Danielle Roberts Medical License Revoked by New York State; She Vows Appeal

Dr. Danielle Roberts

Danielle Roberts’ medical license has been revoked.

The Office of Professional Medical Conduct [OPMC] for the New York State Department of Health has determined that Roberts, a doctor of osteopathy, or D.O., must surrender her medical license because of her role in branding women as part of ceremonies connected to the secret sorority DOS.

Beginning in January of 2017 and continuing through March 2017, Roberts used an electrocautery device and a stencil to brand the DOS symbol into the pelvic regions of 17 women, most of whom were nude.

A three-member committee, consisting of two physicians and one lay person, conducted hearings for almost a year, on 13 separate dates and with 15 witnesses, plus Roberts, testifying in her own defense.

Only one branded woman, Sarah Edmondson, testified against Roberts.

Sarah Edmondson, featured on HBO docuseries The Vow, was in DOS and testified against Roberts in the hearing for her medical license.

Several women who received a brand from Roberts testified on her behalf, disputing Edmondson’s testimony.

Branding, also called ‘scarification’, is a form of body ornamentation, like tattooing. The art of scarification dates as far back as 8000 BCE.

They testified that when they agreed to join DOS they were told that receiving a brand would be part of their initiation ceremony

Edmondson testified that she was told that a small tattoo would be required and that she didn’t know it would be a brand until the night the branding took place.  She further testified that she didn’t want to receive a brand but she felt comforted by the fact that it would be done by a physician, Roberts.

Roberts and the Health Department each called expert witnesses. But it was Edmondson’s testimony that carried the day.

She described her pain from the branding as “an acute fire in the most sensitive part of my body.”

She also described the women of Lauren Salzman’s slave pod who were branded alongside her. Evidence was presented that suggested that several women cried, and one woman screamed and squealed, flipped off the table, and bit down on a towel.

Lauren Salzman enrolled Sarah Edmondson into DOS. The two were friends for over a decade.

Contradicting this testimony was the branding video of Edmondson, which was shown to the board. Edmondson’s branding video showed the branding procedure occurred in a small room of a house and took about 20 minutes to complete.

The women were videotaped with a cell phone, as a their sorority sisters helped secure the woman receiving a brand with their hands and/or bodies to keep her still and supine on the massage table.

On the video of Edmondson’s branding, the women were seen laughing and joking as they shared their experience. Edmondson says on the video she is proud and honored to obtain the DOS brand.

Roberts argued that this was not the practice of medicine not only because it was clear to all parties that she was not their doctor and that they were not her patients, but because  branding does not meet the basic tenets of medical practice, to help another heal a condition, nor does it meet the medical-legal definition of medical practice, as it does not “diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.”

Roberts doing a forearm stand, as part of her yoga practice.

Roberts also argued that it was clear to all those involved that it was not the practice of medicine because:

  1. The branding was not paid for.
  2. No medications were prescribed.
  3. No scripts at all were written.
  4. None of the formalities normally associated with normal medical practice were observed.
  5. No formal written informed consent was obtained.
  6. No medical history was taken.
  7. No physical examination was performed.
  8. No medical records were maintained.
  9. No insurance information was obtained.
  10. Insurance billing codes for branding don’t exist.

Did Not Know It was KAR Initials

The Hearing Committee found “particularly troubling” evidence establishing the women were “purposefully not told what symbol would be branded onto their bodies.”

Edmondson testified that “at no point did anyone say these are Keith’s initials. It was only revealed to me later.”

Roberts knew the symbol was KAR to represent Keith Raniere’s initials. Roberts said she did not disclose it to the women because it wasn’t her “business” or ‘responsibility” and doing so would have breached her “lifetime vow of obedience” to DOS.

Roberts knew the symbol included KAR to represent Keith Raniere’s initials as one of its meanings. Roberts said she did not disclose it to the women because she believed it wasn’t her role to do so, and believed they may have already been told by their DOS masters, as she was. She says she was not the lead in the organization and her role was branding technician in an initiation ceremony.

No Anesthesia

The committee also found that “In subjecting the women to significant pain from the electrocautery device, Roberts was required to administer, or, at the very least offer, anesthesia, such as a local anesthetic, to alleviate the pain.”

When branding is done by a non-physician, anesthesia is never used, nor would it be legally permissible. However, the Committee distinguished between a physician and non-physician doing the same branding.

While a non-physician cannot legally use anesthesia despite the pain the branding might cause, physician Roberts was, by not using anesthesia, causing the women, “significant physical pain.”

Roberts was also accused of potentially causing the women to endure, “2nd degree burns, and abnormal permanent and/or raised keloid and hypertrophic scarring, and placed them at risk for harm, including deeper 3rd and 4th degree burns and psychological trauma like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or anxiety.”

Electrocautery Device

Some of the accusations against Roberts stemmed from her use of a Medline electrocautery device to place a scar on the body.  The Committee ruled that since this was the practice of medicine, Roberts was required to complete training in the use of the electrocautery device.

Roberts gave Edmondson a brand using an electrocautery pen, similar to what is used to give tattoos.No medical license is required to purchase an electrocautery device.

Roberts “failures to maintain proper infection control standards and operational procedures while using an electrocautery device that inflicted 2nd degree burns on the women were severe deviations from the standard of care,” the Committee found.

More significantly, the Committee found that Roberts “never informed the women she branded that the brand was KAR to represent Keith Alan Raniere’s initials or that it would measure approximately two inches by two inches. The brand was intentionally placed upside down and backward on most of the women to conceal Keith Raniere’s initials.”

Branded women “had falsely been told by their masters that the brand represented ‘a symbol of the sorority,’ ‘a line of the sun and the earth and certain elements,’ a ‘abstract symbol,’ ‘chakras,’ and/or ‘four elements,’ and that the size would be ‘little,’ ‘small,’ and/or ‘dime-sized.’”

Branding Is Not the Practice of Medicine

In her defense, Roberts argued that the Board lacked subject matter jurisdiction to bring charges against her because she “was not engaged in the practice of medicine” and that branding “is not a medical procedure.”

Branding is an unregulated activity that people choose to engage in at their local tattoo shop, fraternity, sorority or home.

Roberts argued that branding is a form of commercial body art like tattooing and body piercing.

