Judge Orders Nancy Salzman’s Letters of Support Made Public

Judge Garuafis

Nancy Salzman’s letters of support are going to become public

By order of US District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis, Salzman is directed  to “file the sentencing memorandum and exhibits publicly on the docket with the exception of references to medical conditions” by Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 12 pm.

Salzman asked the judge to keep her letters of support sealed. Her lawyer, Robert A Soloway, argued that supporters were in danger of being outed by the Frank Report.

“As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists,’ Soloway wrote.

When she filed it in late August, Salzman filed her entire sentencing memorandum under seal, without following court procedures which include getting the judge’s permission to file under seal.

History of this issue of privacy.

  1. Sept. 5: I wrote to Judge Garaufis asking him to require Salzman to file her sentencing memorandum publicly.
  2. Sept. 6:  Judge Garaufis ordered Salzman to make the memorandum public by September 7th.
  3. Sept. 7: Salzman’s attorneys filed a partially redacted sentencing memorandum; they continued to redact letters of support [Exhibits A, B, C, and G contain supportive letters, Exhibits D, E, and F contain medical information.]
  4. Sept. 8: Salzman was sentenced to 42 months followed by three years of supervised release, and ordered to report to prison in January for her conviction on one count of racketeering conspiracy.
  5. Sept. 10: the Albany Times Union submitted a letter to the court seeking public disclosure of the remaining portion of her sentencing submission, in particular the letters of support.
  6. Sept. 20: The judge directed that Salzman explain her “legal justification” for the remaining redactions of her sentencing memorandum, and the letters of support.
  7. Sept. 27, her attorney, Robert Solloway, filed an explanation, offering, as noted above, the Frank Report for justification.

Nancy Salzman heads to court for sentencing on September 8, 2021 [Photo courtesy Daily Mail]

Judge Nicholas Garaufis

On October 4, the judge denied the request and ordered the letters unsealed:

“[The] right of open access arises from … common law and the First Amendment…   Sentencing memoranda and their accompanying exhibits generally qualify as judicial documents because they are submitted by defendants – as the letters are here – …. as part and parcel of their legal arguments for a particular sentence to influence the court’s sentencing decision….

The … concerns identified by Saltzman [the memorandum misspells Salzman as Saltzman] do not outweigh the heavy presumption of open access…

Saltzman argues that disclosure would have a “chilling effect on those who wish to assist other defendants and courts in future high-profile cases.”…  The court is not persuaded. This is not a case in which a party seeks to seal identities of cooperating witnesses, where unsealing would present a public safety risk and could discourage witnesses from cooperating in other cases…..

She submitted her supporters’ letters as exhibits to her own memorandum, incorporating them into her legal arguments….. Saltzman also argues that significant privacy interests are at stake because the authors of supportive letters may face retribution if their identities are publicly known, given the public attention that has been paid to this case…. 

[T]he court holds that the privacy interests identified by Saltzman, while important, do not outweigh the presumption of open access to materials submitted by the defendant in support of her sentencing arguments….

…under the First Amendment… open access to criminal matters and its important democratic functions are well established…. This fundamental principle of criminal law is highlighted by Congress’s directive that sentencing proceedings must be held in “open court.” ….  Relatedly, the documents relied on in sentencing arguments are an essential corollary to the sentencing proceedings, and the court views access to such documents the same way that access to the proceedings themselves are viewed, absent compelling competing concerns…. the public has a right to access nonmedical information relied upon in her sentencing submission.


The judge also pointed out that Fed. R. Crim. P. 49.1(a), protects certain portions of social security numbers, taxpayer-identification numbers, birth dates, names of individuals known to be minors, financial-account numbers, and home addresses from public disclosure.

This, unfortunately for Salzman, does not protect the letter writers’ names or the contents of their letters.



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  • There was a letter from Nancy Salzman’s attorney today asking for an extension for one more day.

    He said he “just saw” Judge Garaufis’ order for the necessary changes to her sentencing memorandum.

    What a total moron Robert Soloway is. He isn’t a solo legal practitioner. He has a team of support staff. He has to have a paralegal or at least an aide to help him with this shit.

    His prior excuse for not being able to meet a deadline was “they were out of the country” on other legal matters. Maybe hiding Nancy cash in another country for her.

    Hopefully, the Judge will give Bobby a little sanction for not getting off his ass and getting this job done right.

    Come on man, it’s been filed under seal twice – and when ordered to unseal it, Bobby redacted the Holy crap out of it.

    There are several reasons why NXIVM-Nancy would want that done, don’t you think?

    Too many lies in it. Lies that people would call Bullshit on.

    Time to make more popcorn 🍿

    Tomorrow Bobby…we want it tomorrow, buddy.

