Nancy Salzman in Big Trouble? — Evidence Suggests She Forged Her Own Mother’s Letter of Support!

Nancy Salzman just prior to sentencing.

How do you explain this?

There are two different dates for the letter of support that was supposedly written by Nancy Salzman’s mother.

Same letter, two different dates.

The official letter filed with the court is dated July 4, 2021, but Nancy’s lawyer tells the court in Salzman’s sentencing memorandum that Lorraine Loshin, 92, could not possibly have written the letter recently because of dementia – and actually wrote it in late 2020.

His source for the late 2020 date is presumably Nancy herself.

But why is the letter dated July 4, 2021?

We have explained in previous posts how Nancy’s lawyers fought to keep all 39 of her letters of support from being filed publicly. One of her attorneys, Robert Soloway, said the need to keep the letters from the public was because of the Frank Report, telling the judge, “As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists.’”

We are beginning to suspect another motive.

We first wrote about these sketchy letters right after the letters were publicly filed when Susan Dones informed us that some of the letter writers did not authorize their letters to be filed with the judge as letters of support.

See Caught Red-Handed? Nancy Salzman’s Letters of Support Are Suspect

It didn’t take Susan Dones long to figure out something was fishy since she knew many of the letter writers and knew also that they no longer supported Nancy.

Some of the letter writers had written their letters more than two and a half years ago, before the trial of Keith Raniere revealed a lot of unsavory details about the NXIVM leaders.

Our story raised more questions than it answered but we noted that at least three people did not authorize their letters to be used in the way they were used – as letters for the judge to consider when he was deciding what Nancy’s sentence should be.

We promised to investigate this further. Our suspicion was that some of the letters may have been altered – and that some might be forged. At the least, Nancy should have contacted people who wrote letters some 2.5 years ago to see if they still stood in support.

From the onset, however, two letters looked suspicious. They were letters from her mother, Lorraine Loshin, and her father, the late Milton Loshin.

I suspect Nancy wrote both.

Both are dated July 4, 2021.

We may never know if Milton wrote his letter since he died on August 15th, just six weeks after he supposedly wrote the letter.

The letter from Nancy’s is even more suspicious. Lorraine Loshin, 92, supposedly wrote her letter on July 4, 2021 but her husband’s letter, written on the same day, casts doubt about Lorraine’s ability to write such a letter as she wrote.

Milton wrote, “My wife’s needs have increased due to increasing forgetfulness.”

Nancy’s daughter, Lauren Salzman, in her letter of support, adds more suspicion regarding Lorraine’s ability to write any kind of letter, let alone the articulate and thoughtful letter she supposedly wrote.

Lauren wrote: “My grandma is in the midst of declining mental health. She has lit fires in her home several times. She has fallen and cut her head open twice. She requires round the clock care and can’t be left unsupervised. She now often forgets who we are and how we’re related to her.”

So did Lorraine Loshin actually write the letter attributed to her?

Let us look at the letter in its entirety:

Lorraine Loshin
51 Stratford Terrace
Cranford, NJ 07016
July 4, 2021

The Honorable Judge Nicholas Garaufis
Federal District Court Judge

United States Courthouse

225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Re: Nancy Salzman Federal Sentencing

To the Honorable Judge Garaufis,

My name is Lorraine Loshin. I am Nancy Salzman’s mother. I am 92 years old. I would like to share some things about my daughter that I hope you will consider in your evaluation of her. From the time Nancy was a little girl she was a caring person who always wanted to help those around her. She started caring for me when she was 6 years old and I was bedridden for 3 weeks. She got up each morning and emptied my bedpan and brought me food. It was no surprise that she chose to go to nursing school.

In the last 3 years, as we began to age and things started to slip around the house, Nancy noticed and stepped in. She began shopping with me and cooking for us, taking both of us to our doctor’s appointments helping with medical decisions and doing our book keeping.

As my husband’s health began to fail, Nancy spent more and more time with us, taking him to his doctor’s appointments and administering his medications. In June of 2020 when my husband had pneumonia, Nancy was here in those critical moments and she called an ambulance. He was having a heart attack in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. This decision actually saved his life. They admitted him to the cardiac lab and performed a procedure where they inserted 2 stents.

Nancy has been with us almost continuously for the last 18 months. 

When my husband feels anxious he calls for her, she has a calming effect on him. She takes care of all of our needs, shopping, cooking, giving my husband nursing care and she provides all the information that we wouldn’t know how to do. She solves all of our problems. We wouldn’t have been about to stay in our home of 70 years if not for Nancy and all she has done. This was our wish, to stay in our own home and not go to a facility.

