An Open Letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis: Frank Report Requests Salzman Documents Be Made Available to Public

Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Once again, I have written to U.S. District Court Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis regarding documents that the attorneys for Nancy Salzman are attempting to keep secret from the general public.

This time I have also asked him to make public all the Victim Impact Statements that have thus far been filed with respect to any of the defendants in the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al/Case No. 1-18-cr-00204 plus any more than are filed in conjunction with the sentencing of Kathy Russell on October 6th.

MK 10’s portrayal of Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis

Shortly after I sent my first letter, and not necessarily because of it, Judge Garaufis issued a sua sponte order in which he directed Nancy’s attorneys “…to file a redacted copy of her sentencing submissions by 12:00 PM on September 7, 2021”. That order – which notably was filed on Labor Day – was necessary because Nancy’s attorneys had originally filed her Sentencing Memorandum (and all the attachments thereto) “under seal” even though they had not been granted permission to do so.

On Tuesday, September 7th, Nancy’s attorneys filed a redacted version of their original filing. But, in addition to redacting significant portions of the Sentencing Memorandum itself, they entirely redacted all of the attachments – which included letters of support from 7 family members, 9 close friends, and 23 former members of the NXIVM community as well as various exhibits that contain medical information about Nancy.

As might be expected, Judge Garaufis did not react well to the new hide-and-seek antics employed by Nancy’s attorneys. On the contrary, he issued another sua sponte order on September 15, 2021 – in which he directed Nancy’s attorneys “to provide the court with her legal rationale for each redaction made in her sentencing submission, including exhibits, by September 20, 2021” (That deadline was later extended by an additional week at the request on Nancy’s attorneys).

On Monday, September 27, 2021, Robert A. Soloway, one of Nancy’s team of attorneys, submitted a letter to Judge Garaufis in which he explained why he believed that all the redactions in the September 7th filing were justified. In arguing why all the letters of support for Nancy should remain sealed, Soloway claimed that “…many of those who wrote letters on behalf of Ms. Salzman did so fearfully, not because of any reluctance whatsoever to support her, but because of the scandalous, hurtful uses to which their sentiments, if made public, would likely be put”.

Robert A. Soloway

And just to be perfectly clear what he was really worried about, Soloway went on to explain “As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining “loyalists.” Revealing the identities and supportive views memorialized in letters to the Court will add little to the record that has not already been stated publicly by the Court and counsel, and will potentially result in harm to those whose aim was to furnish the Court with firsthand information about Ms. Salzman to facilitate a fully informed sentencing proceeding…Revealing the content of the letters and names of such individuals will likely have a chilling effect on those who wish to assist other defendants and courts in future high-profile cases”.

Needless to say, I take umbrage with Soloway’s effort to hide whatever claims are contained in the letters-of-support that were submitted on behalf of Nancy – and his ham-fisted attempt to suppress my First Amendment rights to publish factual information about a woman who was the co-founder of – and the public face of – a multi-national criminal enterprise that harmed many people over the course of its 20-year existence.

That is why I am issuing the following “Open Letter to Judge Nicholas G. Garaufis”:


September 30, 2021

The Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis

U.S. District Court Judge

United States Courthouse
Room 1426 S
225 Cadman Plaza East
Brooklyn, NY 11201

RE: Request To Unseal Filings in U.S. v. Raniere Et Al/Case No. 1-18-cr-00204

Dear Judge Garaufis:

I previously wrote to you on September 5, 2021 to urge you to unseal the Sentencing Memorandum (and all the attachments thereto) that Nancy Salzman’s attorneys filed on or about August 30, 2021 – and the revised version of those documents that they filed on or about September 3, 2021.

As I noted at the time, “…federal courts have previously recognized that the public’s right to access court records is rooted in the First Amendment, the Sixth Amendment, and common law”.

And as I also pointed out, “Nancy is an inveterate liar: i.e., a person who lies without thought or remorse – and who does so even when telling the truth would lead to a similar outcome as lying. As a result, allowing her lawyers to file their Sentencing Memorandum ‘under seal’ will only increase the likelihood that the document contains lies and mistruths since her attorneys were, in large part, dependent on whatever information Nancy provided them in response to issues that were raised in her Pre-Sentencing Report”.

