Bangkok: We Are Going to Need a Full Psych Team to Deprogram Suneel

Keith Raniere teaches us all to look up and become joy.

Frank Report has glad tidings to report: Bangkok has recovered from COVID 19 and has, thus, fulfilled his own prophecy that if he caught it, it would be for him nothing more than minor flu.

Now that he is fully recovered, “Mr. Know-All” has offered some thoughts on Suneel’s smackdown of him, which was contained in the post Suneel Smacks Back at Bangkok, Presses Allegations of FBI Tampering With Cami Child Porn Pics.

By Bangkok

Written Before Reading Suneel’s Post

Suneel, thank you for clarifying your position and smacking back at me. 🙂

Mission accomplished.

I haven’t yet read your post though, so these are just preliminary comments.

Suneel Chakravorty has been the subject of study for Bangkok.

Judging by Shivani’s uncharacteristically short reply, she may not be capable of refuting your arguments. Which means your post may be logical and sound. Hmmm. That’s interesting.

I’ve never seen anybody leave Shivani speechless. She’s among our very sharpest commenters. But, oh well. I guess you’ve done it. This might mean that your post cannot be refuted and is 100% logical and sound.

I will read your post in full later when I have time.

If I agree with your position, I may submit my application to join SOP. I may turn against Frank (and my Empress) and join your team of NXIVM holdouts if I think your position is 100% sound.

I look forward to being a disciple of NXIVM, if your post convinces me that you’re correct and nobody else can refute it.


Written After Reading Suneel’s Post

Suneel is trying very hard to defend his Vanguard. I gotta give him respect for that.

However, like others have said, his main argument is that he chooses to believe that the FBI Agents, as well as Camila, are all liars who are defrauding the court and committing perjury in order to frame an innocent man.

His main ‘proof’ is that he says they are liars (and felons too, since falsifying federal evidence is a felony).

…And if Empress Heidi came forth, from out of the shadows, to say that she witnessed Keith leaving her underage sister’s bedroom many years ago (she did witness that) —– then Suneel’s likely response would be that she is lying too.

I just realized something. Suneel is using Mr. Spock’s logic.

Very logical: Leonard Nimoy [r] played the role of Mr. Spock in Star Trek, with Keith Shatner as Captain William Alan Kirk.
Mr. Spock (and Arthur Conan Doyle) once said:

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”.

In Suneel’s case, he has established that it’s BEYOND THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY (totally impossible) that Keith could have broken the law and/or bedded a 15-year-old minor.

Therefore, the ONLY explanation remaining, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

In this case, the only explanation remaining is that the FBI and Camilla are in cahoots with each other. They are lying to convict an innocent man, as well as committing serious felonies in the process (according to Suneel’s logic).

Members of the Nxivm-5, Marc Elliot [upper left] Eduardo Asonsolo, [lower left], and Suneel Chakravorty [lower right] talk via zoom with Frank Parlato [upper right] in an effort to deprogram each other.
Frank says that he’s trying to deprogram Suneel. However, I can tell you right now, that’s an impossible task cuz Suneel’s critical thinking ability has fallen down a rabbit hole from which it can never recover.

For whatever reason, Suneel worships all things related to Keith.

To use a poker analogy… He’s pushed all his chips into the middle of the table. He’s ‘all in’ on Keith.

Keith Alan Raniere, a man who has not fared well in recent years, despite his profound intelligence and superb qualifications as an ethicist. He lives in Tucson AZ.

I can speculate that, after reading Suneel’s bio —— he’s probably not supporting himself with his teaching job (as he told Frank).

I could be wrong about that, but he says that he grew up competing in “competitive ballroom dancing”. That tells me he probably has ultra-rich parents.

At one time, as this photo clearly shows, Suneel was a tremendous ballroom dancer, highly praised for his rumba and often noted for his pulse-quickening cha-cha-cha.

It also tells me that his mom and dad probably controlled every aspect of his life while growing up (cuz no kid would choose such a wussy sport on their own, unless mommy and daddy forced him to participate).

This also tells me that he probably didn’t qualify for a scholarship to Harvard (parents were probably too rich) —- and his parents probably paid his tuition.

I could be wrong, but that’s my guess.

I’m also guessing that his rich family continues to give him money to this day, regardless of his alleged teaching job.

