Caught Red-Handed? Nancy Salzman’s Letters of Support Are Suspect

Nancy Salzman had a brilliant 20 year run -- then she had a little fall....

Nancy Salzman may be in hot water – again.  Her lawyer might be in trouble too.

Some of her letters of support look suspicious. At least two letter writers tell Frank Report they had no idea their letters, written years ago, would be used in her sentencing in September. One other letter writer told Frank Report that she would not have consented to having her name used.

No wonder Nancy tried so hard to keep those letters under seal.

She succeeded until after sentencing in keeping them secret, pulling essentially a fast one over on the judge, or so she thought.

She filed her sentencing memorandum on August 30th with the entire memorandum, including all the letters of support, under seal.

The judge ordered her to file the document unsealed on the eve of sentencing, but her cagy lawyers refiled, unsealing the body of the sentencing memorandum (with redactions throughout), but keeping the letters sealed – at least until after sentencing.

The following day, September 8th, the judge having had the benefit of being the only one to see the letters of support, sentenced her to a lenient sentence of 42 months.

Nancy Salzman, as clever as ever

After the sentencing, the judge ordered her to make the letters of support public. His argument was that the public has the right to see them since in the USA we do not conduct secret trials.

Nancy Salzman, with her lawyers David Stern [l] and Robert Soloway [r].
Her lawyer, Robert A Soloway, argued vehemently against allowing the public to see the letters. He said that Nancy’s supporters were in danger of that vicious publication the Frank Report, writing to the judge, “As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists.’”

But the judge’s word is final and Soloway had to publicly file Salzman’s sentencing memorandum – including all her letters of support.

That is when the Salzman hit the fan.

It seems that it may not have been Frank Report that was the cause of the urgent need for the letters to be filed under seal.

The reasons are that a number of the letters may not have been written for her sentencing. A number of letter writers apparently did not know their letters were going to be submitted as part of Nancy’s sentencing memorandum. Some of the letters may have been altered. A number of writers wrote letters years ago when Nancy first took her plea deal. At least three of them have since changed their opinion of Salzman because revelations that became public during the trial of Keith Raniere showed them a truer light about the man called Vanguard and his Prefect.

Nancy Salzman and Keith Raniere

They would not have given permission to use their old letters had they been asked. But they were not asked.

Did Nancy Pull a Fraud on the Court?

Susan Dones uncovered this story for Frank Report.

She texted me, “Two people we know so far didn’t write letters of support that Nancy is claiming they did.”

Dones named them. I confirmed it is true.

“Crazy isn’t it? I knew there was a reason why she was hell-bent on keeping them a secret,” Dones wrote.

Joe O’Hara told Frank Report, “Isn’t this very similar to the criminal conduct she pleaded guilty to?”

He might have a point: Salzman pled guilty to participation in a racketeering conspiracy and admitted to two racketeering acts: conspiring to commit identity theft and conspiring to alter court records in a federal civil proceeding.

Her lawyers tried to excuse her old conduct, writing in her sentencing memo, “It bears noting that at the time of these acts, which occurred well over a decade ago, she was deeply under Raniere’s influence, and wrongly believed that whatever she did on his behalf was for the greater good. These facts are neither a defense nor a legal excuse for her wrongdoing, but are pertinent to the severity of the sentence merited.”

What’s her excuse now? By her own admission, she is no longer under Raniere’s influence.

If these letters have been altered, one wonders who she will blame. Her attorneys? Perhaps she can blame the Frank Report.

Her lawyers wrote, “Nancy was… victimized by Raniere’s cruelty”, who “took Ms. Salzman on a terrible decades-Iong journey which even today she struggles to fully understand.”

She must understand today that doctoring letters, or failing to inform writers of years-old letters or to inform the judge that some of the writers had other intentions when they first wrote the letters is not honest, ethical. It may not be illegal.

Susan Dones Nxivm
Susan Dones does not think much of Nancy Salzman or her latest ploy — submitting a hodgepodge of letters of support some of which are clearly dubious.

Dones wrote on Twitter, “We’re not even sure all the letter[s] were written by the people who Nancy Salzman says were meant to be her letter of support for her sentencing memorandum. Maybe they were older letters about NXIVM’s programs and Nancy took them, switched them up a bit to support her. Come on now,”

“The truth is going to come out,” Dones wrote. “Nancy Salzman files letter[s] of support that were not meant to be filed in her defense for her sentencing…  Judge Garaufis is going to be notified. So bad, Nancy Salzman. Will he blow a fuss over fake letters?”

