Time to Address Comments Section on Frank Report – as We Ready for Larger, More Diverse Audience

Nxivm is pretty much shattered, although there are some remnants in Mexico and a few stragglers in the USA.

There may also be a group of covert Nxivm sympathizers out there, whom I am currently investigating.

For the most part, however, Nxivm doesn’t seem to be much of a threat to people.  Frank Report is now covering other major topics. Nxivm posts are presently the minority of posts.

Therefore, it is time to amend our comments section, as we get ready for prime time.

When Nxivm was the main subject, I wanted a rough and tumble comments section, but now it’s time for civility, especially since so many voices in our nation seem uncivil and angry.

This is a time for less divisiveness and I am going to begin with the comments section and with some of the posts.

Not that Frank Report will be shy about covering controversial topics, but the times require healing voices, not angry voices.

Of course, I believe in free speech, but I do not believe, at least on my own website, that I have to tolerate all kinds of angry voices. These can migrate to other places where they are welcome.

We may see a drop in comments. But the number of comments has little to do with readership anyway. For example, the most viewed story of the last two weeks [Half of Facebook’s Censorship Board Has Ties to George Soros] has elicited only two comments.

What Is Not Acceptable:

Lunatic voices are not acceptable.

Offensive image ahead:

Clearly demented people will likely find little luck commenting here going forward.

Funny voices will always be welcome, however.

The Shotgun Wedding -- Chad Morgan - YouTube

Unusual voices are welcome.

Best yet, are distinguished voices.

Frank Report will not publish comments that rudely criticize other commenters – with the possible exception of humorous criticism. I will either delete these or edit out the offending portion of the comment.

If any commenter makes a comment that they wish to be abused, I will then permit that. So, if two commenters, say, for example, Bangkok and Nice Guy, both agree to be abused, then they can abuse each other and, if it is, at least, reasonably humorous, I will approve it.

Otherwise, I will either delete or edit it.

When I edit a comment, I will indicate I have done so by using ellipses [….] and the word “redacted.”

Here are a few examples of what I will edit:

A commenter, whom many are familiar with, named Scott Johnson, made the following comment:

“The point that the ghost of Scott made is that often people don’t care about other people. LOL. Everyone got it except you, Mr. Shadow, so I am happy to point out the obvious to you. LOL.”

He was rude to another commenter, Shadow State. I have edited Scott’s comment as follows:

“The point that the ghost of Scott made is that often people don’t care about other people. LOL…. [redacted] LOL”

Another comment made, also by Scott, was fairly lengthy, erudite, and substantive. But, unhappily, it ended with an insult of another commenter, which was:

“What a pathetic life you have Mr. conspiracy…Your place is in a mental institute, definitely. — This is a true statement, but not for the reasons you stated. In fact, the same things are true about you as well. LOL.”

I simply deleted the last part but kept the rest of Scott’s comment. However, I removed from the body of the comment I did not delete the following:

  1. yeah, sure Mr. nutjob… still not locked away in a mental facility I see
  2. YOU, THE nutjob of the nutjobs, king of stupidity and lies and conspiracy
  3. Mr. Shadow has little to no impact on others, other than being quite entertaining
  4. Speaking of a nutjob
  5. idiot

Another Example

A comment made by another valuable contributor, Nice Guy, was problematic based on the new standards.

I will put in bold the words I deleted.


“Will you or will you not address the Boston segment of your article?

“Can you not engage in intelligent discord and debate?

“Is your diatribe hit-piece posts emblematic of who you are as man?

“Execrable or irascible?

“I thought you were a learned and educated man. I thought you were a man of consecrated conservative values.

“Lying is not a virtue.

“Avoiding the inconvenient truth when it questions your narrative and beliefs is cowardly.

“A man who prefers dogma over truth personifies hubris.

“The Black Lives liberals never said they wanted money for illegal aliens. I am not a fan of their agenda. Attributing false quotes to any group obfuscates the truth and stirs the cauldron of hate on both sides.

“How honorable can you be? You spread lies which you know are lies. You have no honor.”


Lewd and Nasty

Another comment from Nice Guy, whom I genuinely enjoy as a commenter, required fairly heavy editing.

The original comment was directed at Scott Johnson:

That only only happens when I provide your wife with ORAL sex. I end up smelling and look nauseous. LOL  

Now that may be funny to Scott and to Nice Guy and perhaps some others, but it is not really what I want to see going forward as we attract a wider and more diverse audience.

I edited the comment to

That only only happens when I provide [redacted] I end up smelling and look nauseous. LOL

I posted this picture of what I thought Nice Guy might look like. However, I have never seen him.

This kind of ribald humor was fine when our role was to do a takedown of a sex cult. It provided comic relief when we were reporting on gruesome and depressing topics like the branding and blackmailing of women.

But the expansion of Frank Report requires a little more refinement. That is not to say that there will never be ribald humor. But when it is directed at another commenter’s wife, a woman reputed to be of impeccable character, I think we ought not encourage it.

