Kim Constable Takes Shocking Pics of Naked Son — Posts on Social Media

Kim Constable

Kim Constable says she is a millionaire. If it is true, she is one of the success stories Damon Brink dreamed of when he said Keith Raniere built more than one thousand millionaires.

Constable even teaches a course on how to become a millionaire.

She is best known as the Sculpted Vegan. She sells online body-building courses. She also has a course on becoming a millionaire, though it is doubtful that she is a millionaire.

She writes: “I… teach people the exact steps to becoming millionaires in 12 months through my other online empire, The Million Dollar Mentor.

Constable credits Keith Raniere for her success.



Constable posts this fake cover of Forbes. She paid for an advertorial on  The title of her paid story: “Utilizing AI To Reach Peak Performance In Health And Business: How The Sculpted Vegan Built An 8-Figure Empire.”

There was no evidence presented that her Sculpted Vegan business is an eight-figure empire. Or even a 7-figure income.

Lots of Critics

On Tattler, there are thousands of negative comments about her.
Comment: She has an opinion on everything. And is an expert on everything. Yet she hasn’t one qualification to her name. But sure, she’s a millionaire now – that’s why her daughter was in the local hospital recently and not being privately treated that’s why she lives in a modest house in Ireland with old windows so full of condensation they need replaced and the house must stink of damp.
I’ve never seen anyone so tacky and happy to boast about wealth she doesn’t have. Often those with money don’t mention it. It’s called class. Something Kim Constable has zero of.


She was also criticized for not being a vegan.

Critics condemned her for being a phony vegan.

Here is one thread with 1000 comments on it  — all critical of her.

One commenter said, “Oh dear lord, I have been waiting for someone else to start discussing the sculpted vegan. She is the strangest character I’ve ever come across – there’s actually something so sinister about her. If you look up all her previous attempts at money making and fame grabbing it’s a totally bizarre.”
Comment: “She’s very obviously on steroids and this is why she looks like she does.”

Comment: She wasn’t always a vegan either – just something that’s in vogue at the moment….  She is very insecure – always getting Botox and fillers, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails and make up tattooed on. Looking back at old photos she has become a plastic fantastic version of herself.

Comment: Oh dear the sculpted vegan has got herself in trouble for telling lies. Someone commented on her post asking why she got Botox, which is tested on mice if she was vegan!! She then admitted that she was a planted based vegan not an ethical vegan. So she’s basically is only a vegan when it suits her and not when she’s wearing leather trousers, filling her face with Botox and driving her a Range Rover
Comment: I’m not a vegan and all the crap she posts about eating vegan because she thinks animals shouldn’t be used for food drives me mad. So it’s not ok to eat them but it’s ok for them to be slaughtered for her leather shoes, bags, trousers and whatever she feels is ok.

Comment:  The sculpted vegan #2 fox fur wearing, bee venom face, pivot at full pelt, matchy match Hermes belt is the new thread.

Comment: This leathery old trout is a pretend vegan who tries to get vegans to part with their cash so she can keep buying fox fur, wispa bars, beauty products tested on animals, and whips to wallop her horses with so they will comply better while she rides them for entertainment purposes. She’s a delight.

Constable has many critics on many topics

They call her out on many things. For one thing, she said she bought an office building for her booming eight figure business.

But her critics say her offices is her garage.

Comment: Yep she said she bought an office building, showed a huge building that was actually up for rent with a local agent. She implied she was setting up offices in it, even showed her office being kitted out. Except it wasn’t her office was it, it was a rented space. Suddenly, her team were all back working out of her house again, and her carefully curated big boss office was gone.

She lies about her horse riding skills.

Comment: 3rd and 6th at the event. The third place will be going to her head, she will be wanting to move up in classes now! She failed to mention though that the 6th place was out of 7 finishers. Context is key.

On another occasion she told her audience that her horse came in first.




Apparently Big Cat got a first place rosette tonight. Of course he did Kim, you were the only one in that class. 


Oh my gosh..why can’t she just be truthful and say she was the only one, but that he did really well?
Her post and this proof previous poster show you what a spoofer, con artist and liar she is.
Also why is she spamming her account with all the horse stuff when she created a separate account for us all to follow… I guess we haven’t all flocked to follow it

But the most disturbing criticism of her relates to her children.

Children Exploited?

