Lauren Salzman’s Letter to Judge: ‘I Really Love Everyone I Hurt and I Have to Live With This Horrible Truth Every Single Day’

Lauren Salzman

Our last presentencing submission on Lauren Salzman is her own letter to the judge.  She will be sentenced today at 11:30 AM. in Courtroom 4D, 225 Cadman Plaza E.

Here is her letter:

Dear Judge Garaufis

I would like to start by saying I am so deeply sorry for my actions and how I have affected so many people. I do not have enough tears for how deeply sad, ashamed and regretful I feel about my time with Keith Raniere and my participation in his wrongful initiatives. I realize I can’t even begin to imagine the pain, feelings of betrayal, feelings of violation and lasting emotional trauma that the victims have experienced. The pain is palpable.

Please know, that throughout the course of my time in NXIVM, my love for the people in my life was always real and true. I genuinely did want to help others, and I believed that was what I was doing. I never imagined my good intentions could have been so corrupted or that I would end up in this situation.

I would like to share some things to help explain how I came to be here. My intent is not to explain away my conduct I realize the gravity of my actions and how I came to stand in your courtroom.

I stand by my guilty plea and my testimony at trial.

My intent is to apologize, take responsibility for my participation, and maybe help others experience some peace of mind, if not resolution from this horrific situation.

I met Keith Raniere (“Keith”) through my mother in the winter of 1997. I was 21 years old, not yet out of college. Looking back, I was a naïve person, sheltered, and financially and emotionally dependent on my family.


I came home many weekends from college to be with her.

Within a few short months, Keith was able to hook my mom into romantic, emotional and career commitments that he held over her head for the next 20 years. Although, at the time, she seemed more positive in general, and she attributed this to Keith, it was strange, even then, to watch her lose herself so quickly in someone else’s world.

Where before she enjoyed reading books, attending workshops, spending time with friends, going to concerts, watching movies, cooking, suddenly, all her free time was spent with Keith.

Keith and his devotees had replaced all of the other friends in her life. My mom started to believe she could help people on a much larger scale than she had ever imagined, but only through her work with Keith. He was offering her “an opportunity of a lifetime.”

Vanguard and Prefect  – Keith Raniere and Nancy Salzman 2009

They started their partnership company, Executive Success Programs (ESP), later known as NXIVM, in the summer of 1998. I was graduating from college and feeling completely unprepared to enter the workforce. I had never held a long-term job. I had never been financially independent of my family. So, when my mother offered me a job and told me if I took six months of ESP classes, she would support me, I felt so relieved that I still had a family to rely upon. This sense of family soon included Keith.

Initially, I took ESP classes twice a week. My mom would stand in front of the room and share the history of her successful therapeutic career, noting how she gave it all up to work with Keith because he was that amazing. We were told that he had a 240 IQ and was this expert in ethics and an incredible humanitarian. It seemed like he saved her life. So, it was not long before I embraced the idea that Keith was amazing and could also serve as a mentor to me.

Keith Raniere teaches an ESP class in 1998.

In the beginning, their classes and the concepts made sense to me. Keith quickly promoted me to a Coach position and within a short time, I was teaching the classes myself. I believed I was helping people achieve their goals and I felt really good about it. Within the first year, ESP grew from a local goal-setting program to an international human potential sensation. I went from an entry-level position in the company to a high-level executive in about 24 months.

I was 23 years old, and I really thought I was helping change the world.

At this point, it is noteworthy to mention that I eventually learned, almost immediately upon starting a business with her, Keith discarded my mother as a romantic partner, but not before gaining her vow that if she left their business partnership, she would never work in their field again.

Discarded by Keith, my mother had a brief relationship with another man. However, Keith and his inner circle, berated her about this. I was witness when Keith’s inner circle said she had an “Ethical Breach” against Keith, and she had to fix her conduct. Some of those people were incredibly mean to her over many years because of this. Although I did not know the specifics of the situation until many years later, right from the beginning, it was clear to me that having any “Ethical Breach” with Keith would create an untenable and shunning situation.

Keith Raniere with three of his inner circle: Karen Unterreiner, Pam Cafritz and Barbara Jeske. {Cafrtiz and Jeske died.]