I was pleased when you subsequently ordered Ms. Salzman’s attorneys to file a redacted version of her sentencing submissions because I truly believe that the general public has the right to know what goes on in criminal cases like this. That feeling was short-lived, however, when I read what Ms. Salzman’s attorneys actually filed on September 7th.

Not only did her attorneys redact large portions of the Sentencing Memorandum, they also redacted all the attachments to it in toto. This included letters of support from seven family members, nine close friends, and twenty-three former members of the NXIVM community – as well as various exhibits that contain medical information about Nancy.

While I certainly understood why her attorneys would want to redact any information concerning Ms. Salzman’s medical condition, I did not understand why they believed they have the right to totally redact all the other information and materials.  Nor apparently did you – because you subsequently ordered them to provide you with the “legal rationale” for each of their redactions.

On Monday, September 27th, Ms. Salzman’s attorneys responded to your order.  In explaining why they believed that all the letters-of-support should remain under seal, they claimed: “…many of those who wrote letters on behalf of Ms. Salzman did so fearfully, not because of any reluctance whatsoever to support her, but because of the scandalous, hurtful uses to which their sentiments, if made public, would likely be put”.

And just to make it perfectly clear what they were really worried about, they went on to note: “As this Court is aware, the Frank Report weaponizes statements made in support of the Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining “loyalists.” Revealing the identities and supportive views memorialized in letters to the Court will add little to the record that has not already been stated publicly by the Court and counsel, and will potentially result in harm to those whose aim was to furnish the Court with firsthand information about Ms. Salzman to facilitate a fully informed sentencing proceeding…Revealing the content of the letters and names of such individuals will likely have a chilling effect on those who wish to assist other defendants and courts in future high-profile cases”.

To begin with, I take umbrage with the fact that Ms. Salzman’s attorneys are attempting to limit the First Amendment rights of Frank Report (and my other publications) to publish factual information about a criminal case. In addition, I  also challenge their claim that Frank Report “weaponizes statements made in support of Nxivm defendants, and exists for virtually no purpose other than to damage the reputation and fortunes of remaining ‘loyalists’”.

To begin with, Frank Report has reported about the various letters of support that were provided for other defendants in this case.

In addition, the claim that “…revealing the content of the letters and names of [the authors] will likely have a chilling effect on those who wish to assist other defendants and courts in future high-profile case” is a pathetic attempt to provide a legal rationale for redaction where none exists. That claim becomes even more ludicrous when it is placed in the context of all the redacted letters of support that have already been released in this case.

I implore your Honor to reject Ms. Salzman’s attempt to continue hiding the truth from her victims and the general public – and to release all the letters of support that were submitted on her behalf with appropriate redactions, if necessary, to shield the names of the authors. In addition, I also request that you release the two letters that Ms. Salzman wrote in response to two of the Victim Impact Statements that were filed in her case.

Finally, in an effort to shine as much light as possible on the deep and dark secrets of Ms. Salzman and her NXIVM/ESP cohorts, I request that this Court release all of the Victim Impact Statements that have been submitted with respect to the case of the U.S. v. Raniere Et Al/Case No. 1-18-cr-00204, provided that the authors of those statements agree to make them public. In this regard, I believe that making all those statements public will help others to understand just how dangerous and destructive this cult was – and, hopefully, lead to a full-scale investigation as to why it was allowed to operate and flourish in the Northern District of New York for almost two decades.


Frank R. Parlato

Frank R. Parlato


Frank Report


About the author

Frank Parlato


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  • We have received complaints that “money” promised has not been received. We have received no such complaints regarding toilet paper.

    We must emphasize that DOSA JISM has never promised “money.” Perhaps there is confusion because we have sent checks to various cooperating contributors to this board.

    Anyone confused should word clear “checks.”