I find this disturbing. Her daughter must be around 11/12? There is a photo which her daughter & friend are wearing a bra top & jeans which I recall they went out for a birthday party. Kim comments with the fire emoji’s. Also the daughter refers to herself as sexy to Kim’s friend. (Mother of the other daughter.) At a closer look at this photo on an open, public instagram page you can see MEN commenting saying how good these little girls look. Paedophiles openly commenting which anyone can see. Why has Kim not protected her daughter from this? Then we go onto the subject of the Rainbow Garden which was a Paedophile ring recruiting young girls hence why the founder is in jail. Google it…
Anyone else think it’s totally f’ed up to post a picture of your child practically naked?! Granted there’s an emoji covering, but still.. wtf?! She has 400k+ followers, it’s completely unsafe – god knows what type of person would see that. That’ll be on the internet forever now… imagine how embarrassed you’d be if your mum posted something like that- especially considering he’s not a baby!! Poor lad.
Yes because she had to manually add that flower or whatever it was. Meaning not only did she take it but then had to focus on the photo to place it in the correct place. Sick! And a child that age would not want a parent in the bathroom with them.
Also means she took the photo while he was naked. Why is she going in to the Bath while he’s naked?
I’ve blanked out the face. If this isn’t allowed please report for it to be taken down. Why on earth would she put that on her social media.
The woman is a disgrace. Also, if I walked in on my child I would be embarrassed and equally so would he. She has no shame, taking a photo of her child like that



…I am speechless

Hellodolly26 said:

Jesus Christ! What a disgusting excuse for a mother. I am absolutely appalled that she would post that of her son and think it was OK. She has no respect for herself and now it’s even more clear she has none for her son.
Completely agree. She is vile.

She’s spiraling. Just when you think you couldn’t respect her any less. I’m really quite shocked.

I think that son is around 9/10 years old. I really cannot believe she actually thinks this is ok behaviour worse still is Ryan for not saying this is wrong (She must have Ryan’s balls in her Chanel handbag!!) To exploit a young child for views on your social media is shocking. Lets pause to consider she has taken a nude photo of a 10 year old child this photo is on her phone gallery this is wrong on so many levels.


Warning The following content may be upsetting.

Kim Constable takes picture of her son in bathtub. One of her critics put the emoji to cover his face.


Kim boasted of doing a striptease dance as her son looks on.

She also boasted that she and her husband and children all shared the same bed at one time.

That is not to say the lady is sexually abusing her son, but the behavior is strange.

Her mentor Keith Raniere said that some young children are “perfectly happy” having sex with adults and that ” society ” considers it abuse.

“What’s abuse in one area is not abuse in another. And what is it really?” Raniere said. “Is the person a child or is the person adult-like? Does the person have a certain type of cognition, morality to make such a choice?”

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    However I do still DO believe in objectivity! In rehearse to the bed thing, while I admit it’s a little weird and went to research it because I was very concerned. I found an article that where she herself explains how and why it happened and how they have sex without abusing the kids in their presence.

    This article calmed me down a lot and answered this issue and made me feel a whole lot better (unless of course people could say that she’s lying in it).

    Nevertheless let’s just hope she’s being truthful in this article and if not, may God bring justice on her swiftly for abusing children!

    Read it for yourself and see what if it helps makes sense of this to you.

    • Anonymous 2:02

      🙏🏼🙏🏼Christ all mighty! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

      Kim’s husband is a Saint for financing her insanity……

      Then again he might be crazy one — he’s the schmuck that’s financing this BS!

      Anticlimactic-news flash! Kim Cuntable’s cleanse using lemons is nothing new. People have been using lemons as diuretics for a thousand years. LMFAO!

      I bet all the Women reading this already knew…….

  • I wonder just what it is about multi-millionaire heiress Sara Bronfman, that Kim C finds – inpirational?

  • Meanwhile Suneel has the DOS slave collateral and has been distributing child pornography. But Suneel refuses to be transparent about the who what why where how he came to possess such materials and to whom he has distributed them

    Suneel is a hypocrite. Demanding transparency from the courts while calling for redactions in his filings to protect himself and others.

    The dead-enders howl about anonymity of plaintiffs yet want to remain anonymous themselves.


    What is Suneel trying to hide?

    • It is not true that Suneel has been distributing child porn. He does not have the Camila photos.

      • So that is something you’re going to come forward and allege affirmatively but you will not answer anyother pertinent questions about the other details regarding Suneel and the collateral?

        Suneel is a proven liar. He lied to the BOP about his identity, for example.

        There is no credibility to what Suneel claims. He has been growing about the Cami photos forever. Of course Suneel.has them.

        And he has distributed them. And Suneel wants all.of that informationredacted in the legal files.


        What is Suneel trying to hide?

        Turns out Suneel wants to hide his own chain.of evidence in his own custody.

        Super shady.

      • Where is the evidence to support your claim, Frank?

        Why should we just take your word for it?

        You are in league with Suneel and Nicki. So…. suspect.

  • Anything to good to be true probably is.

    One thing I accept about Kim is she has a great body. But now she is cut like an extreme bodybuilding man. Female body composition depends on fat to produce estrogen so girl parts like boobs produce milk and vaginas to incubate babies.

