From Prison, Keith Raniere: Clare Bronfman: ‘I Love Her and Respect Her; I Am Grateful for All She Has Done in My Life’

Keith Raniere and Clare Bronfman

Editor’s Note: This is Part 7 of the “From Prison: Keith Raniere” series on the subject of his codefendants’ innocence.


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and Why I Choose to Publish Raniere’s Prison Letters About the ‘Innocence’ of His Codefendants.

In this article, Raniere writes about Clare Bronfman who was sentenced to 81 months last September and immediately remanded to prison. it is important to note that this was written by Raniere prior to her sentencing, and he appears to believe that she would have received a sentence close to what the sentencing guidelines suggested – a sentence between 21-27 months.

By Keith Raniere


Clare was the first friend I ever had with an authentic British accent. She was an equestrian jumper and came to me for coaching. Although I have never “jumped horses,” I model athletics from a physics and psychological perspective with a unique toolset. I believe I did aid in her success and ultimately, before she retired, she ranked eighth in the United States. Much of her success is her diligence and mature, independent pursuit of her goals.

Clare Bronfman was a show jumper

When I met her she also lead her personal equestrian team, ran her horse farm with full staff, and was a self-made capable manager. Once she retired, she became more active in NXIVM eventually over-seeing all of the attorneys, investigators, and consultants. As a lay-legal student she excelled to the point of admiration from a number of accomplished attorneys. She has had little formal education yet she has the ability to learn almost any subject and direct and guide multifarious professionals.

As a philanthropist, she took the responsibility of her inherited wealth very seriously. She has strong moral values and refuses to invest in things which do not support them. She has been a vegan for many years and is mindful of participating in only non-violent causes and investments. When it comes to causes in which she believes she is generous; when the initial arrests occurred, she created a defense fund and irrevocably donated a very large sum of money (a notable portion of her wealth) for use by a large list of people.

Clare is one of the most trustworthy people I have ever met. We developed the deepest of relationships over time and of ail people, strategically, she thinks the most like me.

Even in this case, I would come up with an idea, express it to my attorneys, and Clare would express the exact same thing.

She is both noble and caring; strong and efficient; yet thoughtful and generous. She has been my greatest support in many ways and throughout this process. I think of all people, in tested trust, thinking, and sharing, she is closest to me, and I to her.

During the hardest times of my life she provided unwavering support, care, and love. She is a great example of strength and toughness — but always with a deep, sensitive, interior. I love her and respect her, but in addition I am grateful for all she has done in my life. She has helped make what light I have show brighter.

Keith Raniere with Clare Bronfman

Motivation to Plea:

Clare stands to lose a lot of material wealth.

The victims. although they denied any thoughts of any civil actions on the witness stand, are represented by a civil class-action lawyer who has stated he will be filing a civil suit for the victims.

Although Clare is innocent, she is also a main target of hate.

Before Clare was indicted, because she was a target, she would inform the prosecution when she left town, where she was going, and when she was coming back. The guidelines for her pled offenses are between 22 and 27 months — none of the charged offenses involved violence, drugs, or weapons.

Here is the telling result: with all this considered, the court required her to post a $100 million dollar bail bond, an ankle bracelet, be restricted to home confinement, and have no contact with anyone, including family, but her attorneys. I believe Clare has reason to think, as I do, circumstances are political and unjust.

Since she was able to plead guilty to strictly non-RICO charges, she minimized her material exposure. It was my opinion before she plead, that if she could plead she should.


Clare’s plea was very well crafted.

It is based on a superseding information for her alone. There are two counts. In both counts the prosecution puts in extra information to bolster the case proper.

Count one is Conspiracy to harbor an illegal alien for financial gain. It is my understanding Clare hired this person and the person did not do the work required; instead of firing her, Clare kept her on but didn’t pay her.

Clare should have fired her and that would have forced her to go back to Mexico. She was a community member and friends with a number of people in the US, so she wanted to stay very much. Shortly thereafter, she married another community member. The prosecution was sure to state that this charge was based on the core conduct of their RICO enterprise in Act 11 — that is a matter of opinion and irrelevant to the plea.

Clare’s second charge was use of false identification facilitating tax evasion. Here the prosecution said I was trying to evade taxes through use of a credit card, and it is related to the RICO charge.

They stated “which is based on the same core conduct as Racketeering Act 14 of count two,” “that by facilitating Keith Raniere’s use of Jane Doe 7’s credit card, Bronfman aided and abetted tax evasion by Keith Raniere” (and they also added, “as part of a scheme to allow him to falsely portray himself as a renunciate” this statement has nothing to do with any charge, is defamatory, and is not true).

What Clare said in her plea was much different and true.

“l knowingly facilitated the use by another person of a deceased person’s credit card,” “and the person using the credit card did not intend to pay taxes on the income received in the form of payment for goods purchased on the credit card.”

Here is the underlying situation; I suspect you will find the prosecution’s conduct as objectionable, and fraudulent, as we do:

Keith Alan Raniere with DC heiress Pamela Cafritz.

Pam Cafritz was my life-partner for almost 30 years. About 15 years into the relationship we took on a third partner and the three of us have been together for well over a decade.

Mariana Fernandez, the third partner in the Raniere relationship with Pam Cafritz

Pam gave this partner unfettered use of her credit cards and I believe some were labeled with this partner’s name. I was the sole beneficiary of Pam’s will, and her executor, trustee, and health proxy.