Roberts testified that she perceived herself to be acting as a branding technician in a private capacity that was not part of medical practice, rather than as a physician.

She did not consider the women to whom she gave brands to be her patients. She offered evidence that the women of DOS who received a brand before Roberts became involved received their brands from a branding artist.

Government Overreach?

Roberts charged that this was an improper attempt by the OPMC to exercise jurisdiction over the purely private, non-medical conduct of a physician in violation of the New York Education Law and the New York Public Health Law.

“This effort is not only dangerous for physicians but also is a gross misuse of resources as it places the State Board for Professional Medical Conduct in a position where it is being called upon to utilize its limited resources to pursue a purely political attack on perfectly legal and private activities,” Roberts argued.

Danielle Roberts, formerly a licensed osteopath, practices yoga.

“The jurisdiction granted to the Board does not extend to the regulation of physicians in their private lives and to activities not considered the practice of medicine,” her attorney argued,

The committee disagreed, determining that branding becomes a medical procedure when performed by a physician. The branding procedure is called a “medical procedure” 55 times in the Amended Statement of Charges.

Danielle Roberts receiving her white coat in 2006.

The committee ruled 3-0 that Roberts committed ten definitions of misconduct because of the branding:

  1. Willfully abusing a patient
  2. Conduct in the practice of medicine which evidences moral unfitness
  3. Failing to use appropriate infection control practices
  4. Practicing the profession of medicine fraudulently
  5. Practicing the profession with gross negligence
  6. Practicing the profession with negligence on more than one occasion
  7. Practicing the profession with gross incompetence
  8. Practicing the profession with incompetence on more than one occasion
  9. Performing professional services which have not been authorized by the patient
  10. Failing to maintain a record for each patient which accurately reflects the evaluation and treatment of the patient

The Hearing Committee also voted 2-1 to sustain two additional specifications of misconduct, connected to her alleged failure to report a breakout of an illness the symptoms of which were diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dehydration, and fatigue.

Roberts attended a ten-day annual NXIVM corporate retreat known as “Vanguard Week” at the Silver Bay YMCA Family and Retreat Center, in Silver Bay, New York to celebrate the birthday of Keith Raniere.  The attendees included more than 400 NXIVM members.

Vanguard Week Celebrants

During the event and while attending it, a gastrointestinal illness affected many attendees.

Physicians are required under Department of Health regulations to report a communicable disease or any disease outbreak or unusual disease to public health officials. However, the prosecution’s primary witness Dr. Farber stated that in his 40 years of experience, he had never witnessed a general practitioner report an outbreak while they were on vacation.

Roberts admitted she did not report the outbreak of the gastrointestinal illness during the event to public health officials but claims she was not required to because she was on vacation and since “garden variety” stomach viruses, which are “unpleasant but not lethal,” are not “communicable” or “unusual” and, therefore, do not meet the mandatory reporting requirements under the regulation.

The Committee determined that Roberts:

  1. Willfully failed to file a report required by law; and
  2. Willfully or grossly negligently failed to comply with substantial provisions of federal, state, or local law.

The Committee determined, in conclusion, that “The evidence shows, however, that she deliberately chose to adhere to her DOS “vows of obedience” instead of providing the women she branded with “all the things that a physician does” because to do so would have resulted in “breaking (her) vow” and “went quite the counter to what the whole purpose was.

“In other words, when faced with any conflict between NXIVM and her responsibilities as a physician, she chose NXIVM. For these reasons, the Hearing Committee believes she abdicated her values as a physician and failed her profession, herself, and everyone else involved.”

Roberts Will Appeal

The decision of the hearing committee is not final.

New York State Public Health Law provides for a review by the Administrative Review Board for professional medical conduct.

Roberts told Frank Report she intends to serve notice that she wants the determination reviewed.

Danielle Roberts performing a yoga pose.

“This is not over. It has hardly begun,” Roberts told Frank Report. “Branding is not the practice of medicine. Anyone can perform it without a license in NYS. I can’t condone the government’s peering into the private lives of physicians as a way to control the way they live– a scary proposition indeed.”

The committee rejected Roberts’ arguments siding with the attorney for the Board of Health who argued that “the brandings fell within the definition as to what constitutes the practice of medicine.”

Citing NYS Education Law §6521, the panel concluded that “The practice of the profession of medicine is defined as ‘diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.’ Whether conduct constitutes the practice of medicine is a determination to be made by the Hearing Committee based on the facts presented.”

Roberts argued that she did not act as a physician but as a member of a sorority and that she did not diagnose, treat, operate or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.

The Committee rejected her argument, ruling that “To the contrary, it is glaringly obvious to the Hearing Committee that she was operating on the women to alter the skin, appearance, and physical condition of their pelvic regions regardless of whether they were ‘normal and healthy.'”

The three-member committee that determined the results of the hearing are Steven Lapidus, M.D., Chair, Ramanathan Raju, M.D., and Joan Martinez McNicholas.

Dr. Ramanathan Raju, MD was one of the physicians on the committee that decided to revoke Roberts’ license.


Dr. Steven Lapidus, MD, was another member of the committee that made this decision.


LinkedIn page of Dawn MacKillop-Soller,

Administrative Law Judge Dawn MacKillop-Soller presided over the Roberts’ hearing.

The Department of Health, Bureau of Professional Medical Conduct was represented by attorney Jeffrey J. Conklin

Appeal Specifics

Roberts’ appeal is likely to focus on her claim that based on New York Education Law, the branding performed by Roberts was not a medical procedure.

Roberts is represented by Anthony Z. Scher, who wrote in her defense: “Section 6521 of the Education Law is entitled ‘Definition of Practice of Medicine’ and provides that ‘The practice of the profession of medicine is defined as diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing for any human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.’…

“Section 6521 contains a two-pronged test. First, the activity must involve ‘diagnosing, treating, operating or prescribing.”

“While branding does not involve diagnosing, treating or prescribing, it arguably involves ‘operating.’ But this is only the first prong of the test. The ‘operating’ must be for a human disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition. It should be blatantly obvious that none of these criteria are implicated.

“The women who received a brand were perfectly normal and healthy in all respects and OPMC presented no evidence to the contrary. No evidence was offered by OPMC that the women who received a brand had any ‘disease, pain, injury, deformity or physical condition.’