Although my mom was installed as the figurehead of Keith’s centers, Keith made sure she always felt that she was failing in her leadership role. He spoke openly about her so called “failures” to people within his circle and instructed those people to consistently follow-up with her to ensure she wasn’t forgetting these failures and was prioritizing fixing them.

Later, he gave her more responsibilities but removed ever-increasing degrees of access and authority. My mom was not alone. Keith did this to anyone with whom he was displeased. In fact, he created a “cancel culture” where members of his inner circle policed each other, as well as the community, in an effort to stay in his good graces and earn back favor lost through some perceived failure.

We also came to see our policing as actually helping each other avoid potential failures and not fall out of favor with Keith. It was viewed as helping each other learn to uphold “ethics” and resolve `breaches” to our ethics. I now realize that this was nothing more than Keith’s efforts to manipulate and control others through his own actions and those of the inner circle.

Keith holds a forum where he teaches his NXIVM followers including Nancy Salzman [l] Barbara Jeske [next to Nancy] and Clare Bronfman [red shirt]
Early on in his leadership position, Keith started “educating” that humans struggle with various “issues” that thwart us in actualizing our full potential: we are run by fear, we blame, our dependencies on one another are self-limiting, and a running list of additional things that he compiled over time. He started pointing out “relationship issues” and mused about a concept called “relationship certification.”

The idea was that people should go through a process of education on how to be in healthy adult relationships, and likely shouldn’t be in any romantic relationships until they have completed such an education. It became really taboo in the early days of ESP to date anyone or to be in any romantic relationships.

Within the first year of ESP, I dated a few people and was hazed mercilessly by Keith and his devotees. I was not “relationship certified.” So, never having had a long-term romantic relationship, I stopped dating all together. I didn’t date anyone for almost 2 years for fear of ridicule. In retrospect, it’s not surprising that I was open to having a relationship with Keith when he approached me in my third year in the organization. Also, not surprising, a relationship with Keith was the only relationship anyone was permitted to have. Since it was Keith, it must be “progressive for growth” and no one criticized me. I believed I was making good choices. He told me I was his wife now.

Within the first 6 months of my relationship with Keith, I knew this was not what I wanted. However, as I previously witnessed with my mother, I didn’t know how to leave without having an ethical breach with Keith, who was the head of our business and entire community. I also did not want to disappoint my mother and cause any potential harm to her business endeavors with a person whom at this time she revered.

Keith promised that if I were to prioritize him, my personal growth, and our community, I might qualify to “earn” things I wanted for myself. Early on, I expressed to him that I wanted children, and he agreed that we would have children together someday. Conversely, he also threatened me: if I questioned him or interfered at all with his initiatives he would walk away and never speak to me again. This subtle abuse and manipulation by Keith started early and continued throughout my time in NXIVM and DOS.

The “Inner Circle” of NXIVM/ESP – included both Lauren and her mother Nancy. Raniere had romantic relationships with most of the women.

I can now see Keith’s pattern of starting relationships with vulnerable women, and, by positioning himself as an authority, disguising the relationships as a type of “mentorship” intended to foster “growth.” Over time, I have witnessed him gain control in countless others’ lives and exploit them for his own ends. And, as a result of our own deficiencies, we became willing, albeit sometimes in the beginning unaware, coconspirators. Unfortunately, it took me too long to see his conduct for what it truly was.

As my time within NXIVM progressed, I focused mostly on my work and on building my career. I traveled a lot. I didn’t see Keith that often. I was lonely, but I was told that I could transcend that to become self-reliant if I worked hard enough.

If I had any reaction to anything concerning Keith, him not seeing me, him having sexual relationships with others including my friends, him reneging on his commitments to me, him promoting people without merit, anything resembling a failure on his part, a devotee would show up at my house to point out how badly I was behaving. I was told that I had issues – any emotional reaction was deemed an issue – and that was the reason Keith couldn’t be around me. I was affecting his health by putting undue burden on him. I was a bad example, not how a leader should behave. If I wanted to continue to hold any leadership positions in his organizations, I needed to get in line.

Nancy Salzman with Mark Vicente, Alex Betancourt, Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas. The sashes indicate their respective ranks within NXJVM.