    • I just checked again at 7:30 PM – and they have not yet been posted on PACER.

      It appears that Nancy’s attorneys are just as arrogant as she is…

        • The deadline was Noon today. So, given that other filings in the case concerning matters that occurred after that deadline have already shown up on PACER, it appears that Nancy’s attorneys did not file it on time.

          • Still nothing filed on PACER as of Noon on Thursday, October 7th. the mystery continues…

          • K.R. Claviger,

            Nancy’s supporters’ letters — they’re going to be interesting. I’m betting Jim Del Negro (Ester Carlson) wrote one.

          • Well, still nothing filed on PACER as of 7:00 AM on Thursday, October 7th — which strongly suggests that Nancy’s attorneys just blew off Judge Garaufis’ Order or decided to appeal it to the Second Circuit without filing any Notice of Appeal. If these guys keep pulling these stunts, they are going to find themselves being sanctioned by Judge Garaufis — which would likely earn them a bonus from Nancy/Keith/Clare for service above and beyond the norm!

          • PACER often lags several hours behind schedule – but the way it works is that each attorney inputs their own filings. So, all the PACER staff have to do is make sure that the system is properly processing what’s been filed.

  • YES! Now I wonder if Salzman’s lawyers will comply, how fully they will comply, and long it will take them.

  • Will Frank Report provide a correction article about Suneel’s lies to its readers?
    Yesterday, the audience showed Suneel was lying in his article.

    If the truth is always fair, why not show it to others? Why hide it in comments?

    Suneel created a post with several lies. The audience with screenshots proved he was lying.

    Why does Suneel get a pass? Why not expose his lies?

    Nxivm thrived because nobody fact-checked and called out the BS. It is important, especially with cults, to show their inconsistencies.

  • Anyone who supports Nancy should be considered an accomplice to these heinous crimes. And why then was Lauren allowed to have her support letter author names redacted?

  • OH GOODY!!! BEFORE THEY HIT PACER, who wants to guess who the authors are?

    I can’t even put myself in her shoes as to who she’d think is a good reference. Everyone’s either been wronged by her, worked for her, or is a member of her family (likely at least 2 of the 3).

    My guess for Nancy’s top 5 are:

    Nancy’s Momma
    NXIVM Lawyer Crockett
    Kid from the Movie who had Tourettes cured
    Yet-Unnamed Private Therapy Clients 1 & 2
    Sara B

    And bonus pick #6 is:
    Ben (not-my-son-in-law–not-my-tech-guy) M

    • OK, I’m not chalking my guesses up to a complete loss. With the letters hitting PACER I’ll recap:

      I hit it on the head with Nancy’s Momma chiming in (although her late Father was a surprise).

      Ben M was almost too easy, of course.

      I will be the first to say though, I didn’t and I’m guessing NOBODY else expected her 50TH BIRTHDAY HAIRDRESSER!

      TGIF. Enjoy the reading y’all.

  • ““As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists,’ Soloway wrote.

    This is what cults do to their critics: damage their reputations and fortunes.

    Isn’t it completely fucking hilarious that AntiCults do the same things that Cults do?


    • Blah blah blah blah

      Why would they be ashamed of supporting the Cult leaders, Al?

      Stand tall and proud just like Tom Cruise.

      He doesn’t seem ashamed.

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Tom Cruise standing tall.
        Somehow it’s impossible for me to watch Cruise saving the planet in every movie he makes.
        Tom Cruise is being blackmailed to believe in Xenu.

        I mean I can imagine how people fall for a thing like nxivm. But Scientology? That’s a whole new level of stupidity.

    • Alanzo,

      What the lawyer said about the FR is what is hilarious.
      Weaponizing statements?
      Damaging the “reputation and fortune of remaining loyalists?

      Whatever was left of the reputation of those loyalists, they themselves are, of course, the real damaging factor, to their own and each other’s “reputation”.
      The so-called loyalists who danced in front of the MDC? Claiming they are there for all prisoners.
      The loyalists who categorically deny all wrongdoing?
      The loyalists who claim that everyone with a different opinion than theirs is lying?

      What or which “reputations” are left to damage, after what the nxivm loyalists did to themselves?
      The loyalists are still being commanded. By who? I have no idea.
      The remaining nxivm people are so sanctimonious about why they are doing what they’re doing. Claiming they are the victims of a witch-hunt. Claiming that, because of media outlets like the FR, they are being targeted. In the meantime, they put videos and opinions out there, where they blame Sarah Edmondson and Bonnie Piesse, for the misery they are experiencing at this moment.

      Luckily for us, the outside world, the remaining nxivm people do this not to damage others. But they are informing us regarding the truth.