I had to make the inconsolable, irreconcilable decision to disconnect Pam from life-support — the most sad and difficult decision of my life. All of Pam’s money and property are supposed to go to me. The estate and trust were set up, but not completely executed (unbeknownst to us).

Both my remaining partner from this union, and myself, continued to live and pay expenses from the estate. There were no taxes due yet, and any taxes due would be paid on Pam’s personal income and the gross of the estate. Expenses are not taxable; they are post-tax. use of the credit card is not taxable, it is post-tax (because those moneys are accounted for and taxed before the credit card is paid).

I never used the credit card — not even once. The living partner from this union would not owe taxes on the credit card expenditures no matter what (in addition she is a Mexican citizen). There could never be any taxes due, and the prosecution knows this.

Imagine having your 30-year life-partner die, having sole control over all the estate, hiring a top accounting firm (including one of the past commissioners of the I.R.S.) to work out any mis-steps, and pay any potential taxes due, and having the prosecution charge you with tax evasion. It is deeply disturbing the government would be so ugly, abusive, and fraudulent: this is consistent with the tone of the whole case.

Clare’s plea was inaccurate (“l knowingly facilitated the use by another person of a deceased person’s credit card,” “and the person using the credit card did not intend to pay taxes on the income received in the form of payment for goods purchased on the credit card”), but consider the nature (and knowing untruth) of the prosecution’s charge: To evade taxes the taxes are supposed to be assessed, and due. Not only the taxes not assessed, there could never be any due. Normally with such a charge the prosecution brings in an I.R.S. agent who testifies about the taxes assessed, and thereby evaded. Obviously this could never happen. How did the court, and prosecution (including the prosecutorial office of the district), allow this?

It is also important to note the unjust, prejudicial nature of the prosecution’s approach: the prosecution brings in irrelevant uncharged, accusations during a plea. This only serves to influence the public, media, and the judge with hate. No legitimate prosecution would ever do this or need to do this.


  1. (Forfeiture) Clare paid $6 million in forfeiture. This might be used for “crime victims” which is of course sad if there is actually no crime. Although with any action of this destructive size there are victims, crime or not, in our case there are many opportunists. Most of the witnesses in my case are represented by the same, civil, class-action lawyer.
  2. (Innocence) Clare is innocent. Although I do not know of the first crime of which she was charged, I do know the person involved. I think this person was anxious to stay in the community (she ultimately married a man from the community). I heard Clare paid her a good deal of money as restitution. This seems very wrongful for, although Clare supposedly did not pay her for the time she was employed, this person insisted on not working for the pay. Clare should have just fired her.Clare plead honestly to the second charge, not echoing or agreeing to what the prosecution said they would have to prove in court. This charge is not only untrue, but completely unfounded and does not meet several of the basic elements. It is stunning this charge was posed by the prosecution or allowed by the court.
  3. (Exposure) I hope Clare has minimized her exposure with this plea. She will live to do many positive things in the world with her wealth. She is far more conscientious, and mindful of social outcomes, than many with her resources. The world would be better if more people of substance were more like Clare.
  4. (Coercion) Clare was forced by a coercive, wrongful situation, to plea to charges that never should have been charged. I believe she did the best she could against terrible abuses of power. She plead precisely, and intelligently, against wrongfully charged crimes. She avoided telling any untruths as much as possible.
  5. (Our Meeting) It increased risk to Clare’s outcome for her and I to meet, so we did not.

My Participation:

  1. This prosecution stems mainly from my actions, unorthodox lifestyle, and prejudicial hate built up over decades. Although the allegedly criminal activity is absolutely false, and all the people accused are mindful, considerate, and good, this whole situation stems from my life decisions. The tragic, wrongful, results of even rightful actions, in this case, are still my responsibility.
  2. Over the years, because of a full agenda and many relationships, I at times forced Clare to fend for herself in difficult situations. Instead of taking our same values for granted, thereby spending less time with her, I know now to rejoice in the similarity of values and celebrate them with more together time.


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  • Words of wisdom from Nicki Clyne and Andrew Klavan of the Daily Wire

    Nicki Clyne Retweeted
    Andrew Klavan

    Just remember, during moral panics — the Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, the current Wokeness — the accusers think they’re the heroes. Then the panic passes, and they’re villains forever. That will happen this time too.

    My comment. By Shadow State
    I like Andrew Klavan and listen to his show from time to time.
    However, Klavan in this case is referring to the insanity of banning Dr. Seuss’s books.
    I doubt very much that Klavan would endorse branding and blackmailing women.

    For your entertainment, here is a newly found Dr. Seuss poem:

    Oh, the Books You Will Burn!
    There once was a man

    in the Land of the Free

    who wanted to rule

    across land, over sea.

    His first name was Joe,

    his last name was Biden.

    Ol’ Joe spent his time

    in a dark basement, hidin’.

    He never came out

    except with a mask;

    he’d run right back down

    if questions were asked.

    Uncle Joe, as they called him,

    came up with a plan

    to win an election

    and govern the land.

    He had to beat Donald,

    the president, Trump,

    who’d otherwise kick

    Uncle Joe in the rump.

    He said: “I’ll just tell them

    that mean Mr. Trump

    supports neo-Nazis.

    They’ll think he’s a chump.”

    So Uncle Joe summoned

    the loyal Fake News

    to cook up the lies

    his campaign would use.

    Though people believed them,

    it wasn’t enough.

    Uncle Joe realized

    he’d need stronger stuff.

    Just then, a pandemic

    made everyone sick.