I know, critics may say, I have published indelicate humor in the past. I referred to the Society of Protectors as the Society of Cuckolds and I recall, during the battle with Nxivm, photoshopping some fairly insulting [but I thought funny] photos of the SOP men, with Raniere sleeping with their women.

Here are a couple of examples.

The original caption when published in 2017: The Connubial Boudoir of the coupling of DOS and SOP – By artist Joann of DOS
‘The exquisite imagery of the artist suggests that Mr. Raniere’s presence is figurative only. This is made clear by the initials K R not being at the woman’s pubic region but floating seemingly in mid-air – where it transmutes the branded wife to higher consciousness whereby the husband is not a cuckold but a DOS slave himself subordinate to the higher teachings of Master Raniere” – L. Worthington Hammerton, art critic.


The original 2017 caption: This is an artist’s conception: Keith Raniere [standing in shower left] teaches a beta male of The Society of Protectors [lower center on hands and knees ] and his DOS slave wife.


[2017 Caption] Society of Protectors male [left] in his traditional SOP uniform.
I published these fairly obscene images to try to awaken the men of SOP to the noxious concept that they were allowing themselves to be weaklings for Raniere while encouraging their wives to follow this perverted man.

No Racist Words

It goes without saying that racism is not acceptable, against any race.  There are plenty of websites where it is acceptable.

In short, I want more civility and more expression of opposing views without hatred and anger and insulting each other.



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  • Malignant narcissism. If Trump was malignant narcissism in motion, KR is malignant narcissism run amok. I was a psych nurse for a long time and I tried to understand this condition in the term of human development. It’s as if emotionally they have not left the first stage, like an infant that can’t determine themselves from the world yet. Everything is ME: I must always be fed, I must always be shown I’m loved, etc. There is no neutral; if you’re not kissing my ass, then you are an enemy. Empty and hurt, but dangerous to others. I can’t understand it. Narcissism is hard enough but those with malignant narcissism have really grandiose ideas and enjoy hurting other people. This guy should have (oh thank goodness he didn’t) gone into politics.

  • Frank allows true diversity of opinion in the comment section and on the Frank Report proper. I welcome his attempt to reduce the pointless, wacko nonsense in the comment section. The hostility and personal insults add nothing and tend to drown out the comments that actually add to our understanding of the topic at hand.

  • Great Balls of Fire.!…sugar..cream..and bull crap with my coffee.

    I never understood why such a meticulously researched and very helpful to society Blog-Website would allow so many stupid (think insanely politically correct people ) and juvenile (think teen aged boys) and troll shock (think Howard Stern) posts.

    All so us serious posters, who want to be informed while reading The Frank Report, can get stuck with a sprinkling of sugar and a teaspoon of bull crap to go with our morning coffees.

    Ridiculous comments that a troll would be too chicken to say in person and are clearly not meant to facilitate a challenging back and forth experience with other posters. Comments simply meant to get a rise out of their targets.

    Yes we can scroll past but not until we have had the misfortune of having read the boring blather.

    I always wanted to speak my mind about this but I knew it would only turn me into a troll magnet and put a bullseye on my back, thus distracting me from why I read the comments in the first place. We know the sordid reasons why average Joes and Janes troll comment sections but what is the pull for the rest of us? Why do we read the comments of strangers? Why do we even bother to post?

    I can’t speak for others, trying to guess their motives, but I can say why I read the comment sections and put up with the “white noise” in the background. Because opinions that differ from the article’s point of view are interesting and even entertaining to read. Because sometimes the opinions make more sense than the article does. Because I want to see if someone feels the same as me – a kindred spirit! And let’s face it, it’s often more fun reading the comments than reading the article which is why some skip over the article entirely.

    I think mostly though, we all enjoy giving out our opinions (everyone’s entitled to my opinion) in a forum where we can engage with people who actually are as passionate as we are for a given subject. A camaraderie of sorts where
    – surprise – others actually care as much as you do about getting Keith Alan Raniere arrested and finding out he is nicknamed Cry Baby Jane and got beat up at MDC. Good stuff right?

    No, I don’t want to over think it but I am just so relieved that bullying won’t be given as much free reign here anymore.
    Now back to enjoying my morning coffee. I’ll take that with cream, sugar, but hold the crap!

  • This [redacted] is an outrage against [redacted]. We must preserve our dignity despite [redacted]. Freedom of expression on the net is part and parcel of our inalienable [redacted]. The Frank Report can [redacted]. This is a travesty of [redacted]. You cannot censor your way out of [redacted].

  • Did you know that there’s a [redacted] difference between the meaning of the word “to” and “too?” LOL

      • Thanks for the support Nutjob666 or Bangkok666. Not needed. LOL

        To, too, and two usages are important parts of the English language. One is a preposition; the other is an adverb; and the third is a number. LOL

        There is a reason for the existence of right-way and wrong-way. LOL

        If you had two left feet, you’d walk in a left-hand circle; I walk in a right-hand circle. LOL

        Watch my radio show. LOL

        It’s commercial, sponsor, and audience free. LOL

  • Frank, this is a pragmatic and a measured decision to cut the dross. It’s been a long time coming.