    Note that we have Two Lawyers on retainer and poised to issue Bills of Attainder and Writs of Habeus Plus Qua Ultra Maximus Corpus as necessary, ensuring no adverse information is hereby and heretofore posted re: DOSA JISM.

    DOSA JISM loves everyone! Even blind retards who need to be shamed into silence for their own good.

  • This is to Alanzo,

    Apparently, I can’t reply on his comment. So I will try it this way.

    I have some questions for you:
    – You talk about the remaining DOS women being under constant attack from the “hordes”, but exactly what “hordes” are we talking about?
    – And what exactly do the “hordes” do to them?
    – And where is this being done?

    All the remaining DOS women are experiencing what they brought onto themselves. By the way, they shouldn’t complain about their own misery. Pain is the only way to experience love. And by knowing pain, they know true love.

    All in all, I would say, according to their own philosophy they are on the fast track to happiness. Or JOY as they would describe it.

    I think if you had any good intentions regarding the DOS women you wouldn’t be suggesting they do a great job by standing “firm”. Looking from an ethical/moral point of view, where do you suggest this group benefits from the situation they’re in?

    They are being called out because they still defend DOS as a women’s empowerment group. But Keith himself explained everything you need to know about DOS himself. The flash drives given to the authorities by India Oxenberg and played in court showed loud and clear who was in charge of DOS. Who came up with the symbolic meaning of the brand. Etc., etc.

    Give me one good reason, Alanzo, for these women to deny all of this. It’s on tape and it’s Keith talking. Why would they still deny this? And how is this a positive thing for them?

    • Nicki Whine further blabs on Twitter:

      “Why are people so afraid of freedom?”

      “So, slavery.”

      LMAO. These tweets coming from a first-line slave to a man in a deceptively classified (since it was led by a man) all female sorority labelled DOS which was structured on a master-slave taxonomy. She is proof positive that association with the Vanguard makes people into ‘tards.

      • “You drove Sultan of Six of Twitter!”

        I did?

        Your spelling is off.


        “Have you no shame!”


        At least he will have more time to scratch Yoda behind the ears while thinking about NXIVM actress Kristin Kreuk.

      • You call anyone not a “woke” cultist a “neo nazi” and “White Supremacist”.

        Literally, no one cares about your bullshit. It is just words.

        And your kind are the extremists, with your tranny, PC, “islam is peaceful”, mass uncontrolled immigration bullshit. Everything you believe in, or want people to think you believe in is shit.

        Your whole belief system is anything White, Male and Straight is bad and everything else is good and a victim. Of course all bullshit.

        You PC cultists are the extremists. Everyone else is just normal.

        Cannot stand any of you.

        • Who said I’m a liberal? LOL

          I hate them more than I hate your club of losers — At the end of the day you both drink from the same trough.

    • Can you be both a nazi and a Democrat?

      Please, Frank: I beg you: don’t allow shadow’s political extreme rightwing garbage pollute the FR.

      • Democrats have a long history of having things in common with nazis, with your Jim Crow laws, KKK, lynchings and such.

        That does not stop cowardly creatures like you today claiming democraps and Republicans “switched sides” so that you can feel good about yourselves and show off how faux moral you are so that people like you.

        Talk about farting and blaming it on the dog.

        Every Jim Crow democrat died a democrat.

        You started off like nazis and now you are weak, emasculated, ball-less, self loathing losers.

        Whatever criticisms there are of Republicans, democunts are worse.

        Attended a “protest”, followed by a yoga class and soy latte today?

        • You don’t know anything about me. I don’t even live in America. I’m not an American. But I am worried by the forces that want to end democracy in your country. But it’s not the democunts that are screwing democracy right now….
          But you are right about the Jim Crow segregation laws….

    DOS/OSA Joint Intellectual Symbiotic Mobilization
    October 2, 2021

    Just as COB David Miscavige has demonstrated his selfless commitment to racial justice by partnering with the Nation of Islam’s Honorable Minster Louis Farrakhan, after discussions with NXIVM founder Vanguard Keith Raniere, these brilliant, ethical leaders have decided to join forces in the name of women’s empowerment, religious/philosophical freedom, world peace and adult/infant intimacy.