    Here was Joe’s chance

    for a new kind of trick.

    Joe told the people

    That voting was risky

    (though they were just fine

    buying ganja or whiskey).

    “I demand vote-by-mail!”

    he declared from his den,

    “Or else we shall die!

    (And Trump’s gonna win.)”

    An army of lawyers

    fought for the change

    that Biden commanded

    and courts did arrange.

    Sure enough, in the voting

    Trump did all right;

    He looked to be winning

    on E-lection Night.

    But in came the mail!

    And just as Trump feared

    his lead in the vote

    had soon disappeared.

    Biden had done it!

    He’d come from behind.

    A scheme that poor Donald

    would never unwind.

    The moment that Trump

    began asking questions,

    they shut him right up!

    Joe taught him a lesson.

    Once in the White House,

    Uncle Joe signed some orders.

    He called some world leaders;

    he opened the borders.

    He canceled a pipeline

    that Trump had allowed.

    The workers were angry;

    Joe’s donors were proud.

    He gave out vaccines

    And claimed all the credit.

    The journ-O-lists ignored

    a lie, when he said it.

    But Joe’s hopes for power

    ran into a bump:

    so many people

    still missed Donald Trump.

    The old president

    had cause to feel bitter:

    they censored his Facebook;

    they kicked him off Twitter.

    But Trump was enjoying

    his Florida home.

    Inside Mar-a-Lago

    he wasn’t alone.

    His fans lined the streets

    to see him drive by;

    they cheered and waved flags

    for their favorite guy.

    Nothing could shake them,

    despite “insurrection”;

    and all “MAGA nation”

    professed its affection.

    So Uncle Joe plotted

    to get back at Trump.

    The new “cancel culture”

    gave license to dump.

    He called his advisers

    and said, “I’ve no use

    for fun-loving authors

    like this ‘Dr. Seuss.’

    “Cancel the stories

    that people enjoy;

    shun those who say

    that a girl’s not a boy.

    “Everything’s racist!

    That’s what we’ll say.

    Neanderthal Trumpsters

    will soon go away.”

    So the book-burning started

    on bonfires piled high.

    Joe followed his plan

    to make Trump say goodbye.

    But millions of people

    whether white, brown, or black

    had seen quite enough

    and began to push back.

    “Dr. Seuss is a legend!

    We love Hop on Pop.

    Uncle Joe’s lost his mind;

    ‘cancel culture’ must stop.”

    Uncle Joe had imagined

    he’d win, going woke.

    But Trump is still laughing,

    and Biden’s the joke.

    By Joel B. Pollak of Breitbart

  • Again, the language of Keith seems to communicate care and thoughtfulness. It’s incredible how much malice people can read into anything…

    • Anonymous at 11:06 pm

      When you say, “again” Keith’s language communicates caring and thoughtfulness – you are, of course, referring to the prior “fuck toy slave” texts, right?

      Or Keith’s language when he referred to a woman who officiated a close friend’s wedding whom Keith has never actually met, as a “fish hole” over and over again?

      Or maybe when Keith confirmed with Allison that women/slaves should be held down naked like a sacrifice and burned for thirty minutes?

      Or when Keith sent the devil emoji and “all mine?” text about getting uninformed slave’s close-up vagina photos?

      • “Or maybe when Keith confirmed with Allison that women/slaves should be held down naked like a sacrifice and burned for thirty minutes?” Saaaay whaaat? May I just say the name Kristin Snyder? Now do you think this is something he could have done to her?

      • Reply from another anonymous who did not originate the comment:

        Because he is thinking way ahead of his time, and what is considered illegal today should be perfectly legal according to his understanding of ethics and morality.

  • Why don’t Nxivm die-hards understand that changing your mind based on new information is a sign of intelligence?

    Fictional example:

    Old p.o.v:

    My boyfriend and I have a perfect relationship!

    New information:

    mM boyfriend has a 2nd girlfriend that I did not know about who just had his baby.

    New p.o.v

    My (now) ex-boyfriend was a liar who cheated and betrayed my trust.

  • Raniere appears, very much, to be doing this reimagining of Clare Bronfman from out of his extremely off-kilter and Machiavellian delusions about his own bottomless PIT of now frustrated megalomania.

    He is superglued to his own psychopathy and does not have the inner wherewithal to see this. And Raniere will not be able to help himself at all, never mind “helping” anyone else.

    But it’s obvious that he is consistently offering to keep Clare Bronfman captivated and under his thrall.

    As both live now imprisoned, even still, there’s little to doubt, concerning what are Raniere’s motives. He just cannot ever seem to be able to let go of anyone or anything, really. A pervboy with a God complex, another naked “emperor” on parade. Like a 250 lb. chicken babbling that he is actually tuna.

    So Raniere is now lunchtime for Jessica Simpson. He has been at sea all of his life, completely lost inside of his very own primal Parent Trap. Soon enough come the adult diapers, you know how this goes. Hip hip, hooray!

    This is a guy who never will be at home.

  • “As a philanthropist, she took the responsibility of her inherited wealth very seriously”.

    Yes, Keith, I’ve no doubt she took it very seriously when you appointed her as “Minister of Humanities” at NXIVM, and that she took you very seriously when she covered $66 million in your commodities trading losses. Let’s say she spent $200 million in “Charitable Funding” of NXIVM and its misadventures and litigation costs. Did she give anywhere near that amount to truly charitable organizations that were not connected to NXIVM? I’m sure you believe what you’re saying but be advised, it appears that most others do not. Stop wasting your time trying to convince the world of your own web of lies.

