Allison Mack’s Complete Statement to Judge Garaufis Prior to Sentencing and Getting 3 Years — to Compare With Lauren Salzman’s Probation–

We have read Lauren Salzman’s letter to the judge ‘I Really Love Everyone I Hurt and I Have to Live With This Horrible Truth Every Single Day’.

What readers have not seen – and perhaps might wish to read to compare it with Salzman’s letter – is Allison Mack’s statement to Judge Nicholas Garaufis, delivered just minutes before she was sentenced to three years in prison.

It is a well-written statement but it was not enough to spare Mack from three years in federal prison (Lauren received 5-years of supervised probation but no prison time).

By Allison Mack

Yes, Your Honor. I stand before you today filled with remorse and guilt. To begin, I would like to state unequivocally that my behavior while in DOS was abusive, abhorrent and illegal.

I also want to be clear to this Court and to the victims that I renounce Keith Raniere and all his teachings. I cannot imagine the pain that the victims must have experienced because of my actions. For this, from the deepest part of my heart and soul, I am sorry.

I understand that what I chose cannot be undone but it is my sincere hope that an apology coupled with my promise to live a life dedicated to rehabilitation may offer some semblance of peace for you as you move ahead. I am thankful for your bravery in stepping forward and speaking out.

One of the thoughts I find most terrifying is where would be now had we not been stopped. Your courage and tenacity to right these wrongs rescued me and stopped so many other horrible things from happening. Over the course of a decade I bought into the belief that I could only become the person I wanted to be through total devotion to Keith Raniere.

I justified his transgressions, fulfilled his every request and made choices that I will forever regret. I rejected anyone who tried to show me the truth, investing myself more and more deeply into his perverse schemes.

Coming out from under this delusion has been the most difficult experience of my life. To admit that I was wrong meant that I had to acknowledge the pain I caused and the depth of destruction that lay in my wake. But now I know without a doubt that I was wrong. The shame of this recognition has been crippling and the guilt is permanent.

I’m also sorry to the families and loved ones of the victims affected by my choices. During this process I have relearned just how valuable family is. I’m ashamed for the way I behaved and how I treated those most precious to you.

Finally, I want to say I’m sorry to my family and loved ones. I know this has been an intensely painful road and words cannot express how significant your presence has been throughout all of this. Your willingness to forgive me for my destructive choices is truly miraculous and I would not be alive today without your support.

Thank you to the AUSAs for your patience and humanity that you showed as I came out from under my cloud of delusion. Sorry. (Pause to weep.)

On the day of my arraignment you insisted that my conditions of release include moving back home to my childhood place with my parents. This felt like a nightmare at the time but quickly became the greatest gift I could have received.

My family and close community surrounded me with support and care as I fought my way back to myself and took ownership of the truth. I wish more than anything I could have seen my mistakes sooner. I know this would have spared Your Honor, the court and so many people I love so much trouble and turmoil.

And lastly, thank you to you, Judge Garaufis, for supporting my process of rehabilitation because you allowed me to go to school and to share in important events with my family. I’ve been able to create a path forward for myself and develop the tools I need to continue to right the wrongs I committed. I am grateful for the patience and humanity you have demonstrated towards me over these past three years.

I have complete faith that your fair and compassionate deliberation regarding my sentence will be a huge part of righting this wrong and helping me progress beyond this horrific chapter of my life with integrity.

Thank you.



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  • Allison Mack is indeed fortunate in many ways. Her prison sentence was much lighter than it could have been. She was pulled out of the cult before the situation became really bad for her personally, although she inflicted considerable damage on those around her. She is nearing 40, and would likely find herself replaced by a younger model in a few years. Or she could have become involved in helping get rid of aging partners. At least she is out of the cult, unlike the women that are still defending it.

    There is no way Allison is getting off easy. From what I have read here, it looks like she is a spiritual and emotional wreck, and that is likely to persist for some time. Yes, she was manipulated by someone that knew exactly what he was doing, and while Keith chose his victims well, Allison is still responsible for her actions. The pain she is in must be enormous, and I would not wish that on my worse enemy. Her reputation is ruined, and yes she brought it on herself. The fallout of her actions have probably destroyed any hopes she has of reviving her acting career, and may affect her prospects for employment and even marriage. She will be in her mid forties by the time she is free, and will be literally starting over.

    • Keith Raniere’s modus operandi: find them young. Tell them that marriage is an inner-deficiency and not to settle down early. If they get pregnant, coerce them into abortions. Use them up. Then discard them when they get old.

      What an ethical guy.

      • Nicki Clyne said on her most recent interview that KR isn’t doing well lately in prison. Frank, have you heard any updates that may be what she’s referring to?

        • Does anyone besides the dead-enders actually care? Some people might feel “sorry” for him strictly from an empathetic level, something he didn’t seem to have or share, but is anyone really surprised? That’s what you get for playing games with ethics and people’s lives. The guy was hedonistically insatiable, especially when it came to food, control and sex. He practically worshiped himself. Now, he eats prison food and has been without sex for coming on four years and likely will be so for the rest of his life. If you want to be a douchebag, just be one. Don’t use ethics as your play. “Karma” despises ethical and religious hypocrites.

        • Why won’t Nicki Clyne show her brand? She keeps saying that it is barely visible and that she has no regrets. Why hide something if Nicki is so proud of it?

          The DOS die-hards compare it to a fraternity brand. But frat brothers do not conceal their brands. The wear them visibly and proudly.