I love my daughter very much and would ask for you to give her any consideration you can so that she can stay with us and continue to provide a loving environment. I do not believe we can survive without her help at this juncture of our lives.

Thank you in advance for your consideration. I believe my Nancy is one in a million.

Lorraine Loshin

The language sounds like Nancy, – especially the concluding line “I believe my Nancy is one in a million.”

I like the tone of it. Nancy, as the woman of filial piety, sacrificing even as a little girl, which her mother, despite her failing memory, lucidly recalls. Such a great person with Nancy even making her food and dumping out her bedpan at age six.

All we could do is scratch our heads.  Milton is gone. Lorraine is experiencing dementia.  We probably cannot ask either of them.

But could Lorraine have written the letter on July 4, 2021?

As we mentioned above, it appears she did not – at least according to two of Nancy’s lawyers, David Stern and Robert Soloway.

They wrote in Nancy’s sentencing memorandum: [see page 11, second last paragraph]

“Now Nancy cares for her mother, whose mental health has failed precipitously recently (her letter was written in late 2020 when she was still able to comprehend and to express herself in a way that would not be possible today). Nancy’s mother is alone. She is frail and confused and looks to Nancy for her every need. Ms. Loshin is extremely anxious when she does not see her daughter and would be gravely impacted by her incarceration.

Stern and Soloway claim Lorraine did not write the letter on the date submitted to the court as the date it was written.  As they tell the court, Lorraine wrote the letter in late 2020 “when she was still able to comprehend and to express herself in a way that would not be possible today.”

In the same memorandum, Stern and Soloway submit a letter to the court dated July 4, 2021, which is at least six months later.

Now maybe this would not mean much at all had the lawyers and Nancy not tried so hard to keep her letters of support sealed, and the writers of them anonymous,

It would perhaps be unimportant if a single letter was misdated had not so many of the letters contained peculiar dates, some of them dated years ago. and some with the heading “Character reference” while others were addressed not to the judge, but “To Whom it may concern” (One letter was dated 2014, more than four years before her arrest, yet purports to be a letter of support to Judge Garaufis).

If several people hadn’t contacted Dones or me to express their surprise and dismay about Nancy using letters they did not intend to have used, it might be possible to overlook the mother’s letter.

Make no mistake about it, these letters were submitted to the judge as being absolutely authentic and honest and were intended to be submitted as an indication that the letter writers wanted Nancy to get a more lenient sentence.

Knowing Nancy and her legendary propensity to lie, is it possible that she altered or forged letters?

At this point, we can only say, as we have said many times in the past, Viva Executive Success!


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11 months ago

Seems like whole family had mental problems

2 years ago

I love it when you say “Viva Executive Success.”

2 years ago

Can anyone post the list of all nxivm members somewhere? I keep seeing life coaches popping up all over the place in the past few years since 2018. Would be good to know where nxivm continues.

2 years ago

Assuming Nancy submitted false letters of support — what is the possible penalty? Can it affect the sentence already handed down? Is it a new crime she can be prosecuted for?

Nice Guy
Nice Guy
2 years ago

—She started caring for me when she was 6 years old and I was bedridden for 3 weeks.

At 6 years old… LMFAO!

—This was our wish, to stay in our own home and not go to a facility.

A facility costs a substantial amount of money. Therefore, by keeping her mother home, Nancy receives more inheritance. It’s actually cheaper to hire a nurse’s aid (illegal alien). I’m not kidding!

—and I ask you to give her any consideration you can so that she can stay with us and continue to provide a loving environment.

If anyone can imagine Nancy caring for anyone, you are delusional, and should seek help immediately!

Breakout out the violin, and phone,
the “wailing women” from the Bible’s Jeremiah 9:17–20.

Nut Job will soon be posting in response to this article.

2 years ago

Times Union

Feds: Raniere loyalist had off-limits evidence, naked images of victim
Robert GavinOct. 14, 2021, Updated: Oct. 14, 2021 7:35 a.m.

NEW YORK — A loyalist to imprisoned NXIVM leader Keith Raniere somehow gained access to court-restricted evidence in Raniere’s case as well as sexually explicit photos of a victim, federal prosecutors told a judge Thursday.

In a letter to Senior U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis, prosecutors said they learned that Suneel Chakravorty, an associate of Raniere who staunchly supports the convicted sex trafficker known as “Vanguard,”’ possessed a computer hard drive that was part of the pre-trial evidence in Raniere’s case — and planned to use it on Raniere’s behalf.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Tanya Hajjar said it was a possible violation of an order by the judge, who prohibited Raniere’s defense attorneys from disclosing the evidence, known as discovery material, to anyone outside the defense team.