    The fat pads in those area provide a localize source of estrogen for those biological task. Kim seems to have lost all hers. She has no fat pads or patches anywhere. She is shredded, or extremely cut, and does not look fertile. If she had testies instead of ovaries I am sure would produce sperm.

    Wether is the right amount of DNP, Tren, Clen, or testosterone for her, or some designer peptide like YK11, or a combination and cycle of such her success in body transformation is excellent. What gear she is using is unknown, and what diet she really adheres to is unknown.

    But is damn sure is not vegan. To many carbs in plants, not enough protein and fat. Yes theoretically it might be done on paper, but practically and with kids NO WAY.

    But just like KAR’s ethics she hides the real secret to her accomplishment of her shredded cut body, and then parades her children in her fraud sexually to further her scam business. Just like KAR, exploiting kids, her kids, for her financial gain.


  • Correct air time is, 12:30 AM Eastern Monday morning May 23 — 9:30 PM Pacific Sunday May 22 — after the NBA game on TNT

  • Omg that poor child!!!

    I don’t think that should be allowed anywhere! In fact I’m kind of against parents posting any photos of their children’s without the kids’ approval.

    When I was young some pics embarrassed me. Some didn’t but I can’t IMAGINE the shame I would’ve felt then had someone done that to me!

    I’m actually an exhibitionist adult in the right context now but this still bothers me. Also- THAT woman’s body kind of scares me.

    Geez she sorta looks like she just broke out of jail after doing nothing but working out all day long. Whatever her workout system is she can keep it. I don’t wanna look like a man the way she does! I like being petite or at least feminine and curvy! In a way though I appreciate her for being everything I Don’t wanna be 😉 All my best to the FrankReport

  • Clare Bronfman stars in “The Heiress and the Sex Cult” Sunday May 22 on RICH AND SHAMELESS, on TNT 6:30 EDT, 9:30 PDT after the NBA game.
    Rich & Shameless: The Heiress And The Sex Cult [PROMO] | TNT
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  • Kim was approached by a man, ” I love your body. Will you have sex with me for a million dollars?

    Kim said, “Ah…okay.”

    “So can I fuck you for $20?”

    What do you think I am?

    We’ve established you’re a whore — now we’re negotiating your price.”

  • Sounds some over the top claims for her business success.

    On the parenting thing I would not put up a picture like that. As a family however we would jump into lakes with nothing on sometimes as children and my father – it was part of being back to nature and wild and no one had any problem at home with someone having no clothes on (family of doctors or may be it is because we are British) but I know lots of families have different views on nakedness of course.

    I stilll don’t think the picture of the child on social media was a good idea however. As to when children can consent in the UK it is about age 13 that the responsibility moves from parent deciding to child deciding under our data protection laws, other EU states can choose any age up to 16. However even though parents can choose to make their child a child star in fils on just on youtube it does not mean it is the right thing for a family to do.

  • If she is a millionaire it’s because of her husband
    He’s a sports agent, he’s the one bring home the real bacon, not her.
    He’s supporting her side business

    She was hot on him when she just started NXIVM courses because he was cute and he was making bank in his profession.

  • To Kim Constable:

    Here is a story recently released in America.
    Seeing these photos you posted of your son reminded me of portions of Ashlee Biden’s diary concerning her relationship with her father Joe Biden.
    Long story short Ashlee Biden’s blames her father’s behavior in the shower with her longstanding issues with drugs and sex.
    (Please consider changing your behavior so that your children end up the the screwed up children of Joe Biden.)

    Diary leak: Biden daughter Ashley describes “inappropriate” Shower with Joe
    In a diary of US President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley, which has now been confirmed as authentic by the New York Times and the FBI, Ashley Biden describes drug abuse and affairs as well as “inappropriate” showers with her father Joe. She also asks herself the question “Have I been abused?” and replies with “I think so.”

    A copy of President Joe Biden’s daughter’s diary has allegedly proven to be real. The FBI searched several apartments as part of an investigation into the alleged theft, media reports.

    The FBI searched the homes of two employees of the Project Veritas disclosure platform on Thursday, as several media reported. The raids over which the first New York Times reported on Friday had a little over a year after the publication of the entire contents of Ashley Biden’s diary by the conservative US newspaper National File took place. Project Veritas stressed that it had nothing to do with the release of extracts in October 2020, but was apparently involved in the alleged “theft” of the 40-year-old’s diary.

    The FBI appeared at the homes of several past and present employees and handed over a subpoena with a cover letter asking Project Veritas “not to divulge the existence of the subpoena … in order to protect the confidentiality of the investigation,” James said O’Keefe, founder and CEO of Project Veritas, in a video message on Friday, accusing the FBI of trying to “silence” him.

