s mother, Lorraine Loshin.

    • I saw someone wrote about her somewhere here that her sister Carole has mental health issues and that the husband is a controlling boor. I guess Nancy wasn’t able to cure that.

  • Given how much they say NXIVM benefitted their lives, I’m surprised that Nicki Clyne, Danielle Roberts, Samantha LeBaron, Linda Cheung, Sahajo Haertel, and Michele Hachette did not contribute letters of support. Also, Suneel, you’re spending weeks following Raniere’s EXIF data but you couldn’t spare a few minutes. to help Nancy avoid jail time? Eduardo, you could sit in the courthouse for hours writing up a synopsis for the Frank Report but you couldn’t spend 15 minutes writing Nancy a statement of support?

  • Why is Nancy’s letter to the court fully redacted? I am sure the letter was not solely about her medical issues.

  • Hey Frank!

    I was thinking about you this morning as they were announcing the winners of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. The award was shared by 2 journalists and is the first time a journalist has been awarded the prize in a really long time.

    Goes to show the type of work you do is important and really does have the power to make a difference in the world.

    Just wanted to say thanks for all you do!!!

    • Thanks for your thought. The work of a writer is important and now that almost everyone has a voice, thanks to social media and the internet, writer’s are no longer dependent on publishers, or moneyed interests to speak. This might be the greatest boon of all. If I had to depend on editors with varied financial interests, I could not publish the truth as I see it, but only as they see it. So writing and writers are going to have more and more influence in the world I believe, more than ever before.

      • That’s absolutely awesome, Frank. Most importantly, you’re void of special interest and politically correct groups.

        Exactly why I stopped reading the NYTimes and other papers 20 years ago.

  • My name is David J Ashen and I reside at 54 South St, in the village of Rhinebeck, NY. I am the president of an interior design firm in NYC called dash design, inc. I am writing this letter in support of Nancy Salzman.

  • Geez. I’m not sure I’d like to make public a letter of recommendation from Brandon B. Porter, M.D., Ph.D, from Halfmoon, New York. Is he still an M.D., he was stripped of his license, wasn’t he?

    So he can’t even get past his name without lying.

    Let’s see what he says:

    “We need more people like Nancy Salzman, who support and help people engender the values of personal responsibility and non-violence.”

    This is the guy who showed rape and dismemberment videos to unsuspecting women in truly vile experiments to help control a sex cult.

    Does anyone not understand now why Keith Raniere should be jailed for the rest of his life, and why Brandon Porter should be right there with him? And yet they still don’t get it.

    But now you can see why Nancy Salzman wanted her letters of support kept secret. Sheesh.

    • Regarding Doc Brandon Porter,

      Submitting a letter provided by
      former Dr. Brandon Porter ie Dr. Fright is rather peculiar, and entirely asinine.

      It’s rumored, Brandon’s inspiration, for the experiment, was the acclaimed
      Dr. Brodsky, the father of the Ludovico’s Technique.

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