    The first fruit of this world historical alliance is DOSA JISM: the DOS/OSA Joint Intellectual Symbiotic Mobilization.

    DOSA JISM has chosen the estimable publication known as the Frank Report to be the exclusive platform by which it will inseminate planet Earth/Teegeack with its enlightened message.

    Long-time Frank Report contributor and proudly branded DOS member Pea Onyu has graciously volunteered to lead this effort. In a show of solidarity, all branded DOS slaves will sign the 1,000,000,000 year SeaOrg contract and adopt as their motto “We cum back!”

    Scientology’s OSA has agreed to offer the services of its experienced operative Allen “Alanzo” Stanfield as a sub-assistant to Mistress Onyu. Mr. Stanfield stated that he is “…pleased as punch to imbibe deeply the golden nectar of LRH’s and Vanguard’s wisdom to bring a message of peace and humility to the Frank Report by shaming into silence all those blind retards who read the blog. As a Bodhisattva, it is my selfless way of bringing enlightenment to all the fucking idiots in the cosmos.”

    Frank Report readers are already very familiar with shadowstate1958 who has been appointed chairman of the Well-Reasoned and Not At All Batshit Crazy Public Health & Political Philosophy subcommittee.

    The renowned Latvian legal juggernaut Two Lawyers Esq. is now on retainer to issue Bills of Attainder and Writs of Habeus Plus Qua Ultra Maximus Corpus as necessary to ensure proper respect is hereby and heretofore granted to DOSA JISM.

    Be sure to bookmark and enjoy regular updates from DOSA JISM.

  • All of this, with the exception of medical information, should be made public. It’s part of a criminal trial, which should always be open to public scrutiny.

    This includes the names of the letter writers. They’re taking part in an official public proceeding.

    The idea that the Frank Report is malicious is absurd. If anything, it is to be criticized for treating the Nxivm loyalists with kid gloves. As if “both sides” were equally legitimate, when, in fact, one of those sides was a criminal racket that engaged in blackmail and forced labor and sex trafficking — and called it “ethics”.

    • I agree with The Sausage that all public proceedings which result in criminal penalties such as loss of property, liberty and the loss of lives of citizens (execution and life imprisonment) must be sworn and public testimony.

      Testimony = holding the testes lest they be hacked off if you be lyin.

      These proceedings must be open to scrutiny by independent journalists, civil rights attorneys, and other independent researchers – THE PUBLIC.

      The Sausage shrinks in my mind when he seeks to bias and forbid telling ALL sides of the truth, including the viewpoints of those involved, and even loyal to, NXIVM.

      Here I think that Aristotle Himself would cut off his Own Sausage if he perceived himself this logically inconsistent.

      But that’s what you get when you let your sausage do your thinking for you.


    • Most people here probably don’t see one part of the sentence here: “She denies being brainwashed”.

      They just assume “but of course any review of someone’s medical license should include questions about being brainwashed”.

      But brainwashing doesn’t exist. And a physician who would blame her actions on having been brainwashed is way worse than one who simply “shows no remorse”.

      They actually want her to admit that “the devil made her do it” to keep her license.

      Superstition in medical licensing.


      • But Alanzo, the “devil” did make here do that.
        Keith was the grandmaster of DOS. He was above all the slaves. The brand was his initials. The fact that she shows no remorse is a sign that Roberts has a disturbing view on how to treat other women/people.

        The big no-no in this case was not the act of branding.
        This is about not telling your “sisters” what you are about to do to their bodies without their informed consent.
        While all the women may have wanted the brand, what they didn’t was Keith’s initials next to their private parts.

        Read the Hippocratic oath. Then lay that next to Roberts’ behaviour in this case.
        And then it becomes clear why she lost her license.

        • I’m not contesting the loss of her license. A physician can not allow the interests of any other entity, such as DOS, to interfere with service to their patient’s informed consent.

          I also understand she failed to report an outbreak of a serious disease because it might be bad PR for V week.

          I’m strictly calling out a medical licensing board that believes in superstitions like brainwashing and make it part of their procedural reviews.