    A friend of mine who has a website gets lots of comments for two distinct occasions each year. He very rarely intercedes to remove anyone’s expressed thoughts. However, it is his website, as the Frank Report is yours. There are those instances when it can be most expedient to bring down your hammer, whether softly or vigorously.

    I think that you have described your reasoning well. Also, the stuck piggies will squeal the loudest about this change and the most likely to ignore your reasoning, turn it into an inquisition and HURL. So keep trusting yourself.

  • At a certain point the signal gets lost in the noise.

    In my opinion this has become gradually more problematic here since March and has become a real problem lately.

    It has become obvious that any discussion of anything even vaguely political, immediately turns into a sea of insults.

    I find people’s different political opinions interesting, but insults and profanity are not opinion, and add nothing of value.

    The words ‘Civilisation’ and ‘Civility’ have the same root.

  • I think that this is a good move. Off-topic and profane rants are a waste of time. There are important issues discussed here with new
    information on many topics that the mainstream press does not cover.

    Frank is not preventing anyone from exercising 1st amendment rights. You can find the nearest bathroom wall and scribble away.

    Or a website that welcomes inane comments and profanity. They exist, in great measure, so take your pick.

    • I agree, Ken, wholeheartedly!

      I will no longer be making fun of Scott Johnson.

      Instead, I will be parsing every single article and story for bald-faced lies, inconsistencies, half-truths, dogmatic adherence to demagoguery, fake news, disinformation, and outright fabrications.


      I look forward to your next news story.

      Have a great day!


  • [Redacted] = [Censored].
    And what is with the red lettering of people’s posts?
    Shit got creepy real quick here. Frank Report RIP

    • You have posted under several different monikers. Why do you bother to keep on commenting? It makes you appear to be a troll. If you don’t like it here, why not go away?

      • Right, the [Redacted] = [Censored] moniker being the most troll-like with no social benefit or commentary worthy of the name here. If I knew you were such a sensitive sort I’d have never have read your prison rape fantasy with such gusto. Easily the most graphic thing I’ve come across in months. Frank, I call for you to grow a pair and write “[Censored]” instead of hiding behind the soft euphemism of “[Redacted]”. More, I call for you to apologize for wasting your readers’ time with grandiose excuses to censor our opinions and to renounce for all time any plans to red line our comments. You’ve damaged your credibility. You can get it back if you snap out of your current bullshit. Oh, he wants dainty humor from us! Jesus fuck. This has turned into a major debacle for you. Damage control needed: State, “Reader’s comments are their own.” That absolves you of liability and restores respect for the 1st Amendment.

  • “as We Ready for Larger, More Diverse Audience”
    Ha! Ha! Ha! What a crock of shit. Is this some mafioso Parlato scam? Do you really think we’re buying that? A more diverse audience? LOL. When [redacted] stops drinking his prune juice. and your Amway contingent starts selling brownie mix to themselves. Nice try. But you couldn’t even censor everyone’s comments if you tried You’ve disgraced yourself with this, Frank. But if you rescind the censorship threat, you can win back the respect of your online readers. Nothing else will do. Hands off other people’s ideas. Period.

    • Well, I guess this means Bangkok is not happy with the change.

      Bangkok, all things come to an end eventually. It’s the nature of life.

      • Yes. All things do come to an end. 🙂

        But fortunately for us, life on Earth will exist for you and I much longer than for our 65 year old, crazy uncle Frank, who’s bordering on dementia now, and who’s probably in the first stages of Alzheimer’s — judging by his wacky postings in this thread.

        He goes back and forth from “loving free speech” to telling several readers to “get off my blog”. LOL.

        I mean, just a few months ago he tolerated free speech from whatever source and saw it as a source of pride that he wasn’t being a heavy handed, politically correct leftist.

        Fast forward a few months (to today) and he’s now ‘worried’ about the ‘diversity’ of his audience even though NOTHING has changed about the demographics on his site.

        His non-NXIVM articles cater to the EXACT SAME ‘alternative subject’ readers — people wih the same, opposing political viewpoints as before.

        He’s not posting shit about Mother Teresa now.

        He’s not gonna be getting a bunch of nuns reading this blog.

        He’s not gonna be getting a bunch of refugees from third world countries reading his blog now.

        Nothing has changed, which is precisely why I know that WordPress threatened Frank (or he fears they will threaten him) ——— but he’s too chickenshit to admit he’s bowing down to outside pressure.

        If Frank would just admit this fact (that he’s bowing down to WordPress) I’d get off his back about this topic, LOL, cuz I know what a pussy he is.

        Frank claims to be able to stand his ground even in the presence of a crowd with swords in their hand.