“Since this second prong of Section 6521 was not met or satisfied, it is evident that branding is not a medical procedure and does not fall within the statutory definition of the practice of medicine.”

Roberts was authorized to practice medicine in New York in 2008. After residency from 2011 to 2020 she worked in private practices on LI and in Manhattan as a physician and medical director, served as a hospitalist at St. Peters Hospital, and Columbia St Mary’s in WI.  No allegations were made by actual patients or colleagues against Roberts’ clinical abilities or integrity as a physician.

The case in effect boiled down to the compelling testimony of Sarah Edmondson.


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  • Danielle Roberts should be qualified to get a job branding cows. The only problem for her is that one of the bulls might mistake HER as being one of the cows and chase her around!

    Yee Ha!

  • PhD, MD or DO are “academic” distinctions earned from a degree-granting institution. The medical licensing board does not have oversight of those academic credentials.

    When a medical license is revoked by a medical board one is no longer permitted to practice medicine, yet they are able to retain the academic credentials they have previously earned from their academic institution.

    Hence, Dr.Porter and Dr. Roberts are able to retain the use of MD, PhD, and DO.

    • Yep. So they are, in a sense “neutered” from actually being a Doctor in a practical sense. and getting malpractice insurance, hospital privileges, prescribing drugs, etc.

      But obviously, their degree is still their diploma. You can’t go inside their head and erase what they have learned in school.

      Unless… You are vanguard, the not-so-great or powerful. And then, I suppose , you can make them unlearn through EMs and encouraging a general loss of direction and self.

  • Of course, the bitter irony is that if (former) Dr. Roberts weren’t a doctor and a female one at that, and if she didn’t have a big secret some big shot doesn’t want exposed, she’d surely be hanging with Allison Mack in prison by now.

    BTW, Frank, has anyone ever figured out who the alleged, original, male brander is who supposedly branded Roberts (well, obviously Roberts didn’t brand herself), Mack and Lauren Salzman, etc. before passing the laser on to Robert’s (formerly) licensed hands? Wasn’t he supposedly a tattoo guy? OR, maybe, he’s also a (laser) doctor who also ought to have his license revoked. But…Sssshhhhh. Let’s not piss off the AMA Mafia next.

    • Yes, I think his name was mentioned somewhere, perhaps at Roberts’ hearing. He was not connected to NXIVM. Just a guy they hired to brand the first line.

  • This is bad! Considering how doctors cover-up for one another and are very hesitant to publicly call out other doctors.

    Another successful graduate of NXVIM University. Viva Viva Viva Executive Succe$$

    • StevenJ-

      That doesn’t stop former doctor Brendan Porter….


      I called him out for it. He said “the government is not all powerful and who
      are they to take away someone’s medical license.” I’m paraphrasing, what he said was even more ridiculous sounding, but I don’t want to embellish.

      He really said what he said. I thought to myself “this guy is out to f’N lunch.”

      Total whack-job!

      • Thanks for the link: He twitters that if the justice system was a drug it wouldn’t be approved by the FDA because the side effects are to severe.
        At least a comparison to think about. But I wouldn’t want to live in a society without one, however flawed it may be.
        And signs of with Phd and MD, as if his license wasn’t revoked.

        • And don’t forget Keith, Clare, Nancy and other nxians abused the justice system for years to punish their “enemies”.

  • If one knows a person to be a licensed physician, and they are going to use an electrocautery pen scalpel, the physician is bound by law and license to perform the procedure at the highest standards to prevent complications. Not the sorority tattoo brand standards. Even that lowest standard would involve alcohol as a pain killer and antiseptic.

    Next, if a physician becomes so mentally confused that she causes the patients psychological damage by not disclosing the brand was KAR, she has violated her oath, “Do No Harm”.

    She is done as a physician. If she forgets KAR, NXIVM, moves, and changes her name, maybe she can become a fitness instructor.

    Find a real man who doesn’t want to save humanity and just have a family.

    Viva Executive Success!

    A sad waste of talent and beauty.

  • Because DOCTOR Danielle used a medical instrument – this is reminiscent of those doctors who perform medi-spa type medical treatments in their garage. And often the results are disastrous and the doctors are sued. And lose their licenses.

    Then you add Danielle’s admission that she lied about the nature and design of the brand (Keith’s initials). It is not dissimilar to the women who later find out their “lip filler” is actually some toxic oil or their botox is bootleg and unsanitary.

    Except for actual money not changing hands ( but you could argue the DOS women felt the brand & group were a fast track to making money in Nxium. That’s been documented) I really don’t see a difference. Even if the medi-spa scenario women “chose” to get “fat injections” in their face – they did not sign off on motor oil (that’s happened).

    • Snorlax
      October 3, 2021 at 8:54 am
      I will give our good doctor this, for being batshit crazy, she has a phenomenal physique.

      It’s all that clean moral living promoted by her Vanguard.

    • Snorlax-

      I give a, objectifying and sexist — ahem to that my brother!

      Her gluteus maxim-us, should be bronzed and put on display in the Smithsonian!!!!

  • If there is anybody that has any doubts about the decision to revoke her license, please read her letter of support regarding Keith’s sentencing.
    Basically a love-letter to Keith. Very, very troubling. This woman is dangerous. The committee made the right decision.

  • Only on the Frank Report is there any debate about whether what Danielle did is beyond the pale of appropriate practice for a doctor.

    In the real world, people recoil in horror at NXIVM barbarity. That’s why they kept it all so secret. That’s how and why cults operate.

    It is refreshing to see the legal and regulatory systems finally doing some proper work in this case.

  • One thing I was thinking about: if nxivm were a religion, would Danielle have been OK? Could she have justified the branding, Lying to victims, and not giving them painkillers?

    What happens with circumcision? Can licensed doctors do it? Do they have to follow certain procedures?

    What happens with doctors practicing BSDM where pain is something that people want? Could such doctors lose their licenses also for not giving pain killers to people and lying to them?

    • One thing I was thinking about: if nxivm were a religion, would Danielle have been OK?

