Another Leading Mexican Politico, Mario Delgado, Revealed as Former Nxivm – and Member of Society of Protectors

Mario Delgado
How serious this will be is anybody’s guess. But others’ careers have already been toppled by a guilt-by-association with Nxivm. Sometimes even when the association is slight – as in someone merely taking a class or two – people have been forced out of jobs and denied housing.
This requires the most serious scrutiny since there were some 18,000 people who took classes and most of them had no idea of the inner workings of the organization. The mere fact that someone once took a course or two should not be evidence of wrongdoing in and of itself.
Now under fire is Mario Delgado, one of the top politicos in Mexico.
Juan Alberto Vazquez, in turn, is one of the top journalists in Mexico, writing for the nations’ national newspaper Milenio. He has also written the book Nxivm, La Secta Que Sedujo Al Poder En Mexico.
In a recent article, Vazquez wrote that Delgado, the leader of the Morena Party who is in charge of the party’s campaign strategy, as it tries to keep its lower-house majority and pick up governorships in the June 6 midterm elections, was once a member of the Society of Protectors [the men’s group associated with Nxivm] and took at least one Nxivm class [called an Intensive].
The Moreno party was founded by the current Mexican President, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.
Vazquez has submitted an English translation of his already published [in Spanish] article to Frank Report for publication.

Juan Alberto Vazquez
By Juan Alberto Vázquez

The National President of MORENA, Mario Delgado, belonged to the NXIVM organization, whose leader Keith Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor and possession of child pornography.

Delgado, for example, made deposits of $50 dollars during six months in 2016, as part of the agreement to belong to the Society of Protectors (SOP), an alternate organization of the Executive Success Program (the name for NXIVM in Mexico), which in its plan of studies summarized Raniere’s teachings on virility and control over women.

On the website of that Society of Protectors (now defunct), it could be read that it helped “men to become more powerful and influential members of society by providing them with tools and a network of honorable men to support them.”

Some of the ideas Raniere imparted in SOP were that “the stronger the man, the more women he can control”, “men control the world and women are subordinate to men”, or “women act like princesses, but when they don’t listen to what they like they become hysterical babies who can’t handle the truth. ”

Many of these ideas Raniere released while “lecturing”, can be seen in the documentaries “The Vow” and “Seduced” that broadcast on the HBO and Starz channels in the second half of 2020.

Students who belonged to NXIVM confirmed that Delgado, who was Secretary of Finance and then Education of Mexico City (between 2006 and 2012), took one of the Executive Success Program (ESP) courses, at the time when the mayor from Escobedo, Nuevo León,

Escobedo Mayor Clara Luz Flores, a former Nxivm coach, [seen with her yellow Nxivm sash] is running for governor of Nuevo León.
Flores, was a yellow sash coach in said company. According to the courses that were taken, the color changed. The first entrants had a white sash, then it changed to yellow, orange, blue, green and purple.

Flores, who for much of her life was a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, was anointed by Delgado on December 13 as Morena’s candidate for the governorship of Nuevo León in the elections to be held on June 6, 2021 .

Delgado, who today faces serious questions for his attempt to impose Felix Salgado Macedonio as the candidate of the party that leads the Guerrero government, was questioned on this issue, but preferred not to comment.

The former High Rank of Nxivm: L-R Nancy Salzman [standing], with Mark Vicente,  Alex Betancourt, Karen Unterreiner, Clare Bronfman, Lauren Salzman and Emiliano Salinas – all wearing their colored sashes indicating their rank.

Emiliano Salinas Occeli, the most visible face of NXIVM in Mexico, boasted that of the 18,000 students from around the world who enrolled during the 20 years that the company operated, at least half had done so in Mexico. Most of them were businessmen and politicians who sought to improve their lives under the belief that NXIVM offered “the tools to achieve happiness.”A handful of them, including Salinas himself, even reached the top of the pyramid where Raniere rested and participated in some of the illicit activities required by being close to the leader. Emiliano Salinas and his partner Alejandro Betancourt were singled out in the Federal Court of the Eastern District of New York where Raniere was tried as co-conspirators in these activities.

There is no evidence that Mario Delgado was within this select group, although the Society in which he participated gave “teachings” that were denounced in the trial against Raniere.