I believed my work in ESP/NXIVM was good. I loved the curriculum and the idea  that I was helping others. I can see how I imbued Keith with the tenants of the “humanitarian” model he had purported to live by. I projected that he was wise, noble, principled, and that his only goal was to help humanity become better. I was told, and also came to believe, that any doubt I had in my mind concerning Keith was due to my own shortcomings. I also imposed this perception on others. I allowed Keith to exploit my good intentions and use me as a tool for his own ends. I was a good tool because I wanted so desperately to prove I was a good person and, at the time, I believed my worth was only measured when Keith acknowledged it because he was the Gold Standard in our community and in my life. I was so very wrong.

Sadly, it took me two decades and also two indictments to be able to see Keith Raniere for who he truly is, and understand the totality of what I participated in. I don’t know how to communicate to you what happened inside me when I realized I had made such a big mistake. My whole world collapsed.

From January 2017 until my decision to plead guilty in March of 2019, I was confronted with many facts about Keith and his conduct, ultimately all our conduct, especially concerning DOS, but other things as well.

Initially, I was still viewing the allegation under the NXIVM/DOS filters. I was not able to piece everything together until later in the criminal case, when I read the government’s Enterprise Letter and the whole picture was laid out for me. My delay in understanding was due in large part to the time it took to review and process the actual evidence that substantiated my concerns and the fact that Keith did a lot to keep this information from everyone.

I would be remiss though, if I didn’t also acknowledge my extreme cognitive dissonance concerning Keith. I could not come to grips with what it would actually mean that I traded almost everything I valued in my life to support someone that lives in such stark contrast to what is actually good and right in the world.

In the months following my arrest in July 2018, I sat alone in my house reviewing the discovery materials for my case. In reading the hundreds of letters Daniela wrote to Keith and the thousands of communications between Keith and Camila, I soon started to dramatically shift my perspective on everything. It was like seeing one of those magic eye hidden pictures. It’s hard to see at first, but once you finally see it, it’s so obvious and you can never not see it again. Except in this case, seeing it meant seeing the things in my life that I am the saddest about and most ashamed of.

Lauren Salzman on stage with Emiliano Salinas.
Lauren Salzman.

The manipulation and years of abuse that I participated in and was complicit in became very clear. This almost destroyed me, but also, it gave me a clear path and a direction. It is the main reason I pled guilty and testified in this case.

I see my errors in clear focus, so many…  but I couldn’t for so long. It terrifies me now to think would what have happened if it were to have continued and how many more victims would have been affected.

I’m not sure if I’ll ever truly understand the totality of what occurred. What we all did to ourselves and to each other. I’m not sure if I can ever really understand the impact of my failures and misperceptions or how much I hurt people. It’s really hard to come to grips with the fact that I believed so much in the goodness of what I was doing, and I really cared about everyone. I really love everyone I hurt. And I have to live with this horrible truth every single day.

I think about Camila especially. I think back to what she was like when I first met her. She was so smart and so enthusiastic about learning. She was so hopeful for the future, and she had her whole life ahead of her. I have spent endless hours revisiting memories, replaying conversations in my mind, reviewing facts in an effort to understand how Keith systematically permeated her family and irreparably fragmented it at the very core. I think back to Daniela’s confinement and the trauma I participated in. I am terribly sorry for what I did and will regret my actions against Daniela for the rest of my life.

I think of my friends who I enrolled in DOS. The friendships we shared and the trust they placed in me. The lies and misrepresentations I made believing I was upholding principles. The constant stress I put them under and the fear I instilled believing I was helping them become stronger. The permanent scars on their bodies, a constant reminder of pain and trauma that I inflicted upon them, and my ultimate betrayal of their trust. I am both saddened and sickened by what I did to the people I love.

I wish I could go back. I wish I could take my participation back. I wish I had been stronger and seen things sooner.

I have heard that people believe I accepted a cooperation agreement to lessen my sentence, but that’s not the truth. I knew before I sat down for my initial proffer interview with the government that I had no guarantees with respect to the outcome of my situation. I went into my proffer with no knowledge of whether I would be offered a cooperation agreement or not, and I was fully prepared to go to jail for my conduct. In the end, in choosing to cooperate, I was mentally prepared to accept any consequences so long as I had the opportunity to tell the truth about our conduct.

That’s how I could live with myself, by telling the truth about what  happened and trying to help resolve the case. I still believe with all my heart that I made the right decision.