      Yes, but let us work backward for a moment, she hung her hat on an idealism not religion per se. Religion is always a touchy subject but when you look at the bigger picture, it seems that out of quintillions of planets and about 200 billion stars, all the Sons of/Gods happened to appear in our world for some reason. So many people fight and die over things that are labeled as a religion, and they have done since it was introduced, which in itself is quite scary when every other species on our planet just wants to live without such means.

      Could she have justified the branding, lying to victims, and not giving them painkillers?

      In America, I guess anything goes but, perhaps you would need a signed disclaimer first, which she did not obtain.

      What happens with circumcision?

      As a baby with not many pints of blood, I can’t say for certain as I am not circumcised myself but you would certainly need to stitch or stop the vein that provides blood to the hood from bleeding out having broken that element myself. That would be the bare minimum.

      Can licensed doctors do it? Do they have to follow certain procedures? It would depend but as it often happens in infancy I would say yes to both due to blood loss as the heart is higher and gravity takes its course. I realize that a baby can be angled differently but I still stand by my aforementioned concerns.

      What happens with doctors practicing BSDM where pain is something that people want? Could such doctors lose their licenses also for not giving pain killers to people and lying to them?

      The oath of a doctor is to do no harm. So, yes, under the Hippocratic Oath it has ended up unfortunately where the former doctor finds herself as just another follower awaiting a credit line from friends or left to fend for herself.

      • Well said.

        We are grateful to have fellow travelers like you on our path to Total Freedom and Enlightenment.

      • “What happens with doctors practicing BSDM where pain is something that people want? Could such doctors lose their licenses also for not giving pain killers to people and lying to them?”

        BDSM is a practice based on fully-informed consent. What Roberts did was not fully-informed consent, as the medical board made clear.

        So, no, a doctor can’t lose their license for being kinky as long as they do it ethically.

        I’m aware of various legal actions that have resulted from BDSM, but never a case of a doctor losing their license simply for being kinky.

    • If NXIVM had been a religion would it have attracted the same people?

      It would have been very different

      The self-help training program was a great disguise for the Cult that was behind the training program

      Most of the 17000 people who took classes only saw the training program because they only took 1 class

      NXIVM the religion would have never gotten people like Allison Mack, the Bronfmans, Danielle Roberts through their doors in the first place.

  • Is it weird that none of the DOS women have aid anything to Danielle publicly?

    If they are a sorority,y why not express outrage against how their friend lost her license?

    The remaining DOS women only unite around a man and his porn.

    • Nothing weird about it. They have been ignoring anything that does not fit their narrative, which is quite a lot.

  • Justice has been served. Thanks to these board members, Danielle Roberts can no longer harm anyone

    She is lucky not to be going to prison for her actions

    • What crimes? There is a video showing Sarah Edmondson laughing and telling other women that her friends are hers how proud she is of her and she was the only woman in DOS, which she testified against Danielle Roberts

      • What about the crimes of: “lying to the other women what the brand was about and the size of the brand”?

        You are assuming that the women victims have to be constantly out to ensure they get payback. Perhaps the women believe that Dr. Danielle was manipulated by keith and hence don’t want to attack her. She is another victim of keith.

      • Before Sarah found out the brand was Keith Raniere’s initials and the whole group was a sham?

        And after Sarah gave really damaging collateral under the false pretense that no man was in any way involved in DOS?

  • I’m sad for Danielle.

    I don’t think she should have trusted keith. I don’t blame her for doing it, but I think he set her up knowing exactly full well that this could happen.

    In a weird way, I actually hope the DOS women can stay strong together but I also hope they quit some of their practices.

    First of all, I could never, ever, ever be friends with a person who demanded “collateral” from me as a condition of friendship. Ever!

    It’s so warped.

    • I don’t feel sorry because she did it 17 times. She branded 17 women. She must have thought at some point it was sketchy. Yet, she decided to continue. She also decided to dance outside a jail. That does not help her cause of looking like a professional woman.

      I do not feel bad for her because I think of the victims who were lied to about what the brand meant, as well as the size of the brand. The victims also likely thought the brand was something legit given that a doctor was giving it to them.

      Danielle could have had compassion for victims. She did not. She wanted to have ketih accept her and that was more important than the victims or her own career.

      • Mexican lady, I do agree. She did brand 17 women which demonstrated incredibly poor judgement on her part.

        The people in charge of revoking her license were correct to do so for the reasons they stated.

        I just can help but feel she walked right into a trap of keiths cruel design. I’m honestly upset for her because I don’t believe she would have come up with such a scheme all by herself. And? Like you say, she must have felt it was sketchy at some point.

        But the saddest thing is she’s still broadcasting to the world how much she believed their blackmail and branding operation was a good and positive thing.

        If I was in her shoes, and my license was at risk of being revoked, I would have willingly relinquished it until I had enough time to digest what the hell just happened. I’m sure it was not her intent to be perceived as an unfit doctor but seems like she hasn’t made any effort to understand why others believe this is so.

        If I was her, I’d be asking myself, how the heck do I make this right? Not just trying to defend myself.

    • Yes. Keith deliberately and surgically separated Nxivm/DOS people from their careers/professions and sometimes families.

      This made it harder for them to leave the cult. And the destruction of their career path and reputation made them vulnerable and more prone to needing someone like Clare (in Danielle’s case) to bail them out.

      Further indebting them to the cult.

      Think about when Allison came forward and put her face on DOS publicly. Allison took responsibility for the branding. Even if she hadn’t been arrested later, that was going to very negatively impact her reputation and her future career prospects. Keith was not only willing to let her do it, he encouraged her to take the blame.

      And out of many of these Nxivm members, it was Keith who actually had the least to lose! In any tangible fashion.

      And yes, if a “friend” asks you for horrific and damaging “collateral”, they are absolutely no “friend”. That’s so crazy!

      Women are constantly having to navigate disgusting often constant demands for nude photos from lecherous random males.

      The fact that any female would make the same unwanted request to a female friend is absolutely anti-Sisterhood.

      And it also should have been the very first clue that a man was behind the collateral.

      To then couch it as “empowering” is one of the lowest forms of exploitation one woman could visit on another!

  • A doctor is always a doctor and one is always responsible to the Hippocratic Oath whether one is being paid or ‘off duty’.