        Yet here he is, ‘surrendering’ to the liberal mob and making up phony excuses about WHY he’s doing it.

        That’s my main point that’s worth discussing.

        That’s the whole point of this thread, to discuss Frank’s lack of balls and contradictions in making this change. That’s perfectly on topic with this article so I’m not sure why Frank keeps saying that my comments are off topic.

        He needs to realize that criticizing his PUSSY ANTICS (bowing down to WordPress) does not make the comments troll worthy. He’s attempting to make himself untouchable.

        No can do. I enjoy enraging Frank cuz it’s getting easier by the day.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Bangkok, Word Press has no authority to censor or threaten to censor content. If they did, I would simply move to another content managing system. You really do not understand how content management systems work. But good try anyway.

        • Bangkok is the [redacted] for DEMANDING Scott answer 11 questions, then some additional questions, but he won’t come on Scott’s show to ask them. LOL

  • “If the whole world stands against you sword in hand, would you still dare to do what you think is right?” Apparently not Frank, who has just lost the respect of all 1st Amendment advocates. Frank is willing to publish graphic accounts of prison rape to satisfy his prurient interests but his delicate sensibilities can’t handle the back-and-forth of middle-class, middle-aged blatherskites. Parlato, this is infamy. We demand a free and open internet, a free and open comments section. Anything less is total cowardice. Take your lumps, Parlato. Free speech means tolerating people who remind you that you’re not so great.

    • My main interest is in calming down the nastiness of the commenters towards each other. If it is humorous or has a point, then it will be published. If it is simply mean-spirited and inhibits dialogue, or has nothing to do with the topic at hand, it will likely be deleted or edited. This is the new policy. No one is forcing you to read either the posts of the comments.

      • Who are you to define what constitutes nastiness? Jesus Christ, you’ve retrograded. You’re the Ginny Mark Zuckerberg now? Got a handle on what constitutes civility?. Everything has got to be all polite like lawn tennis on your blog? A few recent comments here (we know which ones) cracked you. And now this. LOL

        • You’re missing the point. Everything does not have to be perfectly polite, [but what’s wrong with being polite anyway?] but it should be mature.

          It should be sensible. And you should use the same moniker instead of different ones each time you post, that would be helpful.

          The reason some of the big social media sites have to moderate posts [and even censor] is that cowardly trolls can absolutely hijack a site and cause chaos.

          Now, I’ll answer your first questions:

          “Who are you to define what constitutes nastiness?”

          Merely the owner/publisher of this website.

      • There is a lot of valuable commentary on here, but it became very tedious to sift through the comments of some posters which consists of little more than insults and profanity. Maybe they’ll start posting something more interesting, or just wander off and find new pastures. Either way, it’s good.

  • “No editor ever lost an argument on his own website”
    Frank is reacting to the recent troll beat down he got when people exposed him for lack of erudition. His monster ego could not handle dissent and now he vows to censor, like any editor from Pravda, any and all comments critical of him. The human element of heterogeneous opinion will suffer until total Facebook sterility will result, or the site goes off. No one in the real world actually cares about the tempest in a teapot this comment section can be. More Parlato delusions of grandeur.
    Notice how Frank has never intervened before when the obvious [redacted] Hinkly/Foster dynamic was in play with evident psychopathology. This “new comments policy” is all about the bruised ego of a post-sexual hack. Happy comments snipping, Frank!

    • I allow too many trolls on here, demented people who are not sincerely interested in the topics at hand. Their goal – perhaps it is yours too – is to cause discord and not advance the truth.

      You write, “Frank is reacting to the recent troll beat down he got when people exposed him for lack of erudition. His monster ego could not handle dissent and now he vows to censor, like any editor from Pravda, any and all comments critical of him.”

      But if I really had such a monster ego, I would not have published the comments from the trolls who supposedly beat me down for my so-called lack of erudition [a mistake of a word].

      I allow a lot of criticism of myself, like this comment, but I am not interested in making this a forum for trolls. And criticisms should be founded in fact not just an ill-intent to attack others anonymously – as the coward does.

      Imagine how weak you appear – with your self-righteous tone – hiding behind a coward’s mask of anonymity. If you think I am bound to publish whatever lying cowards say about me or others – you are entirely wrong.

      Now if you had a sense of humor, I might think of you otherwise.

      • “hiding behind a coward’s mask of anonymity.”
        1. Voltaire
        2. Mark Twain
        3. George Orwell

        • Using pen names, such as Voltaire [François Marie Arouet], Mark Twain [Samuel Clemens] and Orwell [Eric Blair] does not make these men anonymous cowards. They were known to their publishers and to some degree known to anyone who had an interest in finding out who they were. Clemens was widely known to be Mark Twain.

          But anonymous trolls are known only to themselves. Their agenda is not to improve the life of humankind as Voltaire, Twain and Orwell did, but to hurt others. That’s what makes them trolls and cowards.