Prosecutor Moira Kim Penza, for example, questioned the witness “Sylvie” about the teachings of the Society of Protectors, an intensive 6-day course that she, she said, forced her to take at an approximate cost of $5,000 . “We had different discussion groups,” the witness clarified. There, she said that “men were very obsessive about sex, all they thought and wanted was sex and that women were materialistic, self-absorbed, narcissistic and that everything we wanted things and that they take care of us so that we are not responsible for anything ”.

She also reminded Sylvie that another lesson was that men should have sex with multiple people or multiple partners to be healthy, while women should be loyal to only one man. ” The English witness added that they used the example of diets to show “how women lack character, we are impulsive and we cannot keep our word.”

Today Raniere sleeps in an Arizona prison after being convicted on October 27. Part of the accusation raised in the aforementioned New York court, says that he designed the scheme of a club of sex slaves to which he ordered to tattoo their initials on the waist with a cauterizing pen.


Editor’s Note: 

A press spokesperson for the Moreno Party has stated that Delgado took Nxivm classes without knowing that Raniere or any of its leaders were involved in trafficking.  The Moreno Party is trying to determine how many classes he took, the press officer said.

Delgado himself, in reaction to the controversy [occasioned by the mere publication of a prominent person attending a Nxivm course] Tweeted that the classes were taken “in good faith” and at a time when the accusations against the group weren’t known.

Frank Report originally published a list of Society of Protectors dues-paying members, from which some reporters in Mexico utilized to discover Delgado made membership payments of $50 for the Society of Protectors.

As for my own thoughts on the subject: I think Delgado may very well have taken Nxivm classes and attended Society of Protector meetings without knowing about DOS [which was in existence at the time] or that Raniere had a private life that included some aspects that some might consider scandalous such as that Raniere had lost $65 million in commodities [belying his great skills in business and finance.] Or that his previous business, Consumers’ Buyline, went bust after more than 20 State Attorneys General went after him for allegedly operating a pyramid scheme.

Had Delgado done any internet searching in English, he might have discovered these things and enough additional information that might make an educated person hesitant to take any Nxivm courses. One such online search might have led him to the Albany Times Union’s 2012 report, In Raniere’s Shadows, that alleged Raniere was a pedophile, and included on-the-record quotes from Rhiannon, a women who said she was 12 when Raniere began raping her [which she said he did some 60 times.].

That said, it is entirely plausible that Emiliano Salinas or any number of leading Mexican elites who took or taught Nxivm classes convinced Delgado that the courses [and its founder, Raniere’s genius] were so important and helpful that Delgado might not have bothered to look further than the endorsements of the rich and powerful in Mexico.

In the initial Nxivm classes, Delgado might have found substantial helpful teachings, as many people who took the courses attest they did. He very well might not have had any inkling that there was a very sexually active leader of the group, Raniere, who had an ever-shifting group of 20 -30 women with whom he had sexual relations with, who were forbidden to be with any other men [in other words, Raniere had a harem.] Or that he had a hard time letting go of them – when they wanted to leave – so much so that he was known to haunt them with lawsuits for years.

All of this, by the way, was a matter of public record before Delgado took his first Nxivm classes.

Still, if this was out there in some vague manner – on the internet on US publications he neither knew of or trusted, versus the reliable testimony of his friends, plus the value he may have gotten from the courses, it is not hard to imagine that Delgado might have chosen to judge for himself.


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Frank Parlato


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  • Rhiannon figures prominently in mentions about KR’s history but she has all but disappeared since the Time Union piece. Never mind that an investigation should examine why charges never went forwarded back then, Frank, what a coup it would be to get her to go on record so many years later, and spark an inquiry.

    It burns me that many are preoccupied with potential ‘injustice’ surrounding KR’s trial when there is so much justice left to be done for the sex, and financial crimes well-documented over multiple decades. The guy got off easy, and now manipulâtes his ordeal and supporters, to twist himself into a victim. So disturbing.

    The system worked to stop him. It didn’t work to honour the majority of his victims. Not yet anyway.

  • S.O.P. truly was Fight Club™️ for pussies.