    You should have known better. You are a wonderful, empathic woman but you need to think things through better and take responsibility for the effects of your actions. I hope you get your medical license back from suspension/revocation upon appeal in 3 to 5 years and that you use your talents wisely in the future.


  • I kinda feel bad for Danielle. but then I remember that she branded women 17 TIMES and danced half-naked outside a jail, taking pictures for social media.

    That is not good judgment. She was a dangerous doctor due to her bad judgment.

    • Be glad she lost her license and that she’s the target of public scorn and ridicule.

      She deserves every bit of it. If she’s lucky, she’ll learn from the experience. But… nah… she’ll die a Vanguard-loving sheeple.

    • She most certainly was NOT half-naked,

      But hey, Not exaggerating on FR or throwing a former friend under a bus would be like a day without sunshine here, eh?

      • Some videos of the former doctor outside the jail

        She is in short shorts 🩳 with her legs wide open and her bra showing.

        I guess it’s relative whether her clothing makes her half-naked or not

        It’s a waste to have a professional woman engaging in those activities. If she is keen to help prisoners, at the time she could have organized to bring better healthcare to them.

        • Neither of the pictures you’ve linked are actually pictures of Danielle Roberts. (They are a different person who participated in the beginning and then disappeared when the publicity hit.) It’s important that all of us hold each other to a standard of truth and be careful not to defame others.

          • You are right. Thanks for the correction.

            How amazing and surreal that they were able to recruit two white black-haired women who are gymnasts to dance outside the prison.

            I guess Dr. Danielle was just doing headstands and cartwheels, correct?

            My comments were exaggerated.

            However, that does not remove the main crimes done by Danielle: a) not informing women what the initials of the brand meant (BTW how do they justify that having the initials of a man near their vagina is empowering???); b) not informing women of the actual size of the brand; c) not reporting the medical emergency in VWeek.

      • Hello Huntingpeople2

        You have a point. People on the Frank Report and the owner of FR should be careful not to exaggerate. But it’s sometimes difficult to stick with the facts and not to spice up the story a bit. The reality with this NXVM story is bad enough in itself. So there is no need to exaggerate. But it has occurred occasionally, even by the owner of FR himself.

        For instance, Frank stated in one post in 2019 that Danielle branded 150 women (I’m sorry Nicki: I mean received a brand). In reality, it was “only” 17 according to the committee’s investigation.

        Another example: Frank accusing Karen Untereiner of grooming underage girls to be sexually abused by Keith. He later retracted that accusation after he had an interview with Untereiner. But you cannot and should not accuse somebody of those grave crimes unless you have solid proof. That is defamatory. You can be sued for that (I’m surprised she didn’t sue considering NXIVM litigation history, or maybe Frank was right after all, and KR didn’t want the publicity it would generate?). Ghislaine Maxwell is currently in prison for similar charges, so it’s a pretty serious accusation.

        But you’re right: Danielle was not dancing half-naked in front of the prison. At least in the videos on the FR, she was fully clothed. But dancing in front of a prison for Keith was bad enough. It destroyed whatever credibility was left of those who took part in it.

        • Ya think?

          150 to 17 ( who said ok)
          Took one hour of torturous pain
          To 30 minutes
          To 20 minutes
          To 7 minutes

          Flees authorities, runs to Mexico

          Now weighs 250 pounds

          Then encourages complete strangers to
          Lie & Say they were “verified patients” of hers & give her a 0 rating

          Stalks her jobs, has people calling a hospital, WASTING medical professionals valuable time ( during co vid) to say Fire her when she wasnt even employed there!

          Embellishment for YOUR viewing pleasure
          Nah, no correlation to Princess Di here:


          Pure, unadulterated Journalism at its best!

        • I thought this was half naked
          Guess I better put my eyeglasses on.


          My mistake apparently.

      • When you visit a prison there is a STRICT dress code. And they don’t play about enforcing it. There is a reason it is not allowed for women to visit inside wearing a sports bra and very short tight booty shorts.

        If you are a woman clothed in such a way bumping and grinding and spreading your legs outside a men’s detention center- you know exactly what you’re doing.

        • She was dancing outside the FED jail! There are photos on Frank Report. DOC Roberts is a talented gymnast.

          And I forgot – that was my mother that did that.

        • Except they were outside, not inside.

          As a morale booster dancing and doing gymnastics!

          I guess when icon Bob Hope & Raquel Welsh & Elkie Sommers, etc. etc. danced scantily clad in 1967 for the troops on a Christmas Tour, no less, with 1000s of male soldiers right there (Not locked inside behind BARS) they, too, were in violation of Your Morality!

          • It’s not anyone’s morality. It’s the rules when visiting a prison. And it’s insulting to compare USA troops with prisoners. Very.

            And who’s Raquel Welsh? Why are we talking about 1967? You’re weird.

          • Sorry—you feel there’s some connection between actors doing the time-honoured thing of entertaining one’s national defence force of soldiers on tour — and cult members winding and twerking outside a prison for their paedophile rapist vanguard?

            Get help soon.

          • Who cares if she dances or not half-naked outside a jail? That’s not the main point and, thus, wasn’t even mentioned in the report.

            She lied to women about what the brand was and its size. She did the branding in a not very clean way. She didn’t report a medical incident that took place at vweek.

            She has no problem lying to others: 17 times.

            What could stop her from continuing to lie to people and perform treatments on them that could endanger their health?

          • Raquel Welch was and is the hottest woman on planet earth and looked DAMN GOOD until 55.

            Do not mention the goddess in the same paragraph as NXIVM. It’s sinful!

          • @ Anonymous who conveniently leaves no reply button, tell me, do you believe there are no Veterans in prison?

            I obviously mean no disrespect to the brave who have served.

            However, to think that there are no former servicemen in prison is naive, to say the least,

            Due to a lack of therapy that many times is replaced by Thorazine and other mind-altering drugs to deal with the atrocities they have witnessed and a VA system that is overburdened and lacks medical personnel!

            I think everyone’s entitled to a morale booster, especially in the form of music & dance. Some might even say, “It’s just what the doctor ordered!”

      • Yes. Remember that time Suneel wrote a whole fraudulent piece about Booth? And got busted by commenters. Then concerned he’s a big ol’ liar? I think it was yesterday…

  • She can now go into business as a dog groomer or make coffee.