          Their brands also aren’t near their d×cks.

          And a frat brand represents an organization. Not a person. Certainly not the same man’s initials. Who just happens to be their “leader”.

          And the frat brothers do not deceive each other into being branded. By lying. A lot.

          Nor do they hold each other down naked and film each other repeating, “Brand me master it would be an honor. An honor I want to wear for the rest of my life.”

          I mentioned naked, right? And filming it?

          Yeah… The DOS brand has nothing in common with a fraternity brand.


          Is it weirder for Nicki Clyne to brand her partner of 10 years Keith Raniere’s initials onto her vag while married to Allison Mack


          for Nicki Clyne to trick a bunch of other women who barely know Nicki’s boyfriend of ten years (Keith Raniere) into getting his initials burned into the skin of their own vags?

  • I just want to tell everybody here — if any of you guys are hate/curious-watching Nicki Clyne on her “Locals” page — that if you’re all curious about what the pictures are that are called “Never-before-seen photos from inside a NXIVM sex cult party, featuring women who were branded 🤔” that she makes you pay at least $5-$7 for, well let me tell you, DO NOT DO IT! She’s tricking you! I honestly wasn’t stupid enough to think that they would really be sexual in nature (especially on Locals), I thought that title would obviously be clickbait since she’s trying to “prove” that “NXIVM wasn’t ever a sex cult” and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that posting salacious photos on Locals definitely wouldn’t help her cause (As a matter of fact, it would obviously do the EXACT OPPOSITE)! But I did think, however, that maybe it would, at the very least, be some actual, “Never-before-seen photos”! Well, guess what?! THEY AREN’T! They’re all photos that you can get here FOR FREE at Frank Report! There are only like 2-3 out of the 8 photos that are unique but they are essentially just different poses and facial poses of the ones that you can access here on Frank Report! BIG FUCKING RIP OFF! She makes you pay her monthly for that type of shit and is making people waste their money for shit they could get here for free! I obviously canceled my subscription to her after that shit! I really wish I could take my money back from her wallet in person and bitch slap her face off for that! Thank God it was only $7! Somebody needs to expose her newly concocted shenanigans again and I thought I’d take the liberty to do so! WARN EVERYBODY THAT YOU CAN! Typical Keith Raniere-like scam! You learned well from that fucking worthless little piece of fucking shit didn’t you, Nicki! “Never-before-seen photos”- MY FUCKING ASS AND DICK! OF-FUCKING-COURSE YOU’D PULL A STUNT LIKE THAT, NICKI CLYNE YOU LYING LITTLE BITCH! 🤨🙄😒🥵😠😡🤬😤

    • Anonymous 5:37pm

      Did Nicki’s “false advertising” put a damper on your Sunday evening plans?

      Next time go to Porn Hub! There are 1000s of women plus it’s free.

      Save the $5 dollars for some hand lotion!

      • “Did Nicki’s “false advertising” put a damper on your Sunday evening plans?

        Next time go to Porn Hub! There are 1000s of women plus it’s free.

        Save the $5 dollars for some hand lotion!”

        Hey dumbo! Why don’t you read what I actually said?! Let me remind you since you obviously either have short term memory loss or your mind is so busy thinking about “Porn Hub” and “hand lotion” that your beginning-puberty-penis-controlled brain didn’t allow you thoroughly read (or even thoroughly comprehend for that matter) what I said!

        ‘I honestly wasn’t stupid enough to think that they would really be sexual in nature (especially on Locals), I thought that title would obviously be clickbait since she’s trying to “prove” that “NXIVM wasn’t ever a sex cult” and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that posting salacious photos on Locals definitely wouldn’t help her cause (As a matter of fact, it would obviously do the EXACT OPPOSITE)! But I did think, however, that maybe it would, at the very least, be some actual, “Never-before-seen photos”!’

        How about you stop projecting your fantasies onto me so you feel better about yourself, bout?! You’re the only one saying that type shit, which obviously demonstrates how YOUR mind works!

        It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the entire purpose of Nicki Clyne having a “Locals” page, to begin with, is to try to make NXIVM “NOT look like a sex cult” to the public eye so that she can make Keith Raniere look innocent and get people in an uproar about “an innocent man being imprisoned” so that she can use public pressure to help get him out!

        If she was actually going to post something salacious like, oh I don’t know……… Something that you said of your own accord, like………. “Porn Hub”, then it would destroy her reputation and her cause; not to mention that something like that posted on “Locals”, would be taken DOWN and she’d be BANNED IMMEDIATELY! Also worth mentioning, that she had a video post that was available to non-paying members the day after that exclusive post for paying members called, ‘Rare video of me when I was a “brainwashed cult member”’ that was basically the same stunt of her just dancing and “having a good time” with the title as mockery clickbait so that she could then bait and switch and make herself look “fun” and “normal” to the public eye! It’s very obvious that is her game strategy on “Locals”! The point is, she’s deceiving people about her pictures and making people pay for pictures that are already FREE on Frank Parlato’s website! That’s the point!

        Hopefully, now that you’ve busted a nut jacking off to one and/or some of the “1000s of women” on “Porn Hub” for “free” – which is seemingly convenient for you since you just spent $5 on hand lotion – and have chemically released yourself from your animalistic behavior that burdens and enslaves your puberty-like walnut-sized brain, you can eventually develop enough maturity to finally stop acting like a 13-year-old horny teen who just learned about what “porn” is, to help relive these new “tingly urges” that he doesn’t understand, get your small head out of the gutter, stop projecting your perverted mindset onto me, and actually pay attention to what’s actually being discussed here without sounding like a mentally retarded creep! Or maybe your mommy should take your computer away and ground you for not knowing how to properly talk to strangers! You could attract child molesters with this kind of rhetoric,,, ya know! What are you going to do if your mommy or the police aren’t there to help ya?! I will tell ya! NOTHING! Grow up, dude! Seriously!