    The case is being handled by the FBI and the US Department of Justice for the Southern District of New York City through agents and prosecutors who focus on public corruption. This is reported by sources familiar with the matter, the Times.

    Lauren Boebert
    So if the FBI raided someone’s house over Ashley Biden’s diary being stolen, that means Ashley Biden’s diary and the accusations in it were real.

    Are there any real journalists willing to ask Joe about it?

    Lauren Boebert is a Congresswoman from Colorado.

    • One question, Shadow, to put your criticisms of Biden and other Dems in context:

      Did Trump win the 2020 election?

        • Shadow, if you can’t accept/believe that Trump legitimately lost and that there was no election fraud, then how are you any different than Vanguard’s dead-ender believers? How can you criticize them when you are just as mindfucked?

          Clyne and her gang are delusional but hurt mostly just themselves. But you and the millions of Big-Lie-believers create a rift in America that probably will lead to actual red-state government fraud in the next election and damage Democracy more than anything since the Civil War.

          I wish you were just a troll, then you could be laughed at or laughed off…but you’re a societal virus that no mask or vaccine can protect this county from.

  • And Michele Hatchette is back to harassing Nicole on Twitter. Threatening Nicole and other plaintiffs.

    Last time Hatchette was all social media bully talk. But clearly the bullying is strong with Michele and she’s back to terrorize these plaintiffs.

    Just out of nowhere… It’s a beautiful morning. Michelle wakes up and says, Let me threaten my former close friends who were sex trafficked and abused”. On Twitter. Like a true coward. Just for fun. Why not?

    • Michelle is a nutcase. Whoever is on Twitter should report that asap. And why so suddenly is she at it again???

      • Why is Michele Hatchette renewing harassment and threatens of her former “sisters” in DOS?

        Probably related to Suneel’s ongoing legal battle over the orgin and circumstance of Suneel possessing and distributing the blacknail(collateral) and child pornography.

        Suneel is asking for those details to be redacted from.oublic view.


        And why isn’t the Frank Report covering this development in tracking the collateral?

          • To Mrs. Bullies

            You wankers are always accusing Frank of something underhand.

            Where is your proof?

            Provide it to Frank. I’m positive he’ll address it.

            If Frank were so dishonest, he wouldn’t post your BS and draw attention to his dishonesty. Instead he’d let your claims of impropriety die in obscurity.

        • “To Mrs. Bullies

          You wankers are always accusing Frank of something underhand.

          Where is your proof?

          Provide it to Frank. I’m positive he’ll address it.

          If Frank were so dishonest, he wouldn’t post your BS and draw attention to his dishonesty. Instead he’d let your claims of impropriety die in obscurity.“

          Yeah, just like he doesn’t post the vast majority of Patriot God’s comments and the rest of the patriot’s comments!

          Yeah he’s a real honest man while he claims to “adamantly support freedom of speech”! 🙄😒😡🤬

  • Bragging about being a millionaire in 2022 isn’t just tacky, it’s also outdated.

    It reminds me of Austin Powers and in the movie of Dr. Evil cackling about how he’s going to get $1000000. And everyone around him is making awkward eye contact. And I think he had been frozen for a while and that was a funny joke back in the 90s?

    If you own a home in America, you’re probably close to a millionaire. It’s not that much money anymore. Before I get attacked, I understand that it’s an enormous amount of money for some people. But it’s pretty much standard wealth for a suburban family at this point. I don’t see any of them bragging about it or trying to sell courses on how people could become a millionaire!

    It’s funny to me that Nxivm people think that’s a sign of enormous success in 2022.

  • The fitness “industry” is full of bullshitters selling their crap. Promising the impossible, exaggerating or inventing their credentials. It’s a cult.

    Mostly, it’s a case of buyer beware. Bordering on fraud. It’s precisely the kind of angle Nxivm and all the other Human Potential Movement scams were selling.

    Get Rich Quick schemes. Sleazy ripoff artists fleecing fools.

    Looks like Constable made her Nxivm classes (kinda) pay off. She’s an “entrepreneur” now.

    Make no mistake, the people who took Nxivm “Executive Success” classes aspired to exactly this kind of “success”. Maybe their dream was of something not quite so seedy. But they were looking to Get Rich Quick. Work an angle. Elbow their way to the top.

    Con men like Raniere have always looked for suckers who are eager to get rich quick. They’re easy marks.

    “Give me some money upfront and I’ll make you rich.”

    “You too can be a millionaire. Do you dare to be a success? The only thing holding you back is you!”

    That’s the Human Potential Movement. That was Nxivm. That’s The Sculpted Vegan.

    This is why I have mostly contempt for the people who bought into Nxivm. People like Sarah Edmondson and Mark Vicente and Allison Mack. They were motivated by greed and ambition and an inflated sense of their own importance. That’s why they were so easily fooled.

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