          • Just like your ‘horny Casper Van Dien’ article was meant to improve real journalism and humankind? LOL.

            ..and no, that article wasn’t meant as light-hearted humor —- you were trying to disparage him for personal reasons.

            What about your many unsubstantiated attacks on Keith Raniere, where you pretty much blame him for everything (suicides included) without any SERIOUS evidence that law enforcement could use.

            Yeah, he’s guilty of a lot of shit. But you’ve blamed him for anything and everything, without much regard for whether it’s true or not.

            For instance… You won’t investigate others for the same suicides that you blame NXIVM for (like Heidi Clifford or another person within NXIVM, who I can’t name because you’ll delete my post if I mention her name, cuz you wanna protect her from investigation).

            Is that your idea of seeking truth?

            Yeah, I know, my ‘intent’ must be ill because I’m questioning Frank Parlato. LOL.

          • Now you’re sounding like Scott a year or two ago. LOL

            As Scott said, allow comments ONLY from those with traceable IDs. LOL

            They don’t have to use their real names, but more latitude should be given to those who do. LOL

            Scott may even do a Jesus and come back from the dead. LOL

          • “Using pen names, such as Voltaire [François Marie Arouet], Mark Twain [Samuel Clemens] and Orwell [Eric Blair] does not make these men anonymous cowards.”
            Excuse me? Why did they use pen names in the first place?
            The real question is why do you want to know the identities of people critical of your policies? Why is that important to you? Why do you hold that to be a moral imperative? The answer is obvious: it deflects against real analysis and lays bare the insufficiency of your behavior towards others who have different opinions.

          • I think they used pen names for a degree of privacy. But their publishers knew who they were and they were certainly not attacking their publishers.

            I do not know who you are, so please don’t be surprised if I don’t publish your criticisms if you don’t have the courage to reveal who you are. If you have moral superiority, come forward and identify yourself. But Frank Report does not exist so that trolls can hijack the comments section.

          • ….So many anonymous commenters joining Bangkok in his moral outrage at Frank Report policy changes. Who are all of these enraged individuals?

            ….And do they all reside in the same home near Heidi’s old neighborhood?

    • Frank,

      If you are truly serious in your intent to end meanness and cruelty towards Frank Report readers you will stop allowing post which contain the words MLM and Amway. These words now make me nauseous and I believe everyone else feels the same way as I do.

      Poor Bangkok said just the other day he “would rather bleach then see the acronym MLM”. Poor kid may become suicidal if sees another Amway post.

  • Although I agree that the crap in comments is undesirable crap to read, I do vaguely recall an article on frank report regarding censorship….

    With that said what’s going on with the northern distract NY and NXSCUM charges? I would think you have something to tell in your creative non exact detail methodology.

  • If the most read recent article has only two comments, that means the comments aren’t why the articles are read. Therefore, go back to the prior “no rules” and instant posting of comments. LOL

  • “Another comment made, also by Scott, was fairly lengthy, erudite and substantive. But, unhappily, it ended with an insult of another commenter, which was:” Unhappy for you, but not unhappy for the ghost of Scott. LOL

    The ghost of Scott has little concern whether his (yes, Scott’s ghost is a dude) comments get posted, as they are primarily written for the entertainment of Frank. LOL

        • There are commenters I like to hear from. You are one of them Nice Guy, so is Natashka.

          There are many others who advance the conversation, many of them without using monikers.

          What I am looking to avoid is giving too much space to trolls whose intention is not to support this website, but to drive others away. Some of them have a dark agenda, some are demented, and some just like playing around to cause mischief and they get a sociopath’s thrill in creating hurt feelings and provoking anger – all from the coward’s perch of anonymity.

          Numerous, intelligent people have advised me in the past that for the website to grow to the next level, the trolls must not be fed. Feeding them is allowing them a voice, which they use to disrupt.

          Trolls have ill-intentions. They are not supportive of the websites they post anonymously on. They are not even neutral. They are looking to cause harm.

          So I am going to weed out the trolls.

          They do not support my goals for Frank Report. [I am not a psychologist or therapist so I owe them nothing] They are not, I am sure, good natured people, who like other people. Mostly they are mentally unwell.

          They hide behind their keyboards and stroke out that which pleases only themselves.

          Nice Guy, I do not think you are a troll, of course. You have a sincere interest in the topics being discussed. But do not be surprised if you do not see comments from trolls anymore that have no substantive point relating to the topic of the post, and no more vicious comments attacking other commenters.

          I expect to attract more intelligent commenters this way, [just scrolling back the last few days] like you and Peaches, Mexican Lady, Natashka, Fool Me Not, Paul, Anonymaker, Alex, Scott Johnson, Gin an Juice, Shadow State, Nut Job, Heidi Hutchinson, Anna Lee, Ice-Nine, Mitch Garrity, Flowers [most of the time] Samir Sardana, Fred, Shivani, Just Sayin’, Ken Gibson, Python Swoope, L, smtolle, Erma Gerrd, Diane Lipson, Captain Moonbeam, Kim, Bill, LaLaLad, Retired Inspector, and hundreds of others who use no moniker and appear as anonymous.