All told, Nancy offered the judge 39 letters — 7 from family letters, 9 from a so-called group of Nancy’s friends, and 23 from members of the Nxivm community.

As her lawyer wrote, they “…have written to tell their personal stories of Nancy’s kindness and compassion, and how those traits have positively impacted, and in some cases, profoundly altered the course of their lives for the better… They sing Nancy’s praises as a communicator, a facilitator of positive change in troubled lives, and an extraordinarily compassionate and effective life coach.”

As for singing her praises, were all of them apprised that Nancy was going to use them to vocalize support for her at her sentencing?

Her lawyers wrote, “Despite the crimes of which she is guilty — committed after she catastrophically became involved with Raniere, the letters stand as a testament to how she has consistently touched and inspired scores of ordinary people for decades, and how in return, they have not forgotten or abandoned her.”

They may not have forgotten, but at least some have abandoned her and others would have appreciated being asked before having their letters written in 2019, as being filed as bona fide letters of support for her sentencing.

Of her 39 letters: 20 are dated in 2021; 1 is dated in 2020;  12 are dated in 2019; 5 have no date; and 1 is curiously dated 2014.

RE: The 2021 Letters

The 2021 letters seem the least suspicious, but we are dealing with Nancy Salzman so we cannot be too sure.

  1. Rene Krul [cousin]; June 6, 2021.
  2. Milton Loshin [father, died Aug. 15,  age 93] July 4.
  3. Lorraine Loshin, [mother] July 4
  4. Antonio Cervantes; July 9
  5. Steven Messing DMD Aug. 2, [Nancy’s boyfriend.]
  6. Wende S. Irick; Aug. 7
  7. Natalia Gaviria; Aug. 12
  8. Enrique Martin-Moreno; Aug 12
  9. Michael Chernitzky, Aug. 13
  10. Gabriel Delgado; Aug. 14
  11. Ben Myers; son-in-law; Aug. 15.
  12. Mariana Colignon; Aug 16
  13. Carolina Mora; Aug. 18
  14. Jacqueline Ronay; Aug. 18
  15. Jorhe Waisburg Chayet; Aug. 18
  16. Kim Constable; Aug. 20
  17. Sandy Padilla, Aug 22. Introduced Nancy to Keith; married to Nancy’s ex husband.
  18. Christopher Fulton; Aug. 27
  19. Mariana Velásquez; Aug, 29
  20. Lauren Salzman [daughter] Sept. 29.

RE: The No Date Letters

  1. Michelle Salzman-Myers [daughter].
  2. Marc Elliot. He told Frank Report he wrote it years ago but continues to support her.
  3. Matt Wakelin [addressed to “To whom it may concern,” not the judge.
  4. Brett Diamond; addressed “Dear Your Honor.”
  5. Elizabeth Leon Madrid, wrote in pen “Not for publication” addressed as To Whom it may Concern. [not a sentencing letter]

Michelle’s letter seems authentic. But I would certainly check with Brett, Matt and Elizabeth.

Brett Diamond included a picture of Nancy and him in his undated letter that was submitted to Judge Garaufis as a letter of support for her sentencing.

RE: The 2020 Letters

One letter from Geddy Krul M.D; dated July 11, 2020. Dr. Krul is the husband of Nancy’s first cousin, Rene Krul. It is likely authentic and perhaps was dated wrongly.

RE: The 2019 Letters

The letters dated in 2019, starting right after Nancy took her plea deal on March 13, are the most curious.

They seem to have been solicited as character references. Some refer to sentencing. Most do not. How many of these people knew that Nancy was going to hand them into the judge some two and a half years after they were written? And how many consented to Nancy doing just that?

  1. Robert Younis. March 17; Not addressed to judge but “To whom it may concern”
  2. Sean M. Sweeney; March 17 ‘Dear Your Honor’
  3. Lucas Roberts; March 19, Does not address the judge. “Re: Letter of Character Reference for Nancy Salzman”
  4. David G. Garza Perez; March 19,  addressed to Judge Garuafis.
  5. Leah E. L. Mottishaw March 22; member of the Dossier project
  6. Veronica Collignon March 28 “Dear Judge Garaufis”; letter does not mention her legal troubles.
  7. Brandon B. Porter, M.D., March 30 [Porter lost his medical license August 2019.]
  8. Virginia McIntosh March 30; addressed to David Stern [Nancy’s lawyer]
  9. Dolores Wilson; March 31 “To: Honorable Nicholas G. Garaufis: “Re: Character reference for Nancy Salzman” refers to her sentencing.
  10. Luis Sandoval April 1 — “To whom it may concern”
  11. Alayne Curtis; April 4  “Dear Judge Garaufis”
  12. David Ashen; June 8 [mid trial]


Brandon Porter was an MD when he wrote the letter.