“The government understands that Mr. Chakravorty (who is not an attorney) purports to have drafted a motion on Raniere’s behalf based on materials from the hard drive,” Hajjar told the judge.

The prosecutor said Chakravorty “may also have disclosed or discussed protected discovery material to and with other individuals not subject to the protective order.”

Chakravorty, who has not been charged, could not be reached for immediate comment.

Raniere, 61, formerly of Halfmoon, co-founded NXIVM, also known as Executive Success Programs (ESP), a purported personal growth organization based in Colonie, in 1998. Arrested in 2018 in Mexico and convicted a year later, he is serving 120 years in federal prison. A jury convicted Raniere of all charges, including sex trafficking, forced labor conspiracy and racketeering charges with underlying acts of possessing child pornography, extortion and identity theft.

Hajjar said Raniere’s attorneys, Marc Fernich and Jeffrey H. Lichtman, said they did not provide Chakravorty with any discovery materials.

“As the court is aware, much of the discovery material in this case is sensitive and contains personally identifying information regarding individuals other than the defendants,” Hajjar said.

She asked the judge to direct all of Raniere’s attorneys, past and present, to provide a list of people to whom they produced the evidence and ask that they send it back.
Hajjar added: “The government has also received information that Mr. Chakravorty is also in possession of sexually explicit photographs of a victim identified as a ‘Jane Doe’ in the indictment. These photographs were not produced as discovery in this case because they were never in the government’s possession.”

At trial, Raniere was represented by attorneys Marc Agnifilo, Paul DerOhannesian, Teny Geragos and Danielle Smith. His appellate attorneys have included Steven Alan Metcalf, Joseph McBride, Martin Tankleff and Jennifer Bonjean.

Chakravorty, 31, of Brooklyn, is part of a group of NXIVM diehards involved in Make Justice Blind, which they describe as an effort to hold judges and prosecutors accountable. The organization has a page on its website devoted to Raniere’s case.

On April 8, 2020, while inside the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, Raniere told Chakravorty: “I’ll be in here for the rest of my life if we don’t do something… (A)nd the rest of my life might not be that long considering the way things are in here, you know, once I get to a destination point — because I’ll go to a pen.”

“Yeah,” Chakravorty answered.

“So … what we have to do also is get scrutiny on this judge, get some pundit who is willing to speak out about what this judge is saying, which is crazy, and the judge needs to know he’s being watched,” Raniere responded.

“Yeah,” Chakravorty responded.

“By someone who is wise,” Raniere said.

“Yeah,” Chakravorty said.

The “judge” reference to Garaufis was later included in the sentencing recommendation memo that prosecutors sent to the judge.

2 years ago

This was Kristin Kreuk’s mentor? What a terrible person to have as one.

The Notorious GBD
The Notorious GBD
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Nancy was Kreuk’s mentor and guided her in Kreuk’s project Girls By Design. Considering the sometimes odd inappropriate sexual aspects of GBD, it raises the question was it Nancy or Kreuk herself who controlled GBD’s content.

1–Kristin Kreuk, despite her nice-girl persona, actually was an evil person and purposely designed GBD’s content to groom girls for Keith’s harem, or maybe became evil after being mindfucked by Nxivm.
2–Kreuk naively endorsed the content that Nancy or Keith prepared, not recognizing its evil aspect.
3–Kreuk was weak and pressured into endorsing Nancy’s evil content.
4–Kreuk was just GBD’s figurehead who showed up sporadically to host events or post comments.

2 years ago

I remember when GBD was trending on the FR, Frank talked to Kreuk’s friend and GBD partner, Kendra Voth, who told him something that persuaded Frank not to look further into the website.

So Frank knows much more than he has been telling us. Was the website a deplorable attempt to groom young girls for Keith’s harem and, if so, who really was running it? And who, if anyone was unjustly implicated?

Kendra told you, Frank. Time to share.

2 years ago

It’s forging only if the person whose signature is on the letters, doesn’t agree with the letters having been written for them. Considering the medical condition of Nancy’s mom, she (Nancy’s mom) may have asked someone to write the letter for her, and told them that she would sign it, as it that would be easier on her health or whatever. I don’t see anything suspicious here, other than a family supporting each other. I can guarantee Frank Parlato would do the same for his mom, were he under a condition like this, given how much love he has for his mom.
There is nothing to see here.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I agree. To say that “evidence suggest she forged her own moms letter of support” is just not good journalism. Be careful with those sensational headlines that have no merit……,,

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

If the woman can’t even remember her family part of the time, good God, she can’t legally have someone else write a letter for her.

There are laws against this kind of thing when someone has lost their mental health.