          What’s next? Witchcraft?

          • Where does it show that the medical licensing board took her license away because of the mind control/brainwashing accusations? As I understand, it was the statement made by Sarah Edmondson that was the crucial factor to take away Roberts’ license.

            From a human and ethical perspective, it’s a bad idea to let people like Roberts be in contact with patients. What if Keith was stil out there, looking for new “hunting territory”.
            Can you guarantee that the female patients of former Dr. Roberts would be safe?

            Roberts. The slave of Alison Mack. With Keith as their grandmaster. Not all disturbing to have a Dr like that in the neighborhood of, let’s say, my young adult daughters. I think the medical world will do just fine without Roberts.

            On another subject. I just found out that it was because of Nicki Clyne that the authorities found Keith in Mexico.
            This started me thinking. If you look at what the cost was for the Bronfman sisters when Keith accused their father of the one behind the Forbes article. I can’t even imagine what Keith has in mind for Nicki. You know, as punishment. Any thoughts on that?

          • —Im not contesting the loss of her license. A physician can not allow the interests of any other entity, such as DOS, to interfere with service to their patient’s informed consent.

            This comment is sane, logical, and rational.

            Are you Alanzo or Alanzo pretending to be Alanzo pretending to be ASO. Or is the comment sane because you are in fact OSA?
            BTW, Alex wants to be friends.

      • I like the spin you attach to varied situations, Alanzo.

        I see decent chances of you employing your creative skills to make money.

      • If you were brainwashed into believing you weren’t brainwashed, how would you know? I am being flippant and serious at the same time.

      • It was former-Doctor Roberts who brought up the issue of brainwashing in order to deny it.

        Denial without accusation is the surest sign of guilt.

    • Peaches,

      Frank is Virtuoso when it comes to the pen. He wields it like a finely sharpened sword.

      It is believed or so I’ve been told, Frank’s pen was forged from a fragment of Excalibur.

      I’m being, a little over the top, but it’s mostly true. 😉

  • It’s obvious to me that Frank Parlato operates off of the ideals of civil liberty, and the principles that make up a free society.

    I think he works hard at this.

    I admire his effort.

    I just wish he would wage a totalitarian crackdown on some of the AntiCultists around here.


      • LOL

        Alanzo loves to repost the same things over and over again, on the same website, which they were originally released on.
        It’s partly his OCD and it’s partly his need for self——-importance. Alanzo, do you see 3 or 5 LOLs?

        LOL LOL

    • That is actually not what they are doing. All they do is contradict themselves in every statement they’ve made so far.
      How dare these ladies advise others to “investigate all sides”? How dare they invite people to discuss sides, when they themselves only talk to each other? I’ve watched this video. Can you, Alanzo, tell me where and when the DOS ladies looked at things “from both sides?

      All the nxivm/dos remainers hide behind is the fantasy they’ve created, about others not being ethical. Not being open. Not having the right intentions.
      How do they know that?
      How does one know if others have bad intentions if you never talk to them?

      Read, for example, Keith’s essays. It’s funny as hell. Especially the parts where he talks about what and who he sees as “ethical”.
      Theoretically, it might make sense. Too bad he himself didn’t follow any of his ethical/social views.

      • Joey,

        You are right on! No matter how respectfully someone asks them a question they refuse to engage truthfully.

        They block inconvenient dissenters and shut down any real opportunity to communicate.

        And much like Suneel, they cannot answer queries or interact in real-time. Everything must be tightly controlled. Edited. Their answers are word-shopped. Then they fake have a “natural” conversation. With each other.

        In interviews, even the most softball questions are dodged. Monologues abound. It isn’t transparent. Or authentic. It’s not effective either. People sense the fraud instinctively.

        Recordings of “women from a sex cult” should garner SOME interest, right? Even if it’s the wrong kind of ha ha. But no one cares.

        • Why is it so hard for the DOS ladies to talk about the fundamental issues? For instance:
          – How can a group of women be a sorority, when at the head of it is a male grandmaster?
          – How is it women empowerment to brand a man’s initials next to your vagina?
          – Why were members not told about this?