RE: The 2014 Letter

Jack Levy’s letter is dated 2014. It says “Not for publication.”  The letter is addressed to Judge Garaufis, who was not involved in the case way back then because there was no case. Did Salzman alter the letter to add Judge Garaufis’ name? or is the date a mistake?

Both Levy and Madrid use similar language:

Levy writes, “I don’t understand how someone like her can be in the situation that she is now.”

Madrid writes, “it is a pity that she is going through this situation since all she has done is help and improve the lives of many people.”


Nancy’s father, Milton Loshin. passed away on August 15, at age 93. His letter is dated July 4, 2021.  We will perhaps never know if the late Mr. Loshin wrote the letter, dictated it, or even knew about it. Or if it was written after his death.

Nancy’s mother’s letter is also suspicious. Lorraine Loshin, 92, wrote a letter on July 4, the same day as her husband. But her husband’s letter cast some doubt on her ability to write such a letter; “My wife’s needs have increased due to increasing forgetfulness.”

Lauren’s letter adds more suspicion that it was Nancy who wrote her parents’ letters.

Lauren wrote: “My grandma is in the midst of declining mental health. She has lit fires in her home several times. She has fallen and cut her head open twice. She requires round the clock care and can’t be left unsupervised. She now often forgets who we are and how we’re related to her.”

So did she write the letter?

It is curious how similar both parents letters are as to writing style:

Nancy Salzman’s father.
1. Nancy has been helping my wife and myself for the last 2 years, living with us more than in her own home.
2. Nancy … made herself totally available to me arranging every aspect of care available.
3. She personally provided 24 hour a day care for months
4. Nancy shopped and cooked our meals, did our laundry and administrated my medications, treatments and handled my business matters.
5. There is no possible way I could have been provided better care
6. None of my doctors or healthcare providers predicted that I would still be alive today or anywhere near this amount of time.
7. As my wife’s needs have increased due to increasing forgetfulness, Nancy was here to notice and has made sure we are never alone.
8. But for Nancy, I could not.
9. I am so grateful for all she has done and it is my request your honor, that you allow her to continue to be at home with us, caring for us and loving us.
10. My daughter is a constant source of hope and joy for me.
11. She never complains or acts like we are a burden.
12. She is a kind and loving daughter and I am proud to be her father.

Nancy’s mother
1. From the time Nancy was a little girl she was a caring person who always wanted to help those around her.
2. She started caring for me when she was 6 years old and I was bedridden for 3 weeks.
3. In the last 3 years, as we began to age and things started to slip around the house, Nancy noticed and stepped in.
4. She began shopping with me and cooking for us, taking both of us to our doctor’s appointments helping with medical decisions and doing our book keeping.
5. Nancy spent more and more time with us
6. Nancy was here in those critical moments
7. This decision actually saved his life.
8. Nancy has been with us almost continuously for the last 18 months.
9. When my husband feels anxious he calls for her
10. She takes care of all of our needs, shopping, cooking, giving my husband nursing care and she provides all the information that we wouldn’t know how to do.
11. She solves all of our problems.
12. We wouldn’t have been about to stay in our home of 70 years if not for Nancy and all she has done.
13. I do not believe we can survive without her help at this juncture of our lives.
14. I believe my Nancy is one in a million.

The 2019 Batch

Perhaps most troubling are the 2019 letters which are marked as character reference. Some are addressed “To Whom It May Concern.”

Were they intended for sentencing? Were the writers informed that their letters would be used? Some say “Not for publication”.

It would certainly be like Salzman to not bother to ask if these people still offered support. Did she dictate any of the letters?

Would every one of the letter writers still affirm their support?

Why did Nancy and her lawyers fight so hard to keep these letters anonymous?

Was it Frank Report or was it that she did not want to tell the 2019 letter writers that she was using their names to support her request for a no-jail-tile sentence?

In other words, who was she keeping the letters a secret from — Frank Report or the letter writers themselves?


[We will be examining the letter more carefully in subsequent posts. The language and some of the content are well worth evaluating.]

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  • RE Nancy Penned Lauren’s Letter:

    I had a 1/2 ass-epiphany….

    …Lauren Salzman has dyslexia. I wonder if Nancy penned Lauren’s letter and Lauren signed-off on it.

    The letter seemed to paint Nancy as a hero/victim. So, so much aggrandizing of Nancy. We all know how Nancy likes to embellish, like claiming fraudulent degrees.

