Judge Denies Bronfman’s Request for Release Pending Appeal

Clare Bronfman

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis did not spend much time deliberating over Clare Bronfman’s bail motion.

Submitted yesterday, Bronfman sought to be released from prison pending appeal of her 81 month sentence. As ordered, the prosecution responded by 12:00 noon today, and the judge issued his Order before 1:00 PM denying her request:

The judge ruled: …. The Defendant remains a flight risk, who now has even greater incentive to flee after being sentenced; the Defendant has not identified a “substantial question of law or fact likely to result in… a reduced sentence to a term of imprisonment … and the Defendant has not offered a compelling reason for the court to reconsider its conclusion made at sentencing that a custodial sentence is warranted in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic. The court has reviewed Defendant’s remaining arguments and finds them meritless. Accordingly, Defendant’s motion is DENIED. Ordered by Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis on 10/16/2020.

This means that Bronfman, who is now serving day 17 of a 2,464 days sentence, will remain at the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center until assigned a permanent prison.

In its response to Bronfman’s motion, the prosecution wrote Bronfman “poses a substantial risk of flight. As she acknowledges, she has ‘significant foreign ties, including family members in England and France, and property in Fiji’ … along with access to vast wealth…. This Court recognized that she posed a significant risk of flight under the more forgiving standard set forth in 18 U.S.C. § 3142 when it granted her release on a $100 million bond, secured with $50 million in assets.

“The defendant’s incentive to flee has increased significantly following the Court’s imposition of a term of 81 months’ imprisonment….

“Her assertion that she ‘intends to demonstrate’ that the Court erred in imposing sentence in light of the sentences imposed in other cases involving ‘similar, non-violent crimes’ borders on the frivolous….

“Finally, the defendant has failed to direct the Court’s attention to any case, or to the conduct of any defendant, that is factually similar to the defendant’s conduct in this case. As set forth at length in the Court’s sentencing memorandum, the defendant’s ‘criminal conduct places her in an altogether different category from other defendants who are convicted of the same offenses, and therefore her circumstances defy easy comparison.’

“Finally, the defendant offers no reason for the Court to revisit its conclusion that ‘[n]either [the defendant]’s age nor health condition . . . place her in the category of high-risk individuals….  Her assertion that she is currently incarcerated in a ‘facility that potentially has many positive diagnoses for COVID-19’ is …. refuted by data made available by the Bureau of Prisons…   As of the date of this letter, the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, New York has no active cases of COVID-19 among inmates….”


Bronfman’s appeal to the Second Circuit will be based on her arguments that her sentence was too harsh. If she loses on appeal, she can try to appeal that decision to the United States Supreme Court in Washington, D.C. The Supreme Court is not required to hear an appeal in every case and takes only a small number of cases each year.

If she does not appeal, her case would be referred back to Judge Garaufis – who would then impose a new sentence. Maybe this time he would go with 60 months – which is what the prosecution recommended (Clare would still have the right to appeal since the new sentence would be above 27-months – and, thus, the appellate process would start all over again)

It can take one to two years for an appeal to be decided in the Second Circuit and, in the meantime, Clare Bronfman will be in prison.

Welcome to reality, Clare Bronfman.

Viva Executive Success!

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  • “October 17, 2020 at 6:32 pm
    You stupid turd, Rasheed. I did not say anything about “winning looks”. “Jane Smith” said an annoying cliche that it’s what is on the inside not the outside. I am saying that sounds stupid. The same kind of stupid where people say “It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part”.

    Hi Frank,
    I don’t understand why you continue to post these kinds of comments. At this point, with The Vow and now Seduced airing, surely you aren’t so desperate for clicks anymore that you need to continue to coddle someone like this. There are plenty of other places this person and the equally disturbed Sultan can litter with their obsessions and diseased thoughts . All you are doing is polluting your own site and giving ammunition to those who are saying you are a misogynist and racist or see no problem supporting misogynists and racists. Just tell them that you aren’t going to post their comments anymore and they will find some other site to troll. Also it’s just another example of you reneging on your own stated comment policy https://frankreport.com/2020/06/13/time-to-address-comments-section-on-frank-report-as-we-ready-for-larger-more-diverse-audience/

    Also it would be great if you would stop posting all of Shadow State’s comments when they have nothing to do with the subject of your articles and which again violate your supposed comment policy. November 26th post. There are plenty of other places where he can spam political propaganda. Why make your readers have to scroll through his completely unrelated, often lengthy, full of content lifted from some other site comments in order to find some of the actually interesting and relevant comments. Hopefully you will be able to do better.

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  • As long as she is willing to give money to her lawyers, they will be happy to take it, even if their machinations have no chance of success. She doesn’t seem to have grasped that.

    • Yes, I have a source who should be able to report soon. For various reasons, that source has been out of contact for a short while.

      • Looking the court cases over, Clare will probably survive as long as her defiance survives. And I think of so many who were impacted by their years as Scientologists and who never got any chance at any justice. Protected by religious status, that organization has slid around like a monstrous leech.