          These are just a few of the dozens of subjects that are at the core of the whole nxivm fudge up.

          If you break down all the pseudo ethical blah blah, the nxivm story is left with some guy who managed to swindle people out of their money. But maybe even more important, nxivm was just a predecessor for DOS. In the end, it was all about Keith wanting to have sex with pretty young women.
          Which of course is not a crime. He even could have done this, without hurting anybody.
          There was no check and balance when it comes to Keith’s behaviour. The result? Keith showed his real face, his real objective. How? By creating DOS.
          The pinnacle of idiocy: women who treat other women as slaves. Telling each other the empowerment fable. Women holding each other prisoners, because of the life devastating nature of the collateral.
          Collateral with only one purpose. To create Keith’s private tinder.
          NXIVM/DOS was about Keith sticking “little Keith” into as many women as possible.

          • Joey,

            Everything you are saying is right on! The DOS die-hards also try to parse each action or behavior. “What’s wrong with extreme dieting? What’s wrong with getting a brand? What’s wrong with sharing 1 old man sexually? Why can’t women have a master-slave relationship? Collateral is the same as a mortgage” (It’s not).

            There is so much more. But DOSSIER ladies try to normalize each behavior. Take every thread and separate it from the noose rope. Excuse each element endlessly. Minimize and normalize the impact.

            But it is the TOTALITY of DOS practices that made it cult-like and such a prison for DOS women. It wasn’t just the sleep deprivation, seduction (of Keith always) assignments, asking permission to eat and vagina blackmail – it was All of DOS.

        • The only “essays” I know of are the once on a website called: Raniere

          I’d like to use this opportunity to ask you, Alanzo, if you really think the DOS women are looking at this situation from every angle?
          And isn’t it a bit weird that a women empowerment movement called DOS didn’t stand up, didn’t protect their “sisters” when they were supposed to?
          The group that claims to empower women, took the side of the only man involved.

          Last but not least, I want to ask you why you think that a totalitarian crackdown on anti-cultist people by the Frank Report would be a good idea?

          • I’ll take your last question first: That was a joke. I share Frank’s sincere esteem for civil liberties. You don’t know me well enough to see this. So you didn’t get the joke.

            Again, it’s a tough room.

            The women of DOS are looking at this situation from every angle in terms of all the criticisms coming at them from the hordes calling them all kinds of humiliating and dehumanizing slurs.

            They’ve answered questions on consent and other criticisms that have been slung their way, which once answered, rarely get even noticed.

            I believe they are doing a very good job of standing up to this onslaught.

            I don’t know many people, women or men, who have stood up to the kind of ridicule, social humiliation and destruction of reputations and careers that these women have.

            From their viewpoint, they see things differently than you seem to: They were there.

            For instance, most of them were there when Sarah Edmonson got her brand, and then later reported to the NYTimes that she “wept the whole time”. They know that’s not true at all. And if you’ve seen Sarah’s branding video, which is available on Twitter, you would know that too.

            Very few people I know can stand up to what these women have withstood.

            And they’re still standing up, still making videos, and still speaking out.

            And while they might not be perfect in this messiest of fights they’re fighting, I still support them and will not join the destructive and dehumanizing hordes that seek to tear down every last scrap of human dignity they still possess.

            Until I see more people give them credit for any of this, you will not see me criticizing them.

            I have nothing but praise for what these human beings are going through and their courage in the face of it.


        • Keith’s intellect is beyond your ability to grasp. He’s one of the smartest men on the planet, not a washed up, failed Scientologist who wasn’t skilled enough to work his way into a management gig like Rathbun.

          Bitter ex-culties who don’t have their shit together enough to start their own cult are always the saddest.

          • Sure, Keith’s intellect is beyond anyone’s ability to grasp.
            Too bad he didn’t use that “intellect” when it came to matters of ethical/moral nature.