    The original team leader was a cuckold named Nippy, whose wife had another man’s initials branded above her pussy. Nutjob said during his time in SOP…
    …. “We mostly did hot-yoga”.

    WTF type of man’s group was it?

    • OMG, Nice Guy!

      Nut Job was a great yoga partner and super nice. He wasn’t exactly SOP caliber, but we all accepted him anyway.

  • El Universal

    A sus 42 años, Ludwika Paleta anuncia ¿embarazo?
    La actriz dio a conocer la noticia a través de su cuenta de Instagram

    ESPECTÁCULOS 15/12/2020 10:48 Redacción Ciudad de México Actualizada 12:34

    Luego de siete años de matrimonio con el empresario Emiliano Salinas, dos mellizos de tres años y un hijo de 21 años de edad producto de su relación con el actor Plutarco Haza, la actriz Ludwika Paleta al parecer está de nueva cuenta a sus 42 años.

    A través de sus redes sociales, Ludwika dio el anunció con dos publicaciones, en la primera de ella con un sencillo “¿Qué creen?, la actriz despertó el interés de sus seguidores, quienes tras la segunda publicación se percataron de que Paleta está embarazada.

    Esto porque la actriz de “La querida del Centauro” subió una foto en la que muestra una prueba de embarazo con un resultado positivo, y en ella puso la frase “a veces la vida nos trae proyectos inesperados”.

    De confirmarse , este sería el segundo embarazo de Ludwika con su actual esposo Emiliano Salinas Occelli, hijo del expresidente de México Carlos Salinas de Gortari, ya que en 2017 el matrimonio trajo al mundo a los mellizos Bárbara y Sebastián.



    At 42 years old, Ludwika Paleta announces pregnancy?
    The actress announced the news through her Instagram account.

    After seven years of marriage with businessman Emiliano Salinas, two three-year-old twins and a 21-year-old son from her relationship with actor Plutarco Haza, actress Ludwika Paleta is apparently back to her 42 years old.

    Through her social networks, Ludwika made the announcement with two publications, in the first one with a simple “What do you think?”, the actress awakened the interest of her followers, who after the second publication realized that Paleta is pregnant.

    This because the actress of “La querida del Centauro” uploaded a photo showing a pregnancy test with a positive result, and in it she put the phrase “sometimes life brings us unexpected projects”.

    If confirmed , this would be the second pregnancy of Ludwika with her current husband Emiliano Salinas Occelli, son of the former president of Mexico Carlos Salinas de Gortari, since in 2017 the couple brought to the world the twins Barbara and Sebastian.

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  • Frank, you missed an important point here. Félix Salgado Macedonio is accused of a violation, and especially Mario Delgado has supported this person, and he will be the official candidate of Morena. Mario Delgado thinks and supports that Salgado Macedonio is a person that should rule Guerrero, a state where several women have died or have been violated. Delgado should have taken courses to deprogram himself as we don’t know how many classes he took, how many people he enrolled, etc.

    Or how deep he was with the Society of Protectors, that’s a mystery. That’s the big, big, very big problem with Delgado, as he is normalizing violence against women, and now proposing a man who has violated women. The worst thing of all is that our Presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador is supporting Salgado Macedonio as a good person (by the way, there are some rumors that one of Obrador’s sons took courses in NXIVM). Mexico cannot have leaders that normalize violence against women because that person will not make efforts to avoid this violence. MORENA is supporting Salgado Macedonio, and this party is divided by this issue.

    They should ask Mark Vicente how he felt after taking the SOP courses and realized he was being manipulated to subdue women, and as far as I remembered, he felt terrible about it when he discovered the occult part of SOP. Finally, the other important part is that Mario Delgado is the president of the MORENA party. He, supposedly, was against Carlos Salinas. Is Mario Delgado, a friend of Emiliano Salinas and his father, the big enemy of President López Obrador?