        • Porn sites have lots of free pics of Nx-actresses like Mack and Kreuk, some doing the nasty with each other. And you can pretend they are real.

        • Anonymous 11:35 pm

          Chill, Daddy! Don’t be focusing in on my pecker. I’m not 13! I am a man. But it’s still creepy, dude!
          I bet you read ‘PlayBoy’ back in the day for the articles! Haha! 😉

          —I honestly wasn’t stupid enough to think that they would really be sexual in nature; I thought that title would obviously be clickbait…

          Apparently, you were stupid enough, Grandpa, because you pony’d up the $5 bucks! Don’t worr,y it’s not a lot of money these days. Nicki probably got a Café latte with your money.

          My dad bought me a Beamer. I am grown!
          Have fun driving to work on your moped tomorrow! 😉

          PS: When PlayBoy published the transgendered centerfold — did you explore the dark side of the moon?

          • “Chill, Daddy! Don’t be focusing in on my pecker. I’m not 13! I am a man. But it’s still creepy, dude!”

            Really?! This coming from the guy who was advising me to go to “Porn Hub” and to “save the $5 dollars for some hand lotion”?! YOU’RE THE ONE who’s obsessed with “pecker”! I said that in response to your stupidity! You started this, troll!

            “I bet you read ‘PlayBoy’ back in the day for the articles! Haha! 😉”

            I know you’ve got OCD and are very OBSESSED in regards to what I do or don’t masturbate to and how I do so, that you felt that you needed to post all of this to tell me how much your obsession with my masturbation life, and/or lack thereof, bothers you to the point that you had to twist my entire post to fulfill your fantasies so that you could have some kind of excuse to talk to me, but I can honestly say that I’VE NEVER READ A “PLAYBOY” IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! I’VE NEVER EVEN SEEN ONE IN PERSON! I’VE ONLY HEARD ABOUT THEM!

            —I honestly wasn’t stupid enough to think that they would really be sexual in nature; I thought that title would obviously be clickbait…

            “Apparently, you were stupid enough, Grandpa, because you pony’d up the $5 bucks!”

            No I wasn’t dumbo! There were several other exclusive things posted prior and once again, NO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PHOTOS ARE ALLOWED ON LOCALS! EVER! THAT’S COMMON KNOWLEDGE! I DID NOT FALL FOR SHIT! YOU BLITHERING IDIOT!

            “Don’t worry, it’s not a lot of money these days.”

            I never that it was! I don’t give a shit if it’s one penny! It’s the principle that matters! Especially coming from an alleged “ethical humanitarian”

            “Nicki probably got a Café latte with your money.”

            Well if she did, I hope she enjoyed it because she’s also going to get a foot up her ass for it also! I’m working with Frank to expose her shenanigans right now!

            “My dad bought me a Beamer. I am grown!
            Have fun driving to work on your moped tomorrow! 😉”

            Oh, he did?! Because you couldn’t buy it for yourself because you’re too busy trolling random people on the internet about what they masturbate to?! You must be proud!

            Second of all, I won’t be “driving to work” seeing the fact that I work at home! And I’m not “moped” at all! I’m sorry that puts a “damper” on your day! It must be hard only being able to feel good about yourself if other people are “moped”! Must be hard being a worthless piece of shit!

            “PS: When PlayBoy published the transgendered centerfold — did you explore the dark side of the moon?”

            I don’t know, troll! Seeing the fact that I don’t support a magazine from Hugh Hefner who was a C.I.A. operative who a lot of his “bunnies” were C.I.A.-controlled sex operatives used as honey pots to blackmail Hollywood elites and politicians to do their bidding! But you’re obviously well up to date with all of that and having obviously demonstrated that you are certainly more concerned about that than me, have you?! I could tell you that I haven’t, but I know that’s going put a “damper” on your fantasies and will immediately panic and try to make up a reason that what I say isn’t true! So I’ll just say, whatever helps you feel better about yourself and helps you feel sexually relieved! But in the end when all that is said and done and, when reality and truth break into the surface of your fantasies and splits your stupid skull open, the answer is, HELL NO!

          • “Buddy, you spent $5 to spy on Nicki Clyne?

            LMAO @ you!“

            Hey, “Buddy”, do you know how much money I have?!

            Seeing the fact that $5 is obviously a lot of money to you to be doing something like that, as demonstrated by your shock, maybe you should stop trolling people on the internet, stop “laughing your ass off” at innocent people like the worthless piece of shit that you are, and get your lazy jackass “laughing ass” a job! You twit!

        • Anonymous 11:35pm

          Hey, “Buddy”, do you know how much money I have?!

          $5 dollars less than you had before.

          I’m still ROFLMAO @ you!

          • “Question:
            Hey, “Buddy”, do you know how much money I have?!

            $5 dollars less than you had before.

            I’m still ROFLMAO @ you!”

            REAL ANSWER:

            Yeah that I’ll make back and already have made back, in far less than in a day! And on top of that I’m trying to work with Frank to expose her shenanigans and stop her from doing it all together! It’s not about $5 in of itself! There’s a bigger principle here that you’re too mentally arrested to understand! She’ll pay for this! So all’s well that ends well!