          Keep in mind also that the website is not for commenters only, but for all readers, most of whom do not comment.

          • Hey Frank, I am middle-aged, it’s all good and fine to me. I got sidetracked by Johnson and Bangkok a long time ago and then found I liked the ribbing and banter. At my age, it’s married couples or coworkers and all “adult” conversation. No more male camaraderie. No poker night. Nothing. Admittedly [redacted] on Johnson is quite fun and guilt-free, nothing to feel bad about, not even a little.

            I enjoyed “it” while it lasted.

            Hopefully, Anonymaker and other commentators/contributors will come back to the Frank Report and elevate the dialogue and conversation to a higher level.

          • Thanks for the mention frank. =)

            I would keep the troll comments uncensored and remove them only if someone emails you. It can be important to learn to coexist with trolls. I think the main thing I would change from FR is to not give trolls visibility. If someone is bullying another, FR should not create an article on that because it gives the troll more visibility. Also, if you have someone who is a troll, FR should not give them the privilege of having their own article. That is enabling trolls.

            Nice work, frank

          • You had no problem with it when they were attacking those of us who had actual experiences with NXIVM.
            It is fairly humorous, though, that someone adopted my moniker when I left.

          • – Props to niceguy for getting so many of his monikers mentioned in Frank’s list.
            – Props to Flowers for (mostly) getting off the naughty list.
            – An eyebrow raise to Scott making the cut.
            – I’m curious of the moniker of the ex-nx person who left and had their moniker stolen by someone else.

  • what do you feel you gain by adding this moderation? I feel it might be too time consuming for you? I think having the comments as they are is entertaining. Perhaps you can have a policy that if someone feels insulted they can email you and you can remove the comment attacks?

    I personally find the comment section entertaining. I would leave them as is. You probably have better things to do then moderate the comments, and at the end of the day it says something that you have high participation

    • This is a good argument. I will consider it. If it is humorous I will approve it. But the nasty mean spirited stuff is really getting old.
      On top of that some people say they feel intimidated by commenting knowing that snarky creatures will attack them for making their points.
      So all I am saying is – stop attacking one another with viciousness.

      • But I’m addicted to making vitriolic comments, much like an alcoholic is addicted to booze.

        I can’t help myself. Nor will I stop. Nor will I respect you. Nor will I get down on my knees for you.

        You cocksucking leftist.

        I will stand up to you, Frank.

        I will stand up for freedom, honor, liberty and the American way. You filthy Sicilian.

        Have a nice day. 🙂

        • Bangkok,

          Frank is not going leftist, far from it, he is going corporate.

          Bangkok I am going too miss your insults. You were just starting too hone your craft. Your rifts on [redacted] Johnson were sublime. [redacted] on his radio show was [redacted] hilarious!!!
          Johnson is such a [redacted].

          Bangkok your true talent lies in your uncanny ability to twist people’s words sound they sound like imbeciles. I can’t match you in that arena.

          Bangkok, don’t let m my complements go to you head you little [redacted]. You are still a [redacted] with your head up [redacted].

          Have good day you little [redacted] ;).

          • Nice Guy, Bangkok used to be a lot more funny and I enjoyed hearing from him. He has lost his touch, but I hope he can get it back. He has the makings of a comic genius.

          • Frank,

            Hopefully Bangkok will step up and bring back his “A” game.

            Can he–will he arise to the challenge?

            Has the incessant posting finally taking its toll on the young veteran troll and 3 time MVP and 2 time Ron Jeremy Trophy winner?

            Does he still have the drive and fervent ambition to be on top?

            Only time will tell…..

        • You’re also addicted to DEMANDING that Scott answer 11 questions and then some additional ones, but are too [redacted] to come on his show. LOL

        • I think the biggest change that I would to see in FR is to stop enabling the trolls.
          If Bangkok is clearly a troll, why does FR give her her own articles? That is enabling and supporting trolls.

          I would keep the trolls in the comments section. They make things entertaining. But I would not give them the visibility and power to have their own articles.

      • i think if people feel intimidated they could post anonymously. it is also helpful to know how to deal with trolls so there might even be a learning experience in frank report.

        thanks for responding. nice work frank

  • When the [redacted] Sultan Of Six does his [redacted], surely we can [redacted]. Frank Report may be the only place where his [redacted] gets challenged and checked. If it were not for “Spanky’s” online e-jihad over Kristin Kreuk, we would of learnt less about her NXIVM role, but he kept on insisting…

  • You’re a pussy, Frank.

    Truth is…

    Frank Parlato has just shifted his perspective 180 degrees from what it was last month.

    Truth is…

    Frank is not merely calling for a bit more civility.