  • Keith Raniere is the victim of a ferocious matriarchy that oppresses and suffocates a society that is lobotomized and incapable of reacting. In the comments of this blog, it can be clearly seen. Matriarchy is distinguished by hedonism, debauchery, promiscuity, lust, indulgence, narcosis, passivity, laziness, drunkenness, indiscipline, and overloaded, opulent and baroque sensuality. The laughter of corrupt women and effeminate men, indulgence and contempt, the mocking, sad and empty gaze of the weak, the coughs of the sick, the whining, depressions, whims and tantrums of spoiled children, the lament of the disconsolate, the groans, the aberration and the neutralization of powerful and vital instincts, are characteristic features of matriarchy and of a society stripped of order and the influence of fighting men like Keith Raniere. The matriarchy pampers the weak. A man without character is appreciated for his docility and his apathetic and passive character. The greetings are elaborate and promiscuous. Manners are nervous, there is a tendency to indiscretion, handcuffs and to get too close to the interlocutor. The voice is raised in absurd situations, but one is afraid to scream when the situation requires it.



    • Is that a copy of Gender Trouble in your man purse, or are you just happy to see me?

      Super Hetero : Gender studies :: Two Lawyers : Legal studies

      God Bless Poe’s Law

    • Super Hetero, you crack me up. After a period of tedium with the comments in Suneel’s posts, the comment section has been revitalised with some great jokers. Thanks.

    • Thank you for the heads up!

      Who are Brandon’s followers?

      Secrets from a Prison Cell
      Author, poet, advocate, 25 yrs in prison w/ life sent, came OUT at age 34. He sends info to friends who post & manage his acct. #prisonreform

      Linda Chung
      Business owner in financial services helping protect families, get people out of debt and develop leaders.

      Humanitarian, seeker and promoter of non-violence, compassion, personal responsibility, heightened awareness and consciousness.

      ‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.’ – Rumi

      Harvard math grad. ML/AI practitioner. Focused on exposing the lies and EDNY corruption in the NXIVM case and bringing out the truth.

      Angelica Hinojos
      Advocate of women’s true empowerment (for our boys’ sake) •Wife •Mom • Endeavored to leave the world better than how I found it.

      Jim Del Negro
      My mission is to discuss and debate the virtue and ethics of freedom & humanity over the delusion of Safety and Security.

      • How sad that Suneel does not have a career to list and needs to fall back on “Harvard Math Grad”. Does he realize how pathetic that is; at his age he should have already had a respectable job, somewhere. And that practitioner stuff is nonsense. If he is such an impressive scholar, he should be listing a respectable firm, business that he is associated with. I guess he did not qualify for those jobs. How long is he going to try to impress people with a degree he is not really using or cannot live up to?

        Also, maybe I read it wrong. But how can Secrets from a Prison Cell get out of prison after 25 years at the age of 34? That would have made him 9 years old when he committed his crime.

        • Sherizzy,
          You are automatically making the assumption that all top graduates of actual tertiary institutions go on to have an illustrious career. Dead wrong, Sherizzy!!

          Not on Suneel’s side at all, but you are oblivious to how organisations run. It is a VERY corrupt world out there, Sherizzy! If you wanna clutch Suneel, I’d search for other targets on his landscape, he’s got plenty!

    • Who does the brilliant Doctor follow?

      marianna fernandez

      Leah E. L. Mottishaw
      brightly engaging // I care about STEM, Women in STEM, personal development, humanity and a better world …

      Justice advocate

      Angelica Hinojos
      Advocate of women’s true empowerment (for our boys’ sake) •Wife •Mom • Endeavored to leave the world better than how I found it.

      Harvard math grad. ML/AI practitioner. Focused on exposing the lies and EDNY corruption in the NXIVM case and bringing out the truth.

      Marc Elliot
      Marc Elliot is an award-winning inspirational speaker on compassion and tolerance who lived with Tourettes Syndrome for 20 years, then beat it mind over body.

      The Dossier Project
      We are a group of women dedicated to setting the record straight about #DOS and the #NXIVM narrative. We believe in honoring truth and promoting women’s agency.

      Vanessa Sahagun A.

      President Biden
      46th President of the United States, husband to
      , proud dad & pop. Tweets may be archived:

      Eduardo Asúnsolo Ramírez
      Wrongful Conviction Advocacy, Co-Founder Make Justice Blind, Marketing ITESM University México, Professional Actor NAW NYC

      Make Justice Blind
      Justice reform through media exposure and public accountability. Separating prejudice from due process. Lady Justice should be blind.

      Justin Elliot

      Humanitarian, seeker and promoter of non-violence, compassion, personal responsibility, heightened awareness and consciousness.

      Amanda Knox
      Exoneree, journalist, author of WAITING TO BE HEARD, co-host with
      of LABYRINTHS podcast on

      ‘Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I will meet you there.’ – Rumi

      Jim Del Negro
      My mission is to discuss and debate the virtue and ethics of freedom & humanity over the delusion of Safety and Security.

      Nicki Clyne
      advocate for criminal justice reform: due process Scales, freedom of speech Speech balloon, public accountability Rolled-up newspaper | cally on #bsg Rocket | clubhouse n00b Nerd face

      The Forgotten Ones
      We have brought dance, levity + light outside MDC for inmates + their families, and we continue to provide support for those society has forgotten.

    • Some recent Tweets and Retweets by the brilliant Doctor

      (Lots of Retweets of Vanguard Nicki Clyne.)