            Yeah, I’ll bet that you’re “still ROFLMAO @ [me]”, because you’re a pathetic worthless piece of shit that can’t feel good about yourself without it being at the expense of others losing $5! I know that’s more money than your the value of your ego, but how you trying getting a self-esteem the honest way and by growing up and not by being an immature, asshole, punk troll and maybe you’ll actually find yourself some real self worth?! Ok Champ?!

          • == Answer: $5 dollars less than you had before. REAL ANSWER: Yeah that I’ll make back and already have made back, in far less than in a day! ==

            Wow! I’m impressed that you can make $5 in “far less than a day”

            Wait…the minimum wage is $15 an hour, so if “far less than a day” means it took you more than 20 minutes, you need to get a better paying job.


          Are you a Mormon or a member of the Taliban?


            “Are you a Mormon or a member of the Taliban?“

            I’m neither! I’m not wasting money on something that let’s you smell the food but not touch the silverware! It’s stupid! Same reason I wouldn’t pay money for a strip club! We should just legalize prostitution again! You can have essentially pay money to be sexually teased but God-forbid you get to go anywhere with it! You pay people for sex but you pay people to watch them fuck for you and post naked pictures to turn you on?! That’s absolutely ridiculous! I’d rather have the real thing for free! It’s much better to actually get yourself out there and find people who will actually give it to you! And if you’re going to spend that amount of money, then at least use it on sex finder account! That way at least you’re going to get something more out of it than a tease!

          • Anon 2:40pm-

            Hey, Gramps, I’m glad you got your priorities right!

            —And if you’re going to spend that amount of money

            How do you know, how much chat-room smut costs? 😉 Not too smart!


            BTW: I realize you are reverse trolling me. You went full ToolBag, it’s a dead giveaway, which, in turn, makes you a total-tool-bag because only a tool-bag pretends to be a tool bag.

            LMAO @ you!

      • “Scott Johnson –

        You need to calm down!”

        Dude whoever the fuck this “Scott Johnson” is, fuck him!

        “YOU need to calm down” with all of this,

        “Scott Johnson – [after you have made sure to obnoxiously say “Scott Johnson” with a dash afterwards in every goddamn comment you make like the obnoxious worthless little piece of that you are, insert some obnoxious phrase to ensure maximum irritating imbecility that makes people want to jump through their computer monitors and punch you in the face here]:_________________________”, shit!

        Fuck you and “Scott Johnson” with your dumb ass fucking mentally retarded, autism inspired jackass catch phrases! Why don’t you both come see me in person and see if you and Mr. piece of shit, “Scott Johnson” have anything else obnoxiously stupid to say on this site when I stick my foot up both of your asses and snap off your goddamn trolling fingers! FUCK YOU! YOU OBNOXIOUS LITTLE PRICK!


          • “Frank,

            You’re speaking to Andrew Cuomo!”

            Omfg! Frank, do these idiots ever stop?! Hey Dumbo! I hate Andrew Cuomo! I hope he’s arrested for all of his corruption! How dare you call me Andrew Cuomo you little piece of fucking shit!

            Good God! Sometimes I wish I could just jump through my computer screen and bitch slap these idiotic commenters on here into a coma! Not all of them are bad, but some of them, like this one and others, are just fucking parasites who need to get their asses kicked so that they can learn some manners! I hope these little pussies keep hiding behind their keyboards and run their mouths off to the wrong person one day and that individual hunts them down like dogs for fucking randomly deciding to fuck with him and sticks his foot up their asses while cry like little bitches and he breaks their fingers off permanently so that they never can troll anybody else again! And good riddance to them! The world would be much more rational and peaceful place if parasites like these idiots didn’t exist to infect and pollute our internet with their disease!

          • “Feeling a little melodramatic or glib today?”

            “Feeling a little” obnoxious or parasitical today?!

          • “Parasitical?”


            I’m truly impressed you know how to use a thesaurus!

            Do you find much utility (use) for a thesaurus in your life or do you use it to impress strangers on the internet?

  • There will be sentencing for one Nxivm thorough advocate, group leader and “executive,” a longstanding head honcho for Keith Raniere, in just a month. It is what appears to be one of the eeriest, yet Nxivm-esteemed, power-mongering oddball mothers of all oddball mothers, Nancy Salzman.

    Nancy was recognized as second in authority only to Keith Raniere at Nxivm for many years, with more than twenty years at Raniere’s side under her belt. She had a quite exclusive gold sash, high on Raniere’s “sash status ladder” of gimcracks for Nxivm acolytes.

    Two of Nancy Salzman’s own children, her only children, daughters Lauren and Michelle, followed Nancy into the lifestyle created by her and by Keith Raniere.

    About Nancy, Raniere had said that he appreciated Nancy’s abilities at hypnotism and also neuro-linguistic programming, as well as how Salzman could quickly engage a group of people when she gave a talk or a course for his and her emergent group’s benefit.

    Subsequently, after twenty years of involvement and when the Nxivm gates began crashing down into multiple arrests, Nancy’s older daughter, Lauren, pled guilty to two federal charges, was a star witness at Raniere’s trial, and recently received five years of supervised probation. She received, to the surprise of a great many observers (me included), no time in federal prison, thanks to Judge Garaufis, who cited her cooperation with prosecutors and her rehabilitative efforts as noteworthy factors in formulating his decisions about Lauren’s sentencing.