That would explain why he’s now trying to inject himself into the upper echelons of NXIVM’s remnants ——- since he’s trying to accomplish something on his own, away from the shadow of his wealthy parents.

The Nxivm 5, L-R Suneel Chakravorty, Nicki Clune, Eduardo Asunsolo, Michele Hatchette, and Marc Elliot preparing to meet the press to denounce the prosecution of Keith Raniere and charge that government evidence tampering occurred with the Camila child porn pictures.

Suneel also doesn’t know how to ride a bike (according to his bio) —– which tells me that he may be a social retard and might not have a lot of normal friends. I don’t know many kids who grew up ballroom dancing while not learning how to ride a bike.

Which could explain why he’s seeking the friendship of weird folks from NXIVM.

Anyway…. I think we may need to bring in the heavy artillery to help deprogram Suneel. I don’t think Frank can do it alone. But God Bless him for at least trying to deprogram Suneel. That’s a good deed.

We’re gonna need a full TEAM of psych experts to crack this nut. We’re gonna need industry leaders. We’re gonna need cutting-edge psych techniques. We’re gonna need expensive equipment. I don’t know. It won’t be easy, that’s for god damn sure.

Have a good day. 🙂

Written After Thinking More About Suneel

Just wanted to clarify something.

I read Suneel’s bio online somewhere, a few months ago. It said that he can’t ride a bike and is a competitive ballroom dancer.

But just to be fair, I have no clue when he first began the sport of competitive ballroom dancing.

I ‘assumed’ he began as a kid growing up or in high school —– but that part was just a guess, LOL.

One final point about his possible wealth and why I believe his family is wealthy…

The biggest reason why I believe his family is wealthy is because he’s not afraid of the ‘court of public opinion’ (regarding his choice to publicly support a man like Keith Raniere).

This would suggest that he’s not real concerned about any impact to his career or future job prospects, which leads me to believe he’s got a wealthy family to back him up.

Why do I believe that?

Because if he NEEDED his current job to support his family and couldn’t afford to lose it —— then I highly doubt he’d be putting this much energy into publicly supporting a man as reviled as Keith Raniere.

According to the website for General Assembly, an educational organization that teaches coding, data, design and marketing, Suneel Chakravorty is an instructor. He is listed on the website as “co-founder of Simple Fractal, a consultancy that designs and develops apps for mobile, web and data. He studied Math and Mandarin at Harvard. In his free time, Suneel enjoys ballroom dancing, playing piano, and getting lost on Youtube.”

In our current ‘cancel’ culture, people have lost careers for far less. So I’m guessing that he’s not ‘dependent’ on his teaching job to make ends meet for his family.

Since why would somebody risk a career that they ‘need’ (to support their own family) just to publicly support a man as reviled as Keith Raniere? It wouldn’t make sense UNLESS they had another source of money to back them up.

Oh well, Suneel is welcome to set the record straight if my guesses about his career or ballroom dancing are not accurate. LOL.

Have a good day. 🙂



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  • By my tally, Suneel is way ahead of Bangkok on the comment count. He’s also got Shivani, NiceGuy and Shadow beat by a steep margin. Why, Suneel’s even pulled way ahead of Frank Parlato himself on response numbers!

    From lowly legatus ass-wiper to overnight super Stardom! KAR’s formula really works.

    Viva SUNEEL’s Success!

  • Bangkok, I tip my hat to you! You ground all of Suneel’s arguments into dust!

    Scott Johnson update!!!!
    I have located Scott Johnson of Plano, Texas. Fate has dealt him a bad card!
    Scott has fallen victim to ‘Woke’ culture.
    He is the angry dude in the video.

    Unsurprisingly, Scott possesses the kind of temperament we all expected.

  • Excellent article!

    Bangkok makes some astute observations. 😉

    Suneel is rich. Dad and mom have cash.

    Suneel does not have to worry about having a real job….

    ….Unlike poor Brandon Porter driving for Uber. I hope Brandon is at the very least an Uber Black Driver.
    Wacky Brandon appears to be looking for a full time gig and some decent housing.
    Maybe Suneel can help out his buddy.

    Dr. Brandon Porter Interesting Tidbits:

    Brandon Porter lost his medical license, but that does not stop him from proudly displaying MD PHD on his Twitter account.