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD
      Interested in helping people express more nobility in their lives.
      Joined February 2020

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD
      This is a helpful thread discussing the unfortunate results of “deprogramming” techniques used by anti-cultist deprogrammers. It has been sad for me to see the consequences my prior friends are experiencing as a consequence of choosing the anti-cult worldview.
      Quote Tweet
      · 10h
      #AntiCult therapy involves the ideological implantation of the Anti-Cult movement narrative about one’s former group.

      If you show fealty to #anticultist ideas & sufficiently denounce your former ‘cult self’ & experience as brainwashed & delusional – you are declared “cured”.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Beth Shelburne
      Mar 4
      I’m not the first to say this, but mass incarceration IS the literal manifestation of cancel culture. We cancel lives and hide them in cages. We cancel families, autonomy, joy, education, ambition, self esteem. We try to erase people. The miracle is when humanity persists.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Nicki Clyne
      Feb 27
      Note to journalists: If someone says they “had” to do something or were “made” to do something, the next logical question is: “How?” The fact that women can blame all their decisions on being “brainwashed” sets us all back and should be offensive to all women.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Nicki Clyne
      Feb 24
      So proud of my friend Danielle Roberts, finally speaking out about the false allegations against her and the myths around branding. If this were men, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. But since we’re having it, it’s time to set the record straight.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Nicki Clyne
      Feb 24
      I believe commitment implies risk. We never know what something is going to take, but it’s our will and inner resolve to honor our commitments that affords us a sense of self.

      randon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Feb 23
      We should have a real-time “naughty or nice” list for all prosecutors and judges.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Nicki Clyne
      Jan 18
      Replying to
      NYT would own the NXIVM Hoax.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Amanda Knox
      Nov 16, 2020
      Unpopular opinion: sometimes society’s reaction to a victim’s trauma is more traumatic than the trauma itself.

      talks living in the shadow of Roman Polanski & the spotlight of the L.A. judicial system in Ep 5 of LABYRINTHS.

      Brandon Porter, MD, PhD Retweeted
      Nicki Clyne
      Oct 26, 2020
      Here’s the video from today’s press conference exposing tampering in the #NXIVM case. Call us what you want, we are speaking about issues that affect all of us. Condoning prosecutorial misconduct and corruption should never be okay.

    • Gyad. Alonzo has found an entirely fresh field of suckers and suckees. From Sci-bots to Nxivm/Raniere groupies isn’t a far stretch. Camel, see eye of needle.

      What is Alonzo haphazardly selling, an expensive course, How to Guarantee Spiritual Bankruptcy for Yourself & Others? Quite the trite little twat, but Alonzo had to pay for Alonzo, one way or another.

      Porter will bore Alonzo quickly, though. Porter would quickly bore anyone who is still breathing. I could be wrong, as in the case of Blake Shelton, who still seems to wanna marry Gwen Stefani. And I thought Shelton would be looking at Stefani through his rearview mirror by now. But gyad, no. Too much superglue.

      • Shivani,
        NXIVM will fall back on its Scientology roots.
        Of course, both NXIVM and Scientology are frauds.
        All hail the great Intergalactic Warlord Xenu!

        Remember the con man who founded Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, dabbled in Aleister Crowley’s Satan worship before striking off on his own.
        And everyone’s favorite mass-murdering cult guru, Charles Manson, studied Scientology in the fifties while serving time in prison for pimping.

    • Pyriel-

      Brandon Porter tacitly admits to being in a cult…..

      “It has been sad for me to see the consequences of prior friends are experiencing as a consequence of choosing the anti-cult worldview.”
      -Brandon Porter

      His friends chose the “anti-cult” worldview and he declares he can’t be friends with them anymore because of it.
      I’d say that’s an inadvertent tacit admission.

      Great find thanks for posting it!

      The fact he’s leaving MD next to his name is priceless. 🙂

    • Some nerve, yes, Pyriel. No remorse at all, except “how sad” it is indeed for the good Doctor to have his branded, brainwashed victims awaken. “My work, my joy, my beautiful fuck toys, all destroyed by cult deprogrammers!” What a waste.

  • Last thing [Keith’s words are just so fascinating I couldn’t help but reread] –

    When did you have to make that gut wrenching decision to yank Pam Caffritz off life support, Keith?

    Was that before or after you had Jimmy Del Negro’s crew winch her out of St. Peter’s grasp and put Pam and her ovaries she also generously willed to you on ice in your bath tub?

    • Heidi
      That’s a very interesting point. I do not know how these things work, but wouldn’t a hospital need to be involved if Pam was on life support? It is this another case of Brandon Porter abusing his medical license? Did Pam even have a doctor?

      It just seems strange that no one followed up on the whereabouts of Pam’s body. It implies that her treatment or lack thereof (I do pray he allowed her painkillers) was off the grid so to speak.

      Raniere is such a monster. I’m so sorry that your family was personally impacted by this little, horrible man.

      • Thank you, Sherizzy. Those are all great questions and I believe some were investigated and explored in the “Lost Women…” series, though only the first episode aired. Much of the truth and facts surrounding Pam and the other NXIVM fatalities yet remain buried, sadly. I agree, the facts that I know of thus far may in fact implicate Brandon Porter in abuse of his medical license, at the very least.

        • Thanks for replying, Heidi. I did a search on FR and found a treasure trove of articles on Pam, many of which you wrote. These are really demented and dangerous people.