      The nxivm loyalists probably know, somewhere deep down, that the real reason for not wanting to be named in this case is shame.
      They can talk for hours to each other. But when it really matters, they want to be anonymous. Like I said before, where were they when they had the chance to testify in court to save their vanguard and prefect?

      By the way, the term anti-cultist is a bit weird. Nobody in their right mind is pro-cults.

      • “Joey” wrote:

        “By the way, the term anti-cultist is a bit weird. Nobody in their right mind is pro-cults.”

        You have a mental construct in your mind called a “cult”.

        But have you ever been a member of a group that’s been labeled a ‘cult’ by mainstream society?

        Do you have any real world experience with a “cult” or do you just have this mental construct?

        Because here’s the thing, Joey, I was a member of a group that is widely regarded by mainstream society as a ‘cult’ and my real world experience proved to me that 99.9% of the people in that ‘cult’ never harmed anyone and never would.

        That the leader himself is a criminal doesn’t make anyone else in that group a criminal.

        So this construct that you have in your mind – can you describe it? Does it correspond to anything in the real world?

        Or is it all just in your head?


        • Alonzo, maybe you know a lot about cults but perhaps you’ve studied them to the exclusion of other subjects such as human trafficking? If so, no worries! Here’s a quick primer for you from Wikipedia:

          The goal of a trafficker is to turn a human being into a slave. To do this, perpetrators employ tactics that can lead to the psychological consequence of learned helplessness for the victims, where they sense that they no longer have any autonomy or control over their lives. Traffickers may hold their victims captive, expose them to large amounts of alcohol or use drugs, keep them in isolation, or withhold food or sleep.[161] During this time the victim often begins to feel the onset of depression, guilt and self-blame, anger and rage, and sleep disturbances, PTSD, numbing, and extreme stress. Under these pressures, the victim can fall into the hopeless mental state of learned helplessness.

          • Hi My2Cents –

            Which groups that have been labeled “cults” engage in human trafficking?

            Are all cults human trafficking organizations?

            If a cult does not engage in human trafficking, why is it called a cult then?


        • Victims of sex trafficking often get “branded” by their traffickers or pimps. These tattoos usually consist of bar codes or the trafficker’s name or rules. Even if a victim escapes their trafficker’s control or gets rescued, these tattoos are painful reminders of their past and result in emotional distress. To get these tattoos removed or covered up can cost hundreds of dollars.

        • Trafficked people are held against their will through acts of coercion, and forced to work for or provide services to the trafficker or others. The work or services may include anything from bonded or forced labour to commercial sexual exploitation.[1][2] The arrangement may be structured as a work contract, but with no or low payment, or on terms which are highly exploitative. Sometimes the arrangement is structured as debt bondage, with the victim not being permitted or able to pay off the debt.

          • My2cents,

            I have a penny for Alanzo’s thoughts.. 😉

            Remember, you are communicating with someone, who’s a future inhabitant of a refrigerator box.

          • Hi Alonzo,

            Which groups that have been labeled “cults” engage in human trafficking?

            – A very well known example is the Children of God cult:


            Are all cults human trafficking organizations?

            – No. Human trafficking is not part of the definition of a cult:


            If a cult does not engage in human trafficking, why is it called a cult then?

            – Because it matches the definition of one.

          • Oh! And Alonzo,

            You know this. Only a small number of selected women were branded.

            You may also recall the branding was a major factor in shutting down this group. Once word leaked out that this was happening (plus the reports about the health of the women), people took action and put a stop to it.

            This particular scheme didn’t get too far. Still way more than just one pimp and one person though! And many, many more crimes than just sex trafficking one woman, too.

        • Well, as a matter of fact, I’ve been part of a high control group for almost a decade.
          Oh, by the way, I was the whistleblower on that whole thing. A government experiment gone wild. We were going to fix juvenile delinquency. How is that for a noble cause?
          My job was to observe, interact and report about the group behaviour of 12 juvenile delinquents. Each group that was “treated” was with us for 2 years. The youngest boy could be 13. The oldest 23. It happened in Europe, and I won’t bother you with the details.
          So………these are my “credentials”. Hope they are up to your standards.

          I agree when you say: if a leader is a criminal, that doesn’t mean members of the group are criminals. But the members are something. Or maybe better, became something. By staying “wilfully blind”, there is no check and balance when it comes to the behaviour of the one they call leader.

        • Hi Alanzo-

          —But have you ever been a member of a group that’s been labeled a ‘cult’ by mainstream society?

          The answer is no, because Joey has something they called back in the day, common sense.

    • Alanzo excellent points!

      People have enjoyed Alanzo’s weblog posts for over 20 years!