    There are no limits with NXIVM Tech.

    Except for ballet, in some cases.

    • Barista it is. She has not shown sufficient talent or skill at body modification to enter that world—her living breathing portfolio of targets is ample proof of that.

  • This is truly an interesting case. But a large issue is being overlooked.

    Was she chosen to do the branding BECAUSE she was a doctor?

    Not sure if that issue arose.

    But if ANY squad member can do it with no license, then why pick a medical Dr to do the procedure?

    Probably not a good idea to be dancing in front of the prison.

    My humble opinion.

    • Exactly…the question is: why pick a medical doctor to do the procedure?

      Keith asked her to do it. Keith does not give a damn about Danielle. If he cared, he would have asked another woman to do the procedure. One who would not have any danger to her profession.

      Danielle needs to realize that Keith does not give a damn about her. Even if it hurts.

      • The decision, linked below, is well worth the read. The Committee draws links to purely aesthetic procedures such as plastic surgery for simple cosmetic purposes.

        In addition, it states she was not forthcoming in all her responses.

        I truly, truly feel bad for her, and can’t imagine how devastating this was. But in my humble, humble opinion, she has no chance in hell of winning an appeal.

      • Although I like Danielle and I do not think she should lose her medical license, I think Keith picked her to make her vulnerable and to hopefully see her destroyed. That is my opinion. My friend Suneel prefers to give Raniere the benefit of the doubt.

        • And then YOU finished her off, leaving her with nowhere else to go, just like the paparazzi did to Princess Di. Ah, powerful men, they always looking out for ya!
          Thank goodness for that…

          • hunteingpeople2

            Your check is in the mail.

            Along with a roll of toilet paper.

            And a coupon for a .5% discount for your next EM session with Nancy.

          • To say that Danielle has had “nowhere else to go” in her life is to really not understand free will, options and agency. Danielle could have done any number of things differently. The possibilities are endless. I wish Danielle the very best in the future. But it is highly unlikely that making zoom videos with Nicki will get Danielle there.

          • OSA~ whatever that means…Never met Nancy, never spoke to Nancy, & I have no desire to do so. I have a job but I do use coupons, does that me a task force? Toilet paper was hard to come by last March 2020.

          • As an objective observer, I think revocation was appropriate–unfortunate, but, in my opinion, appropriate.

            She did inflict pain, and she hid a key component: namely, branding a lunatic’s initials in pubic areas. This was entirely deceptive. And let’s face it: A lot of men would have trouble climbing in bed, looking at another man’s initials. This would effect relationships, trips to the beach, public facilities and is a constant life-long reminder.

            It is a constant reminder that they were unwittingly and deceptively branded with ownership like cattle. This was a symbol of a harem.

            She chose vanguard over the people she did this too and continued to act in defiance flashing her crotch in front of the prison on video.

            A doctor does not do this. Any professional –a doctor, lawyer, pilot, whatever– should not let professional judgment be compromised by any personal belief.

            My opinion.

        • “…I do not think she should lose her medical license”.

          Quite a departure from your opinion judging from the entries on your blog posted in 2019, particularly on 2th april 2019.

          I don’t think she’s a bad person persé, but her lack of judgment is beyond troubling.

        • Keith does appear to be quite skilled in selecting his victims. Even so, Danielle is still responsible for her own actions, and is not the only woman whose life is in in ruins.

        • Yeah, I think it might have been more appropriate to have suspended her promptly, or at least required her to work only in a supervised environment.

          Medical boards are hesitant to take their colleagues’ livelihoods away, which is part of why things like this move so slowly – and there are also legitimate concerns that the public needs as many doctors as possible, when they’re in short supply, even if they are not ideal and perfect practitioners. I was consulted in one board case because it involved a particular specialty of mine, and heard about several others from the doctor I knew who worked reviewing some cases related to their area of practice, so I have some familiarity with how disciplinary cases are approached.

          My guess is that they took away Roberts’ license only because she seemed unrepentant, unreformable, overly influenced by dubious theories and beliefs rather than sound medical practice, and likely to offend again in some manner.

          Her behavior such as dancing half-naked (which she is, or is close to, in at least one picture) out in front of the jail incarcerating her convicted felon guru is probably demonstrative of poor judgment and susceptibility to bad ideas that show up in her practice of medicine as well.

          • Agree. In addition she stated, “It’s not a medical procedure”, even though the Board determines what is and what is not a medical procedure.

            By acting so defiantly instead of sucking it up, she sealed her fate.

      • >>Keith does not give a damn about Danielle.

        “Do not confuse a passive temperament with humility or sincerity.”

        Keith doesn’t give a damn about anyone except himself. He would trade places with Danielle, Nicki, or anyone else living freely in a heartbeat — WITHOUT HESITATION.

        It was only what you could do for him that kept you around (like a tool), and like the sixty plus year man child who was still living as an emotionally stunted teenage wannabe jock trope who couldn’t be one, women were just items of control and conquest to him.

    • You are right about the big picture – the branding operation definitely leveraged Roberts’ status as a doctor, and I’ve read that someone has said they were more comfortable or acquiescent because “Dr. Dani” would be performing the procedure.

      It is, by the way, a common trick or trap of cults and their apologists, sometimes deliberate and calculated, to muddy the waters by wading into details, rather than stepping back and looking at the situation from the point of view of broader principles (and reality-checks).

      They could have gotten a professional body modification “artist” (someone who does tattooing, piercing, and sometimes other procedures like scarification and cutting) and in fact had one show Roberts the technique – however, such a professional would most likely have refused due to the lack of proper and documented consent to the procedcure, and possibly also on the grounds of not operating in a sterile enough environment, which also points to how unprofesionally (former) Dr. Roberts was operating.

      • Solid points, AnonyMaker.

        The outside branding artist would have to be let in on the deceptive branding design.

        They would ask questions, certainly. But most important the slave women could not be filmed “naked held down like a sacrifice” for both collateral and Keith’s viewing pleasure.

      • I think having the branding inside DOS ensured it stayed a secret.

        “obfuscation.” 😉

        I’m glad you’re back. You have great insights and analysis. Seriously!