    Lauren Salzman has said that she will never re-offend. People can take that or leave it. I prefer to take her at her word and to trust her to do her best, personally.

    Her father indicated in a letter to the judge on her behalf, that Lauren has moved into a place of her own, i.e. she is no longer quite so under her mother’s thumb, although Lauren does seem to maintain a familial relationship with Nancy Salzman, who has some ongoing health difficulties. Nevertheless, living on her own does sound like a good and perhaps a hopeful step for Lauren.

    More than one commenter, here at the Frank Report, has written similar and sometimes detailed commentary over the years, regarding all kinds of things about Nxivm leader, Nancy Salzman, who was reputedly second-in-command to Keith Raniere. Nancy is the one who got Nxivm incorporated in Delaware and served as Nxivm’s president, too.

    Nancy Salzman, whilst sitting around being charged, alongside her ankle monitor, which often needs to be plugged into a wall socket, turned 67 in mid-July. She was found to be sitting on approximately $500,000 in Nxivm cash, stashed in her house and taken by law enforcement during a search of her premises.

    From an article at (Doprah, haha, pardon me!)
    Oprah Daily, 10/27/20, writer Elena Nicolaou describes Nancy Salzman, as her characterization was depicted in HBO’s Nxivm odyssey, The Vow.

    “Salzman, who figures heavily in The Vow’s first episode and ‘appears’ via a phone conversation in the season finale, was previously not as high-profile as NXIVM’s enigmatic figurehead, Keith Raniere, and Smallville actress Mack. However, as The Vow shows, Salzman was extremely influential in recruiting new members to NXIVM through the Executive Success Program (ESP), the group’s on-ramp to indoctrination.

    “According to the New York Times, Salzman, a former nurse and trained hypnotist, helped shape the ‘behavioral programs that formed the basis of Nxivm. Over 16,000 people took the courses that she had developed.”

    Salzman has pled guilty to just one federal charge, Nxivm-related, for a racketeering crime. Perhaps Salzman is fortunate already, chipping some additional charges away by bargaining with EDNY federal prosecutors.

    Nancy Salzman is facing sentencing, slated for the first of September, of (possibly) between 33 and 41 months in a federal prison.

    It might be a relief to be drawing near to the final two Nxivm sentencings for Nancy Salzman and Kathy Russell, who wasn’t as prominent within the organization but more of a go-fer who helped out with occasional threesomes with Raniere and some hapless third party.

    Now is the time to come to the aid of Nancy Salzman’s imprisonment, if you like. Culling the Frank Report is a fine way to remind everybody what Nancy Salzman has stood for all of these years, since she met Raniere while shopping at a health food store.

    Maybe some people will decide to revisit stories featuring Nancy Salzman in action. For she seems indeed fortunate, having entered a guilty plea for only one federal charge. There’s more that Nancy Salzman could come clean about, prior to her sentencing, but will she?

    Evidently, she does not care for Raniere anymore, her former kissy-face boy-toy and her sanctified figurehead, partner in crime. I would like to discuss this more. However, some people around here would like their supper.

    There could be a lot more to say about Nancy, though. And this is my favorite spot, right here, to let it roll.

    • Here’s an older Daily Mail headline from Sept 24, 2019 which I find as amusing as a good, old-fashioned, yet classic, Rod Serling sort of episode, as in straight from his renowned Twilight Zone tv series.

      Divine indigestion: Nxivm founders Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman came together after she visited his wholesale supplement club seeking a remedy for her constant constipation.

      Gee, I’m dying here over this constipation of Nancy’s. Thank you, Toni Natalie, so much for sharing this tail of slick and sludgy woe about Nxivm’s naissance, a messy and stinky story from its very “emergence.”

      Nancy came in late 1997 or in 1998, evidently to consult with Toni Natalie for help with her intestinal clogginess, and Toni was already a by-then dissatisfied girlfriend of Raniere’s, and with Toni’s oh-so-healthy help, quite soon, Nancy got together with Keith Raniere.

      Eventually but not very eventually at all, Keith and Nancy became attached, to the point where Salzman referred to Raniere as “her” wet kisses. For many years this came out of Nancy’s mouth, and often she and Keith met for breakfast, even if Raniere was quite busy enlightening others via jis spermatazoa elsewhere over the long nights.

      So one could say that this tale went from one initial orifice called Nancy’s anal canal, to several, and in fact, to so many other orifices. And then it became a gigantic and inhumane bowel movement, lasting for nearly a generation, fabricating Nxivm and its many offshoots.

      Already shortly after meeting her, Toni was consulting Nancy about her problems with Raniere as her supposedly significant other, as Toni and Nancy began to draw closer. When Toni broke it off with Raniere, both Nancy and Keith began to behave towards her like aggressive enemies, according to Toni. And Toni Natalie has been able to show proof of their vengefulness towards her, despite Natalie’s own credibility snafus about certain other matters, over the years.

      Nxivm was launched by Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman, together in 1998 and until the bitter end, though perhaps it is only curtailed and not completely over, even today.

      These same exclusionary tactics and vengeful traits, actions, those used against their pal, Toni Natalie, show up throughout the history of Nxivm/DOS activities and in stories of Raniere’s and Salzman’s sanctioned behavior, towards many group members and/or other opponents, who tried to leave or who had otherwise offended Raniere and/or Nancy Salzman.