        Clare Bronfman cannot hide behind religion. She can go on and on not facing herself, though.

        Forgive me, Dylan Thomas, for these words keep arising.

        “Do not go gentle into that good night.”

  • This would be really hard for most of us, but since ClareBear has been mentored by The World’s Smartest Man, she is well prepared for this, especially since there are no victims. In fact, I foresee, no I actually expect that our Clare can use her expertise with NXIVM to lead the creation of a new reality wherever she is sentenced. The individuals that she spends her time with cannot but be improved just by being in proximity to her. She will lead the world into a new reality, starting with her very own cell block!

    Then again, she could just wind up being someone’s wife.

  • Does this mean she won’t end up in a minimum federal prison? I mean if they seriously see her as a flight risk?
    Not good. You do not want to do any Federal time unless it is in minimal security. But you can walk away from those. The minimum security prison Lori Loughlin is going to at Victorville in CA had several inmates walk away.

    Point is, no person deemed a flight risk will go to a minimum.

  • After all the harm she has done to so many people (I’m also thinking of people they almost destroyed their families and lives, like B. Friedman, maybe even more than to the famous ones), the least she can do is accept her fate and plea guilty – period.

  • I can imagine Keith and Clare are totally incredulous to all these motions being denied. Even with regards to the fact they were arrested, found guilty, etc. For decades, her way was to buy everyone off. Everyone was at her mercy. They were never ever held accountable for anything. They were above the law. It’s just the way it was. Money talks and now this, completely out of her control and out of routine! I can imagine she will be in a state of shock for a very very long time. Her comfort and security are gone, what she knows is gone.

  • The BOP has corrected Clare Bronfman’s age.

    Register Number: 91010-053
    Age: 41
    Race: White
    Sex: Female
    Located at: Brooklyn MDC
    Release Date: UNKNOWN

  • Unchivalrous frigid charlatan? Where the hell is the elevator to the penthouse, Jeeves? What do you mean, Ghislaine Maxwell is occupying it? Get her out of there immediately.

    No privacy? Sharing a toilet with poor people? No more holy shit time alone? No household with several of The Help?

    Well, obviously no one understands the good intentions of Clare Bronfman.

    “What’s the matter with everyone, those lawyers are unprofessional. And that Judge. They are deaf and blind, just as my Master told me. I know. I can get new lawyers.”

  • That was tasty. The four words about Clare Bronfman arguing to be excused, back to her Manhattan apartment that I love the most are “borders on the frivilous.” That’s such a witty smack in the kisser for this borderline personality anorexic queen pocketbook.

    Ride ’em cowboy or cowgirl. Sling those fastmoving bullets. But Clare? She 2 dense to NO-tsk.

    • I am not a fan of hers but it doesn’t really matter what people look it. It is how we are inside that counts, whether male or female.

          • You stupid turd, Rasheed. I did not say anything about “winning looks”. “Jane Smith” said an annoying cliche that it’s what is on the inside not the outside. I am saying that sounds stupid. The same kind of stupid where people say “It’s not the winning, it’s the taking part”.

          • RE: Anonymous
            October 17, 2020 at 6:32 pm

            I thought this sort of insult was no longer welcome here, Frank?

          • It is no longer welcome. The commenter is someone I call the Anti-Kreuk and was directed to Sultan of Six. It is time for it to stop.

      • Don’t worry, and fear not because our Clarebear is equally repulsive inside and out. The only earthly task worse than being her lover would be to be her OB/GYN.

    • In this case, she has been advised to look as simple and ordinary as possible. I’m pretty sure one of her attorneys’ assistants had to go to Walmart to buy some clothes and cheap make-up, just to hide the multi-million dollar Seagram heiress behind it. If she had to look attractive, trust me that she would have found a way to look attractive.

      There is no connection with feminism – period.

      • Clare Bare hasn’t looked simple and ordinary in any picture I’ve seen of her, it’s always a butt-ugly look. LOL

        She can almost make her almost as ugly sister Sara look decent, but only if they are in the same picture together. LOL

        She should have used some of her millions for some major plastic surgery, but she was too busy committing crimes with plastic credit cards. LOL

        Almost all feminazis are butt-ugly, there is a very strong connection. LOL

          • Feminazis is plural, the singular is feminazi. LOL

            Feminazis also refers to females and I’m a guy, if you listened to Rush Limbaugh as I do you would have known that already. LOL

      • So you’re saying she is trying to look ugly? No, she is just ugly. There is zero way she could ever be considered attractive. Ever. Period. And yes, there is a connection between feminists and ugliness. That is why many become feminists. They are bitter. Incels are the male version. They can’t get pussy because they are pussies, so hate the opposite sex. Though feminists came before incels and helped create them. The West would be better off if both were thrown into a big fire.

  • It must have been clear to Clare’s lawyers from the outset that their arguments are only pseudo-arguments that do not lead to success. But apparently they could not come up with anything better. Clare’s case is probably also wearing the lawyers down.

    • Clare Bare’s lawyers are merely performing the perfunctory motions, all while stacking up the billable hours. LOL

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