  • “The Hearing Committee determined that the Respondent engaged in 12 forms of professional misconduct… when faced with any conflict between NXIVM and her responsibilities as a physician, she chose NXIVM. For these reasons, the Hearing Committee believes she abdicated her values as a physician and failed her profession, herself, and everyone else involved.”

    Case closed.

    Let the bitter-enders begin their next futile campaign of deflection and conspiratorial speculation, along with their washed-up, failed Scientologist beta orbiter.

  • So anyone in NY can open a branding shop with no training, no state requirements, no business license and call it good?

    Most states have some kind of regulation on tattoo shops to stay open. Roberts can’t get away with saying she was acting as a private person BS.

    There are standards that protect citizens who get tattoos from getting harmed and spreading diseases when they enter a shop.

    Did Danielle Roberts have any of these things in place before she started her branding shop?

    Roberts can’t have it both ways. I was a private citizen not depending on my medical license vs I was already licensed. She is saying I didn’t need to do what unlicensed people have to jump through to open their tattoo-branding business.

    This is where NXIVM people get themselves in trouble. They don’t think their lies all the way through. You don’t have to be Dick Tracy to see through the BS. You just have to look for the FU justification.

    • Great point about needing a business license and needing to follow health standards to brand or tattoo.

      Just more evidence they believe they are beyond all rules.

  • So, she took an oath to ‘do no harm’, but that doesn’t apply when she’s in the privacy of a house? OK, maybe the health board should explain the oath isn’t a part-time guide she follows when she’s only in a doctors office

    • …Says the guy who is aware of an obscure gay porn shop in San Francisco.

      It’s okay Shadow, we love ❤️ and respect your people. Be free to be you!

  • After the recent preposterously lenient treatment of NXIVM defendants by Judge Garaufis, it’s refreshing to see one of the diehards finally get what was coming to her. Now that her medical license has been revoked, maybe she can move to where her Vanguard is incarcerated and earn a living dancing for change out front. Wasn’t she branded herself? She should dance in a bikini and show it off.

    • It is a meticulously motivated decision. I don’t see this decision overturned on appeal.
      She can continue giving yoga lessons or as an instructor in a gym or something similar, but her days as a doctor are over.

      Because Frank has directly communicated with her, he’s soft on her and he didn’t finish this chapter with his trademark remark.

      I’m happy to oblige: VIVA EXECUTIVE SUCCESS!

      • That success only applies if you’re an actress, you know, like Sarah E or India, not someone who actually worked their ass off studying for years & helping ppl (like Sally) overcome cancer at a moment’s notice asking for nothing in return

        • I respectfully disagree. Roberts abandoned her profession as a doctor to start EXO/ESO under the expert guidance of Keith. It was not successful. Far from it. In fact, Danielle had to get a “loan” from Clare to keep it from going under. Another life run into the ground by Keith. Success? Not.

          • She was employed as a doctor while simultaneously working @ exo/eso and helping friends like Sally in her spare time. I guess you never held 2 positions at one time? Or ever had a dream that you thought was worth pursuing as a spin off from the years of seeing the need to educate people better on their exercise, food choices, emotional overeating, and finding balance in their lives. I am not saying she was a perfect human being, I am saying

            Perhaps Kieth did use her, who knows, it wouldn’t be the first time,

            Perhaps she truly cherished working with a collaborative effort of smart, giving women and thought they were making progress.

            Unfortunately, either way, a few scapegoats were needed & provided when someone’s feathers got ruffled.

            I have had the privilege of seeing her hold patients’ hands. Talk with them, not at them & actually listen to their concerns & rights (as a patient ); to advocate on their behalf & edify them, always encouraging & inspiring them.

            So an attempt at a business to further their knowledge of the extraordinary machine their body is doesn’t surprise me. I certainly know many individuals who believe if at first you don’t succeed, try anyway…

            It’s been a grueling four years and whatever she decides to do next

            I wish her sincere happiness, she truly deserves it.

        • Why would you ask for something in return? What does a person expect in return for helping a friend who is dying of cancer? Are you saying Danielle should have billed her? Danielle isn’t even an oncologist.

          • Gratitude for one thing.

            I don’t know what you do for a living but do you provide all your friends with it for free?

            As a real estate agent, do you forgo your fees for a friend?

            As a banker, do you not charge application fees for your friends?

            As a grocery clerk, do you give your friends free food?

            The point is she’s moral than most and always went the extra mile.
            To her own detriment, perhaps

            But hey, there’s still life in her body
            Maybe we can squeeze that out of her here too. Y’all seem real good at that!

  • a big issue is that Danielle still does not see how Keithh has screwed her over. If keith cared one bit about her he would not have asked her to do the branding (it was an activity that could be considered easily malpractice and lead to this. The world’s smartest man could not see he was putting Danielle in danger? Danielle is however also at fault for not considering this could happen and hence avoid participation. Danielle should have known it is better to avoid situations that could give even the appearance of impropriety to not lose her license.

    Keith does not care about Danielle. He thrives and is happy seeing others suffer. I think he also asked Danielle to do cartwheels half naked in front of the jail because it made him feel powerful to know he had a grown woman under his finger. Danielle looked ridiculous. She wants to be considered a professional, women, and yet she is lowering herself to being half naked jumping up and down at a jail. I don’t think that helps her career. It damages it at the expense of making her master Keith feel goof and powerful. She does not see keith aims to humiliate and destroy her. Her gain is much less.

    I am glad she lost her license because being loyal to nxivm over your patients is dangerous. She is more loyal to nxivm than to herself and well being (the prison half naked dances show this also. That did not help her at all)

    it is sad this happening. Because she is a professional woman destroyed by nxivm. But it is also dangerous she does not see it and could harm others if pushed by her vanguard.

    • Re ” But it is also dangerous she does not see it and could harm others if pushed by her vanguard.”

      That former physician Danielle Roberts could harm others is not mere conjecture. It is already an established fact.

    • Yes. Keith didn’t select someone actually interested in tattoos and scarification. He selected Danielle. The doctor.

  • “garden variety” stomach viruses, which are “unpleasant but not lethal,” are not “communicable” or “unusual” to meet the mandatory reporting requirements under the regulation.”