    “My mother [Nancy] after making a plea deal, stood up heroically, like Joan of Arc.”
    -Lauren Salzman

    Something don’t sound right! WTF is going on? Whatever you do, don’t ask Nut Job!

  • It’s all about perspective. Sure, Nancy ruined her daughters’ lives and helped destroy the livelihoods of thousands of people. But you have to remember, she used to be Adolph Hitler. So, all things considered, she’s not doing all that bad this time around.

    • It all makes sense now!

      Thanks Ice Nine!

      BTW: Emiliano Salinas, Alex Betancourt, Eduardo, and Suneel were all reincarnated from Ernst Röhm.

    • “My life is a mess, but at least I ain’t Hitler!” Next life will hopefully be one more giant step up.

      Too bad past life regressions don’t let you go full out Back To The Future and change a thing or two. That decision to not listen to your instincts and go into business with a psychopath would be a nice place to start.

        • In all seriousness, that is very interesting. Nancy was skilled at doing past-life regressions. I wonder if she could help others access the between lives realm? Maybe she should try to access hers, or have somebody help her access hers? If it really works, it could give her clarity and purpose while she deals with the road ahead.

          The problem is that you can change the future and the present, but you can’t change the past. If there was a way to go back to the first part of 1998 and tweak a thing or two, Nancy would be all over it.

          • “Nancy was skilled at doing past-life regressions”

            So is Ice-nine, he is just as good as Nancy at this. So are you. So is the guy standing outside the Circle K. Everyone is equally skilled at this because it is not real.

          • LOL I have some first hand experience that backs up your take. I do think there is some benefit by letting the subconscious mind go to town. This “between lives realm” is probably just another angle to coax stuff out of the subconscious.

  • Anonymous
    October 11, 2021 at 7:28 pm
    Don’t feel too bad! 😢 She’s a pro! 😂

    Back in 1993 I attended the sentencing of a suburban Chicago politician deeply involved in organized crime.
    Suffice it to say that every businessman who did business with that town had to pay kickbacks to that Mayor and his cronies.

    The sentencing Judge was James Zagel, a former head of the Illinois State Police under Governor James Thompson.
    Zagel was flooded with letters of support for that politician noting the many good things he had done.

    What was Zagel’s reaction?

    “You did good things to conceal all of the crimes you have committed.
    I am not impressed.
    Ten Years in Prison.”

  • On the bright side though, it is a rare person for whom hygiene improves while in prison. Hopefully, while she is away, our Prefectard can get some valuable lessons on hygiene, bathing, hair, makeup and basic oral hygiene. She may even improve her breath, which on most days can curl wallpaper. I’m sure she will see an entirely new perspective.

    Viva Executive Success!

  • Frank,

    It is so “hilarious” that you don’t mention the letters of interest “against” Prefect. Why is that? Did you write a letter against “Prefect?” If not, why not? Are you for or against these monsters?

    In all fairness, you haven’t given much time or thought about anyone left behind but yourself – have you?

    When is your due date in court? Why haven’t you written more on and about your case? It seems your case continues to get pushed back – why? Why are they NOT going ahead with things? It seems odd.

    Why have we NOT seen part 2 of the “Lost Women?” as you promised some other people –

    Through family and friends, we have heard the promises you’ve made to the public and others – and NOT kept those promises. Why is that?

    To let YOU know – I think your promise-breaking “stinks” and you need to be held accountable – don’t you agree, sir? Why have we NOT seen promises kept?

    I would appreciate you responding to my comment –


  • Is any of this of practical legal importance? Not in theory, but actual practice.

    Might anything come of this in terms of changing Nancy’s sentence or sanctions against her attorney?

  • To Everyone Shocked and Appalled:

    Is anyone genuinely shocked that Nancy Salzman submitted fraudulent letters of support to Judge Garaufis?

    I am shocked by the fact a letter from the grave, drafted by *Jim Del Negro, wasn’t submitted.

    *Note: There was also no letter submitted by Esther Carlson.

    • Prefect is the 2nd most ethical person on the planet. Vanguard is the most ethical person on the planet.

      Therefore, this is all a pack of lies and a plot of the Anti-Cult Cult obsessed with vengeance and a desire to see blood flowing in the streets.

      Not to put too fine a point on it, but basically, this article is the equivalent of a Nazi death camp.





    Don’t feel too bad! 😢 She’s a pro! 😂

    • The dear Judge Garaufis will hardly admit that he was framed. The street smart boy from Brooklyn, has gotten a little old. He would have to admit that as a judge, he is no longer the professional who can keep up with the criminals.