Lauren Salzman heads to court
Lauren Salzman

I am still trying to fix what I feel has been broken within me through my relationship with Keith and others within his circle, and through my own actions and conduct.

He groomed us and taught us to hurt ourselves and each other under the guise that we were doing some good in the world. It took time to start see my way outside that web, and it’s been incredibly difficult at times to untangle everything.

It has been the hardest to make sense of and understand my actions and conduct within DOS. I had come to normalize tremendously self-destructive practices and an abusive social culture believing it was principled and character building. So, when I enforced this on others, it came from a very convoluted perception of the world, yet I felt completely congruent in my belief I was helping them.

I look back in horror at how I could have believed such things were acceptable, much less progressive, but I couldn’t see some of these things until even after Keith’s trial when I began counseling and actively working to push beyond the incredibly fortified indoctrination I had endured the last 20 years of my life.

What is clear to me is the person I want to be, and although misguided, who I have always tried to be, a good person who seeks to better themselves and contribute in a positive way to the wellbeing of others. I hope others can see how sorry I am and how all the efforts I have made since my guilty plea have been in the interest of healing and trying to do good in the world.

I have spent my time in home detention in deep contemplation and self-reflection.


I have sought to educate myself to work in the field of animal care with a specialized focus in treating skin and coat disorders. This has been both therapeutic for me and helped add quality to the lives of others. I have sought out classes with experts in the field of animal behavior and welfare and worked for very little or even no income at times to increase my skill sets. I have found trusted mentors with established records in this area of expertise and have taken on difficult cases working with dogs suffering from alopecia, bacterial and fungal infections and congenital skin disorders. I have built consistent and positive relationships with those around me and have started my own business to better serve my community in this area.

Although much of my family has been facing major health issues, we have been working to rebuild our relationships and support each other during this time. My parents and grandparents have helped me emotionally and financially over the past few years. With their support, I have grown my business to service 30 of my own animal clients and am on track to become more self-sufficient in the next 12 months.  I am, for the first time in my adult life, completely separate from Keith and NXIVM, and I have taken the reigns in my life back to form a career, separate from my mother.

Keith Raniere with Lauren and others played volleyball and everyone loved him.

For two decades, I allowed Keith to govern almost every area of my life. This stunted my ability to think for myself, to be my own person and to ever view myself as independent of Keith or NXIVM.

I looked to Keith for guidance, I overrode my own value system and went against my better judgment believing I couldn’t trust my decision-making ability. I now see that Keith not only took advantage of this blind trust, but he required it, which is something much more calculated and sinister. This was a toxic relationship, and I am confident that had I had a sense of self, I would have removed myself from the horrible acts that led to my Indictment.

I know that I am not the first or the last person to be vulnerable to manipulation. However, I hope my situation can serve as a cautionary tale to others, and that I can stand as an example through my guilty plea and my testimony to individuals who may find themselves in a similar situation. I hope I can also demonstrate that people can change. Through acceptance of responsibility and commitment to righting our wrongs, every day, we can change our lives, grow beyond our toxic dependencies, and break the cycles of abuse we have perpetuated. I hope to be able to use my experiences to help raise awareness and bring about positive change for those who struggle with this.

At 45 years old, I am finally in a stable and consistently positive and progressive situation. I feel proud of my choices and relieved to finally have a life that is my own, an experience I have never had prior to now. I feel grateful to the Court for the opportunity to spend my home confinement in this way. It has forever changed me, and most days, it is what keeps me from spiraling.

Lauren and Keith during a volleyball game

I have struggled with nightmares to the effect of Keith starting DOS up again, and I don’t know how I got back into that situation or how I’m going to get out In my dreams, I have conversations with my mom about deciding to resign from my position in NXIVM and I fight with my old friends trying to show them that there’s something bad going on and no one will listen to me. I wake up yelling or shaking. During the day, I have panic attacks. I have trouble being in public. I have difficulty going places alone.

My desire is to live a quiet, private life where I can focus on my work, continue to support my family through their health challenges, and most importantly be an advocate for others that are in similar situations so that all of this will not have happened in vein.

As you consider the appropriate sentence for me, I want you to know that I will not be a detriment to others. I will not reoffend. I am deeply sorry and regretful for how I have adversely impacted the lives of others, and I intend to make up for what I have done. I am healing in a balanced, responsible, and productive manner, and I embrace a life goal to help others who have suffered a similar fate do the same.