          It is hard to feel sorry for Pam that Raniere discarded her so coldly for his younger groupies. But dropping her dead? body and laughing is pretty despicable. I am not sure that even a pimp like Pam deserved that.

  • Could one of you NX leftovers kindly elaborate on Keith’s assertion that Clare is a “man target for hate”?

    Is this a new thing with her or has Keith always targeted Clare with “man hate?”

    Perhaps one of the POS members, if not Vanguard himself, could define “man target for hate” for us.

    Have you notified the US or Norway trademark office that Keith has coined a clever term to define this horrific hate movement against Clare Bronfman?

    Hate experts that you all are.

  • “Clare should have fired her and that would have forced her to go back to Mexico.”

    I thought Silvy Lloyd – the victim Clare was singularly ordered to pay over $100k in restitution to when she pled guilty – was from Great Britain not “Mexico.”

    Keith, can you please clarify for us which of these lazy mooches Clare shoulda forced back to Mexico? Was that a typo or was it the Brit cunt you nearly broke your jaw on trying to give her a proper orgasm, who was ordered not to have sex with her faux husband but, too bad, they fell in love despite your ardent efforts to haremize her instead?

    So sweet of you, btw, to promise dear Clare in writing to the world that you’ll be spending far more time with her now that all those petty obstacles to your “love” are out of the way.

    Now, Keith, will you be repaying Clare that $65M “loan” you gambled away to prove your stock market savvy with dead Pam’s loot, as well?

    Also, I was wondering what you gave up for lent this year? …Enquiring minds want to know.

    • Raniere, during Lent, I suspect [had to] abstain from sex with women, instead focusing on masturbation as a substitute act. That is already a renunciation.

    • Raniere can’t keep track of what’s fiction and what isn’t. But he exemplifies one thing. Lies have to be memorized and to be retold consistently, or else the lies spring too many leaks. Someone who has been telling what is seen to be truthful has no such burden. Juggling so much for so long, Raniere has dropped his balls much, much too often.

      His balls have turned into very flat crepes. Now molding and totally inedible. Now he is his very own parasite, uncostumed for at least 120 years. And counting.

    • He’s referencing Jane Doe 12 who was the person referenced in the count “harboring an alien for financial gain” and she was a citizen of Mexico.

  • So Clare is paying for every defendant’s legal bills? Is that true? An enormous legal fund put aside and they all have access to the fund?

    Does the money also pay for Keith’s and Nxium’s ongoing PR campaign? Suneel? DOS 8 etc?

    • “Does the money also pay for Keith’s and Nxivm’s ongoing PR campaign? Suneel? DOS 8 etc?” Legal Eagle

      Every time I try to ask Pea Onyu, she tells me to “Mind my own business” so I guess the answer is Yes!

  • Nicki Clyne is active again on her personal Instagram page!

    When my private life became very public without my consent, I stopped posting on social media. For three years, I have watched a fiction unfold and learned a lot about the state of our world (hint: we have work to do!). I have decided to start sharing here again, with the hope that those who so desire can get to know the real me, rather than the caricature of a person portrayed in mainstream media and so-called “documentaries.”

    Thank you to all who have shown your support in my absence, it means a lot. And to those who promote lies and hate, well, best of luck to you in your life. I feel nostalgic for the days when my biggest problem was deciding what to caption my latest post!

    “If you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:”

    (excerpt from ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling)

    Most people don’t consider how those who end up incarcerated come from all different walks of life, each with his or her own life experience, educational background, and talent stack 😉 I love learning about the ways people find to express themselves and create value inside. My friend in a prison upstate commissioned these cards using the stamps he earned from his side hustle, a coffee shop selling creatively named coffee drinks: the john wayne, plain jane, montana, and, my personal fave, the blondie 💛

  • Keith Raniere proves, once again, that he has a big heart. He is a victim of the cruel feminism that grips the Western world. It is a clear case of micro-feminism. A social imposition caused by the hegemony of feminist ideology. Here, the imposition mechanism is feminist social pressure that either manages to completely indoctrinate individuals in this ideology and make them behave according to it, or it makes people not so satisfied with such a set of postulates to act according to them for fear of the social sanction that comes with not doing so. Microfeminisms need a prior feminist indoctrination of the masses, through media discourse and through the action of educational institutions. FREEDOM FOR RANIERE !!

    • All that feminist ideology you’ve been studying has made you forget your NXIVM training.

      There are no ultimate victims; therefore, do not be a victim.

      Time for a refresher EM.

  • SPOILER ALERT: He’s innocent.

    Why, then, was he convicted? Can you guess? Bet you can’t. This is a new idea from Keith.

    “The answer is simple: hate.”

    Whodathunk it?!

    Now the $25K innocence challenge has turned into a $25K guilt challenge.

    “We are now putting up $25,000, per charge, for anyone who can find the crime.”

    This is tooooooo funny!

    Yes, Keith, you are Repugnant. And very long-winded. And you aren’t saying anything new.

    • I guess that means Raniere is unhappy with his appellate counsel. But I thought it was his “dream team”? Personally, I would rather stab myself in my eyes than work on his appellate team. What a twat.

    • Uh… a convicted felon who claims he is innocent says he’ll pay me $25,000 for every charge I can convince him he’s guilty of.

      Sounds like a great use of my time. I’ll get right on it.

    • On behalf of the twelve (12) members of the jury that found Keith guilty of seven (7) felonies, I hereby submit a claim for $2,100,000 (12 x 7 x $25,000 = $2,100,000) because they obviously “found” the crimes that he is talking about. While I’m waiting for that check to arrive, I’ll research whether they can also submit a claim for having found him to have committed all the underlying predicate acts concerning the Racketeering charge.