  • I just watched Nicole Clyne on another podcast:

    Very eloquent, as ever. What put a smile on my face (of disbelief) was that she aired the idea of having judges undergo some sort of test, so that judges behave and sentence in an ethically sound way. She said Garaufis was a bad judge.

    Too bad NXIVM is terminated, the champion of ethical teachings. Otherwise, a steady stream of judges lining up for an EM would have been good for business (and favourable sentencing). I believe they had one former judge once who was very affiliated with them. He was the one that told Joe O’Hara that he signed his own death warrant when he refused to rejoin NXIVM.

    • ==She said Garaufis was a bad judge.

      NXIVM ethical criteria:

      Good = whatever my master (the Vanguard) wants.
      Bad = whatever my master (the Vanguard) doesn’t want.

      Therefore, this is logical:

      1. Judge Garaufis sent my master to prison for 120 years because a jury of his peers found him guilty on all charges and the judge went by the sentencing guidelines (though the harshest extent of them). [VERY BAD!!]
      2. My master is innocent of all charges because he says so and/or the evidence didn’t prove it, and he doesn’t want to be in prison for 120 years (who does?). [VERY GOOD!!]
      2a. (Optional) The Vanguard is my boyfriend and I miss sucking on his actual dick [VERY GOOD!!], which I was about to do with a number of other women prior to him being illegally taken away by Mexican authorities [VERY BAD!!].
      3. Therefore, Judge Garaufis is [VERY BAD!!] because it follows from 1. and 2 (and additional support from 2a.).

      See, “we” NXIVM dead-enders are critical thinkers!

      • Priceless!

        These fools accepted everything their cult leader told them about “ethics”. Sex with children? Ethical. Him screwing his harem? Ethical. Expecting the women to sleep with no man but him? Ethical.

        These were adult people. Never questioned his “teachings”. What a bunch of fools.

  • Frank, can the Judge adjust the length of her sentence? I assume he could change her home confinement to prison for failure to behave after the sentence has been decreed. But fraudulent letters to the court of support prior to the decree ???

    The judge will most likely say they did not matter. To the people that know her good or bad, it looks like she scammed the court and judge.

    This could remove the Judge from the case. Conflict of interest.

    Seems like the next judge will have to lower the boom. And I would not want to be her attorney, contempt of court and participating in scamming a court he might end up with him joining Nancy in prison.

    Let’s hope for the best, all the criminals in jail.

  • “In other words, who was she keeping the letters a secret from — Frank Report or the letter writers themselves?”

    The answer should be obvious to anybody with common sense………. BOTH! She didn’t want Frank Report to know to blow it wide open and cause it to gain enough publicity to reach back to the writers of the letters and figure out the truth! So there was was some truth to when her lawyers said,

    “As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists.’”

    The truth is a very powerful “weapon”! A “weapon” that Nancy and her slimy goon lawyers don’t like! It doesn’t fit their concocted narrative of what they want to the court and the world to believe!

    “The perfect little Miss innocent saint and angel Nancy Salzman, who was always honest and righteous with everything she did, until one horrible day, she stumbled upon a very bad man named ‘Keith Raniere’ who took advantage of her generosity and caring nature and made her do ‘ONLY A COUPLE OF TEENY WEENY TINY’ bad things compared that monster Keith Raniere (even though, ‘that’s not an excuse’, your Honor 😉😜)!

    She certainly didn’t lie about her credentials to get more money than she should’ve earned by siphoning it off somebody else way before she meet Keith Raniere, shit talk many people behind their backs while putting on a fake smile to their faces, attempt to have affairs with people already in relationships or even married, because she cares about SOOOOOOO MUCH about being ‘ethical’ and other people’s mental well-being, right?!

    God only knows all the other fucked up shit she did throughout her life as a con, but don’t you dare ever say that or you’re a liar, hateful and mean! You’re the cruel two-faced slandering bully that the saint Nancy Salzman never was in her entire life 🤫! HOW DARE YOU! YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOU DISGUSTING ‘LUCIFERIAN’! DON’T YOU EVER QUESTION THAT PERFECT AND SPOTLESS LAMB OF GOD! YOU HEAR ME YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS PARASITICAL PIECE OF SHIT?!


    You’ve got to watch out for Frank, ya know! That blackest of the black hearted demon is always lurking under every rock and the darkest of shadows salivating and with eyes of murderer as he seeks to devour another helpless innocent lamb of NXIVM that was scattered from the flock of the wonderful and shepherding of Nancy Salzman that was so good that it came down from heaven itself just for a couple of special people in NXIVM (who had a fuck load of money or prestige to benefit her, of course! BUT DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT!)