Lauren Salzman


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  • If Keith was talented at anything, it was by gaslighting people into gaslighting for his benefit.

    Lauren, I have followed this story for a number of years now, and I am excited for the beginning of the rest of your life. I am 100% certain that yesterday was a pivotal point in your life, and it turned out okay. Congratulations. I can’t wait to hear how well you are doing whenever you decide to let the world know.

  • I’m actually pretty impressed by this letter. To my ears, heart and mind, she sounds sincere, genuinely thoughtful and actually repentant.

    I’m also completely delighted and joyously surprised by her career decisions! Helping animals seems like a very humble choice and an excellent outlet for her caring disposition.

    The part about wanting to help others in similar situations is a bit concerning, though. She talks about having accomplished this by her testimony, which is awesome. But mentions this again towards the end of the letter as a goal without explaining what she means by that. The letter falls a bit flat for me there.

    What I hope she is saying is that she will relish every moment she’s given to selflessly serve other victims of abuse. What I hope this specifically means is that she’s washing sheets, holding fundraisers, serving food and other basic stuff like that for a local charity. If she wants to do that for people, I think it would be okay but given her conditioning, probably not the best idea.

    I’m not saying never give an interview or a ted talk or anything like that. I just think it seems like a much better and significantly more powerful idea for Lauren to continue working with animals.

    I mean? Can you imagine? It would honestly be the coolest thing ever if Lauren could just leave all the weird human psychology stuff completely behind her, understanding that she obviously wasn’t very good at it, after all. Didn’t work out well for her in the end. Not because she wasn’t good enough or anything like that. Just that? She abjectly failed at it as a matter of fact. Lauren seems to have the heart and the smarts to be wildly successful at anything. Maybe she could even do animal behavior someday? I don’t see any shame in crossing over to that. Actually seems kinda cool. She could even invent her own tech that’s completely hers! No license actually required for dog psychologists, so need for super formal education in her 40s. But it’s still a very honest and valuable profession. She could really help a lot of different lives this way.

    Just my opinion but if she really believes she was saved from a terrible fate, which it sounds like she does, I bet she could do amazing things within the context of animal rescue. And I bet she’ll meet some of the most amazing and caring people in the world there.

    I wish her well. I hope she may now use her gifts freely to bring all of the good things she so desired for the world.

    • Why would I care? I read it a minute after Ivy tweeted it out, and think everyone else should read it, too. That’s what the women did to each other. When one started getting pissed about needing to share Keith, the others would rush in and try to fix the situation. Crazy, sick, bizarre. When Lauren and Nancy saw how Keith refused to let Toni go, they should have learned what direction the Keith ship was taking them and ejected. Instead of speaking up against this behavior, they adopted it as the norm. No way in hell am I going to have their backs on this. I don’t get it.

  • Lauren has probably written Sarah and Daniela. And they have accepted her apology as sincere.

    That’s good enough for me. Not my life.

    The rest is up to the judge.

    I don’t see Nicki’s letter supporting Lauren? Or the rest of the DOS die-hards?

    Manson girls only care about their leader. Keith/vanguard

  • This letter has some eerie similarities to Raniere’s current self-justifying ramblings. And to the dead-enders arguments.

    She claims again and again how she is filled with love. Everything she did, even if “misguided”, was done out of love. Love, love, love. This is the other half of Raniere’s claim that the only reason he was convicted was out of hate. We shouldn’t hate, hate is not just. Hate, hate, hate.

    Lauren and Keith are on the same page.

    Lauren curiously uses the term “cancel culture” in a context where it doesn’t really belong. Cancel culture is something Nicky Clyne is constantly claiming she’s a victim of.

    Same page?

    Curiously also, Lauren characterizes Raniere’s crimes as “misdeeds”. Like maybe he, too doesn’t belong in prison?

    This letter to the judge could almost be seen as coming from one of the dead-enders. Mistakes were made, but my intentions were good.

    I have doubts about Lauren Salzman’s honesty. I suspect the only thing she’s sorry about is getting caught. Keep in mind that for years she lied smoothly and convincingly in this criminal enterprise. She’s had a lot of experience lying and she’s good at it.