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  • La Jornada

    viernes 05 de marzo de 2021 , p. 8
    El dirigente formal de Morena, Mario Delgado, optó en 2016 por los métodos de “desarrollo personal y profesional” que ofrecía en México Emiliano Salinas Occelli, hijo del ex presidente Carlos Salinas de Gortari, a través de NXIVM (pronúnciese “néxium”), la organización dirigida a escala global por Keith Raniere, quien ofrecía Programas de Éxito Ejecutivo y ahora cumple una condena de por vida, a causa de una serie de prácticas violatorias de la integridad humana, en especial respecto a mujeres a las que se marcaba y se trataba como esclavas sexuales (

    En una “Nota aclaratoria” dada a conocer ayer, Delgado pretende eludir el impacto derivable de su voluntaria adscripción a los cursos de “gestión de liderazgo y éxito corporativo” y “en busca de la mejora de mi capacitación personal”, al señalar que él no tuvo implicaciones en el episodio criminal que llevó a la cárcel a Raniere. Asistió a tales cursos, “de buena fe”, alega, y llega a clasificarse como “engañado”: “existe una enorme diferencia entre haber sido engañado para tomar un curso y haber participado en una red criminal”.

    Resultará difícil para Mario Delgado probar su autoasignada condición de político “engañado”. El representante en México de NXIVM era Emiliano Salinas y el perfil de los asistentes a esos cursos generalmente era adverso o distante de las ideas de izquierda o del progresismo político. No tendría por qué haberla leído, aunque le habría ayudado a no caer en el “engaño”, la columna Astillero de abril de 2012 que publicó detalles de lo que estaba haciendo Emiliano Salinas. Título y subtítulos de aquella entrega: El joven gurú Salinas/ Emiliano junto a Sicilia/ LeBarón, el aliado de ESO/ Entretela del voto nulo

    El punto crítico para Mario Delgado, comisionado de Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón para manejar las candidaturas de Morena en función del proyecto presidencial 2024 del canciller, no está en el esclavismo sexual ni en los abismos de Keith Raniere, sino en el plano político nacional: haber optado por los cursos organizados por Emiliano Salinas, quien pretendía formar una especie de nueva clase política e incluso acarició la posibilidad de postularse a presidir México, da un retrato exacto del oportunismo, el derechismo de origen y el arribismo que han caracterizado a Delgado. El ebrardismo, a fin de cuentas, es la continuidad del pensamiento y la práctica políticas de la vertiente del salinismo que encabezó Manuel Camacho Solís.

    Y, ya que se habla del titular de la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores, enigmática resultó la referencia del jefe de la oficina de Ebrard, Fabián Medina, al dar a conocer su renuncia irrevocable a ese cargo de máxima confianza: “ante la situación actual en la cancillería, me permito presentar mi renuncia con carácter de irrevocable a la Jefatura de Oficina que me conferiste desde el primero de diciembre de 2018. Deseo de corazón que sigas teniendo éxito, y que mires siempre por el bien de nuestro amado México”. Ah, caray: “¿la situación actual en la cancillería?”, ¿cuál es tal “situación”?


    Félix Salgado Macedonio es el único candidato a gobernador registrado por Morena ante el Instituto Electoral de Guerrero, órgano éste que sesionaba anoche para aprobar o desechar las postulaciones de diversos partidos, incluyendo al autodenominado “toro sin cerca”. Hoy, que inician las campañas en aquella entidad, Morena lo hará sin candidatura definida, en espera de la nueva encuesta sobre los “perfiles” (no la popularidad) de los aspirantes. El resultado de esta encuesta se dará a conocer por ahí del 11 del presente mes y, según eso, Salgado Macedonio está dispuesto a aceptar los resultados, incluso, desde luego, si le son adversos Y, mientras la nota de Juan Alberto Vázquez, en Animal Político, que reveló la pertenencia semestral de Mario Delgado a NXIVM, incluye la referencia de que una condiscípula era Clara Luz Flores (su rango, “ coach estola amarilla”), la expriísta hecha candidata de Morena a gobernar Nuevo León. ¡Hasta el próximo lunes!

  • El Universal

    ¿Qué es NXIVM y qué pasó con su líder Keith Raniere?
    Este jueves NXIVM, la organización fundada por Keith Raniere, fue relacionada con un personaje de la vida política mexicana, pero, ¿a qué se dedicaba y qué fue de su fundador?


    Erik Rojas
    Los del Universal están encubriendo a Emiliano Salinas, el hijo del Innombrable, enemigo del Mesías Tropical. ¿Ya ven cómo si El Universal está en contra del nuevo orden y son sumisos a los poderes neoliberales oscuros?

