Guest View: Nancy Salzman Breaks the Rules; ‘Gives Judge Middle Finger’

Nancy Salzman just prior to sentencing.

Here is a commenter who has chosen to remain anonymous but has some valuable information to share.

By Anonymous

Frank, why don’t you post the documents of Nancy Salzman’s rulings? [Frank: I plan to.]

What she can and cannot do?

MK10ART’s sketch of Nancy Salzman

Condition # 4 states Nancy is to not be in contact via phone, in person, email, letter, or through a third party with anyone in NXIVM or any of their programs

This way all NXIVM members and the public know what Judge Garaufis told her in court. Nancy Salzman isn’t allowed to talk to them even if they took one day of NXIVM training.

David Ashen, a former NXIVM member, talks to Nancy Salzman almost every day, thereby breaking one of the conditions of her bail, but neither of them gives a shit about what the Judge says to them.

Instagram banned this painting by MK10ART. It depicts the Vanguard, Keith Raniere, and the Prefect, Nancy Salzman. Sources say that  Raniere informed his Prefect that she was Adolf Hitler in her past life.

David Ashen of Dash Design, a New York-based interior design firm, was at Nancy’s sentencing and later at the Marriott Hotel when Nancy was checking out

This was within four hours of the judge telling Nancy Salzman she was not to be in contact with Ex-NX members. Both gave the Judge their middle finger.

Wendy Irick, (Wendel, her birth name) from Anchorage, Alaska is a hairdresser at Wendel Hair Design, and is another Ex-NX member who was with Nancy Salzman and David Ashen right at the sentencing.

Both Wendy Irick and David Ashen were at the Marriott Hotel at Brooklyn Bridge four hours later with Nancy Salzman (without her attorney present). All three were flipping the judge off by ignoring his order that Nancy is not to be in contact with members of NXIVM programs.

Wendle/Wendy has been calling ExNxs to get EM work for Nancy. How do we know? People talk to the Ex-Nx grapevine.

David has been by Nancy’s side and calling her almost every day. How do we know? The same grapevine.

On the day of Lauren’s sentencing, David Ashen (who was at Lauren’s sentencing) called Nancy to give her the good news that Lauren wasn’t going to prison.

MK10ART’s painting of mother Nancy Salzman with daughter Lauren Salzman. Lauren escaped prison altogether by becoming a dog groomer.

The judge could pull Nancy Salzman in, throw her in prison right now, and add time to her prison sentence for such a violation.

Let’s be real, she is the Pampered Prefect. It is rumored her foot has a bad bunion and needs some surgery before she goes to prison.

Why would the judge, out of the goodness of his heart, hold her accountable for flipping him off just four hours later? Is her foot that big of a deal? Nancy was moving pretty fast when the press was looking for a comment from her after her sentencing while she made a fast dash to her car.

We are all sure she won’t do it again. Right?

Yeah, you can bet your sweet donkey’s butt. She’s been on the phone every day because she needs attention and validation. There are people out there willing to be by her side even if they are throwing the judge the middle finger.

How are they going to know anyway? She’s smart enough to get a burner phone. She was taught by the best how to get away with such BS.

Does the EDNY have bigger fish to fry at this point and they just don’t care?

They don’t know about all the people she was in contact with before her sentencing, so why now after her sentencing? They have been informed about the contact in the hotel with David Ashen and Wendy Irick.

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  • hmmmm….

    David Ashen of Dash Design,

    Wendy Irick at Wendel Hair Design,

    Kristin Kreuk of Girls by Design

  • Nancy Salzman is a combination of evil and yet super boring. I struggle to be interested in hearing anything about her. She just seems very surface and uncomplicated in a bad way. There also doesn’t seem to be much that’s redeeming about her. It’s not like a person you are casual friends with and you say, “They’re kind of a jerk but they’re also really funny.”. Or “They can be intense but are so talented”. Or anything like that. Just mean. And boring. And materialistic. Yawnzers.

        • The suppressed letters to the judge will do that for you if the judge decides it’s your right to know. There will be lots of egg to scrape off presumptive faces that concocted false narratives and filled in the blanks all wrong.

  • Request Submission for consideration of possible article:

    Metaphysics Scientist

    Re Nancy Salzman isn’t Hitler Reincarnated:
    After conducting research and interviewing a expert, I have proof Nancy Salzman is not Adolf Hitler reincarnated.
    According to the Metaphysical Magazine article, “The New Cycle: Volume 8”; published by the Metaphysical Publishing Company, circa Jan 1899:
    “Reincarnation cycles began between 10 to 20 years after the death of the host.”

    Therefore, technically, speaking, Nancy Salzman is most likely not, Adolf Hitler. Nancy was born on July 16, 1954 and Adolf died on April 19, 1945. Sadly, a short, 9 years does not make the cut!

    Naysayers will say, there are exceptions, but according to *Suzy Charnas, of Quora, and a Barnard College graduate: “A lot depends on how packed with incident, particularly, but not only karma-incurring incidents, your previous life was.”
    So for instance, Suzy once died in 1934 and then was reborn in 1939 because she had been a simple peasant. An uneventful life leads to a “shorter between-lives gap.”
    Hitler’s life was so packed with things, like building the autobahn, the first highway, he couldn’t possibly have been reborn 9 years later. No way Hitler could be reborn in under 30 years!

    Suzy goes on to add “Time in the *BARDO runs an average of 20–30 yrs (and my longest between-lives gap was 65 years).”
    In addition, Suzy finds it particularly unusual and suspicious, Nancy is Hitler because of the “Karma Credits Plan for someone to be an evil person 2x in a row.” A heavy-life and double-negative reincarnation hardly ever happens.

    In short: Suzy places the odds of Nancy being Hitler reborn at a staggering 1 in 1,000,000,000,000,000. Clearl,y one in a hundred trillion is a definitive long shot. Nancy is definitely not Hitler!

    Link to articles:

    The magazine is real and was published 122 years ago in over dozen languages.

    Link to Suzy a reincarnation expert:

    *BARDO: is where you hang out before being reincarnated according to Buddhist experts. It’s important to point out, Bardo is not purgatory, and is an overall pleasant experience.

    *Suzy Charnas conducts past lives regression and acts as a medium for select clientele.

  • Nancy Salzman is a saint and a victim of religious persecution.

    OSA supports religious freedom.

    Only haters seek to restrict the right to practice the religion of one’s choosing.

    How dare someone make sacred sacraments illegal by labeling them as “rape” or “exploitation”?!

  • I wanna see blood!!! And when it’s over, give me more blood!!! And then, when the blood is gone, I wanna see blood from the youngest child!!!

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