2 years ago

Why can’t Steve Kass of Cranford’s Tofutti take care of Nancy’s mom who lives in Cranford? And what about Nancy’s sister Carole Kass who lives 30 mins away from Lorraine? What about all the grandkids who live in NJ? Are they all deadbeats? No….they are involved….and Nancy didn’t want to be forthcoming and honest about her involved family. And worst case….it’s called….in home nursing care. And if Nancy lives 3 hours away in Albany…how is that a good caretaker?

Aging is not fun
Aging is not fun
2 years ago
Reply to  Manny

We’ve seen the sister and she has some kind of mental or nervous system disorder and looks like she can’t even handle much, and the husband could not provide constant personal care to an aging woman who can’t ever be left alone . Hiring reliable people nowadays is horribly hard – there’s such a shortage in these COVID days, and unreliable and frustrating and you still need someone there from the family or a friend. They will probably have to place her in a facility which is sad since the letters say she didn’t want that to happen. Many people don’t last and get more confused when they get put in a strange place.

Creep son in law
Creep son in law
2 years ago
Reply to  Manny

Did it ever occur to anyone that the lady doesn’t want her son in law involved in her life? He takes care of no one but himself. Always an angle.

Aristotle’s Sausage
Aristotle’s Sausage
2 years ago

Good catch Frank. There’s something very fishy about these letters.

I doubt however that this means big trouble for Salzman. Or even little trouble. She’s been sentenced. If Judge Garaufis was influenced by these letters he’s an idiot (they’re irrelevant, all such letters are) but whatever. She’s been sentenced and that’s that.

As far as I can tell there’s nothing illegal here. These are not sworn statements and there’s no issue of perjury. Some of these are openly dated years ago. As for her elderly mother with dementia, Salzman could say she had written the letter herself and read it to her mother, who agreed and signed it. She was “helping”. Good luck proving that a crime.

The statements that the convicted read at their sentencing hearings, their allocutions when they plead out, how much of that is written by the lawyers? Their teary remorse, how scripted is that?

What Salzman did here was plainly unethical. Outrageous, even. But I doubt there will be the slightest consequence.

lucy in the sky
lucy in the sky
2 years ago

So…..who’s going to tell the judge?? Anyone have the guts?

2 years ago

I would be surprised if the judge bothers dealing with this #$@$. He could hold her in contempt or something but she will be in jail soon so falls under BFD. Could try to sanction the lawyers, but their defense is simple – we are simply relaying what the client told us, we can’t help it if she lied to us too. So while it proves she hasn’t changed and she has not learned a thing from her recent experiences, legally the options are mostly a waste of the court’s time. For a lawyer out there – lets assume she lied to the court with these letters and the judge wants something done about it – what could happen next?

Stop Lying Now, No Way
Stop Lying Now, No Way
2 years ago

Why would Nancy Salzman change her lying ways now?

She has gotten away with this kind of behavior since before NXIVM when Maggie was billing insurance companies for Nancy’s clients

Nancy lied to the entire NXIVM community that their so call technology was patent-pending when the application had been denied in 2003

She lied about being a “therapist” when she only had certifications in NLP and hypnosis

Nancy also lied about Keith Raniere being an honest, ethical man, the smartest man in the world

Need I go on?

She was going for Probation and threw everything but the kitchen sink.

She’d sold her grandson if she thought it would have helped her stay out of prison, that is how selfish this woman is.

If the Judge doesn’t hold her accountable for these games, he only adds flames to the fire.

Maybe he doesn’t think it is worth hauling her stanch back into his courtroom. It’s really up to him

Judge Garaufis know after 1-19-22 she is no longer his problem, other than the appeal Salzman has filed. We all know that is going nowhere and is just another wasted of the taxpayer’s money. Salzman has no problem spending our tax dollars money with her legal battles, she has been doing this for decades with Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman. Why stop now.

2 years ago

You know? I wonder if Nancy might possibly be what they call … umm … bat shit crazy?

The letter from her mom is crazy!

S Todd
S Todd
2 years ago

Is it not possible the now dead father could have assisted the demented mother In composing the letters ?

Thus only if one with actual knowledge and evidence of the fraud, such as a time stamp on a server of an email of correspondence of a draft, there is no way to prove the fraud.

But as a lot of forged letters of support, with said writer’s of letters claiming them to not be theirs, then the fathers and mothers letter will be viewed as forged.

Either way Nancy, as her history would support, took something good ( letters of support ) and made them something bad.

Either way the judge might not be happy. Not a good place to be as a criminal before his bench. Or the next judge who makes decisions about her sentence.

Viva Executive Success

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