    Vicente Martínez
    Me gusta · Responder ·

    Alexandro Giles
    Buscale en google no hables por hablar, o ladres por ladrar, también hay notas del universal hablando de Salinas hijo:…/ludwika-paleta-rompe……/emiliano-salinas-deja……/emiliano-salinas…
    Me gusta · Responder ·

    Eduardo Rogelio Hernández Flores
    Y porqué Mario Delgado sacó esta información ahora?, porque hay más, y ya sabe que la van a dar a conocer. Está tratando de curarse en salud… La 4T al filo del abismo…
    Me gusta · Responder ·

    Marco Antonio Ramirez Angeles
    En vez de aceptar cada quien su responsabilidad ,buscan a quien echarle la culpa,ninguno se salva, tan malo el pinto como el colorado.
    País de cangrejos
    Me gusta · Responder ·

    Lucia Caro
    Ay esa 4T… ¿un político pecar de esa ingenuidad? ¿No sabía que NXIVM México era dirigido nada más ni nada menos que por Emiliano Salinas, en su perversa relación con Keith Raniere?
    Me gusta · Responder ·

    Gerd White
    Jajaja los Salinas, los Gòmez Junco de Reforma , los Fox y algunos políticos mexicanos más còmplices y socios de Raniere con esclavas sexuales y la estulticia de sus miembros de esta organización, que aprovechando la ignorancia, estupidez y poca capacidad mental hacìan lo que querían con las mujeres
    Me gusta · Responder ·

    Vic Rodz
    Por supuesto el pasquin se guarda de nombrar a emiliANO salinas de gortari hijo del duende y a la hija del dueño del otro pasquin asqueroso Deforma! Esa es la clase de “periodismo” con ardor de culo!

  • They closed our channel on you tube for reporting this type of information. I just wanted you to know it. We are interested in continuing to read you in your publications, especially when there are Mexicans involved. So with permission we will continue to publish your data here in Mexico. I thank you very much and I congratulate you on your great work. Thanks: Thornado.

    • And that is the gift of the Mexicans to the US:

      Detiene EU a 100 mil migrantes en un mes
      Grupo REFORMA
      Washington DC, Estados Unidos (05 marzo 2021).-
      21:34 hrs
      Los agentes fronterizos de Estados Unidos detuvieron a casi 100 mil migrantes en la frontera con México en febrero, según dos personas familiarizadas con las cifras preliminares.

  • An incendiary, serpentine report on criminal manipulation of staggering proportions.


    How a treacherous cult amassed a following under the guise of self-improvement.

    Vancouver-based investigative journalist Berman front-loads her startling, comprehensive exposé on the NXIVM group with key information on how the association became popular yet remained elusive to law enforcement. She shares interview material from several members of a large cast of characters, including [ … ]Using a philosophical playbook influenced by Scientology and other similar groups, [ … ] Bankrolled by the Bronfman sisters, [ … ], the increasingly “dangerous mafia-like” society steamrolled its way into the lives of vulnerable, unsuspecting people, employing blackmail, extortion, forced confinement, and even sex trafficking. [ … ] “By the time of his arrest,” writes Berman about DOS, “at least 102 women had been initiated into Raniere’s secret society. [ … ] Not for the easily rattled, the author’s engrossing reportage meticulously reveals [ … ]The author incorporates critical narratives from former members, laying bare their awful experiences. Her research, which eventually caused her to fear for her own personal safety, informs a vital cautionary tale about how “power, consent, and women’s agency” can be weaponized. [ … ]

    An incendiary, serpentine report on criminal manipulation of staggering proportions.

  • It seems consistent that people who where part of this group are good and successful people. I wonder if it’s just a case of envy and trying to bring good people down with lies…

    • It seems consistent that people who were part of this group were good and successful people prior to their Nxivm involvement. But they became bad and unsuccessful people as a result of their Nxivm involvement.

      And yes, DOS and Nxivm did bring a lot of good people down with lies.

      Maybe Keith was envious.

  • Robert Gavin
    Vancouver-based writer
    , who covered the trial of Keith Raniere, has a book on #NXIVM coming out next month.

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