    Yeah Keith Raniere deserved to be devoured up by Frank (even though we vehemently protested it for years and would’ve protested it today, if the circumstances allowed us to 👿 so we could let our little angelic princess Nancy keep siphoning her success from more victims like she’s always done! BUT DON’T YOU DARE SAY THAT!)

    But thankfully by happenstance, while that devil Frank Palarto was trying to just prey on anybody in NXIVM he just by mere chance rightfully devoured Keith Raniere! But now he’s trying to devour the Queen of innocence and you can’t let that monster do that, your Honor! That would just be against all the goodness of this world that Nancy Salzman embodies and shines onto humanity from heaven like the sun!

    She already had her holy sun rays blocked before, but only a teeny tiny bit because her light will always penetrate all of Keith’s darkness! As a matter of fact, He only blocked about 0.0000000000000001% of it and he could only block even that small amount of it because he was almost as evil as Frank Parlato! But the great news is that 99.999999999999999 continues to shine brightly as usual to the whole world during her entire reign in NXIVM despite Keith Raniere’s reign of terror over her (but again, ‘that’s ABSOLUTELY not another excuse for what she did’, your Honor!😉😜😏 0.0000000000000001% is already horrible enough! Especially for somebody as divine as her 😇)!

    But the good news is, now that the worst monster in opposition to her goodness that she has ever faced in her life, Keith Raniere (only second to Frank Parlato of course! 😉 Even though they started it with him, but nevertheless who cares right?! It’s Nancy Salzman the fucking face of God we’re all talking about here! That’s what’s important!), is imprisoned in his own darkness, all the heavens now rejoice as the prophecy has been fulfilled through her destined martyrdom that was a shock to all of her disciples for it was just another small slither of a profound revelation of her infinite goodness!

    Now that it’s complete, Jesus Christ has now given his special wink and smile to Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse to give Nancy Salzman her wings back so that the whole world can clap their hands and can finally believe in fairies and Santa Claus without any hint of doubt ever again! Tinker Bell in great rejoicing IMMEDIATELY flew over to her lesbian lover, The Tooth Fairy who texted the Easter Bunny to gather all the animals of the woods to gather around Nancy to sing and dance with her again as the plants of the earth began to blossom from the 0.0000000000000001% of a famine that came to feed all the hungry children and Mickey Mouse rounded up all of the Walt Disney cartoon characters to give her back her castle in the sky where she could continue to have anal sex with Pluto with a strap on to help his ‘disintegrations’ in complete privacy!

    He’s desperately needed her to ‘work’ with him again for over two decades and has waited for an eternity for it but she has to take care of the two most blessed people on earth first, the people who gave the miraculous birth to her for mankind, her parents! Now completely out of Keith Raniere’s thrall and the 0.0000000000000001% of her holiness restored, she can bless these most blessed people of the human in their final days, and you wouldn’t want to be the biggest dick in the world by putting her in prison so that she couldn’t take care of them until they’re ushered into heaven in a fiery chariot to take their special thrones above God Himself for giving birth to Nancy Salzman, and then hurry up and get back to anal fucking Pluto for his benefit would you, your Honor?! That would devastate Mickey Mouse and all the rest of Disney World!

    You have to understand that Nancy has always, always, ALWAYS been good and she was still being good even when she was allegedly fucking everybody over in NXIVM! Very much like the metaphor of being ‘fucked in the ass’, just like she does to Pluto and sometimes Goofy (even though that still ‘isn’t an excuse’, your Honor! 😉😜🤞🏻I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER make an ‘excuse’ for MERELY ONLY 0.0000000000000001% of wrong doing! By the way, did I say that is was MERELY ONLY 0.0000000000000001% of doing and the rest of her life she’s been perfect?! Please tell me you got that part?! I’VE GOT A LOT OF MONEY ON THE LINE! Please tell me you got that?! Please, please, PLEASE?!)!

    So now that she’s 100% good again, JUST LIKE SHE ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS WAS, you can’t let a very bad man like Frank Parlato who everybody knows is the devil incarnate, demonstrate with truth that she isn’t being good and a law abiding citizen just like, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS WAS, just like in the lyrics of the famous song and dance of the leprechauns about her that they co-wrote with the mermaids that we sing as a lullaby to our children says, “she always, always, ALWAYS WILL”! 🍀🧜‍♀️

    That would ruin all of humanity’s faith pixie dust and singing animals if you dare did that! And you certainly wouldn’t want to be known as the biggest asshole in human history who was the cause in making that happen, would you, your Honor?! Of course you wouldn’t! Then we would for once in the history of humanity, have criminals running around in the streets and have to put them in prisons! We don’t want you to actually have to put anybody in prison as the first time in human history, your Honor! That would meant that there’s more than one criminal in humanity!