    He’s literally turning this place into a “heavy handed” censorship blog that would make Huffington Post blush with admiration.

    Also, Frank is not doing this because he suddenly wants more ‘civility’, as he falsely claims.

    Why is Frank doing this?

    Frank is doing this because he’s likely been threatened by WordPress (or fears that he’ll soon be threatened) that if he doesn’t “toe the line” and start respecting liberal mob mentality, he’ll have his blog shut down.

    Trust me, Frank fears this.

    That’s precisely why he’s made this change.

    Don’t believe me? Let’s examine the facts…

    Half of Frank’s own articles published over the last 3 years, typed by his own hand, have said the most VILE and HATEFUL things about Keith, Clare, Allison, Sara Bronfman, Nancy Salzman, Lovely Lauren Salzman and every other NXIVM member.

    Even his article about ‘horny’ Casper Van Dien was mean-spirited and totally unnecessary —- from a ‘civility’ point of view.

    Frank has said such hateful things that even a drunken sailor would blush.

    Also… Frank is being disingenuous by claiming that he’s had a moral ‘change of heart’ about such hateful language, since he’s 60 years old and people that old don’t have a change of heart.

    Plus, he’s Sicilian and people hailing from that shithole country are natural born mobsters who swear like drunken sailors from the time they are born.

    In other words… Do as I say, not as I do.

    As for the ‘larger’ audience that’s supposedly gonna be visiting FrankReport, I wouldn’t hold my breath cuz FrankReport’s 6 million pageviews (from last year) were a result of highly indexed pages about NXIVM during the height of the media coverage.

    But now, with NXIVM media coverage at an all time low (and with Frank’s number of daily articles dwindling) I’m guessing that he’s lost nearly 85% of his traffic, if not more.

    Frank won’t dare publish his CURRENT traffic figures cuz he knows I’m telling the truth.

    Again, if Frank could refute this allegation then he’d do it using FACTS about his current traffic.

    Instead, he’ll either ignore this post or possibly delete it —— using his new ‘civility rules’ as an excuse to silence my speech simply because it angers him to his core.

    I don’t respect Frank Parlato anymore.

    He once told us that it was acceptable for us to call him a pussy.

    But now, he’s telling us that he’s a choir boy and such language is not acceptable in his world, LOL.

    As for his new ‘racial’ guidelines, I don’t believe for one minute that Frank actually cares about this topic.

    He’s merely terrified of having his blog shut down if he doesn’t toe the line and aggressively censor out all speech that leftists might view as against their party line.

    Case in point…

    I’d bet my life that Frank will allow ANY hateful or insulting posts made against the police officers in the George Floyd case.


    Cuz leftists accept hateful words against people they hate.

    …But when you say those same words against anybody else, well, suddenly they scream “that’s hate language” and demand that it be taken down.

    Has Frank drifted too far to the left?

    He’s gaslighting us by claiming that it’s all in our imagination.

    We’re just imagining that Frank is drifting into leftist censorship territory, according to Frank.

    According to Frank, he’s just tweaking his rules a ‘tad’ and making a few minor changes, LOL.

    Yeah, like changing from UP to DOWN is a minor change. LOL.

    As for me, I hope that Frank gets CANCER OF THE BUTT before his 61st birthday and winds up departing this earth and going straight to hell, where Satan will surely be there to greet him with a pitch fork up his butt for eternity.

    Have a nice day. 🙂

  • Nice Guy
    I always try to source my most important allegations.
    With the utter insanity sweeping the country right now who would believe that major politicians in Seattle and Washington State would help Anarchists take over a chunk of Seattle?
    Or that officials in California would release sex offenders and arrest kids going to the beach?

    The story about BLM in Boston came out of Breitbart.
    But another source claims that BLM demanded that Boston divert money from the police to hire illegal aliens.

    BLM Boston: Use Cash from Defunding Cops to Hire ‘Undocumented’ Workers… A Policy Which Leads to MORE Black Unemployment and Crime
    Raynard JacksonJune 9, 20205 min read

    Black Lives Matter (BLM) Boston seeks to sizably cut its city’s police budget and reappropriate $15 million in taxpayer funds – including those from black Americans – for an initiative to “hire undocumented young people” for thousands of summer and year-round jobs.

    Undocumented workers and mass migration are a catalyst for wage depression and high unemployment plaguing black communities, as noted by the National Bureau of Economic Research.

    o-authors George Borjas, Jeffrey Grogger, and Gordon Hanson wrote in a paper entitled ‘Immigration and African-American Employment Opportunities: The Response of Wages, Employment, and Incarceration to Labor Supply Shocks’:

    The 1980-2000 immigrant influx, therefore, generally ‘explains’ about 20 to 60 percent of the decline in wages, 25 percent of the decline in employment, and about 10 percent of the rise in incarceration rates among blacks with a high school education or less.

    Calls to “defund the police” have proliferated nationwide in the wake of George Floyd’s death, yet most BLM activists fail to outline what would happen if the radical stance was to materialize.