            Keith’s behaviour is the main reason NXIVM/DOS imploded. Keith wasted millions and millions of dollars from the Bronfman sisters. Not to do good. But simply to enrich himself. Just one problem. It all failed epically. He tried to have his opponents arrested. He tried to ruin them with lawsuit after lawsuit. Again he failed epically.

            The Dalai Lama visit has become a huge problem for the Buddhist holy seat. Why? Because Sara Bronfman fucked Tenzin Dhonden. He lost his position as the right-hand man of the Dalai Lama because of this.
            I fail to see where Keith’s intellect was used for something good. And now he is doing a 120 years sentence. Clare and Allison are behind bars. And Nancy will be soon.

            I think we can now safely say that Buddhism is the one true religion. Why, you ask? Because Keith proved that karma really is a bitch.
            And he didn’t see it coming.

        • JFC Alanzo, please do your f’ing research. “For instance, most of them were there when Sarah Edmonson got her brand.” Other than Danielle Roberts, none of the DOSsier women there when Sarah was branded. Once again, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. While we’re on the topic, you might want to ask them why they say no one’s collateral was released and yet you just referenced Sarah’s branding video, which was collateral. You might ask them about that little semantic discrepancy and if they have any theories on who gave that video to the Mexican media.

      • Anyone else notice how pissed Linda Chung is in this video? The awkwardness was palpable all around. She clearly wants out.

        • JustSayin’

          I don’t watch their videos because they are just so repetitive and boring. That dynamic sounds mildly interesting though! Linda has always struck me as very angry and self-righteous. And now she’s part of another MLM. Symmetry Financial seems to be where some of the Nxivm hucksters have landed!

        • Watching this video is like watching a sermon. The DOS women are so bloody sanctimonious about their reasons for being out there. I’m baffled by the countless contradictions in their statements. It’s sad to see them desperately trying to avoid the hot potatoes in this case.

          It took them over 30 long minutes to say nothing.

          I think I said it before on this platform. The DOJ has flash drives in possession. On it you hear Keith talking about DOS and the brand. You can hear Nicki commenting on what Keith suggests.

          What the DOS ladies keep claiming as their “holy” reasons for still being loyal to the cause contradict everything Keith himself says DOS/the brand is.

          Why are they still denying what is already proven to be true?

    • Good boy, Alanzo.

      But, no, we’re not going to like your posts or read your blog.

      And, NO, none of us want to touch you with a ten-foot pole, nor are we even willing to mail you our dirty panties.

      You’re not even 1/1,000,000th the man our Vanguard is.

      Feel free to type with one hand while you read this.

    • Hello Alanzo,

      I’ve just watched the meeting of the remaining DOS ladies for the 4th time. It’s hilarious.
      Especially when Michelle Hatchette starts “explaining” why they as members of the Dossier Project are still doing what they do. Why they are still around. She presents it as if she/they had/have a choice. The Dossier Project is – and never was – about women’s empowerment. Everything they ever did – and are still doing – is defending a sociopath. The DOS women will do anything to prevent looking at themselves.

      Did anybody who saw this video raised an eyebrow when Nicki Clyne started making threats?
      She claims that they have information that can change the view of “the people”, regarding the statements made by victims.

      Another thing. Does anybody know who the DOS women are talking about when they refer to people or the people?
      I’ve checked their social media accounts, but I can’t find all those opinionated people. I can’t find all those debates the DOS women claim they want.

      • Joey,

        There are no debates. They delete comments and block “the people” who in any tiny way disrupt their carefully controlled narrative. For awhile, they even requested that questions be emailed to them. Ha ha ha. It’s just ridiculous to claim they are open to any debate or even honest communication.

        • If you look at the available social media channels, you will see that “the people” they talk about are the 3 maybe 4 people who comment. My question is where are all “the people” who think ill of them?
          Or are they reading up on the Frank Report? That would be weird. To them, Frank is Satan himself. So where are all “the people” who attack them verbally?

          It’s like you say, the narrative from their side is controlled. There is no other logical explanation. Once the control is gone, the castle will crumble. To prevent that from happening, the remaining DOS women have only one option. To hold each other “hostage” in their effort to free Keith.