        • Well, I worded it as a “claim” rather than as a “demand” — but, depending on the fact pattern and circumstances regarding a particular response to Keith’s offer, it is certainly possible that he could be found liable. Whether he has the resources to pay the proffered $25,000 per proven crime is another question.

      • The implication is that Keith’s got at least $175,000 at his disposal to fund this arrogant nonsense.

        Claviger, I can’t imagine Garaufis is going to find this amusing. Might this cause Keith any trouble in this upcoming restitution hearings?

        Is this sort of statement admissible in the sentencing appeal hearings after his attorneys eventually file? Can the prosecutors say “Judge, this is proof of what an unrepentant asshole this guy is” (not in so many words, of course)?

        If the appeals court were to send the case back to Garaufis for re-sentencing, can he increase it?

        The verbiage on the website claims “These writings have been kept private until now for legal purposes, but the time has come for the world to hear a completely different side of the story.”

        This suggests his attorneys have OKed all this crap. Why in the world would an attorney think this is a good idea? Or is this just purely Keith taking more rope to hang himself with?

        • It is inconceivable to me that any attorney would advise his client to publish the drivel that is on Keith’s new website. It certainly will do nothing to help him with regards to the restitution hearings and/or his appeal — and while it will likely not be cited by any of the judges involved in those matters, they will all be aware of it.

          In the unlikely event that the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals sends Keith’s case back to Judge Garaufis, they will do so with an indication that the sentence was excessive. Thus, it is unlikely — though possible — that Judge Garaufis would respond by increasing Keith’s sentence if that were to happen. He could, however, reduce it to 100 years — and start the appeals process all over again.

    • As one of the people whose life was destroyed by Keith Raniere (and the Bronfman Brats), I find it amusing that “justice” and “truth” are suddenly such important topics for him. All this from a guy who got caught lying under oath and was sanctioned for it, who caused Clare Bronfman to lie under oath on numerous occasions, who placed one of his acolytes in the Office of the Albany County District Attorney as a Legal Intern in order to get me indicted on totally baseless charges and to gain an advantage in a civil lawsuit that he had brought against me, and who loved to play “tough guy” when he had a phalanx of attorneys to do his dirty work? Spare me…

      Even if there were issues in the way in which his case was handled — and even if his sentence was excessive — as far as I’m concerned, he got exactly what he deserved.

    • I wondered for a while what had happened to the Raniere Speaks podcast. It seemed like another started project that was abandoned. They really can’t see things through. All these little websites and projects springing up. I guess he did abandon the podcast and what is left is a website with information we have already enjoyed on Frank Report.

  • His unique toolset?
    Raniere is writing farces now.
    It used to be called Good Morning, Vietnam when a dork blew his cork.
    Now it’s Bon Voyage, Arizona.

    Raniere would do better working at selling Avon products to his resident sex offenders.

  • —When I met her she also lead her personal equestrian team, ran her horse farm with full staff, and was a self-made capable manager.

    Clare financed her equestrian-hobby; it wasn’t a business. The “team” was a trainer and stable hands. “Full staff” is a grossly overstated description; it’s like when someone claims to own their one business, but they actually work for Amway.

    These letters are painful to read, but I feel compelled to read them much like Shadows’s comments.

    • Also, didn’t he ruin whatever equestrian “career” she had? I thought he taught her it was cruel to ride horses for sport and that, for some crazy reason, she should train bareback. It’s telling that she, like so many others, quit her old dreams of riding upon meeting him. And didn’t she buy the farm after she met him? And rank before she met him?

  • Watched the Dateline episode. It was sad to see how prematurely aged India looks. Such a young woman and she’s clearly had botox injections in her lower forehead. Starving yourself at the direction of a sadistic Hobbit is bad for your health. Adding Hollywood vanity into the mix doesn’t help. Or is that an important prerequisite to believing the bullshit Keith was peddling?

    • Wait…did you say lower forehead? Just how large is India’s forehead anyway?

        • What the hell does India’s forehead have to do with anything? You know it’s possible to have a conversation about this case without being complete jerks.

          • Read the original comment. If some of the words don’t make sense, look them up in the dictionary. Then think about them. The words, they mean something.

    • It’s literally the first time we’ve ever seen her wear makeup and have an adult woman body. Remember how 15 yo Natalie Wood looked in Rebel without a Cause? I’m embarrassed to even address this ridiculous comment about judging women on their looks, but the fact you could “see” the “work” is ludicrous.

      • Are you saying you don’t think starvation diets have an impact on physical health? They do. You don’t think Keith’s misogyny had any negative consequences? They did. Or that it is misogynist to called out patriarchy? It isn’t. You seem confused.

  • “Pam Cafritz was my life-partner for almost 30 years. About 15 years into the relationship we took on a third partner and the three of us have been together for well over a decade.”

    Interesting how this sentence somehow omits all the other women Raniere and Pam were sleeping with.

    • Anonymous at @ 11:08 pm


      No mention of Nicki “partner of 10 years” Clyne.

      These letters must be challenging to craft. So many lies by omission. And decisions about what to reveal to the followers who have been duped.

  • Until Keith figured it out and explained it to Clare, she never understood why when a horse jumped up it soon came back down.

    That’s some next-level quantum gravitational insight. Thank you, Vanguard!