      So CONSTIPATION was the first shot misfired, which began this rather popular and now notorious and phony human growth training, so far resulting in six arrests, pleas and more than a century in prison being handed to Keith Raniere, Nancy Salzman’s partner in crime.

      Let us not forget Raniere’s 5 year probationary stint, should he survive to be around 180 years old. Claviger often reminds readers here of this humorously, about the 5 years probation awaiting Keith Raniere.

      Thanks, Clav, as it is still awfully funny.

      Interestingly, Nancy Salzman was introduced to Toni by Sandy Padilla, who was and is married to Nancy’s second husband, (by then) who is the father of both of Nancy’s daughters, Lauren and Michelle. As we know, both young ladies have spent years submerged in their mother’s and Raniere’s con games, although only Lauren was arrested, alongside her mother. Michelle ended up married to another Nxivm member. Member. Sorry, butt, but hahaha! What can one say?

      “If Nancy were more regular in her bowel movements, Nxivm might have never happened,” Toni Natalie wrote in her book, The Program: Inside the Mind of Keith Raniere and the Rise and Fall of Nxivm. “Put another way: Vanguard was born because Prefect was, quite literally, full of s***.” (Informed readers know that Prefect was a title for Nancy, and Vanguard meant that appalling, nasty goose and moose, Raniere.)

      Toni also noted that her “cocktail of vitamins and supplements she prescribed to Salzman worked out in the END (my bold, irresistibly) for the future cult founder.”

      Does anybody else look at Nancy Salzman as Raniere’s equal, as a fundamental and a founding partner in crime with him, as I see it, when examining all of the crappy, crappy details? Not that I will object if I’m flying solo about Nancy Salzman being an originator and a sustainer of the whole stinking MOVEMENT.

      Oh well. Order in the court. Soon enough, Nancy Salzman. The END is near, once again. And I’m not anywhere near done discussing her movements, through the years. There is so much more, and ah well, it’s more than ready, ready to fire.

  • New Flash

    Nicki Clyne is in Hollywood

    Nicki Clyne
    Walking through Hollywood for the first time in a long time. It’s… um… different.

    News Flash

    Go to Youtube to search for “California tent cities”
    Here is a sample video

    Here’s a look at how bad the homeless problem in Los Angeles has become

    • Yes, Nicki, the homeless problem is bad. Instead of wasting your life in NXIVM’s self centered virtual reality “to help people and do good”, you could actually have helped people in the real world.

      • I see all of the people crying over Allison Mack but she is the author of her own misfortune.

        I am far more concerned about the many unfortunate people in California,
        The people suffering from crime and drug abuse.
        The shortages of fresh water and energy plaguing the state.
        The tidal wave of Californians fleeing the once Golden State.
        It is difficult to shed a tear for Allison Mack.

    • Shadow, I love you, BUTT but, Nicki’s pal comments that “it’s hard sometimes.” And this cannot be ignored. It’d be such waste with no waist. Nothing at all, except maybe some incipiently creeping osteoporosis, such as it appears to be.

      Beware of acquiring a wattle-neck, or is it too late for that? As the Spine Bends, and so unnecessarily. Aging causes one to become outwardly what one is, inwardly. A losing game? It doesn’t have to deteriorate so swiftly, but Nancy has been so busy being a cheap trick and a queen of mean. With a mere $45,000 per year budget for wardrobe expenditures.

      Woo-hoo, Mother Nature! Or could it be almost time to hail an Uber or an escort of federal guardians with guns and masks, on the way to prison?

      By the way, have we not heard enough already, so far as Keith Raniere’s frequently limp member(s)? Blue light specials and abortions and std situations?

      Here I’m striving to keep my one 2021 resolution to take nothing seriously.

      Now that is one thing that could be called rather “hard” to keep up, but what do I know about that, really? Merely reports.

      Oh dear, the irony. To think that September first is still just another summer’s day for most of us.

      At least Nancy Salzman probably still has cash stashes someplace for any future commissary visits, maybe?

      Poor Kathy Russell seems to have quietly disconnected from her shovel and has been residing somewhere down South, clean out of threesomes, but maybe she has some kissing cousins.

  • Who is behind this Facebook page?
    Is it Allison Mack or someone else?
    A while back, Mack made a deal to sell autographed photos of herself to fans through Team Ayee!
    Presumably, Ms. Mack has financial issues.

    In going through social media, I found this Facebook page

    Page Transparency
    See All
    Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content.

    Page created – August 26, 2013

    (2013 is well before the NXIVM scandal broke.)

    The last post was May 19, 2021.
    Allison Mack

    Two days later on May 21, Allison Mack’s sentencing date was set.

    Sentencing Date for Allison Mack —Set for June 30th! — May Run on to July 1st…
    May 21, 2021

    On May 16, 2021, this picture was posted on the Allison Mack FB page.
    It seems highly appropriate to Allison Mack’s situation.

    It shows a strip mall with three storefronts.
    One sign says “bankruptcy”.
    The second sign says “divorce”.
    The third sign says “LIQUOR” in large bold letters.
    Below the caption reads “Location, Location, Location.”

    Allison Mack
    ttSpcrMioanysg s1u6ored ·
    The right Place 🍸

    There is a comment under Allison Mack’s name “The right Place” with a martini glass.

    Most of the Allison Mack FB page promotes iPhone cases with images of California or patterned Covid face masks/

  • How does a person suspend all judgment, all morality, and all human decency for a period of over ten years?

    When women. were screaming in pain as the hot metal was searing into their flesh how does Mack fail to hear the agony they went through?