          It’s weird to see Nicki Clyne talking about how difficult it is to live under the circumstances. Everything they do backfires. Maybe just maybe that’s the universe telling you to pursue your happiness or joy in a different direction when something in life doesn’t work out the way you wanted. How long does it take before “committing to the cause” becomes a tragicomedy?

          • “Maybe just maybe that’s the universe telling you to pursue your happiness or joy in a different direction when something in life doesn’t work out the way you wanted.”

            I think he with the most joy wins? I guess that advice isn’t working out for them so well.

      • Joey

        I heard that threat from Nicki Clyne! I double-dog dare her to spit it out. There’s no way in hell they wouldn’t have used ANY shred of info to help their cause.

        I’m still scratching my head about who they’re appealing to. The people who do want an “open discussion ” are either ignored or scoffed at.

        Also, they’re not there to “defend KR” but the young woman on the top right began quoting him almost verbatim about his “little girls are treated better than little boys” bullshit.

        • Just Sayin,

          Of course, what she says is open to interpretation. But to me, it sounds like a threat.

          Maybe it’s an indication in which direction to look when it comes to the, I believe, still missing collateral.

          It wouldn’t surprise me at all, that if the remaining DOS women continue on the path they have chosen, they will eventually feel “obligated” to share private information of their former “sisters” with the world. Or by some miracle, Keith will be released, and they will all live joyfully ever after.

  • Beautiful letter. Your next one should talk about how the Salzman 3 are still doing nxivm work and still communicating with ex-nxivm members.

  • I think the Frank Report is innovative. It is democratizing and changing access to court information. This has facilitated more citizen discussions around criminal cases such as nxivm and has helped to bring bad actors to justice.

    I agree that there should be transparency about Nancy’s case, especially the letters of support. I like what Frank mentions: transparency can help to stop corruption. A corruption that has thrived with nxivm for decades. Transparency, in this case, can also be helpful for victims who have been gaslighted and will continue to be gaslighted for decades. Transparency can help victims to see the truth which can help in their healings. Transparency, in this case, can be very important for stopping criminals like Nancy and also helping in the healing of victims.

    I think it can help Frank Report to have clear guidelines about how it will respect people‘s privacy. It is still unclear to me why Cami and Daniela’s sketches are shared but not the sketches of the DOS woman who accused Keith of sex trafficking, like Nicole (I believe she is suing Keith also). why do some people get privacy and others don’t? Is it because Cami is an immigrant and Nicole is a US citizen? Unclear. Guidelines can help the audience to see that Frank Report is unbiased.

    Even if you don’t like a group of people or think they don’t have any power to do anything against you, it is important to respect certain privacy. I think Frank Report would become an even more respected news outlet by having clear policies on privacy. It would also remove claims that Frank Report has biases against certain groups

    But overall we have to admit that Frank Report is innovating in how it facilitates public access to court information.

  • Well written and logical, Frank.

    This is sure to piss off the bitter-enders and their sympathetic arse kissers.

    • Marty-
      More importantly “it” will piss off a certain sympathetic (pathetic) ex-Scientologist.

      They say hell, hath no fury like Jabbalanzo!

      • It goes without saying, Nice Guy.

        He never met a cult chick he didn’t slobber over.

        However, he’s got nothing but an empty jar of Vaseline to show for it.

        Granted, his one-handed typing skillz are OTXXX level by this point.

        • PYRIEL-

          OMG! WTF? LOL 😂 Alonzo is no mere internet troll. He’s the Kraken. 😉 I can’t believe Alonzo, traverses the web in search of web forums to invade like a parasite. It sounds. by what I read, he’s been doing this for decades.

          Jabbalanzo is like a one-man plague. 😉

          Hopefully, Bangkok will show up to drive away Jabbalanzo! 😉

          Thank you so much for the link. 😉

          Hope all is well!

          • Nice Guy – I thought you’d appreciate it. When you enter his name in the search bar, it’s incredible how much there is and that’s just one site!

            Thanks! Things are a bit iffy on the health front at the moment but coming here makes me laugh.

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