    Yeah, Doc Roberts, mass poisoning is “garden variety” — if you happen to be Joseph Mengele or Brandon Porter. 😉

    Roberts should have her licensed revoked. She clearly is still under Raniere’s spell. If Raniere told her to give all her sick patients ‘placebos’ to see what would happen, she’d do it.

    • Nice guy –

      If Raniere asked Danielle to give his disciples his poo balls to cure their diseases and ailments, she would happily do it. And that is why she needed to lose her license and why her appeal will fail. She can not switch off her status and ignore her oath when it suits her.

      Her loyalty to Raniere over the health and well-being of others makes her unfit to be a medical doctor – period.

      And, even if the Review Board agrees with her bullshit stance on branding, she still failed to report the incident at V-week and there is no way in hell that she will get out of that one. Food poisoning or a communicable stomach virus is serious no matter how she tries to spin it. She was grossly negligent – period. Considering Porter lost his license due to his failure to report, any appeal she raises will fail.

      As a side note, I’ve always imagined Raniere laughing as he got those dying women to literally eat his shit. He’s such a prankster!

      These are all dangerous people because their leader is a narcissistic psychopath and they cannot see it.

      Thank God justice was served here. Let her do yoga.

      Also, Frank, a cauterizing pen is nothing like a tattoo machine – one burns the skin and the other places ink below the skin. Huge difference.

      • Ya mean like when they cauterize your belly skin after an appendectomy if an infection occurs. Right there, in the doctor’s office, imagine that!

        Or like when the medical community cauterizes children’s noses who have excessive nose bleeds right there in their office?

        Without anesthesia or even going up their nose with antiseptics first

    • Let’s pull medical professionals’ licenses based on your pure conjecture…It’s not like NY needs them. After all, the state is firing them all anyway if they don’t comply to mandatory vaccinations along with police, EMTs, etc.

  • And so ends the career of Danielle Roberts. She still thinks Keith is a swell guy, DOS is a great way to “grow”, NXIVM was all good, and branding these women was not harmfull to them in any way.

    She is physically very healthy but mentally very unhealthy.

    • StevenJ-

      “She is physically very healthy, but mentally very unhealthy.“ -StevenJ

      Translation — you’d bang her if it wasn’t for the fact she’s batshit crazy.

      Steven’s logic:

      A ² + B ² = C ²

      E = MC ²

      (🦇 + 💩) x (🧘🏻‍♀️+ 🦦) = no sex!

      🍺 + 🥽 = fun time!

      • Daniëlle Roberts is an attractive and remarkably fit woman. I can see why she was one of Keith’s “projects”. He worked his magic on her and was successful. He railed her in with a promise on something she really wanted: a yoga/fitness/nutrition company: eco/eso.

        Contrary to what the board said in their verdict, eco/eso was not a successful business. I believe Danielle herself said in her support-letter at Clare’s sentencing that Clare bailed her out (financially) twice.

        The board was especially troubled by the fact that she didn’t want to answer some questions they asked and she showed no remorse over the branding: “She failed her profession, herself, and everybody involved”. A harsh judgment! But it will not get through to her because, despite being well educated, something is not well in the head of Danielle Roberts.

        • SteveJ

          —despite being well educated, something is not well in the head of Danielle Roberts.

          I am inclined to disagree with you, a tad.
          I do not believe Danielle is mentally ill, whatsoever. On the contrary, I believe her to be of strong conviction to her own detriment. I guess you could call conviction/stubbornness a form of mental illness when it leads to a decidedly negative outcome. I guess I do agree with you.

          How do you think Danielle would be viewed as a man? There seems to be an outpouring of sympathy on this website.

          Sorry about the “formula”

          You’re a good person! And I’m am legitimately sorry for busting your chops!

          Won’t happen again! I promise!

          • To anon:
            No hard feelings. You’re right: she’s not mentally ill. I just don’t know how to interpret this defiance of hers. Why is she taking this position? Doesn’t she see the horrible things Keith has done? It should be so obvious to see that. It’s just such a tragedy that she made these choices in her life and ends up we’re she is now.

  • Best NXIVM news of the week! So good the board made the right decision.

    Also good to see news returning to the Frank Report instead of blather about a possible Hail Mary appeal by Bronfman-funded barristers.

    Who’s paying Robert’s barrister?

  • Surprised they revoked it but it did cross a threshold that tends to most frequently lead to revocation – it became public.

    Much like with cops, judges, lawyers, etc in all fields, the boards that exist to supposedly keep their professions on the straight and narrow actually rarely ever do it. Pretty much the only time they do is when forced to either by public and/or politician effort where they look at the embarrassment of NOT doing it to be worse.

    So here, they likely were thinking of the headlines if they didn’t revoke it and decided that was not something they wanted to deal with so the easy choice was take it away.

    Another, more minor factor that made it easier is not aware she has been actively practicing her profession in any meaningful way in the last decade. Could be wrong but if trying to avoid embarrassment while also not trying to negatively impact patients, no easier a call to make than revoke from a public embarrassment of a doctor that has no patients.

    • Thanks for the link to the actual decision. It shows that Frank’s conclusion :”The case in effect boiled down to the compelling testimony of Sarah Edmondson” couldn’t be further from the truth.

      • Frank’s post also got the link. Didn’t see it at first. Plus Danielle’s comment on the verdict! Highly recommended….

  • If she wasn’t “acting as a doctor” why did they CHOOSE a doctor to do the branding?

    As Sarah stated Danielle was presented as and known as a a doctor to these women. Naturally, they felt under the care of a doctor.

    Then you have all of the follow up photos of the brands “healing”. Monitored by… A doctor. Danielle.

    So gross. Bunch a naked, germy, blue light sperm coated, HPV havin’ slaves all.pawing at a naked person with a fresh burn.

    The definition of unsanitary.

    They are so lucky being deceived, tortured and disfigured is all that happened. Flesh eating virus or any number of Allison’s condo cooties could have spread like wild fire. Ugh. Think about that sheepskin rug they all were sitting bare ass naked on moments before.

    Look at what happened at V week. Disease spreads quick. Especially if you do not report it!

    If the first 8 front line slaves were branded by a branding artist WHY switch?! Just so Raniere could his naked collateral tapes?

    So. Many. Bad. Decisions.

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