  • Keith Raniere: Vocal Coach. Equestrian Jumper Coach. Developer. Stock Market Expert. Mexican Peace Savior. Child Rapist. Pornographer. Grandmaster. Pubic Hair Connoisseur. Child Pornographer. One of the top three problem solvers in the world. X-Man-level Weather Controlerl.

    • Forgot East Coast Judo champion, Concert Level musician, highest IQ in the world according to Guinness World Records, and taught himself Advanced Calculus at age 3.

    • Raniere must also be a physician, specializing in oncology, and a pharmacist who manufactures his own cancer drugs. The list can be extended and is not exhaustive.

  • This is also still his worst statement yet.

    He also isn’t a tax evader because the taxes don’t belong to him. They belong to somebody else’s estate. And he never touched a credit card.

    Knows everything about post-tax but wasn’t aware of it not being fully executed.

    And at the end of the day, Clare should have fired the immigrant but she didn’t. Yet she’s still completely innocent (and yet also the one who authorized the transactions!!!??)

    This guy is so sick.

  • Blegh. Still same old, same old.

    He obviously has no faith in any of his followers to make good decisions for themselves. Only he knows best.

    And, of course, Claire was the most trustworthy. She didn’t give him nude pictures or false confessions or the deed to a home. She actually gave him millions and millions of dollars.

    It’s really all too obvious.

  • Vanguard Nicki Clyne introduces the Wisdom of Grand Vanguard Keith Raniere

    Nicki Clyne
    “There is one crime for which, if accused and convicted, the sentence and punishment is by far the worst, most painful, and barbaric of all crimes.” – Keith Raniere, in a short essay about social sins… and their tragic consequences.

    From Raniere Speaks

    The Worst Crime of All

    There is one crime for which, if accused and convicted, the sentence and punishment is by far the worst, most painful, and barbaric of all crimes. The methods used upon the convicted range from direct execution by the electric chair, various methods of lethal injection, to life incarcerated where every day a new torture is suffered — sometime beatings, sometimes rape, sometimes other methods of physical abuse — to even, in the not so distant past, lynchings, and dismemberment. Some of the more fortunate convicts simply spend extra long periods of time shut away from family, friends, and normal life.

    The name of this crime is Social Repugnance and it is the basis of most prejudice, wrongful convictions, and improper judicial process. The media is the main wielder of this weapon. Once convicted, anything goes — justice no longer applies. In the United States, the crime of Social Repugnance is used for even darker purposes. We, the citizens of the U.S.A., pride ourselves in being one of the most civilized and proper nations. But Social repugnance has been used as a tool to over-stretch our government, creating a judicial system not for the people, but against them.

    How can one say this? This sounds like a conspiracy theory. This sounds Socially repugnant. Oops. Please read just one more sentence and decide if this has merit:

    Of all the nations in the world the U.S.A. has — by far — the highest per capita rate of incarceration: by population we are 4% of the planet, our incarcerated population is 25%. Are citizens of the U.S.A. really more criminal than any other nation? Are we a bad people? If the answer is, “no” it points to a serious problem within our government: bad justice.

    Our government is fighting a war to incarcerate more people than any other nation, and winning. The main weapon our government uses, in partnership with media, is the crime of Social Repugnance

    I was convicted of Social Repugnance by the media and then faced a trial by the justice system that gained world-wide attention. Could the prosecutors, judge, jury, and peers resist tainting the trial with Social Repugnance? The answer was, “no”. I was convicted of all charges, in almost record time, yet I am innocent.

    If the Social Repugnance of my media image (which does not match my real image at all) is stripped away, there are no crimes. We are now putting up $25,000, per charge, for anyone who can find the crime.

      • I notice that Raniere is such a windbag that he hardly ever used social media until after he was convicted and became desperate to weasel out of it.

        No Twitter, no Facebook, no Instagram.

        Now he is going for podcasts and the whole nine ads and using his media maven, Nicki Clyne.

  • The first three sentences prove beyond a doubt that Raniere is a wacko and a bullshit artist. Why anyone ever got fooled into paying for his tutelage is a mystery to me.

    No, actually it’s not a mystery. They were fools. Admittedly one has to be a special kind of stupid to fall for such transparent bullshit as Raniere’s, but as P.T. Barnum observed, there’s one born every minute.

  • So Clare was fully trust-tested. Now we know why she never renounced him. It’s because of all his acolytes, she was the most like him. Not that it will be a recommendation, in most people’s opinion.

    Something for KR to ponder now that he has so much time to himself: Since you are responsible for so many people’s downfall (by your own arguments), what is your task to make it up to them? Reflect on this deeply. You will be given the opportunity to do just that in your next lifetime, and since you believe in reincarnation and karma, now may be just the time to start thinking about it.

  • Clare gave Keith unconditional love, support and a ton of money. So much money.

    What did Keith give her again?

    Oh, that’s right. The “equestrian jumping” coaching.

    Keith takes credit for her Clare’s success. He claims to have helped her. In spite of Keith having zero ability, training or knowledge in this area.

    And Keith probably charged Clare.

    • Keith said the following: “I model athletics from a physics and psychological perspective with a unique toolset. I believe I did aid in her success…”

      LOL. Sure you do Keith.

      Can you imagine this guy strolling up to a woman at a bar and when he’s asked what he does for a living (if she somehow becomes semi-interested enough to even get to that point), he responds with the above bullshit?

      The women who follow this clown have either 1) got to be the most gullible women on the planet 2) or under the influence of some devilish magic.

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