      Here is what Loreem Banister circa 2017 had to say to Alanzo;

      “In reply to Alanzo: Man, I don’t even respect you or your opinion to debate you. You are delusional and rude. Always a bad combination. Stf, Alonzo. This is painful to watch.”


      Simply amazing that Alanzo has not changed in 4 years. Alanzo is an unrepentant troll and totally nuts! Congrats to Alanzo!

    • Hi Alanzo-

      Can you please educate us as to what an AntiCult is and how long ago you coined this neologism. I bet nomenclature is your speciality. Manufacturing neologisms is a schizophrenic specialty. I’m not being facetious.

      Neologism and Schizophrenia:

      …..Of course you make up new words. I’d expect nothing less from you. Have a great night and don’t forget to check under your bed for OSA.

      • I didn’t coin the term, Nice Guy.


        You’re continually calling me insane here on a public forum. You do realize that Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman used the same tactic on their critics, too right? And way before them, L Ron Hubbard and his Guardian’s Office, and then later the Office of Special Affairs, did the same thing in order to discredit their critics publicly.

        So I have a question for you:

        If you sincerely believe I’m insane, it’s pretty cruel to continue to taunt me publicly like this – isn’t it?

        But if you don’t believe I’m insane, and you’re just calling me insane over and over, then you’re a liar.

        So which is it, “Nice Guy”:

        Are you cruel or a liar?


          • So are you cruel? Repeatedly taunting a person you sincerely believe to be insane in a public forum, over and over, calling them insane?

            Or do you know I’m not insane, that I just say things that you disagree with? So when you call me insane over and over – you’re lying.

            Cruel or liar, “Nice Guy”?

            Which is it?

          • Nice Guy –

            This is the “logic” of a person who recently called every one on FR “retarded and blind”

            So is HE cruel? Or a liar?

            Please stop engaging with him. It just clutters up this blog with irrelevant nonsense. And encourages him.

            Take your charming repartee with him to a Scientology blog or DMs. There are lots of other options were it’s more relevant and welcome.


        • Alonzo,
          Longer explanation!

          Alonzo, we both know two things:
          1. You left Scientology because they would not give you the promotion you believed you deserved. The “I left because of moral reasons” is complete BS. You are a narcissist and egomaniac. In other words, a selfish person — an asshole.

          2. The insanity portion of your personality didn’t develop until years after you left the church.

          If you weren’t a whack job, you’d still be an asshole. Am I a liar or cruel, or crazy like you — I don’t care — you’re an asshole. I sleep well.

          I must be careful and treat you with deference, lest I incur your wrath because you’re the self-proclaimed
          Alanzo, Vishnu, “Destroyer of Worlds”. Such a testament to mania and egomania has never existed.

          Take care Alonzo/Vishnu


          • Thanks for this “Nice Guy”. I understand your reasoning better now.

            “You left Scientology because they would not give you the promotion you believed you deserved. The “I left because of moral reasons” is complete BS. You are a narcissist and egomaniac. In other words, a selfish person — an asshole.

            This is a fascinating window into your brain, “Nice Guy”.

            Scientology doesn’t have “promotions” like you are asserting here. Every level I achieved in Scientology, after a course or auditing action, was completely acknowledged by them. Even on staff.

            You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            And if I am a narcissist and an egomaniac, as you say, why would I give up so much control to you in this open forum on the FrankReport to shame and humiliate me with my bankruptcy, etc?

            Wouldn’t I go someplace where I had more control?

            Please explain.


          • Dearest Alanzo/Vishnu

            —Scientology doesn’t have “promotions”.

            Please excuse me. Can you enlighten me as to the correct Sci-Church jargon is for the word “management”.

            —Wouldn’t I go someplace where I had more control?

            Simple answer: you have nowhere else to go; you’ve been banned everywhere.

            —is a fascinating window into your brain.

            I’m so glad you understand me. It’s incredible you can infer so much. You possess such mental acuity.

            Here’s a peephole into your brain:

            “He [Alanzo] acted quite bizarre and engaged in pointless drama fests that were just irritating as fuck – like if everyone wasn’t paying attention to him he would instigate a post to ensure he became the center of attention.”
            -Posted by “Bunny” 1/8/14 at:

            —You don’t know what you’re talking about.

            LMAO- neither does anyone else in Alanzo Land.

            What exactly are you “talking about”, do you even know yourself?

            Have a great day!

  • Ha ha ha. Good job, Frank.

    Although, Suneel will probably take the credit for it.

    Suneel seems very proficient at patting himself on the back for accomplishing nothing while telling lies about people.

    Where is Suneel’s dumb Pinocchio meme?

    Looking forward to reading the letters!


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