    How did Mack fail to smell the stench of burning flesh?

    “Burning skin has a charcoallike smell, while setting hair on fire produces a sulfurous odor.”
    What’s the smell of burning human flesh?

    How would Allison Mack have felt about people collecting blackmail material about her?
    Would she have liked being coerced into sexual activity through blackmail?

    Would Allison Mack have liked other people collecting false information to use as blackmail material against her family members?

    No matter how one feels about religion and God, every person is a child of creation.
    Deep down we are all the same.
    How does Allison Mack live with herself knowing that she denied the basic humanity of over one hundred women?

    Why did it take an indictment for child sex trafficking to awaken Allison Mack from her stupor?

    Where in American society, other than pimping operations, do people engage in branding people and industrial-scale blackmail?

    How does America elevate such a clueless, ignorant, uncaring, sadistic monster as Allison Mack to celebrity status?

    Allison Mack wants to be a better person?
    Have the decency to disappear from the public eye.

    • What kind of person would do all this? Perhaps the same kind of person who fantasizes about and condones sexual violence in prison, the kind of person who thinks sexual assault should be permitted and encouraged, provided he approves of the victim and the perpetrator. Maybe the answers can be found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

    • “ How does a person suspend all judgment, all morality, and all human decency for a period of over ten years?”

      This is something I too would like to know.

      It’s unbelievable to me that Mack could have mistaken the crap she and Raniere were doing for ethics, or making a better world, or helping people, or empowering women.

      Branding women with her and her boyfriend’s initials is “empowering women”? Blackmailing them, lying, inventing cruel punishments, she mistook these acts for ethics, for feminism, for building a better world?

      She was “mislead” into thinking this was ethics? C’mon. Let’s get real. Nobody is that stupid.

      I want Mack to explain how she mistook branding a man’s initials into women’s bodies for female empowerment.

      I also want an explanation for her sudden enlightenment about Raniere and his teachings. Which happened barely a month before her trial date.

      Not when the branding story broke. Not when Raniere fled the country. Not when he was arrested. Not when she was arrested, nor for a full year after that. She was still defending Raniere, his teachings, and her own actions.

      For a full year. Defending branding women’s bodies with a man’s initials.

      So what changed her mind? Or, at least, made her CLAIM she has changed her mind? The obvious, indeed the only answer, is she pleaded guilty and denounced Raniere and his teachings because of the threat of PUNISHMENT.

      Specifically the threat of the long mandatory minimum sentence a sex trafficking conviction carries.

      So I ask, is handing this woman a light sentence wise?

      • I have all the same questions, Aristotle.

        Sadly, for all those who ever suspended their judgment enough to take classes, I think the truth exists in plain view via the nxivm mission statement.

        It speaks heartily about keeping a secret society, of success and controlling as much of the world’s wealth as possible. If there was no plan to victimize anybody, then why so important to propose that victims don’t exist? And why was tribute also so important and theft such an important matter, also?

        I’m kind of sorry/not sorry for saying anyone who thought this was a great mission statement might be of lower intelligence than the general population. I understand there was a recruitment mechanism in place by which people were sort of blindsided into accepting it but the fact of the matter is that it’s quite obviously a very questionable mission statement.

        Tbh, I think most who fell into this group enjoyed the allure of being part of a “powerful” and secret group. Kind of tired of hearing about how “They were all really good people”.

        Good people? Really good people? Selflessly help others. As a point of comparison, you may check against the mission statement of almost any non-profit organization in the entire world that is actually conducting meaningful work and moving the needle on true human potential.

        They will all sound quite similar and speak about dignity and respect. About human rights and needs. What you won’t find are a bunch of warnings about “Don’t steal or talk about our tech”, “Money and enrollment are required to participate”, “Remember to give tribute to those who taught you the tech” and “Victims don’t exist”.

        I honestly think every last one of these people who clapped hands was a bunch of assholes. Human, lovable and forgivable ones perhaps. But? This group was very, very bad news. No question about it. And it’s right there in the mission statement.

        • I enjoyed both Aristotle’s and my2cents’ entries. Excellent questions and analyses. To Clyne, I say: Raniere can’t be a victim of an ambitious DA, the legal system in general, hate or anything else. He says so himself in his mission statement: Victims don’t exist.

          • StevenJ? Thanks for the comment. I’m deeply concerned about why the Nicki Clyne group thought this was all totally cool. They have an opportunity to wake up but they aren’t taking it. They refuse to see and prefer to continue serving the master.

            They could be doing things differently but they don’t want to.

            I don’t understand why.

            It’s also not my problem.

      • A major point to keep in mind about Allison is that Raniere was cruelly toying with her and probably abused her the most. He could push her the furthest. Mark says Keith told him he was trying to break her as if we’re something he was proud of. This is the group where the sex trafficking took place. I think it had the worst plans for Allison out of everyone.

        I’m honestly really glad she gets to do some time and also not do very much time.

        It’s the perfect balance and maybe actually a really good opportunity for Allison. She deserves a time out. In a good way. And I pray that she will feel safe and brave and like no matter whatever kind of hell that monster tried to create for her. That she’ll feel better and happier and stronger now.

    • Your diatribes, as always, ignore what has already been reported a lot so you can adjust it to your narrative.

      Ask. If Danielle Roberts made the mark, why don’t you ask, how did she ignore the smell of burnt skin?