    I have the mind to contact the medical board and report Brandon. 😂

    On Brandon’s Twitter page, I found these little gems:

    “ Professionally disgraced physician!”

    “ When a bully runs the government, the government tends to represent the will of the bully, as opposed to the will of the people. Led into dishonesty and injustice, the government ultimately creates the bully’s undoing.” – Brandon Porter

    Gee, Brandon must of forgot when he played the bully — Clock Work Orange style. Human fright experimentation?

    ….Additionally, Brandon must not remember he lost his medical license because he sat around and watched dozens of people writhing in pain and suffering from food poisoning.

    And Brandon has the audacity to claim he was screwed over by the government…

    I think Doctor Brandon needs a Doctor!

  • I think Suneel cares at least a little bit about his public image. Despite his support of DOS and their practices, he does not publicly post any hairy penis-smiling face photos. If the practices were innocent and so-called collateral was not damaging, he should have no problem with this.

    But, of course, even the DOS women can’t admit their shame. They don’t demonstrate fearlessness in the face of their collateral being made public. They just protest that the world is full of liars and haters who don’t understand how this stuff was going to change the world even though it had to remain secret.

  • The contents of Suneel Chakravorthy’s prolific cognitive dissonance are irrelevant and aren’t worthwhile examining, picking apart or even bothering to analyze. Let it roll, boys. WTF. I have drums, castanets and tambourines ready to go.

    It is simply yada yada yada. Turkey droppings all in a putrid lineup along with Suneel, pissing and moaning in the snow. Ballroom dancing sucks, does itt not? A total bimbo show, by God.

    All this fucking soggy crackerjacks, even though it is really springtime, and almost everyone else has moved along and is stepping lively, merrily watching for some overdue sentencings. Moo.

    But alas and all ass, this poor, tawdry lower Chakra-fellow ! Ye gods and little fishes. It is a good thing that ah am not his mama. Hoo boy is that good.

    He is one of many who seems to have separated his thought processes from his conscience and from the very heart of the matter, which he misrepresents to himself.

    The trouble is that he can’t do the softshoe well enough to get on the Gong Show. Frank is the man dangling the string and its chicken feathers.

    And Chakra-boy just keeps on falling for it.

    Happy mama’s day, except for those mamas who happen to be monsters from hell. If you had or have one of those muthas, you might understand. Think Nancy Salzman. Worse than rhubarb.

  • I was watching something today about a woman who thinks she is mother God or something and 2 of her followers were so sure of it all even when presented with pretty awful evidence she was awful. I suppose in these cults you are just kept in a cycle of belief because it is so hard to admit your whole time there you were wrong.

    it is just not that important a case that the FBI could be bothered to do what Suneel says. Also there was even that 12 year old not even included in the case. Clearly KR likes young women and girls. I am sure he is prosecuted for only about 5% of what he did wrong.

    (Although the very wealthy (particularly old money) in the UK and US avoid publicity as much as they can….)

  • Based on footage of Marc, it appears he genuinely was afflicted with Tourette’s tics and genuinely is not anymore. It’s not uncommon for tics to decrease in severity in adulthood, but I work with someone who has adult Tourette’s so I know that’s not always the case. Tourette’s is a complicated illness that is not well understood. I don’t think it’s impossible that something about NXIVM worked for him. But if it did, I don’t think that lessens the moral responsibility Raniere has for abuse of power.

  • Where can I watch the zoom meeting pictured in this article?

    And was Marc Elliot’s Tourette Syndrome ever proven besides the videos from NXIVM? I’ve read a couple of posts claiming it was a hoax.

    • I may publish the zoom meeting with the others’ permission. I genuinely believe Marc had Tourette’s and does not have it now. I do not know if it was NXIVM or not that helped him cure it.

  • Who needs wealthy parents when they have a wealthy criminal racket behind them? I’m guessing Suneel wipes no one’s ass for free.

  • America is already a vast insane asylum.
    There are not enough psychiatrists to deal with all of America’s neurotics and psychotics.
    One more loony won’t make any difference.

    Joe Biden reminds you not to leave your house without wearing your Face Diaper.
    Dr. Anthony Fauci says “Two Face Diapers are Better than One.”

    • —America is a vast insane asylum.

      So says one of its inmates…..

      In case you missed my previous comment… ….Shadow, the only conspiracy is the intervention your family is planning.

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