  • Anyone else pick up on how Lauren makes a distinction between the pre-Salzman inner circle as being “mean” victimizers as opposed to the Nxivm/ESP Salzman version as idealized? It’s unsettling

  • Perhaps most everyone has been a victim in the Nxivm enterprise. So, I’m not sure what the judge does with this. How do you determine who has been more of a victim? Who has suffered more? Who should get more or less or no jail time?

    The judge is in an awkward position; he needs to decide on a sentence for Lauren who seems very contrite but he also needs to consider the other sentences he’s given and have this sentence be in balance with the other sentences. What would you do as the judge? Give her 14 to 27 months with time off for good behavior? 3 years probation afterward?

    • Federal judges have no discretion when it comes to “time off for good behavior”. Federal judges just impose sentences. After that, the BOP determines if an inmate loses or keeps the “good behavior time” that they automatically earn while incarcerated.


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    • Imagine paying $180 for this crap.

      Now it’s 20 year old crap.

      I remember this show. It was good for a few unintentional laughs. The awful acting, the teen angst. Tom Welling looked about 28 years old, playing high-school age Clark Kent. Huge guy too, playing a kid. Moping in the family barn because Lana Lang was always giving him the razoo.

      Most interesting thing about the show is two of the cast members served time for felony convictions. Sam Jones lll went to California State Pen for dealing drugs.

    • — Highlights include interviews with Tom Welling, Eric Durance, Michael Rosenbaum, Phil Morris, John Schneider and many more,–

      Didn’t mention any highlights of interviews with main female stars Kreuk or Mack…interesting.

  • “hey I am in recovery now, the group is run by Lauren Salzman.” This chick is just going to create a cult for cult victims which will have all of the same nxivm members now since they are all “recovering”. So to recap, she’s just going to recreate NXIVM as a new group that helps cult victims, all of whom will be former NXIVM members.

  • ESP Ethics Sainthood Piety the new cult to erase sanitize and purify the putrid stench of 20 years in NXIVM. Lauren’s Dog Grooming certificates are proof of her capabilities to guide one from the depths of wrongdoing and accidental mistakes and hurtful actions to others you really meant to love.

    Perhaps a few years in the slammer will give Lauren the proper training and experience on her curriculum vitae to prove her ability to repent and rehabilitate.

    It took Lauren two years and three months to take a plea. The judge should at least give her a sentence of 27 months with no time off for good behavior. Her mother Nancy is toxic and as culpable as Keith. Hanging with Mom was not a good choice of how to use Lauren’s free time. Lauren needs to cut the umbilical cord. As they often asked in ESP EMs, “Lauren, what is so juicy about being with Mom?”

    Michelle is perfectly capable of being Nancy’s caretaker while she awaits a long prison sentence.

    Honorable Judge Garafus, please don’t fall for this drivel — and send Lauren to prison and isolate her from society to prevent another MLM under the guise of helping, loving and healing others from the horrors of NXIVM.

    • Anon 7:32–

      Interestingly, Lauren states, “I am, for the first time in my adult life, completely separate from Keith and NXIVM, and I have taken the reigns in my life back to form a career, *separate from my mother.*

      Her “separation” is demonstrably untrue.

      For all of the victimhood expressed, I have no doubt that she still believes in the “tech”, that her worldview is tainted by it, and that Lauren would jump at the chance to re-work it once again under the guise of helping trauma survivors, which is frightening. Lauren’s letter does nothing to sway my belief.

  • Lauren would have never paused doing nxivm and dos until someone brought it down. Once probation is over she will do it all over again.

  • This is a powerful letter.

    I’m interested to know if Frank already read this letter before writing her new career was “victim”, and before outing her new business name and obviously causing her damages.

    I also understand something very strange from Nancy’s and Lauren’s last letters: Lauren knew her mom had been romantically involved with KR from early on, way before getting involved herself, but her mother claimed she always hid her past relationship with KR to her daughter even after her daughter was in bed with him? So Nancy didn’t know Lauren knew? Or didn’t they talk about it before sending their respective letters to the judge contradicting each other?

    • This family often contradicts themselves. They are opportunists and manipulators.

      Wait for nxivm 2.0 where you pay the salzmans how to recover from being in a cult. They will EM you in order to heal you from nxivm 1.0.

  • Effective letter, better than Mack’s. Later today should be interesting. If Mack is a guide, she might be looking at less time.

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