    So do the right thing, your Honor! Believe in the ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS pre-existing and immaculate goodness and honesty of our beloved ‘Prefect’ today and forevermore! After all, if you switch around the second and third letters of ‘Prefect’, it spells *PERFECT*! And even though it’s very possible that she did that on purpose to subliminally manipulate her followers to visualize her as ‘PERFECT’ subconsciously by demanding they acknowledge her by that title, because ‘Prefect’ would be the closest word to ‘PERFECT’ in how they look alike and is also an excellent guise of plausible deniability, because all you have have to say to the suspicious person is, ‘No! Prefect means teacher! Stop being a LUCIFERIAN!’ And they would have to shut up or be sued, THAT DEFINITELY ‘ISN’T AN EXCUSE’, YOUR HONOR! 😉😜🤞🏻“

    Now that your little dilemma has taken care of, Frank! You have another dilemma, it’s called you not making plural all of the times you wrote “letter” to represent the multitude of letters allegedly written to the judge about Nancy Salzman’s sentencing as well as Susan Done’s quotes about the letters too! Good God man, please get a real editor, seriously! You’re a news publisher for Christ-sake! Get some professionalism for once!

  • Forty years ago, when I was still in college, I made the acquaintance of a traveling evangelist named Sister Cindy.
    She was also known as Disco Cindy.

    Recently I met up with her again on a college campus preaching to the co-eds.
    They really enjoy having Sister Cindy call them sluts and hoes.

    Well as it happens Sister Cindy has her own line of Merch called “Be A Ho No Mo”.

    I think that the ladies of NXIVM should promote this kind of Merch.
    Nancy, Claire, Sara, and Allison should all promote a line of clothing with a catchy slogan like “Be A Ho No Mo.”

    Here is a sample of Sister Cindy’s Merch:

    • It is especially important in merchandising to emphasize that it is all Made in the USA. It then stands out from other pieces of apparel and it appeals to patriots, which is conducive to sales and justifies a higher price and profit margin.

  • This point does not rise to the level of bogus letters of support to the judge concerning sentencing but it points to how NXIVM’s leaders are well-practiced in deception.

    In considering the pictures taken of Allison Mack and her new “boyfriend” they appear to be somewhat staged.

    There were two street scene photos showing Mack with her new “boyfriend.”
    He was wearing a mask and she was not.
    Contracting Covid-19 in the outdoors is very rare.

    I have seen many social media pictures of boyfriends and girlfriends and they are both usually maskless.
    Young men and women are usually showing off their new beaus and belles.
    They are not hiding behind masks and holding themselves in a stiff posture.

    In this first photo, the man is holding out a stiff arm holding Mack at a distance.

    Usually boy friend and girlfriend do not keep so much distance between them.
    Why is he holding Mack at a distance?
    Is he ashamed of being seen with a pimp?

    Even the second photo shows the two as stiff and uncomfortable.

    These photos together do not show happy people.
    They show stiff, formal, distressed people.
    People in a staged photo.
    These photos appear to be 21st Century California versions of American Gothic.
    Call them California Gothic.
    American Gothic

    As an actress, Mack would understand the importance of optics but in this case, the optics point to another underlying truth.
    It is a staged show.

  • What a silly and needless thing to try and pull off…

    It was suspicious how many letters spoke of Nancy’s boundless “energy”.

    Why would that quality matter in a criminal case? Just what the world needs: a really amped up free criminal carousing the streets.

    And all of those letters extolling Nancy as an energizer bunny sorta contradict Lauren’s letter that her mother was constantly exhausted.

    BUT it’s probably because the students were referencing Prefect’s stage persona.

    Which was often reviewed on a screen.

    Nancy always seemed manic in those creepy VCR teaching recordings

    These were clearly letters written about the ESP trainings.

    The most ludicrous element? Why not just put those ESP training review letters in a folder marked, ” Student Feedback” if Nancy and her lawyers thought the letters were so important to submit?

    Give the folder a little intro, “Nancy’s career as a coach is among her greatest achievements. Please read how she has changed students lives over the years”.


    Unforced error. Doubtful it is criminal. But it is unfortunate. And was totally avoidable.