    The Boston chapter of the left-wing mega-donor George Soros-funded organization, however, provides insight on what BLM hopes to reappropriate the funds for:

    The City should fund $15 million for 5000 summer jobs and 1000 year-round jobs lasting from September to June, including hiring 14-22 year olds, hiring undocumented young people, and providing grants to organizations.

    The funds would come from cutting “the police budget by 10% from $414 million to $372 million or less, including cutting at least $40 million from the Police Department’s $60 million overtime budget,” significantly less radical than most of BLM’s chapters.

    Originally written by the Youth Justice & Power Union, the petition has amassed over 1,500 signatures.

    Beyond BLM championing policies that often result in higher crime and homicide rates in black communities and obscuring the overwhelmingly more present phenomenon of black-on-black violence with the “myth of systemic police racism,” pushing for this wage-depressing policy is just the latest harmful policy the group has embraced.

    Not to mention, the policy would grant tax dollars – even those from black Americans – to provide a steady income flow for individuals who aren’t even U.S. citizens.
    President Barack Obama’s own Federal Commission on Civil Rights report, “The Impact of Illegal Immigration on the Wages and Employment Opportunities of Black Workers,” concluded:

    …illegal immigration to the United States in recent decades has tended to depress both wages and employment rates for low-skilled American citizens, a disproportionate number of whom are black men.

    This results from the fact that “about six in 10 adult black males have a high school diploma or less, and black men are disproportionately employed in the low-skilled labor market, where they are more likely to be in labor competition with immigrants.”

    The National Bureau of Economic Research corroborated immigration’s detrimental impact on the prospects of black workers and even linked immigrant influxes to spikes in black incarceration.

    It stated: “Why would a boost in immigration effectively put more men, especially black men, behind bars? The authors put forward a straightforward theory: immigration causes wages and employment to fall for black workers. When this happens, some of those workers — especially those with the lowest skills — turn to crime to increase their income.”

    Left-wing Politico magazine even conceded: “But because a disproportionate percentage of immigrants have few skills, it is low-skilled American workers, including many blacks and Hispanics, who have suffered most from this wage dip.”

    Contrary to BLM’s narrative, black workers and wages do matter, and should not be sacrificed at the alter of socialism for the sake of political posturing.

    Natalie Winters contributed to this report

    Here’s a petition from Google Documents

    If you can, please visit — this is where we are collecting new petition signatures! (If you have a problem finding the petition there, you can still sign it here.)

    Police murders of Black people across the country reflect the larger violence that police departments and prisons commit against Black communities every day. We need to defund police departments across the country and reinvest in Black and Brown communities. Just as Minneapolis groups are demanding a $45 million cut to the police budget to reinvest in community-led health and safety, we must move funds from the Boston Police Department back into Boston communities.

    We demand that Mayor Marty Walsh cut the police budget by 10% from $414 million to $372 million or less, including cutting at least $40 million from the Police Department’s $60 million
    overtime budget. Those funds should be reinvested in the needs of Black and Brown communities, including providing housing and jobs to people released from prison.

    In addition, we demand that funds are reinvested in youth jobs during a global pandemic and economic crisis. The City should fund $15 million for 5000 summer jobs and 1000 year-round jobs lasting from September to June, including hiring 14-22 year olds, hiring undocumented young people, and providing grants to organizations. Mayor Walsh, CFO Emme Handy, and Director Justin Sterritt: meet with young people immediately to discuss protecting young people
    this summer!

    • Thanks, Frank – now we have extremely long and [redacted] (as opposed to merely long and [redacted]) comments from Mr. Shadow to endure with the new comment policy. LOL

    • Shadow,

      Thank you for responding!!! I appreciate intelligent discourse and debate.

      You are right about the facts in your current post…
      ….Some of the money did go towards a few undocumented children for summer jobs, which is wrong. On a positive note if the kids are working they can’t be doing bad things. An idle mind is the devils workshop. Still public taxpayer money should not be going too illegal aliens, undocumented workers.

      The Breitbart’s “fake quote” ie attributing a fabricated quote too any group is disgusting and, no different than the crap CNN and MSNNBC and other leftists pull.

      At any rate thank you again for responding in-kind. Thank you!

    • Frank-

      I know what your long term goal is for the website and you have every right to cash out. You waged a war of attrition over many years, my tenacious pugilist friend.

      How much money did it cost you? (Rhetorical question)

      How many years of your life?
      (Rhetorical question)

      You have given all 8 pints of your blood and more.

      You more than deserve some level of recompense.

      I said it a while back and will say it again; I would have told you, if I was your friend, a website blog will never work. You’ll never take Raniere and NXIVM out. LOL

      As mentioned before, there is a reason the word vendetta was coined in Sicily. 😉

      I would like to bestow a title to your name…

      Vanguard Killer Parlato

      PS I hope never piss off someone like you.

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