      He asks, if the 8 top-of-the-line masters received the mark before the other women and took it voluntarily, they might consider that marking the other recruits would be traumatic for them, especially if the ceremony had members serving as assistants.

      He asks if Allison and the other front-line masters gave guarantees directly to Keith, wouldn’t they have normalized the behavior.
      question. If there were 8 first-line masters and each one of them took care of her own slaves and if each of these 8 masters obeyed only Keith, why do you attribute the control of 100 women to Allison?

  • The word that springs to mind reading this bit of rhetoric is “trimmer”.

    “Trimmer” is a word not much used anymore. It refers to a person whose declared beliefs change with the wind. It’s a reference to trimming sails, what sailors do to stay on their course as wind direction changes.

    As a metaphor, it means a person clever enough to adjust to changing directions while keeping onward in the direction they damn well wanted in the first place.

    They seem sincere but they’re conniving.

    Mack’s a trimmer. When she was with Raniere (for a decade!), she did what she needed to do to stay in the good graces of the man who held the power: her Vanguard.

    After Raniere’s downfall, look at the lengths she goes to get in the good graces of the man who currently holds the whip: Judge Garaufis.

    All along, and despite her seeming 180 shift in direction, Mack is saying whatever needs saying to keep the cause of Allison Mack on course.

    She’s a trimmer.

    She’ll get along just fine in her brief tenure at Club Fed. Serving one-fifth of her guidelines sentence, incarcerated conveniently close to home. Oh, I’m so very sorry your honor (pause to weep).

    Tabby Chapman in her statement to the court described how masterfully manipulative Mack is. And she knew Mack before she got involved with Raniere.

    Mack should’ve gotten 18 years in prison. She’s the same manipulative, blindly ambitious unguided missile she was when she joined forces with Raniere.

    To anybody who believes she’s reformed, I’ve got this bridge in Brooklyn for sale…

    • I have followed the Frank Report for a long time, although I have never commented. I have to say, of all the various opinions over time, and we all have them, Aristotle Sausage’s comments always seem on point, sensical, funny, even-minded, and sane.

    • To Aristotle’s Sausage

      Allison Mack’s attorneys earned their pay when they wrote this piece of drivel.
      All Allison Mack cared about was the Bronfmans’ fortune and Raniere’s penis.

    • It would be great if this appointment signaled that a change was coming to the heretofore compromised FBI Field Office in Albany, NY. Let’s check back on December 31st – and see if Ms. DiGuiseppi’s appointment has led to any new charges being brought against Keith Raniere and his co-defendants – or, better yet, some new charges being brought against some of the other participants in the NXIVM/ESP crime syndicate. Unfortunately, I think it’s just going to be more of the same-old, same-old nothing-burger.

      • Hey Clavinger,

        You never replied back to me for the discussion that we were having about the court cameras for the NXVIM case being released. You said during that time that you would be responding “later on today” and now it’s been DAYS and you never did! Are you going to cover that topic or not?!………

        • Sorry… I’ve been on the road for the last week or so but will be getting back home tomorrow. Will catch up on this topic sometime within the next week.

          • Well, you shouldn’t have said, “later on today”, if you didn’t mean it, boy! As our Great, dark, nerdy, and malignant narcissistic lord, the Vanguard, Keith Raniere said, “Your word is your bond”. Looks like somebody needs to learn to “‘collateralize’ your word!” 😜

          • I clearly need to read all of Keith’s marvelous modules. I wonder when they’ll be coming on the market…

          • “I clearly need to read all of Keith’s marvelous modules. I wonder when they’ll be coming on the market…”

            Whenever Frank Parlato decides to release them.

            Also please tell Frank that on a lot of the comments the “REPLY” button is simply nonexistent. It’s very weird. He really needs to fix that.

          • My understanding is that the federal government has taken control of all the NXIVM/ESP modules that were ever produced – as well as a whole host of other corporate assets. The question is whether all those items will be put up for bid. I’m certain that all the real estate will be sold off. But what about the modules – and, of course, the sashes!

          • “My understanding is that the federal government has taken control of all the NXIVM/ESP modules that were ever produced – as well as a whole host of other corporate assets. The question is whether all those items will be put up for bid. I’m certain that all the real estate will be sold off. But what about the modules – and, of course, the sashes!”

            Sorry, I had to post this up here because Frank refuses to fix the vanishing “REPLY” button on many comments, or to even give a reply about it when he’s confronted about it for that matter!

            There are people who have them, dude NOT JUST the Feds! We’ve seen clips of them on all of the docuseries and Mark Vicente DEFINITELY has some and probably Sarah Edmondson does too!

            Frank has said before that HE DOES HAVE SOME and he also has FULL V WEEK VIDEOS that he refuses to post! He needs to NUT UP and just post them and stop being afraid that “somebody might steal them”! Who cares! We, the people, have a RIGHT to see them! He’s not honoring his job as the press FOR THE PUBLIC the longer he keeps stalling on this!

            Frank claims that NXIVM is “an American story” on Vice after he plays our national anthem on the piano for the interviewer, but when he pulls stunts like this, all it says about him is that he doesn’t really mean that and he was just putting on a false persona for clicks! It seems like what he really means to say underhandedly is that,


            That would be fairer for him to say because that’s really his attitude about all of this that he’s demonstrated over and over!

            Hopefully, one day, Frank will realize the errors of his ways and finally practice what he preaches and not follow in the footsteps of our corrupt MSM where people only get parts and pieces of the story, but never THE WHOLE STORY!

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