    • Energy – I also noticed all of the energy mentioned. It sounds like what would be in a reference for a job applicant

  • Now, this is a forward-thinking criminal. Get the letters of support for your sentencing before you are even caught! There is a lesson here; make those letters vague because you never know what life will throw at you over the years. You know, like one of your supporters getting caught and losing his medical license.

  • GREAT CATCH, Frank! …Ooooooo, you’re in trouble now, Nancy Pants! Get a load of those CHART-like features, neatly swirling around in Diamond – so in Diamond’s overblown “letter of support” – in the pic above where he’s getting a kissy peck of death on the check from the Goldsash Pedo-Pimp Queen herself. Didn’t we have a hand-writing expert on board at one point examining Kris Snyder’s “suicide” notes? And, then, there’s Gina’s last EM chart that adorned her dlary left at the suicide scene in a ritualistic manner. THAT might be an interesting handwriting comparison, as well. Ne’ C’est Puax?

    BTW, since my more insightful comments appear to be in a censorship holding pattern, again – oops, did I use the “K” word? – I’d like to reiterate my thanks to Ms. Downes, of Epoch Times fame, for coming out with her reaction to Nancy’s light sentencing…not to mention Lauren’s pathetic scott-free sentence along with the total lack of punishment for any Mexican and other Elites starting with Sara Bronfman. We’ll always have Dillon together, Susan.

  • Well, for at least one of them, Frank would need to die go to heaven to get confirmation from Nancy’s father, and then make a trip back. Is frank brave enough to take on this journey?

  • On that other NXIVM blog on reddit, the posters have turned their attention to Mark Hildreth — maybe it’s time the FR did the same. He said nothing about Nx and nearly nothing has been said about him on the FR. Why?

    Mark H was in the inner circle of Nx and SOP, and spent 12 years in Nx and six years in Kristin Kreuk. What’s his story?

    • Does anyone really care? He’s a D-list actor at most. He upped his tiny fame a bit when he was “together” with Kristin during her Smallville years. He has barely 3K subscribers on his Instagram account. Even Frank knows he won’t get any clicks.

  • Susan: “A real woman could stop you from drinking”
    Arthur: “It would have to be a real big woman”

    For us oldsters, this came from the 1983 comedy film “Arthur” starring Dudley Moore. I never realized it at the time, but our own Prefect comes to mind for this line. And not in a good way. Jennifer Aniston she ain’t, though her personal aura is that of a poorly maintained stockyard.

  • Another reason why judges should disregard letters of support (and condemnation) in determining sentences.

    None of this is subject to rules of evidence. It should be disregarded just like any other materials disallowed from consideration at trial.

    Letters of support and condemnation are important matters of public record and it’s good to let people air their grievances. But it is not sworn testimony. It is not evidence. It is the personal opinion of biased individuals that may or may not have any grounding in fact.

    Therefore, it can have no part in sentencing.

    Justice should be fact-based and impartial.

    These letters to the judge are suspect. They may have been altered. Or forged. Or they may just misrepresent the writers’ intent. The fact that this subterfuge is likely perfectly legal underscores why such unreliable fluff can’t be used in judicial proceedings.

  • Time for more popcorn 🍿

    Hope this comes around to bite Nancy Salzman and her lawyers in the ass

    It was their responsibility to verify each letter was real.

  • LOL, that is kind of awesome. Have to give her credit for creativity.

    Do not believe it’s illegal, mostly because her lawyers would get disbarred for participating since they submitted the letters and “should” know their nature and questioned the various years of them. Risking pissing off a judge for a client might be worth the money, losing their careers, not so much. The judge failing to notice the years mentioned is technically on him and not them, though if they are smart, they will try very hard to not appear in his court ever again since they operated in bad faith regardless.

    What I would like to know is why the letters exist at all. Asking out of real curiosity, not some conspiracy or whatever. I am younger than her by a generation or 2 but writing letters like this stopped being a thing for most regardless of age long before the dates on these letters. Does she go around asking for them? Do people just spontaneously write them? It’s a very old-fashioned thing to have any at all. The ego stroke they provide would explain why she saved them, just doesn’t explain their existence.

  • What would be the legal consequences if the letter writers did not know that their letters would be used as letters of support for Nancy Salzman’s sentencing and if the letters were rewritten or repurposed and altered, such as changing the date of the letters, or even if they constituted total forgeries? The verdict against Nancy Salzman is in. It could only be significant if Nancy Salzman were charged with trial forgery for this fraud in the letters of support because the letters of support are part of the trial record. Or what would be the term for the offense that Nancy Salzman might be guilty of?

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